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July 12, 2012 - WHITE HATS REPORT #45

Nomenclature of Financial Thievery

"I don't understand, where does all this come from? How do you get funding for something like this?"
"You don't actually think they spend $20,000 on a hammer, $30,000 on a toilet seat, do you?"
-From the movie, Independence Day, an exchange between the President and a civilian when the President enters Area 51 for the first time after the alien invasion.

“Where does all (that money) come from?”  We are on a quest to uncover the trail of deceit, deception, corruption and thievery in the financial arena. Where does the money come from, where has it gone, and what is it being used for?  The answer to that question could be the biggest secret of our time.  But let us begin to connect the dots with some background on the methods used to steal from the people to finance the NWO.

Lord James started the ball rolling on February 16th in London’s House of Lords. We’re going to pick up the trail from there and bring it forward.  It cannot be said enough that Lord James took a historic and brave step in revealing to the world the corrupted underbelly of the financial system.  History, real history, will record Lord David James of Blackheath as a hero for humanity.  This fact cannot be emphasized enough. There is a time to step forward and be counted and Lord James came up all aces.  Who will join him?

The issue in the House of Lords relates to a split in which one side advocates a full and complete investigation into the matter while the other side has issued a “D” notice to the United Kingdom media. A “D” notice is essentially an order to NOT print information on a certain subject matter, in this case, the speech made by Lord James, the ensuing investigations, and the far-reaching ramifications, unless you want political hell to be brought down upon you. The nature of our information will rock political dynasties and banking empires, when revealed.  Censorship has now reached the UK as the effort continues to keep this information out of the mainstream media.  The media being primarily controlled by the Bush Cabal through the efforts of the Bilderbergs and Rupert Murdoch.  However, with so much attention on the crumbling world financial system, secrets are starting to emerge.  Can the cabal keep a lid on all of this?  Not if we, and our readers, have anything to say about it.

We are embarking on a journey that will not only explain what Lord James referred to in his speech, but will follow the money trail to its destination, exposing not only the objective of this theft and money laundering operation but its dire effects on the planet. Our destination is the murky world of black projects and 2012.

As Lord James stood bravely in the House of Lords and delivered his speech, he referred to certain documents that he possessed. These documents provide one example of the methods by which the ruling cabal finances its criminal enterprise, intending the total domination of planet Earth. These same documents have been submitted to the U.S. House and Senate in addition to all law enforcement agencies having the capability to arrest and prosecute these corrupt criminals. Yet, nothing has been done. Why? Perhaps because the same “controllers” own the same Senate, House, law enforcement and judiciary with the authority to stop and prosecute these crimes against humanity, and amazingly, not only in the United States, but in Europe, the United Kingdom and the rest of the G7 countries.  Yes, we have confirmed the leadership of the G7 are up to their eyeballs in all of this but we will save that revelation for a future report.

When you are bought and paid for, you serve your Masters, not the slaves who elect you to office.  Add to this the complicit and controlled mainstream news media and what results is a very well conceived, well run scam on the public and betrayal of our respective nations, rights and freedoms.

Trading Programs

We have referred to trading programs in prior reports without providing explicit information regarding these financial transactions. They are Medium Term Note (MTNs) transactions which are designed to raise funds for industrial, infrastructure and humanitarian projects around the world and which, like everything else in the financial sector, have been perverted and diverted to the greedy, unscrupulous aims and objectives of the cabal. When you are in charge of the financial system you have a license to steal. And the Federal Reserve has developed it into a Major League art form of chicanery.  These trading programs are conducted in secret, run by the Federal Reserve and done on a colossal scale in vast trillions through banks outside the United States.  What is required is an investor with a minimum of 100 million dollars to enter into a contract with the Federal Reserve. The money is leveraged up to 6 times or more, and is used as enhanced capital for the buying and selling of MTN’s (medium term notes) with profits split between the investor, the Federal Reserve and the project to be funded.  As Lord James said, the profits can be between 20 and 30% per day compounded. That equates to over 100% per week for those in the know! These funds route out via numerous Tax Havens with no taxes paid to benefit or aid society. 

