Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 – White Hats Report #53 – PollMole, will it prevent a stolen election in 2016?

As November 8 quickly approaches, we’re reminded of a quote attributed to Josef Stalin, “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.” Or a similar one attributed to Boss Tweed, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything.”

Every four years and to a lesser extent, every two years, we are bombarded with “polls”, polls to tell us who the voters approve of, polls to tell us what the important issues are, polls to give us the latest trends and polls to tell us who will win a particular election, whether it be national or local.  There are two categories of polls, the ones in which the results are released to the public and the ones that are private.  This distinction is important to delineate as the public polls have primarily one purpose when it comes to candidates and that is to give the voters a heads up on how the election will turn out. Or in the  famous words of Turd Blossom himself, Karl Rove, to “create our reality.”

Yes, readers, it’s a mind trick. The cabal spends millions upon billions of dollars annually on their think tank groups to formulate methods by which they convince the public that their plans for world domination are actually not only accepted by the public but demanded by the public. It’s the old formula of problem-reaction-solution, giving the public the perception that they had a voice in the ultimate decision when in fact, the public is being led to their own demise willingly. The giveaway to these psychological ploys is the word, war. War on drugs, war on poverty, war on terror among the historical ruses the cabal has foisted on the public to gain their support for what turns out to be anything but a war on any of their “targets” but instead, a ploy to garner more and more tax dollars. This, in the end, convinces the public to fund their own downfall, putting us more in debt and transferring more of our wealth to the cabal.

The pushback this election cycle by the American voting public has been primarily on the Republican side of the aisle, akin to the UK’s rejection of the EU in the form of the Brexit vote.  Will this carry over to the November presidential election? Most likely it will as the mainstream media’s desperation grows by the day in their attacks on the Trump campaign. This indicates what most of us already know, if there is a fair election in November, Trump will win in a landslide.

Who will vote for Trump? First of all, let’s start on the Democratic side of the aisle. The Bernie Sanders supporters were given a glimpse of reality when the hacked emails of the DNC showed the whole process was rigged from the beginning. But what does Bernie do? He throws his support to HRC and proves he was just the designated “Huckleberry” in an attempt to legitimize the fix. The majority of his supporters will vote for Trump. The Republican vote will go to Trump as evidenced by his landslide victory in the primaries and all that’s left is the “independent” or “undecideds”, the majority of which will also vote for Trump. And if anything, Johnson and Stein will take votes away from HRC, not Trump.

How do we know this? One of our inner circle is acquainted with the owner of a polling company who’s been in business for over 40 years and conducts private polls in 35 states. So far, Trump has received at least a 70% approval rating in all polling and has been as high as 90% in some areas. Interestingly enough, some of the registered Democrats have stated they’re going to vote for Trump.  This is not surprising given their candidate is one of the most corrupt, if not most corrupt political candidate in our 200+ year history.

Be apprised that the polls released by the mainstream media are for shaping the public’s collective thinking by creating our reality, as Karl Rove so aptly put it.  What we are witnessing is the mainstream media predicting a close win for HRC in November. Expect HRC’s poll numbers to go up after the last debate, regardless of the performance of either candidate so that when they manipulate the results of the election in her favor, no one will complain. They’re counting on the herd mentality as they know voters like to be able to brag after the election that they, “voted for the winner”, regardless of whom it is or what they do in the following years during their term after they are elected.  These same voters will defend their choices to the death for they are not about to admit they’ve been duped or they were wrong. This is the objective of the think tanks mentioned above, to create the cognitive dissonance that permeates our society.

The White Hats were contacted a few months ago regarding a new exit polling application that was in the development stages designed to provide accurate exit voter polling. In the coming weeks, every Monday, we will release new and updated information regarding the PollMoll app and the election news as it develops.

The Android app has already been released and the Apple app will be released later this week in addition to a windows app that will follow.

To listen to a detailed discussion of the need for the PollMole app and the ideas and reasoning behind it plus some insights into the long history of election fraud in this country, click the link below for an interview with the inventor of PollMole.

The White Hats group is working closely with Dr. Davis in the development, introduction and implementation of the PollMole app in an attempt to prevent HRC from stealing the election. We urge our readers in the US to download this app as soon as possible and get familiar with its features ahead of the election on November 8.


