Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012 - WHITE HATS REPORT #46

A different call to action …CRITICAL INFORMATION!

First agenda item:  Over the last week we have heard of many different types of “calls to action”.  The “calls” have to do with militia style activism and, although we do not discourage these actions, we realize how difficult it will be.  First and foremost, Brother Drake has been putting the word out to a lot of folks during his weekly broadcasts.  We have heard many of his shows and his briefings are informative and the depth of knowledge is heart warming to all of us here at the White Hats.  The clear and precise message is “be informed” and “take action” when required to do so.  The folks in the hallowed halls are listening to the thunder clouds of a pissed off nation and world, clearly approaching the steps of the Capital.  So, to all of our “friends” in the Washington D.C. beltway, listen carefully, soon the people will be on your door step, taking you away.  It’s not just Obama they will be after … it’s you.

Second agenda item:  To Homeland Security, tell us that you really didn’t pull the plug on Drake’s show.  Who came up with that plan?  Let’s review.  Drake is a patriot … if you listen to the broadcasts you would know that.  If you Homeland guys, and the rest of the government officials, would act like you cared about the 310 million citizens of the United States of America you wouldn’t have to worry about what the Drakes of the world are saying.  They would be spouting just another conspiracy theory that nobody listens to.  You do have a problem, everyone IS listening.  Why?  NOBODY TRUSTS YOU!  Along with the freedoms we expect and are guaranteed, we specifically demand you uphold our 1st Amendment Rights. Remember the concept of Freedom Of Speech!  With regard to our Freedom Of Speech we want to know why you are involved with Foreign Nations in the development and reverse engineering of alien technologies for use against the Citizens of the country you were sworn to protect .

We understand you think you are the only authority who can arrest and question people’s activities, but beware, your time is running out.  You would be best served researching how the unelected elite bloodlines have stolen money from the United States through Pureheart, a Homeland Security owned and operated company, a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE), specifically attached to you.  You own that company and don’t have the ability to regulate its activities.  Or do you?  Are you instructing Pureheart, your company, to take the stolen money and develop multiple underground tunnels and cities?  You must realize that your mission would be compromised if it ever came out that you guys are the front for a clandestine, ultra secret operation that places the people of the world in jeopardy.  You already know what we think, so why don’t we let the people decide.  We know you won’t be forthright about your clandestine, ultra secret program.

We do want to get our questions on the record for all of humanity.

Is the clandestine, ultra secret operation due to your belief that something horrific will happen soon, like some sort of attack that would decimate the human population of earth?

- OR -

Is the clandestine, ultra secret operation due to the elite bloodline families (such as the Bush Cabal) having the belief that they are superior to the people of the world, giving them the right to extinguish our lives for their own betterment?

- OR –

Is the clandestine, ultra secret operation due to something in the universe that will alter humanity, as we know it, i.e.: like a large object hitting us?

Maybe you would be able to provide other lines of logical thinking.  If it’s not one of those three scenarios, then explain to us why the leadership of the G8 countries would be FULLY involved, right up to their eyeballs.  You guys have approved it, now you should answer for it!

What we believe is that if Homeland Security were just internal security for the United States of America, it would be doing just that.  Unfortunately, you got involved in Pureheart, a Homeland Security company.  Pureheart is solely set up for the thieving of large amounts of cash positions, i.e. Falcone, Tropos, and one that has not even been reported yet …all ultra secret means of financing your ultra secret underground activities.  The tell-tale sign is that the Bloodline families and the Cabal can only control the Western European Monetary System - the same system the Bloodlines control.  ONLY THE WESTERN EUROPEAN MONETARY SYSTEM IS FAILING FINANCIALLY, BUT IT IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE REST OF THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS.  We are right and you know it.  Why else would you need to fraudulently develop a high level scam to steal $15 trillion dollars and trade it at a rate of 2000% a month?  Where’s the money, General Rosier?  Where’s the money, Mr. Bernanke?  Where's the money Lord Steven Greene?  Don’t tell the lie that you do not have control of your main and singular product … cash.  IT’S ALL BEING DONE IN THE MONETARY SYSTEM THAT YOU CREATED AND OPERATE DAILY.  That’s hundreds of trillions of dollars a month and the world is wondering why the Federal Reserve is failing and broke.  No cash and no cash flow.  It’s painfully hilarious that the very people who own and control the Federal Reserve System and the Western European economies are failing … and you guys are the best and the brightest we have!  The Chinese have operated for thousands of years, yet you haven’t got it down after one hundred years.  Maybe you just don’t want to let us know what the rest of the world knows and talks about.  The Federal Reserve, along with your secret government system is controlling the underground activities and that is where you have lost control.  No wonder the intelligent people of the world seem to think that 911 was merely a Bush and Cheney con job to get Homeland Security instituted, so as to facilitate the redirection of substantial cash to do your ultra-secret, worldwide G8 operations.   More Later, if there is one.

Once again we ask …  WHO HAS THEIR TICKET?

Third agenda item:  A call out to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and Michelle Obama.  Tell us you didn’t really demand of Wells Fargo that they pay out your Iraqi Dinars above each and every person in the world.  Again, we say, Really!  The politicians and the big kahuna’s wife got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, Yet Again!  What’s really sad is a bunch of “political speak” was issued from Congress Friday stating it would suspend business for an “internal work day”.  You must think, WE THE PEOPLE are stupid. You all ended up getting your Iraqi Dinars exchanged for vouchers at Wells Fargo Bank.  If we did that to our employers, we would be fired.  Hmmmm … now that’s the ticket!  No pun intended.  For the “leadership” of this country, your actions are despicable. So, just get the hell out.  Go away.  Take the money you have plundered from the American people and just go away!

Fourth agenda item:  A special message to President Barack Obama.  When you and Michelle flew in on Nancy Pelosi’s Gulfstream and parked her bird at the far side of the hanger deck for Atlantic Aviation …where you obviously thought no one would see you … and while you snuck off to Wells Fargo Bank to transact your Iraqi Dinars … did you ever once think about the Country and the image you portrayed as you did that.  Can you tell us why you think you deserve to be first in line at the profit-taking trough yet once again?  Perhaps it’s like the CEO’s you say you hate who get large bonuses for bankrupting companies.  Oops, another bird out of the bag … running the country like it is a profit and loss company.  Imagine that, The White Hats calling you just another crooked politician with his hand out … go figure.  Everyone thought you had a plan and that a change was going to occur.  We guessed it would be inappropriate to talk about that right now but you certainly are a quick study.

We realize that shaming you for your greedy, self-aggrandizing action is useless at this point in your career but for God’s sake, at least put on the Abe Lincoln beard and Black Hat so that the hundreds of people that didn’t see you … ahem … don’t whisper.   Hell, we found you just after the flight plan was lodged … remember Air Force One always travels to a location with a TFR in place.  When one is not present, that means you are sneakin’ around and you were sneaking, weren’t you President & Mrs. Obama … sort of like the trips to Spain and London?  Personally, we wish you would accelerate your plans to move to your newfound home in Costa Rica.  The sooner the better … like maybe next week.


Fifth agenda item:  For months and months, the White Hats have been calling out for assistance in getting the word out to the masses, thinking that all of the masses talk to each other.  Go back and re-read the last sentence.  We want to share some insights with you regarding the alternative media segment of the world.  You have strength in a way that very few understand.  The White Hats register on approximately 350 blogs throughout the world.  To date, we are translated into 9 languages we know of, including all of the majors.  We have been talking about stuff that no man in his right mind should talk about, but we do it anyway and there will be more, much, much more.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be heard.  But …

The powers that be have kept all of the little people segregated for far too long and the little people need to do something about it.  What do we mean when we say this?  Let’s look.  One of the best sources for UFO related stuff is Kerry Cassidy.  This gal is hard working, relentless and, in our experience, she has been extremely helpful, sincere and always ready to explain things outside of our expertise.

In the same breath, you have Dr. Richard Boylan, who has been a long term member of the alternative community.  There are more, and we do not intend to leave anyone out of the loop, but look at how segmented the communities are … and the disinfo guys love it.  Why, you say? Because it is easy to isolate, criticize, attack and control any one of the blogs and the topics...into nothingness.  As long as you isolate yourself to nothingness, the UFO's go to one corner and huddle, and the financial guys go to another corner and huddle, etc, etc, etc.  We guess you only have to remember the Sadie Hawkins dance when the girls huddled on one side and the boys huddled on the other. What happens when the world's largest financial scam occurs and the disinfo teams are able to control through the Sadie Hawkins techniques of control?  You are all segregated, so no kissing is going to occur.  After all, you know what will happen if kissing occurs.  Let the baseball game begin.  If you don’t kiss then your individual stories do not mesh.  Let’s give you an example.

The 911’s have their blogs, the Homeland Security haters have their blogs, the Secret Government people have their blogs, the UFO's have their blogs, the Bush Cabal haters have their blogs, and the Anti Bilderbergs have their blogs.  However nobody hates the G8 because nobody knows what they do, including their clandestine ultra secret operations with the United States Secret Government.  With everyone in their corners not talking to one another, nobody has the opportunity to put all of the pieces together…pieces that have been there all along … way before the White Hats showed their faces.  Now, all of a sudden pieces of the jig saw puzzle started to fit in the White Hats research.  And so we start to ask questions of the blog community.  And then we all had to sit down and really think if this $15T scam, along with all of the other scams, is all part of the same agenda.  Well folks, it is!  Now you look at it and start to ask questions.  Kerry, you need to move ahead and report what you know and think without the threat of accidental death.  Dr. Boylan, get to it and start to make yourself available in a real world template with what you know.  If the Cabal wants you to be eliminated, then so be it, but there will be hell to pay with the millions of people worldwide that read blogs and alternative media.  This blog community could become a team if you work together... and that team would be capable of piecing together something akin to an internet network that would keep all the people informed of all the news and we desperately need that. It could assist the Mainstream Media in becoming obsolete due to their cabal controlled reporting.  Mainstream Media - well, no guts to help save the world at this point, as you are totally controlled.  News Media, get some backbone.  We know you all do not have your tickets for the show … so are you laying down and giving up?  We are guessing you have families that you love and cherish.  Are they not reason enough to fight for your life and those humans that ultimately make a difference?  Get a clue folks! We'd like to offer our blog to start the conversation.

Sixth agenda item:  And now more about this $15T scam situation.  The Powers That Be decided a long time ago to keep the extraterrestrial situation quiet.  We need to identify who the Powers That Be are. They are the bloodline families.  They control everything that goes on in the banking world, the political world, and attempt to shape our individual reality on a daily basis.  The control they are exerting has to do with control of the masses.  I don’t think we need to create the long line of items that are currently before us ... oh what the hell why not?  Just a few  … Obamacare, the United Nations Agenda 21, the Libor scandal (the newest scandal of world wide proportion to rock the banking sectors of the world), the money laundering scandals, the aliens and their technologies, UFO’s, Homeland Security, and last but not least, our leadership.

Let the White Hats help by asking this question.  Do all of you folks that work for Homeland Security have your tickets?  Are you expecting yours in the mail soon?  Do you have a sense you will not receive one?  Then you better start to question your very existence in the next three months, six months, one year to three years out.  What are you going to do?  Challenge and ask questions!  Will you just stand there and take it? What are you going to do?

The White Hats are going to be talking about the secret Government of the United States of America, really the world, but that is a dirty little secret for right now.  If you really knew, you would go fetal in a minute.  Right now, we want you to concentrate on sharing with one another and having blogdom come together in a way that is currently not done.  WE WANT THE BLOGS TO COMPARE INFORMATION AND TALK TO ONE ANOTHER.  If the White Hats have now put it together even though the blogs have been here substantially longer, then ”who missed the boat?”  Blogdom, the powerful new alternative news media, is made up of two primary segments: those that report the news from developed sources, and those that post what other blogs report. Thankfully, you all get the word out, but the ones who do the initial reporting have to do a far better job talking to one another.  God Bless all of you!


  1. This is one of my favorite reports from the White Hats! I am posting and sharing. Thank you.

  2. My two cents worth.

    They have been hiding Tesla technology for years, stuff that would truly blow your mind. Part of the propaganda cover up should it ever slip out, is the Alien agenda. Hence in their back pocket they have project blue beam and the Fake Alien Invasion, their own space ships, to blast us all to smithereens.

    They intend to wipe out 70% of the worlds population.

    Last year we had Elenin, a great fuss was made of nothing. However Elenin did serve as a Trojan Horse, and a convenient scape goat for all the HAARP induced earthquakes, floods in Asia, and Tsunamis, and they timed these very carefully in conjuction with Elenin's movements.

    Nibiru is real and is in our solar system. The effect it's passing which at the closest is thousands of miles away, is really unknown. But it does serve a convenient purpose, the build up to the "end of the world,"the Aramgeddon story line and also like Elenin another Trojan Horse.

    With HAARP, Satelite and ELF technology, coupled with a few holograms on the sky of some well trained actor playing the great saviour, they can wipe out 70% of the world's population, and voila, they will be left with their advanced technology and the grand Eugenics program laid out in the Georgia Guidestones will be fufilled.

    1. Goodthing ther r real people up their arses with this plan & real aliens that will never let them use their tech against us

    2. I do believe that the good ET versus bad ET is a psy ops paradigm long the same lines as the Democrats and the Republicans. You think you have a choice, but in fact one controller is pulling both strings.

      This also panders to the human state of looking up to authority figures and obedience to control. With the promotion of the good ETs, people are being led to believe that someone is coming to "save them."

      As a result and as we see, all sit and wait......

      Evil abounds when good men do nothing.

      In the case good men are sitting around waiting for the good ETs to do something, as a result the cabal has been given even more lee way to carry on with it's plans.

      IN spite of repeated warnings about FEMA camps and that they are in fact concentration camps, part of a eugenics cleansing........ Americans sit like rabbits caught in the headlights....waiting for the good ETs.

      If and when these good ETs do arrive, they will be cabal members, who will again play off the good guy/ bad guy paradigm.

      And all the while, good men sit and do nothing.

  3. This is all going from the sublime to the ridiculous. Pure conjecture.

    As for uniting the blogosphere? ... fine, until they pull the plug on the internet!

    Forget all the UFO and black projects shit and concentrate on delivering REAL evidence (you do have some, don't you?) to the REAL world.

    1. Theres far tooo much info corroborating these claims for u to b stuck n this place...get on board with the resistance & the pplz movement & agenda o just sit back n wait for us to create the pulse for u...ur descensions makes u look silly & more like the enemy than anythig worthy of attention. Y on this earth r u reading these reports if ur that lost n the chaos of confusion anyway????

    2. Webtrekker; u seem u may or might have the sort of abilities with that name to help the 'Net not go down; help such projects as freenet i2p and especially make or fund open projects developing MESH NETWORKS *hardware*. ;) our own site taken live in this direction (runs the new finsncial system) on YOUR hardware/our computers etc;

      Don't say bullshit; say; teach me.