The FBI will tell you these are scams. So will the Justice Department, SEC, Dept. of the Treasury and whole host of other financial “watchdogs.”  They call them, “high yield investment programs”, “prime bank programs” and “roll programs” to recite just a few. And they will try to convince the general public that these transactions are nothing more than scammers perpetrating fraud on unsuspecting investors in the form of a Ponzi scheme.  Are they are just plain lying about these well known transactions to cover their fraud, or are they acting as damage control and gatekeepers in keeping the real story from the public. If so, they are heavily complicit in money laundering, conspiracy and fraud.  If you are an investor in these programs you sign a strict non-disclosure agreement with the Federal Reserve (aka banking system) in which you are then at risk of them stealing your funds if you disclose any of the information regarding the transaction. We can think of no better incentive to encourage the investors to keep their mouths shut and enjoy the enormous profits made.  After all, they would not risk a large sum of money only to squander it by going off the reservation and talking about their fortunes made. 

But what if the “system” steals it anyway? Then the investor has little to lose by disclosing the crooked trade situation.  At that point the system put the investor into no mans land by declaring the disgruntled investor onto the black list.

Enter Yohannes Riyadi, the wealthy (on paper only) Indonesian businessman referred to by Lord James in his historic speech delivered on “White Thursday”.  Mr. Riyadi is one such innocent victim who was ruthlessly defrauded of vast billions of dollars and who now has no incentive to keep the truth from being exposed. 

The documents and contract held in Lord James’ hand while he made his speech was, in fact, a REAL, 100% bang to rights, US Treasury and Federal Reserve trading program contract.  This contract (titled “Project Funding Agreement”) was entered into on March 10, 2003 between Yohannes Riyadi and the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of New York.  The contract was signed by Mr. Riyadi and Alan Greenspan (as Chairman) and Roger Ferguson (as Vice Chairman) of the FRB. Among the witnesses to attest to the contract were Timothy Geithner and Yusuke Horiguchi for the IMF with Paul O’Neill’s (then Secretary of the Treasury) signature utilized for acknowledgement. 

The profit split was designated as 60% to Riyadi as the investor, 20% to the US Federal Reserve, and 20% to Bank of Indonesia.  Since then that fund has been mass compounded into vast Trillions.

Now you know why trading programs are such a well kept secret. 

The Fraud

Yohannes Riyadi had a legally binding contractual promise to pay him $500M USD on signature of contract and 60% of all profits accrued. He was coerced into pledging his assets by a combined US Treasury and FRB New York team. It was a complete “Bait and Switch” operation. They used the credibility of the US Treasury to give him confidence. 

He signed a contract with them undertaking to pay him $500M USD on acceptance of the contract.  It was switched to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  He never received a dollar. They reneged on him and stole his $500M.  We have confirmation from the now Deputy President of Indonesia that it was all real and confirmation of Riyadi’s account being denied by the Fed.

Mr. Riyadi entered into his contract in good faith and with genuine intent. When he tried to use his US Federal Reserve Treasury Checks to fund genuine Hospital Projects, he was denied from day one. They lied to him and set him up with callous intent.   HSBC and other banks used his US Treasury Check Safe Keeping Receipts (SKRs) to underpin the issuance of Certificates of Deposits or Bank Guarantees that facilitate MORE MTN Trading Program platforms and profits, creating ever greater Ponzi money debts in a spiral of greed.

Unfortunately, Riyadi was coerced into a cross association with notorious con man Wilfredo Saurin, a US Federal Reserve Bank of New York protected Fraudster.  Saurin has wantonly racketeered the papers all over the planet in numerous up-front fee scams, protected by Homeland Security as evidenced in this colossal Pureheart-Fed operation.  

This was how they underpinned the $15 Trillion of US Debt to issue the SWIFTS with inter Bank conspirators involved to fraudulently cover up imminent black holes in the US and EU banking systems, with their cross firing scams. This was all a cosmetic smokescreen to maintain the illusion of probity for a long since bankrupt economy and insolvent banks.

