Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012 – The White Hats Report #47

Watergate revisited?

The beginning of the end of the Obama Presidency has begun.  The only questions that remain are:
  • How will the charade play out before the American public and the rest of the world?
  • How many will the cabal sacrifice to keep their agenda alive?
  • Will an insider FINALLY come forward, turn Patriotic…and reveal all the secrets?
  • When will it all begin?
The most likely starting volley in this unfolding historic process could very well be the resignation of Vice President of the United States, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

Whether he uses a fabricated medical condition, or if they make more out of the “slaves and chains” comment he fumbled through the other day, the political machine has to come up with a very convincing reason for his exit. The White Hats believe the brain tumor story, which has come to the forefront again, would be a very good reason for the comments he has been making.   Most of our counter parts in the international intel circles see the handwriting on the wall and say expect it this mid-week … and we are there … right now.

What does this mean in the big picture?

Obama is in serious trouble … on multiple fronts.

First, he has purposefully interfered with the Global Settlements, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and in turn the Global Financial Reset effort.  Through all of the stories of Obama’s rants, meltdowns and temper tantrums (see past WH articles for details), he has been rational enough to methodically interfere with the progress of the United States and the World with the Global Financial Reset.  In the end, he has completed the work of the New World Order boys very well, but even the NWO boys are concerned as the Cabal is very aware that one of the standing dominoes just turned sideways.  This could be the downfall of the cabal if they don’t grab control and formulate extreme measures to counteract the Obama situation.

Second, the elite crew in the White House has a bigger problem with the international community that has clearly had enough with the greed, corruption, financial terrorism and Nazi agenda.  This has been addressed with 80 some nations signing an official criminal complaint against Obama personally in The World Court … and personally against Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Michelle Obama.  More to come on the criminal charges, just know it has happened and it is slowly progressing through the process.  In short, the world is officially done with American Leadership, and as Americans can’t control their own house, the international community is taking matters into their own hands.  A rogue American President with a narcissistic agenda and controlled by the New World Order is the directed cause.  How can the world know this and our own American leadership not?  This leads us to the next item.

Third, the next significant problem is both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is in serious trouble.  The boys and girls in the DNC know Obama will lose the election and he will not fight, with all of his personal problems, for his Political life.  Too many of the international interests have the evidence of his crimes! The Democratic leadership has no options as they bought into the Bush (NWO) plans hook, line and sinker and when Obama resigns … the DNC is standing in the cold at election time.

Fourth, Obama is positioning himself to leave the Presidency.  Again, this is nothing new … the exit strategy has been in place for years.  It was always part of the plan!  The question will be when does he leave and will it be due to force (i.e. damaging evidence like a birther issue or the fraudulent SS#) or based on his own volition.  We know the answer to this.

We know that Costa Rica has officially, unofficially rejected Obama’s very kind offer to live in exile in their Country … on that property he has an interest in.  We also know that Venezuela, after five minutes of very careful consideration, has rejected the same kind of offer.  In fact, it seems not one Country in the world has accepted Obama’s kind offer to live in exile in their Country.  Apparently, the word is out that Obama has mental meltdowns and is out of control.  So everyone, with an interest in seeing a better stronger America, is searching for a place that a billionaire man, a woman, two children and a dog can live in quiet exile for the rest of their lives. We know he can easily live on what he has pillaged from the America public and, he has filled his pockets at every turn, so he can easily afford the security required to live in luxury.  Unfortunately, regardless of the wealth of a person, most landlords know that dogs can ruin a house and yard … so dogs are not allowed.

The most likely scenario

In order for Obama to leave he had to cut a deal with the devil(s), this time in mass … the Bush cabal, the Democratic and Republican Party, Bill Clinton and his Chicago clan.  Power structure is a big thing in these types of negotiations.  In order for Obama to announce his departure, a plan had to be developed that pleased all of his controllers.  Why?  As John Wayne used to say … “That’s just the way it is, son”.  Anyway, as the succession game will not be palatable to any of the parties as they all lose control, they need to get the next President into position.  It had to be someone they could control and someone that would qualify to the general public as an incumbent. Someone that is the most electable, in the November general election, as the incumbency period will only be 60 to 75 days.  If you think we are kidding, just check out the memory span of the average American is where Biden comes in and continues to be a patsy. Biden, the consummate “place your foot in your mouth guy”, the “expendable one”, the “fall guy”, the “take one for the team guy”, has to leave in order to get the proper Democrat in position for the next phase of the operation.

So, Biden is the fall guy, the offering up of a stooge, patsy, and scapegoat in order to stem the bleeding. After all, this has been his sole use to the cabal from the beginning, a willing idiot who will sell his soul and friendship for a few greenbacks. The guy you sacrifice as a “condition” to calm the masses and hopefully, the international community as well. The cabal has already goosed its beholden media machine to paint them as the fool and stooge he really is. Did it really take them four years to figure this out when he’s been a complete buffoon his whole political career?

And what does he get?

Answer:  All of the funds that have slipped into his back pocket including the 200 million dollars ($200,000,000.00, see WHs Reports for further info)  Hillary slipped him to keep quiet about the funds Bush Sr. and Romney stole from Biden’s close friend, Edward Falcone.  The funds are a coup for Biden as it was a big financial hit for a guy in office for such a short amount of time and all he had to do was turn his back on his close friend, Falcone. Notwithstanding, you should see what he has taken from people who are not his friends.

Due to the timeframes of the election, Obama will be in need of the most electable running mate and he will need to get confirmation in the Senate and in Congress to sit that party in the Vice Presidency. Think 1974 … Watergate … Nixon … Agnew … Ford.  We have heard that Petraeus was on the short list, but we sincerely hope that Petraeus is far too smart for that game and we don’t believe he will subject himself to any of this.

The only person who would be the ultimate definitive choice is Hillary Clinton, our current Secretary of State.  Interesting how she has been out of the limelight lately.  In fact, the Public Relations campaign has attempted to show her as a fun-loving, down to earth, party gal when she is, in fact, a treacherous snake who cannot be trusted.

Hillary would be a definitive stooge for the position.  She is known by the American people as we all watched her defend her husband on television.  She has experience as a Senator of New York and she has carried out the Cabal’s agenda throughout the world as the current Secretary of the State since Obama took office four years ago.    The Cabal has the same position on her, after all, she is close friends with the Bushes and a co-conspirator to many of their criminal enterprises.

So Hilary is pushed into the Vice President position.  Then what?  The Cabal has 60 to 75 days to get Obama out but to what expense to the Democratic Party?  Tough position.  Do you take the hit now and risk that Hillary can beat Romney in 75 days or less or do you take a chance on Obama being able to pull it out, THEN have Obama resign after the election and allow Hilary to take over the Presidency?  Either way is a tough position for the Democrats and the Cabal and either way, Obama is going down in a ball of flames for everything he has perpetrated on the American people and the World.

WH Narrative:  Remember the Vatican Accounts?  It seems the money our elected leadership received in bribes to turn their heads has caught up to them. Our elected and appointed leaders have been compromised. They have no way out of their conundrum.  They know their only option is to sit tight, hold on to their seat and HOPE they don’t get thrown under the bus like Biden.  Remember, it’s a brotherhood up on Capitol Hill … nobody rats out anyone else.  If one is outed, the rest are quick to close ranks and keep it out of the public view, hoping it will not resurface. All of this of course is enhanced and accomplished by the paid off, controlled and compromised mainstream media.

When our elected leaders and appointees are forcibly ousted for their wrong doings, they hold out till someone in the political machine negotiates their “golden parachute”. This includes immunity and some minimal consequence with a blessing of a fortune on the other side to thank the culprit for “taking one for the team”.  Regardless of the maneuvers to get the vermin out, it all is presented as a “for the sake of the country” maneuver.  After all, it would be better for the Country and the World if we just sweep this under the rug, right?   Well, no!  The White Hats believe it would be better for the Country and the world to examine the vermin and what they have been up to for all to see.  Hold them accountable.  Let the American people and the people of the World see that we are accountable for our own.  Let the Country and the World see that we prosecute our treasonous perpetrators.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, they are in the same position.  The only hope for them is that Romney wins, wins big and saves them.  Remember we have continued to state that Romney is also Bush’s (NWO) boy.  He has the Herzog relationship mess to deal with, the theft of funds from Falcone and others, offshore banking revelations, hidden financial interests and numerous other items hidden in the closet and out of public view.  This will make him a target whether in office or not.  He will continue to be our target as he has been in so many of our reports but we can wait.  We want the Cabal to remember that Dewhurst’s demise in the Texas elections was savored at our table.  Money and ground efforts to take down an incompetent political player were exciting.  Let Dewhurst’s demise be a clear warning shot over your bow that we are here to stay and so are the millions of folks that read our information.  The word is out and so will you be.

For Bush Sr. and his clan, they want to control both sides of the ledger as this is the NWO in action.  Many years to plan out and they are down to a few, very intense months.   Why?  All of this is for the control and demise of the United States, control of the Military machine and the Secret Government.  Does this all sound like a mystery spy novel?  Are we sounding like a conspiratorial blog with ranting, raving, lunatics writing stories?  We might be inclined to admit there is more than a bit of lunacy involved but what do you expect from power hungry cabalists? We only reveal this sordid tale for the betterment of the Red, White & Blue and each and every precept that has made our United States of America, the example we should be.  We want the world to know that we do not accept the status quo in our Country, nor do we accept the games being played by professional politicians like the Bush crime family. The world intelligence communities know we are very accurate!  It is interesting when truth is stranger than fiction.  The world never thought Hitler had the plans he did until they found the rail roads leading to the camps.  You all have been told and warned … what are you going to do?  Are you going to let someone else handle it … like our government?  The FEMA camps are warm and inviting.

Another issue is that Obama has claimed he will institute martial law.  Will he institute martial law just prior to the election or will he institute like he uses the War Powers Act to issue Executive Orders thereby bypassing the Senate and Congress for his actions?  Only he and the Cabal know for sure.

Upcoming Elections in the US

This may surprise some of you but its time you realize your elected officials DO NOT care about you. They’re bloodsuckers…..parasites….the epitome of evil.  While the citizens suffer unemployment, foreclosures, their wealth stolen from them on a daily basis through unending taxation…your representatives operate by a different set of rules…a different set of laws.  If the Obama health care plan is so great, why doesn’t it apply to them? Yes, the one Chief Justice Roberts had to rewrite into a tax to justify allowing it to stand….forcing everyone to buy health insurance (and take the chip) or be penalized for not participating.  Is this America? Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution?

It’s time we all realize that our elected officials are nothing but traitors to the Constitution…..treasonous individuals who care nothing about the people they’re elected to represent but instead, only about the size of their bank accounts, the luxurious lifestyle they maintain and the ego boost of being “in charge”.  They regard the people they represent as idiots….. slaves who cannot think for themselves or do for themselves. Like actors in a dark play, talking out of both sides of their mouths and putting on a “show” that passes for leadership.  They write and pass laws that don’t apply to them…..they write and pass laws that only benefit their campaign contributors….and all the while, their net worth balloons from a few thousand when they’re first elected to hundreds of millions before they finally leave and ride off into the sunset to enjoy their bounty. How does this happen? How can a group who are paid $175,000 a year amass a net worth of hundreds of millions while they’re supposed to be doing their job for us?  Can you say, “Lie, cheat, steal, pillage and plunder from their constituents?”

And you can bet your life they have their tickets.

Yet come November, you all will go to the polls and re-elect them, giving them the mandate to continue to destroy your life, your freedoms and your wealth at their own expense. It’s time to wake up and do something before this country that gave hope to the world becomes another footnote in history….another failed experiment where the people give up and remove themselves from the process and allow their elected “leaders” to control their lives. The only place they will lead us is to poverty, destruction and death. Look around; is this the America you want? Is this the life you dreamed of when you were in school, trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up? A destitute nation where we live paycheck to paycheck or on unemployment and collecting food stamps while paying taxes to a Government that is anything but transparent and does not have the best interest of its citizens at heart?

As the media leads us down the path to ruin, giving us the impression we only have two choices…Republican or Democrat….we continue to “buy in” to the fraud and willingly participate. There are alternatives!

The first alternative is to vote OUT the incumbent.  The approval polls show a 10% rate for Congress yet every election year, a great majority of incumbents are re-elected. Why we continue to re-elect representatives we clearly do not approve of is beyond comprehension.