  1. Thanks Jehemev. If Trump would win without it, I'm all for the rigging.
    We, as a group must move past the two party system and we almost did this year (Bernie was the right way and Trump was/is the wrong way). We will do it even more so in 4 years. In the meantime, I guess more of the same old agony is preferable to a direct shot to the head.

    1. Bernie was the "right way"...??? Bernie who so obediently and meekly bowed and kissed Herr Kommandante Hillary's blood-soaked boots? Interesting.

    2. Bernie was the "right way"...??? Bernie who so obediently and meekly bowed and kissed Herr Kommandante Hillary's blood-soaked boots? Interesting.

  2. Basically Trump has to win. The only other tolerable scenario would be no election.

  3. Sensible people know the country is a pile of rubble. The only way to fix it, is to start from scratch, and let the existing system go all the way to the cave. This eliminates fiat currency, and deflates the crooks in government, filters them from the system.

    This way we can return to Constitutional rule, re-establish the banks under the Basil accords, and close the Fed.

    Grow up, Clinton is, and has been, a serious felon in politics; in excess of 40-years. I'd rather vote for a 1-legged chimp with light-blindness than Hillary. Whole communities are seeing this viewpoint, and are changing their vote to 'Anybody but Hillary'. She's gaining no ground at all. Her campaign headquarters are becoming empty rooms, and she personally is green-screening her presence at campaign events of less than 500-people.

    Trump is going to campaign events for real, that cannot contain 10's of thousands of voting fans. Only the crooks can steal the election for Hillary.

    These are facts.

  4. Really? No Republic elections?
    Do the Republic elections come "after" the cabal elections?
    I expected more from The White Hats Report.

    1. Perhaps you should question the source of whoever it was who claimed there ever would be such an election of that type. It sounds like NESARA mythology.

  5. Well done, White Hats! Published at WHA.

  6. I am so disappointed in the White Hats. How can intelligent person back Donald Trump. He is a narcissistic, lying, misogynistic, bratty child. He has no self control, lashes out at who ever slights him and does not have the temperament to run this country or any country. I am not a Hillary fan, the Clintons are crooks, absolutely and I have been a Bernie fan for many years but they were never going to let him win. I don't know what the solution is there is no good candidate and IMHO they should cancel the elections. But backing Trump is not the solution. He is an absolutely horrible being with no thought, consideration or empathy for anyone other than himself and his immediate family. How could anyone with any kind of higher consciousness back this awful person?

    1. Bernie lost. So who else should they back in order to do away with Hillary? The Dalai Lama?

      Bernie is a socialist who wanted to turn the US into Venezuela at a faster pace than Obama is doing. No thanks.

      Bernie, enlightened? Ha.

      Trump has no self control? He controlled himself into a muti-billionaire status. He controlled himself into a parent of accomplished kids who are not coke heads. He controlled himself into eliminating everyone in the political field against him, and has accomplished more than career Marxist politician Bernie ever did throughout his street agitating, paper hanging tenure, in which he created no jobs for anyone.

      Cancel the elections? Then what?

      You have got to be kidding.

      He's not perfect, not be a long shot, but it's time to get rid of the Clinton family, and start a precedent of electing non politicians to higher offices. Problem solvers are needed, and between the two, Trump has solved more problems and created more financial resources for employment than Tovarish' Sanders, or hILLary.

      On merit alone, he wins hands down. The others are failed hacks who couldn't solve a problem if they themselves were the problem.

    2. Most Bernie supporters are voting Stein, unless they vote Hil trying to block Trump. Trump is not a multi billionaire, maybe a few hundred millionaire, but he is totally ignorant of governing, has gone bankrupt in most of his businesses, leaving workers and creditots with nothing. He refuses to pay his contractors, or his hourly wage workers, they all have to sue him just to get wages.
      Trump wants more tax cuts for uber wealthy, on the backs of middle class & poor. He says minumum wage (7.25/hr) is TOO MUCH. He cheats on his wives, has 5 kids by 3 women,is accused by colleagues, and an exwife & a 13 yr old of rape, or attempted rape, pals around with Jeff Epstein & Bill Clinton on pedophile island. Describes women as cunts, whores, disgusting, brags about the size of his dick in a debate. REALLY,you want Trump??? Not a man of light, nor depth, nor intelligence, nor honesty. Nor dignity.

      And,insider word is the corporations will kill him rwther than allow him in the White House. Probably that would happen to Sanders and Stein also.