The $15 Trillion fraud was perpetrated by the Federal Reserve through the banking system with a private entity, Pureheart Investments, Ltd., the recipient (further credit) of the funds.  The 15 trillion dollar question is why would the Federal Reserve fraudulently transfer this vast sum of money to a private corporation? A private corporation registered in a foreign country.  And what is so important that the Federal Reserve would perpetrate fraud of this magnitude? What is this money used for?  To further perpetrate this fraud, they created false SWIFT statements for 750,000 metric tons of gold to underpin the asset backing for their bogus SWIFTS to create false money ($15T).  We are attaching correspondence from the Bank of Indonesia acknowledging the 700 metric tons of gold owned by Riyadi, NOT the 750,000 metric tons claimed by the Fed to support the fraudulent wire transfers to Pureheart Investments, Ltd.
Pureheart Form - Traditional MT 760 Form (DRAFT)

McCall Offer to Saurin Indo Gold SKMBT_C45112052411220

Now the Lords have the following questions to address, among others:
  • Lord Sassoon, having so clearly denounced the $15T; will you resign your position as the Treasury link once we show where it is?  This happened on your watch! Due to your attitude, we think you have your ticket.  What do you say?
  • Lord Stephen Green will you admit to a Lords committee that YOU were THE key banking conspirator who helped set it all up with Rossier and McCall while Chairman of HSBC. Will The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which makes only 3 Billion profit, explain to Parliament how they repaid 163 Billion to the Government with no Book records to explain it?  Flat out, count on the fact he got a ticket from the very beginning...Major player!!
  • Will RBS explain how much of the $15T they still control?
  • Will Jaime Dimon, Chairman of the Board of Directors at JP Morgan/Chase, admit to having at least half of the 15T ending up in his bank.   This is the same man that is a player in the silver futures market and tells the Brits that he is a good guy.  This scumbag is a ticket fact, he probably stole a few.
  • Will Lord Green explain if the Prime Minister at the time knew of  these events?  We know he's strange how we found out, guess who weaseled his way in to get a ticket?
  • Will Lord Triesman explain why MI6 has failed to act?  Will Lord Triesman resign for his participation in the cover-up? Another ticket taker?  HMMM! OUCH?!?!?!?
  • As this money would save the EU, why is it not being investigated?
  • Will Rossier testify to Congress? Will Rossier come to the UK and face arrest for fraud?
  • Will Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and President Obama explain all the KGB and Russian trading links with Pureheart, a Homeland Security Entity? Why is General Rossier, a US Military General, trading with Russian KGB Generals?  Isn't there a law against this - where is the US Senate and Congress when needed! OOPS, they have their tickets too!
  • Can Bush Jr. explain why he met Putin at the ranch in Texas and why he met Medvedev at Camp David?
  • Where are all of Pureheart’s funds now?
  • Under what name and from where is Pureheart trading now?

So now we have the answer to the President’s question in the movie, Independence Day, as to where the funding originates for SECRET PROJECTS like Area 51.  The answer: It is stolen from people like Riyadi, leveraged and traded through programs that are neither regulated nor transparent.  Once it goes behind the screens and off balance sheet, it is then multiplied a hundredfold and funneled to private entities to fund projects like Area 51, Dulce, chemtrails, reverse engineering of alien technology and a whole host of other projects out of public view. 

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

Our history is replete with warnings regarding this fraud.  President Dwight Eisenhower said in his farewell speech to the nation, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." What has it all been used for?

Now we understand that he was not kidding.  He provided the warning shot across the bow … and nobody listened?                      

Prophetic words that now haunt our very existence. 

To even the most casual observer, it’s apparent that something is terribly wrong.    The masses continue to lose jobs and income, while the ruling class continues to get rich and demand more of our freedoms and rights.  For what purpose and to what end? 

To explain, let us use the “evolution” of automobiles. In the early 1900’s when cars were first created, the development of pistons, transmissions, camshafts, and carburetors were integral to their operation. In other words, they ran on gasoline. After 100 years, we have satellite radio and GPS systems and power everything and yet, we’ve still got to put gas in a vehicle that, by all measures, is an antique….a relic, something that should be a distant memory in our technology evolution.  And yet, we’re still beholden to the elite and to their energy industry, an industry that continually raises the cost of oil and gas to chip away at our dwindling disposable income. Our cars still use gasoline and yet our government is reverse-engineering actual space craft propulsion which operates on systems thousand of years more advanced than our gas guzzling autos. And so while we continue to pay for the research and development of advanced energy models and technology, that research is being used by the elite….the cabal…the NWO…to take control of our lives. It is all done in secrecy. It is all done with our MONEY. And it is all done to the detriment of humankind. 