The second alternative is to vote for ANYONE but a Democrat or Republican. Yes, some of you will complain and say you want your vote to count. Do you really think voting in an illegal incumbent President intent on destroying America is making your vote count????  Or voting for the alternative in the way of Romney will make any difference when BOTH are controlled by the same cabal?  Is this what you call “making your vote count”? No, it’s nothing but an illusion to make the people think they are participating in the process when they are actually WILLINGLY giving a mandate to the agenda.  

The third alternative is to cast your vote for a write-in candidate.  Author Michael Lindsay has detailed how a write in candidate can run for the Presidency of the United States in his novel, A Throne Awaits (  He explains the process by which a write in candidate can run and compete for the presidency outside the controlled party agenda of Democrat and Republican. A write in candidate is NOT beholden to any contributors nor are they beholden to any party hacks or party platforms. They are beholden only to the citizens who cast their votes for them.  They answer only to the people…not the special interest groups, not the bankster cabal, not the foreign countries with too much influence in US politics and not the party affiliation which put them on the ballot in the first place. It’s not too late to register as a write in candidate. Do it for your local election….city, county or state. Do it for the federal election and send a message to DC that we can take back this country.

We’re all aware of the computer generated ballots and the numerous ways the results can be manipulated during this process. The way to get around this? Request an absentee ballot. This will serve as your “receipt”, evidencing who you voted for and circumventing the ability to “fix” the elections through the computer generated process.

It’s time to STOP treating these people like rock stars, movie idols and heroes and start treating them as what they are: criminals, traitors and treasonous poison to our Republic.  The same goes for the prostitute talking heads in the media. Being paid millions of dollars to tell us how to think and what to think and all the while we worship them as if they are special. They are nothing more than well paid shills who keep us in the dark, feed us BS and laugh all the way to the bank.

And let’s be clear, the elected “leaders” of our country and the world are merely the shills, the marionettes and the mercenaries of the puppet Masters who stay hidden in their closets and dungeons, plotting the takeover of the planet with their off-world cohorts. They are the ones handing out the tickets to their minions who carry out their evil and deadly agendas. Have you ever seen a Rothschild or a Rockefeller mentioned in the numerous lists of the wealthiest people in the world? No, only the names of their puppets and co-conspirators in the business world … Gates … Buffett … Walton … Soros … Bloomberg … Murdoch. Why are the bankers mysteriously left off all these lists? The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Morgans?

They want to keep us divided; debating left and right, Obama or Romney, Republican or Democrat.  The distractions from the real issue are unending. This is our reason to make the call to unite the voices on the internet into one strong, united movement.  We need to come together and we need to do it NOW! For our country, for our planet, for our children and for ourselves.

The time for waiting and watching is over ... but only by your voice and efforts will we achieve:
  • Safety in Numbers
  • Strength in Voice
  • Realization of Freedom
  • Unity of People


  1. Thank-you for the update, Love the posts and wealth of info the White Hats continue to provide. On the topic of not voting for the puppet candidates in the D and R columns I have been promoting the idea of write-in candidate 'We the People'. To me this would be a better option that not voting at all and giving the vote counters a mandate from the folks who 'cared enough' to cast a ballot. Thanks again for sharing what you can.

  2. The problem is that the people who this report addresses will never read it or hear about any of the things on it. They will just carry on voting for the vermin. Us knowing this is no good if the great mass of voters don't know or care. The last report was a call to action for bloggers to unite, but as far as I can see, four weeks later it's just the same as before. What can we actually do when the military and media and mass of voters just passively conform? It's a deadlock, and we need suggestions on how to break it.

  3. I liked Michael Williams' idea above - a write in ballot titled "We the People" could you imagine!!!! We the People winning the election refusing to tolerate this nonsense anymore - that would be Hystorical :-)


  5. Guys, not to be critical, because by all I hold holy, what you are doing is necessary. And god knows you are on the front line.

    But I have to wonder what you are thinking: All over the reports are terms which the average U.S. Citizen (including me) is clueless about.

    For example, Global Settlements, what are they and why are they and where are they? In various comments it seems that there are trillions of dollars available for a global reset of sorts. Yet noone has explained how almost 1 to 2 multiples of WORLD GDP were somehow set aside... and by whom and how. Ya think we ought to know...? Maybe? A tutorial backdrop would go a long, long way to "getting it"

    From our perspective, it's as if we were dropped off in the middle of an operating room, with surgery in progress on a complicated patient, told we need to help, and there isn't a damn explanation to be found anywhere. (Oh, and by the way, you have inter-Dimensional Already-Here alien pyschopaths to deal with.) And that includes the Net. My Google-Fu is by no means weak, but damn, even I can't find anything useful to read on the topics raised here.

    But I'm a scientist, and I see patterns, and I easily see that the last 25 years have been building to something quite evil. Yes, John, I do see the 30 million in square feet of Walmarts where none should be. Reeducation camp or detention center, I don't know, but damn it doesn't look good.

    And no John, we are not lemmings. You don't blame the victim of a con or of a rape, because their first choice in life was not to engage in covert ops but instead to take care of family, friends and career.

    If anyone is to blame it is all you-keep-secrets-people. Do you think any of this could have been possible except for the mightier-than-thou and holier-than-thou attitudes that kept all this stuff secret? "keeping the balance" is an interesting euphemism. Isn't the full one "keeping the balance amongst the elites"? When in point of fact y'all should be MY "Guards for their future security", ensuring freedom, ensuring liberty? In Atlas Shrugs, Hank Rearden had to face the hard truth that he had made the looters and criminals possible. Y'all should take a hard look in the mirror before you blame "the limited populus" and "the lemmings" which you are now turning to as help. Perhaps Report #48 could start out with a one-paragraph apologia to The People for having been poor Guards of the security with which you were entrusted.

    To the extent the Cabal is guilty, and you off-the-books folks know, why in nether hell have you not assassinated the whole lot? You have to be joking that crimes against humanity at the level you are talking about (and planning genocide and democide gigamurder certainly qualify) don't warrant summary execution.

    But let's say, for the sake of argument, that the rule of law is necessary even at the highest level, then WHY, again in nether hell, aren't the World Court docs public for all the world's people to see. And if, as in this report, we have to do it ourselves, might I suggest the little town of Nuremberg, Pennsylvania as the perfect backdrop to try the whole lot of them.

    Regardless of my minor disagreements above - Semper Fi. I spread the word every day about this site, and I might add, to great personal reputation damage.

    1. Thank you for the clarification.

      Plain talk is best.

      I assumed the WHs had taken an Oath to the Constitution and by extension, were fulfilling their role as ordained in the Declaration of Independence.

      As this is not the case, I apologize for attributing a moral duty that you do not have. And in turn thank you and the rest of the WH for the goodwill and the warnings, even at this late hour.

      Unfortunately, the last sentence above is in contradiction with the first couple sentences. Expecting a man on a ventilator to get up and run a marathon is illogical. Expecting enlightenment, when the very efforts of the last century were that of near total concealment, by the very forces of which the WH have been in struggle and part of, is not rational.

      We have no moosehead truth ( to work with. No prima facie evidence that we can work with on our level.

      By WHs own new efforts (last 3 reports), y'all have unintentionally(?) moved right into the education/teaching angle. WHs need to at least point in the right direction. Aliens: Do I take Cooper's writing to bed tonight, or should I be perusing the Galactican Federation? Federal Reserve: Ron Paul or the Creature from Jekyll Island? NWO and TriLateral: Foundations:Their Power and Influence? History: Carrol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope? FEMA Camps: Zillions of YouTube's or is there a vetted locations list somewhere? Timeline: 3 months or 3 years? Outreach: Facebook or 1000 paper slips with printed on them?

      OR none of the above...

      BTW, I assume WH Reports probably has 10,000 unique visitors. If we each printed out 1000 slips to distribute Labor Day weekend, you would be north of 1 million unique visitors in no time. (Which also begs the question why y'all haven't gotten InfoWars to throw their weight behind y'all.)

      In any event, giving it the good ol college try. All suggestions welcome.

    2. Global Settlements:
      A new system taking the creation of money away from the Federal Reserve System and returning it to sovereign nations. Due to happen over 20 years ago, but thwarted by serious impediments, including the unwillingness of the Old World Order to give up power.

      There is to be a restitution between the Federal Reserve and various international governments and individuals to address the many complaints of theft of money and resources over the last 50 or more years. These Global Settlements will be used to fund the various Treasuries of more than 140 nations in the world.

      The Corporation of the United States (not the Republic), is the one making restitution to redress all past negative actions of this Corporation.

      The U.S. Treasury will also be funded in an amount that exceeds the current national debt. The total settlement amount for the world body of 140 countries is thought to be at least $47 trillion.

    3. Thank you BJOH. I can make some hay out there with that reply.

      Of course, that raises the next question, which is why the other 140 nations are not squawking publicly about this? If made public We The People would clearly tear .gov to pieces.

      Reading explicitly in the WH Reports, they are clearly squawking privately about this.

      I must assume that they are all locked into the same system such that none dare move publicly lest there be some major price/cost/retaliation to pay or suffer...

      ... and it also means, since at the highest level they have to know about the GS, that the whole Eurozone crisis is every bit as manufactured as the domestic. Just lovely. Which would make Greece and Syria and Libya just object lessons.

      I assume nobody will mind if I take a day or two and drink myself into a stupor before returning to taking some actions in the real world to spread the site again...

    4. Before you hit that bottle or maybe while you are drinking yourself into that stupor, go to They have done a marvelous job of gathering all the background information that one needs to understand what this site is about.
      We need a newspaper type site that has all the reference material, an interpretation of the daily news from our perspective, promotion of our agenda. Why not? The Republicans, Democrats and Old World Order have their propaganda machines rolling. We need to be THAT good.

  6. 'It’s time to STOP treating these people like rock stars, movie idols and heroes and start treating them as what they are: criminals, traitors and treasonous poison to our Republic. The same goes for the prostitute talking heads in the media. Being paid millions of dollars to tell us how to think and what to think and all the while we worship them as if they are special. They are nothing more than well paid shills who keep us in the dark, feed us BS and laugh all the way to the bank'

    We all know this, but try telling the average tv-conditioned voter! How to get them to reject the system? If they haven't woken up to the fraud already, how are they going to do so in the next two and a half months?

  7. It is well past time for physical action and confrontation with these criminals. The Law of the Jungle demands balance. Here and now..their simply is none. Blogging, talking, sharing, ascending, waking people up... is simply akin to the AA definition of insanity : Doing the same thing over again and again, hoping for a different result. Pure madness,IMHO. The only hope is with the warriors ~ to support, educate, arm, assist and adjoin with them. Iran has it right- immediate executions in public for traitors, corrupt Bankers and politicians. Right there on Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Thanks to Obama, the laws are now in place, use them. Apathy and ignorance festered this wound, education and understanding certainly will not heal it. They are weak now, it is time to strike. Your either part of the solution or part of the problem...choose. But stop already with the bullshit- these are mean, evil, brilliant,very tough people, whom are laughing heartily right now, with "Everything going as planned!" There, I said it. Sad, but true. Even Christ had to get violent with these same people... it is well justified.

    1. Actually, we need the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall as Dodd Franks, aside from the Whistleblower provision, is fairly useless. Sarbannes-Oxley is actually a mechanism that permits more ELECTRONIC obfuscation. HERE'S MY SUGGESTION: BEGIN TELLING ALL THE DUFUS CROWD CURRENTLY IN LAW ENFORCEMENT THAT THEIR PENSIONS are part of what has been stolen. If they don't begin doing their jobs and stop just pursuing drug dealers to get their next bonus, they will wake up with no pension, no job, no future and behind the barb wire with the rest of us...while the perimeters are being patrolled by robots and/or drones.

      There are more issues here. Until and unless the clowns at the top who are responsible--it makes no sense to release any more money or unleash an RV or anything else...they will just steal it. Their plan is to keep everybody distracted until the earth changes occur and then make off like bandits while the earth is heaving. THAT'S THE BIG PICTURE FOLKS.

  8. Yes...the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants...enough patriot's blood has been shed...

  9. I like this piece. It is quite eloquent in its own way; I hope a lot of people read it.

  10. Funny...after the Crown has raped, pillaged and plundered America for centuries and then financed the recent invasion by the Zionist Nazi's, all while robbing the financial system blind via forms of unfathomable fraud. Oh yes and we just whipped the crap out of the world at your Satanic, Illuminati sponsored Olympics, while going to the Japanese so eloquently put it" I fear we have awakened the Sleeping Dragon", I suggest we default on 500 trillion of fraudulent British generated derivative debt, just for starters. Clear enough ? BTW...nice job on the biggest social police state on the planet.