    3. Webtrekker if you are one of those that thinks the Obama birth certificate is really, then I'd say give it up. Stick you head back in the sand and just forget it. You are beyond hope. If you want the truth, you are going to have to go look for it. It's not going to fall on your lap. I tell you what is going to fall on your lap=deception. All you have to do is turn your TV on.

  4. Thank u guys for makin our mission work ez as sharing & caring!!! BIG LOVE comin atchaz!!!!!!!!

    1. This is totally off topic, but I just started reading the White Hats Report 4 days ago and NEED to ask someone about a recent experience. Hopefully, you or someone here can "fill in some blanks" for me:

      About three weeks ago I was on a connector bus in San Francisco, CA. Specifically, this bus was heading southbound on the Embarcadero. Looking over my left shoulder I saw an aircraft approaching about 90-100ft off the water, coming in from just North of Treasure Island. I immediately surmised this plane was in trouble being so low, and also since this is a "no fly zone". Watching, what now appeared to be a Lear-Jet in the 12 to 25 passenger size range, it suddenly stopped. Mind you, I'm no more than 50-75 yards away from this vehicle. (I no longer believe it was a jet) And it is still under 100' up, absolutely frozen in time.

      I continued to watch until just before a pier building blocked my view, at which time it moved quickly up and to it's right. I can't say it disappeared but it was almost immediately unseen by me.

      That's the basic gist of what happened, but what happened (rather, what didn't happen) next totally blows my mind. First, you need to know that I've had quite a bit of experience in my near 60 years which falls outside of the "normal" range of experience. Not quite what most people call "tin-foil" experiences, but enough out of the ordinary that I at least run everything by my wife of 29 years, who is an earthy type personality. But in this case, with how very unnatural it was to see something clearly stop mid-air for a good 5-10 seconds; IT DIDN'T ENTER MY MIND TO TELL HER ABOUT THIS EXPERIENCE! The fact is, the complete memory of this entire "other worldly" sight was (no other words) wiped out of my mind. Zip, zero, nada, memory of the event for more than two weeks!

      When it did come back was when my son and I were in his front yard in another bay area city, when we saw an airplane with weird lighting in the night sky. My son made some comment about it being a UFO, at which time I remembered every detail of my strange "sighting" two weeks before.

      Really, this was the most interesting part for me. The only way I can explain it is to say that the memory got completely buried. For me to do that in and of myself, is impossible. Then to have it return completely was like a "curse" being broken off my mind.

      Sorry for length here, but any insight you may have will be appreciated!

    2. If it's off-topic here, and you know it, please don't post it. Thank you.

  5. The blogs communicating with each other is something I have said for years. If all the millions of groups and movements would quit the grandstanding, we would be much further along. Problem is these "groups" all standing for something good, but they all think "they" are the ones with the answers. They allow the dis-info agents to tear each other down, but I have learned that each group wants to be the only "one" that has the answer, and crucify other groups in the process. Surely it is time for every single individual group standing for "something" to join together. I have always known that if they would only come together we could get the job done. Who cares who leads these groups, and who is more important than the other? Egos will be the damnation of all these groups. I have watched many "truly leaders of truth" get slandered by the other group for no other reason than the ego issue. Time to Come Together! If the person running every group would reach out to the leaders of all the other blogs and Patriot Groups and sites, this could be done in short business. Until they do this, they are all wasting precious time we have left.
    This includes Glen Beck, 912ers, Truthers, etc....
    Please for the sake of humanity come together NOW.
    Thank you White Hats for pointing this out.

    And I am so P.O.'d that Wells Fargo allowed some to jump ahead with the dinars. I knew it would happen, but.... What can we do? I would like someone with more knowledge than me, to suggest what we can do in the dinar world. There must be a way that we can all teach Wells Fargo a lesson, and show our appreciation for their crooked participation in this, by refusing to cash out in their banks. When we were told that Wells Fargo would be the only bank that would be handling the dinar cash outs, everyone opened an account there to do so, when the time came. Suppose we all just fly to another country and cash out? Using another countries bank to do so?
    I say that we should leave WF out of the loop for the "little people" like us cashing in.
    Does anyone have suggestions or knowledge on this?

  6. Here is a fine example reported today, that I am talking about:
    Attack and destroy. As long as they keep attacking anyone that reports the truth as "Conspiracy sites" then they win.
    When will these millions of groups get off the train that is getting ready to crash and realize they are being played by the elites and their progressive groups?

  7. There is a Truth movement that's very large and we do all share information. The blogs are not so separated with their information and everyone has connected the dots. This has been going on mainly on facebook, though has many other forums/chat rooms too. What's needed now is for us to work on the mainstream media getting the truth out to those who don't use the internet. Drop key words/phrases such as Project Paperclip, MK Ultra/Tavistock/Project Monarch in passing, get those who are asleep to You Tube/Google what you mean. Sometimes this works well to get people questioning. Bombard mainstream media with questions on why they are not reporting on the truth and give them stories to cover signed by as many signatures as you can get.

    1. I think the point is to step it up a notch.

    2. Victoria Plaistowe,

      I think you miss the depth of the corruption; those that receive pay from the cabal, will not go against the cabal until they feel protected, many also operate under National Security, which was confirmed at least in the UK, in the last report (ref: D-Notice).

      Rather than try (IMHO) the impossible (making the MSM do it's job), how about you no longer watch it or support it (in any way).

      Don't just turn off the TV, throw it away. Don't give a penny to these companies. At the moment it's like Münchhausen; people love to love to hate their oppressor. Why not simple no longer give them your time, OR YOUR MONEY. Why not rather than beg someone for something (the MSM for real news), you go produce some yourself? People keep wishing to look backwards. Really, we need everyone looking forwards; the old will fall the moment it is no longer part of people's minds.

  8. Ok, NWO, Why can't this be a good conspiracy? Try this, I'm not mocking in it, just light-hearted, but.. it works.. does it not? We are talking about human behaviour.

    Just what do these NWO people want? No, wait, ‘people’? Given the disparity in wealth, they are literally all richer than Croesus. Would-be Kings they would consider themselves. Nooo… such modern day omnipotence would equal the GODS surely; the Gods themselves! Yes, now we’re getting somewhere. What do Gods want, really?

    Here’s the thing about Gods. They don’t play dice. You’ll never catch one in a casino. Follow me here. They are not of our worldddd. They don’t need money or power, they have it. They do like to be worshipped though. And respected, with love and gratitude. Creators. Rather nice of them.

    We also know what Gods don’t like; people who act like gods. They have a word for such people who don’t know their place. Hubris. They also have a name for where that leads: Nemesis. Divine retribution. And Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

    I present to you: Jamie Dimon, anag: Mad, Join Me!

    You see?! You see?! It’s gonna be really really nasty for them. Just them. A little bit of a judgement day. Televised, live streamed. Shared.

    So they let things get really properly fucked up, permit (not cause) the vile manifestations of the worst of human behaviour to his fellow man in order to make more dramatis an example of good and evil, and plunge that evil into the inferno. Then set up a worldly transformation with all the clever gizmos and tech and cures being held back that will make all wo-men equal and free. With plenty of food and stuff. And that HAARP thing whatever it’s supposed to do. AND NO MONEY AT ALL! And set themselves up for whatever Gods do in their spare time. Chess I think. And play haarps.

    All the Gods want is for things to be neat and tidy and happy. The ‘Ethical Gods’, since it is within their power to create a perfect world, they feel it’s their ethical duty.

    (I really don’t think they will kill 70% of us, just trying to keep us keen – and also a very convenient way to get all those, um, would-be-gods to seek shelter from the ‘apocalypse’ just to find they are really imprisoned!)

    peace and love <3

  9. What ever happened to Ambassador Lee Wanta's 23 Trillion? Guess we'll never know. In Memory of Christopher Story, former editor of R.I.P Christopher, you did what you could to expose the banking criminals on both sides of the Atlantic. I don't for one minute believe you died of a sudden illness. No Siree. See you in the next life.

  10. prepare - you can do do what you can do. that is all- try your best and spread the word.

  11. Thx bro, your tying it together for them .

  12. Let's report this fraud to the 'little people' at Wells Fargo

  13. First and foremost; let me say how much I've looked forward to the intel your reports relay. If anyone knows who's who and what's what it's the White Hats.

    I agree Drake speaks of Patriotic duty, and that he has roused many to think about resistance to the cabal/bankster run Government.
    But, if you'll recall it was he who said "the Calvary was coming" to save the common folk. To just sit back and watch the fireworks as he put it. And it is your illustrious group he claimed some of this direct intel was coming from.

    Then, it was; No. No one is going to do this for you, you have to stand up and take matters into your own hands. You do see how it may look to the casual observer, as in the average mostly-awake-but-overwhelmed-by-it-all Patriot/internet user? Was he betrayed or just blowing smoke?
    I AM one of the millions who own multiple firearms, train almost daily and openly carry a sidearm at all times. So, if it comes to it, I can and will battle those who would seek to engage me in an effort to disarm. As the adage says, "I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees." But I'd wager most of his audience are not as prepared to commit on that level. That's why his initial message of someone else doing the deed for us was so well received. Just an observation from and old watcher. Nothing more.

    As you say, you ARE the professionals.
    That's why this next bit ... concerns me. Probably nothing ... a typo, perhaps ... or not worded the way it was meant ... but Professionals implies proficiency, yes?
    You said, "Along with the freedoms we expect and are guaranteed, we specifically demand you uphold our 2nd Amendment Rights. Remember the concept of Freedom Of Speech! With regard to our Freedom Of Speech ... etc.)"
    The 1st Amendment is freedom of speech. The Second is the right to bear arms.
    It's just that, well ... the way you wrote this it appears that for Oath keeping Constitutionalists you are unaware as to which is which.
    Hey, I can't tell you off hand what all ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights are, I'd have to look them up. lol
    But, I do know the first four without having to reverence. I kind of expected you all to know every one of them.
    Kind of throws me off to see such a silly thing like that coming from those I respect so highly.
    Forgive me if I am out of line ... just exercising my 1st Amendment, ya know.

    1. Mark I caught that too, and wondered why they said it that way. I had to read it again to understand. WH's stated "Along with the freedoms we expect and are guaranteed, we specifically demand you uphold our 2nd Amendment Rights. Remember the concept of Freedom Of Speech! With regard to our Freedom Of Speech"

      I think they are speaking of both Amendments, saying uphold our 2nd Amendment Rights, in regards to the current UN Arms Treaty that they are close to signing, that would take our 2nd Amendment Rights away. The next sentence is "Remember the concept of Freedom of Speech!" and they are speaking of our 1st Amendment. I just think they were speaking of the 1st and the 2nd, but it was a little confusing to me too.

    2. Whether or not B.O. signs a treaty with the UN is irrelevant. He is not our president and his people are not our government.

    3. @Godschild
      I noticed they have corrected it. Figured it was just a typo. Probably got a lot going on and so much info to cover the little stuff gets inadvertently overlooked.
      Glad to see you're observant too, Godschild!

      @The White Hats
      If I may ask? Do you guys need a proof reader/editor for the reports? If so, I'm your man! Former newsprint reporter and copy editor. It'll give me something to contribute towards your efforts.
      You know my Google profile and can contact me through the associated email addy.
      Thanks for all you do!

  14. Applications for new low power FM Radio community stations are being issued nationwide to nonprofit corporations. Sponsor must commit to 5 hours a day og broadcasting. White Hats should move into this domain as the transmitters can not be shut down as easily as the Internet.

    The two media would support each other.

  15. Posted at the

    News bloggers unite! The gangsters running our world are being called onto the carpet.

    We have them on the run...

  16. maybe give Drudge a nudge ? ...a special preview ? He gets about 50 million hits a day, and has recently been accused of outsider preferences.

    the problem is few can follow the string thru the labyrinth - the people need more bread crumbs , and who can really blame them ...the story is stranger than fiction

    as recommended earlier....a comprehensive ebook in pdf from you guys would further the cause - the individual reports are fragmenting by their very nature - stick to the money trail facts and save guesses for conclusions

    for example ...where does the money lead on the other side of pureheart ? Or there any people willing to come forward ?

    your three conclusions are dead right...there's no other conclusion, except to delineate a possible biological threat as well, whether introduced by us ...or by them.

    I look forward to seeing future reports but time might be running short . A blog clearinghouse might be your answer. You need to establish an agreement with sources and pool.

    1. I posted at drudge this am

    2. Good ideas all.

      Perhaps a short written summary of breadcrumbs for the masses that may in turn be used to infiltrate mainstream radio.

      A guerrilla campaign dedicated to using this summary to alert/direct mainstream listeners as much as possible before getting shut down by the call screener/gatekeeper.

  17. I started reading into what was going on quite recently, because I wanted to understand why society seemed so dysfunctional, and now a few months later I'm looking at the prospect of a global catastrophe within a few months that will wipe us all out. It's like a nightmare.

  18. Something awful and unstoppable is bearing down fast on us and the only thing we can really do is demand to know from our 'leaders' exactly how we're going to die? I really hope that's not the situation we face. Sometimes I wish I was a tv-watching, pizza-munching, blissfully unaware moron!

    1. Yea, that red pill's a bitch; ain't it?

      I swallowed in 2008 after reading The Creature from Jeckyll Island...

      I have been so angry since, I sometimes can't think straight let alone tolerate those that refuse to see what's clearly hiding in plain sight.

  19. /sigh Really? In your last few blogs you have promised to release real hard data to us. Yet here you are promoting a clearly unbalanced person (Drake- have you even researched his back round?) and providing no new information. I have been following you guys for awhile now and I am very disappointed today by the information shared here. Please just release all the hard data you have the time for secrets is over. Release the data let the people do with it what we will.

    1. Endorsing Drake! Doesn't that tell you much about the validity of the White Hats.

    2. You are exactly right, I keep seeing more hard evidence that Drake Bailey is a fraud, a man fond of quoting selected conspiratorial garbage found on the internet, as if he were an oracle. Hard evidence is something sorely lacking on the White Hats, by the way, as I've said repeatedly.

      I tend to agree with wise people that believe Drake Bailey is not a prophet, not an insider, not a revolutionary. He seems to be affable and interesting, but those characteristics are not adequate to qualify him to be much more than an eccentric enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame.

      Quoting Drake Bailey or giving him any kind of honor is certain to discredit White Hats even further.

      Boson, JD

    3. Urm, would that be the Drake that the Russians and Europeans have just backed up would it?

    4. Please note the article states:

      'JP Morgan banking empire that financed the attempted coup against Roosevelt in 1933 appears to be behind the US Military plan to oust Obama too.

      According to this report, the $5.8 billion trading loss JP Morgan reported this past week has been traced by Russian finance experts to a “great number” of shell companies under the control of former US Military officers designed to destabilize the Obama regime creating the pretext for the overthrow of the American President."