The question you need to ask yourself is…..WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?

Truth Posse

The response to our call for assistance in the form of the “Truth Posse” has been overwhelming. Your comments and emails indicate a willingness to stand beside us in the fight for survival. Therefore, our call for action will include the following:
  1. Send our reports to friends, acquaintances, elected politicians and your local media. Documents were provided with reports #37 and #41.  More documents will be forthcoming. Send them far and wide.
  2. Encourage friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else you meet to come forward with information regarding: (1) the construction, maintenance and location of underground bases; (2) the reverse engineering of alien technology; (3) genetic experimentation; (4) HAARP and weather manipulation; (5) suppression and/or theft of free energy patents and ideas.
  3. Take pictures and videos of underground base locations and conduct interviews with participants. Then send them to us.
  4. Form community groups in your areas and assign Team Leaders to coordinate activities to utilize background, information and contacts of each member.  Spread the word and recruit as many like-minded citizens as possible. Implement items 1 thru 3 above and send us your data. We will include it in future reports with appropriate credit.
The more people we inform, the stronger we will become.

We have endeavored to follow the money no matter where the trail leads us. We realize that some of you will not want to believe, entertain, or even consider some of the concepts, facts and events that we will report on in the near future.  That is a personal choice that you can exercise in the form of free will. We, however, feel morally compelled to disclose what we know to be true, so that whatever the future holds, it cannot be said the White Hats knew but did not inform.  What you choose to do with the information is up to each of you.

The next series of reports will transition to Pureheart Investments, LTD. This is the Homeland Security front company and cabal money laundering operation that received the $15T that Lord James exposed back in February. We will take you through the process of formation and operations, including names, places, “deals”, alliances, objectives and achievements.  The money factor will be a theme constantly woven through our exposures as it is the necessary catalyst to make it all work.

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

 Copyright © 2012 ~ The White Hats Report ~ All Rights Reserved


  1. Solid Report.

    1. Got it, will get it uploaded right away/embedded, etc! :) Huge thanks Geno! :)

    2. Wny cant we copy and paste in this site? Have much information
      Why are they robbing single mothers and people working in trades and financial world.
      They are hacking into our computers stealing all our clients, all our transactions.
      They are putting people on the streets, robbing families
      Ask Jim Teague, Mark Forstein, Bill An Boetzelaer from white swan international registered in uk with his partner
      isaak Schweitz, Marc Barry with his hacking company and book The Art of Intrusion and his interviews on
      And ,his mother lady sarah barry. Also, see Lars that cals himself israel from Sweden hiding with general LWR in Hong Kong in front of the
      Trading screens controlling all. What about all the others with them bush jnr, clintons, bernake, paulsen, all robbing us
      And our complaints go without answer. We have people with evidence and they worked for agencies and were hacked and robbed
      And no one does anything about it. Why allthe governments of the world do wat God wants done to deliver His people from this abuse.
      We have the right to work and get the fruits of our labor the thieves must be arrested. Why these losers continue with all the evidence?

  2. Fantastic stuff The White Hats! Just what is needed, and not a moment too soon; to let you know (as an update to the last comment on the last report about this), it seems the dark cabal is at more than just but now trying to shut down a number of our supporters. We're only online ATM because we have a background in crypto ... and only then because we're going up someone else's pipe for now!

    To people participating in this, do note the free software that is assisting us to stay online right now:

    1. (operating system)
    2. (anonymity NOT security per se (use SSL connections for that ;))
    3. (instant messages + file transfer with perfect forward secrecy + VoIP with ZRTP for security).

