Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012 - The White Hats Statement

Be assured that White Hats Report #48 is coming.

But let us be clear: We will not be dictated to in service to anyone's self interest. Our responsibility is to vigorously vet all information before reporting it. We consider all intel to be "Dirty Intel" until it is vetted by us. And we will not release "Dirty Intel" regardless of who pushes or how hard they push. The White Hats are not in service to any individual or their personal agenda. We are in service to all people and to the truth. Either we say what's true or we say nothing. Responsibility comes at a cost, not somebody's opinion or comment. As long as The White Hats are paying that cost, no one gets to provide say-so unless we ask.  For right now, we haven't asked.

What is also true: If threats and coercion attempts could succeed against us, we would have disappeared long ago. They are a regular occurrence.

Don’t be surprised that disinformation increases against The White Hats as our reports become potentially more damaging. That is to be expected.

A final thought: No one outside The White Hats speaks for us ...we speak through this blog and our website. We have no new members. Do we seek assistance from those bloggers and others who would help us to spread the official "The White Hats Report"? Yes. We have requested that support and will continue to do so.

We have no affiliation or relationship with anyone outside The White Hats except for the following:  First, we requested assistance from Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot on the Secret Space Program for Report #48. Second, we are associated with the White Hats Auxiliary. Aside from that, we have no outside relationships and are pursuing none.

Update on Report #48:
It takes as long as it takes to get to the truth. What was to be Report #48 is expanding in depth as we continue gathering data. While it was intended to be one report, we must now expand it into multiple reports. Be assured that #48 is coming.


  1. Always appreciate your reporting. Will spread the word and reblog. Thank you!

  2. Ok. That's what we've been waiting to hear. An update of
    some sort. The long silence indicated ....well, just what we've been stating. What else could we think.
    Thanks. Much appreciated.

    And now its looking like we will get 4 more years of the same, as of this hour. And probably worse. Unless somebody decides to 'fire up the Diebold machinery'.
    Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, anyhow.

  3. "And now its looking like we will get 4 more years of the same, as of this hour."

    Abby, makes one shudder to think of it.

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    2. I shudder as well. However, I would shudder if Mitty won too!:)

    3. I think Mittens would have been worse, but then again.. who knows. The media is really it's thing with warping 'the people.'
      I've been twitting loads of videos and I'm seeing the hits increasing as I do it. Please don't tell me it's fixed..lol.. it gives me 'hope.'
      TMAN..if you read this. Offer your views on the Colorado shooter please? Do you think, like I do, that it was a mind-takeover of the kid because his father was going to testify about Libor? I'd really like a second opinion on that. I've also read about the super-soldiers and watched their videos. I'm starving for more..if you have more thoughts.. give 'em up.LOL
      So good to know there is still some 'good' in the world.
      I look at my grandchildren and shudder to think that this is happening on 'my watch.'

  4. Yeah, Kerry does just fling shit out there!:) I like project camelot, but she puts everything down in the blog, whether true or not. That is disinformation to a degree IMAO. Somebody is feeding her some stuff that can't possibly be true. Keep it up White Hats. I too have been eager for 48 but totally can dig why. Best of luck

  5. So now the White Hat's are flavour of the month again, and everything is gonna be hunky-dory? .... NOT!

    The White Hats, if they ever existed, are a failure, just as the American public are a failure for voting in an impostor for a second term. UN-BE-FUCKIN-LIEVEABLE! You Americans now know you have NO support from your country at large and I wish you all the best of luck ... just don't set foot in MY country when it all goes tits up.

    1. They didn't 'vote' them in door-knob. The president of 2012..like the one of 2008 and 2004 were 'chosen' by someone higher than yourself. Voter fraud, Diebold machine fraud and all other kinds of fraud ave been used to make sure that 'you the people' will be controlled. (which you are)

      If you witnessed what happened to Ron Paul at the Republican meet, then there should be no question about fraud with you. It's happened and Americans are accepting it.

      Educate yourself and find out the truth about the NWO and how they work. THEN..come and enlighten the rest of us with something that will we don't know.

      I see comments like yours on all news websites and I'm so tired of offering links, article and proof and in the end, denial still rules. WE are all in this mess together. It would be helpful if there were more people to back up the truthers than the sleepers.


  6. Webtrekker -

    We have many choices for you to dissolve your conundrum with us:

    1. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
    2. Use someone else's blog site to urinate on.
    3. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
    4. Start your own blog. Surely the other complainers here would like to have another site to urinate on.
    5. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
    6. Get off your phat patoot and do something constructive yourself ... this is for complainers only.
    7. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
    8. Move from behind the computer screen, grab your gum shoes and a pad of paper/pencil, and handle your own research project.
    9. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
    10. As you are a genisus of immense proportions, run for office and clean something up.

    Until you decide to do something how about reading items 1,3,5,7,9.

    You have been here a while and YOUR story is the same ... complain, complain, complain at what you think we need to do ... well, we think you time has come to an end ... say goodbye and politely leave ... like the gentleperson you claim to be.

    Shape up or sign off.

  7. So it's a wrap. Communism defeats the International drug money laundering king. Only in AmeriKa. The theatre of the absurd. Entitlements are the new drug.

    Valerie Jarrett...The Shah of America, propping up the Community Organizer.

    Exit..stage LEFT.

  8. Thank you for the update.
    There will always be the ignorant or paid trolls that will try to quiet the messenger. I'm so use to that.
    I downloaded your mp3 re- #48 TMAN, and have tried getting it into different comment sections so when it's truly out, i will do what I can to spread the word.
    From reading comments in other newsites, you can feel the anger, frustration and can only try to wake these people up. I hope they don't all go back to sleep after this so called 'chosen election.'
    Are you familiar with the videos:
    Change is on the Horizon Parts 1-3? I've been pushing them also on Twitter. If you've seen these, can you tell me if they are similar to the truth?
    Thanks again for being there for the people.

  9. ABBY -

    I read a bunch of your stuff including all of your wonderful and less than wonderful comments ...

    I would like to use your less than wonderful comments as a basis for mine ... some may get it, some may choke and some may leave ... change is good ... makes room for the serious learners out there ... the new recruits, so to speak.

    We have found out many things during our course of 47 reports and one statement. Do you think anyone has had the guts to challange us in our reporting? We are not talking the likes of Webtrekker ... he just "participates" in flapping of the lips.

    What we have seen here is an addiction. Addicts come here for their drug of choice and every day they demand more, then when they are high enough they go back to their place in the alley and sleep it off, only to do it all again the next day.

    SOME bloggers are the same way ... they get a boldness when sitting behind the screen and sometimes there are so bold they allow themselves to get really pissy when their personal expectations are not realized. Then the demands come.

    Demands are always interesting conversations .. demands usually come from people that don't do ... in our case, instead of being happy the information is coming with someone that is actually completing the work, we get told "If you do not print it in our timeframe then we are going to throw a child-like tantrum, call you names and leave". When one pissy person makes a demand statement then other addicts do the same.

    We know we have lost a couple of commenters here. Maybe their voices and their ego got bigger than the information we report on. This means they were here for themselves and not any of us or you.

    Unfortunate as it may be, we will miss them but ultimately it was their decision to overstep the boundaries. Shame on them and shame on you for not using your own head while making your own comments and/or demands.

    We love our readership but it would seem a little silly to make demands of us when most doing nothing except complain daily like Webtrekker. I have viewed his stuff on occasion and his ego is far beyond reality ... I mean really why stay when you are obvisously miserable?

    Don't get stuck in the info trap. Use the info and the enlightenment that comes with it for the betterment of something. For example, go do something in your home state, i.e. start with city hall. If you have learned some stuff, then go out and do something, pass the knowledge along and train someone else up. This is the only way you are going to make a difference. Sitting on our blog spewing garbage is not going to make a different in the world. Get off the blog and go do something positive and productive. Effectuate changes to your community, go volunteer at your community centers or your churches, take up a cause and make it work.

    Do something ... anything ... but don't sit behind a computer screen and be brazen because nobody can see you. Go be seen and do something constructive, positive and memoriable.

    You really do not want to be us ... it's a very nasty world out there. If you live your life through us, you will turn into a rutabaga ... that's a vegatable.

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    1. HUGH -

      Don't be fooled my friend ... the USA is just the biggest of the countries. If they succeed here, then you are next.

      Now what are you going to do? How is the view from behind the computer screen now?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. HUGH -

      I admit my anology about the computer screen does not mean the computer are useless. Contrare my friend, the computer can be a very effective tool.

      My aggravation is with the folks that whine and do nothing ... blaming others for the assumed failures of their own actions or lack thereof.

      For the peole that care and do, not enough is said on their behalf.

      Thanks for the comments here.

  11. T-MAN, I have never posted here but read and watched over time. I think...no, I know..., much of the recent frustration comes from the fact that first your moderator here, John said about 1 month ago that #48 was soon to be released ( I believe he first said within days, then 1 week). That never happened but then you did an interview with Kerry Cassidy in which you yourself said it would be released in about 1 week. That was Oct. 19th.Here we are heading on 3 weeks and nothing. There in lies the frustration!

    Couple that with many people hurting bad out there, morally, financially, spiritually! Some are waiting desperately for the so called Dinar RV, something you said is VERY real and not a scam but others like Walter Burien ( who brought out the CAFR scam being used on a local, state and national level), are equating it to "selling shares for the Brooklyn Bridge" ...a SCAM.

    With all the disinfo out there, most are so frustrated and confused they have no idea where to turn.

    Of course people appreciate what the White Hats are doing, What they don't appreciate is being given info that doesn't come to light when it was said to come to light.

    All the best!

  12. Is this considered report #47 or did I miss one?

  13. JOE -

    I understand your insight but acting like children is not part of a normal reaction ... at least in our world, and it will not be so here.

    We have no moderators ... we have commentors with personal opinions. If they want to be more than they are, that's their ego talking. Attempting to control the ebb and tide of this blog is our responsibility. The information will get released as we deem it ready to be released. We do not employ, ask or require anybody to be bigger, or in any way more expert than the information contained on this blog. The information specifically stands on it's own merits.

    Having said that, we appreciate anyone with expertise to comment and share their views but we are all just men and women working towards the truth. For example, Papa Bush is no bigger a man then you or me. He is just a man.

    Now, there was a time lag, we made decisions and due to ALL of the responsibilities of our daily activities, especially during these specific times, we made choices. If people want to go off on a sillpery slope tangent, then they need to get some experience and get to the service of their fellow man like we do. Don't wait for us ... we have posted 47 reports. What have these brave commentors done with that information?

    It's easy to strike out for whatever emotional reasons are available but in the end ... When does somebody pick up their own pitchfork?

    Now, everybody knows that Obama won the election. Now What? What are you going to do? Can you blame the WhiteHats because you need someone to use as a scapegoat? How about you and your neighbors? The voters are responsibile?

    For those of you the are complaining, do you think you could have used any of the 47 reports to talk about the truth of Obama? Do you think if people took the time to use the resources available that would have swung another 500,000 votes to Romney? After all, with 100 million plus popular vote, Obama only won with 500,000 or so more in the popular vote.

    So Joe, in the final analysis, if people want to be mad, place the grief in the right spot. If people want to be impatient, then so be it, people are always going to be people. If John, or anyone else, made representations, then you need to be outspoken with them, not us. You believed them and what they said, not us.

  14. TMan,

    Is the following statement you made an endorsement that Romney would have been a better choice for POTUS? If not, I'm not sure how to interpret what you are conveying in this statement and would love a bit of explanation...if you are so inclined.

    "For those of you the are complaining, do you think you could have used any of the 47 reports to talk about the truth of Obama? Do you think if people took the time to use the resources available that would have swung another 500,000 votes to Romney? After all, with 100 million plus popular vote, Obama only won with 500,000 or so more in the popular vote."

    Thanks for the update and I look forward to #48.

    1. Dear Mom -

      Just for the record ... this is feeling awkward ... having to speak to "MOM" without you being Mom. Snicker. Sort of makes me nervous as I remember what my "MOM" provided if she disagreed with me. OUCH!!! Needless to say, that was probably more often than not.

      Anyway, I am not endorsing any candidate as I know more about them than you would care to know.

      The comment was merely the basis for a line of thinking.

      Now, don't plummel me with the yardstick!

  15. Well, T-MAN, I think many believed that John and Geno ( and yes, those 2 were very out spoken towards you and the other WHs) thought they were your moderators. That added to the confusion and frustration.

    Personally, I have done alot over the years of getting the word to others, donating, helping those that I could, calling 3 lettered agencies, corporations, voting, NOT voting in some instances, the list goes on. Hell, after the last 6 months or so, with me trying to get word to other people I am viewed as 'conspiracy kook' by the some of the same people I tried to help and inform. ha

    That said, I will quietly go back behind the scenes and not say much more but I think I speak for many people when I say, we appreciate what you and other White Hats are doing and the sooner we can take back America and live peaceful and enjoyable lives again, the better.

    Take care!

    P.S. T-Man, understand also that your life's work along with the steering of God has put you in a more unique situation to help America ..and the world for that matter, than most of the people reading this blog.

    1. Joe -

      Thank you for your comments and concerns. I would like to thank you personally for the efforts you have made to get the word out.

      The Hats often wonder if we are making a difference, then something out of the blue happens, like the story that was told about the couple in a restaurant reading the WH reports and handing out copies of the articles. Simply amazing!

      It is still amazing to us that we that we have apparently made a significant difference. Go figure. Somebody of some fame stated that a little truth goes a long way. Who knew.

      Yet, we wonder what is actually happening in the back rooms America and other places. Do they shake their heads, get mad, get really mad ... who knows.

      We have a feeling that some do and some are apathetic. Like they read a report and go back to their comfy reclining chair in fornt of the television and the report goes in the paper stack on the side.

      Would we like to see everyone grab a pitchfork and go to D.C. sure ... what the heck as long as their is beer. In reality, is that a practicle call out ... not at all.

      So, what is left? How about knowledge. We say research it yourself .. refuse to take our word. Check it out for yourself.

      As to my life's work and belief in God. Well, as you can imagine, that is a private matter. I will tell you that sometimes I wonder about the reality of it all and, yes, I lookup and ask "Why me?. [fists doubled-up and shakin' at the sky.

      Apparently, I missed the meeting when the assignments where handed out.

      Thanks for all you are ...

  16. Tman, thanks for taking the time to visit. I will begin to study the CAFR issues in my city and see if I can get enough Patriots to hold our local government responsible. If there is anything else someone like me can do in my local city, let me know and I'll look at that too.
    I am a small business owner and knew this day might come. The problem most of us have is we don't know where to start. I'll start with my local CAFR. Maybe others on this site can share what they plan to do, no matter how small, in their local communities or state.

    1. Tennessee -

      Now this is the kind of conversation that needs to take place.

      All politicians have to start somewhere and it's always at the local level. If they learn they can get away with stuff there, then they are off to the races when they grow up.

      Dirt politicians are always dirty, they don't become that way. If they learn to be that way, then they as well need to get the hell out. You and the rest of your town, needs to hold them accountable. If they are dirt, get rid of them. Just like you have a zero tolerance and boundaries for your kids, employees and others around you.

      If you train them up right, your communiyt with not suffer, you will deal forthrightly with issues and provide honorable solutions to problems and differences.

      Some may think this is flighty ... my answer: Don't attempt to be a leader ... you will fail.

      Go get them and please start a conversation on this blog as to your thoughts and progress.

  17. Over the last two years I have personally taken all 47 reports to local, state, and federal officials only to be told there was no proof in the reports and basically labeled a "conspiracy nut". I have encountered the same when presenting the reports to the average citizen. They simply cannot believe they have and are being scammed by their government. My questions to TMAN is when 48 comes out will it make a difference or are we still chasing rabbits and our tails?

    1. Stormy - I have found that most people just cannot stand to think they have been duped all their life.
      For this reason, they plug their ears and don't want to listen. Their ego is in the way of Truth.

      Another reason is they want to live in a daydream and hope on such things as Elections to suddenly make life beautiful for them. They are too childish to face reality, the horror that is really going on.
      They want to have their trust in some Man, and trying to talk to them about the evildoing that abounds, messes up their false dream of utopia.

      So it's easier for them to just call people like 'us' nutcases, conspiracy theorists and other such dung. BUT the day will come when they will have to say....DANG! they were right!

    2. Stormy -

      The reality is that our reports hit their intended targets. Whether you see it or there is a difference made depends on your line of sight. Remember this is wholesale and retail blog.

      But will you be ready if your are required to carry a pitchfork. How will you stand? In line with your beliefs?

  18. Tman,

    I was pretty sure that's what you meant but just wanted to be sure.