      J P Morgan lol!

  20. Thank you for connecting the dots... very nice.. i am enjoying the progression

    there is a connection between the fall of enron, mmc companies and 911 that i think may unravel everything..


    1. I would agree. Motive, means and opportunity.

      Why building 7 (and why is that the CENSORED aspect of 911 INSIDE America) ... the prosecution EVIDENCE on Worldcom/MCI + Enron MASSIVE GLOBAL FRAUDS ... Gone, in a puff of smoke (you know, caused by ... urm ... nothing hitting the building). And we all know which PresidentS (sic) Enron's 'top' man was buddies with.

      You may wish to understand this ties all in with an OFFICE FOR NAVEL INTELLIGENCE investigation:

      For the suspected direction that went in, you may wish to review Kay Griggs (long, but worth it), ex-Wife of the head of Special Operation's right hand man:

      Of course, this all leads straight to Italy, Naples, and the MAFIA and the VATICAN/VATICAN BANK (possibly also sexual abuse of minors also, and the blackmail that can result therefrom). On that point, people here may not know about this move by those with some morals and ethics in the Church (not many, admittedly, but it's REAL NICE to see these peeps step up to the plate when law enforcement is too scared):

      I suggest anyone wishing to get involved but not knowing how might want to express or give support to this move by the Church to clear it's own house; by mass arrests on 15th September 2012.

  21. Guys, way to call them out on specific details. Love the free cheese line at Wells Fargo of Reid, Pelosi, Biden and Moochelle.
    Facts like you are providing will be grist for the mill. Well done! Huzzah!

  22. While I appreciate the sheer horror of just how far-reaching and convoluted the truth of all this is, my personal recommendation to TWHats is to not waste time teaching folks information that is already out there, but rather - please point to this or that blog entry by link and endorse it as correct by your estimation.

    This will accomplish two things - first it will unite the blogs and blog readers as per your wish; second it leaves the door open for you to come in behind these brave bloggers with YOUR OWN truth, proof and knowledge that corroborates the crum-droppers and whistleblowers.

    What we need now, is actionable evidence, otherwise it continues to be dismissed as conspiracy theory ie. IGNORED

  23. Drake is praised for his depth of knowledge, but I recall him saying sometime in May that the cabal's underground bases had been destroyed or cleaned out by 'benevolent ETs'.

  24. John -- You had suggested I ask this question here, after Report 46 came out:

    Who exactly is withholding the hidden technologies? Where is it housed? Who is in charge of it? Can you give us some details on this. Thanks.

    White Hats - I agree with others that the time for secrets ''to be revealed later'' is over. It is now LATER.

    These Reports are just like a book that tells all. In a book we are all able to turn the page and keep reading onward. We never need to stop and let it digest, before moving on to the next Chapter.

    So if people go into fetal position over the shock of it all, then so be it. We are all adults here, so I think nothing will really shock us.

    Obombya has already given himself authority to just push the button on our Internet service; for this reason I say that warning them in advance that you are going to be revealing certain things, simply gives them an opportunity to plan their attack.
    Shock and Awe really does work best. Let the cat completely out of the bag before they know what hit them.

    To All Who Work for these bastards: You are trying to protect your government job and dream of your fat Pension.
    But you need to wake up -- when they are finished using you up to do their dirty work, they will THROW YOU AWAY too.
    Remember what they did to Saddam? They used him up, and then just threw him away; hung him in the gallows. YOU are on that same treadmill. You will never get to see that fat pension. AND if you earn your living by doing unscrupulous deeds - then YOU yourselves are unscrupulous.

    ' what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose his own soul'?


    1. Wright Patterson Air Base in Ohio, not the old Hanger 18,but the vast Cryogenics Laboratory complex hiding 6 floors of major operations below building 23 where they are doing the genetic and cross species DNA research.
      Area 51, Reverse Engineering inside Sandia Laboratories, HARRP in Alaska, Dulce and so very, very many more.

    2. John, I've driven thru that area, Wright Pat, and not long ago. It becomes obvious that there is something very 'special'' about that place. They have brand new road work and brand new bridges and large airplane insignia on them. Even tho the city itself is going down hill; unemployment is high, etc. It also appeared that they were widening the Interstate there. One has to wonder why.

      May I ask, just what is reverse engineering? And what is cyrogenics, exactly. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on these things, lol.

    3. Cryogenics. Effectively freezing matter, tissues or bodily entities for either later awakening, or safe storage for ongoing experiments or protecting special "entities" for Cellular and DNA experimentation, including hybrids.
      Reverse engineering. Disassembling crashed craft and evaluating each component part and propulsion / anti gravitational systems. Also evaluating weapons systems for tactical advantage or defense.

  25. Perhaps Kerry Cassidy and Dr. Boylan would feel more encouraged about hanging it all out at the risk of their own personal peril if the writer of this article would like to post his/her real name. They're contributing more than "White Hats" just by doing their work and using their true identities.

  26. ALRIGHT,
    Where's the beef? Good suggestions here! Flood the Blogs
    and the Social Media with a blitz!

  27. White Hats are what is going on in this field of research. I am glad to link to it, and also run a blog along the lines they mention. I cover over 60 topics in this field. It is a bit much for one person and is taking from my writing, but informing is the goal now, for our time is very short to get ready for these cowards who think they will send honorable Americans to kill for us for their pnk a''e'.

  28. These workers found an efficient solution to their problem....

    Being a pacifist, I personally abhor violence ...but things could get out of control yesterday when a phd psych student drops into a world premier Batman film identifying himself as the joker...and shoots 71 people ! NOw multiply events by a million. I'd put a rush on those next few reports if I were you ...late nights and all !

  29. TIME IS SHORT. The right course of action is of the essence.

    #46 Quote - "Over the last week we have heard of many different types of “calls to action”. The “calls” have to do with militia style activism and, although we do not discourage these actions, we realize how difficult it will be."

    This is the only part of Report #46 that holds any real chance for the people to regain prominence. The rest of the report is just more hopium to smoke screen the imminentness that is fast approaching. At this pace of info-letting the Ticket Holders will be D.U.M.B downed long before the sheeple have a clue. My opinion of the sheeple is low, especially Americans. One only has to remember the experiments by Stanley Milgram to know why: (In Repeat of Milgram’s Electric Shock Experiment, People Still Pull the Lever.) Search it, but don't use Google, they're evil. So is Facebook. Be the change you want to see in the World.

    The Cabal have been at their trade for at least 200 years and the WH's have been trying to counter this for approx. 2 years. Who would you put your dinar on ? The thought of peaceful, judicial resolution is beyond naive. This is not a game. It's the real deal. I, most definitely, will not be waiting for enough American sheeple to wake up in time to save my ass. I am the only person I know personally that has taken the red pill and never looked back. The rest of my friends and family are aliens as far as I'm concerned and the blue pill is all they want. I will not depend on any of them when the SHTF.

    The WH Reports will change nothing. A case of too little, too late. I can't plan the rest of my life on hope that my fellow sheeple will do the right thing. The indoctrination is successful to this day. TV still rules. We can't get to the masses without the presstitute MSM on our side. Many of you work for the MSM or know someone who does. They are subordinate slaves that know things contrary to their ethics. We need to work toward a mass whistle blowing effort within the MSM and get these insiders to understand the criticality of NOW.

    Go forth and prosper. The WhiteHats kick our ass to save ourselves and I most certainly thank them for that. Now it's time for another beer.

  30. Yes, the reports about how they stole the money seem like focussing on the open stable door, it's the bolted horse we're more concerned about! Something has to give.

  31. From my point of view, this report takes the White Hats to a new level. Someone has come out and, for all intents and purposes, DEMANDED that ALL of us who want to understand what is going on around us, and do something about the out-ethics that is eroding (I hope not totally destroying) this planet's survival potential, get into better communication with each other!

    I think that, as we explore this further, a few interesting realizations may pop up about the internet and its limitations. What I have observed is:

    1) A lot of the "social media" applications are designed to foster cliques. The people you interact with are your "friends." So, where does that leave everyone else? We also see that these sites, on the promise of "secure technology," have encouraged most users to record lots of personal info in the cloud which does nothing to promote discussion, but does enhance the ability of centralized entities to manipulate individuals.

    2) The post-and-comment structure of most blogs and forums does not actually promote proper two-way communication. Joining a "conversation" on a forum or blog is nothing like having a real conversation with a person face to face or on the phone. Anyone is free to barge in, change the subject, introduce misemotion, or otherwise upset the relatively free - but orderly - exchange that occurs in a real conversation. Thus, sane people who want to get real work done tend to avoid these sites, or just read the articles and skip the comments.

    3) Working together is a skill that must be learned and exercised between people. So, can a computerized network really be programmed to facilitate meaningful cooperation and interaction? I think the only place we've seen efforts in this direction are in enterprise "work group" applications. These work groups are always limited to members with credentials (username and password that match). It is unclear that the same function could be implemented on a more public site.

    1. The only short-term solution I can think of for this situation would be to invent some new "hats" for some people in the community to wear.


      An "integrator" would attempt to pull together diverse source materials on a particular topic and "integrate" them. This could be as simple as a list of links connected to a topic, or a list of links plus pertinent quotes from those sources, or all that plus a discussion or attempt to point out similarities and differences in the various sources.

      An example a topic requiring this is the Roswell story. There are numerous versions of what happened at Roswell. You'd probably have to read 100 or more different books, and visit a similar number of different websites to piece together something that made sense to you. Well, at an "integrator" site, all these sources would be listed out and possibly even quoted from and discussed on one page. Now understanding the topic begins to become confrontable.


      This is a more social type of hat. It would involve getting two or more people who have information about a subject together to share that information, or at least go over it together. This interaction would result in some sort of report that could be published. The interaction itself could be done privately and off the record, though public would probably be better. Some journalists like Kerry do this a bit already. But it would be nice to see some people specialize in this.

      Physical universe concerns

      If I worked full time, I wouldn't be able to devote the time I do to this kind of research. And though I might be able to afford to buy more books, I wouldn't have time to read them.

      So for the long haul, these "hats" are going to have to be real jobs that people get paid to do. For the time being, we are looking mostly at people who are willing to do this kind of work as a kind of intense hobby. And that will be a limiting factor. I hope we can find ways to overcome these limitations and get done what needs to be done.

    2. L_e_Cox,

      They don't need reinventing; go buy/loan & read: The Tipping Point (by Malcolm Gladwell, if I get the author right). Very pertinent examples throughout, as luck would have it. ... Many taken from the first American Revolution! :) Xmas reading for me; just in time! :)

  32. The good guys are coming out of the woodwork. Here is some hope at last:

    The Department of Justice -- home of the US Marshals -- has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history... after a highly covert three-year investigation.

    The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases -- and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow.


  33. I am someone who has been, for about 15 years, since I was a teenager, aware of many of the strange secrets hidden from the masses, including (in general) those recently mentioned by The White Hats.

    I previously had a great amount of hope in the empowerment that the internet has given us, and I recognize its current value. However, the internet infrastructure is mostly controlled by the cabal. As someone who knows a lot about computers, I am very worried that the cabal is quite capable of shutting down or censoring the internet along with the cell phone and television networks whenever they'd like to. They might try to disguise it as a virus or cyber warfare, or if they're feeling pressured enough they might just suddenly do it without an attempted disguise.

    Encryption and anonymization are great but useless if we can't even telecommunicate. It'd be wonderful if we had enough hardware to setup our own network ourselves, but I'm pretty sure we don't (it'd take a lot of serious hardware capable of surviving their jamming and electro-magnetic pulse attacks, and we'd have to have our own electricity generation).

    Anyways, what I'm getting at is: what are we going to do when we don't have telecommunications with each other? I'm guessing this will happen at the worst time for us, like whenever the cabal is pretty sure we're nearly ready to stop them.

    Waiting and hoping that we can bring more people to our side by trying to wake up and inform more people in hopes that a huge mass of people in various positions will easily overpower, find, and extinguish the cabal is a sensible strategy, until the cabal is preparing to extinguish our freedom. I think most of you see that they clearly are preparing to do that. The time for waiting for more people to wake up is nearly over, because the cabal is close to making some devastating moves against us. When I say close, I mean I'm estimating between 0 and 10 years, not necessarily 2012's winter solstice. And not that I won't always support informing people, but I think our priorities need to get more hardcore now that there are a lot of us already aware.

    1. What should we do at this point? I think there are already enough of us (between 2 and 5 million by my guess) that if we physically came together, in the continents we are in, especially North America and Europe, then we would be much more empowered to stop the cabal.

      How could we come together and make it work given the required logistics such as food and shelter? And then what would we do? I suppose there are two approaches: the short and fast, or the more planned and slow. If we knew how fast the cabal was going to make final moves, we'd know what approach is better, but we don't know.

      For the short and fast approach, I'm currently estimating that a good strategy is the following. We, meaning all who would participate, make many announcements to the media describing what we are going to do, so hopefully there is at least some media groups physically following us and paying attention to and recording what we do, so that even if the telecomm networks go down at least there are records that can be manually copied and distributed. Next we all go to an area as near as sensible to somewhere like Area 51 or Denver Int'l Airport and setup camp. If there are hundreds of thousands or more of us, we can get away with camping somewhere the government hasn't designated for camping. Next we reiterate to the public that within a few days we are going to invade Area 51 (or wherever) and why we are doing it for noble reasons. Next we hike as a large mass into the target area, hopefully with media people recording what we're doing in hopes it will deter the cabal from blowing us to smithereens. But even if the cabal does attack and kill many of us, with hundreds of thousands or more of us invading, we have a very good chance of exposing what they're doing there and a good chance of significantly interfering with it.

      Hopefully some people who work for the cabal would quickly switch to our side and help us from within. If so, that could be very empowering if we had some of their technology on our side. Also hopefully, some ETs would decide they can help us now that we're actually taking serious action ourselves. But whether or not we get any such help should not stop us from trying, because we can succeed without it if we're willing to lose our lives.

      Maybe it'd be better to take the somewhat slower approach, such as research a good place for us to move to, buy property there and spend time seriously planning and preparing to stop the cabal. They can label a small group as terrorists and easily squash it, but I think they'd not be able to stop us as a group of hundreds of thousands or more in one location with millions aware of what we're doing.

      If we don't do something like this soon, I believe we increase the already high risk of being enslaved and/or exterminated.

    2. If more and more of us communicate about such plans in the open, i.e. unencrypted and non-anonymized, I worry a little that the cabal will feel pressured to take drastic action against us sooner. If you're someone who feels like discussing this with anonymity, I suggest I2P instead of Tor, and staying within the internal layered I2P network (i.e. not discussing via sites outside I2P even though you can proxy to them through I2P); and especially don't discuss it using Skype, or services from Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc. even if they say it's secure - they're not trustworthy, they've left the back doors wide open to the cabal.