    We are willing to assist (and co-ordinate) with anyone willing to step up to the plate! Contact us any way you can, if the contact page is down leave a comment on any page with a way we can get hold of you mentioning report 45! :)

    Finally, we have links to get people up to speed with free email cryptography too at the bottom of any page of the site! Good luck All! :)

    The White Rabbit! :~)


  3. Great job! I'm so grateful that you are exposing these criminals.
    Alex Jones, why aren't you reporting on this? Here are the documents you are always screaming about needing for verification.

    1. Smart question to be asking at this point, as indeed we are. The facts, often speak for themselves, don't you think? Facts, ARE facts. False heroes always disappoint.

      Alex must make his choices; and history will judge him on them. Do not focus on others; decide and do what you can personally do. Do it now.

  4. ..and to think all this started because some Englishman got screwed by Leo Wanta for $35,000.00.

    It is always about the money sheople, always about the money!

    Peace. Out.

  5. Thank you White hats, your glorious divine indignation is a true inspiration for my hope to nest in.

  6. How about we tie warren buffet to pure heart...

    director of pure heart is;

    Mr. Zhao Danyang

    check buffets wikepedia page before it is scrubbed...

    On June 27, 2008, Zhao Danyang, a general manager at Pure Heart China Growth Investment Fund, won the 2008 5-day online "Power Lunch with Warren Buffett" charity auction with a bid of $2,110,100.

    1. not the same
      Pureheart Investments, LTD
      Swiss company

      But thanks for thinking.... many companies share names so we need to be careful with that.

    2. Occupy the banks are reporting the same url I listed.

    3. Geno, With all due respect, you need to clean the above reply you posted.

      I do have the right pure heart company.

      buffet is clearly linked to Pure Heart.

      White Hats should do some buffet sniffing if they havent all

    4. John can you clear this up, check out the links and report back? Occupythebanks might have this wrong... Paladin told me it was two different companies...

    5. Buffet to that one yes but what I believe to be the mistake is it is a different Pureheart front associated with Homeland security... I will get further clarification.

    6. Pureheart have a strong Chinese presence so prepare for links. Buffet is a strong Agency affiliate and front so its highly probable. Remember, the Cabal is a collective pack. He profiles right.

    7. I understand the pack but I showed it to Paladin and he said it was two different companies, the point here is occupy has a link to the pureheart that isn't the right pureheart.... we can't have wrong information attached to the investigation....

      and the wrong information isn't us doing it it is a reader.... It is unlikely Paladin is mistaken.

      I am not saying he might not be mistaken but he clearly said it wasn't the same pureheart. I'll paste up the chat.

      [7/12/2012 7:54:41 PM] geno K: Fred ReyJuly 12, 2012 8:44 PM
      How about we tie warren buffet to pure heart...

      director of pure heart is;

      Mr. Zhao Danyang

      check buffets wikepedia page before it is scrubbed...

      On June 27, 2008, Zhao Danyang, a general manager at Pure Heart China Growth Investment Fund, won the 2008 5-day online "Power Lunch with Warren Buffett" charity auction with a bid of $2,110,100.

      [7/12/2012 7:57:06 PM] paladinn007: not the same
      [7/12/2012 7:57:15 PM] paladinn007: Pureheart Investments, LTD
      [7/12/2012 7:57:19 PM] paladinn007: Swiss company
      [7/12/2012 7:57:49 PM] geno K: ok

    8. Paladin says there is no evidence linking these two companies... but that could change. In the interim The White Hats hold no responsibility for readers and what they post on other blogs.

    9. I cannot find any informaton regarding a "swiss" company that does "investment" named Pure Heart.

      So can Paladin give us the info on the "Swiss Version" of Pure Heart? website url, contact info, Board directors etc?


    11. Hi Geno,

      The page we published (very, very early, in the hope of drawing more intel out) was this one:

      We have now added your link to that page. We still suspect there may be a link as we have NOT had any takedown, or, AFAIK ATM (will be checking before end tomorrow) no legals inbound re: naming the wrong party.

      Obviously, they are more than capable of hitting us hard, so the fact they haven't ... ;)

      Just sayin' ... And do note, I haven't yet checked that they have not yet put in some sort of legal attack.

      NB; the company in the Cayman Isles is also LTD. Company numbers are what are required here to clarify much!