    I would NEVER pummel you with a yardstick as you are a 'good son'...carry on and know that this mom is behind you 100%.

  19. You have to admit that Report 47 was some pretty weak sauce, and I'd bet that's where a lot of the skepticism is coming from. #47 makes a bold prediction which fell flat on its face, as most predictions are apparently wont to do. I admit that one might counter and say that Biden (or Obama) may yet resign or be removed from office, but that's not exactly within the timeframe stated by #47.

    When a prophecy comes true, it shows that the prophet has a reliable source. When a prophecy does not come true, it discredits the prophet. It might be easier on the reading public if the reports stick to past events; just a suggestion. Otherwise you've got people visiting this website for the latest report who're reading #47 and not seeing any way that they could share it without getting laughed out of the room.

  20. TMAN - Thanks for all your interaction here today. I see
    you picked up on some of my tactics, lol. Weeds some out, alright. Fury especially comes over me when I see some who want to defend the very culprits we are all fighting against. People MUST wake up to the truth of the fakes that live in that little place named israel. That will put a lot of things into right perspective. Only good thing i've seen out of Obummer in 4 years is, that he doesn't have his lips glued to Netty's hindend.

    I've passed on a LOT of what has been said in the previous Reports. I get called lots of names and out and out trashed for doing so, but I'm way past personal insults.
    I've sent people over here to read Reports; a few have told me they love it, and thanks. (I have a health condition that prevents me from going among mob crowds. That is for you younger folks.)

    Tman, maybe you can get Report #47 on the List on the right hand side of this page, so people can go to it.

    And, can you give us some idea of when you think you'll
    be able to publish #48, 49 & 50? I'm also curious as to how this Selection, oops I mean 'election' changes how the WH's might proceed.

    To Readers Around the World: NO, we americans do NOT elect our president; our Elections are a farce, a total fraud perpetrated on us by the very powers that are being fought against in this Blog. Two of the best liars are forced upon us, both being detrimental to everyone. Good people are prevented from running. Electronic Vote Machines are manipulated. Don't be against the USA and its ordinary people for what we have no control over.
    We all have the one and same common enemy - evil people that want rid of common man. Thieves robbing and trying to destroy us all.

  21. TMAN,

    Enough of the deflections and distractions.

    People are asking for PROOF. Solid evidence.
    The Hats are stalling because they've over played their game and we're seeing them for the frauds they are. It really is time to shut down. Claim that you got compromised, or what ever, but really, give it up.

    It's that simple.

    There are a lot of questions being aimed at the Hats and they're beating the same old drum. 'wait', 'wait some more' and 'keep waiting'.
    This tactic of 'Oh we have some stuff that's going to blow the lid off everything!!!' and then delaying until when it does come out it's this watered down drivel, or 'we couldn't release some of it because it's A. not vetted, B. we're being watched, or what ever' Please. stop insulting us.

    You're feeding us wild rumors under the label of truth. But there's no way for anyone here to prove it. We can vet it. We have to take your word for it?
    And that begs questions everyone here should be asking.
    How do we know you aren't the CIA, FBI, NSA or some other organization trying to influence us. The things you tell us effect how we vote, spend our money, where we live.
    Everyone knows that all those agencies conduct polygraph and drug testing several times a year on 'all' employees. All the way to the top. Are you telling us that your inside contacts can defeat the polygraph? Are you saying the polygraph company is in on it?

    Why is it that those same agencies don't go into red alert when they see their secrets splashed all over the Hat site? Why is it that they don't go into lock down and hunt down the leak?
    Maybe they want a leak. Maybe they create what is leaked to further their agenda and the Hats are front spoon feeding people.

    Personally, I think the Hats are a bunch of guys that make up this stuff. You come home from stocking shelves at Home Depot or the drive up window at McDonalds and think up crap to say, then tell everyone how the intel you have is so secret, so inside that it's only through your channels that we hear it.
    How convenient.

    1. CHRIS -

      Thank you for your opinion and related verbal diatribe.

      Let me give you the same answer provided to another person of similar repute.

      ... and I QUOTE:

      We have many choices for you to dissolve your conundrum with us:

      1. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
      2. Use someone else's blog site to urinate on.
      3. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
      4. Start your own blog. Surely the other complainers here would like to have another site to urinate on.
      5. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
      6. Get off your phat patoot and do something constructive yourself ... this is for complainers only.
      7. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
      8. Move from behind the computer screen, grab your gum shoes and a pad of paper/pencil, and handle your own research project.
      9. Go away and don't read or participate with us.
      10. As you are a genius of immense proportions, run for office and clean something up.

      Until you decide to do something, how about reading items 1,3,5,7,9, again.

      You have been here a while and YOUR story is the same ... complain, complain, complain at what you think we need to do ... well, we think you time has come to an end ... say goodbye and politely leave ... like the gentleperson you claim to be.

      Shape up or sign off.


      Hopefully this provides the answers you need for those burning questions about our integrity and credibility. Please take a seat in your power chair behind the computer and contemplate it all.

    2. TMAN

      A quick lesson in English.
      diatribe is defined as a bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing.Mine was neither of these.

      It appears that I hit a nerve, though.
      Let me explain something to you and everyone else here who would love for me to leave.
      I'm a patriot. I love this country in spite of it's flaws. This country aspires to goodness, justice, and rewarding men and women who work to make something of themselves.

      What ever this site 'used to be', it is not the same now.
      This site is an infection. It's a nexus of conjecture, rumors and lies being hawked as truth. The White Hats, themselves, are touted as also being patriots risking life and limb to expose the enemies of this country.
      Yet, the moment there's any risk they vanish, reports evaporate, and we're left wondering what happened.

      Show me where in history, anywhere, where patriots won the freedom of their country, or overcame evil and corruption by running away.

      TMAN, you and your kind say a lot in defense of the White Hats... except the proof.
      'Please leave', 'you're picking on us', 'don't say anything negitive', 'go away'.

      To that I repeat what others have said...
      Put up
      shut up

      No, don't talk about the past like it somehow validates this site. I've read it, and you're if anything the past blogs only reinforce my statements that you guys make a lot of 'unfounded' claims that nobody else can prove. So we just take your word for it?
      You spend months and months vetting your information, but expect us to lay blind faith at your feet?

      You see the rest of us as simpletons and frankly I think it's time the mask comes off. It's time to shine the light on you.

  22. Guess I'm just a ghost here or not intelligent enough to participate..

    I know I'm on CNN's list and probably Obama's..

    Posted this morning..but no sign..
    sokay..I can still read.

  23. Well, okay, but hurry up before they blow your ass up.

  24. In the meantime (popcorn at the ready again), two interesting papers from "Daniel":



  25. T-Man, or is it Tea-Boy? :-D

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your childish comments about me. Looks like I've definitely hit a nerve there!

    I thought you said the White Hats were in control of this blog. If so, why haven't you simply removed my comments, as Geno did so frequently in the past? Hmmmmm? Maybe it was GENO'S blog and you lot have just gatecrashed and have no control over postings! Prove me wrong by deleting this post. Go on, show you have REAL power!

    1. At least now some form of commitment to publish has been given-again! Webtrekker, encourage that. 48 really does contain what you all need to know with vast back up. A lot of "activity" is in play behind the scenes with vitriolic views expressed as we each fight our corners behind in serious WH infighting debate to help you all. But, the key is to get it published for Americas sake. Breaking it into sections wont work. Simply because, having seen how much was done in 13 weeks, the work won't get done. The good thing is their volume of site activity over the last 2 days.Wake up time is a good thing.

      O has few options now.Taxes will have to increase . Military spending will have to be cut. Welfare will have to be cut. US Energy sourcing will have to increase to cut imports. More US jobs. Wasteful State employment costs is an issue O will have to face, and cut. There IS NO MONEY! FRB NY will have to be Fed absorbed and reigned in.
      O now has 4 years and nothing to lose. With support to motivate him, if the WH site really goes public, it just may give him the ammo to go after Sr and the rotten Cabal. They are the ones who bankrupted your country and trashed the real economy with Cabal theft and crippling illegal wars with false WMD's lying to you.
      The WH site has published a lot of hard and real truths in the past. Credit what is due. It has a role to play if we can just encourage them to release en mass to you what they do have. They have to trust you to read and sort it. The election is over and lost. Sr has now lost all real control and the Kenyan card won't work any longer. The WHs, if encouraged, really can help expose the core rot to take head on. The Hispanic, Afro American and Muslim birth rates will fast place you all into minorities in a decade. The US is OVER as you knew it.Finished. Bankrupt. Debating real issues now can at least encourage a new start based on realities and face down the Cabal. Encourage O now to seize it all. Even if you don't benefit, trash the Cabal and Texan Mafia for bringing you down to this. Share the pain!
      With the release of the GS, a new low cost Energy expansion policy, a real cut in needless brutal and costly wars, and an end to Contractor racketeering, as well as an end to Wall Street malpractices, you can still recover America. We need to encourage the WH boys to be Patriotic, take a chance and publish. The only fear is fear itself. We have ALREADY slapped it all out into World leadership so whats now to lose? We have acted. Follow courage. Fight for your own nation. Recover credibility and get it out. You deserve support for what you have done so far, but 13 weeks is no longer tolerable. The world needs united action. Are we alone here? Its only America you are leaving ignorant of truth and a chance to act. Now you are back on site, listen to the readers. You need them. They need what you have. All 300 pages. Slap it out. Let truth free and freedom will follow. Now- is your time. Use it.

    2. Web -

      The Team had a discussion about your challange ... it was a good discussion and solidified our position that all people can have a voice here ... good, bad or indifferent.

      We let everyone express there opinions regardless of the depth or lack of depth of the authorings.

      So stick around, feel free to comment. Show your stuff. Let the folks here determine if they want to read you what you offer.

      Now, if you want to ask me to join you in the middle of the street at high noon ... I am good up to about a half mile without a scope.

      ... and the best part of all, I certainly don't need permission from the team for that event.

      Continue on ...

    3. Hi TMAN -

      I must admit, you handled my ultimatum well, and I thank you for not deleting my post, as has happened so many times in the past.

      Rather than meet at High Noon with guns drawn (I too am no mean shot, with a UK RAF Marksman's badge to my name), maybe I'll take this opportunity to relax my attitude and wave the white flag instead.

      Nothing is to be gained from constant bickering and I'll reserve any future judgement on the existence of the White Hats until after the release of 48. Hopefully it's what everyone has been waiting for.

    4. Great ... how good are you at investigating stuff? Do you have resources available to you in the UK? If you have the credentials you state I would assume you have buddies that want to make a difference in the world ... game to play?

  26. Black Clover offers lifestyle clothing and accessories like golf apparel, golf hats, golf polos, lucky hat, fitted hats for men, women and children who want the most out of life and demand the same from their clothing and gear.To extend our shopping experience to a wider client base we are now happy and excited to announce the launch of our website.
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  27. On one side we have John and on the other Tman. We have to assume that at least two factions of thewhitehats exist, both with their own agendas. I stand by my words. The faction that held up the new report until after the US elections were finished made a mistake....possibly had an agenda. Yep...Tman is saying the intel wasn't ready and now belittles the critics. Guess what Tman...intel is never ready. You know that. That's what analyst do. They give their best shot at a "guess" as to what it all means.

    Maybe this relates to rumors that american intelligence was behind the anti-romney leaks ? I couldn't care less about taking sides. I just want the truth.

    Regardless , this election was a watershed event and thewhitehats "chose" to not show. Even John thinks it a mistake. Of course John has "his" agenda as well. But at least John's is transparent and has been stated. The Tman faction must have cards in play. When I read that current military were involved with american whitehats, I knew there was an agenda ...or multiple agendas ! I trust the military as far as I can throw them ! History proves.

    And Tman....coming on a public blog that YOU set up with a comment section and telling people not to post...to go away because you don't like what they say, even when they adamantly disagree, even when they say it's all a farce, goes completely contrary to the free world most of us want and expect. This also , regardless of intention, reveals hidden agendas.

    Now I personally have done my research, written my articles and beliefs and reached thousands, and I believe everything that thewhitehats have published, and I personally don't need to justify my efforts to change the world to anyone. I also know there are risks and threats. I've personally seen them. But I would hazard a guess and say at the least, every man and woman who knows what's happening spends endless hours trying to convince others, loosing family, friends and casual acquaintances in the process.

    So the longer you manipulate the data , the more agenda-ess it appears. No one wants more opinionated #47's. As I've requested in the past, you've alluded to the vatican bank accounts of our representatives...as a good example. I fully agree with John. Dump what you've got on the world...and let the world decide . If our politicians have a billion dollars hidden away somewhere, or a few hundred thousand, and you have the paper trail, the american people won't need you cleaning the data for their learning curve experience.

    1. Juana -

      Thank you for the insights ...

      From my standpoint, the only comment I would make is regarding the "belittling the critics" comment.

      No belittling but, like you, just calling it like it is ... if all you can do is complain ... don't stick around cause we have nothing for you.

      Over the course of three years, we have had many travel through this comment section. You, yourself, have had to come up to par to play here ... but if all you have is complain, complain, complain ... go elsewhere as you are not happy.

      If you want to be constuctive and offer good stuff, then stay. If you want to provide commentary ... provide it. If your purpose is to be disruptive, then we invite you, or anyone else, go move on to a place that you might enjoy. If you were face to face, you wouldn't necessarily stay ... why should this be any different. Just sayin '

      As to the rest of your thoughts ... thank you but we are not moving off our stated position ... in fact, we are good with it ... no discontent within the White Hats ... at all.

      Continue On ...

  28. Lets not overlook the FACT that all our econ problems could be solved in in the space of one week or so. That is, all these Prosperity Funds, which never get mentioned.

    If all the People just knew about those Funds, things would split wide open. This plus all the Names of all the Culprits preventing these Funds, needs to be spread world wide.

    Its just ridiculous for all this squirming, and struggling, and trying to come up with solutions, and who we need as President to 'fix all these many problems' --
    when in FACT they could all be fixed JUST LIKE THAT!

    TELL the People of the World just WHO is preventing all this from happening - and you've GOT IT!

    And again, I fail to see WHY these culprits have still not been arrested. Nobody is too big to be arrested. NOBODY!
    This is what none of us here can understand. We don't
    understand it, because there is NO excuse for it.

  29. The beauty of it all is this, It's very simple.
    If this information or your percieved lack of it causes anyone this much aggravation,
    Just do the sensible thing, go away, don't look back, don't subject yourself to it further.
    It is not mandatory participation here.
    Go find somewhere where you can find peace.
    You owe it to yourselves.
    Noone will think less of you.

    1. Semper - your statement is illogical and also wrongly accusatory of the People.

      Obviously you have a hefty paycheck in your hip pocket, so its easy for you to take your illogical, blind view, here.

      I think if you were one of the millions who is penniless and living on the street, then your mind would quickly get properly readjusted. Quit measuring everybody else, from where YOU stand. You aren't everybody.

      And anyone who is not ''aggravated' (which to you seems to be a sin) - then you are just dead mens bones.

      So please stop your arrogant condemnation.

  30. Holder May Leave (as suggested by WHs): http://washington.cbslocal.com/2012/11/08/report-holder-announces-he-might-not-stay-on-as-attorney-general/

  31. Patience is a virtue to the man who knows himself and knows his enemy.

    Haste quickens the fool to either not know himself(the evidence/intel in his hand] and/or his enemy.

    half cocked / half known means you will win only half the battles in your war.

    I know I would benefit by reading Sun-Tzu a few more times and some here would benefit at least as much as me in doing the same.

    1. Timbo -

      You are well into the realm of understanding already ... more than likely not much more reading is required.

  32. CHRIS -

    Hmmm ...

    First, thank you for the english lesson, I will send a note to the professor at my alma mater.

    For the rest, it is simple, if you don't like us then we invite you to go away. We just don't care.

    The rules are these: Our blog, our info, our decisions, out time. If that is to much for you to handle ... sorry, figure out a way to bad mouth us in the public sector or, better yet, commence with the development of your own site. Although, rest assured that we value your opinions.

    You have options... we even helped. Providing a eulogy of your own beliefs is not required. No membership required.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. HUGH -

      It seems that every group domestically and internationally has compliants against the Cabal and Obama ... some are stories, some are acutal but used as a lever to get them to move (i.e. the rV and WGS, some are real.

      Don't just look at the complaint ... look behind to garner the parties and the reason for the leverage.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. TMAN, is there anything you're free to share about the resignation of Petraus? It appears that he respected Obama enough to delay his resignation until after the election but didn't repect the American people enough to delay his resignation until after he'd testified about Benghazi.