      If you're not concerned with anonymity, then don't be too concerned with where or through whose service you discuss it. The cabal will surely notice, but maybe it'll intimidate them to our advantage. Maybe if a very large number of us communicate about it openly, many non-aware people will seriously notice and that will result in more protection for us.

      Personally, I'm undecided about whether anonymity is the best way to discuss such plans amongst a very large number of us, because the technical challenge of doing it correctly securely (i.e. actually effective against the cabal's very sophisticated surveillance capabilities) is probably beyond many people's ability to master soon enough (it took me many years and I'm still not the best at it), and so we'd exclude many contributors and participants. So I lean towards thinking it's better to do it openly and include the largest amount of us and get the most public exposure of our plan. And I like being open because we're not doing anything wrong.

      In any case, I feel it is imperative that we start discussing plans for physically coming together in very large numbers to accomplish invading and stopping the cabal.

      Personally, as soon as I see credible evidence that at least 50,000 of us are willing and ready to invade somewhere like Area 51, I'm there. And I'll probably be lowering my person-count limit as I feel more desperate about the world situation.

      I think it would be wise to soon agree on an initial fall-back plan for what physical location we will come together at in the event that they kill our telecommunications before we expected. I suppose it would be better for this location to not be too near one of their strongholds but also near enough to some general society so that they couldn't massacre us all in the one spot without the public knowing.

      I am afraid for my safety by posting this message, but I will not deny that the importance of doing all we can to stop these tyrants is more than worth my current incarnation. We must be bold and willing to risk our lives, and also be wise.

      Feel free to re-post this message of mine anywhere, if you feel it has value.

      Please help refine such strategies as I've described, and hopefully we'll think of a few that a very large amount of us will be willing to commit to.

    3. Unknown - it's obvious you have put a lot of thought into ways of fighting the cabal. But please you will very quickly lose your freedom (if not your life) if you embark on any of the above paths...and you'll take many others down with you. It's foolish and I hope no one encourages you to pursue any of these courses of action.

    4. Tina, you may be correct, and I'm definitely not taking such action without the consensus of a very large amount of us.

      I'd like to briefly explain where I'm coming from:

      Because I am aware of the cabal's plans to attack the world population on a massive scale, to achieve drastic population reduction, with biological, radiative, and other exotic huge scale weapons, which probably would befoul the planet incredibly, I think that attempting to stop this is the highest priority service to this planet. The threat seems to be imminent, and as such deserves an emergency response from the primary action cells of the planetary organism - us.

  34. More good guys:

    A shocking Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) report red-lined to President Putin this morning warns that “various elements” within the US Military establishment are “actively planning” for the overthrow of President Barack Obama prior to the November elections.

    According to this report, Russian Naval Infantry Forces commanders participating in Rim of the Pacific-2012 (RIMPAC) international naval war games off Hawaii (the world’s largest multi-national maritime exercise) this week were told by their US counterparts aboard the USS Port Royal (CG-73) that Obama had to be overthrown as he posed the most dangerous threat to the United States since the founding of their nation.

    US Military commanders, this report continues, stated that American officers and soldiers, along with elected and appointed Federal government officials, all take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, of which they claim Obama is one due to his overturning of established law and constitutional precedents bringing their country to the brink of all-out civil war.

    Of particular concern to US Military leaders, this report says, is the unprecedented level of debt Obama has added since taking office that threatens the United States with an “economic Armageddon” the likes of which has never been seen and would force upon the Pentagon massive cuts beginning on 1 January 2013.

    Important to note is that just hours ago US lawmakers passed a sweeping $606 billion defense bill that exceeds a budget cap and faces a veto threat from Obama for failing to sufficiently rein in spending, and puts the Republican Party squarely on the side of those US Military forces seeking the Presidents ouster.

    When asked by Russian commanders what parts of the American Constitution Obama had violated, this report continues, their US Military counterparts listed a number of serious charges that include:.../ read more:

    1. If people wish to review what the Russian Military TV has been saying (for quite some time it would seem from the broadcast date), this Russian Military TV program went on site this am:

  35. However a concerning part of this release is J.P.Morgan, one of the biggest criminal bankers in History:

    And, in what can only be described as history making a full circle, the JP Morgan banking empire that financed the attempted coup against Roosevelt in 1933 appears to be behind the US Military plan to oust Obama too.

    According to this report, the $5.8 billion trading loss JP Morgan reported this past week has been traced by Russian finance experts to a “great number” of shell companies under the control of former US Military officers designed to destabilize the Obama regime creating the pretext for the overthrow of the American President.

  36. BIS Instructed to Block Disbursement of All Computer Generated Euros and US Dollars
    The G5′s new fake dollars and Euros are not being accepted as legal tender outside the G5 (US, UK, Germany, France and Italy).

    These computer-generated “Quantitative Easing” screen-numbers, conjured-up by élite keyboards at the US Fed and the European Central Bank, are being blocked on the instructions of the 147-nation Monaco Colloquium Group led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

    What is being blocked here are escalating US and EU Ponzi money issuances which fall outside the permissions settled within the BIS International Regulatory Framework for Banks (Basel III accords).

    Both the US and the EU have been cooking their visible debt books by cross firing debt to each other.

    A cross-firing scam is one where a sovereign nation or a major international bank attempts to conceal from auditors and rating agencies the fact that it is insolvent.

    1. Focus your research on the fraudulently issued $15T , officially denied but now traced and ready to be shown soon. 3x $5T SWIFTS cross fired to RBS via HSBC and JPM. All orchestrated by Pureheart and McCall for the Fed and HS. Outcry needs to start on this $15T because that is their Achilles heel. The WH's will smash into them again soon on this. 90% of all these Frauds are to fund Black Ops and the Cabal. The scale of waste is beyond criminal.

    2. Scenario -- Great input.

      John -- I agree, the Money Issue should be the high focal point because this is what has hit most people right in their pocketbook. THIS is what will be the ''straw that breaks the camels back''. The USA is falling apart, people have been put between a rock and a hard place. Half the population.

      Expose to them just why they are in this condition; this is what is most apt to wake people up and really get their attention. To find out that they have been put in dire need, because of the evil plots and plans of the Elite Cabal - will be what it takes. Finding out their plight has all been by design, and not real.

      John, when the White Hats unveil the truth about this $15 T, may I suggest at the end of the Report, that they then give a Summary of it, as it will probably be very entangled in its detailed explanation. Remember, we want to get this info out to all sorts of people, and its best given so that all can easily understand it.

      Again, I hope that the WH's don't let too much time lapse in between, so that a clear picture can better be drawn in the minds of people. For example, its been a while back that SWIFTS has been mentioned, and now the rest of the story is still futuristic.

      I realize there are just a LOT of various aspects to this entire mess that's going on. Hard to know just where to begin, sometimes, but I think the only solution is - report more often, if possible.

      One of the posters had a good suggestion: To somehow tie everything together by, perhaps, a bullet point Report just noting the high points and if one wants details, they can read these Reports.
      This would be especially helpful to those new people who came aboard late. ?

      White Hats - Great job. We appreciate all that you are doing.

    3. Abbey
      The Lords and Political centers are off now on vacation until mid October.As are many other Political misfits. So, if we expose too much at the wrong time, it's to a vacant audience. We need to focus the timing so it hits the mass markets and creates real dynamic awareness in response. Remember, Political half wits need months for it to permeate in. The louts in power now are not made men of proven ability, but low grade Grifters,ex Lawyers, or one form of Snake Oil Salesman or another. Less than 8% of OBummas Commie Criminal Czar Senior Administration have ever worked in the real world creating anything. It's a Rope A Dope audience. The EU is little better. Sleaze bags are the norm. They only listen when they fear you, but the mass population are just too stupid to fear. Cheap food, cheap gas, Welfare Checks and you own the mutants. It takes time to educate stupid. Try herding cattle on a truck for the Slaughter house. A few electric prods get them up the ramp and off they go mindlessly with no idea what's waiting. Society now has become similar. Indifference stupefies. Decades of mental sterilization has done this. Get the dummies to march to the flag, give them parades and they eat all the BS they are fed. Remember, the masses have no idea the Constitution has been quietly dropped, and that the IRS is not State owned, but a Private Tax Collecting and Enforcement vehicle for the Cabal. Not for them. It's the 5% of thinking Americans that matter now. Only you can turn it back by organizing to save whats left. Your Leaders, are not smart, just crooked thieves and parasites. America needs the Pentagon to wake up soon and act. Excellent Patriots do exist, but following a Usurper or Texan Cabal cronies. The November vote needs to be Hell NO!! to both of them!

    4. @ Reply to John, - focus on the 15T.

      The whole purpose of this particular White Hats Report was to ask for input across the board and I might add, not only input about the 15T, but the whole Cabal agenda.

      The appeal was to connect the dots, not only regarding the specific 15T,but all information leading to a NWO, and a Eugenics program to depopulate the planet.

      * Have you got your ticket yet.

      So I do not agree with you on that score at all.

      The 15T is part and parcel of a far wider fraud incorporating Libor and Barclays Bank, which in effect makes all banks who are interconnected involved in this wider fraud. This whole agenda is very clearly laid out in David Wilcocks latest post. The core group of bankers also include J.P.Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc and the Federal Reserve Bank of America. Which means that the 15T is only one part of the whole criminal banking enterprise.

      This wider fraud in turn has been used in blackops as well as many other things, I suspect also used to turn NATO into a major Western fighting force. Like the 15T that goes beyond the borders of the USA, so the Libor scandal also goes beyond the USA, and it is all interconnected into a far bigger picture than merely Falcone.

      RBS is involved in both Libor and the 15T, and both are part of the cabal agenda.

      Obama now decides to go to war on the instruction of NATO and not the US Congress. I strongly suspect that all this money from USA, UK and Europe that has effectively bankrupted the working class, has gone to equip NATO as the biggest Military force in history.

      The NWO plans are one central governing body and one central bank, also called for by the Pope amongst others. This NWO is predominantly the G8 countries, USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy Germany, Spain and Portugal.

      However, Russia, China, Japan, India, Brazil, South Africa and 141 other countries world wide, have joined the BRICs, and in doing so have refused to accept the fiat fake money from the Western G8.

      They are returning to the Gold Standard, and trade in the form of either Gold or commodities, not fake fiat dollars created in a fractal system.

      Iran for example is trading oil for wheat with Russia. India is trading gold for oil. And Japan and China are trading in their own currencies. The dollar is no longer used as the international form of exchange, as the Bretton Woods agreement expired in January 2012.

      As BICS are part of BIS, Bank of International Settlements, they have demanded that all transactions involving fake fiat dollars, be suspended, and this has been requested by the BRICs group as well as 141 other countries.

      As such, Europe has not received the bails out that they were expecting from this fake fiat fractal system, of which, the 15T is involved, no doubt used to set up the NWO and contribute to NATO as the biggest military enterprise in the West.

      The Patriots of the USA, are obviously opposed to this whole idea and do not want to be dictated to by NATO, as to if and when they should go to war. They are also opposed to the Federal Reserve and a One World Bank, which the US citizen has clearly been funding, also through such scams as the 15T, which forms part of the whole money laundering process including Libor.

      If I have missed something out here,my apologies. I am attempting to connect the dots, from many blogs and web sites all trying to make sense of the cabal plans, as requested by the White Hats report # 46. As such the focus is far wider than the 15T.

    5. Their intent is clearly to start WW3, with two main objectives in sight.

      1. To decimate China and Russia. ... for obvious reasons. BRICS, the return of the Gold standard and commodity trading as opposed to fake fiat dollars.

      2. To depopulate the planet to a figure as given in the Georgia guide stones as being 500,000 I think it was.

      Should the plans for WW3 fail, then I do believe we will enter another kind of war, weather warfare, which will be blamed on the passing of Nibiru, which had entered out solar system.

      They will attempt this devastation through earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and famine, through HAARP technology.

      The problem is that Russia and China have the same technology, so it appears that it is going to be a free for all.

      Hence the building of deep underground bunkers by both sides, and those in the "know" having tickets for these places of safety, while the rest of us are left to take the consequences on the surface of the planet.

      However, from what I can gather, there is a very large contingent in the USA and world wide who are attempting to bring this cabal down. Their method at the present time being to expose the corrupt banking system, of which the 15T plays a major role.

      Those working against the Elites are so wide and diverse, as wide and diverse as the web sites and blogs that White Hats #46 has referred to, that identification is almost impossible, and many of them have been working in secret.... and this also appears to have been going on for many years, long before 9/11

      As for you Geno:

      "John you insulting the morons for not knowing is like insulting a 2 year old that can't walk. They need to be taught and since you are wayyyyyy closer to the elite than any of us are.. "

      Well I sincerely hope that John will teach you a thing or two and help your understanding of the whole situation.

    6. Scenario -- Some very nice write-ups. I like your methodical style and leaving nothing to guess about. Very easy to follow.

      Its also heartwarming to know there is a large contingent working on the behalf of Good -- however, I was disheartened to think they've been doing this even before 911 -- Yet, over all this time, the Cabal has clipped right along at lightning speed.

      I do see and realize what is shaping up, the Libor and banking system scams now floating to the top and washing ashore like long dead bodies; countries fight the usa by shutting out the Dollar.
      NATO now being the hired thugs and henchmen to do the dirty work for the Cabal. And the war through weather.
      We are definitely ''at war'' albeit a new kind of war. We can also see all of these things tie the hands of ordinary people.

      In the end, it seems the head of the snake must be cut off, as well as their money supply. And the Snake lives right in Houston and Dallas. Chop off their head, and the body will die. (Maybe even test out one of their guilotines they ordered from China.)

      So, Scenario, with all these people who have been working against this Elitist SNAKE, why are they still even alive and slivering through the grass freely and with no restraint?
      How can all these good people work in secret for 12 YEARS and still haven't chopped off the head of this Snake?? In these 12 years, half of americans have slid into destitution ! In another year, we will all be done for. Don't they know where TEXAS is?? Or the address of the Provost Marshall's Office?

    7. Well, many hands were tied because of the Bretten Woods agreement, as far as I can tell from an international perspective. Now that it has expired... things are changing rapidly.

      As for the rest, corruption is an insideous disease, and so long as people are benefiting , nobody rocks the boat and it is business as usual.

      At lets face it, who in the Western world living a "civilized "lifestyle really cares that some other country is and has been ripped off financially, had their resources stolen, in some instances tin Pot dictators in power paid for by this gang, and high rates of poverty...

      Muslims are referred to as rag heads in the USA, and I have heard the most terrible hate speech coming out of there, but do they care that Iraqi babies are being born deformed? Or that Iraq resources are now controlled by private companies like Shell, BP etc? Not really............