      Do please keep us posted on this aspect as we need to takedown our page if it become 100% clear they are definitely NOT involved (and we need apologise).

      Frankly, the link into Buffet makes us more not less suspicious about this company ... Along with the other matters mentioned on our page.

  7. when this is all over, please make a documentary that I can show my students. The last quarter of the school year I taught my students the difference between the white and black hats, but the definition doesn't even begin to describe you and the good you're doing for humanity.

  8. CNBC had the Jamie Dimond apology tour on this morning. Jim Cramer et al were coming with all kinds of reasons that he is mostly innocent, didn't know etc.

  9. Please, take a look to this world call from Keshe Foundation for a major event on 6 september 2012:

    1. Mr Keshe makes the mistakes of so many before him. By patenting the invention(s), he offers them up to the Dark Cabal to be stolen, and per his own message to that effect, has had the usual response; his invention taken black project.

      If Mr Keshe was as good at understanding legal rules as he appears to be in understanding new science, he would have understood this method of control and avoided it by open sourcing his invention BEFORE his Government got it hands on it, and now has the legal power (which he offered them and they took) to keep this technology secret (and of course, put him in jail if he tries to release it). Once again the allure of their fake fiat wealth, has led to continued cabal control. Huge shame.

      When governments ARE the problem, to restrict presentation(s) of his technology TO Governments, well, really, it's not part of our plan, and I hope too, it's not part of The White Hat's. Mr Keshe has learned a very expensive lesson (as indeed have many before him) in how not to effect change on the planet. No doubt now they have the tech, he is targeted for termination.

  10. Fron the Bureau of Investigative Journalism:


    The British financial services industry spent more than. £92m last year lobbying politicians and regulators in an ‘economic war of attrition’ that has secured a string of policy victories.

    As the industry prepares to fight off renewed calls for root-and-branch reform in response to the Barclays rate-fixing scandal, an investigation by the Bureau has revealed the firepower of the City’s lobbying machine, prompting concern that its scale and influence puts the interests of the wider economy in the shade.

    -end snip-

    Please check this online journal for great award winning articles (I am a reader only, but want to share this - they do great investigative work)

    While there also read similar articles to the right of the piece -

    Knowledge Is Power

  11. Like I posted in the previous Report -- I just want one of those Replicators, so I can get out of the kitchen! I'm telling you, you have no idea just how bad I want to quit spending so much of my life in the kitchen !!

    Thanks AwakenAZ and Zeus. It looks like we also have some votes for a Pooper Scooper.

    1. You're Welcome Abby. I was wondering why that commentor was so upset about. Anyway, in keeping with the subject at hand. I recently starting reading these reports and it's funny how I had some suspicions about fraud all along. For me, it started with 9-11, then Osama Bin Laden, then Iraq, then Aaron Russo's "America: Freedom to Fascism" and then Ron Paul's "End the Fed". All of this info is absolutely incredible to a Mechanic who live's in Long Island (at first glance) but what I know for certain is that my primal instincts always sensed something wrong and I could never explain it. All the dots are slowly being connected and the Old World Odor (yes...Odor) is falling apart and are leaving behind a very traceable Stench!!


  12. Hello all I had stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago and have become very intrigued by this story especially witnessing the lord James video. I need help understanding a few things though these docs you have been releasing are so sketchy I can't be the only one who notices this.
    The draft doc on this post says draft right on it yet has chase and scotland bank info with pure heart but no signature or info filled in on top paragraph??
    The second doc you wrote says bank of indo confirming 700 not 750,000 but only says substantial amount of gold, no official doc would say that.
    The third doc has no wet signature???
    Then a few days ago I found the Ed falcone letters to congress or to someone in the supreme court in a previous post. Yet all 3 letters had different falcone signatures?? Now a business man like falcone who has signed his name to thousands of docs in his life would have the same signature.
    Could someone help me make sense of this?? Thx

