Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 – White Hats Report #51 – The Trump Factor – More obfuscation, this time by the alternative media

As we gear up for resumption of operations, it has been brought to our attention that a website has cited Lord James’ historic speech of February 16, 2012 as source material for an article that is filled with inaccuracies.  Before we get to that, it should be pointed out that this is the second time his speech has been cited in a disinformation piece, the first being penned by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today. Duff has part of it right but it wasn’t Wanta’s money. It was created out of thin air using Yohannes Riyadi’s gold reserves held in an Indonesian bank as “collateral” to underpin the $15T transfer. The transfer originated at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was sent overseas through the usual suspects, JP Morgan, HSBC and finally to RBS, credited to the account of LWR, GOT, SA and Pureheart Investments, LTD.  It should also be noted that Department of Homeland Security UNITED NATIONS security clearance codes were used to “legitimatize” these fraudulent transfers, a fact Duff failed to mention, among others.

We will not offer an explanation for Duff’s offering except to say he is admittedly CIA and that explanation alone is enough.  At the time, he was courting Leo Wanta, appearing to assist in the return of Wanta’s funds previously held by the Richmond, Virginia Federal Reserve Bank.

The latest disinformation piece is offered by a highly questionable source, “Sorcha Faal” (SF) dated February 28, 2016 titled, “Freemasonic Forces Led By Donald Trump Launch “Soon To Be Deadly” American Coup d'état”, through the website:

Some truth sprinkled with disinformation, plot twists and complete U-turns offered that do not exist. Reading it leaves one scratching their head, more confused than before attacking the lengthy read.  What seems to be evident is that it’s casting Donald Trump in a role that he hasn’t earned or doesn’t deserve, depending on how you look at it. What IS clear is that Trump’s continued popularity with the US conservative base seems to have many on both sides of the aisle in pucker up mode. We find this amusing, especially when a Bush crime family member drops out of the Presidential race this early.  But we find it disturbing that despite the Clinton crime family’s continuous misdeeds, Hillary is still considered the Democrat’s offering for President. At least the Republicans denied the cabal a place on the ticket when Jeb quit in disgrace, yet the Democrats shows no such integrity, instead supporting a career criminal and traitor for their side of the ledger. This dysfunction is exactly why Trump threatens the status quo of fraud and deception by the corporate controlled and operated US Government, Inc.  He resonates with everyone awake and tired of the corruption and theft of freedoms around the globe.  This could be the year of “anyone” but a politician winning the Oval Office. That anyone may well be Trump.

But we digress from the main point and that is the article posted on the above website. It starts out by detailing a nearly 500 page report submitted to the higher echelons in the Russian government. (SF’s non-stop MO for their very existence, to report what the Russians are doing). We can only hope Mr. Putin doesn’t waste his time reading this work of fiction.

We’ll try to clear up some of the inaccuracies here based on our direct knowledge, evidence and supporting documents.  In order:

Land purchases in Scotland

Our friends in Europe indicate that Trump purchased a “Golfing Estate” in Scotland and wished to expand it but was denied approval to do so on two separate occasions. As to our knowledge, Mr. Trump owns no other real estate in Scotland.

“Foundation X”

This is where total and utter confusion begin. The mystery of who “Foundation X” is has persisted since Lord David James of Blackheath revealed its existence and additionally, their offering to the UK to, as SF says, “to save Britain first, and then the world”.  This sweetheart deal was of course rejected by the City of London as they were well aware of who “Foundation X” is and represents. It began as GOT (Global Oil Traders) and morphed into Pureheart Investments, Ltd. (PH). PH is the evolved version of the US shadow government created in the late 50’/early 60’s by the “Group of Five”.  The original five were George H. W. Bush, Air Force Major General Edward Lansdale, William Colby, Richard Armitage and Roberto Ferrera. Ferrera got scooped up by the Feds in the late 90’s in Chicago and plead guilty to financial fraud and served time before being released in 1999, faking his own death and rising from the ashes with the new moniker, Lorin W. Rosier.

Pureheart Investments, LTD.

So it was the US shadow government’s “global financial division” that approached Lord James of the UK House of Lords with this offer to “save Britain”. Of course the British are much too savvy to fall for this wolf in sheep’s clothing tactic. The City of London is not the financial capital of the world because they employ incompetents and lemmings. The deal was rejected outright but Lord James probed deeper into PH and the result of that investigation led to his historic 10 minutes in the House of Lords on February 16, 2012. He not only exposed the corrupt banking system but laid bare the US Shadow government colluding with the Federal Reserve to create $15T out of thin air and transfer it to PH in Europe. At the time of these 3 separate transfers ($5T each) to PH in the spring of 2009, it totaled more than the US debt.

Lord James called for an investigation in the House of Lords.