  11. Prob -

    Great conversation but I would like to point out a few things and then challenge you, as I have others.

    If you are a citizen of this country, then you have a responsibility to others ... because you have knowledge. You are well written and have formulted greats thoughts. You also have the ability to communicate to the masses. You need to be brought up to speed on the issues but that comes with research. It is the research that the lazy folks in our country refuse to do and that is why is it easy to buffalo almost all.

    America doesn't want to know until it is too late, then they act or in most cases, react.

    Most of the time it is the leadership that tells them to react (i.e. WWII), then everyone gets behind the effort. This time the "leadership" is bought and paid for, the leadership is going to tell you to walk down a path to your own demise ... just look around.

    The Wh's are not teachers ... the time for that is gone ... and people don't want to be taught ... they listen and put the info away for another days worth of consideration ... and never get back to it. Needless to say they won't until the boogie man is standing on the front porch or the tanks are rolling by their house address.

    Personally, I don't care who listens and I don't care who refuses to take notes. I as others here have spent our lives taking care of people and population ... nobody ever knew we were there. It happened because we took an oath to the United States of America and ultimately it's citizens. Our duty is to the Republic for which it stands ... not a bunch of people hell bent on dismantling the USofA so they can claim superiority over another country and people.

    For example, I would challange anyone to tell me which countries allow guns and under what circumstances. So people don't have to stretch too far for the answer, the Usa is the only country which allows the freedom to bear arms (with the exception of Switzerland). Now, the leadership wants to take all of that away from ... not me ... but you. Your rights.

    So for me ... I can defend all of my family and friends under the worst of scenerios and I will defend to the death with the weapon in my arthritic old hand where they will have to break off my dead fingers to take the weapon away. As for all who want to this note is to strong ... I agree ... it is ... but who is going to pick your body off of the street when the dung hits the circlier thing.

    Part one

  12. Part 2

    For those of you that want to read the WH stuff and embrace it, come here to educate yourselves. Don't believe what we author and publish ... challange us if you want ... but don't tell us we are wrong ... we haven't been so far and frankly most of the neh sayer are the plants to disrupt the conversation ... we see it and we understand the game. If we talk about aliens they leave the audience to say "this folks are crackpots"... if we talk about their stronghold of power, they freak and retaliate. Understand?

    If you want to challange us, we will politely direct you to research it for yourself. Don't shake your fists at us for telling you and directing you ... people just need to move their fannies atnd get to it. If you care to ask then you should care enought to be responsibile and handle the work, just like when you research a new car purchase or decide on a new restaurant.

    We have done our battles ... we are weary but we refuse to give up. If you think that our efforts are for naut, then you really are not aware and perhaps want to hear your opinion more than doing the work. In short, it takes effort to protect yourself and be discerning ... effort equals work.

    As I have challanged others who have complained about we don't give enought effort ... get off your butts and demand communication between the blogs, demands answers as a community (you love to gossip don't you), embrace your neighbors and develop a plan ... even if they think you are crazy. Secure what you need to live through a problem (requires thought and preparedness).

    Review ALL of the information we publish ... it's factual regardless if someone wants to be smarter than we are from behind their computer screens.

    Let's explore something, perhaps for the group, if we report on something in Germany, like the Hetzog story, use the internet to contact some german friends and have them get the information from their authorities. This can be accomplished and used very effectively. Communications are not the problem ... people using their heads is the problem. Figure it out. You are all very smart people.

    Sorry if this sounds terse ... it is ... time is running out.

    I do appreciate your comments and thoughts, Thanks for participating in the blog and the comments section.

  13. Eagle Talons

    You are too diplomatic. Terseness not an issue. Would rather have the truth in fully integrated honesty regardless how it comes out.

    Will endeavor to persevere. (Though a primer would still be of great help... y'all are asking the uninitiated to make one hell of a quantum leap.)

    Glad to hear that some are still in the Republic and thank you for your previous service.

  14. Well said. Look, I believe we are in the end times of an age old religious war. The solution is simple and can be facilitated in a weekend, prior to the sorting process. The 3 City States, Washington DC, Vatican City and City of London, must be purged immediately. Roughly 13 square miles need cleaning and the planet can breath easy again, with a level playing field. Then we can all enjoy an ale together... but not until then.

  15. The 99% VS the 1% - A battle to be fought and won with truth and unity! The people have finally started to come together. You cannot convince me that tiny Iceland can handle the “Cabal” and WE cannot!
    Now is the time to join forces with those you would not normally consider. This is all starting to leak out to the main stream media... finally. We just need to KEEP THE HEAT on them. We will soon be posting new petition and email campaign info as well as protest ideas. We just need more people following this group and we can use resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us arguing with each other.
    WE need to come together with people we wouldn't normally work with to bring these criminals DOWN! Spread the word, others have carried the load of exposing this activity. Now we the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.
    JOIN US, this is YOUR cause too (Click the “LIKE” button and spread the word):

  16. Face it ...these guys are NOT going to just walk away because of bad press...or even lawsuits...even the threat of arrest. The only solution is massive political civil marches by americans on a gandhian scale...and total non-compliance with the financial machine

    ...but awakened americans know from our attempts to wake up even those we love, that it won't happen. The sheeple are too filled with their own hubris to crack their eyelids..totally encapsulated within the matrix.

    If my assessment is correct, and there's "nothing" standing in the empire's way, considering americana won't remotely consider it's crimes of association....and because ...the military IS the empire, then there's only two possible outcomes. Either the empire will collapse from within by complete civil war, caused by financial chaos...which will surely destroy america, or the empire survives long enough to come face to face with Russia and China .

    Either outcome is refugee material. I'd start as soon as possible.

  17. Possible sample letter to US media, editorial or guest columnist dept., not sure. Just an idea. We need more ideas. The Ed Falcone story is not going to put the "Cabal" on their knees at the guillotine.

    Sample letter:

    In the days leading up to the eleventh anniversary of the greatest attack on American soil, 9/11, factual articles will be submitted to the (some dept.) of all U.S. major news outlets. The option to print the factual articles will be decided by the dept. staff at each location. This is a work in progress to see which outlets can still be objective and which outlets continue to choose censorship, the anathema of the first amendment. As I'm sure you're aware the founders of our once great Republic decided that a free, uncensored press should hold the prestigious position of #1 on the list of possible attacks to the republic. Currently the United States, as of 2012, is 48th in the "Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index". Not a number to be proud of is it?

    Time is running out for redemption.

    The people will soon know that the masses have been kept ignorant by a complicit MSM. Without that betrayal of trust, a trust the media earned at one time, America could truly be the greatest nation in all categories benevolent. Instead, due to compromised individuals within the national media, the U.S is best described as malevolent.

    The awakening is going to happen no matter, but with your help it will be a smoother and faster transition. The choice you make, red pill or blue pill, most likely will affect more than just your little job.

  18. The Greatest Fraud Perpetrated in American History!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

  19. Well, WHs and Geno I think you may be on to something with the write in candidate. Although Admiral Blair may be a fine guy, his point of view is disturbing. He is daily treading upon the Constitution and allowing all 16 of his agencies to do the same. These are the same ones that are purchasing millions of rounds of hollow points? The same ones setting up FEMA Camps? The same ones allowing the usurper to stink up the people's house? The list goes on and on. If he is to be trusted as Commander in Chief why has he not upheld the oath of office prior to this point? How could he serve such a despicable person?

    I must agree with others that the only seemingly obvious candidate is Ron Paul. I have a few problems with him but not so many nor so large as to cause me to reject him. Perhaps, he could promise to serve one term only to help get a clean slate to help mop up the massive control agencies and laws and regulations so we would have a chance to get a handle on the mess our politicians and banksters and elitist have created for us. There should be a lot of cooperation from congress in helping a true mandated president to put a new agenda in place or there will be hell to pay in the next election cycle.

    I am also not opposed to other potential candidate selections. It would be interesting if a person with a magic bullet could be thought of in time, if such a person exists.

  20. Here is my two cents or is that two dinars worth......

    If we are to do a write in which I think would be a great idea we need to be all on the same page. If we all vote for our own write in then we will end up with many different ones and never one of them would get enough votes to win. Grant it there are good and bad with any of the write ins however they all have one thing in common no matter who they are and that is that they are better than Romney or Obama.

    So out of all the write ins the one to seem to have the best chance is Ron Paul. The military love him and that would gain many votes along with all the other followers he has. So now if you do not like his consider the two alternate choices and he now seems even more appealing. Also from what I had read his team of attorneys supposedly won the suit to unbound all delegates and allow them to vote freely later this month. Seems the vote rigging was caught already as delegates have spoke up about being forced to vote a certain way.

    John--In you opinion how long can O hold off the RV and GS? Do you think CMKX will be included in the GS as well or might that fall to the side and have to be fought for later? Is this the reason why countries are filing suit against him in world court over not releasing the RV? Or do you think he is being told to hold it off by 41? Love to hear your opinion and what else you can share about it.


    1. The RV's are being delayed by 41. Major efforts are in play this week again with large support staff having just been flown in by Madam Wu and the Admiral.Wells Fargo are working to delay orders from on high. The GS are subject to a second Agenda but again, Sr runs all interference. When do thieves ever pay back? That is exactly what is playing out. In Sr's mind, he stole it, so its his to keep. As the worst Political renegade and thief ever,he thinks they are now his to do his will. As he now is approaching second stage Alzheimer's in phases,we are running out of reasoning time. CMKX is nowhere.
      There is a chance the window this week may be used for the RV, and hopefully also for a first stage partial pay out of the GS. The balances of GS will be deferred until October. They stole and wasted so much they can now only pay back in contrived stages.
      One issue which concerns us all is 2 totally unfit candidates for November. There are plans developing to exile O, but as no countries will take him, an Asian Island is currently being assessed. Robinson Crusoe part 2.

    2. John
      not sure if it was a typo but wouldn't WF want to get this rolling as quick as they can and NOT delay it?

      Since there are no rules it seems the iron lady might have to break a few. If Timmy wasn't enough leverage during his last stay in China maybe there are others much closer to 41 who would get the response the world is looking for? If they swamped his boat once its apparent they can get to him if need be and throw diplomacy out the window and use old school techniques, maybe show the boys what the fingernail room is!

    3. John

      Also if O and company all went out to Reno, what was their point they obviously know when their master releases the RV so why waste the time and effort or were those few people actually paid out?

  21. Thank You White Hats!

    America has been in the crosshairs of the Cabal and it's handlers since our inception.

    The insidious 'Art of Deception' playbook has created this 'Clear and Present Danger' that is NOW!

    Here is an accountant's analysis, that drives home the reality that America is Bankrupt with a ZERO chance of survival.

    For the walking dead, who are popping another designer medication, inhaling a triple cheeseburger, fries, 4 decker ice cream cone, 32 oz. coke, while watching Dancing with the Idiots, you will be steamrolled into oblivion. You are the sheep. You will be sheared.

    To all Sheepdogs......Semper Fidelis

    1. J7 -

      Keep reading and commenting ... good to have you on board Brother!

      Semper Fidelis
      To God, To Country

  22. John......

    Can you give us an update as to the progress of the Wu Clan out west. Also how are the filings proceeding in world court by the 80 various countries and what are the charges related to? Ya know if O is seeking an island from what I read maybe he would be happy with Isle of Man! Without T-man making any appearances it is hard to know what is going on. And on a last note if Ru Paul married someone in the Wu family would their new name be Ru Wu?

    Thanks for any updates off all the posters I really only listen to you, and of course Geno! That Eagle guy seems like a tough ol fart!

    1. Watch the site. A major "Defection!!" is coming. Right now the focus is on succession planning as the top 5 are all dirty and all have videos of them exposing taking money, now with the media waiting. How can Biden step up when hes dirty after the $200M bribe? How can Clinton step up after bribing Biden for Sr and getting $400M? How can Romney take over with the Falcone theft and Tax Evasion swirling around him?
      The Wu position may clarify this week. O leaves for Hawaii soon. Then???
      Our Eagle guy is fine. We just have to refine his literacy sometimes. Truly, he means well. Hes doing a good job. Far more than you know.
      The Island is already set up. 48 is coming.