  35. SHELBY -

    Actually, it appears that perhaps D.P. is a Master Tactician.

    D.P. is a truly superb individual. Personally, I do not believe for a minute that this man ... of all men ... engaged in a trist. If you knew about the love for his wife and family, you would understand. Unfortunately, there is no way anyone is going to help you understand as it would be unpopular.

    So, having said that allow me to provide a differing look at the situation.

    If you ever spent time in the military, especially at the eschelon that D.P. serves, you would find that the "underlings" do not "fink" on there bosses. Take for example Oliver North in the Iran Contra affair. Till the end, the POTUS was never touched by scandal and Ollie took the hit.

    In this case, the Director would not necessarily be able to testify against his boss ... all ethos would have been broken and as a former General seving a sitting President directly, D.P. would have expected to protect and serve at all costs. This example would have been expected to be viewed by all military.

    On the other hand, it is RUMORED that POTUS cut a deal with the Al-Q lads to kidnap the Ambassador and a couple of his team in the embassy. All of this was set up to demonstrate POTUS's "superior negotiating skills with international terrorists" thereby boasting his presence to the electorate prior to the election. Seems that the Al-Q lads came with a few more personnel than required to kidnap a couple of people. The embassy is stormed, the Ambassador is raped, killed and dragged throught the streets. You know this from the reports on the news.

    Again, it is RUMORED that the POTUS sat on his hands when the MAYDAY came in from the Embassy for a GO status on support. POTUS denied the GO status for support thinking that that whole incident was just a few guys in a kidnapping ... and this is were everything went wrong.

    The "few" Al-Q lads were apparantly more than two hundred and far more than a couple of S.E.A.L.S. and Marines (size of security detail not known) could handle in an Embassy. The filmed activities you have viewed are a real event and nobody could deny that it happened. But Why?

    What you are seeing now is a bunch of folks scrambling to hide from the mess and, in actuality, it would be my belief, that D.P. is not a shrinking violet. Watch.

    If D.P. stays in the Directorship, there is a chance that he cannot testify as to the truth. If he resigns, he can receive a congressional subpeona and testify as to the truth.

    With the firing of the General (AFRICOM) and the Admiral, it is fully believed that was the straw that broke the military camels back. If any of this is true and the office of the POTUS is targeted, then there is a significant potential that high treason charges will be brought against the President. WIth all of the other problems this President has his second term could be over prior to it starting.

    If I were you I would reserve your opinion until the lst fighting dog passed ... if you understand what I mean. Obviously, there is far more than can be said at this point. Let's see where this goes.

    1. Nobody can know the complex ins and outs of someone, including DP.

      There's an argument that he's showing respect for the office of the President and therefore wouldn't testify against Obama.
      Yet, he's a general. A leader of men who put their trust in him. They are loyal to him as he is loyal to his men, and as such would not put his men on an alter as sacrificial animals for slaughter. So, doesn't make sense that he would not protect a President that would throw away the lives of American soldiers for his own political gain?

      While we can speculate whether he had an affair, or not. We may never know, but this much I can say.
      Clinton disgraced the Oval Office by using it to screw around with an intern and yet nobody considered that sufficient for him to resign then why isn't the same measure being applied to DP?

      The way the President throws away our heros is criminal. He court-martials the soldiers who captured a brutal terrorist because one of them smacked the guy in the face. Seriously? Regan would have had the guys over for dinner.

    2. Chris -

      You are correct ... to an extent ... but he has taken some bold moves and I can assure you this is a man with the utmost of "integrity" ... did he succumb to a piece of tail (sorry ladies for the reference) ... I say not ... and so does virtually everyone that knows him ... in the political cycle if you need something it is made available including men, women and sexual preference ... sorry if this offends but it is a fact of life. So the argument from say my perspective is that an affair by the Director of the CIA is less than a sexy event for politicial gain unless he was being threatened with it as leverage ... if that was the case then I would assume that the folks threateneding did not expect this to occur and it would seem that he nailed more than one set of birds with a throw of a stone. Now the folks on the bird side have to worry cause they have no leverage and you have pissed off the Director of the most powerful agency alive with resoures that are unteathered.

      ... it would seem to me that it is all about the politics of the politics ... for some reason he is claiming he had an affair, the vast amount of people who are in the know laugh at that because they know him, his wife and the family ... and everyone knows about the President as you stated ...

      One thing you must understand is that regardless of the reasons, for some reason he now seems to be caring the cards, the table and the dealer ... this is a potentially bad position for those that thought they had a lever ...

      Let's watch ... you can bet there is more to come on this ... and my bet is on the General with the information that is out there right now.

      Having said all of this, I have been reminded about a few other items that the General needs to be thinking of ... fair play is fair play ... so I would like one of our commenters to provide his thoughts and insights ... he is lurking in the backgrounds ... So John your thoughts ... please. John will speak about the Falcone matter and the many attempts on Falcones life by the CIA on direct orders from Obama and Bush.

      So John come out and play for a bit.

    3. At last Infighting over, we have the US White Hats back on track taking a much needed corner. Where else can truth break free in a country denied a free press, or ethical political selection. Muzzled dogs bark to order.
      DP is a quandary. We don't eulogize parties without strong evidence. Especially one who fainted facing a Senate Commission. The role and support of the Agency in the Benghazi butchery needs to be rigorously investigated, but with a bunch of bought men in Congress, it will be compromised.The entire top command of all the Agencies is protected with Made Men in place protecting the criminal High Command. Courageous Patriotic Seals were left to be slaughtered by treasonous Political predators. Why? The world knows it.
      So, if the ex Agency Head is to be ever brought to a Real Investigating Committee, an opportunity exists to identify and clean out the trash. Don't count on it.
      With full Press attendance to protect Justice, will DP also then explain to a Congressional Committee if the Agency was involved acting for an ex President, to attempt to assassinate an American National, itself a Treasonous act, to hide the theft and fraud now being pursued by US Attorneys. Will Congress have Herzog be brought to the US on an Extradition Warrant from Germany, to face Congress and respond to serious criminal accusations, then answer the charges unfolding. Will the now identified hired agents be allowed to confess under a Plea Bargain in order to bring the real Conspirators and Murderous Racketeers to face justice? Will the Agency Chief, under oath, explain his full role and knowledge? Did he, acting for Political forces, authorize this or acquiesce in allowing an attempted Clandestine assassination of a US citizen inside US borders, and know of a further attempt involving Herzog and a Senior US Political entity? With a High Command and Plutocracy of filth,how can the stable of Sewer Rats ever be cleaned out to allow a clean Democracy to ever emerge? The issue of DP in a personal compromised situation is not under question. Far more serious issues are. How far does that integrity go? Were the alleged attempted assassinations with or with or without his knowledge? Who will allow the investigating Attorneys to give serious evidence to Congress? Slowly the whole fabric of the Criminal command is unraveling. But who can unleash truth in America? Who protects American democracy? Can DP be allowed to clear his name and role?

  36. TMan,

    Very plausible possibility you stated regarding DP's resignation. One thing is FOR SURE...anyone with an IQ above 50 knows that this is not about a bit of nookie! Heck, there isn't even a blue dress as evidence!

  37. TMAN, thank you for your perspective and thought-provolking insight, both for the event in question and the protocol.

    1. MOM and SHELLY -

      Information is NEVER single dimensional ... it always has a 3D look to it.

      Unfortunately, the intelligence world is like that as well ... mostly 1D when it should be 3D ... intel is accurate some of the time but never 3D.

      Maybe a better way to put it is you need to always look at things from outside the fish bowl, sort of a 360 degree view.

      If you know the person as the target then you can say "He would never do that" but as Chris astutely points out "Nobody can know the complex ins and outs of someone".

      If you live in a 1D world ... and using your kids as the example ... when someone sez your kid did this or that, you automatically know he either did or didn't ... thats 1D. the 3D comes int play when you use your parental instints and add other situation through the course of life to form a picture perhaps of the situation that person was speaking of.

      What really gets thought provoking is when that person does a Crazy Ivan ... a sudden, degreed turn at a specified period in time ... how do you possibly plan for that in your thinking unless you know the person does this every so often and the reasons for it.

      When asked about a situation, I always watch and know that the deal is never done until its done especially when it involves humans and their beliefs, their situation or their problems in life.

      So with this, we know that this has not played out yet. Actions and reactions. One chess piece, then another and so on ...

      As we walk around the 360 Degree circle, the perspectives always change like a kaliediscope never a clear view.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Thanks again TMAN. This is better than a spy novel. Too bad peoples live and careers are actually at stake.

    3. TO All -

      Here is a view from the Washington Post:


      Well, due to the reported circumstances, it looks like an affair ... but notice the twist as to how it was found out ... interesting ...
      this is a ouch for D.P. ... was it an apple, a snake and a woman ... hmmmmmm

  38. When it comes to any Official, the word 'integrity' has no place. And to me, DP has no integrity. The lies and cover stories need to stop. Head of CIA, and we know to this day it is full of 'dirt'. We know that Generals go around the World breaking things. John just about said it all.

    On another note, there was NO Election in the usa.
    We do not have any elected President.
    The People have not elected any President.

    It began over a yr. and a half ago; people declared their candidacy and the rhetoric and the games begin. Media bombards us, candidates all begin to tell us each others faults; the hot-air debates begin, good people are weeded out, and the biggest of devils proceed to the front line, through theft and more lies at the Primaries.

    Our mailboxes begin to get fuller and fuller with their worthless mailings, who we should 'vote for'. Our phones begin to ring off the hook from the DNC, the RNC, surveyors and other such ignorants who really think they are doing something 'for our country'.

    Billions upon billions of dollars are spent on this charade to make the People think they really have a say in who sits as our 'Leader' to take us to the Promised Land -- Finally. Led by two liars to think they are really going to fix anything.

    Then the 'Big Event Day' comes. Voters have argued for their 'favorite messiah' against their own family members, refuse to speak to each other anymore, battles go on everywhere with their pro-Party stances .......and


    Sleezy Faux News, and others, called Tennessee for Obama, and not one vote had yet even been counted there!
    The truth of the matter is the National Election Pool (NEP) simply notifies the Media what has been pre-ordained to Report! No need to bother with the votes or vote Count. Just give periodical updates of some Numbers, numbers that have nothing to do with any vote count.

    If you don't believe it, read this.

    Seriously, the NEP needs to be brought up for Inquiry under penalty of PERJURY. States have no business reporting to a one-man show like the NEP which is where the fraud truely exists.

    All vote tallies should be reported ONLY to their own States; States should then have to have their State Election Director swear under Oath, that the tally that they are posting on their State Website is true and accurate under penalty of perjury. Then proceed to post their vote tabulations publicly, under those conditions.

    These individual State Postings the vote tally should be accessible for anyone in the Country to see. They can add it all up themselves.

    If Media wants to Report Numbers, they will have to get them directly from the State Posted Numbers. Let them come out here and get that News. This way, we the People can check the Media to see if their Reporting is accurate, or really ''fair and balanced'.

    The NEP needs to be abolished. Meanwhile their heads should ROLL. The People of the usa have just been party to one of the biggest Scams in America, and this is how it all takes place.

  39. Abby -

    You had another itch didn't you ... snicker.

    You go girl .... proud of ya'.

  40. ...so tman, was this the same Petraeus who was so full of integrity that he inflated his kill numbers so his war budget would be inflated ? The same Petraeus who's been implementing Obama's kill-list, shooting 16 year-old kids, wedding parties and rescue workers ?

    That's some integrity !

    Give me a break when you start your flagwaving for military insiders. The only question Petraeus could answer of any real value...is what he knows about 9/11 ?

    In this case , even sorcha faal seems to be closer to target !

    1. Juana -

      I believe this was a conversation that was participatory based.

      Maybe you should go to the Faal site and stay there. This site is for people that want to discuss and participate ... not be correct all the time ... so your move or could you please.

    2. Everyone -

      So that all is in balance I have been sent the Faal article that I believe was used as a reference in the conversation with Juana.

      Read it and interface anything that you might be able to identify as a truth. Obviously, this is in opposition to the the Wash Post article and delivers another story:

      November 10, 2012

      Obama Topples Top Coup Leader After Washington Gunbattle
      By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

      The Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) is reporting today that President Barack Obama has accelerated the purge of US Military officers involved in a coup against his regime by the “firing in disgrace” of former Four-Star Army General and current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) David Petraeus [photo 2nd left] yesterday.

      According to this report, after his refusal to meet at the White House with Obama this past week, US Federal Forces loyal to the President stopped General Petraeus’ vehicle in DuPont Circle in Washington D.C. yesterday (Friday) morning whereupon a short gun battle ensued (Washington D.C. police are reporting this incident as an attempted robbery). General Petraeus was, then, apprehended, brought before Obama and forced to resign in disgrace over his supposedly admitting to an extramarital affair.

      General Petraeus’s toppling follows similar attacks by the Obama regime in the past 3 weeks that has seen the unprecedented ouster of many top US Military leaders including Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, all of whom we had previously reported on in our reports “Obama Coup Plot Slams Into Russia” and “Obama Fires Top Admiral As Coup Plot Fears Grows.”

      GRU analysts in this report say that Obama’s moves against his rebellious military most closely resembles those actions taken by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 against those involved in what is now referred to as “The Business Plot” engineered by wealthy American businessmen who were plotting to create a fascist veterans' organization and use it in a coup d'├ętat to overthrow the US government.

      Under great pressure to jail and charge with treason many top US Military officers after the failed 1933 coup attempt, this report says, Roosevelt, instead, opted to simply oust those Generals and other high-ranking officers in order to spare his country the turmoil such a revelation would cause among the American people.

      Most ominous, however, in this report is it, likewise, comparing Obama’s ouster of General Petraeus to the 1961 firing of CIA Director Allen Dulles (1893-1969) by President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963). Though never proven, it is believed by many that Dulles ordered the assassination of Kennedy after a cryptic assassination directive was found in a leaked document in 2009, and in what can only be termed as ironic, Dulles was a central member of the Warren Commission investigation into Kennedy’s assassination that blamed this shocking murder on a “lone gunman.”

      Unbeknownst to General Petraeus, or the other coup-plotters, this report continues, Obama had ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to begin conducting covert human and electronic surveillance against hundreds of US Military officers when this coup plot was discovered.

      The coups “master plan”, this GRU report says, was for US Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to be assassinated just prior to the 6 November election whereupon General Petraeus would become the Republican candidate under their party’s rules allowing him to be put into Romney’s place by a majority of State Representatives as allowed under RNC party rules.



      If such a scenario were allowed to occur, this report continues, General Petraeus would have most certainly became the next President of The United States due to his unprecedented popularity with the American people.

      Important to note is that the only US mainstream media outlet attempting to report on this coup attempt was the magazine GQ, who in an article this past week, written by Marc Ambinder, detailed the massive security forces ordered by Obama to be put around both himself and Romney during the final weeks of the election and the many assassination attempts that were, likewise, foiled.

      Unfortunately for Ambinder, however, are the many attacks he is currently undergoing for his daring to “lift the lid” on these coup plots and the pressure he’s under to release the sources for his information. In a response to these attacks against him via Twitter about his sources Ambinder cryptically stated, “There was that guy who shot at the White House from across the ellipse, and then the soldiers arrested for plotting the assassination of the president and others.”

      This GRU report further states that Obama had his “hand forced” this week when General Petraeus ordered the CIA to begin releasing information damaging to his regime, including a timeline on the Benghazi Libya attack that conflicted with the White House, and previously kept secret information on an American drone fired upon by Iran in the week prior to the election.

      Should the true stories about either, or both, of these events been made known to the American people prior to the election, this report says, Obama could have been defeated. However, due to the complicity of the propaganda US media the full facts regarding them have yet to become fully known.

      General Petraeus’s main downfall, this report says, was due to emails obtained by the FBI written by his loyal confidant and biographer Paula Broadwell [photo 2nd left] detailing “critical elements” of this coup-plot.

      Most important to note about the FBI’s obtaining of these emails, however, was that they were not recovered from Broadwell, but were, instead, obtained from the Russian Defense Ministry, and as we had previously reported on, and led to President Putin’s firing of Defense Minster Anatoly Serdyukov this past week.

      To the most important context surrounding this historic battle between an American President and the US Military we had previously detailed in our 22 July report titled “Obama Plan To Shatter “Permanent War Economy” Panics Global Elites”, and which the first move to do so was made by Obama within hours of his winning his reelection when he notified the United Nations that The United States would now back an international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.

      As Obama has now become only the second US President in over half a century, since Kennedy, to battle against the American Military-Industrial-Complex, the outcome is far from certain, this GRU report conclusion warns, as the US Military and their defense allies show no signs of surrendering.