All 535 members of Congress were sent our two reports, #37 and #41, which contained copies of the SWIFTs detailing the transfers in addition to the YouTube video of the Lord James speech with  a transcript of same.

Again, silence.

SF tries to convince the readers that “Foundation X” is benevolent, humanitarian and trying to “save the world”. Nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth. Foundation X is Pureheart Investments, LTD, a US shadow government front corporation based in Europe. They are in NO WAY connected to the Knights Templars nor has Donald Trump ever been a member. Furthermore, SF mixed Masons with Templars which is inaccurate so by the time you get to the end of this article, you can’t tell the teams without a program.


SF misidentifies “Foundation X” as the do-gooder “cabal” of Donald Trump and the Templars when it is the exact opposite, it’s the front for the US shadow government.  It then launches into a tale about this same Foundation X being involved in a fraud of epic proportions involving $15T. Are we to believe that SF doesn’t know that the recipient of the $15T is in fact, Foundation X, or Pureheart Investments, LTD.? The same Foundation X offering to save the world in one instance and defraud the US in another? This is sloppy research in the least and intentional disinformation at the worst.

But it doesn’t stop there, SF ends with the caveat that this fraudulent transfer was done in the name of Yohannes Riyadi, “from Indonesia….where President Barack Obama is from.”  We have to wonder whether SF ever bothered to look at the SWIFTs or listen to Lord James’ speech on February 16, 2012 to know that Riyadi’s gold reserves in the Bank of Indonesia were fraudulently used (and exaggerated) to support the $5T transfers.  This was facilitated by known Federal Reserve con man/gofer/front man/asset Wilfredo Saurin. If anything, Riyadi was the victim as he had no knowledge of these transactions when they occurred.

Insinuating Obama into the scenario is amusing as this transaction and the business of Foundation X/Pureheart is about 10 levels above his lapdog pay grade. He only wishes he could steal money on the scale of the Bush crime family and their various fronts and frauds.

And lastly, Lord James is many things….intelligent, of high moral character, possessing an inordinately large amount of intestinal fortitude…..but he is not a Baron. SF shouldn’t rely on disinformation websites for its sources.

In conclusion, it appears SF is trying to paint Trump as a member of the shadow government in a windy road of contradictions that leave the reader confused.  Perhaps to reveal later that the humanitarian foundation they try to tie Trump to…..turns out to be a cabal of a different color. One that is dark and so, as a result, Trump is a bad guy after all? Neglecting to mention they had it wrong when they wrote their first work of fiction on Foundation X in 2010 and now this latest tale? This is an excellent example of planting a false story (in 2010) and then citing it later to use for whatever purposes need served at the time.

In this case, it’s the US Presidential election.

The White Hat Reporters

For our reports of Lord James’ speech on February 16, 2012, transcripts of the speech along with video recording and a few of the documents he refers to, we’ve provided links below:

For the initial report with links to the transcription of LJ’s speech:

For a more extensive explanation and copies of 13 supporting documents:


  1. Too bad some people can't just stick to the facts.

    Thanks paladin.

  2. The very first line, “As we gear up for resumption of operations…”, is absolutely music to my ears!

    The rest, as we say down here in my neck of the woods, is just good ol’ lagniappe… setting the record straight in that precise and unambiguous White Hat way. Thanks fellas, I appreciate you all so much! Always.

  3. Wait for it Paladin, the wake up will come. We are all on the walls of this Alamo fighting for justice and the collapse of the Cabal, and end of the Jewish Zionist Fed/ Treasury Thiefdom. Maddof was jailed for Fraud, they all need to be.

    As always now, even with Trumps push from certain sectors. who will control the Diebold counting machines and stop the electoral fraud process which will be brought into play to ensure another skip rat is in the WH marching to Cabal orders? We feel for America and its so many good but betrayed people.
    The role of the alternative media is critical today.
    As are your voices united to recover America and The Constitution.

  4. Trump has admirably splintered the selfish and evil "republican" party, but he himself is not an outsider. Though he has a little catching up to do to match the follies of Bush and Clinton, he is catching up quickly since he has crashed into politics. Do not be fooled, this man is folly.

    1. @ Sacred Jester
      THEY didn't fool YOU too...Excellent post, because I Completely Agree with you...The "Jesuit's" are very clever...just not of "The Light" and thus destined to fail!

  5. Agreed Sacred Jester but right now its him or the end of days Hilderbeast with STD Willie.

    1. you bet thats how it is John...the battle lines are being drawn. Now if Trump loses we lose. It is written in stone and you can see how scared the Cabal is by what they are attempting to do to Trump. The next two weeks will be hell for Trump.