    2. John

      I guess we have to HOPE, with that being the key word that media will CHANGE their tune and expose what is out there. See Hope and Change maybe that will bring him down his own catch phrase!
      Rumor in dinarland was stating big meetings Tue/Wed into possibly Thur with Wu, O, and little true is that? Something about waiting till Talabini arrives back in country before it transpires? I would think that soon as the "approval" is there it happens instantaneously ???
      I know Eagle is a good guy just put that out there to bust his balls.

      Is this thing about Neil Keenan factual? Good? Bad? Fairy tale?

  23. Browsing on the 'net this morning I saw that Drake has attacked the WH on his site, accusing them of 'misinformation' and attempting to 'steal' the global settlements. What's that all about? I thought the WH and Drake were in sympathy with each other.

    1. So Madame Wu is alive and well?

      I have looked at the wellaware site and although some of the claims are silly (Richard Branson as David Icke, Tom Cruise as the doctor at the Gifford shooting, JFK as Jimmy Carter), there are undoubtedly actors turning up in news report after news report as supposedly different people. 'Abby Hoffman' from the 1960s protests is very much like the actor Paul Michael Glaser. I don't watch mainstream news anymore, and I'm glad I stopped! It's a shock to discover we've been treated like moronic lab rats for all these decades.

      There's a plausible theory that the moon-landing footage was filmed by Stanley Kubrick in a studio, this always gets a big laugh but I don't see why it couldn't have been so. There are several allusions to the Apollo rocket in The Shining, which is about a man who sells his soul to serve the elite. Which is also what Eyes Wide Shut is about, as far as I can tell. ¬

      What would motivate Drake to attack the WH like that? I would have thought that a man in his position would be glad of the backing of such a widely-read site. Why would he accuse one of them of trying to steal the global settlements, is there a story behind that or is it just something he made up? His website changed overnight and suddenly became massively expanded and slick-looking, with pieces that seemed like they were written by different people, as if he'd got in a PR firm or something. Maybe Drake is being played by Michael Douglas or Gene Hackman or someone from Happy Days! It's all too confusing, my head hurts.

    2. 'You're better off not to trust than you are to hand over faith...' - Yes, when you find out that you've been lied to your whole life long, it's hard to know who you can trust. For all I know this whole site could be being run by Peter Fonda and Sandra Bullock from a cabin in Alaska or something. Drake sounded quite plausible in his first ever broadcast, but after that he started talking about the cabal's underground bases being destroyed by aliens and stuff, and then he brought on the inane 'Lady Dragon' and 'Minuteman', who launched into these idiotic monologues that went on and on for tens of minutes at a time. Then the cabal was surrendering and there was a 'vote' to decide what to do with them! Then suddenly the cabal were going to send tanks rolling down the streets to blow up citizens, and soldiers and drones to kill them, and they weren't surrendering after all and the vote was just for fun and the arrests were still on. Then a 'green light' was announced for early July...and nothing happened...and he pleaded with the military to arrest SOMEONE...and nothing happened...last I heard, he was calling for civilians to perform cabal arrests, but nothing had happened...

      So I had him written off as a fraud, and then the WH endorsed him, to the point of calling him 'Brother Drake'...and now Drake is making accusations and veiled threats to the WH...Drake says 'I offer that I have known who these people were prior to a recent introduction'. Was this introduction at the same time that the WH report was calling for bloggers to unite? What did he mean by what he said? He goes on to make what looks like a threat to release info about something and a warning to the WH. Do any hats want to directly address the accusations, or give an official response to them?

    3. Thanks for all the work everyone there does, I'm not trying to be awkward but I just wanted to clarify because it seemed from the sentence quoted that all the hats shared the same view, thanks for clearing it up.

  24. A quick perusal of a list of the 50 States shows that Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota do NOT allow write-ins.

    This is, surprisingly, only 45 electoral votes.

    Thus, in theory a write-in can still reach a majority of electoral votes.

    1. That's correct, but you only 18 states to win the electoral college. Read the book "A Throne Awaits" and you will see which states to register and run in.
      Order your copy now and run.

  25. I see it as the perfect storm: WWII brought about the collaboration of all of the most corrupt and corruptable elements on the planet. 

    The Nazi party + American corporate support + global bankers + Vatican support and ratline complex + Mofia drug and money-laundering underground. 

    THEN! when you consider that the Nazi's did have advanced research ready to roll out concerning anti-gavitic propulsion- (Yes - UFO's are real, and are manmade) - you begin to see that Germany was only the end of one battle, not the end of the war, and the perfect cover for continued collaboration. 

    This insidious grouping of pure evil has been running the planet ever since.  Weather or not visitors from other worlds or dimensions are involved does not matter now.

    The magnitude of the human (by humans) deception is beyond the imagination of even the most dedicated student of history.

    Every effort has been made to shape the world view of every population on the planet.  Every conflict, every victory, every advance and success or failure has been meticulously staged and fed to a gullable hungry audiance.

    We need our theater back, and a whole new program, but how. ...
    Only those who had that chill run up their spine when we saw the Matrix can even be made to look. ..

    The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. 

  26. Neil Keenan says, “Blankfein, we’re coming after you!”, August 22, 2012
    Posted on August 23, 2012

    Neil Keenan read the article I recently posted called GOLDMAN: It’s Time To Bet On A Big Comeback In Europe – :) and decided to respond to it. ~J

    (abstract from article)

    Let me get to the meat, and that means you, Blankfein. You have played your Globalist Games long enough, and it is time for people to know that Goldman Sachs is literally attempting to take over Europe. You have illegally put in Monti as Prime Minister of Italy and Papedemos as Prime Minster of Greece, and to top it off, you have Mario Draghi as head of the European Central Bank. You are even looking to make more undemocratic, illegal appointments with which the people of the concerned nations have no say, no vote, and this cannot be permitted to continue. You have used illegal funds, and you have paid Debt with illegal funds. The Global Accounts are filled with your phony Euro Notes that you use to pay off the Leased Gold. Yes, Lloyd, we have many of them, and what would you do if we were to walk into Draghi tomorrow and claim they be validated? What would happen to your show? It would simply shut down—unless you actually found a few shekels to pay them off. Then again if you pay off a couple of Euros, you would have to pay off the Trillions of Euros you printed to pay your debt. All phony!!!!! And, the fact is, you can’t do it! You can’t pay off any debts— not anymore!

    You have deceived the Global Accounts long enough and have not paid your debts properly, and I am coming for you shortly. You can expect us! Soon we will be knocking on your door, and you will be arrested—despite having your attorney present with you at all times. Lloyd, you have made a mess of it. It is over and you will all pay. Count your blessings that you are still free, but breathe the smell of liberty while you can, because soon you will get what you reaped—a long time in prison. It is difficult for me to imagine how we, the people, have allowed you to be free so long, but maybe enough of us have now opened our eyes to actually put you away.

    Yes, Europe is ready to rebound, this fact is for sure—and they will—just as soon as they shed themselves from the Goldman Sachs-Bilderberg albatross! Europe will rebound and begin once again to use the old currency denominations we are all so familiar with. Mr. Rothschilds’ dream of this European Union has failed, and it is best for him to get out while he can. It is a situation where the phony money is going to come back and bite the Nations that printed it—instead of innocent people. Believe me, I have seen the Euros the Treasury Departments have used to pay their debts, and they are no more valuable than toilet paper—well, no, actually, toilet paper has more value!

    (Photos of these totally useless payments will be published here on a daily, on-going basis.) Some of what you will see is real and some is not. It is how they print and pack it. They pay their debt by printing phony and real money, but the Holders have no idea of what is real or not, so they do their best not to pay at all. They are nearly all Frauds. The pictures I am sharing are some of the bundles in the bunkers. There is so much more. No one has any idea without monetization if these funds are real or not. The result is that the Global Accounts do not actually know if anyone ever paid. It is one massive FRAUD and an audit and review must be done to establish what is real—and what is not. We are bringing a Bank to Indonesia to deal with this and do an accurate accounting, and upon completion we must decide who to prosecute for Fraud.

    There is an old saying and it applies here perfectly: “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. Well, this might have been correct at one time, but now people are opening their eyes and their target is YOU!!!! Run-Lloyd-Run! Yes, Run, Lloyd, run—and keep on running.

  27. WARNING: Blood Pressure medication mandatory!
    SIDE EFFECTS FROM VIEWING THIS LINK: Nausea, Double Vision, Irritable Bowels, Road Rage, Bleeding from eyes and ears, Gun Purchases, Ranting, Being pissed off or just plain pissing on a picture of any old Politician, sharpening of knives, pitchforks, and chainsaws, dog/cat kicking, arson, collapse of political belief system or belief in any scum sucking Politician.
    The government has told you your shoe is untied and as you BEND OVER to tie your shoe, the Government has lifted your wallet, stolen the money, and replaced it with a new tax.

    Watch and Weep. Eyes wide shut and hiding in plain site.
    Your smoke and mirror Government at work!

  28. To address the question of amnesty deals, let me say that * if* there are people who are really in the position to cut such deals, and *if* we have somehow come to the point that deals can be made THEN what is the hold up?

    Since when did we the people have any say in what rich guy, (or rich guy's puppet) gets a pass on illegal activity?

    If by some strange act of divine justice, we find ourselves in this position now - I say offer it to one and all ON A TIME LIMITED BASES - for FULLY DOCUMENTED CONFESSION and loss of citizenship or at very least loss of assets.

    It must be an earnest offer to all, but now or never!

    If just one of these 'people' take the offer, then the rest will have to step-up or run


  29. Are the videos of the presidential candidates taking bribes going to be sent to the media?

  30. John
    are they working a deal with the usurper and who cuts that deal, world court it someone like China or all the nations involved?

    1. John

      But what is the what is the worst case scenario? Romney gets elected and does as 41 says and again no release? O gets elected and says no again?

      Isn't plan B the dinar and GS? Printing new USD or Euro won't do it which is clearly obvious. I am sure the baggage train has many cars but if you are needing to cut a deal nothing says you get to take all your bags on your trip, hell the airline is a perfect example to show you bags dont always follow.

      I talked to a delegate he does not know about early voting in Tampa.

  31. Is there any news on Biden's resignation?

    1. One could only hope and why is he going to Tampa? I heard an organized false flag to look chaotic but still under control. Do you think they used HAARP to make hurricane near the RNC?

  32. I'd like to extend my gratitude to the White Hats for their efforts in trying to alert the world, and the USA specifically, to the extent of the political and institutional corruption that exists today.

    Sadly for the vast majority of average citizens there is no comprehension of the immediate dangers ahead.

    The gentleman below is one who gives me hope, and who has my absoloute admiration -

    G. Edward Griffin

  33. John

    Where are we at in terms of someone cutting a deal or not for that prick on Penn Ave? Are the talks with Wu over or still ongoing? When might 48 be coming out? I see the RNC is doing all they can to block Paul from getting a chance at being nominated. If we had more dirt exposing Romney to delegates their votes might be made much easier!

    1. John..That is kinda funny seeing the government wrote the book on fabricating one lie upon another that to me would seem like the least likely thing to worry about. Could Iraq possibly force them quicker by releasing smaller denomination coins/bills? Obviously they would be worth nothing without the change or simply announce it themselves?

      Godschild A friend of mine is a delegate for RNC who is avid Paul supporter and I have talked to him about what you suggested and he flat out said it won't make a difference you are fighting the big machine and it will push through. Only thing to help us is the truth coming out of the various fraud to discredit them and stop them from running.

  34. Why not release the film evidence of Obama, Romney, Biden etc taking bribes, so we can make it go viral?

    1. Could not agree more. I believe some are feeling helpless as we travel this path and want to do more to bring down this cabal once and for all but the documents are one thing, actual footage of these criminals taking bribes is another level all together. As long as it can be proven with sworn testimony from the one actually filming that the footage is not doctored then maybe all heck will break loose.

  35. John, why "...over a series of issues..."?

    Why not get the hot stuff out as soon as possible after vetting? Time is very short. The cabal needs to fall ASAP.

  36. John...Can you give us some updates on where we stand with 48 coming out and the negations out in Reno and the long overdue exile. If we wait too long on Romney will he just get in office and then be even more untouchable?