      November 10, 2012 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

      [Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding
      misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

      End of copied article with credits to those that own or have copywrited this material.

  41. TMAN,

    Welcome Back. Thank you for responding to questions. Will there be another interview with Kerry Cassidy?

    Boson, JD

    1. Boson -

      Greetings and well wishes. I have not had the opportunity to talk to Kerry since the interview. I owe her several calls. Hopefully, it was a good one but I have not listened to it and I have not heard much about it.

      Stay well and thanks for participating.

  42. No actually it was a series of amateur guesses , or disinformation. I just gave an example of the worst disinformation source ...as a comparison. You seem to easily have your feathers fluffed when someone criticizes the military. Petraeus is damaged goods...was always damaged goods , if you're interested in truth and justice. Maybe your loyalties are clouding your judgement.

    1. Juana -

      Look. This is not an article. It is a conversation. If you had read all of the conversation you would have easily viewed the content of all participants. If it was disinfo then all of the participants were incorrect including all of the folks that know D.P., or thought they knew him, well. Nowhere was there a conversation of loyalty on any basis. For your assistance in your ability to distinguish whether something is dis-info read the comments to Shelly and Mom above. Please improve your game and participate without a chip on the shoulder.

      How was that folks, it has been suggested by one of the WH's that I might need to soften my approach if they are going to leave my cage door ajar.

  43. juana,

    Clearly, you are suffering from the mental illness known as liberalism. Please take your delusions of persecution and the related delusions of grandeur to the nearest therapist to relieve your confusion. You will feel better after treatment. Still, the first step is admitting you need help. In the meantime, please avoid embarrassment by not posting your foolishness here.

    Boson, JD

  44. hummmm boson can your read or is this your meager attempt at amateur psychology nite ....a little "hero-worship" perhaps ? Whichever...you're in over your head.

    And tman while I agree with your metaphors your other comments said something entirely different.... Nov. 10th 10:48pm

    "Actually, it appears that perhaps D.P. is a Master Tactician."

    "D.P. is a truly superb individual. Personally, I do not believe for a minute that this man ... of all men ... engaged in a trist"

    or at 3:47am

    "and I can assure you this is a man with the utmost of "integrity"

    Petraeus is tainted goods. But he will prove his membership in the eliteclub and go quitely as told. And I know it's not an article. Sorry to rain on your parade ( for Petraeus) but history of his actions are not those that deserve your misplaced praise. Petraeus is obviously being played. Heads of cia don't resign for infidelity. The question is ...what's his real crime. Dig a little deeper. Maybe they discovered he's playing both sides towards the middle. Whatever it was, his history has shown he plainly capable of deceptions. Otherwise he'd never have been chosen as cia.

  45. Juana -

    This is were the cage door should be locked.

    If we are going to banter like this ... how about the rest of the conversation or does that not count? Remember the conversation?

    One more little item ... did you see the quotes around the word integrity?

    Just askin'.

    1. Juana -

      Sorry, I re-read your comment ... ignore the above comment from me. This is the comment I wish to offer.

      Thank you for your continuing comments and opinions. So what is your point?

      Do you have special information on this man?

      Do you know this man?

      Have you ever been in the military? Have an understanding of military or corporate structures? Pecking orders?

      Do you have a beef with the military?

      In your opinion, do others get to have qualified opinions? Do you think differeing opinions are a good way to look at things?

      You seem to have information that you would like to share or are your comments really your opinions like the rest of us in this converation?

      Can you provide your views on how any of this conversation is disinformation?

      Could you tell us if you have experience with the CIA, other government officials, for which you base your comments? You seem to know D.P. far beyond the rest of us? Perhaps you truly know his intentions? Or those of others?

      Do you think this story is complete? Do you think any thing else is going to come out of this? The Libyan siutation or the Syrian situations?

      How does Hillary's resigtnation fir into all of this if at all? Other High ranking officials?

      Would you rationalize the two articles which have come out today? Would provide a brief on the Faal article you quote and rely on, if you do?

      These are still some of the items that I would look at. This is why this is a conversation. It about a 360 look at it because none of the participants have first, second or third hand knowledge ... except maybe you. So if this chicken and egg routine is going to continue ... let's just get to it and you can participate.

      Nobody said you can talk to the issues ... just be a normal person when you do it.

      Cage door closed for the nite.

  46. http://www.boomantribune.com/story/2011/6/13/71515/4843

    ...illustrates my point.

    Obviously story incomplete, however my interpretation of your position was that the general was being unfairly patsied. Sorry if I misinterpreted.

    What's interesting is the pretext of infidelity, rather than say, something less tasteful. This tells me he's playing cards of his own that offer a certain degree of protection.

    ...and sorry, but the quotes around integrity within the context of the rest , means what exactly ? I didn't see them but if they meant "doubt" then it wasn't obvious.

    As to pecking orders...I'm somewhat of an expert. Enough to know that concerning the positions and persons we are discussing , there is no set pecking order. It's the cards on the table and the cards in their hands . Pecking order is always in flux.

    Concerning Clinton's possible exit ( the most interesting aspect) , it's obvious she has divided loyalties, or doesn't want to tangle with the opposing camp, at least not for Obama's sake. This tells me there's a serious disagreement between Obama and a certain plant faction, who Clinton is indebted. And since we all knew Romney was Bush's choice, it adds up, esp. when you factor in Petraeus's was Bush's general and was probably installed as head of cia on his orders.

    Maybe this was the "more freedom" Obama was speaking about with medvedev ?

    Also, I wasn't proposing that the faal article was all truth, however beyond the fact that faal is a known disinformationist, this article has tickled some interest mainly because of the parallel events concerning other generals and admirals being relieved of commands, as well as the letter of support by 500 retired military in support of Romney.

    Regardless, events say there's a power struggle between opposing camps. I'd love to see all these banksters eliminate each other in the traditional chicago manner, on the streets of dc as faal suggested.

    Personally ....yes to some , no to others. Background ...researcher.

  47. Juana -

    Excellent ... if you would offer that clarity more often you would be a hit ... now we sit and wait for the end results ... I think we are at about the 90 degree mark on the 360 circle. What do you think?


    Did you say researcher? So you have talents besides aggravating the hell out of people ... ok, ok, I'm just poking some fun at ya'.

    With regard to #48, we are contemplating questions for each of the various scetions or topics. Right now I might have about 150 to 200 questions that we are considering putting out to the public to find. Simply put, the depth of the article is enormous and the research could take years between the digging and the hide and seek games that get played.

    Keep you eyes open ... you and others could be very instrumental in all of this.

    Might you have an opinion?

  49. tman - with kids to abandon to this world and the forces of evil....I'm always putting my education to good use. Those are my only loyalties.

    I'd say it's impossible to know where we are in the game, since we don't know the agenda. Is this just a greedy bankster takeover by opposing cartels, suggested by the new scientist article, or is there an ulterior motive ...a cohesive plan with hidden agendas ?

    The truth might be so far out in left field that it wouldn't be believed even if there was a televised congressional investigation!

    And the only way of digging there is thru whistleblowers, who will be immediately nullified.

    However, if a major insider political player turned....

    I've been to the edge of that secrecy culture many decades ago and know how it works. If the forces of cohesion intensify as one goes deeper, there's little chance of real knowledge escaping. Or if it does, it is probably intentional disinformation. Unless what someone fears from betrayal is less than they fear from betraying.

    And nobody wants to be gary mckinnon or bradley manning.

    Regardless, I was personally satisfied with your alliance with projectcamelot. My suspicions are that the banksters aren't stealing all this money to take a holiday in paraguay. So the basic question is ...are they trying to establish a world government for their own selfish greed, or because of more esoteric motives ?

    ...fire the questions....

  50. Juana -

    You, my new friend, are directly on target ... hence, the multi-complicit problems with #48.

    I will expand on this in a while.

    Damn good observations and experential insights ... let's take this around the 360.

  51. T Man and team

    Take this as good and constructive suggestions re 48.

    Already its caused a tsunami of confusion in the team as you now contemplate releasing it in sections,trying to determine what deserves priorities and what does not. It's a recipe for never ending convoluting delay. You don't have the resources for that and hot opportunities are being lost. Whatever you release, will activate questions. Also attempts to nullify it. So, why not allow the intelligence and core concerns of the readers to drive it and let them set the response agendas which will spin off issues needing greater clarification running well into next year. Plus, if you release the c15 pages of key overview data, with the vast supporting evidence files, it will light up the market and unleash a global response which disinformation games will not be able to nullify. Like- the Convicted - Jailed Fraud and Money Laundering Criminal, ex Agency General!!!, using the ID of a dead boy, hiding out you know where, fronting the false money front company as a State subsidiary illegally, which then tried to activate the false $15T SWIFT scams, conspiring with known Global crooks, Banksters and Money Launderers. Dump the lot in a big hit and let the market respond. Confusion is a recipe for inactivity. Remember, all of that combined is still less than 1% of what can be let loose. Staging that will take into infinity. Go pro active. Just do a front and back section for 48, add the files and unleash hell. The election is over. Sr lost control of his front men to block and rig the Oval Office, just as he lost control of Texas for Dewhurst. Faced with unleashing that, his dead claws will be ripped free from the GS and RV's even containing the firestorm crashing down on him, which then gives O the chance to restore the US and Global economies. Sr cant use the Birther issue any more, it's old news. O just may well now be facing up to key and fundamental realities, and accept the Tax accrual from the GS, and the Reflation of the Middle East and Iraq by releasing the RV's will stabilize the Arab world and cut US support costs. O has a window of opportunity now to go for broke as a real President if so encouraged. Sr and the Cabal are damaged goods and the Petraeus REAL issue for the Military take over failed. They don't want that exposed to the mindless naive masses. Romney will by now realize he was being set up as road kill and you know the rest. Give O the chance to unleash hell on the Cabal and horse trade the GS and RVs as a reciprocal bargaining tool. Remember, if thats only 1%, they can't take the heat and hits of more. Take the initiative and get the world looking into their tent. There comes a point on which media turns. 48 may be the revelation which breaks the log jam of spin garbage and wakes up the Plebs. Give 300M Americans a hard dose of reality. Even the most stupid will absorb some of it. The rest will absorb a lot of it, and realize its wake up time in Disneyland. Long overdue. Give truth a chance. Empower the people. With nothing to lose you may be surprised. Truth is a great motivator. Assault their minds and set them free. That is a real Patriots action. Your back on song now and contributing. Look at what focus has done in just a week. Good job, well done, now how about the big one?

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  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. 90 Posts, and we still havent seen any real Results or action taken, in our Real World.
    I can play and be pacified for a little while, but I don't endure the stall tactics for too long.
    So lets just get on to 48 and stop the mental gymnastics
    that some of you guys just love so much. You can do the 'wait and see' till hell freezes over.

    The ladies are getting restless.

  55. Abby -

    Keep your panties on straight... after 47 reports, nobody has done anything. Being overbearing will not get you any closer. If John's tactics to embarrass it out of us hasn't worked, nothing else will. Your life will be exactly the same then as it is now.

    ... but we still love ya', and yes even John. The difference is that John doesn't need us to act because his folks should know all of this stuff anyway. He just wants to point to something that's not his voice. If we are not correct then John is screwed but if we are he is a hero of sorts.

    Either way, patience, if we do not report before the apparent end of the world, then it won't make a difference anyway. (Oh, before anyone runs out to the street with their hair on fire, I am kidding about the end of the world.)

    So, remain calm.

    1. T Man. Until real issues start again, opinions and comments are all that is keeping the blog site alive right now. Suggestions are constructive,and even you have now responded more times in the last 4 days than in the last 4 months. Trying to part release 48 has as much chance of succeeding as a one legged man in ass kicking contest. As suggested, just do the work for the introduction, and ending and let it go. The rest is a recipe for failure.So many good comments are back and good parties waiting. Credible and supportive parties waiting. Throw the 48 grenade into the market and let God sought the fragmenting Wookies. Most readers are smart enough to work it all out. Look at how many have offered to push it to go viral for you. All are trying to co engage with you. All want to support a real WH's initiative for freedom. Even you have now started engaging so lobbying is working. Listening will give all the answers. Doing nothing is an option. Which is why the US is so totally F** up right now. Even you are back on base responding for the last week. It is positive. As regards my " Folks" of course we know it all and more. We gave you some sensitive Intel last week to help. As we gave you for 48. Once you do release, we all need to go after that $15T and get our nations back to work. We will name the Bankers, and have offered to set up a full joint HMRC and IRS tax grab with you. Work with us and we will take it back from the thieves and Traitors. Name, Blame and Shame. You have the moral high ground. Use it. We are able and willing to escalate it. We are already working on it now.Do we help the US or leave you drifting feeding Wookies and Bandits? You only have one real Allie who stands toe to toe with you every time. So - respect their opinions. We came back from Empire oblivion. You are now heading into it with no idea how bad it will be. Releasing hard Intel will progress the GS and RV issues by a Bush fire under their ass. Waiting will go nowhere. Just neutered Klingons waiting for a hand out are a joke. Self help. When they fear you, they pay you. Otherwise, they use you. History just repeats itself. When do we learn? Doing nothing, begets nothing.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. John -

      My such pressure ...

      I assume you agree that accuracy is paramount, don't you? What about the concept of Responsibility?

      If you were really that concerned about the "truth", then you would not be campaigning is public, would you?

    4. TMAN - You strongly misjudge me, and others here.
      We are not trying to 'embarass the Report out of you'. Its not a pressure tactic. Read what's being posted, and quit looking for alterior motives that aren't even there.
      I, for one, am being very straightforward, quit trying to find some tactic in it.
      We are not ignorant; I can easily see your purpose here is to pacify us while ...you procrastinate.
      There is no other way to put it. First you sent Geno to do it, he left, now you are doing the same thing.

      You might do well to take responses to you, to heart, for a change, and stop with your usual M.O. that you use in your line of work. You are dealing with real folks here. Might be a good way for you to get into the minds of 'people on the street' here.
      To tell us to be patient, is actually a way of saying 'let me take all the time I want, and I don't care whether time is of the essense to YOU, or not'. Patience is just wasting valuable time.
      We are all telling you that, and what do you do?
      You give us flimsy excuses.
      Oh, and by the way, flattery doesn't work on me.
      I truely hope this helps 'straighten your shorts'.

    5. Abby -

      I appreciate what you are saying. We take everything to heart or at least it gets delivered to the door step. Now, I am under your skin and I was not trying to get there.

      In the big picture and from our perch, we are letting things play out as they may, we are watching the playground, we are watching the differing groups , we know some of the playbook, we know the players or at least can identify them, we know what is at risk (and it has nothing to do with us), we understand at lot more than most and less then some. In the last months, every single piece, bar nothing, has changed. The United States is at risk and the East Coast is hot. You can see that without opening your eyes, you can stand in the middle of a field and feel it. The results are too early to tell … the election was never about the election. The undertones were about control.

      Right now, if a discerning person has been watching, they would see all of the above change right before their eyes. In one weeks time, it will change again and, in yet another week, it will change yet one or more times.

      A significant portion of our “retail” readership do not see nor do they understand it past the msm news reports where each report is containerized. They come here to gain information.

      In actuality, a portion of the old line retail crowd just wants to see everyone gathered in the coliseum for the daily gladiator event, with an occasional lion throw in for the hell of it. Nothing better than blood. Perhaps we as a people have not elevated past that point. Without attempting to make what seems to be rude comments, the multitude of our readers read to learn but as one grows, or in the vernacular "awakened", so does the want for blood due to "what is being done to them” and hence, the lines are drawn.

      Then, demands are made. It no longer is for the benefit of the people, it just becomes sport and we talk about topics like our performance and what is expected out of us. As an adjunct to all of this, certain parties (trolls) are in place to cloud the issues, make demands and generally, mucky up the waters.

      We do take the responses to heart but sometimes you have to provide enlightenment to the commentor, the reasoning and the benefits. Although that is ultimately not our responsibility, we might have, to from time to time, maintain a modicum of suggested civility and/or direction, even to the point of inserting ourselves and taking a P.R. risk. You never win with everyone, but hopefully, something rings true to the reader.

      The other portion of the equation is the responsibility portion. Some folks get it and some don’t. Please consider your comments listened to AND responded to ... even though it may not match with your opinion. Our responses’ come from our perch at whatever level that might be at.