    3. I have no idea from where you get your information, Jeanie, but whatever the source you should walk away from it quickly. You have been lied to and demagogued by the left wing media. As well, the two parties have built themselves an impenetrable wall of ptorection from any third party attempt to encroach on their power base. So, I presume you prefer to have a woman who has provably sold her positions as SecState, Senator and First Lady for big dollars in the White House and watch her sell the country to the Chinese the same way her husband sold our computer and missile technology during his term in office. You just keep clinging to those so-called standards of yours. But they will not help you when you are faced with the prospect of learning Chinese in order to vote next time.

  7. All that Picasso paints about Trump is true, but far worse, with such a dreadful choice of 2 thoroughly obnoxious candidates, only a person with the IQ of a Sheeple excreta dropping could vote for as truly evil and obnoxious as Clinton. Why she is even on the ballot paper is a crime itself. Anyone voting Clinton needs to be hot iron branded with a Moron sign on their forehead. Living proof they still mass breed them in America.Conceived and fed in Wallmarts.
    What part of the hundreds of known Clinton crimes seems to have been bypassed? How could a person with any higher consciousness even think of voting for Clinton? The tragedy for America, is they vote! The litany of Clinton's crimes are so extensive both should be in jail of for life.

    As for the utter crass combination of mass ignorance down to utter stupidity, only in America. What hope is there when Clinton voters exist? Have they read nothing? Maybe we need to pre IQ test voters.

  8. Do you white hats do anything important like killing off the entire bad guys. Who gives a fuck about the election because everyone, including you asshole white hats, are using the election as a major divergency of what the real problems are. Is everyone afraid to face the do or die problems?

  9. Do you white hats do anything important like killing off the entire bad guys. Who gives a fuck about the election because everyone, including you asshole white hats, are using the election as a major divergency of what the real problems are. Is everyone afraid to face the do or die problems?

  10. What happen to the mass arrest of the corrupt personnel that we kept hearing about. I guess that was smoke and mirror bs to keep the herd docile for a few months

  11. What happen to the mass arrest of the corrupt personnel that we kept hearing about. I guess that was smoke and mirror bs to keep the herd docile for a few months

  12. What proof do any of you Hillary haters have of Hillary's crimes? I would be surprised, given the corruption of government, if some of them weren't true, however, what proof do you have. Isn't it as "sheeplelike" to buy everything the right wing media sells.They have been braying about this stuff for 30+ years to such an extent that it permeates the collective consciousness and we all absorb some of it. Yet even her greatest enemies have not been able to prove anything.Yea I know, they have all been silenced, only they haven't been. But ask yourselves, although I know you won't, what do I actually know for a fact. That is, other than what I have picked up through osmosis and hearsay, There is a reason why hearsay is not allowed in court, at least ideally.
    Once you have done that then look at Hillary and Trump honestly and what do you see? A competent person verses a silly,obnoxious child, who, if humored, would be dangerous.

    1. It saddnes me when such an apologist for Hilderbeast, and that vile sex predator, child molesting, charity fraud husband who just happens to have gone numerous times to sex trafficking child prostituting Geoffrey's Island by mistake, and past Employers have fired the Bitch for dishonesty,the WH had to recover multiple assets she stole, the new Charity scandal has unearthed vast frauds with the 6 or 7 convicted felons on the board, all cross laundering funds with sleazy Bill, and Whitewater was a non event? His daughters marriage to the son of a convicted Fraudster, and the son in laws mismanagement of billions of dollars of Clients funds, is all part of what kind of crime family? The FBI SAID she was a Thieving, Malignant, Lying Crook, but had been ordered NOT to arrest her, because otherwise, she would take down the Lying, conniving, False Passport holding Usurping Kenyan Gay Limp wrist Girly Boy runner President,if they could decide which of the 16 false SS numbers he has used to prosecute the bastard. Or the vast number of Establishment gutter trash she would take with her. Yes to all the bad things about the obnoxious Trump shyster, agreed its a dreadful choice for Americans. but she is 10 times worse, and as Putin has warned you, a recipe for a full nuclear war if shes elected.
      The FACT the bitch has gotten away with it so long is only because of the State of Rot that is Washington. It worries me that such as you even Vote! Where's that Sam Elliot Poster, what kind of Stupid are you?
      Jeez, you clearly are a Wallmart picture shopper. With a vote- OMG?
      What Right Wing Media, you joke? Same, here's one! Wake up! Grow up! Only a complete MUTT can vote for Clinton. Sheeple of the worst kind. Correct, both are unfit for office, but Hilderbeast? Clearly it will need a sledge hammer to correct that blinker vision. Please, award this person the Sam Elliot T Shirt. OMG one's on this site now. Do Wallmart's have a returns policy?