    1. JOHN

      OK so a few days before 48 understood....but whatever happened to China, Japan, and Saudi playing hardball? The world know about GS/RV and wait and wait and wait for the king usurper to do as he will. With the various countries hurting as much as they are what more motivation do they need to stick their boot up his ass to FORCE matters? I mean if we look back how many times has this been stopped in the past yet they sit back and wait. Why cannot all the other countries involved just raise/lower specific currencies and by pass those choosing not to act. Obviously we appointed IMF and WB people so they are paid for but when is the end here? How much longer will the rest of the world sit by? What about the provost marshall? I think Wu needs to send in the ninjas!

  37. All was quiet today--guess that means time for a new report :)

    1. Well isn't that special he can release what he has held hostage with all watching and look like a hero, even though we know better. Hell since they have the debt clock he could even reset it for an even grander effect. Just hope your rumor is true John.

  38. 911 is the nexus key. If the american people can't break the hypnotic spell, they're doomed. It's been 11 years though and from my interactions with passing gringos, it ain't gonna happen. Stupidity in america is an epidemic. j$

  39. If the media and Congress have ignored all previous reports and challenges, how will it be any different this time?

  40. Geno: Your comments on this?

    found at:

    There seems to be little understanding of the role that a European-created money-system has been playing in delivering to enemies of Islam the capacity to engage in massive legalised theft of the wealth of mankind. Nor is there realization that those enemies have designed a monetary system that would eventually deliver to them financial dictatorship over the whole world. They have already succeeded in enslaving millions of Muslims (as well as others amongst mankind) with slave wages and even destitution, while pursuing a sinister global agenda on behalf of the Euro-Jewish State of Israel. It is truly pathetic to listen to those who blame Pakistanis and Indonesians for miserable poverty in Pakistan and Indonesia.

  41. We just passively wait and watch to see what they're going to do to us next. What's the use of knowing what's going on? We've just been turned from passive, ignorant people into passive, aware people. Try to inform people and they either don't want to know, or they listen and then soon fall back into the normal habits. Any organised resistance seems very small or wimpy and effete, pulling 'cute' stunts like giving 'free hugs' etc, or infighting and squabbling. It's like the scene in The Life of Brian where the two 'resistance' movements encounter each other in the Roman governor's palace. Individuals or small groups would just be picked off and large groups, when they do come along, are often infiltrated or set up by the establishment. The mass of people seem hypnotised by their gadgets and gizmos and pop media and carry on supporting and defending the rotten system. Only professionals with training and experience and money and guns can sort this mess out. Just remove these people from power, for the sake of humanity. Arrest them, whatever. Publicly denounce them over the mainstream media. How much more evidence has to be gathered before someone with authority stands on the parapet and shouts up?

  42. And speaking of currency and commodity:

    "'Russia has just declassified news that will shake world gem markets to their core: the discovery of a vast new diamond field containing 'trillions of carats,' enough to supply global markets for another 3,000 years. The Soviets discovered the bonanza back in the 1970s beneath a 35-million-year-old, 62-mile diameter asteroid crater in eastern Siberia known as Popigai Astroblem. They decided to keep it secret, and not to exploit it, apparently because the USSR's huge diamond operations at Mirny, in Yakutia, were already producing immense profits in what was then a tightly controlled world market."

  43. John, info takes a while, meanwhile things develop. false flags all over the place. A lot of money spend to get paid demonstrators in the streets of N Africa, China and ME. I think we passed the critical nr of 'awakened' people and it will be difficult to stop disclosure of many occult practices. Main effort should be to stop any major war, because its their only way to obfuscate the total financial bankruptcy of the world.
    Some people in the right places can do really something and the rest of us (the cattle?) can send their positive thoughts to stop the lunacy. Thoughts are CREATIVE and do have enormous power not to underestimate.
    We are all linked, the more we realize this the stonger the bond.
    Think of happy things and joy, it is a power in itself.

  44. Been following the WHs and other sites for quite a while.

    John mentions a vacuum if both O and R are exposed as the criminals they are. I’m aware of the puzzle piece that fits in that vacuum, and if it goes to plan, Americans will experience freedom and prosperity like they have never before.

    Will Reports 48, 49, 50+ be released? I’m confident they will, with much more! I believe virtually everything we’ve seen so far, with exposing the NWO, has led up to October 2012.

    I suspect October 2012 is when it all happens: complete US financial collapse and full exposure of the criminal elites.

    I suspect QEternity, Congress abandoning their jobs, FEMA camps, extra ammunition orders, warships in the Gulf, etc, are no coincidence either. I believe the politicians are expecting civil war when the collapse/exposure begins – and they “think” they are prepared!

    Also, it’s no coincidence with the release of Atlas Shrugged 2 in a few weeks time:

  45. John,
    Another scenario possibly would be General Dempsey, backed by the 16 intel. agencies, threatening military coup or JFK'ing of Obama if he doesn't fully endorse the "new" PNAC.

    Since the draft analysis of “Preparing For A Post Israel Middle East” has been leaked even Henry Kissinger is stating “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.” The conclusion of the authors of said report state that "Israel is currently the greatest threat to US national interests."

    Among the many findings of the analysis was this one: "Gross Israeli interference in the internal affairs of the United States includes supporting more than 60 ‘front organizations’ and approximately 7,500 US officials who do Israel’s bidding and seek to dominate and intimidate the media and agencies of the US government which should no longer be condoned."

    This enlightening news about Israel didn't seem to have had any effect on the zionista whores in the senate as they voted 90-1 for a Defacto Declaration of War with Iran. Just another page in General Dempsey's little coup book.

    My cynical/conspiratorial/critical thinking side tells me this could be just part of the old plan with a new twist to keep us guessing. My hopeful side, barely 5%, says Let's get it On.

    1. Abby,
      My source here:

      "US Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East?"
      by Franklin Lamb
      August 28, 2012

      The disclaimer at the end of article:
      [Editor's Note: While this report does not mention the source for the information concerning the alleged draft report, FPJ with permission from the author is able to disclose that the source is a staffer with a certain research unit of the CIA.]

      Who knows what's up or down. Just keep stocking that food and water.

  46. Chicago is the key Launderette for the White Powder money so assume checking their balances. Also key Crime Syndicate territory. Recent failed contracts came from there.

  47. Project Nsearch is breaking a HUGE story before the mainstream media.

    The CEO of JP Morgan - Jamie Dimon has been indicted and the FBI has put out an arrest warrant for him!

    The update at the top of the article shows that the NY Attorney General has filed a civil suit against JP Morgan Chase and others.

    Here's the link for the story that will keep on the front page!

  48. I would like to contribute financially to this cause, how do I support? I am curious as to why the info in 48 hasn't been delivered to RP since he is our only trusted rep?

  49. If Iraq decides to revalue their currency they will issue "brand new" currency and the notes you bought will be deemed worthless. There are already so many notes of dinar in circulation that the Central Bank would have a hard time keeping inflation low when everyone decided to cash in. Issuing brand new currency at a price pegged to the US Dollar allows them to regulate the number of cash issued. Its not about how well they can do in the future, its about the inflation of their currency.

  50. At this point somethings should be extremely easy.

    I have some friends that owned online poker sites. As you may know, the government determined they were illegal, (they weren't) and seized billions in assets. I think there is a very simple and realistic solution to our worldwide economic crisis. The Federal Reserve Bank along with the other world central banks have been involve
    d with criminal activities for decades if not centuries. Many recent admissions, (the printing of $16T in US dollars given to other countries at your expense ...the rigging of the LIBOR, etc...and more) are certainly criminal. I think it is time for all countries to simultaneously arrest the central bank criminals, seize their assets which will immediately eliminate the debt. Don't be fooled. The majority of the US debt is owed to the FED not foreign countries. The next thing would be for our government and all governments to be legally required to operate within their budgets and any increase in budget be approved not by a congressional vote rather by a popular public vote.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Daryl -- it seems many are getting into dire straights now, and winter is coming upon us,to make matters worse. Homelessness does not appeal to me either.

      Now you bring up a good point: WHY does the GS not have a lock and key on it?? Surely, we all know by now, they are thieves. How could the ''keepers of the loot'' get so hoodwinked like this?

  52. U.S. Intelligence Community Warns That Israel is a “Rogue State”
    Now comes yet another dramatic moment in American and Israeli history. According to the authoritative Foreign Policy Journal, all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the DEA, the NSA, the FBI, and others—have drafted an amazing, 82-page classified report entitled “Preparing for a Post Israel Middle East.” Currently being reviewed by the White House and by key Congressional leaders, the report brilliantly analyzes geo-politics and economics in the Middle East and globally. It concludes that Zionist Israel is the greatest single threat to American security and to the American economy.

    82-page Intelligence Report on Israel NOT a
    Mossad Psyops False Flag Project

  53. Nice summary Hugh.

    My two dinar worth. This is what I suspect is going on.ALL currencies around the world are re-setting and re-valuing. They are not being valued against the Dollar. They are being re-valued according to the Gold Standard and Commodities Trading of GDP in various countries.

    This is why the hold up on the Dinar. It is not being valued against the dollar, but against the GDP of Iraq oil. The dollar is no longer the international form of exchange as this expired in January 2012. Nor is oil being traded in the Petro dollar.

    Last week Iran's currency was re-valued and it was presumed that this was due to sanctions and measured against the dollar. This does not make sense as Iran is trading oil with China, Russia and India in exchange for Gold, Wheat and very cheap solar energy, the same way Germany changed over in the space of one year to solar, buying it's solar from China which is selling solar tech at very cheap economical rates.

    Eventually all currencies will be re-valued against a gold standard.

    1. We shall see. But if I put the pieces of the puzzle together, that is what I come up with. Unless you got any other gobsmacking ideas! :))))

    2. Yeah you lol ! ANd dear God, we all need some kind of lift right now, everyone I speak to is getting very tired.......... but vigilance is nessesary,especially exposing False Flags and lies. It is the only defense weapon available to most.

  54. NWO : 1. Russia and China have vetoed no fly zone over Syria. SO although NATO is trying to get Turkey to go to war with Syria, it looks like this false flag is not going to fly.

    2. The Rebels have been exposed for not being Syrian at all, but CIA, Mosaad and Saudi trained, and their flase flags are often being exposed BEFORE they can do it. THis has held back invasion of Syria for over a year and in turn invasion of IRan.

    3. The Feds mandate ends 21 Dec, this is why they were in such a cast Iron hurry. By controlling all these countries, they would have been able to keep the Petro Dollar alive.Coupled with the expiry of Brettons woods agreement in Jan, this is a double wammy for the Dollar, no longer being the International currency, taking over oil producing countries would still keep the Petro dollar in place. Without taking over Iran, this is not possible. They control Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Libya.

    4. Russia China India and most of Asia is now on the Gold Standard, but this is not being reported in MSM. Iran has also joined, which means not only is the Dollar not the formal rate of exchange, but neither is the Petro dollar.

    5. What this means is that the NWO One World Gov and One World Bank has been defeated. Just nobody realizes this yet.

  55. Maybe they have taken a trip in a submarine? And will not be back for a while........... just saying,



    I hope you heros are ok!

  57. Is it possible that #48 has already been released to hopeful good guys that can actually act on the info? Therefore it is being held back from us, the Great Unwashed, who care and would like to promote it, but would only be giving away the info to the bad guys thereby preventing the good guys from taking bad guys down?
    It's the only thing that makes sense to me because I don't believe the WH's are stupid or full of crap.
    Huzzah White Hats! Good hunting.
    All Things Are Possible.

  58. Replies
    1. I wish I shared those thoughts.

    2. Guys,

      Think for a second. 'We' collectively, are the nuclear option.

      Clearly they [WH] have pushed parts of #48 into the power structure. And it's clear Obama took a major dive in the debate to invigorate the Romney campaign. [Perfect orator right upto the debate and the MilkToast from Mass gets the upper hand? If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for you...]

      It's probably brinkmanship of the highest order going on. Seeing the shape and size of #48 if the other side has any brains at all they will say "Let's talk about it. Keep the nukes off the table". At a bare minimum a partial #48 release MUST have moved unaligned forces into more aggressive postures. Remember .gov is not a monolith and there are plenty of good guys spread thru the system (and outside of it).

      They'll push some kind of deal, there will be agreement and then the clock will tick on elements of execution. I'm sure if they try to f'em over, the WH will release #48+, all hell will break loose and life will get way too interesting for all of us.

      I think it was Tacitus that said a bad peace is better than good war. This is still true today. Live to fight another day. Even given the hyperinflationary actions of the Fed, ECB etc, the collapse will not come tomorrow. You have a couple years at a minimum assuming no doomsday weapons in orbit or bio-engineered plagues on the ground.