    6. PART TWO

      As to the “mind of the people” that you are referring to. Our M.O. is about responsibility, not serving the addictive needs of the coliseum folks, this space is not the W.W.E. If you have to operate in the realm of responsibility, then you take the time and the resulting heat that is applicable. For us, if we issue an incorrect report and one person is harmed due to a statement or interpretation, then the realization as to whether we acted responsibly comes into play. In this box we are in, it is unfortunate, but only we can make that call, not you or other readers.

      Remember readers are not buying a product here. Readers do not pay a fee to be here ... it is free. Also, we, as you have seen, believe that everyone gets a voice. This includes the supporters, the dissenters, the trolls and impatient and the people that have fluffed bloomers (you better snicker). We even get a voice and, yes, I am a cantankerous SOB, even on a good day. Frankly, I’m amazed they allow my cage door to be left open as I usually don’t interact well with people. But really, would you want us any other way? In our case, this is all getting old, we are getting old (literally) and we are extremely tired.
      Having friends is not our mission ... but if we are going to author something and put it out, then it has to be responsible. Remember, we have a wholesale readership as well. We could fill the room with smoke but to what end.

      In this case, it is simple, additional information has come to light. It has come forth, in this significantly messed up world, where right now, white is black and black is white. Right now is absolutely the time for responsibility and prudence. Is it the world has finally gone mad or is it that the world has finally taken responsibility and might be throwing the bullies to the curb? If you don't have a view to see the distance over the forest, then you are stuck. We are not stuck and we are watching with a sense of being scared and being excited. Scared because of the unknown… the World’s plans to circumvent the United States as a world power … financially and otherwise. Realize it and grab your bucket of popcorn. Watch the parade go by, in most cases, yet again. If you have a vision, then hopefully, you have prudence. Sometimes the heat is applied and, just possibly, if the steer turns and goes against the direction of the stampede, someone will stop and say, hold on where's he going and what just happened.

      This is why we had the 360 conversation ... it usually eliminates the M.O. you refer to. If all have voices then something good might come out of it. If we are really lucky, you may have less dissenters and more people wanting change and demand more, prudence, responsibility and integrity. Those are big words these days … sort of unfortunate, would you agree?

      If you sit quietly over the next several weeks, you may yet see examples of prudence, responsibility and integrity. You can have a seat on the curb or on our perch (popcorn optional) … which do you want?

      ... and BTW, we send nobody to do our bidding ... that's why you are chatting with me, directly. Commentor's are their own people ... both of the folks in questions are damn good people ... in fact, the best of quality, top shelf individuals. They would die for their countries and humanity as a whole ... sound too patriotic ... talk to them.

    7. John Kerry for Sec of Defense....that is interesting considering his vietnam history ...yet he was a pro iraqi invasion vote, so that cancels out.....and he is a member of skull and bones ...but don't ask him that question !


      Susan Rice for Sec of State ...and John Brennan for cia....oops...no one there will tell the truth , and Brennan articulates "the kill list" !

      Don't expect for Obama to have any changes of heart. And from the petraeus affair (no pun intended) we learn that the cia had a secret torture prison in benghazi and the general let it slip while skinny dipping between the sheets ! Wasn't that illegal ?

      At least she wasn't chinese !! This is pure highsoapopera !



      ...hummm , I don't know tman. Maybe you caught an innocent fish or two in the net, but odds are...they're ALL guilty of something anyway !!

    8. Juana -

      Hell, we are all guilty of something. We all get into the we should have done this or that.

      In my book, if you can't sleep at night and you know you should say something but don't you are cooked. But that is not popular, that is not the current way to play the game, that is not the way to clean things up.

      As a case in point, we know there are folks that want the funds back, we know this President specifically knows all about the issue and has had documents delivered to him on in, we know the ole' boys club is split on this issue, we know the guys wearing the white hats of the ole' boys club want the funds back, the U.S. strong and the Pureheart operation shut down. We know this operation along with the Bush side of the Cabal (Dark Hats of the good ole boys club) want it to continue and to continue to take funds for their efforts even though the funds are strickly controlled.

      This questions really is what is and who is really benefitting from the Secret Space Program. Is the real reason they do not let the people know about it due to their thoughts that the people do not have the capacity to handle the concept of little gray men running around the DUMB's and tunnels underground? After all, we are dealing with civilizations that are 10,000 years to 100,000 years more advanced then we are. If we are working with them then they must be good folks, aren't they? In my experience they would be and are!

      Is the Queen a reptile, well I haven't checked under her skirt and although she might be a tad bit scaley I would think it's more about her moisturizing properly and the draftiness of the Castle.

      So let's start another conversation about the thought of having real "aliens" here on this world. The big guys are scared to talk about it and the White hat politicians of the good ole' boy network want to open it up ... to get the technology brought out for the sake of the world and to eliminate the Pureheart situation literally draining off the financial capacity of the world, especially the U.S.

    9. TMAN: is this "official" confimation advanced civilizations exist and are on Earth? More details would be great but a simple yes or no would be awesome too.

      If the answer is YES, have you had direct CONTACT?

    10. tman...I was being facetious about "guilt"...a little injected humor.

      On aliens, I'm a firm believer. I've had my own experience/experiences.

      As an independent adult, among many interests, including archaeology and anthropology, I started in the late 80's being interested in three phenomenon related to aliens .... abductions, cattle mutilations, and cropcircles. I believe richard dolan's work is very close. I don't believe that our visitors, the greys, are a force for positive change however.

      When I said I was a researcher, I didn't say what I researched. Hyper velocity weapons systems ...for one of those major institutions. I've seen anti-gravity, albeit on a small scale, with my own eyes. I retired in my thirties sometime in the 80's. I've been curing my karma ever since !

      However I only woke up politically sometime around 2005, after watching the collapse of wtc 7 ...about a hundred times on the same day !!

      So that said, my take after 3 decades of "researching" our culture... is this "breakaway civilization" and the reverse engineering of off planet technology should be highly feared by us normal civilization guys who want to save planet earth. As should all secrecy be feared.

      At the very optimum, the secret is being maintained to prevent knowledge of some catastrophic event , either natural or intentional. If it wasn't so....then why have they built....and stocked those underground fortresses ? And why are they spraying us with heavy metals ?

      Another scenario is that we're being manipulated into a one world government for the purpose of being easily controlled by "them", whoever "them" means to each of us personally. If the cartel just wanted to survive a cataclysmic event , then why are they doing the nwo thing ? Why have the falseflag wars been started ? Why has obama signed all of these "emergency executive orders" and we appear to be being prepared to be herded into fema camps ? They already have the underground bunkers stocked and the tickets sold. No logical reason to continue the falseflag politics unless there's more.

      And face it...if they want to control 7 billion humans, they've got one hell of a job on their hands ! Are the georgia guide stones telling us the truth ? Is dan burisch telling us the truth ? Is a nuclear conflagration in their plans to depopulate the northern hemisphere ?

      However that said, I want to know... and want all people to know, what's really happening. As I said before....they aren't stealing all this money to take a vacation in paraguay. And the only way we're going to find out, is from an highly placed insider politico being outed and spilling the beans. This is where thewhitehats are holding the cards. Every man/woman/child deserves a chance. Go for it !

    11. Juana -

      Just a researcher, eh? I thinkest you might be on the fast track of this conversation. I understand the Grey's are kinda cute little guys but most are technology and engineering types. Talk to Brad he has questions and have Abby instruct him what to do with used bloomers. (In an attempt to create a little levity ... oops, wrong word .... humor.)

    12. tman... to not leave any false impressions....my name is NOT bob lazar ! And just incase any 10houraday nsa-types are so bored they want to dig alittle deeper, while I had clearances early on in private industry, the research was all done on academias timeclock, with no clearances required. Although I worked with all of the big players , I chose academia just for this purpose...and the fact that academia always has royalty sharing programs...vs. national labs, or industry's greedy little paws .

      My mostly unknowledgeable take on greys ...is they're insects. I don't like insects.

      And who knows what's happened since....just lookin' for pieces of the puzzle. Tryin' to keep an open mind although I draw the line at channeling...but remote viewing has it's possibilities.

      ...and I really want the 9/11 perpetrators punished...since it's the same cartel you're after as well.

  56. ...interestingly Benji Fulford is saying something similar, except he puts the mythical dragon family into the mix. And gordon duff puts his spin as well, except that most have now heard that mr. duff admitted on live talk radio (that's always dangerous) that 40% of what he says is lies ! Well, whatever. Let's throw it into the mixer as well. He's always got my ear since he's one of the few who won't let 9/11 dogs lie...no pun intended !



    Even though these resignations will appear to get rid of some of the trash in government, and sources say geithner won't leave until next year, I'd really prefer for them to be retiring to a federal retirement facility instead of the bahamas ! Let's hope the work done by thewhitehats can attempt to accomplish that goal !

    I'd also like opinions on this new attempt to spin obama . Could he actually be someone who could take down the cartel ? There's was always this backspin to his contra-constitutional orders, that they could be used against the cabal as well. And he did sign the bailouts and the executive orders without any assistance. I can't imagine the awakened being convinced to turn so easily. I still say we're dealing , just like in mexico, with nothing more than competing cartels.

  57. A bit of what appears to be good news happening.
    15 States, on Friday, petitioned to Secede. (Sorry I don't have the backup, cause I never learned to cut and paste, lol)
    I expect that other States will follow suite.
    This would be significant, and long overdue.

    Seems that many companies are considering shoving their employees down to a 29 hr. work week, because of ObamaCare.

    Also, Iraq is extremely active every day with getting things wrapped up,at the strong urging by the IMF. Everybody favors them getting out of Chapter 7 and that is progressing nicely.

    Note first, capital gains tax is being deliberate raised for 2013, so dont rush right out to your bank with that pretty pink paper.
    Need some strategy here. Also don't use gov. banks; they love to steal accounts.
    This is where Seceding can come into play, as well.

    Don't expect rv to be announced with waving and shouting; more likely to be very quietly done.
    IQ Budget for 2013 is penned and preparing to be signed. Rumor and reports that rv is included in it.
    VN is also very on-track, even more solidly than IQ.

    Bottom line, dee cee will NEVER do the People right. 'when the People dont like the gov, they have the right to get rid of it'

    P.S. Very strange explosion late late sat.
    night in Indianapolis. Looked like a big hole in the ground, and many houses totally gone. This should be questioned. New houses. Looked like a small war zone aftermath.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Updated number of States is today, up to 20 now.

      However, I don't believe its necessary to get any Presidents permission to secede. I don't know where there is any procedure to secede. I would think it would be more of a Notification - Hey! We are outta here; done with you! States already have Sovereignty; just need to reiterate it.

      All in all though, this is a huge indication that the People have had it 'up to here' with fed gov.
      I just hope the States proceed, fight and make it happen. I'd especially like to see TX take the lead and get it done; rest can follow them as a precedent. Im for going for the jugular, and let the chips fall where they may; it can't be any worse than it is - unless you love paying the tax upon tax upon tax that is coming from the feds.
      Really, trying to avert a civil war, and this is the bloodless way to do it.

  58. I'm new to this and find the comments intriguing. While I too am very interested in 48 I have not paid TMAN a dime and as such have no leverage over when he chooses to release something that he and his associates have produced. The comments of others here seem to indicate that the White Hats "owe" them 48 and the White Hats are delinquent in a manner analogous to someone who has missed a credit card payment.

    But perhaps I'm simply too new to this and have not yet grown a sense of entitlement to it.

  59. Shelby, yes you are obviously new around here.
    Nobody here has any sense of entitlement to anything. It was the WH's who began this Blog with a stated mission. It was they who made some promises, and after nearly 3 months, we have a right to ask, where is the Report then.

    We can all just go away, no problem. This Blog is not my lifes blood. So until you have traveled for a year or two in here, with us, then its not a good idea to up and accuse us.

    Also you might try reading their mission statement and the Disclaimer statement on the right hand side of this page. I'm sure that would clear up some things for you and come to understand us 'useless eaters' in here a lot better.

    1. Thanks Abby. I appreciate your feedback. I apologize for making anyone feel unjustly accused. My intention was only to further understand the rooms protocol. After re-reading my rhetoric I can see how it could come across as inflammatory. Thanks for schooling me!

  60. I decided to create my own New World Order. http://mootsagootsa.com

  61. Shelby, no problem.
    TMAN, no you didnt get under my skin. (and yeah, I did snicker)

    I can often sound angry when I'm not. I'm just an outspoken and to the point person. Body language is missing when all we can do is black and white words. I can be very blunt at times, but that doesnt mean Im angry.

    So as long as I haven't said something like, go stick your head in the toilet, and flush -- then you can know I'm not angry, Lol.

    1. Either that, or you cannot resist seeing your name in print. Fuck off anyway. Thanks.

    2. Abby -

      Boy, are you on target ... as an example, take Adrian's comment. It comes out of nowhere, looks like he has a problem with you, actually he wasn't even talking to you, it was just your persona.

      Next he will say some kind and considerate to me about all of this. We will take it as an insult and a lower mentality comment, when in actuality, it will be some of his best work. Just watch.

    3. TMAN - Adrian is in love with me, and hates himself for it. He is trying to fight it off, LOL.

    4. Tman
      There is no room on the site for the crass verbiage or tone of the low life gutter snipe portrayed attacking Abby with Pleb language. You have a good following. Crass crap like that have no place on site. Respectfully- Off him.

    5. Adrian -

      The White Hats which to have you remove your comment or we will. The comment does not contain anything of value and your language is not allowed in accordance to our policies.

      To other readers ... let's see what the pulse is ... does the comment stay or go ... we allow everyone to speak, so does this get covered in that conversation.

      We want to know ... how far do we allow a person, making comment of this nature, go before we act or, for that matter, do you speak up about it yourselves.

    6. well since I'm logged in, I'll give a view.

      Naked personal attacks shouldn't be allowed and if it was the first he should be warned, and if he was repeatedly doing it , he should be banned. I think that's the case.

      And I've noticed some other posts that don't relate or are even advertising that should be erased.

      All intellectual attacks on the whitehats message should be allowed however, which even I've done myself. But I don't see Adrian attacking the message , nor is it intellectual !

  62. Hopefully something big is breaking this week. Half a dozen or so alternative news sites/sources are hinting strongly, including our beloved Drake.... I know, I know, I know.

    Also, the WHs may say the release of #48+ is totally independent of any other events, but I'm not convinced. I think they have played their part in a national/global chess game.

    There's hints of so much going on in the background ATM, let's all hope it kicks off in the next few days... there's even a suggestion the "new" Obama will give live press conference end of this week - we shall see :-)

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hugh
      Heneghans's article is very interesting. But what doesn't make sense to me is the difference between what happened to Stevens and what happened to Petraeus, if they were both good guys on the same side coming up against the cartel, trying to out the money laundering/arms-to-syrian terrorist scheme. And Tarpley I believe said Stevens job was the recruitment of Libyan terrorist to be sent to Syria. Not exactly a white hat position.

      Being accused for infidelity these days is almost a compliment, and inside the cia... it would be, as long as she wasn't a foreigner ! Not quite the same as getting gang-raped and murdered !

      Looks like a struggle between opposing intelligence groups to me, with petraeus's enemies, either out of respect, or fear.... throwing a soft punch, and then expecting a fake knockout...like tv wrestling politics, and him going quietly into the sunset.

      And of course...the leak of the secret prison. I would imagine this is the angle that is most important internationally.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. TO ALL READERS ...

    Over the course of the last several days ... maybe a week ... I have taken the reins, with blessings, from the WH's to, for lack of a better way to say it, reset the conversation here until we decided to release #48. A vast portion of the comments received have been to push the release and others, after some conversation, get it. In as much as we want to publish but are not ready, some excellent conversation has occurred which has allowed me/us to outline how things a looked at. Specifically, I introduced the segmented view versus the 360 degree view for your consideration and use in the discernment of information. Some of you will give me grief due to your thinking I am making assumption about your intellectual or investigative aptitudes. In advance I would like to state this is not the case. In fact, we know that certain items should hit the news or the alternative media. We knew that this is a time of immense turbulence in politics and the control of the United States and ultimately the world. We knew that moves by all factions would get spun, and spun and spun leaving most of the 310 million Americans and the billions watching all over the world in amazement as they watch history in the making.

    If you have read all of the reports ... all 47 of them, you know that we have been in the fray and understand the who, whats and where's of all of this. I can absolutely state that it has been equally frustrating for us as well as this all has played out. Most of the time we scratch our heads listening to all of it and at times we just pull the sheets over our heads in amazement and in the truth that we are very scared at the outcome. Yes, we have our pitchforks at the ready.

    What I would want you to do is look around at your friends and neighbors ... are they ready or are you going to be the answer when all hell breaks loose, if it were to.