    2. Neil- tell your subscribers to not be afraid. We can use our collective consciousness to keep him safe, and win this fight. They (as you probably know) feed off of our fear. Ask them why if all just mumbo jumbo, has the great powers always had such a keen interest in the "occult" then? Surely it would have been cast aside millennia ago, right?) We need to make sure everyone stops with the hate and disparaging words, and simply get the message across with Truth, Fact and Love. There is nothing more powerful against evil than love and lack of fear. If 7k people meditating can reduce global terror like it did in the experiment, (google it) what can 100 million do? Spread the word, spread the love Neil! Thanks for fighting the good fight. I never thought we would see this day :)! (at least not until I was old and withered) ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

  6. We really have a chance this time. Not a "Ron Paul" type chance either.(I love Ron Paul, don't get me wrong).This could the be real, but we have to UNITE. We must come together & manifest this reality.If you are not sure about Trump, ask yourself these questions
    1.Why are the "puppet masters" so terrified with the idea and possibility?
    2.Why, historically speaking, have all the great powers (from Rome to Hitler to our current nasties) been so interested in the 'occult'? Certainly if it was all "hooey", it would have been cast aside thousands of years ago, right? I am here to remind you that you don't have to be afraid anymore.It is your fear that feeds them. Without it, they are powerless against you, and us.
    3. Why did Gingrich come out today and say that Trump is not a member of their secret societies? This little 20 second soundbite is much bigger than you may know. It was another shot across the bow of the SS EVIL that we are coming to take back what is rightfully ours. Newt has not always been "good", but the desire to do and say the right thing can be a powerful thing sometimes (I would love insight into this.)
    4. Why, if he is such a monster and fraud like the MSM wants us to think - are all his kids amazing? It is hard enough to raise kids, let alone raise them in money. They are all hard working, outstanding individuals in their own right. Frauds don't have kids like this.
    5. Are you mistaking the Trump "brand" with the man? If you are, you are making a grave mistake. Remember- for years he was building a persona. The Trump brand. Sure he has his faults (we all do), But the one great thing is that he surrounds himself with the best of the best, and puts people in positions based on MERIT, and nothing else. Race, Gender, nor age matter. If you are the most qualified, you are the one. He also knows what he doesn't know. He has evolved with time, and listens to the people that are in the know, but first he vets them. I am proud of him for listening to Roger Stone. (Roger wrote Clinton Cash, and the Bush Crime Family). Also, he is far kinder than people give him credit. Look at the kind things he has done behind the scenes over the last 40 years (Farmer suicide- paid off farm, broke down- paid couples mortgage off for helping, etc...) that he does not want reported, nor is the media reporting. Of course they won't-enough said!
    5. If he was a fraud, would he have risked everything (including his life) with the "little leaks" making sure that the puppet masters know that he knows? (i.e. "There's something going on" and "We will get to the bottom of those 28 pages".(He even mentioned the tainted vaccines) Right after Jeb heard the 28 pages, he pulled out, trying to give an olive branch to save his family. However, if you have done bad, bad things- with him (and us) there are no favors. You will pay the price. They ALL know this to be fact. They ALL know what they have done. They ALL know that HE KNOWS. They ALL should be leaving the country if they know what is good for them. Our collective consciousness can protect him from the pure evil that will stop at nothing to stop him. Whether it is ballots (election fraud) or bullets, they have announced to the world that they will do whatever it takes. They also do not want us to know that on the flip side of their darkness, there is good, and it is POWERFUL. We collectively need to at the very least change our thinking. We will no longer allow this evil to fester right under our noses. The power that we create simply by thinking these things in mass is grand. If they get their way, it will be lights out. As Roger Stone says, "1000 years of darkness in America". I for one will not let them have their way any longer. When it all comes out, it's going to be far sicker and stranger than any fiction. Remember, in the end the Good Guys WIN! God be with you Trump, and thank you for risking your life for us.

    1. BRAVO
      Extremely well written and expressed.
      I'm all in with you.

  7. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.
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    1. That would make you a complete moron James. Wake the f*ck up. These guys are the most discredited lying, scamming frauds ever to hit the Net - even more so that Benny Full-of-shit, Wilcocksucker, and even the Andromodan Star Fleet twits. Grow a brain and save yourself a lifetime of ridicule by regurgitating this this crap (PS: Try reading over some of the White Caps earlier reports, especially the later ones, if you want to see for yourself just what a fraud these 'guys' (there's only actually one left despite pretending to be a whole network of 'well informed formed intelligence assets). If it looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit and talks bullshit - you've got yourself a mouth full of shit. It's time to grow a brain James, because all your friends are laughing at you - fool.

  8. Dear White Hats,

    What is the real true story behind Angela Merkel (can you send me some prove?)?
    How can I help to get this BS Kabale out of the way?
    Thanks for your direct & identifying contact.

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  10. Where are you??? Of course I read the WHA and the OWoN sites. I miss the White Hat Reports!

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