      Wait and see. In the meantime keep spreading the word, be patient, but be ready to make it go viral as requested if and when #48 hits.

  59. After several years of this I am beginning to feel discouraged and disheartened. The Cabal is still doing what they've been doing for the past 30+ years. Hell, I should say the last 100+ years and no one has been able to stop them!

  60. All the white hats have been quiet & Geno's hardly posting....Quiet before the storm, maybe?

    People have been asking direct questions here, yet no replies forthcoming. There could be several reasons for this. I won't speculate about those.

    I just hope & pray the patriots in the top ranks of military security use the ability/resources to find and arrest anybody that tries to stop the release of the funds. The Pentagon has access to anything & anybody anywhere. For GOD'S sake, USE IT!! GET 'ER DONE, ALREADY! ;-)

    1. "Where does it start? Where does it end?"

      Those seem to be the trillion dollar questions these days.

    2. Yes, these swine can only be removed from power if a) millions upon millions of people suddenly wake up overnight and get angry, or b) they are removed by trained, professional people with weapons. And a) isn't going to happen anytime soon.


  62. Strange how people look to others, and blogs/publications to affect some type of change in their own lives. I'm not trying to come off as any better, I'm not, but I'm wondering if that's the type of thinking that put us where we are right now.

    The bad guys (just a few) at some early point in time decided they could commandeer the majority of the populations simply by telling them they had a better idea.
    Almost the mother of all pyramid/ponzi schemes was then born and perpetrated upon us. It's as though we were so ripe for the picking that it had to happen, and happen it did, and it was so effective and so easy that it just kept getting better for them.

    But now, our diapers have burst, they can't hold anymore of the deception that's been heaped down our necks and forced through our lives. When we give our individual power up, I guess we're just left with a shell awaiting further instruction/destruction.
    As individuals, I suppose on some level we need to make small effective adjustments in our own lives that will in turn devastate the status quo.

    If everyone awoke tomorrow and simply refused to participate in the "machine" in their own small way, then maybe the beast that we've helped to create might be blinded for just enough time. And maybe the process of awakening happens in the stages we aren't quite familiar with yet, maybe we've been awake for too long and grown complacent, we've been waiting for someone, or something, a group, an entity, a lottery, a calling, when maybe the answer is standing in our own shoes.

    Maybe we need to make a small personal sacrifice one more time, maybe a first time, only you know what it might be. Don't pay the ticket, take the bus to work, write a letter, learn to read a CAFR and then ask to look at the one in your town. Step outside of your own shadow and talk to your neighbor. Go for a walk/run, shake up your own life and contribute to the ripple in the ocean of us, of sameness, of redundancy, punch the air. Get off the couch, don't watch the game. Live.


    1. Graham -- your advice is dealing with symptoms, and not the Problem. And this is not a good place to talk to us about 'belt tightening'. We are way way past that now, and headed for the street life.
      Abby, quite the contrary, belt tightening isn't being advised at all, it's starting at roots of problems because our problems in this world are systemic.
      There are plenty for people to do while they're sitting, waiting for arrests to be made.
      We can hop around blogs forever if we want to, urging and prodding investigators to pry open the veneer of these cheesy haircuts, but until the little guy scares the shit out of some of them with a little knowledge, and finds some kind of voice, we may be in for a wait.

  63. E-mail from A. Clifton Hodges: Christopher Story's recommendation letter for Michael C. Cottrell

    Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Monday, 15-Oct-2012 15:33:50

    In Response To: E-mail from Ben Fulford: 'About the "letter" from Mr. Cottrell, please inform the senders that if Mr. Cottrell wants...' (hobie)
    E-mail from A. Clifton Hodges:


    Should any one reading the absolute nonsense asserted by Benjamin Fulford to the effect that Michael C. Cottrell was not only connected to the murder of Christopher Story, but directly responsible therefore, please consider the following recommendation letter which Mr. Story attached, sua sponte, to the approved application to the G-20 which authorized Mr. Cottrell to conduct the US Dollar Refunding Project:

    1. I know right.
      And look what the posters are posting over a Fulford site. It is so laughable.

      oh oh
      “11/18/1976 Suspended, failed to pay Bar membr. fees”
      See bottom of page for above.
      Comment by kodo on October 16, 2012 @ 9:43 am"

      and no memtion that Hodges is an "ACTIVE" practicing Attorney.

      "Status History

      Effective Date Status Change
      Present Active
      6/26/1970 Admitted to The State Bar of California
      Explanation of member status

      Actions Affecting Eligibility to Practice Law

      Effective Date Description Case Number Resulting Status
      Disciplinary and Related Actions

      Overview of the attorney discipline system.

      This member has no public record of discipline."

      These people at Fulford's don't even know how to research or it is selective for their GOD Fulford.

  64. New post from Doug Wead, former Sr. Advisor to Ron Paul 2012 Campaign.

    How Mitt Romney cheated his way to the GOP nomination
    October 18, 2012

    New evidence is coming out about just how tough and dirty the Mitt Romney campaign fought to block the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party at the State Conventions last summer.

    It may offer a little sneak preview of what a Romney presidency will be like. And make no mistake, barring war with Syria or some other dramatic October surprise, Romney will now win this election in a landslide. At least, that is my humble opinion, as one who loves and reads history. The economy will decide that.

    It turns out that Mitt Romney and other Republican operatives were apparently very much aware of what was going on at the precinct, county, district and state conventions. This was not greedy state and country chairmen wanting to hang onto power so they could go to the RNC as delegates and get drunk. The hardball tactics were apparently approved and refined from state to state from Iowa, where the state chairman got money for the GOP and promises and conveniently kept a Santorum win out of the news for months, all the way to Tampa, where pudgy, Romney Brownshirt goons raced along the streets in golf cart-like vehicles, looking for demonstrators to divert into chain fence cages beyond view of the media. Welcome to Romney’s America.

    Read more at link

    1. Cali

      That is 110% true. A friend of mine who is a delegate from the state of Michigan was there to vote and he and others were going to vote for Ron Paul.

      Others there were told to chant USA USA USA when people started chanting Ron Paul.

      They had never said how many votes Paul did get.

      May states would not say is name and only say other.

      They tried to change the amount of states needed to speak to a higher number so Paul would not be eligible.

      I group of delegates coming from VA or somewhere via bus got lost near the convention center (professional bus driver with GPS) and were never allowed to vote

      They tried to take away delegates of his away from Maine

      They had ELECTED alternate delegates in case if the primary was unable to make it they would vote. However, they did not use those and hand picked ones that would vote for Romney

      Votes out west cast for Paul ended up as Romney votes.

      What more do you need???

    2. Me and all me

      It was painful and heartbreaking to see that happen on the tv coverage of the RNC. I can only imagine what your friend must have felt standing amongst the corruption.

      Send a message...write in Ron Paul if your state allows.

  65. What is needed is a Pentagon-led disclosure of the truth around 9/11. Of the institutions in U.S. society today, only the military has the grass-roots credibility to pull it off -- and to follow it up with an appropriate program of political hygiene.

    Change of this magnitude requires some institutional shoulder-to-the-wheel muscle. The Congress and Courts cannot do it; the executive, of whichever "party," is thoroughly compromised. Clearly the pressures are bubbling up in the form of the Occupy movement and other things, but the organs of power remain too thoroughly in control of the MSM and law enforcement to be seriously threatened at this point.

    Ultimately, the gradual awakening of a critical mass of people will lead to the downfall of these decrepit power structures -- and it will occur more rapidly than expected. Just as was the case in the old Soviet Union, the appearances were far more fearsome than the reality in the end.

    But the most effective way for such a transition to occur -- and to occur in a manner which is protective and restorative of that which is great in the original institutions of American government -- must involve, as things stand today, the U.S. military. If that is not possible, then we will endure the more difficult road as we shed these predatory and parasitical powers who presume to rule. But they will be shed.

  66. ...Your faith in the American military to save us shows absolutely no historical knowledge ! This ain't the 1770's !The military are "the most indoctrinated" !

  67. TMAN -Whistle Blower Radio - Kerry Cassidy Part 2 -

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Your comment about a write-in Candidacy poses some very interesting questions.

    Given the established propensity for vote-rigging with electronic voting machine use, how would you propose to validate a majority vote to a write-in Candidate ? Surely this would require an ‘unofficial’ mirror tabulation process of some kind ?
    If you do have audited numbers proving a majority vote to a write-in Candidate how would you empower that person into office?
    Does an “Unofficial’ registration process have any validity ?

    The idea of voters being able to verifiably register their vote at a secure alternate site with the knowledge that their vote would count, poses an opportunity to keep the pundits HONEST as well as an extraordinary number of challenges. It seems however that the ‘system’, while allowing the vote to be tabulated at an off-shore (i.e. non-US)‘secure’ location, will neither ‘officially’ allow or accept a mirror tabulation of votes outside the established process – even if totally verifiable. How do you intend to overcome this ?

    The widely publicized answers to these questions might encourage both Candidates and Voters to become involved to make change by write-in. You may remember that Dr. Paul alluded to similar concerns when declining to run as a Third-Party Candidate.

    Any response ?

    1. Rsb1
      You ask very good questions to which I’ve provided my Responses below.

      Your comment about a write-in Candidacy poses some very interesting questions.

      Given the established propensity for vote-rigging with electronic voting machine use, how would you propose to validate a majority vote to a write-in Candidate ? Surely this would require an ‘unofficial’ mirror tabulation process of some kind ?
      Response: Those submitting absentee ballots are making a photocopy before mailing in, should proof of vote come into play. This was done at the primary level in addition to registering their vote at a designated Vote Check website. Also, honest (too idealistic?) monitors designated at each precinct who are required to take an oath, to video the actual physical tabulation of all ballots was used at primaries with positive results.

      If you do have audited numbers proving a majority vote to a write-in Candidate how would you empower that person into office?

      Response: That’s the million dollar question! If other candidates are exposed for being unfit to serve, the next highest vote getter SHOULD get the win provided they have the required electors in the states that allow write-ins. Ron Paul will meet this requirement of electors.

      Does an “Unofficial’ registration process have any validity ?

      The idea of voters being able to verifiably register their vote at a secure alternate site with the knowledge that their vote would count, poses an opportunity to keep the pundits HONEST as well as an extraordinary number of challenges. It seems however that the ‘system’, while allowing the vote to be tabulated at an off-shore (i.e. non-US)‘secure’ location, will neither ‘officially’ allow or accept a mirror tabulation of votes outside the established process – even if totally verifiable. How do you intend to overcome this ?

      Response: I’m not sure off-shore is needed – just honest people, though a difficult task it may be.

      The widely publicized answers to these questions might encourage both Candidates and Voters to become involved to make change by write-in. You may remember that Dr. Paul alluded to similar concerns when declining to run as a Third-Party Candidate.

      Response: I think Dr. Paul, having tried the Third-Party Candidate path before, felt raising sufficient campaign funds would be very difficult nor would he be able to participate in many, if any, of the primary debates as he did as a Republican. He has approved of the grassroots effort to be a write-in, and the ballots do not require statement of party affiliation.

      I like Geno's online option as well. Again, honest people are required no matter the process. Alas, our main problem.

  70. An interesting article in the Telegraph about an IMF plan to de-throne the bankers and conjure away the national debt. I believe that the plan also includes something about household debt forgiveness but I haven't had time to read the whole document yet.

    The paper is from August 2012.

  71. In my humble worthless opinion, when the appearance of some type of truth pokes one of the millions of sleepwalkers out there in a delivery/form that effects them the most, then and only then will the masses begin to question their very existence.
    When the football game is preempted, real housewives of Miami stops its broadcast in mid-bitch slap, etc... that WORST case scenario in zombie world, would probably motivate enough to pick up the remote, or cell phone and scream WTF!

    At this point in time I think many would have trouble even wrapping their brains around the words, debt forgiveness, or Federal Reserve. They'd probably wonder if it had something to do with the lottery.
    So, my point is whether or not massive undertakings such as the white hat reports and many other fact finding missions will, as many others have, pass by the masses as ships in the night.

    The 'singing to the choir' is now, and has been for a long time, a comforting and familiar undercurrent that has for all intents and purpose picked up a notable pace, especially in recent years. It's a foundation of information that is as solid as they come, the problem with it though is that it never rises above the helpless indifference of those in place to affect serious change.