    As we see it, we are not dealing with prudent men ... the Bush cabal, military coups, assassination teams, theft of huge/vast sums of money worldwide, etc. We have spoken to it all hear, yet, more importantly, who has put it all together and who has used a 360 approach to the view and perspective of correctness.

    Some of you still don't buy in and, that is fine, you will also be the one hiding under the sheets when it all of whatever happens. No, I do not know anymore about the ominous but if you look at everything you might want to at least take interest and, at least, look to purchase your pitchfork.

    This is an elite game that affects each and everyone of us ... control, power, lust for money ... and access to the space program, well maybe.

    Now, as the reports finally come to the surface, REGARDLESS OF THE SOURCE, you hopefully will be able to questions the truth, the desire of the spin and the attempt to get into your brain. If you don't think you are the target ... well ... nuclear power plants are for sale on the New Madrid fault line. Cheap!



    I am telling you all this for a very specific reason. An article has come out that runs a concept that contains all of the specter of intel, counter-intel we are hearing.

    I would not say this but the author Ben Fulford does. Now, we do not support others opinions here as we have a differing level of responsibility but this time maybe ol' Ben might just have something ... to a degree only ... but the view is very interesting as we just had the 360 conversation.

    Please read at will, consume the information, compare it to differing opinions,and toss some out but remember it as you may need it later. DO NOT LET YOUR PERSONAL OPINIONS GET IN THE WAY. Embrace the intel and file it away until other info come to the forefront.

    We are going on a run here folks, keep yous eyes open ... pitchforks next to the bed.

    I have read the article from an email and I think it is too long to reprint here. I would appreciate if one of our readers would be kind enough to get the link or article from the Fulford site and provide it for our readers here.

    Know that a certain portion of the information in the article is true, other parts might be smoke and, other parts might be not so true.

    Happy reading and discernment. Oh, two Tylenol PM right before bed works wonders. Check with your doctor if your haven't slept in more than four (4) hours.

    1. Tman, this is exactly what's wrong with the White Hats. You'd have us read this guys rantings and then tell us,
      "Know that a certain portion of the information in the article is true, other parts might be smoke and, other parts might be not so true."

      You guys have been lying for so long you couldn't be forced to tell the truth if you wanted. "... certain portions ... is true"
      What the heck is that? Some lame attempt to be mysterious or you just couldn't be bothered to say the entire article is crap?

      You White Hat fakes try to stand up as pillars of truth. 'We'll dig up the truth so that all you little people can be safe.' What complete BS.
      Here was your chance to just put up and say, 'That's part's true' and leave it at that. But even that's too much ask.

      What part is true from that link? Which? This is what you have always lacked. PROOF!
      You don't commit to anything.
      Are the rest of you people starting to connect the dots?

      All these tangled missives are used to cloud the issues and distract from the real truth, that they don't know truth.
      They continue to throw out piles of verbal gibberish pointing accusations, packing in names and other details that to try and unravel would take days.

      "... certain portions..." Geeze, you people make me laugh. You're such posers.

  66. Here you go T-MAN, here's Ben Fulford's latest write up. Thanks for the new update btw.


    1. Joe - it says ..'sorry this page does not exist in this blog'

    2. ...no it doesn't ...copy and paste it again.

  67. I linked to this article yesterday morning, and no one came to play.

    One thing I noticed as well as another commentator at ascensiowithearth was -

    "Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him..." vs "The White Dragon Society was not involved in the decision to back Obama but agrees with it, with some reservation"

    ...this is why I call him Benji...

    And another problem is , as I previously stated, Geithner ain't going until sometime in 2013, and I read today that Holder ain't going at all, so....?

    As I previously asked...without any reply...yesterday morning...I'll quote myself....

    "I'd also like opinions on this new attempt to spin obama . Could he actually be someone who could take down the cartel ? There's was always this backspin to his contra-constitutional orders, that they could be used against the cabal as well. And he did sign the bailouts and the executive orders without any assistance. I can't imagine the awakened being convinced to turn so easily. I still say we're dealing , just like in mexico, with nothing more than competing cartels. "

    Thus far...I don't see any reasons to change my mind...but I love being proved wrong ! We can probably say that a Romney victory would have led to ww3. Can we say that an obama victory wouldn't ? Time will tell.

    And my other link on the comment yesterday was to the duff article first printed at presstv, reprinted at degaray, and then finally today printed at veteranstoday called "why else did the cia spymaster resign ? " where duff says vice admiral Gaouette was relieved of duty because he was attempting to start a war with Iran by using falseflag mechanisms. I think we might think this is true as well.


    and quoting from fulford -speaking of obama...

    "He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board."

    I'll believe that when I see it . In mho, the fed will be dismantled after the total economic collapse and not before. And it goes downhill on benji's rollercoaster from there.

    ps....I sleep like a baby , 9 hours minimum !

  68. Juana -

    Notice Geithner has been out of the picture (media) for months now?

    If I were to say womething like geithner has been a little out of touch for some time now and spending most of his time on a isolated island off the Chinese boarder .... what might you say and how might that change the storyline?

    1. I'd say then why was he speaking to the securities and exchange commission yesterday in dc ?


      ...and I don't see anything surfacing so if you have information , please share it .

      What I do see is him and others making alot of comments that he will stay and negotiate the "fiscal cliff" deal....which doesn't seem to me as if he's under the political gun...so to speak, or as potential victim to threats or similar circumstances being suffered like petraeus.

      So to me this doesn't look like the "abandoning ship " scenario described in benji's blog. It does look like something...we just don't know what.

    2. and to add, after reading this article at vt and a multitude of articles at drudge...


      ...this is unwinding into a soapopera of roman debauchery. Generals and fbi agents sending phone sex emails and photos of themselves topless ? Not one but thousands and thousands. They say the general sent 20,000 emails. How can someone send 20,000 emails ?? Do these generals have automated email senders ? And these are the people in charge of our war theater !

      The world must be dying of laughter...if it wasn't just dying for real !

      I think we might have a spy case where one of these women involved was a spy and maybe she didn't even know it. Such is the stupidity level of americans these days.

      And more important....the fbi and the cia demonstrate the oxymoronic nature of their "intelligence" game !

  69. Ben Fulford: World intervention saves Obama, prevents World War 3, November 12, 2012

    The full report is posted on this blog weekly.

  70. For off planet and scientific interesting information, via friend of David Wilcock, view Daniel at http://www.soldierhugs.com/

  71. TMan: Seems the main goal of the WHs is to expose the vast amount of fraud/theft... estimated in the many trillions of dollars. And the majority of this money has gone into black-ops.

    Rumours have been growing strong that both anti-gravity and free technology exist and are used by the Cabal. What about time travel and teleportation? Have you heard of Project Pegasus (http://www.projectpegasus.net/)? After conquering free energy and anti-gravity technology, time travel and teleportation would surely be next. Do you have any knowledge of this?

  72. Brad ...since tman suggested I make contact...here goes....my guess is no one has any knowledge of this, or at least no one that's speaking in public using traceable ip's.

    It's like asking if you see the light escaping from a blackhole. Unless someone is an insider, and then this insider will face incredible efforts to discredit them, or worse, you would not hear anything but rumors and innuendo...non-traceable leaks and complete "plausible deniability".

    And I don't think it's about the different possible advanced technologies , first it's about light disappearing down the blackhole...light being the funds and blackhole being black ops. When you can begin to follow the photons path past the event horizon, then there might be some information as to what exists on the other side...in the blackhole.

    So you're putting the cart ahead of the horse. I would hazard a guess and say no one knows what happens to the funds once they reach their destination....except those intended to know....so far.

    This is why I've suggested thewhitehats need to force an insider to spill the beans. If you saw projectcamelots new tv show, then you know what happens when someone wants to just march in a see what's going down.

  73. ...maybe I should have said "need to convince" instead of "need to force" ...in the last paragraph !

    And while I'm at it, may I suggest that the webmaster allow corrections within a certain timeframe, and also automatically linking http protocols would be nice as well.

  74. TMAN - First of all, take John's advice. I couldn't have said it any plainer; as well as a few others. Vulgarity doesn't belong here. Unwarranted attacks on one another doesn't belong here.

    Now what drives me nuts is the constant inuendos, insinuations, lack of concreteness, and having to sort through whats true, and whats not true. Not anything said about any real accomplishments, after all the hard work of the WH's.
    In the end, we are left with more questions than real answers.

    1. Abby,
      That's because they do not have real answers. The White Hats are a show of smoke and mirrors that demand we pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. (for those of you who get the reference to the Wizard of Oz)

      I can see right through their tactics and know they're fakes.

      The alarming thing is, since they are not who they say then...

      What's their agenda? Why are they misleading all of these people and to what end?

      These are questions we should know the answers to.

    2. Christopher -

      You have to do better than that. Why ask questions when you can talk freely?

      If you have info, then spill the beans ... let's see how close you get.

    3. TMAN,
      A nice attempt to turn attention away from you, but no, it doesn't work that way.

      You are the ones we've expected to "do better than that." You are the ones that have failed to "spill the beans."

      You are smoke and mirrors. No facts. No proof.
      And the fact that after all of the calls for you and your people to produce something real, but have only complained and pointed fingers demonstrates the truth about the White Hats.
      No, maybe not the White Hats everyone knew from the past. Instead, what you are now.

  75. To all -

    Thank you for the input on your preferences on how to conduct business onthe blog ... like I said there is everyone's ability to have a voice but then, in the alternative, a lack of respect, a measure of civility and a normal exchange of views seems to be where all of us should be. Not that I am a nice guy, remember they have only left my cage door open by accident.

    Frankly, I have been tough to deal with as well at times but my language and demenor is hopefully palatable to most. The team never lets me out mainly because I "have opinions" and as you can imagine, they might be a tad "strong" at times.

    The team has had numerous conversations with me about this ... and in the end, I have had to exchange words with all people I have had to deal or communicate with. Hopefully, this old dog has had to learn a few new tricks. Several times over the last week I have asked the monitors of me, not you, for their opinion as to how I am doing. I believe they haven't taken my priviledges away speaks volumes.

    Adrian -

    Please remove you comment and straighten up. You have been warned about the abuse language prior and now again. This is twice. NO more or you will be removed.
    As well, please extend your appologe to Abby, she provides positive and constructive comments here. We all enjoy them. Hopefully, enough said.

    1. In the above comment, I said "lack of respect" obviously I changes directrions in thinking. It should say "a show of respect".

      Thank You

  76. Abby -

    Could you expand on your comment. I think your bloomers are in a partial knot again.

    "Now what drives me nuts is the constant inuendos, insinuations, lack of concreteness, and having to sort through whats true, and whats not true. Not anything said about any real accomplishments, after all the hard work of the WH's.

    In the end, we are left with more questions than real answers."


  77. Tman -- Lol, my bloomers are just fine; no need to be concerned bout 'em.

    My quoted statement is a general, overall statement.
    In here, we have to say that we have not yet heard the 'click of the key on the jail cell doors anywhere'. We hear there are all these bad guys, with a few names dropped, but then nothing about the progress on nailing any of them.
    Example: The Herzog case was mentioned, then no update, just vanished into thin air. Falcone case, same thing.
    We've heard about the Bush Cartel and how rotten that whole family is - but, then, what about it? Nothing.
    Just dropped right there into thin air.

    We've heard how your info was given to many in power positions around the world; and? What movement on that, what kind of reception did they give to it; did they throw it all into the trash can? Should we expect any action from them? Are they moving on any of it? Yes? No?
    We are just left hanging - like we need more puzzles and mysteries in our lives.
    But most of all, its been well established that the thieving Nazi is steering the ship of destruction, and yet he roams free as a bird. No answer or details as to WHY this is, when his crimes are well known!

    We are told the WH's have all the evidence about all these things - hundreds of pages, and then its left again up in thin air. See? No conclusions to any thing. Just inuendoes, hints, insinuations, a few drops of water and we are left to die of dehydration.

    Mere words are not accomplishments. And they do not pacify us nor do they appease us. The only thing different, the only thing new....is tyranny is getting stronger, for all we know.

    I would think the fact that nearly 40 States or so have filed petitions to Secede should give a strong indication of what the People think. It is saying we want the federal government to get the hell out of our lives.
    We know that voting does nothing, never fixes anything, so we just want a Divorce across the boards.
    Hundreds of thousands have already moved out of the country. So who is it that ''doesn't get it''?

    And lets not overlook the fact that 'the good patriot' Petraus has been CIA head for past year or so, and yet did not do a thing about any of these domestic scum in Houston.
    I think its not the People who need awakened. Its not the People who have their priorities all messed up. Rome is burning, while our heads of state are off meddling in other countries. Libya was NEVER any problem to us. Neither is Syria.

    We are at The Crossroads right now, and the People know it. The People are now speaking. Now the question is - how far will the People have to go till dee cee gets it?

    I welcome any other honest opinions.

  78. Abby -

    Wonderful observations. Truthful and on target. Where should we start?

    Without getting into the details the Falcone matter, with all of the parties, including Romnet and Hertzog, is moving forward. As you can imagine we one dufus running for the Presidential slot nobody is going to make a bold move and arrest him. That would be a move that would upset people and demonstrate that we have another crrok in the Presidential slot. It would be tough to amdit that in America. Falcone has had at leaswt three bone fide attempted hits on him. What should come out is significant but the FBI is in the pocket and the instruction have been in place to not do anything, although that does not mean anything as the world is taking copeous notes and action will occur. We, as the Hats, have done our job, now it's up to others to do the rest. Hertzog is part of that equation.

    Let me run for a bit and I will come back for the balance.

    1. ... back

      Now for the Bushs ... do you really think that after all of the decades of service and manipulation, payoffs, favors, threats and contol that he and the clan are going away quietly? He has been around for a long time and only when he becomes a nuisance to the other side of the good ole' boys network will they do someting about him. In the alternative, the rest of the world is pissed off enough to do something ... they have been pushed to the limites and they are ready to act. You can blame it on Obama or anyone else for that matter but the reality is that "the game" is all about power and control. The secret government boys all think they have the control but as you can imagine, they all think they are the cats ass. The politicians all think they are the cats ass but are truly scared of their own shadow and refuse to move against the power base. Why? Simple. The do not have the power and never will, so they are stuck to do the bidding of the power base. The appointees well never had a chance to make a difference or their jobs and they are told how to do their jobs and to pursue the agenda of the power base.

      Let's take on one topic ... the White Hats have all of the evidence ... we do but nobody really wants it ... they would lose they professional careers, potentially their lives, potentially the lives of their families ... threats are threats ... pursuation is poursuation ... remember shiny buttonsw is the name of the game up there. If your buttons are cut off then your ego is lost and your career is cast into nothing.

      The dark side of the good ole' boy network is currently in control ... so how do we get through it. We just expose it and let the rats scurry to were they may. The Lord James exposure provided butt holes puckering all the way up to L.W. Rossier (Ferrera) himself. I can only imagine what is going to happen on the next round. But the question sticll remains... will you ever see it? Probably not? It all happens in the backlground of darkness ... when the exposure gets to hot ... stuff happens and it goes away again.

      Only when the demands of the people are so great and constant will things hapopen in the foreground ... demands by the people are tired of the B$$$ S%%%. The states are tired of the B$$$ S%%%. The world is absolutely tired of the B$$$ S%%%. Things are happening .... not just in the colliseum with galdiators and lions dropping like flies.

      The argument, if you would callit that, that John and I have had is simple ... he promotes pushing out the material and I promote playing the chess game. When in reality, I question who is doing what and if it makes a difference and he promotes a differing position. It is a perspective thing. The reality is that even the people surrounding the House of Lords know all about this and have clearly and without predjudice have participated. They know about the foxhole and the depth of it. They know that RBS is the scoundrel of the banking system and is complicit with more than just the 15T theft, even though most of them did not want to participate they did regardless of the reason ... like Lord Stephen Greene ... none of it would have been possible without him and/or without him getting direct pressure from Bernacke himself ... and we have the ability to prove it. Do you think any procecutor will have the guts or ability to bring it out ... nope, no way in hell. Will government committees ever get to the truth ... not unless it is a set up committee for the ske of appeasement of the people. Once the official act is complete, all the committee members head to the hills and hope for the machine to control the P.R., afterall, they did their job now it's up to someone else.