      Now the dollar is crashing and guess what? Everyone is suddenly awake.... guess people only really care when the chickens come home to roost...

      Except for the few, like Ron Paul who has been singing the same song for years, and nobody has listened. Or Chris Hedges...

      SO those few who have been connecting in the background for a long time now know the odds, ... a bullet to the head. Plain and simple. Without a ground base of support, there is nothing much you can do.

    8. Scenario News-Reviews wrote:

      "If I have missed something out here,my apologies."

      May I assist, the gold standard was brought back in, just of course, no one really is paying attention (all distracted by the theater, designed for that purpose):

    9. Great thank-you. This also explains why they are rigging the Gold Price and keeping it low, when and if this passes, and it looks certain to, the Gold Price is going to definetly go up.

      Thanks for this :)

    10. It would not have been announced IMHO, if it were not already decided it *was* definitely passing. Just an opinion, but by far from an uninformed one.

      Take advantage of the price suppression; won't last long, and of course, when they finally take their feet off the brake ... Well now, silver was at almost USD$50 earlier, much earlier this year (and it's currently trading Bid @ 27.04 USD/oz). ;) You don't need to be a rocket scientist to do the math. LOL

      Perhaps one time when the word Minted, might actually be not just appropriate, but literally taken!


  38. My mistake! I thought I was on the White Hats blog, not the Scenario News-Reviews blog!

    How come this blogger has no posts on their own site yet uses the WH site to do their blogging?

    There's always talk on here of quelling negative comments as it destroys the credibility of the blog. Well, posting all this News-Reviews drivel is just as bad IMHO.

  39. Go to The Warmonger Report here

    This blog above is all about financial theivery, hard news and some of the more revelant conspiracies that have been proven fact. Don't know if I buy the whole ET thing but something weird is definitely going on in the world.

    1. Iwarmonger -- Sorry, but your site seems to be pro-Israel and pro-Obummer. So I quit reading. That's really quite the opposite of what we here at this Site believe and have been saying throughout.
      Just what is your game?

  40. This recently appeared in the centre of London. I wonder how they did it without being caught.

  41. It's odd, seeing as the City of London is the global financial hub, where the Bank of England is, I would have thought it would be the focus for a lot of commotion, protests, fights, graffitti, etc. But nothing. Not even a 'F- the Rothschilds' to be seen anywhere! This surprises me. Incidentally, I noticed that if you look at a street map, the Bank of England sits at the top of a pyramid formed by Queen Victoria St, King William St and Cannon St (wasn't Victoria a Rothschild?).

  42. The British Parliament and Media forced Murdoch out at News International. The British Press mercilessly exposed corrupt Politicians by name over their expenses scandal and forced many out of office including jailing some. While they wont allow their own Political Pygmies to step out of line without roasting them in public, they don't generally interfere in other nations affairs. The US however, interferes with all other nations affairs,while failing to expose and challenge the mass and chronic corruption at home. " Physician first heal thyself?" The rot starts there. Americas rotten and neutered, corrupted media, fails the nation because you let it. This site offers great exposure and challenges the reality of NWO intent, as well as a conduit for good, thinking Americans to express their own concerns and to slowly organize effective exposure and resistance. A seed of truth can spread and thrive once fertilized in your minds. Collective consciousness they do fear once it starts to visibly spread.
    Two real core issues will help transform America.

    1.The end of the massive corrupt tyranny of Bush Sr and his Criminal Agency hierarchy and misfit dysfunctional family.

    2. Congressional acquisition and dissection of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in a single move cauterizing its Zionist stranglehold on US and Global finances, and stopping dead its NWO Funding source.

    Stop funding Texan and Cabal corruption. Stop funding the world destabilizing Military Industrial Cabal and bloodsucking families who profit en masse. Feed Americans, create jobs, educate. Stop funding Global insurrection and genocide. The US has BECOME the problem!

    The Agencies run the Drugs and Money Laundering rackets with corrupt Banksters. America is abundant with talent.Use it. Re think what sort of Country and world you want. How can you respect your own Laws when you mindlessly let an Illegal occupy the highest office in defiance of your own basic laws denying it. Butt out of world affairs and clean up the mess which is the Beltway corruption and Texan Mafia. An inept DC Kindergarten is incapable of developing the new Global dynamic needed for this new century.
    The US needs to assess the cause of the problem, which to a large extent is the NWO Cabal proliferation and Geo Political linked cross corruption. America IS the largest Drug using nation. Why? Where do you think the collapse of all 20th Century family values started? Who led the way in Global Bank racketeering via Sub Primes and others? Why do you think the BRIC nations have developed alternative Global Trade funding removing US $ dependency and curtailed all US influence in their nations development. How long can an ever more isolated US survive as Billy No Mates?
    America has good alternatives, just not served by the Cabal or treasonous Media Barons. When Truth died in America, so did freedom.

    1. John -- Maybe the way to go about all this is for the People to take over the Media, and engineer the whole affair from there -- Since they are the thieves of Freedom, and the father of all lies. All channels.

      Picture that.

    2. "The end of the massive corrupt tyranny of Bush Sr and his Criminal Agency hierarchy and misfit dysfunctional family."

      A warning. Corrupt power never gives up power. Once a corrupt mafia has the levers of power, the death or removal of it's head does NAUGHT to stop the power of the corrupt, from continuing. To think otherwise, is to assume hundreds or thousands of guilty parties, will rather than protect their positions, somehow go "Oh, OK, you can take me to jail now". T

      The clear-out must be root and branch. Surely people must understand, the removal of Nixon did not end the problems; neither will the death of Senior. We have a whole EMBEDDED level of corruption; the D-Notice in the UK tells all paying attention, just how deep, how wide.

    3. An interesting thought. Why not make all Media Licenses subject to an Electoral Renewal Vote every 3 or 4 years, with the Public having a right to suspend it at any time with due cause. The last bastion of defense for Public protection is its media. Those who usurp our freedoms and sell us out, deserve to be exposed and thrown out of office. See how fast these Sewer Rats change their stance once one or two of them get the rocket. Fail to protect the Public and your gone. That's the ultimate sanction. Defenders of liberties or unemployed fast. The Voice of the people needs to be controlled by the people! No Vote, no voice! Publishers need a hard lesson in morality and accountability fast. Let the people elect who protects the people! Vote them in- or out! THAT is Democracy!

    4. The problem is to license. The solution to not require licenses at all.

      Inherent in the right BY STATE of the licence, is the power, to corrupt. Look at where it has got us.

      What is it, too, that leads so many to think Free Speech, requires RULES, or LAWS; no, it requires free men to understand free speech comes from ABSENCE of CONTROLS on ANY of that.

      Do please think about this. Crucial stuff. Careful you're not thinking along their tramlines of thought; only leads to their destination; the ability to scheme to re-corrupt.

  43. Foster Gamble, a son of one of the founders of Proctor & Gamble, has made a wonderful video explaining the agenda of the people who are stealing the money we are following. You can see it on your computer at

    We are not alone in our quest to save the world from the dark path that could unfold without our intervention. There are many others. The uniqueness of the White Hats is that they have the real evidence about where the money is. Some of the others have a grasp of the bigger, darker agenda but have not been able to get at the specifics like the White Hats.
    All joining together to create a real alternative press is a great idea. Look out Drudge.

  44. here's 21 trillion hiding from the sheeple...

    1. "Tax Justice Network, campaigns against tax havens."

      A note of caution. To those who wish a one world government, the Tax Justice Network, is your ticket.

      They promote 'tax harmonisation'; or so they tell you.

      There real agenda, is to get every LOW tax jurisdiction, charging the same HIGH level of tax; re: OECD blacklists, whitelists, and other such tactics.

      Think about it. When the elite don't comply with the law anyway ... Who does such a result help? You; with no where left to escape the high taxation; no where left to LEGALLY obtain tax free interest?

      If you believe in free markets, which is free competition, and you also believe in sovereign State's rights; just who the f*ck are the "Tax Justice Network" except a bunch of commies masquerading as free marketeers?

      Be careful, the meme in sheeps clothing.

  45. ...and this reuters article predicting mass arrests ! We'd sure like to see some "brand" names on those warrants sheriff !

  46. Forget arrests, to the Tower with 'em and off with their heads.

  47. This one seems like a place that may be in need of liberation:

    "A trip can be made from downtown Washington D.C. on a gray-government van which serves as a shuttle to the Suitland Annex where the government’s secrets are buried including research papers captured from the Nazi Mind-Control research.

    Most of Mengele’s concentration camp research is still classified. Much of it dealt with mind control. A researcher can visit the top floor, but underground below the top floor are the real secrets. The real secrets are lying in millions of sheets of classified documents hidden behind blast proof doors. There they have vault after vault, and row after row of top-secret files that only a few privileged persons with security clearances above COSMIC--such as with a "C3" or "MJ" security clearance can visit. Everyone with these high security clearances which I have identified is connected to the Illuminati. Each underground area at Suitland Annex has its own subset of secret access words, known only to the initiated."

    Extracted from:

    Authored by Fritz Springmeier

  48. BTW, if people are looking for piles of fake fiat to play with, and are US based, I haven't thus far mentioned the trillions sitting in investment accounts (you know, the ones they haven't told you about):

    Very old news I had previously suspected for everyone on this board, but obviously, now not so sure. Enjoy! :)

    The White Rabbit!

  49. Another piece to the puzzle:

    Romney-Bain Linked to Organized Crime in UK

    US Election 2012: Mitt Romney fortune built with help from Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons

    Robert Maxwell and Jack Lyons, two of the most notorious figures in British corporate history, helped Mitt Romney build his $250 million (£160 million) fortune, it can be disclosed.

    Maxwell, the late owner of Mirror Newspapers, invested $2 million in Mr Romney’s first private equity fund, which launched the controversial career in finance that the Republican presidential challenger now cites as proof of his ability to lead the US to prosperity.

    Full story :

    1. What about the $900M Romney stole from Falcone plus the vast amount Sr took also. How can you even think a guy like Romney, an alleged thief, can stand for the Presidency,as a Bush clone of course. The people threw Bush out.When will the country?

    2. Now headlining (we got jailed so can't get it out - adding to the page for the rest of the day! ;)

      Go folks, go!

      Get it seen; get it everywhere; embed it everywhere you can! heh!!

  50. Wonderful article . Certainly worth making viral, for a full understanding of the situation. The scape goat is usually Zionist Israel and the USA. However I do strongly suspect that the real power behind this is the house of Saud, determined to wipe out all who are not Sunni Muslim, and through private Multi Corporates, in conjunction with the Zionists and the USA, annex all resources across North Africa and deep into West Asia. The solution is a simple one, free energy technology and the disbanding of reliance on oil, a technology which I do believe is in the hands of Russia, China and Japan.

    Relevant quote for NWO plans: " The stakes in this geopolitical chess game are nothing less than survival first of Syria as a sovereign nation, whatever its flaws and defects. More, it ultimately involves the survival of Iran, Russia and China as sovereign nations together with the other BRIC states Brazil, India and South Africa. Longer term, it involves the matter of survival of civilization as we know it and avoidance of a world war that would decimate the world population not by tens of millions as seventy years ago but likely this time by billions."

    Putin’s Geopolitical Chess Game with Washington in Syria and Eurasia

    1. Scenario -- Your post here is suspicious to me. You seem to be making excuses for the US and Zionist Israel. You seem to be trying to deflect attention away from these two most vile culprits, and attempt to get us to focus toward the Sauds now, as being ''the real skunk in the woodpile''.

      A person would have to have had a total labotomy to ingest such tripe. Fact is, Zionist Israels agenda is to do away with all ''non-jews'' since they think they are the only important people in the world, and think they have some special biblical rights -- which of course is bullschitt.

      Furthermore, where did you get this so-called ''relevant quote for NWO plans''? The entire quote is totally the opposite of their PLAN -- which is to NOT at all considerate of civilization, or the world population. In fact, the agenda of the NWO is to scale down the world population to a paltry 500 million -- which of course means getting rid of all the pee-ons and designing a world of just their good for nothing elitest selves and those they deem ''worthy''.
      Note, I did not read either of the Sites posted, so I respond only to your posting. It should stand alone anyhow. And I'm always watching for curve balls; this seems like a big one to me.

    2. I love the attitude of people here........... it is gob smackingly intelligent. Perhaps before you go insulting people suggesting that I have had a lobotomy and am talking tripe, you should have read the article.

      However, to bring you up to speed, and please note, I am donating my time here....

      The House of Saud: A Jewish man married a Muslim woman and established the House of Saud. The House of Saud has strong ties with the USA oil industry and in particular with the Bush family.

      The House of Saud was deeply involved in 9/11, Osama came from Saudi Arabia and all the "terrorists"were Saudi.

      In Spite of this Afghanistan was attacked because..... Al Queda , a CIA run operation instigated by Brezinski, and run by the Saudi Osama, was in Afghanistan. The objective was to get control over the poppy fields, box in Russia and start their foothold in the Middle east.

      Yemen and Bahrain are supported and controlled by the House of Saud. In spite of their demonstrations and their attempts at instituting a democracy, they are ignored in the Western media because the House of Saud is in an Unholy Alliance with Zionist Israel and the USA. Bahrain are mainly Shiite Muslims, not Sunni.

      Please see: Shouting in the Dark

      Saudi Arabia is a suppresive regime where Sunni Islam is touted and has no religious tolerance. Women have no rights,cannot vote and cannot drive a car.

      Syria by comparison has religious tolerance between all religions, and women have rights...... yet the Western Media is hell bent on painting Syria as the bad guy.

      Many of the Rebels, the Wahabbi who are as fundamentalists as the most extreme Zionists, are funded by Saudi Arabia. Many of the rebels fighting in Syria have been trained in Saudi Arabia, by CIA and Mosaad.

      Saudi Arabia has and is playing a far larger role than they have been given credit for in wars in the Middle East.

      As far as a religious Unholy alliance goes, the Vatican, the Zionists and the Sunni Muslims all in fact work together.

      The Khazar Jews who tout the Talmud, wish to wipe out all Jews who are for peace.
      Here is but one example of their belief system:

      According to the Talmudic En-cyclopedia: 'He who has carnal knowledge of the wife of a Gentile is not liable to the death penalty, for it is written: "thy fellow's wife" rather than the alien's wife; and even the precept that a man "shall cleave unto his wife" which is addressed to the Gentiles does not apply to a Jew, just there is no matrimony for a heathen; and al-though a married Gentile woman is forbidden to the Gentiles, in any case a Jew is exemp-ted.' This does not imply that sexual inter-course between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman is permitted - quite the contrary. But the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman; she must be executed, even if she was raped by the Jew: 'If a Jew has coitus with a Gentile woman, whether she be a child of three or an adult, whether married or unmar-ried, and even if he is a minor aged only nine years and one day - because he had willful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble. The Jew, however, must be flogged, and if he is a Kohen (member of the priestly tribe) he must receive double the number of lashes, because he has committed a double offense: a Kohen must not have inter-course with a prostitute, and all Gentile wo-men are presumed to be prostitutes.

      Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 87

      There are other Jews who do not believe in these Talmudic interpretations and who in fact are totally against not only the Zionists but the State of Israel itself. Here is one example, there are many on you tube:

    3. The Vatican has never stopped it's subversive war against the Protestant Churches.This is not only religious but it is financial, the Pope is the single richest entity on earth. The Inquisition is alive and well and determined to wipe out all Christian groups not under it's umbrella.The Vatican bank is one of the biggest money laundering banks on the planet.

      The Sunni Muslims........ read Saudi Arabia, are determined to wipe out the Shiite faction, and eastern Asia is mainly Shiite. One of the objectives of the war in Iraq was to undermine Shiite Muslims in that country. The Shiite Muslims are direct descendents of Mohammed. Sunni Islam is an offshoot.

      It is interesting to note that in Shiite areas, there is tolerance between Jew,Christian and Muslim, as can be seen in Syria and Iran, however the same cannot be said in Sunni Muslim countries.

      Here is the link again, it is most enlightening and puts the whole situation in the Middle East into perspective. :

      Putin’s Geopolitical Chess Game with Washington in Syria and Eurasia

      If anything, the only thing standing between the rest of us and WW3, is hopefully the arrest of corrupt banking cartels in the West as well as their cronies, cut off the money, you cut off the head of the snake. The Vatican is also under investigation for money laundering. The return of the USA to a Republic and the withdrawal of ALL US troops around the planet, and in so doing support for Israel is terminated. New laws put in place to restrict Corporate monopolies, and the banks supporting small business. The introduction of new technologies, most important being free energy systems which will bring the oil industry to an end. Right now, Putin is one of the people who stands between us and total onslaught. I admire the man.

    4. Here is another report of interest pertaining to the Media and Syria:
      July 25, 2012 - When big lies must be told, BBC is there. From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya and now Syria, BBC has paved the way for Western disinformation meant to mange public perception around a war the public would otherwise never support or tolerate.

      The BBC, caught on record producing entire "documentaries" on behalf of corporate-financier interests, has already been caught in immense lies regarding the NATO-fueled destabilization of Syria. This includes the disingenuous use of photos from Iraq, to depict a so-called "massacre" in the village of Houla, Syria.

      Now, as NATO's Al Qaeda mercenaries operating under the banner of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" flow over the Turkish-Syrian border in an attempt to overrun the city of Aleppo, BBC is there, attempting to manipulate the public's perception as the conflict unfolds.

      BBC's Ian Pannell admits he rode with a convoy of milatnt fighters into Aleppo at night. He claims many are desperate for the FSA to succeed, "clamoring for freedom denied by their president," but concedes many others fear an "Islamic takeover" and sectarian "division and bloodshed." The latter of course, is self-evident, while the former is the repeated, unfounded mantra of the Western media used to cover up the latter.

      Also see this interview with Webster Tarpley regarding the TV news in Syria:

      Also of interest:
      False Flag in Syria: Chemical weapons in the hands of the Rebels, supplied by the UN, used on Syria and Blamed on Asaad.

      The threat of a chemical weapon false flag attack blamed on Syria is real. On June 10, Russia Today headlined “Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report,” saying:

      Opposition fighters have chemical weapons. Libyan sources supplied them. Allegedly they’re planned for use “against civilians.” The scheme involves blaming Assad.

      DamPress “claims the opposition group in possession of the weapons is being trained in its use inside Turkey. No further details on the alleged conspiracy is given.”

      “The Libyan stockpile of chemical weapons was a matter of great concern during last year’s civil war in the country. There were fears that they may end up in the hands of the terrorists and used elsewhere in the world.”

      Independent analysts also fear a possible US-led NATO/Free Syrian Army (FSA) false flag chemical attack on Syrian civilians blamed on Assad.

      Doing so would provide Washington an easy way to circumvent Security Council authority to intervene militarily and enlist popular support for it.

      If harmful enough, it could be Syria’s 9/11. American strategists may find that scheme too tempting to pass up. Regime change is longstanding US policy.

      NATO and regional allies head closer to war. A casus belli remains to initiate it. The horror of chemical attack mass casualties looks perfect. Whether it’s planned or not remains to be seen. The possibility is real.

    5. Bill Murphy- The Cartel Is Getting Desperate!

    6. Scenario -- It seems you misread my post, regarding ''a PERSON would have to have had a labotomy to ingest such tripe''. I did not at all say or even imply YOU, in that statement. So to be perfectly clear, I was saying PEOPLE who read this stuff would.....

      As I've stated before, your postings are right on -- so when you posted this one, referred to, it did seem like a sudden turn around. So maybe I too misread or misunderstood your text.

      And your contributions just above, are also more confirmation of what I've previously known; so they are refreshing, and it is about time the wicked vatican gets investigated and exposed. Catholicism is the enemy of true christianity. This has been difficult point to get across to most ''christians'' -- again, because the Media promotes its ''goodness''.

      It is also quite true that zionists want to get rid of the peaceful Jews, however, they also want rid of all ''non-jews''

      I do not doubt one bit that the Sauds are culprits, however my point was that ultimately the CIA and Mosaad are the head of the snake. There are many many smokecreens in this world wide scenario.

      P.S. I too donate my time. In fact, because these Two Snakeheads have been engineering, manipulating, and deliberately set up the Economy and Laws, so as to make sure the People remain poor, and end up their lives with nothing -- I have donated my entire life.

    7. The Zionists, the Vatican and the Sunni Saudi Muslims, want to reduce the world to a Feudal system, where the Corporate Giants, of which they are all shareholders, control the world.

      Their opposition is the real Jews, who follow the Torah and not the Talmud, the real Christians who do not support the corrupt Satanic Vatican, and the real Muslims, who believe in peace. The sooner the good guys in this group realize they are on the same page and have a common enemy, the better. And the sooner they so not let these psychopaths divide and conquer, the sooner we will reach a peaceful world.

      These psycopaths do not care if their own people get killed. Because part of their ethic is human sacrifice. The more blood they shed through their manipulative games, the more their egos are fed. It is truly sick.

  51. " TRUTH BE TOLD " by Harvey Edwards PLEASE RETWEET....

    1. Harvey ( first let me stop laughing !!) you think you can come around here with that "vote for obama" crap and think we're going to take you for anything other than a disinformationist ?

      In this election...any american citizen who votes for any candidate other than ron paul is contributing to the problem. Obama and Romney are twins born from different she-devils !

  52. This is great short video on Iceland's recovering after jailing the bankers.

    1. How did they manage to do this without the cabal blocking it?

  53. 5 Top Bank Execs Arrested in European Bank Fraud

    While many search the web for evidence of the arrests of members of the criminal cabal, one such story has surely broken through the cabal imposed media blackout. Three of Ireland's leading bank executives, former Anglo-Irish Bank chief Sean Fitzpatrick, ex-Finance Director Willie McAteer, and managing director for Ireland Pat Whelan were arrested on Tuesday, 7/24/12, for their crimes that led to Ireland's largest ever bank failure. Three others, who happen to be among Ireland's wealthiest residents, were also implicated for their roles in these crimes.

    In other news, former International Monetary Fund and Bankia chief Rodrigo Rato was arrested on 7/6/12 and charged with criminal fraud for his role in the bankruptcy of Bankia, Spain's 3rd largest banking institution, which is at the center of the country's economic crash and occupy movement which was motivated, in part, after Bankia, which was only in business less than two years, received a bailout from taxpayers of over 19 Billion Euros.

    On the Asian front, the elder brother of South Korean president Lee Myung-Buk has been arrested on corruption charges, leading to a possible regime change as elections for the country are later this year.

    Breaking news - Irelands Bankers being Arrested and Charged! - YouTube

    1. It needs to reach out to Lord Green ex HSBC, Bob Diamond ex Barclays, disgraced Fred Goodwin ex RBS and others. When does Ackermann of Deutsch come down and who in the B of E, acting for Rothschild's, was complicit in this farce? Who now repays all the bogus Libor insurance cover contracts?


    Of course, when I start seeing arrests in the US of crooks I will feel much better.

  55. Found this interesting as well...

  56. The more that I really ponder this, the more I think the two major points are -- Who controls the money and Who can speak the loudest - controls everything.

    Protesters spent much effort and endured much pain last year trying to make noise and draw attention to the Wall Street Crooks, but they were muzzled. Their Voice was not heard, to effect much. The banksters on WS continued. And in the USA we are still at square one.

    The reason being, they do not have a loud enough Voice because the Media is ''outshouting'' them with propaganda that most people prefer to hear.

    In addition, with all the Sites, such as this one, the banksters are still at it, and the Media continues to propagandize. And all efforts to speak directly with, and inform Authorities, none in the USA will take any real action. And when a method is not working, a new one needs to be employed.

    So it would seem to me, that the loud Voice must be where to begin. Being heard. Informing the Public ABOUT the truth of these banksters and EVERYTHING ELSE -- and ESPECIALLY putting a stop on the Media Propagandizers.

    What has been happening so far, is just a battle of the wits; a war of words. We say this, and they say that. And the people say, who should we believe? Everyone knows how to turn on the Propagandizers, FOX, ABC, NBC, CNBC, CNN.
    Just click it; easy. And they instantly have the loudest Voice right in their ears.

    SO THEN here we are. The Good Guys need to get control of THAT LOUD VOICE and shut the bastards UP! Taking the microphone and telling all the World everything that has thus far only been in print on our computer screens. Its ALL right on here, but we need those microphones. And as for me, I think it needs to be done by Coup. (Keep in mind we are just about out of Time here.)

    What say y'all?

    1. Taking control of mainstream media will require a large and widespread operation, in my estimation. I don't know a lot about how the mainstream media works logistically, so I could be wrong about what I'm going to say.

      The main challenge is that the media content has to be distributed down the hierarchy of partner networks. I bet the cabal already has installed mechanisms at these points for quickly censoring. The depth and size of the hierarchy is not that giant, and it's a private internal system, so they could realistically have censoring failsafes at every distribution point. Under the guise of "national security" precautions, they probably easily got away with installing such mechanisms.

      If a primary studio was taken over and people with the expertise to operate the equipment started broadcasting some truth-telling, I imagine the cabal would be able to block the broadcast from making it out of the partner networks downstream. Or if hackers took over remotely and broadcast from the top, or some points just below the top, the cabal would be able to block it just the same.

      However, the truth has a good chance of being shown on mass media, if enough of the cabal's management are disabled and if enough of the media networks' managers have been awakened enough that they want to allow the truth out. The media network managers might have to ignore orders and threats from remaining cabal managers, and might have to manually override remote-controlled censorship mechanisms, so they'll need to be awakened enough to want to do this. (I suppose in the worst case there might be assassins or explosives or poison gas hidden in the partner network buildings that would attempt to prevent truth from being shown, but this seems a little far fetched.)

      Alternatively, maybe the final feeds direct to the TVs, in some of the biggest cities, could be taken over and some truth could be shown to many millions. But this seems like a much more difficult operation because of the scale and technical know-how. Maybe if an army of TV repair guys could be convinced...

  57. I've tried to inform people and I get blanked or ridiculed, there has to be someone with authority speaking out about all this for people to listen. A well-known, high-ranking figure in politics or the military. A General, Major, Member of Parliament, whatever. But they would be painting a big target on themselves, so who would be the first to speak up?

    Tick tock, tick tock....when's Drake going to go and arrest the Bushes?

    I keep hearing that 80% or so of the military is 'on our side', but I just have to take the speaker's word for it because I've seen no proof. I know a lot of troops are disgruntled, growing numbers of UK troops in Afghanistan are realising that they are there largely to protect the opium crops, so I've heard.

    Will the military get disgruntled enough about being used as cannon fodder by psychopathic, criminal control-freaks to make a move against them? Or are the corruption and mind-control and intimidation too deep and pervasive?

    And even if the cabal get carted away in shackles, how do we know it's not just a play-act to get them away to their underground bunkers so they can unleash Armageddon up here above?

    1. I agree with all the points and concerns you've shared. I imagine the top echelon of the cabal is well insulated from legal or public moves against them. I imagine very few even know who they are, and I doubt people as public as the Bushes are at the very top. It is consistent with the cabal's mode of operation to sacrifice all below them. I seriously doubt the bigwigs being exposed now, and who will continue to be expose more it seems, are the top echelon.

      I imagine the cabal has explored many "game scenarios" and they have comprehensive strategies already thought-out in the event that the masses start waking-up quickly. Like, perhaps: sacrifice their higher-level management to appease and distract, while they go ahead with their diabolic plans. I don't think they plan on needing bankers or politicians much longer.

      I don't mean to discourage exposing and prosecuting the bigwigs being exposed now. I think it's a great first step. I think it needs to be pushed as hard and fast as possible, with a priority on trying to reveal the top echelon (who have their fingers on some evil triggers).

    2. There are hundreds of historical precedents for how this may... or may not be brought to fruition....none of them pretty. Eventually people will have to risk chaos. If enough underlings were to be punished, the kings would surely show themselves. The American people most probably will be awakened by economics...the truth of the corruption too much to hide even from sheeple...esp. when hundreds of thousands finally take to the streets in an American Spring. Will they give up their guns first ? If so...they are lost. There's already a wave of despair and renunciation. The future has turned out to be worse than thought !

      Or will the incredibility nature of the truth be enough in itself to bring about our end ? More than any other question I'd like answered, even more than "does god exist ?" or was Jesus what is the real reason for underground fortresses ?? Hey White Hats...the only editing I'd do on this article is ....on the first option....I'd go ahead and say ..."alien attack" !

    3. "Will they give up their guns first?"
      In a word, no. Any such attempt will result in the civil unrest/war that the USG covets.

      As I write this, I'm learning that Russia is considering legislation that will allow their citizens to carry firearms in a direct knee jerk response to the staged false flag event in Aurora. Go figure.

      "Truth is treason in the empire of lies." ~Ron Paul

  58. Interesting ...

  59. Wait for 47, 48 and 49. A lot of your questions will be answered. Plus major revelations to kick 300m butt heads into consciousness. 10M of you are carrying the rest. O is facing major exposure soon. As is Romney, so who will be left? Ones an illegal, the others a criminal. The shameful VP was bribed. Only in America. They impose pseudo puppets sold as democracy on others? In November, the Third Ballot choice is so needed. Hell No to both!

    1. John,

      May I re-post your comment at the with a credit to you?

    2. The comments are free.No credits to me please. Just casual observer. Diplomatic implications!

    3. John -- I feel that here in the USA, we are playing beat the clock. My concern is that the exposure of both these idiots that the Media has forced us to accept as the two Candidates - will come too late IF it is not going to come out until October.