    There could be actual video footage of George Bush, Dick Chaney, and Obama, snorting coke and murdering little girls in broad daylight. It could be posted everywhere and most would probably think it was a bit from SNL. It would go viral for all the wrong reasons. I'm not a negative person by any means, I believe I'm pragmatic and I've always wanted to get the job done on time with the least amount of bullshit involved, on the level and above board.

    So here we are, there is change (good change) on the way, fomented by good people, for all the right reasons. We know who the bad guys are, we're awake, we're ready and prepared to support the effort that is about to erupt. There are switches, plugs, and electricity that fuels the talking heads of media and the panorama of faux reality. I really believe there are good, brave people already in place, waiting to be contacted and given some type of cue. A gargantuan reset that not only involves world financial fixes, but most/possibly more importantly, a reset of situational awareness. An electronic splash/slap in the face. This might only involve a 30 second dead-air exorcise of that hypnotic poison.

    Maybe this is in place and I'm way behind, I hope I am, because I'm ready to help people get back on their feet, the biggest thrill of my life will be the witnessing of people waking up to real, true, pure freedom, not the pasteurized, neutered version they've all been suckled/suckered into believing.
    I want this work to do, I was born for it and I've been waiting a lifetime to see it through. Let's start by pulling some plugs and going after the eyes of this goon, what else do we have to lose?
    Peace. g

    1. From one g to another, I fully enjoyed this essay and I must say that your previous posts have been of the same calibre.

      I want this work to do, I was born for it and I've been waiting a lifetime to see it through.

      I feel exactly the same but due to my having suffered a brain injury almost 10 years ago, I would be limited in my physical capacity at least but I'm a numbers guy anyway, offshore finance, specifically...

    2. Gmoney, your service is where you are and what you're doing, don't sell yourself short, no job too small, and there's no time like the present to get the hay in the barn.
      I believe half the battle is just knowing half the truth. I think that when people catch wind of real solid truth, they'll beat a path to all those they'd rejected as 'wackos' in the past.
      I also think most of it will start within families first, that's where I got a taste of real rejection early on in my life.

      Thank you for your comments my friend.


    TWH - now would be a GREAT TIME to build on this and GET THE NEXT REPORT LIVE!! ;)

  73. johnOctober 24, 2012 4:33 PM
    Wait for 48. It will rock your socks off. The Pentagon and Beltway boys will be looking for foxholes fast. Let's see how the mainstream deal with it because it has to go viral. If it is supported it will run over the dam and then its free. Huge truth which needs to speak its name. Non of you realize what's coming yet.
    With all the due respect the White Hats deserve, I'm still wondering about the delivery system for this new report that's about to hit.
    I'm positive it will be damning to all those who deserve the damning, and I'm sure most of them will look at the report as will we, the awake, aware, and hungry for justice groups.
    I must be missing a huge piece of this picture because now, as before, what will push this information/report, beyond the monopoly game that sits on top of their table?

    Who will see this information and foam at the mouth for justice and revenge? Will the military (ranking officers) with careers on the line, finally allow common sense and the restoration of some decent posterity?
    Does this report have the legs to physically knock the canned, homogenized news feed off the cable grid and get to where it really needs to go?

    Because the bottom line here is that the belly, the 'fat' of the viewing public who plugs into that electronic nipple for hours every day needs to simply understand some fundamentals.
    They need to see in HD, that bad men and women are gouging out their collective futures without anesthesia. Again, here I am preaching to the choir. I sure hope I'm missing a big part of the picture, because the principal media around the world seems to be an impenetrable mass of cancerous gristle.

    They need to be tripped up by their own machine as far as I can see. They're extremely practiced at ignoring bad, damning news, no matter how hard it seems to lean on them. I feel the tide is turning, so they must've sensed it years ago, have we cut the fire hoses before they hall them to the fire? These bastards need to be seen without their makeup on, they need to be covered in their own chemtrail spew.

    I really hope I'm wrong on some counts and everyone in the choir knows about it.
    Peace out brothers and sisters.

  74. The Pentagon KNOWS who gave the orders to execute those innocents in the silent secret war that is raging.

    I actually see this as a positive sign, because it shows their desperation to contain the truth. I believe this single act will be their undoing!

    How many of the pentagon brass (guys with medals) have children? The Pentagon DOES NOT act& their children will be next!


  75. The improvised bank holiday tomorrow in NY wouldn't be used as an opportune moment to change the financial system, would it? People were talking about there being a bank holiday this Monday past and my technical analysis guru for the gold market is saying that the low will be in by 31st of October (+\- 3 days, to coincide with the full moon on the 29th). Just thinking out loud...

  76. I posted the story that CNBC censored itself after the SVP there found out his children were murdered on FACEBOOK. FB censored it, and it just disappeared.

    I did a google search for the story and just got 6 hits!!

    When is the last time anybody did a search on google and got just six hits? Google is now aiding & abetting in the attempted cover-up of the HUGE story of Spire filing the $43T lawsuit last week. Yahoo seems to be also, as I only got 26 hits, maybe....FB & GOOG for sure!!

    I referenced these facts on a (PTR)free-side forum on a thread I started yesterday on the story disappearing from CNBC.It had over 110 views since 4am sunday morning when I posted it, and like 30 likes, with 12 comments. After I posted the above additional info into the thread, 3 minutes later THAT whole thread just disappeared! Wtf is going on?? Is PTR cabal-owned??


    1. Over 1100 views, not 110....sorry...

    2. Another of my posts here removed by the Yellow Hats. What's the matter, can't take a bit of criticism? I just hope no one's relying on YOU lot for help!


    ....seems alot of people are taking cover as well. Unbelievably no one knew beforehand that these scum will lie, slander, threaten, falsely accuse, bribe , thieve and hold their power ?? Quite naive.

  78. Geno -- Can you tell us whats going on with this Blog?
    Why are only the mild postings left, and any with meat in
    them, disappear?

    1. Because of the enemies YOU make, Abby. YOU chased the good folks away because YOU just wanna see YOUR name in print. Remember?

  79. On a more current events note:

    Any news of the GS/RV? Anything moving at all?

    And why did the BigZero fly to Florida and back without any public appearance?

    1. Sen. Harry Reid had a car accident just outside Las Vegas recently, which, is currently being investigated. Perhaps this has something to do with the RV's...?

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. John,

      C'mon!! How about a reply!

      I am sure there are MANY here who would like to know the answers.


      PS: I have noted that GENO's posts w/links to his blog are gone. THAT blog was very supportive of the information coming out on this blog.

  81. Darylluke - 'I am sure Geno deleted because the high volume of comments was bogging down & slowing down load times.'

    No way! Geno deleted the comments that Geno and the Yellow Hats found too close for comfort.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Just by noticing what all has been deleted, you can easily figure out why 'the first-aid kit was brought out and the house cleaned up'.

  82. I bet the cabalists are trembling in their genuine leather loafers and suffering from bouts of sudden incontinence. That's how worried they are about the incredible wave of devastation that the White Hats will unleash with Report 48. The world will stop turning and the tides will stop rising and everybody and their mother will fill the streets and demand an answer from their governors. All praise the White Hats and their devotion and dedication to the truth!

    When "john" put up his defense of the Queen's innocence I knew something was amiss. Maybe now that scandal rightfully embroils the royal superiority complex they're cracking down on even the controlled dissent. Or not. I'm just thinking.

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. Geno's so-called 'moderation' was blinkered by his view that the WH's were the good guys and nothing should stand in their way. I don't think he was too bothered about personal comments, at least not to the point of deleting the offending posts. He was man enough to be able to form his own defence.

    No, the WH's are in this for themselves only. If they manage to coerce the likes of you, me, and the general public into helping them attain their end result then fine, but they don't really give a monkey's f*ck about us.

    The 'John' character is just a patsy. As you so rightly state, his undeniable support of QEII and the rest of the benefits-scrounging Royals beggars belief. I only ever gave his posts a cursory glance, mainly due to the unintelligible garbage he padded them out with in order to appear more intelligent than the other posters on here. The only way to get a message across to the masses is to use plain language that people don't need a dictionary or Wikipedia to understand.

    No doubt, now that Geno is out of it, you will be expecting me to inundate the blog with insults and crack-pot ideas, the way any worthy Troll does, but this has never been my intention. I'm just like all the rest of you and get very angry and frustrated at times, so much so that I feel the need to put it into words ..... words that are soon removed from here, which makes me even more angry and frustrated! I have no personal issues with anyone on here and would never remove any of YOUR posts, no matter how hurtful they were to me. Thais is the TRUE meaning of free speech.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. 'FWH'? Do you mean 'former white hat'? The one who goes on about clones and stuff? That's all just a hoax, isn't it?

  86. Looks like we've been left high and dry. After 2 years or so of build up, not one thing has happened for the benefit of ANY of the People - Now shall we assume the WH's are history? Did they hightail it 10 weeks ago, and we have
    been in our seats waiting....for nothing?

    It just makes no sense that a 'handful of bad guys' can take the whole world hostage like this - and a ton of 'good guys in high places' cow down to them.
    The solution is really very very simple, as some of us 'little people' who can think logically, have given the
    solution(s). The solution? Go cut off the head of the snake, then the body will die off. How hard is that?

    P.S. Could we dispense with the 'f' word please? We DONT ALL think its cool.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. For Christ's sake. STILL no new report. What's the hold up THIS time?

  89. hey patience folks have to have your feet firmly planted to launch a spear !

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, and Drake and his federation of galactic alien ninjas deserve our undying gratitude too, for their excellent work in arresting and defeating the cabal. Thanks, Drake, and the ninjas! Well, it's good to know we're all safe now, isn't it. Marvellous.

  92. This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. The 'Hugh' character is another poster of disinformation.

    I see he/she/it has removed the '48 will be released Wednesday' piece of BS. Can no one else see this whole thing is a colossal wind up?

  94. Just because 48 hasn't been posted, does not mean that
    the world has stopped moving. From many sources I see much
    is going on behind the scenes. Many people are hard at work,
    such as Madam Wu, the woman who is head at the IMF working to transition things, and many others.
    Many other countries are also pushing in the right direction; sick of whats going on, just as much as we are.
    What we don't know, is just WHAT is going on, what is being said, and how its progressing.
    Last night, I listened to what Dr. Todd had to say, much to our favor. But again, the big question is - WHEN?
    And, how much of this info is reliable.

    Honestly, I think this Blog is phasing out. Just my opinion. ?

  95. Abby,

    Who is Dr. Todd and does he have a web site ?


  96. To catch Dr. Todd, you first gotta go to
    I think he can be found on Part 2, which you click on at
    the very bottom there, of Part 1.
    I just click on the referencing of him that you will see there, so I don't know the web sit for him, directly.

  97. The WHs are part of a bigger picture:

    I estimate that within 96 hours, it all should kick off... popcorn at the ready!

  98. Here's alittle more realistic appraisal ....!

    ....America will not be saved by patriots in the sheriff's dept.or patriots in the military. Amerika is probably already lost to the nazi bankster's cartel.

    Psychologist estimate there's up to 12 million psychopaths in Amerika alone, and they are well placed in law enforcement and the military.

    They , as you can see, will shove your face in the dirt and eventually put you in a prison camp....or worse....far worse. You don't own your home. You don't have any constitutional freedoms or rights. The cia is drugging your children and killing the children of 70 other countries....including Mexico. The third world war has already begun, only the American sheeple don't realize it.

    Thewhitehats have more than a million hits on this site. You better put those resources to good use because Americans are asleep at the wheel and the clock's ticking !

  99. I've been following this stuff for a while. I won't mince words. This is the biggest load of misinformation, misleading information, and internet soap opera I've ever seen.

    Here's the facts.
    There's ALWAYS a tease that 'something big' will come out in the next report.
    What happens? The only thing that comes out are excuses as to why the 'big news' can't be told.
    My contact told me about #48, how it's going to have some huge news and was just about to come out. The hype over the coming report has been growing and growing. I specifically told my contact that, without fail, the report will not be released.

    What happened? Just before it's released these two guys have a fight, posts vanish, and where's the report?
    We're to believe they're knowingly risking their lives to get us the truth because the truth is more important than their lives or their freedom, but I guess the 'truth' will have to take a back seat while they have their little spat.

    In the mean time more rumors will follow, more carrots on a stick, but don't look for hard facts, or solid evidence. Just a lot of ramblings, vague finger pointing, and so on.