    2. TMAN

      The caution is understood with the paranoia living in a banal, zero ethical or cultural society such as this criminal derived toxic US society promotes. But truth is- If the White Hats release, we can use it to get response. Six months after the Lord James speech, movement is starting. Interest is building. Offers are being made now. The valuable work you did, and the information supplied, helped us start cracking this whole rotten sewer run wide open. Without your help, it would have passed undetected. Now their dirty secrets are out. Karma- for every decision, there is a consequence. We play a Cosmic Chess Game every day to survive on a small Island. The outreach of the Brits is Global. We are not the largest Capital market for nothing. The impression of the QE 2 Luxury Liner as London is presented, is good PR. In truth it's the most sophisticated Pirate Ship in the world bar none. How we get it to the next stage of disclosure we will debate as always. Just be assured, it will happen and currently IS happening. We will prepare a full file for Internal Heads of Government and Global Agency release.That should be a compromise you can settle for so we get real action started. Without disclosing our positions in public, this protects you and you know where we can take this as demonstrated. A good compromise so it does get into play? Limit response now only to us directly. You know the real contact links. So, privately, if we open the cage door here, you come in with us and we unleash Hell? Which means it goes G7 and all Global Leaders. We are known fully here for all our work. Totally monitored. Its a question of moral integrity. Do we let the dirt bags get away with it, or not? Support is now growing to expose and close them. It's up to us. We stood up, on House Camera and opened the can. No one on your side EVER had the courage. Time for step 2. You want action without exposure yourselves. OK. Work with us and we will launch phase 2. At least assure the followers then its happening, just not in public view. You raised this, so our answer. We need to step it up together. Prepare full files and we let it out. 48 we launch privately. Do the front and back and we will place it for you.

    3. PART ONE
      So once again we’re presented with a long, rambling, empty speech. You throw so much junk filler in here as a means of distraction that what you’re saying is meaningless.
      That’s okay. I’m glad to strip away the blather.

      the rest of the world is pissed off enough to do something ... they have been pushed to the limites and they are ready to act.
      In the entire paragraph this is the only thing you said of substance. Everything else?
      ‘They think they have power, but they don’t.’ See how easy that was? All that diatribe boiled down into one short sentence.
      And before we forget, what’s the rest of the world, whoever that is, going to do? You don’t answer that. But then, you never do.

      "the White Hats have all of the evidence ... we do but nobody really wants it"
      I nearly fell out of my chair with this one. Nobody wants it? This site is packed with people demanding evidence! And yet you get on your soap box and stoically announce that the White Hats will not bow to demands.

      What happened to the broken record of, ‘it’s not ready’? It’s all you ever say. It’s not ready. It’s too big. It’s too small.
      And yet you’ve just stated in black and white that it is ready. It has been ready for a while because you’ve been shopping it around but nobody is taking it. Um, yeah. Sure.

      "The dark side of the good ole' boy network is currently in control "
      This contradicts what you said about nobody has power, but you contradict yourself so often it’s easy for people to miss it.

      "We just expose it and let the rats scurry to were they may."
      Okay, so I’m trying to follow this.
      A. You don’t have anything you can show us
      B. The White Hats have all the evidence
      C. We’ve been demanding evidence but you won’t deliver
      D. The evidence that you don’t/do have that is/isn’t ready you are going to/ not going to expose

      "Only when the demands of the people are so great and constant will things hapopen in the foreground"
      Yet all of these people have been demanding, yet the WH’s ignore us. Doesn’t that conflict with what you keep saying? Yes.

    4. PART TWO
      "The argument, if you would callit that, that John and I have had is simple ... he promotes pushing out the material and I promote playing the chess game. When in reality, I question who is doing what and if it makes a difference and he promotes a differing position."
      This is a masterpiece of drivel. You should be commended. Let me break this down.
      You’re telling us that John wants it out in the open. You want to keep things on the down low. BUT... you then you say that’s not the reality. The reality is you don’t know if what you said is true, AND if it matters.

      Ah, but wait. There’s more. Because then you say it’s not really reality. No. it’s perspective.
      What is reality is that the House of Lords really know. And they have taken a part in it.
      Huh? What are you talking about, dude?
      One minute you’re talking about your bitch spat with John (which was a complete act to deflect and distract from the fact that you STILL weren’t publishing #48) and then somehow the House of Lords is involved with your spat?

      It takes a moment to realize that now you’ve skipped to something about the House of Lords knowing about a bank stealing 15 TRILLION dollars, and not doing anything about it? Not one single soul willing to say a word? Really?
      Currently there are roughly 772 members of the House of Lords. Over seven h u n d r e d and each and every one of those seven hundred people are so corrupt, intimidated, what ever that they wouldn’t speak out about 15 trillion dollars? Heck, it would cost nearly that much just to pay off and threaten that many people.

      So, in the end we have:
      1. The world is pissed off at Bush and they’re going to do something, but you never say what, when, or how, or who the world is.
      2. Nobody has power but they think they do. How this is relevant to anything is anyone’s guess.
      3. You have all the evidence to topple the evil system but nobody will listen to you, with the exception of everyone on this site, but you don’t want to give it to them.
      4. You can’t tell what’s reality and what’s perception, but don’t know if that matters.
      5. In the mass of seven hundred and seventy two members of the House of Lords, none of them will tell the truth.

      Do you see how inane this crap is when you strip away all the double talk?
      As a sidenote how is it that someone in the ‘chess game’ of espionage has the grammar and poor spelling of someone who wouldn’t have passed a high school English class?

      control not contol
      something not someting
      limits not limites
      persuasions not pursuation or poursuation ( you had 2 tries - got both wrong)
      buttons not buttonsw
      still not sticll
      background not backlground
      happen not happopen
      coliseum not coliseum
      gladiators not galdiators
      call it not callit
      prejudice not predjudice
      prosecutor not procecutor
      sake not ske
      after all not afterall (it’s two words)

      How much longer are you going to keep lying, TMAN? Anyone with two brain cells can see you’re lying.

    5. chris...I call you a disinformation agent, maybe on salary. When someone posts with a diatribe about trivialities like spelling, rather than presents an argument...with valid points...that actually address the subject matter, rather than small grammatical contradictions,then they are obviously being paid to do so.... or, they are just lonely and sad and looking for any kind of attention, even if it's negative.

      So my question would be...have you read all the reports and have you read all of chris story's reports, have you downloaded the documents and understood their meaning, and if so , then obviously you are here , not to contribute to the understanding, but to simply disrupt, to be a thorn rather than a cure. Certainly looks like pure disruption to me. No real content...just complaints.

      One thing tman is exactly correct about....are you going to prosecute and arrest anyone ? Are you going to get these reports published at cnn ? Are you going to move your congressman to have a congressional investigation ? Nope...didn't think so ! Nor anyone else here...including myself. Maybe you're really just showing your utter powerlessness in the face of your helplessness. If so...apologize and admit it. Otherwise ...you're outed.

    6. juanadough,
      You've missed my point. I wasn't making some petty comment about TMANs penmanship.

      I'm using facts to support a valid statement. On the surface it may appear to be trivial and superficial, but take a moment to ponder this further.

      TMAN is presenting himself as someone who in interacting with agents, agencies, and contacts who are highly placed, deeply embedded, and close to what's really happening in the highest places of not just our government, but international governments.
      This isn't something to take lightly, correct? Not just anyone can stumble into an environment so multi tiered and complex.
      Government sponsored agents have, at the least, masters degrees. They've got years of education, socio-political, history, behavioral, communications, negotiation, trade craft, and the list goes on.

      My point, and I'm being very serious about this, is that you don't play 'chess' with the big dogs unless you're on par with them.
      The only time, and I mean only time they'll interact with someone who is below them is when they want to use a patsy, front, or puppet.

      So, take a moment. Don't look at what I'm saying as internet rhetoric or trolling. I'm pointing to a very specific clue that I believe would be a mistake to over-look.

    7. juanadough

      I'm just wondering... out of my entire two posts, the only thing that stood out to you was my commenting about his spelling?

      Nothing else?

    8. Chris - lord blackheaths speech is simple and ample evidence thewhitehats are who they say they are, and that there are things happening under the table. Have you read chris story's site yet as well ?

  79. ... and

    "Mere words are not accomplishments. And they do not pacify us nor do they appease us. The only thing different, the only thing new....is tyranny is getting stronger, for all we know."

    So the questions is "who are you".? Do you really think anyone cares. You are just a number, so fall in line. Rude ... hope not. Reality ... absolutely. you and everyone here is nothing ... just a bunch of complainers that are not willing to do anything on there own, can't do anything on there own, and if given the chance does not have the capacity to do anything.

    ... wait ...

    ... hold on ...

    ... it's coming ...

    ... wait ...

    are you really pissed of at what I just told you about you ... are you ready to get author a pile of words to get even with me? Don't bother ... it's not me talking. It's our leadership. The leadership of the sheeple as I was told they call it. The know it and you know it ... thats why you are here ... isn't it ... you want us, the White Hats to take care of it ... you want me to place my family and the other White Hats families at risk to do the dirty work so you don't have to ... (remember: this is not directed at you but you are one of the group). Now, some are going to write, "but you put yourselves there". Correctomongo, once again. If that is true then who gave all of you the brass balls to tell us our "job" and to push us with our game?

    Take a look at Chris Martin and his comments. Why does he act like that? Two possible reasons: 1) he is a troll and this is his JOB, or 2) he wants us to do the job that he needs to be doing. What is that job, well he might just have to find what it takes to purchase the pitchfork after all. That might be to much for him. Afterall, it is easier to play the balem game than participate or hold your leadership accountable. This is not new language on our part. We have said this since the beginning.

    So when you ask us for proof, ask us for evidence, ask us why have our activities been for naught, take a look inward and find the answer in your own actions. Do you lose your gumption when the neighbor or friend you are talking to shuts you downs and does not believe you? We are sorry that you got rejuected but it happens all day to us ... almost three years to be exact.

    What do we know that you don't ... we know that people are listening. How do we know? Because the members of Congress we talk to, and the Senators we talk to, and the appointees we talk to, and the heads of Governments we talk to, the 25 nations that have signed up with Pureheart we have talked to ... ... ... ... all know they have been duped and hang there head in total shame. They don't want to know we know what they did and they don't want to know they have failed the people they represent. More tarnished buttons ... perhaps ... now the questions is when the dung hits the turbo fan and their ass is on the line for what they have done ... what will happen to them. It would be better for them to be arrested and taken away mainly because of the shame they will have to endure for the duration of their lives. Well, maybe ... 'cause you (meaning the sheeple)won't do a damn thing to hold them accountable. Do you think the Wh's are going to hold them all accountable ... really?

    1. TMAN,
      I know who I am. I know how I've served my country. I'm confident and proud of what I've done in the past and continue to do now.
      You're questioning of my contribution to this country is a sad attempt, at best to draw attention away from the same question about you.

      But, it's because of my love of this country that I'm holding your feet to the fire. You're feeding all this crap to people here and time after time have R E F U S E D to give any proof of what you're saying. And yet you say you're exposing this and that.

      You're lying.

      It's that simple. Where's my proof? Easy. My proof is that you haven't given any. You haven't provided anything to support what you're saying.

      I love this country and anyone that would mislead it's people is an enemy to America. Until you can prove otherwise, that's what you are.

      Who do you talk to in Congress? What Senators? Names. Give us names. Oh, right. It's a secret.
      You have this double standard about calling out the bad guys, except when it can be validated.

      You have ignored every one of my posts when I call you out and ask for proof. But, just like Obama, you ignore the question and give answers to questions nobody is asking. You point a finger here and there trying to distract people from the only relevant point.


      You have none.
      But what have you done, TMAN? Where's the person arrested because of your work? Where's the investigation because of your intel? Where's the newspaper, main stream or underground, blowing the lid off the whole thing because you gave them the info?
      There isn't any. There's not one single thing that's happened in the real world that was driven by even the smallest shred of your intel.

      No doubt you'll have followers who will support you not knowing you're just playing them. It's a shame, but it happens. But, for the rest of us we're seeing you in an ever brightening light.

    2. Christopher -

      We4ll, I started at the bottom and worked my way up ... you have been busy.

      Obviously an issue. You are apparently not in the loop anywhere or your are a troll? Your tack does not get close to an upset for me or us ... none of us.

      Nobody cares about your allegiance to your country. What you have done in the past is only good for your last good deed ... in that regard you are just like us or me.

      From time to time we get people with issues ... apparently, you are one of them.

      So, if you don't think you like what we are doing and you think you are superior, then step up to the plate and work on the team. Read below for my comments. We can put you on the front line whichs helps me out on time. Obviously, you are superior in thought and deed, so let's get to it.

  80. ... and

    I am now at the limit of the terms of my release from the cage ... I am going to be reminded that I can't say the things I say and that I am a bad boy of saying it.

    I will leave after this comment.

    When you have had enough and are will to stand shoulder to shoulder with your neighbor and all of the others, then something will happen ...until then, keep the curtains pulled and the television on the cable news channels.

  81. NOW, I'd recommend a sham sacrifice. Trade a position on the board for a small advantage to your opponent, and draw out a weak piece into the open, who can be easily captured.

    Otherwise 110% is true. Who's out there big enough? Only when the people are willing to take it to the streets. Spain just announced no more foreclosures. Why ? Because the spanish are in the streets in open revolution.

    Americans are still glued to foxnews. But the Middle East is about an inch away from total chaos. When war starts and gasoline goes to 10$ and food shelfs are empty, the streets of America will look like Spain.

    That's when the cartel will be the weakest, their king unprotected, and you can mate them with your best move. my2cents

    1. Juanadough.
      Gas in Europe is 12 dollars a gallon. You've got away with gas guzzling and pollution on the cheap for long enough. Taxes to fund Health Care and the Commie Czars will be slapped on Gas. How else will you fund the mass illegals swarm swamping America? The cross breeding Welfare Bunnies who will never work need to be paid for.Free food, cars, checks, health care, legal bills etc. Who pays-you of course. Welcome to the $10 a gallon gas world. Its coming. Join the real world at last. The free rides are over. All taxes will increase so the Welfare 300 pounders will have to eat less.

    2. 'john November 15, 2012 7:34 AM', this video is directly directly at YOU!


    3. John ...your message is a long list of inflammatory misconceptions.

      Europe's gas has always been more expensive because you don't produce much. That's not what's happening in Spain. There's no jobs in spain because spain sold the possibility of an industrial base to england 300 years ago using the gold they stole from the americas to support their ruling class, enriching england in the process by buying your luxury goods at exorbitant prices. They've had a slight rise in their standard of living in the last two decades. It was only a bump on the graph. Spain in 1969, the first time I visited, was poorer than Mexico.

      That's more or less the same precipice americans are standing on, for a different reason. Here we offshored it in the name of maximizing profits for the ic's...and income inequality is the resulting culprit caused by the banksters having a license to steal...and currency devaluation, or what they call quantitative easing. The tax and banking laws benefiting the rich must be discarded.

      Britain has had socialized medicine for decades. Don't you use it ? I'd bet 5$ you do ! The US must do something to fix the medical industry. The costs are past absurd and the quality is falling. Is obamacare the answer ? Some 50 million americans are without insurance where the costs are so prohibitive that medical costs are the main cause of bankruptcy.

      And gas here is already taxed. Should we be using less...of course. Should we tax it higher ? That won't be our problem when the Middle East erupts and oil supplies are cut. The problem with our dependence on petroleum is the vast distances goods and food must be transported. However when our supermarket shelves are empty, then they'll only resemble what a european supermarket has looked like for decades ! No wonder europeans don't have an obesity problem.

      And those mass illegal swarms swamping you speak about....some of them are my friends and family ! They just want to feed their children. They do the jobs nobody else wants. They usually contribute to the growth without services. Few Mexicans who could collect SS, do. And will you work 10 to 12 hours a day picking lettuce ? And they've been crossing over since before it was even ours ! Remember we stole it for $5000 ! This sycophantic strategy of blaming it on the illegal immigrants is the worst type of racism. The men who screwed up the world aren't the poor illegals just looking for a mouthful of bread...it's the rich and powerful who are willing to murder millions.

      And exactly what percent are on the dole in your country again ? Who pays in England .... the Queen ?? Looks like to most americans .... you've got your own fatcats on top that need cleaning out as well.

      To me at least, this isn't about welfare abusers. This is about constitutional abusers who buy their way into power with illegal offshore accounts, use their political influence to bypass existing banking laws to enrich themselves even further, and then murder a million people...in america's name so they can get even richer off of the war industry and the war on drugs.

      And of course...we want to know the endgame. Just why have they taken the world to the edge. Personal gain. You can only be so rich. There's something deeper. That's what we've got to discover.

    4. joe...speaking of sychophantic babbling , does that guy have more than 5 profanity words in his vocabulary ? If you have a position to state, can you please state it w/o the diatribe trash. I'd be embarrassed to share that video...in public anyway !

    5. "juanadough November 15, 2012 12:08 PM" I'm FAR from embarrassed to post it, in fact I am proud to post it!