      So now that you have so conveniently mentioned
      Reports 47, 48 and 49 can you give us an idea of when they will be coming?

      We desperately need this Lid blown off just ASAP.
      It is highly suspect that our Leaders here in the USA are possibly planning some sort of October Surprise.

      P.S. I'm constantly telling people to WRITE IN RON PAUL ON A PAPER BALLOT. Many of them will say, oh but he cant win. I tell them, of course he can't win as long as all of you THINK that!!

    4. It's up to the WH when they release 47. More are racked up ready, but timing is everything now. The holiday season is no time to waste a blockbuster. The world has now realized it's time to end this Cabal destruction of society. Naming them soon will bring their empires crashing down. We all stand together, face them down, then PUT THEM DOWN as the filth they have become. Most good Senior West Point and Pentagon men swore an oath to defend America and freedom. The common enemy of freedom, and traitors, are within. Once they lose control of their Ponzi juggling, it will go as fast as the Berlin Wall came down.

  60. Hmmm. Earlier there was a ''Link to this Post'' at the bottom of this Reply Box - but now its no longer there.

    Anyhow, although it was by David Wilcox, he did give some quotes from named scientific men in Zurich. Within all that, one statement stood out to me, which was:

    ''The U.S. Marshalls at DOJ,is the only entity legally capable of taking down the Cabal. They can go anywhere, cross state borders and can enlist the support of the Military."

    1. And if you think for yourself Abby; do *you* think you have lost your power to arrest criminals?

    2. Occupy -- I got in bed last nite, and suddenly recalled a great little quick study I had done over a decade ago. It was a wonderful 16-page Brief called
      'Federal Jurisdiction' -- written by Constitutional Attorney Larry Becraft Jr.

      Well, hey you can't really expect me to remember everything, lol. But I thought wait a minute, thats not correct! So I'm gonna eat a little crow here --

      The issue of FEDERAL JURISDICTION is an extremely important one here, and most Courts love to overlook it, while modern day attorneys seem to know nothing about it !

      But, in a nutshell, no federal agent has jurisdiction in the States to ''just cross state borders, walk all over anybody, and do as they please''. They must first have permission by that State, more appropriately, our County Sheriff, to enter and to proceed.
      None of these federal agents are elected. Ultimately, only our local Sheriff is elected, and actually has Authority over citizens within his Jurisdiction. Most people have it backwards. Our most powerful Authority is our LOCAL Sheriff, then our own Sovereign State we live in. The federal is like, ehh

      If, for example, an IRS agent came to my door, he has no authority to be there to do any business with me. He is just a person doing his job, and is outside his Jurisdiction, because this is not federally OWNED property.

      At this point, I would notify him that he is out of his Jurisdiction, get his foot out of my doorway, if he wants to keep it. He is trespassing. If that didn't work, I would call my local Sheriff and ask them to remove him.

      So the first thing I did today, was look in my desk drawer, thinking that is where I still had that Brief, and there it was. I checked on-line to see if it is still obtainable. It is.
      EVERYONE would benefit from it. Print it. 16 pages.
      Its one of those things we want to often refer back to. Lots of SC rulings in it.

  61. Hope springs eternal:

    On his MSNBC show today, Al Sharpton opened by focusing on Mitt Romney‘s tax returns and increasing pressure from Republicans and conservatives for the GOP candidate to release more of them. Guest Catherine Crier said that it is certainly fair to look into that aspect of Romney’s background, and even threw out the notion that Romney might withdraw as the Republican nominee before the convention.

    1. Ask him about the $900M he took with Michael Herzog from the Edward Falcone funds. Where did he hide it among his many Offshore accounts? Why is he not under IRS investigation like all other people? Knowing he will feature in the Herzog trial, why are Republicans allowing this farce to continue?

    2. Maybe one step at a time.......... get him to submit his offshore bank accounts, and from there unravel the rest.

  62. Keshe Foundation Announces Plans to Release Free Energy Technology

  63. Take over MSM:
    Hey everyone Guerilla Media News need 16 subscribers to his youtube channel to beat the New Zealand Herald and officially become NZ's number 1 reporter on youtube! Can anyone help? this is his channel Subscribe if you will ok?

  64. The MSM BS in Syria

    Not only are these FSA militants committing atrocities, they are doing so in front of representatives of Western media, who are demonstratively excusing, covering up, or downplaying their war crimes. Additionally, these media personalities are attempting to downplay the significant implications of foreign-fighters crossing Syria’s borders and conducting armed attacks on a heavily populated city – implications that run contra to the West’s narrative regarding their support of the FSA against the Syrian state.

    By doing so they’ve become accomplices, providing impunity for the actions of terrorists, and allowing the governments of the United States, Britain, France, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, an ignoble alliance, to continue fueling this violent, foreign-contrived band of militants. And by doing so, these media representatives have undermined their journalistic immunity, putting the lives of real journalists the world over at risk.

  65. John,

    Regarding your comment about Romney and Herzoz and the $900 million...if you have this proof, why aren't you posting it here so we can keep Romney out of the White House? I truly don't understand and would love to be enlightened.

    1. Mom, Wife, and Patriot,

      You nailed it!

      The question not answered by the White Hats: If you have proof, why have you not posted it?

      Instead, the unsupported allegations spew on and on, followed by questions about why we haven't acted on them, then claims that we are fools for not becoming vigilantes and lynching those smeared by the White Hats! Incredible. Finally, we are then attacked for asking for documentation.

      Apparently, we are supposed to take them at their word. Mom, Wife, and Patriot, you have pinpointed the weakness of this blog!

      Boson, JD

    2. Boson -

      It's been a while since we last had the opportunity to dialouge. Although, the last we did I asked you a question that you did not answer and for all of your comments to the contrary, I would like your answer. So to repeat:

      If we gave you the smoking gun of documents, what would you do with it?


    3. Bosson
      If we give you the files to help your country effect Justice, what will you do for us all? A real offer. Real proof.You will do what? Snide trolls offer what?

    4. Edward Falcone's attorneys are cross involved in both criminal and civil actions against all parties right now. Even getting actions in a US Court of Justice is a battle, with barriers placed once the Politicos are exposed. Once Herzog comes to trial in Berlin it will all break. As it will be with Joe Birch and others in the UK. Investigations are continuing into the sheer scale of it all. We can not compromise the prosecution case by pre releasing strong evidence they will use in court. How about Romney denying it on oath? Perjury.

    5. Boson -

      It has been the better part of a week since I posted a reply to your continuing comments. So I am respectfully reaching out to you to respond.

      Also, one additional question. With the documents we have released, what have you done with those? You have those and they are the smoking guns!!

      Did I miss something you have done in this area that I/we have missed?

      Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

  66. Read the massive amount of exposures on Romney in so many of the White Hats reports. Why have the Florida FBI been prohibited from arresting Romney and questioning Bush? When will any US Justice Department official follow up Ed Falcone's complaints or his attorneys? Why is the Biden BRIBE from Bush not investigated? Witnesses and evidence all ignored. It never stops being posted on the White Hats site.

  67. John -- Do you have any idea when the Herzog case will be going to Trial? Is Herzog out free for now, or being held in jail?

    Also, I'm not at all sold on the ET's stories. What are they, who are they, what do they look like if they do exist, and if they are real, then why has nobody seen them? Why are there no pictures of them? Just what is this ''ET's Situation'' people talk of.
    John, I'd like your input on this. Thanks much.

    Also, some very good questions you've posed here. Is there ANYBODY that is not paid off that will make the first move. Do they not realize what an ugly NWO they are helping to create for themselves and their families??

    1. Abby I came across this interview. Of all the nonsense I have listened to, it sounds the most sensible.

      As regard the truth of the ET issue, I am of the opinion that we are looking at some kind of "Plasma" physics, and that they are "inter-dimensional." Not the BS that has been fed to people.

      It appears that many of the testimonies given by "abductees,"are in fact people who were possibly still are part of MKULtra mind controlled programs, and part of a Psy ops . They have been drugged and in a drugged state presented with "Grey Aliens" "Reptiles" and the like, Hollywood productions under a deep drugged and mind control state.

      I think Steven Greer is the more believable of the lot. SO I hope this helps.

      FALSE FLAG Events and Their DANGER - Dr. Ted Loder & Dr. Steven Greer

    2. Abby, Please allow us to give you a considered and factual response in an article. On the ET issue, you need to consider Dimensional and " Already here!" The vast craft witnessed and filmed are not Galactic due to energy use etc, and the regularly filmed multi fleet vehicles are also earth resident. The multiple intercepting units monitoring our early space crafts are encircling us daily and part of NASA awareness training. Info will be released when appropriate. Public awareness is growing. Ignore the Plebs and the Trolls. So many sightings are beyond dispute. Disinformation Trolls delude only themselves. Hangar 18 had to be moved to stop the leaks. They went underground in Unit 23 and the Cryo Tanks hold what is needed for research ongoing in the lower ground Labs. Plus, as Wright Patterson leaked so heavily, new sites were found which we chose not to expose at this stage. Russia has similar units. Deep Sea vehicles traveling at 80 to 120 Knots are way ahead of our current technology as are their water displacement techniques. No point in arguing with the Trolls,you can't educate stupid.

    3. Words like awareness and concientiousness, etc are just words that I cannot accept. David Wilcox uses some of these type words, and my mind simply rejects that stuff. Same with Dr. Steven Greer.
      Some of Greer's info was ok at first, but then to me, he just went way out there.

      All this seems to be occultic and a demonic attempt to nullify God. Surely those involved in all these secret goings-on do not have the good of mankind in it. All this experimenting, research, tampering, and playing makes me nauseous. I never did like sci-fi. Breaking the bank, shoving the majority of the world population into dire poverty -- all to try to outdo God. Its nothing short of disgusting.

      There is just no way that I can believe that such a wicked mankind could destroy a whole world like this -- and then suddenly WALLAH! this same mankind would present us with some utopian ''its all good and wonderful''. Sorry Dr. Greer, wake up and get real here. You are still back at ''waking people up and teaching them some out of body experiences'' one at a time -- when we are on the brink of extinction! Dr. Greer, Life is not about such experiences, its supposed to be about LIVING a real life. Hello?

  68. Here is a 163 page Book published by the Constitutional Educational League of NYC back in
    1950 entitled 'We Must Abolish the United States" - the hidden facts behind the crusade for world government.

    Click on the title words, not on the book.

    I have only read the first introductory pages so far. You can print it right there or I suppose if you Contact them, you may be able to buy it, not sure.

    For the intrigued, it may be an interesting read. (from the William Cooper site)

  69. true is this about the US military getting ready to topple Obama?

  70. Reply to John July 26, 2012 7:11 PM

    John: "It's up to the WH when they release 47. More are racked up ready, but timing is everything now. The holiday season is no time to waste a blockbuster."

    Me: Which holiday season are you talking about, Fourth of July, Labor Day? There is no holiday in the world, ever, more important than a |"blockbuster" to end this Cabal destruction. Seriously, the US elections are happening in November and we're going to be in FEMA camps by next summer but some vague holiday somewhere, (no location given), is going to interfere with waking up the mass of sheeple if the so called blockbuster becomes evident. Somewhere in this train of thought you lost me.

    John: "The world has now realized it's time to end this Cabal destruction of society. Naming them soon will bring their empires crashing down."

    Me: If indeed the world has realized the Cabal is set on the destruction of society then the sooner the "blockbuster" is published the better.

    John: "We all stand together, face them down, then PUT THEM DOWN as the filth they have become. Most good Senior West Point and Pentagon men swore an oath to defend America and freedom. The common enemy of freedom, and traitors, are within. Once they lose control of their Ponzi juggling, it will go as fast as the Berlin Wall came down."

    Me: Great. it's sure sounds easy. All we have to do is stand together (I agree with that) and wait for the military leadership to develop a conscience (this is where I have my doubts). Why hasn't that happened before it got to this critical state? For the same reason it didn't happen in Hitler's Germany, or Stalin's Russia. Most humans are followers, not leaders, and they cling to status quo stability. The West Pointers and Pentagoners are for the most part indoctrinated drones with D.U.M.B tickets.

    We need to move on to plan B.


    1. Summer vacation stupidity takes out the whole of July and August. So many parties are away its 2 months of dysfunctional chaos. If the WH launch a campaign it needs to hit weekly and build momentum. We need the Dummies at their desks panicking in response. Plus time to educate the mass ignorant who need to be told they have a problem.
      Plan B is wising up the laid back non thinkers, and the Dummies to wake up and realize the clock is ticking fast. Never before has such sophisticated technology existed to monitor, control and enslave so many. Never before have such a Machiavellian elite of core criminal Political conspirators held such a magnitude of Institutional and authoritarian control to disenfranchise society. Never before have we had such an inept and neutered Political system of no opposition or such poor quality Representation. Who let the Dogs in?

    2. Thanks John. We, the people, let the dogs in.

      I know the WH's have a plan, but I can't imagine enough energy, mental and physical, being generated in time to change the course of Cabal-created history. They, the evil ones, are fully aware of the power of the internet and will stifle resistance soon.

      I'm trying to expose corruption at the state level. After having discovered that CAFR's contain hundreds of billions of dollars, in each state, that the politicians don't want to talk about, I began asking renowned economists to explain what appears to be fraud by omission against the people.

      My state reps will not reply to me and other residents have met the same result. The governor claims $15.7 billion deficit will require austerity or tax increases. The state CAFR shows $577 billion in investment fund balances. I suspect the Emperor has no clothes.

    3. There is an Achilles heel. Just wait and watch.

    4. d-w-jones,

      Great you are running with this! :) I deeply suspect they will have already have stolen, gambled in their schemes or otherhow pissed away the funds, but yet again, this is a way to entangle the entire SCUM right across the USA at the more LOCAL level.

      Go for it, big-time! :)

      If you have a site, post it on this board and we will add your comment to our post on this and direct peeps you way to get going raiding YOUR money back! :)

  71. I don't understand why the politicians can take a three-month holiday when the world is on the brink of chaos.

    1. Most politicians, for the most part, are nothing but paid puppets. They don't have to think, they just take orders from the High Highness, whoever or whatever that is. Their main concern is to get underground when the SHTF before the people tar and feather them.

  72. The Libor Scandal will no doubt result in more high profile arrests and convictions. However, this from American Kabuki lists 100 in the last two months alone.

    Bankers and Brokers and Inside Traders Arrested

  73. Until now, most of the attention has involved traders at Barclays, which last month reached a $453 million settlement with U.S. and UK authorities for its role in the manipulation of rates. Now, it is becoming clear that traders from at least two other banks - UK-based Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Switzerland's UBS AG - played a central role.