    Really. Aren't you guys getting a bit bored with this nonsense?

    One last thing.
    This stall of 'we're waiting until we have the right support before we come out into the open with everything' just doesn't hold up.
    The people digging up the truth behind 9/11 aren't waiting for the right support. They're putting it out there regardless of what happens. Same thing for the JFK assignation, and Hilary Clinton and Whitewater, and, and, and...
    So, while these guys keep stringing everyone along with their BS others are actually exposing the truth.

    1. 48 had so much. Many committed and Patriotic US parties publish weekly in pursuit of the restoration of fundamental rights and decency. Apart from posing on a talk show, 2 US parties have shown the true level of their courage and even a sniff of a non existent Bogie Man has sent both under the sheets. No excuse. Judge a man by his courage under fire. 2 just got brown pants before the first shot even went off. White Feathers are merited. Sad. All who know will judge. Previous WH associates had the courage to publish truth and build the site. Control passed. Courage did not. The site represented hope and integrity. But, it needed focused moral commitment. Grandstanding ended when the yellow streaks were exposed. An epitaph they will carry to all who know how they reacted under pressure. Scared of the Bogie man. Boohoo. Wimps don't win freedom. Geno was right to cut from them until they grow a pair.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  100. So the Messiah, #48, is not coming after all? Why am I not surprised! Words that spring to mind are 'carrot' and 'donkey.'

    Let this site be a lasting reminder of the power of disinformation.

  101. Prelude to #48:

  102. brad - 'Prelude to #48: '


    If this is what #48 was all about, then beam me up Scotty! I'm pleased it never saw the light of day.

    1. It was not.48 is about the money, real shadow government, drug channels and whose in control, naming the real Cabal,and full history. Hard links, front Trusts,criminal Leaders and the corruption trail. Enough to help protect the nation and all of you. A huge and valuable mass exposure. Enormous research to give you the facts. Credible articles need men of moral courage. Neither have been threatened. The rest you can work out for yourselves.Kerry has added much of her own work not linked in the real 48. The key report lays bare the real truth. Whose who in the Cabals zoo. Brave men die in Asia protecting these cowards at home.

    2. So what? Where does it go from here?
      And is there any other way this grand exposure can
      happen? Or do people just sit and wait for their inevitable NWO demise.
      Maybe Russia and China need to be given all this information in 48.

    3. I suggest thewhitehats, if they no longer have the balls required, send their flash drives to a hundred truthers. You could start with hopegirl.Or you could start with those some have criticized so profusely. If you want a list...let me know. I'm sure most here would know whose names would be on such a list.

      It was always an error to send the data to 3-letter agencies hoping they would act honorably. They are always agents of the cabal....always !

      This will require a massive universal mind twerk only the internet could possibly hope to achieve.

      Download this and read from pg 17 !

      You're wasting a couple of thousand hits a day ! And then multiply that by itself on how many pingbacks will happen the first day. If you have evidence of criminal activity, by withholding such evidence, you become a defacto accomplice. Not only is the whole world waiting and might just be the key to opening the doors. Is withholding the key a vision of yourself you can live with ?? What would Chris Story do ?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Fxxking amazing if true ! Brad how do you know it's a prelude and not an epitaph ? At least some chicks still have the real balls !

    If this is true...that 48 has been shelved as john exposes...for whatever reasons, then Geno, who is the only one associated whose real name has been used, which places him in the most danger, should be more than pissed...which might explain his absence, or portend of something worse. I hope he's taken appropriate actions. As before, I recommend south south and further south.

    I can't believe that thewhitehats weren't aware of the problems before the site and the first report was published, much less at the apogee. Hugh's quote is right on.

  104. Another shoe has dropped.

    WAKE THE FXCK UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Nothing has been released , just a lot of empty rhetoric as usual. Nothing is profiling as real yet. Again, when do thieves ever pay back? Remember, their agenda is not Global good. Just Neo Nazi Cabal rot and Chicago corruption theft. Both sides are as endemically rotten and tainted. Either bunch,Americans lose. A tale of the lesser of 2 evils. Either the Cabal steals all in sight, or the Commie Czars preach Socialism and will bankrupt America, while also lining their own pockets fast. A man whose never done a real job, on an income of $650K, can buy a $35M Hawaiian home. Hello? Clearly Forrest Gump sired a lot of voters too stupid to tick the box. Where do you think that money came from - on Your Watch? How about a real vote which says neither are good enough to run? Obama will win. The Welfare bunnies will see to that.

    2. Neither welfare or warfare "bunnies" decide things here John. No, no, no; on this side of the pond we opt to leave our fate in the more capable hands of Diebold, etal.

      The "bunnies" are content and conditioned to accept their lot in life; never to stray far from the teat of their benevolent master's largesse and fooled into compliance while being killed softly with a subtle but brutal kindness:

      There was a man in a room with only a table, chair and a door to the outside world.

      The man got up and went to the door and opened it. He was met by a man with a baseball bat who beat him and threw him back in the room and closed the door.

      Over time, this process was repeated -until one day- the man went to the door, opened it and the man with the baseball bat was gone

      --so he went looking for him.

      So appropriate on this day of mourning dedicated to our "cattle" and "bunnies" throughout the land:

    3. John, I don't know you, or claim to any assumptions about you.

      Like many I allow for a level of grey area in life, but nature does not allow things to go unchanged. Grey either becomes black or white. It is only by the artificial devices of people that something will remain grey.

      In this case it's clear to many, if not all, here that we've been strung along. There's a lot and I mean A LOT of deflection and distraction going on under the guise of this dramatic chess match of wits between the good guys and bad guys.
      I call BULLSH*T.

      I'm putting a stake in the ground, marking this moment where I'm saying none of this stuff is true. I think it's a bunch of guys sitting around fabricating back stories that they plug into rumors floating in the news or internet.
      I think this stuff about having access to secret agencies and getting inside intel are lies. Yeah, I said it. Lies.

      There's alot of people who will get angry for me saying this and will point to this thing or that claiming solid evidence. Look again. There's no proof.
      For example; Romney has a hottie in cuba. Really? Anyone seen pictures of them coming out of the hotel room? Any records of him sending her gifts? How about a log of flights to Cuba, because lets face it, that's a long flight just to hook up.
      So, what do we have? Just a lot of internet rattle. No evidence. None.

      But who needs proof when all you have to do is say, 'Oh, we almost had it, but our contact suspected he was being followed and broke off the meeting.'
      Yeah, very mysterious. Very compelling. But at the end of the day where is the proof?

      So, this whole thing is just a scam. There is nothing to confirm anything that's being claimed. There never has been, and for crying out loud, you'd think by #48... forty eight reports there'd be something of real substance, something solid.

      Pack it in guys. Stop trying to play everyone.

    4. Chris...if you'd been reading this story for over 10 years .....from the original worldreports articles, then you'd know you were wrong. That's why most here are unforgiving.

      It's my belief , that besides being scared off, there's some american whitehats who've thrown their white hats in the ring ( should we now say "greyhats" ) and may have ulterior motives....whatever they may be.

      However that's a real shame that today came and the whitehats were nowhere to be counted !

      I waited for today before saying this....

      I personally think that if that's the score, they should take down this site and stop making a mockery of truth and justice !

      You've got a few hours left to redeem your souls !

    5. Christopher,

      Welcome to the club. I've been saying put up or shut up for months and have been mocked or insulted for doing so. The "big disclosure" is always being prepared for the next release. Either this blog is an outright fraud or it is being used for another purpose, such as leverage for negotiating purposes. I'd like to believe the latter, but the lack of results would indicate it is not very effective as a lever and something else needs to be done--like disclosure, and if not complete, at least something of real value.

      I was pleased to see Geno withdraw his remarks. His inane and profane rantings seriously detracted from the credibility of the White Hats, as little as it has been. Unless, of course, he was meant as camouflage, shading the truth under layers of who knows what.

      If the White Hats truly have something on Obama and/or Romney and they were responsible citizens, they would have disclosed it before today, election day. That they have not offered anything more than rumor and gossip gives the appearance that they are part of the lunatic fringe, so common in the blogosphere. If anyone is interested in that kind of lunacy, they can always go the the Nesara's Galactic News and see who is being channeled from which galaxy or from beyond the grave for the latest news and opinion. Or, they can go to MSNBC and see pretty much the same thing.

      It's coming up on three months that 48 has been promised. It's time to release it and prove the White Hats are real.

    6. Bonson,
      I think the time has come... and gone. What ever they may have been long ago today they're myth mongers.
      It's that simple.

      As far as this site I think Bones put it best, "It's dead, Jim."

  106. HELP! We've got one of the bastards we think: NAME PLEASE!!

    Drop the NAME in as a comment on that page! :)

    Let's go BANKSTERS' MINIONS Cookin'.


    SPREAD IT FAR AND WIDE; could be anyone from anywhere (though we suspect Dark Cabal UK Lord or similiar) .... But we don't know ... DO YOU?????

    PS; if you can't reach that page;

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Occupy, it's the wrong Pureheart.

      I went to the website and used Google translate to translate the Chinese to English. I then searched for and found references to "Pureheart Asset Management." This is not the same as "Pureheart Investments, Ltd.", which the WH's have been investigating.  See this:

      BTW, I looked up "doxed":

  107. PS ... It's REALLY pissing us off that no one seems to know about the MSM PROOF that NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON; 911 Military COUP CASE CLOSED; we're REAL outta time USA.


    "SUNDAY, 29 JULY 2012

    On our sister's youtube @censorednewsnow

    If you cannot reach it on page: LINK TO SEND VIA TWITTER; SMS, carrier pidgin, etc! :~)

    Promise you; 22 second CNN broadcast: NO PLANE HIT THE PENTAGON!

    1. Occupy - The fact that no plane hit the Pentagon is
      old news. I had the PROOF the day I saw that tiny hole in the side of the building, with no dead bodies, no ambulances rushed to the scene, and no parts of any plane, no luggage either.
      Media not reporting this means nothing. Everybody already knows, and we also know that Media NEVER tells any truth.

  108. Let say that a man if on trial for a bloody unspeakable heinous murder. You sit in the gallery, KNOWING he is not guilty, and KNOWING who the real murderer is.

    Yet, you sit there and let the INNOCENT get the DEATH PENALTY. But, you STILL sit there with your big trap shut
    and just walk away.

    This describes the so-called White Hats , IMO.

    And, just imagine, THESE are the so called brave 'heroes'
    who we have been depending on all these years, to 'keep us safe' FROM ALL ENEMIES, both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    Now we know.

    1. Abby, the WH's have already released lots of incriminating info that besides appearing here, has been sent to heads of state of all of the significant countries, members of congress, POTUS and many others in the Executive Branch, SCOTUS and likely more about whom I am not aware. Members of all of the key agencies and military visit this site. So... THose who can actually DO something have enough to act. The brief of the WH's is to follow the money. They do not have military power, or legal power to take down the cabal.

    2. Nigel - I fully understand all that, as it was stated quite some time back.
      However, my statement really applied to ALL those in powerful positions of authority to ACT, but do not.

      Even so, the WH's still show cowardice by not releasing the Real Truth. Instead, they led us on, made promises, and then after nearly 3 months we
      finally ''got it'' that there was not going to be any such exposure.

      In addition, we ARE at war. This tyranny and deceitful planned destruction of the People, IS WAR. We've just never had this TYPE of War before, that is the only difference.
      Its time that Military realizes this, and changes its old worn outdated idea of just WHAT War IS.
      The ONLY enemy that Americans have, IS DOMESTIC.

      Today's wars are being fought as Ive stated, as well as by using engineered weather, and many other
      lesser obvious means. We don't need bullets to fly, to call it WAR. (take a look at their most recent strike on us, on the East Coast)
      So Military cannot claim 'we have no power' in THESE types of War.

    3. Abby, the WH's with the hands on the wheel of #48 have not said that they will not release it. John said that. Stay tuned...

  109. yes Nigel....but the point was, or should have release it before TODAY ! Now it's irrelevant news either way. Just history.

    1. Why are they still playing the '#48 is coming soon' song?
      It's sad the way you're still trying to keep the sham alive. Like a spurned ex-boyfriend who will say anything in a desperate attempt to be accepted.

      Give it up, already. There's nothing... nooooo thing in #48 that has any value. It's going to be more wild, but empty claims without a shred of real proof.

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. Pretty dull around here without Geno, isn't it?

  112. This comment has been removed by the author.

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