      The way I see things ( as nothing more than a tradesman ), I see much of the current male portion of our society turning completely effeminate! ...just the way the cabal wants it! Less chance of a "macho" type fighting back at them!

      Here's a guy who is ticked off royally and rightfully so and expresses himself in a way most "common folk" understand and relate.

      ...but maybe in your world, it doesn't translate?

    6. Joe...maybe you don't know real macho. This guy is just a big foul mouth. A barking dog doesn't bite. And is this way you really talk ? In my world, speaking this disrespectfully, this guy would be challenged in about 3 seconds, then we'd see his macho !

      If any argument is worth stating, it's worth stating in an intellectual format, otherwise it's just useless diatribe.

    7. juana, I guess that's the way you see things in your world!

      All the best!

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. DUDE, EACH AND EVERY "political system restricts personal freedom; denounces personal responsibility; surrenders personal sovereignty; attacks the philosophical foundations of liberty; encourages government dependency and undermines the character of the people". THAT IS ALL THAT GOVERNMENT HAS EVER BEEN DESIGNED TO DO. WAKE UP ALREADY!




  85. In response to TMAN saying 'nothing will happen until the People do something'.

    We have a World Court, Interpol, Congress,Provost Marshall, Military, Atty General, State Atty Generals, State Officials, Governors, Sheriffs, Police etc etc. All are paid BY the People to do a job, collecting hefty paychecks and piling up Pensions that make ours look laughable.

    These are the people who are PAID by us to do what they are supposed to do -- yet you tell US to do it, or it won't get done. Shall we take that as a confession then that they are worthless and don't really do their jobs?
    I'd say so. Of course we already know that. That is our very complaint in this Blog.

    So BECAUSE the listed people won't do their job, you want US to riot in the streets, naked and unarmed, to get a few hundred of us beaten, maced, smokebombed, LRAD'ed, maimed or even killed - and bring on Marshall Law upon the whole country. Then what? THEN they will do their job? I doubt it. They will be all hiding under their desks. Cowards just going thru the motions until they can collect those hefty Pensions. Do nothings.

    All passing the buck, and laying all that responsibility on the People, without a leg to stand on; with every Law made so we can be considered unlawful.

    Let me propose this to the Powers that be, IF there really are any 'good guys' in such positions, that really DO care what kind of a country they live in --

    'YOU START IT, and we the People will back you all the way. THEN and only then will droves of the People in the streets have any chance or meaning, or effectiveness to bring about what we all know needs to be done.

    Now is the time. THIS is the hour, while people in all the States are focused on freedom, via their Petitions now in full swing. Go lean hard on the Provost Marshall (if indeed he is the one to go do it) and WATCH US work the streets for you, waking up the people.

    Otherwise, wake them up -- for What? They would be better off not to be bothered with this horror story if they are gonna die anyhow.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, for those who don't know, ISRAEL is doing a real slaughtering number on Gaza. Media is hiding this truth from you all, and the churchy people need to wake up; stop supporting these criminal bloodthirsty imposters.
      'the Lord hates them that shed innocent blood'.
      Thats scripture; look it up.

      This is an OUTRAGE. There is NO excuse for killing innocent children and their mothers who are just trying to survive next door to their wicked neighbor, israhell. You cannot kill people just because you dont like them.

      Hugh, I also see where Egypt is in retaliation mode toward Israel, for the Gaza incidents. Thats the only spark of good news I've heard in a few days or more.

  86. What TMAN was saying in his departing post was that after all their hard work, after talking to many in Power position with the authority to DO what needs to be done -- NOBODY is doing anything. That is why there's been no reporting of any real accomplishments. So, sadly, it seems we are still at Square One. Now what?

    We weren't really looking to the WH's to do the doing of it - but we were hoping that they could persuade certain individuals TO move on their information, to get it into effect, put it all into play. I want to clear that up once and for all.

    I have a certain degree of sympathy for the WH's. To see a lot of hard dedicated work come to zero, is disheartening and depressing.
    Been there, done that. Its a real downer.

    I also have a huge degree of appreciation for all they've tried to do. Hats off to them, regardless.

    On another note. The treasonist nazi is NOT too big to arrest. You just need to forget who you think he is, and look at WHAT he is. He is not any official, he is an ordinary person, no different from the rest of us.

    The mindset that 'oh we cant arrest him, because he wont go quietly, and it would offend him' - is just total nonsense! Use NDAA. Ever think of that? There are plenty of citizens that would be more than happy to do it, and sleep well at night. Like ive said so often, you gotta cut off the head of the snake and the rest will fall like dominoes.

    1. Abby,
      There's something that the WHs have overlooked, or chosen to ignore in each and every post they've made.

      What's the first sentence of The Constitution of the United States?
      "We, the people..."
      This sentence was written specifically not to point to a group, organization, or party. They were writing about us because, as a people, we are more powerful than any ruler, army, or secret cabal.

      The WHs, by their account, papered their report to everyone in every government level around the world and yet ignored the very first sentence of the very the Constitution they're claiming to preserve.

      What about us, White Hats? What about 'We, the people'? Is your faith in us so weak that you won't give us the tools so we can make a change?
      Don't you trust us, or do you simply have no hope?

      Give us the same thing you're shopping to the rest of the world. Let us, the people, take the ball and run with it.

      This isn't a rhetorical post. Give us the answer. Yes, you will give us the same information, or No you won't.
      If 'yes', then do it now. You have it. There's nothing to compile. You've been passing this same stuff all over the world. Give it to us, now.
      If 'no' then, why? Because you keep telling us to 'stand up, shoulder to shoulder'. You say we should do the hard work. Fine. Give us the information and let us work.

      Come on WHs. It's time to do it. Now. Right now.
      No excuses.

    2. You know, Christopher, your definition of "people" is faulty. A "person" is a mask, a reprensentative of an idea - nothing more. Look it sometime. This is why such language was chosen for the U.S. corporate charter.

      "People" are not remotely the same as human beings. Do the math.

      In short, if you wanna play word games with lawyers and judges (a bad idea to begin with), you're gonna fair badly 'til you learn the language and how THEY use it. Of course, law is merely an opinion with a gun ... a dead-end if ever there was one.

      Seeking justice from the government is as stupid as praying to Quetzalcoatl to ensure your candidate's victory, perhaps more even. That leads to an uncomfortable realization, but an necessary one to arrive at:

      Since there are no government-based solutions to the ills of government, the White Hats are either misled, misleading, or both.

      The Reports are a Pipe Dream, or a nightmare, or both. It's just what you'd expect from government employees, though. If you read a bit between the lines, you'll see that the White Hats are full of 'stuff'.


    3. Adrian -

      Thank you for the restraint.

      For the record, we are pipedreamers thinking that the work we do makes a difference ... somewhere ... but there are sometines when reality confronts you ... we are not there yet .... probably too old to be there.

      You would think that as much bitching as some do here and else where, they would be the first to be a part of the team approach.

      From certain comments here why would anyone participate or care. Sitting behind a computer is easier than sticking your neck out ... regardless of how you spin it.

    4. Christopher -

      Are you pissed off, angry or a troll?

      You seems to have a misdirected issue with us or me, if it is personal.

      If it is that big of an issue, why not schedule an appointment with me/us and air your verbal rhetoric in person. Usually it is a different language in perosn. That way we can have a heart to heart over your issues and opinions. You know how it is ... mono a' mono ... you and me discussing your thoughts. This is not a big bully thing but a serious request.

      Why would I do that? Well, easy. You are not a happy person and you seems to be blaming the woes of the political world and/or everything else, on the WH's.

      In addition, you seem to think you have a way to handle this ... which you might. If you do, then we can meet and you can become an auxillary member of the White Hats. Can you take the pressure and the heat? Think it is easy researching all of this? Think you have what it takes? Talk to us or send you C.V. ... but keep your opinions to yourself. I just want the facts about what you can do and your thoughts on how you plan to get it done.

      Now, that you are on the block, don't skirt the questions I ask? You refused to answer that last questions?

      In short, put up or shut up!

      Ipray that all of this is spelled correctly and punctuated correctly ... back to the college professor.

    5. ... and one more thought for your consideration.

      If you are part of the "We the People" set, then you have 47 reports to use in your quest to participate, at least until the 48th comes out.

      Use it well in your journey ... then you might understand what the conversation was with ABBY. Thanks Abby.

  87. This comment has been removed by the author.

  88. Freedom....Next Time
    By John Pilger

    To me it boils down to this.  If we can't win this battle, we can't win -

  89. Steve Pieczenik on Benghazi....


  90. I just have to wonder, are shills on a salary or do they get paid by the amount of crap they sling? I need chest waders in here. I wonder what kind of seniority it takes to get assigned the task of posting here. Can you shills sleep at night? What do you tell your family that you do? Certainly it can't be the truth. Just the fact that you sit in a [non-descript location] boiler room with a playbook, assigned targets, and a script for most anything that can be said should tell you there is something wrong with what you are doing.

    From what I have been told, the money is great, but I have to ask:

    How can you sleep at night?

    You here - you know who you are, should contact Kerry Cassidy and give an anonymous interview. Go ahead, I know you want to.

    Here's her contact info:

    Project Camelot
    638 Lindero Canyon Road, #277
    Oak Park, CA 91377, USA

    E-mail: kerry@projectcamelot.tv

    1. Oh Poor Erin! Throwing a childish fit, stomping his/her feet like a little kid. Found themselves a cozy little meaningless corner in life, and now full of fear that its being disrupted by reality.

      Erin, not to worry. Nobody will take away your Oboma-Phone from you. You can still just TEXT away your life until 'they' come and haul you off to some FEMA camp. Now just go back to sleep. Do you need somebody to tuck you in?

    2. Sheesh Abby, such vitriol. You're jumping to conclusions, and my last childish fit was over 40 years ago. I did not state a "side" in my post, and was only commenting on the obvious shills posting here. I have no intention on ending up in a Fema Camp, and I don't text people, I pick up the phone and call.

      Just so you know my political orientation, I am wearing one of these as I type:

      Change it Back

      Also, that T-shirt does not state I am a Republican (only anti-Obama) so please don't draw that conclusion either.

      I woke up in 2008 and I have to admit I was not happy to learn the truth. I'm a reluctant truther. If you know of some way for me to get a "do over" I would dearly love to go back and take the blue pill but the proverbial cat is out of the bag and I cannot un-ring the bell, unfortunately.

      Let's just get along, ok? Can we start again? We're on the same side, I think...lol

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  94. Christopher and others.

    In defense of T Man and the site, which is trying for all of you, allow these questions to be raised, otherwise prohibited in a rigged and neutered US media. Real issues,real dilemmas, and core issues if America is to stand for anything nowadays. It will help determine where you stand.

    Benghazi. Who was responsible for standing down of Seal and other Special Ops teams within reach, able and willing to rescue their colleagues? The American Ambassador was allegedly Anally raped, brutally murdered and his tortured body dragged through the streets. Seals take many years to train. Patriotic, brave, courageous young men, brutally slaughtered and terrified knowing they were betrayed.Families devastated. Heartbreaking.Lives which could and deserved to be saved by rescue. Distraught Special Ops units were begging to be given the order to go and rescue them You DON'T leave your men behind. The CARDINAL rule. Who callously betrayed these men to be brutally slaughtered like this? It was an act of TREASON as a serving Commander. Was it with the knowledge of a complicit Commander in Chief? If so, the Provost Martial MUST arrest him. No excuses.
    All this is part of the vile regime of complicit crooks and incompetents running the show in DC.

    Why are the Florida Miami Area Police denied permission to release to Ed Falcones attorneys, the Police Crime Reports on the numerous murder attempts on him? Why after numerous FBI and Police meetings, with copies of Bush contracts, and numerous witness statements, won't the Miami FBI allow action, question Bush and others, or release a report to the attorneys? Why have the known and named assassins acting for a known person, not been arrested? These are factual realities. All happening on your watch. Why has Herzog not been extradited back to America to face a public trial exposing corruption at the very top? Real issues.Real questions.Real events. So, credit the White Hats with fighting for Justice. They have real security fears, founded or otherwise.

    Will Benghazi be a cover up or truth exposed? If what is alleged about Benghazi is true, it brings shame to the heart of America. All those loved and trusting sons will have died for treachery at the heart of DC and the Agency for a command which betrayed them. Agency Chiefs with secrets leaking, in Honey Traps, who faint in front of Senate Inquiries.
    How about - We The People- defending the Constitution?

    The White Hats site exposes them to debate for you. They raise the questions and challenge for truth. Who else does in Americas name? Do YOU want a voice of truth and conscience or not?

    1. John you are so right here. Now as Ive said a dozen times before, its the 'head of the snake' that must FIRST be gone after, fiercely. They are the hindrance to all progress, and getting to the Truth. They are the very reason why progress FOR the People is always shot down. And those who truely do work for Freedom and Truth, just wear themselves out, gaining very little ground.

      I think NOW the Benghazi Fiasco is PROOF beyond a doubt, that there are possibly 2 factions fighting for total Control. Its those Leaders that must be taken down at the jugular, and this tippy toeing around has to stop.

      It's time for the Provost Marshall to DO his job.
      It's time for some Shock and Awe here, because we've never ever had a time such as THIS. The status quo will no longer work.

  95. John ...absolutely 100% !


    ...the problem is we can't even arrest the 9/11 conspirators and Bush war criminal gang for murdering a million people, and in America , financial criminals are respected, not arrested.

    I'm afraid until the ground disappears from beneath their feet, the citizens will continue believing in their demigods.

  96. TMAN - The other day I made the Statement that -
    the gov. good guys should start it, and the People will be behind you all the way, with our support.

    Well, now all 50 States are on board with their wishes known, via all their Secession Petitions.
    However, NOW Alex Jones is ALSO rallying up the troops, and when he does that, people listen.
    So again, NOW is the Time because 'you' have the most attention from the People, EN MASS.


    I understand that he is also going to proceed with having an interview with Viera, the Constitutional Lawyer and he will speak about Secession.

    People can quit laughing and scoffing about this Secession thing. WE Seceded from Great Britain.
    People thought it was great when all those countries Seceded from Russia.

    Secession is the bloodless way to deal with the scum we have ruling over us, instead of Serving us as they are sworn to do. The Government is to be the Servant of the People. Lets not forget that. People need to get that through their minds, indelibly. Go against whoever you have to go against,no matter who they 'are'.

  97. I might give a footnote here, that the Federal Reserve Notes will most likely become extinct and replaced by UST's (u.s. treasury's) Keep this in mind before you march to the bank with your pink paper, when that time comes. (or whatever color you have)

  98. My take on the secession movement is most americans think they're a bunch of loonytunes. At least those friends I speak with...besides the only "one" I know who actually signed ! So 70,000 texans signed the petition...so what? How many texans are there ? Around 26 million. That's not exactly like the people are rising up against overlords. Abby, maybe your sampling method is seeing false-positives.

    While I was disappointed there was no report before the election, I understand tman's position. Let them play the ball. When they publish 48, I personally will bombard drudge, rt, vt, pp, and any other site that might be openminded enough.

    If there's specifics on an elected official from a particular state, then we can organize a letter writing campaign. That's about all the shock-and-awe I see until the citizens are awakened, and I don't see these secession petitions as being any great awakening. It's just the choir harmonizing.

    1. Juan - As far as I can see, most americans are falling into the ditch and they are whining like crazy. Like the homeless, the poverty sticken, the jobless, the obamacare disgruntled, and even YOU may be knocked down to a half time work week. The list is endless.

      So I'm not one bit intimidated by the scoffers of Secessionists. I don't know what 'most americans think' because I havent talked to ''most american's.
      So it would seem to me that it is you that thinks Secessionists are a 'bunch of looneytunes', right?

      These Petitions send a strong message from all over the Country. That is a major point, and don't think Secession is a total impossibility. You don't yet seem to realize the depth here.

      You are anxious to spread #48 and Expose the tyrants to all that you can, YET you are calling Secessionists who want RID of tyrannical govt., looneytunes? Kinda shooting your self in the foot, or doubleminded, as on the one hand you want to fight against the thugs, and on the other hand, you laugh at us wanting RID of them?
      Have you fallen for the propaganda mockery of the sleezy zionist own Media now? Well, Im not gonna jump on that bandwagon.

      I also bet if you asked these mockers of Secession just what it is that is ''looney' about it - they couldnt tell you.
      It also looks to me like Texas did just fine after they Seceded from Mexico, dont you think? Now they are just back into another similar mess and have to do a repeat. Secessions have been happening all over the world for a very long time; nobody complained then, why now all of a sudden have we become ''loonies'?