  13. Wow...this board is one hate generating crowd! I applaud the White Hats for their part in bringing down the Cabal. I look forward to their reports and know they give the public what they can, when they can. Well done!

    As far as Presidential Candidates...I will never vote Hillary. I used to think Trump was an viable candidate...but after that first debate I am vacillating on his ability to lead us out of this mess...with the exception of the fact that while he has lived a life of privilege and pushed (at least)the legal limits, I do not believe he is Cabal.

    After the VP Debate last night, I say we toss out Trump and write in Pence. Or how about Trey Gowdy? I am one who believes this election (given it's fair and just) is FAR from over. If the Alliances behind the scenes will give us some good options I am sure the American People will be happy to choose a decent leader!

    1. Absolutely right Tina B and we also hope you DO get a decent Leader. Not Clinton at any price. Are so many so truly stupid they have no idea what's going on? We saw proof above. America really needs to bring in IQ testing to register for a vote. I fear 80M or so will merit a Sam Elliot T Shirt soon.
      Voting Clinton is beyond sad. Even Monica lost the taste for it.

    2. Tina--Govt cannot "lead us out of this mess." Never could. The govt is supposed to be WeThePeople, not the elite of DC, NYC, City of London, Brussels, etc, who are NOT elected, but who give the orders, grease the palms, determine policy secretly, control the money supply (yes, the banksters and their cohorts in crime, including the intl conglomerates and the MIC).

      But Trump at least will not lead us, if what we hear is true, INTO MORE of a MESS, which is exactly what the HellBeast plans to do...WWIII is very good for her employers--the banksters and the MIC esp. And they have proven it by paying her $250,000 for 30-minute speeches and turned the HellBillFoundation is one of the largest slush funds in the world.

      She is the worst kind of traitor to WeThePeople. And she doesn't care, b/c her bottom line is power and profit. Trump is certainly no Ron Paul, by any stretch of the imagination on the "good man" scale. But she is an ubergreedy, conscienceless psychopath with absolutely no concern whatsoever for anyone but herself. Period.

  14. I do not see the election solving anything, the people will blindly follow who ever is selected. Look at them backing Rubio, Cruz, Bernie - all grotesquely unqualified to hold any government position. And HRC still needs to be exposed, how long does it take this country to pinpoint a criminal and traitor? (Whitewater started in 1979.) I have no problem with Trump but I do not think he is presidential material.
    We are relying on the election as a means to solve a perpetual problem and will certainly get the same results as it is the same method. I wish it was easy as electing Trump but do people REALLY believe he can turn the country around? He is no George Washington. If we do not find some true elders or wise men to run this country we will remain a consumer driven nightmare serving the banks and corporations. A tax break is not freedom, dissolving the IRS is freedom. It all needs to be destroyed to remove any semblance of political/ corporate influence from the hearts and minds of the people. To prove to ourselves we can surgically remove the parasites. I do not think the country has the conviction to right the wrongs we have allowed.
    I met a retired combat vet who taught at West Point who thinks a pizza delivery guy became a seal and shot Osama Bin Laden in 2011. He also thinks wind from the world trade centers blew over WT7 - he taught as West Point! We are conditioned to need a boogeyman, to fret over news stories we could never prove, to blindly accept solutions provided by people elected thru a fraudulent system. The people need to take back the government and redesign the system just like our founding fathers did. There comes a time to scrap the whole fucking project and start over, now is that time.

  15. I can't believe someone would vote for either one of them. I always vote, but I write in a candidate's name, like Ron Paul. Many men like Trump, but most women can't stand him. His disgusting audio recording just solidifies what we already know. Any man that votes for Trump has issues. Sorry, but that is how I see it. All I can say is "careful what you wish for", because you just might get it.

    Think about a third party candidate or write-in vote.

  16. A lot of globalist banking cabal shills in here bashing Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is the anti banking cabal candidate, unlike Hillary who wants a one world government with her and her friends ruling the world, and the vast majority of humanity as their slaves. Mr. Trump is a stellar human being who has done nothing wrong. The silly Bush/bus tape is much ado about nothing.