    Read more:,0000:newsml_BRE86R031#ixzz21zJIBqkf

  74. Western bankers are using weapons of mass financial destruction as the world is entering into global recession and depression. (over 20 trillion hidden in off-shore tax havens)

  75. An assured jump in the banker brush fire will be the revelation of massive raids on Allocated Gold accounts done systematically over two decades. The big Western banks have been illegally grabbing the gold bars via unauthorized leasing, then selling them in the open market in order to maintain the artificially low Gold & Silver prices. The process of revelation is already well along, with important major lawsuits in Switzerland. The Matterhorn case where Von Greyerz pointed out the long delays for his fund investors to receive their gold bars from Allocated accounts has added to the controversy. The gold bars arrived with stamps and dates much younger than the original bars owned, lifting the veil of fraud. The scandal has not yet reached the public eye, but it will very soon. Some Gold experts call it The Mother of All Gold Scandals. Several class action lawsuits totaling several $billion are underway in the elite banker nation of Switzerland. So far, the coopted press has kept a lid on the story. The leaks will be natural, like an overflow of chocolate from the vat. The documents concerning the serious illegal activity will be more visible amidst document discovery during the LIBOR investigations.
    My best source shared in 2010 that at least 20 thousand tons of Gold had improperly been taken, leased, and replaced with gold paper certificates in vaulted locations. The bullion bankers were dangerously short. In 2011, he admitted that the criminal activity had easily surpassed 40 thousand tons of Gold illegally leased, resulting in a massive short position for the bullion banks. In 2012, he increased his estimate to between 40 and 60 thousand metric tons of gold illegally seized from Allocated Gold accounts, the short position totally out of control and absolutely impossible to bring into balance with short covering. In the last week, he passed along a communication with a veteran Gold expert with decades of savvy experience. They concluded that remedy for the vast gigantic short position by the gold bullion bankers will send the Gold price well over $10,000 per ounce. They believe probably by the end of the criminal prosecution remedy, the resolution of the defrauded Allocated gold accounts, and the installation of the new trade system alternative, the Gold price will find a natural value at least twice that elevated value. Expect further revelations and documented evidence of vast Allocated Gold account raids, and improper raids to gut the Exchange Traded Funds (GLD, SLV). It is only natural in the brush fire jumps.
    The Gold Bull will hit on all eight cylinders, and adopt another four cylinders, when the Allocated Gold account fraud is revealed and hits the news. Only then will public calls for broad criminal prosecution be accompanied by equal calls by the very wealthy. By then, speculation will extend to how high the Gold price can go, and to what limit. Think at that point, unlimited extensive money growth, a gaggle of futile bank aid packages, and currency debasement abuse from the hyper monetary inflation underway for over four years. The Gold price must match the abuse stride for stride, when at the same time react to forced bullion banker purchases of Gold in order to replace the raided Allocated accounts. A frenzy will come.

    1. Good to see that something is going on. Too bad for me though, that I, nor others who don't have a Degree in high finance, have no idea what the hell it means for us ordinary pee-ons - what effect it will have for us.

    2. If the dollar collapses, . you need to stock up on food. All non perishables. Because it will take the economy time to re- adgust. Also start a vegetable garden if you have not done so already.

      Go an buy silver coins, they will be worth more than paper. And if you can afford it buy gold now while it is still relatively low.

  76. Romney is being slaughtered by the British media following his attempt at a Diplomatic tour this week. Suddenly hes making Jr and Palin look bright in comparison. The general consensus is, Oh My God, THAT is what they will railroad in next? Dump the Chump before it's too late. Read the UK reports on him. They are totally ridiculing him. The charisma and IQ of a Clutz.

    1. John,

      I have been working on these issues for a little while now from the Metaphysical side. And I am drawing close to simply Rewriting reality, on all of this, and I would like your input on the kinds of changes that would produce FREEDOM the quickest.

      Ive already made changes in the past but they were smaller, and up until this year I didn't know how far reaching the conspiracy goes. Even got fooled a little bit but that's over now.

      I know of the things that Drake explained, those are all on the list... but my focus is sincerely the Disclosure of these truths to the public (*not necessarily the ET disclosure).

      And as you know with LOA focusing on End Results also sets in motion everything else that needs to happen to make them possible. Gives them a jump start and makes things work together in miraculous ways.

      Its not necessarily that *I* am special, im just choosing not to hold my hands behind my back. Like you said before, too many people just sit by and do nothing, and the same thing is true of Spiritual power too.

      So... if you could... is there anything in specific you would change?

      I want my ideal world, and I want that ideal world for everyone else too. So that's the reason for my motivation and my haste. I just want to get this baby sewn up.

    2. Start by recognizing the key and core realities. Quality American nationals with intellect and integrity, all know the whole rotten system is owned by the Trusts and dominated by Bush. They wont stand because they now know it's pointless trying to fight for justice within the US Political spectrum, when they know all the decks are stacked. Recognizing the entire Political Elite are corrupt or bought, is stage one. They don't deal,they steal all!
      The US Congress has to buy back the NY Fed. In one go you hit the Cabals money machine. Then with control, cancel and renege on all Cabal cross loans. Do to them what they have done to others for decades. Money IS Power. Power corrupts. Block their printing power and they are neutered. Refuse to recognize Cabal positions and they die. Leeches live by sucking your life blood. The Cabal and Bushes suck out your money. Both leeches, each parasitic.
      O may be ready to leave soon. Romney is so wrong for America. He's totally lost all moral and credible standing in the EU last week. He was abysmal. Forrest Gump is better. The pending economic chaos may force Americans to wake up and march. You end up with the Government you deserve by doing nothing. Waking up the US Military to deal with the true enemy within is Congresses new focus need. O is a failed and bust flush. Romney is just an owned Bush clone. Capone was Kindergarten compared to this lot. America faces a terrible dichotomy. Neither choice is capable. 2 truly dreadful options. YOU, the readers, YOU are Americas hope.

    3. John --- Can you email me. ( I run the Nesaranews blog. Would like to share intel and post your postings on my blog.

    4. John,

      Its too sensitive for me at this stage. Please just use what you need from this WH site. America and the world needs all of you to stop whats coming down soon. Remember what happened to the Buffalo. Can you spot the difference in Wallmarts?

  77. Kestari -- Congress has the option of buying back the Unfederal Reserve for 450 Million $$ whenever it wants to.
    It needs to be strongly encouraged to do so.

  78. Thats okay John,

    Because I knew about that stuff more or less. See im more of a Conceptual thinker than a Facts person.

    There are all these facts and webs of intrigue and near infinite number of rules and regulations. I dont care about all of that, thats all part of a certain SYSTEM. Its all technicalities and such.

    If you recall, Einstein said that no problem can be solved within the same system that it was created under.

    So when I hear about things such as "all the decks are stacked" and "everyone is bought"... it immediately inspires me to toss a gigantic Sledgehammer or Wrecking Ball into the mess to smash it up in disarray.

    For those in your position, you would probably be able to guess what that might mean.

    Im not quite sure myself, as I would just send the command "up" and as that fellow Drake is fond of saying... ask to "Git R Done". And focus on that being the reality.

    Not necessarily knowing myself what would take place to smash up the system so badly that the Freedom Fighters could just walk right in. That is of course why I was looking for details, but I guess I have what I need already.

    I mean for example just imagine if what "Cobra" said about "nanoparticles" was actually real... or if it was somehow... made real. That is only an example though, of just how fast things can change.

    Bring it out of the level of Technicality and into the realm of Practicality. If you cant fight them direct, you come in from the sides, classic strategy. These folks dont think that anyone can come at them from the sides though, but they are gravely mistaken.

  79. White Hats -- Feel free to jump in here at ANY time with Report #47. As John said, its a shame to waste this time. The ''vacationers'' still have computers to use wherever they are. Make them have to call a ''special session'' lol.
    You can also be sure their Aides will give them a jingle.

    1. Abby
      O's "Confidential application" for Costa Rica residency if he jumps ship has been declined. That and other issues, such as the RV and certain Saudi /Japanese actions, are why the WH are holding back to let loose a whole new curved ball at them at the right moment. Last week they just let Romney make a complete ass of himself in Europe. A hick roaming loose embarrasses everyone. Now hes just blown it with the Israelis as well. Jeb and Hillary need to fight this out. O's just a race card trick, and Romney's pending law suits with Falcone and the Herzog case may overtake him before November. If one runs away, and the other gets exposed, maybe Ron Paul needs to get redeclared. If an illegal with a bogus SS number can pass vetting, why not a genuine US national? Without the protection of the White House, O's wide open for investigation. When he leaves, why should the US provide him ongoing SS protection. Let him pay his own security costs from what hes made in office via Poppy Bush and Ackermann.


    1. If the Serious Fraud Office really was serious about fraud, there would have to be loads of new jails built for all the bankers and politicians being arrested!

  81. Bankers and Brokers and Inside Traders Arrested, Oh My!

  82. Four Iranians Sentenced to Death Over $2.3 Bln Bank Fraud

    Four Iranian citizens charged with defrauding Iranian banks of $2.3 billion have been sentenced to death, the Mehr News Agency reported on Monday citing the Prosecutor General Gholamhossein Mohseni E'jei.

  83. If the media and courts and politicians and law enforcement are just ignoring all the blatant evidence that these people are thieves and killers and liars on a spectacular scale, then releasing more and more evidence seems like merely a symbolic gesture, if nothing is going to happen to make anyone act on it. It's a deadlock, with something having to occur to break it. How is Romney even given the CHANCE to prove himself in Europe, or run for president, when there is evidence that he's a crook? You know, there are people on Youtube comments pages even saying that Bush Sr is a true American hero. All I see is scum and trash being glorified and rewarded and adored, where is the counter-force, when will it reveal itself?

  84. Does anyone remember Fathers4Justice in the UK? They were fathers who had been screwed by the child custody courts who campaigned for fairness in the system and public awareness. They pulled stunts and protests such as climbing to the tops of Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and the Royal Courts of Justice in Batman and Spiderman costumes and unfurling banners, gatecrashing live tv shows with banners and posters, at one point they broke into the House of Commons and pelted Blair with flour bombs. It all got a lot of media coverage and got the topic out there in the public. Or the fuel protests where truckers moved in very slow convoys on motorways, and blockaded fuel outlets. Throw a spanner in the works, and the media will have to cover it.



  87. Hi,
    This may sound a little unrelated but I suggest that all of you get out of your churches post haste! Quit funding their silly programs that amount to nothing. There is a ton of ridiculous money in these churches and most are not paid off. Who do you think they are going to come after when they pull debts? (The pastor?) It will be all on the roll call.

    1. Just who is going ''to pull debts''? The crooked banks that never loaned anybody anything but their own money, which they created FROM your own signature??
      These banksters who are now all being found out as being the crooks that they are? Do you really means crooks are going to pull debts -- whatever that means.

  88. Perhaps the manufactured distraction the cabal will depend on in lieu of their failure to find any wide spread support for their preferred distraction WWIII? Big Mistake I and Big Mistake II were much easier to sell to the slaves without the enlightenment provided by the internet.

    And because of our awakening, and if this is bunk, it will soon be known to all.

    Beam me up Scotty...

  89. Here is an idea....what about teaming up with Anonymous? They seem hell bent on the Fed and might be able to use a bit of subterfuge to take out the cabal....


  90. Abby Noro Hayakawa sounds like a most sensible fellow regarding ETs and UFos. This is worth listening to :

    1. Scenario - I listened to all of Norio's words and I agree with him TOTALLY. What he said were my own sentiments.
      People need to get over this aliens crap. If there are any ''beings'' then they have been man made failed experiments. What else does ''dna experimentation'' mean, except that they are trying to create some kind of beings.

      And as for these space craft that are seen all over the world, those too are resulted from all the experiments. What else do we really think is going on in all these secret underground labs?

      IMO these things are part of the anti-gravity technology. In short, there are no visitors from outer space. Nanotechnology also has to come into play here. IMO this is how a food replicator works.

      We can be SURE that all the technology that has been hidden from US all this time, is SURELY not just tucked away in some box someplace -- but is being USED by our very own secretive government in much experimentation.

      Its about time for all this Technology to be exposed openly. I think it would answer a lot of questions, although I dont sit around and wonder about it all.
      None of us should get so absorbed by these mysteries to where we take our eyes off of Reality and the things right in front of us, daily. We have to be balanced.

      Now, where were we. Oh, yes, we are on the brink of economic collapse and a corrupted leadership, everywhere. A handful of good guys in the mix.

    2. "People need to get over this aliens crap".

      Actually, people need to put down their 1st Century belief systems, and take an upgrade on reality.

      But with some people, there's simply no telling them, for they still believe Jesus walked with the dinosaurs, and other such ridiculous and childish things.

      For some, all answers to all questions were answered in a book written a very long time ago, before those dastardly things called science and logic came along to spoil so many delusions. They have a name: religious fundamentalists, and unfortunately, they have a particular grip on the USA, where Vatican mind control is almost entirely complete.

      For the rest of us, those who follow logic and evidence, there is only crying into our beer, that we must exist on a planet, with so many dumb smucks, who have a vote, and who seek to place into power, those who also deny reality.

    3. Well, Occupy.....people have been talking about aliens for at least 60 YEARS, yet have never provided any evidence. How about some pictures of the little boogers? Do you have a ''family album'' of them?
      Please show such ''evidence'' so we can quit ''being dumb shmucks''

      Its very obvious that you have no idea what you are talking about by the very fact that you still don't
      know the Vatican is purely Anti-Christ. And Jesus never walked with dinasaurs.

      Actually I suggest you put away your version of logic, quit thinking Man is wise,or that you have a handle on it. You don't. The only ones that have a grip on the USA are the very culprits foretold of in ''that First Century belief system." That Book you so despise and mock. It really does have all the answers in it.

      I will anxiously await those pics.

  91. We know!!!! We know!!! No need to tell us any more.

  92. Very interesting read to

  93. white hat 
    noun Informal .
    a virtuous hero, especially in a cowboy movie; good guy. Compare black hat

  94. Wednesday, August 1, 2012
    Public Declaration to Police Officers, Civil Servants and other Agents of the Crown of England

  95. At this hour we can divulge that patriotic members on various committees in Congress are working overtime to accelerate reconsolidation and recollateralization of U.S. banks.

    These members of Congress are working on behalf of the U.S. Taxpayers and the U.S. Treasury.

    The game plan is to issue invoices on behalf of the U.S. Treasury, which has a tie in to the repatriation of assets linked to the 2008 TARP bail out program.

    Note: By reducing the number of banks and consolidating the ones that are solvent it can be reported that this plan could reduce the U.S. budget deficit to $2 trillion or even zero it out within 60 days.

    This dovetails to the immediate implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

    Are you listening Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke and U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner?

  96.'s obvious our government isn't being forthcoming...

    "nowayibuyit" ...who's payroll you on bro ? ....white hats...get off yer arses !

  97. To the guy who asked who's payroll I'm on. I can tell you this I'm not on the taxpayer payroll Like these guys are.