    1. You probably are the only one noticing this - everyone else is smoking hopium.

    2. Josh,
      The draft SWIFT is the internal copy used by Pureheart to set up their scam. The actual SWIFTS were shown before. This was the actual draft used to set up their Fraud with the banks. Inside help for the WH to expose it.
      The Ed Falcone letters to the Supremes are 100% genuine. Contact Ed to verify if you wish.
      The BI receipt is from when Yohannes Riyadi placed his Gold inheritance into BI safekeeping and is his receipt. It underpins why the 750,000 tons claimed behind the $15T is a scam by Saurin and Pureheart. Why has Saurin never been arrested? If not genuine, why has Riyadi never been arrested using his own papers? These are colossal amounts. The now Deputy President of Indonesia confirmed his account as Governor of BI. We also had it all confirmed in DC by a very highly placed source as early diligence. The article show you how it was set up and underpins the need for a full investigation of the Frauds. More evidence is coming out, all held in vast amounts. A full investigation has been called for to cause the full truth to emerge and the arrest of those involved. Tina, expand your consciousness, or continue living as a lemming on your route to the abyss. Others chose to fight.

    3. John, we are all lemmings on route to the abyss. Granted some lemmings do put up a fight.

  13. Have you looked into the accounts of "Whitespiritual Boy?"Someone on the Nesara site posted them.

    1. Yes the White Hats have known about the 5 Star Trust for years.

    2. Hi Geno,

      Sorry for so many requests from us today ... Been a bit busy with other stuff so all issues flooding out in one go on the board from us today!

      We DOXED White Spiritual Boy (2 out of 3 dox we had {I think it was 2 rather than just 1)), we were unsure if they were pure BS (one of the few we published anyway in the hope someone or something would flow from it ... Turns out that may be this post! heh.

      Is this the White Spiritual Boy Account(s) DOXED or no? Because if The White Hats are backing this/these documents, we'd like to know for sure, so that we can publish the third document of the three (the one with the Queens Signature on if you have seen them).

      We have held back on this aspect so far. If you can confirm the above link is the document(s) being discussed here, please also provide some (any) background context to the "5 Star Trust" comment above.

      Thanks in advance; we drew a blank so nice to know someone else didn't with White Spiritual Boy! :)

  14. White Hats: Have you looked at the vast amount of letters, bonds, and documentation that is on cd's that were used in writing the book "Gold Warriors"? The Seagraves collected huge amount of original documents signed by many in our government that proves massive fraud and lies by those in power from our White House, CIA, Judges, etc.. Just wondering if any of that information would help.

  15. I only discovered this site a couple of days ago, and I have a question. It looks as if the agenda of the cabal or whatever you want to call it is nearing its final stage, and lots of people are saying there is something planned for us this year. I read about documents being sent to law enforcement agencies and media companies to urge an investigation. But is there time for all that? If you have masses of crucial information, what are the advantages of releasing it piece by piece, rather than in one sensational splurge? I ask this not as a criticism but because I'm just trying to understand the situation.

    1. There are many issues to be dealt with, and unfortunately, much of this stuff is way beyond many (and we're not just talking intelligence; that's only part of the story here). Don't believe me though: read some of the comments above (from others new to this).

      Without some sort of logic to the releases, some order, so as to speak, being imposed on the releases, few would grasp anything at all IMHO. We are dealing with an incredibly complex set of events going throughout recent history. FWIW, the average attention span (on a sample of about what, now 200,000 page views out of the USA) is down to 2 1/2 minutes for your average American (over ten minutes for a European). Read that again.

      Think about it: this needs to be broken down into it's constituent parts for MOST people; especially those who do not have a professional background in any of this (law, accounting, money laundering, intel, etc, etc).

      And unfortunately, we do need to wake up MOST people, to the size of the frauds (which encompass just about everything, from school textbooks, through to the origins of man IMHO); to the entirely FAKE nature of their current reality. For many, it can be brutal.

  16. Tina - you have done a good job of revealing yourself as a loser. Maybe you should just go find yourself a hobby, like bowling or a nice little putt-putt course. You pretty much sound like you are done for. And you most assuredly prove yourself unfit to speak for ''all''.
    You look real funny with both feet in your mouth. Picture that.

  17. I am a vurginian and most of my ancestors fought with general lee. It was about the constitution and states rights and still is. War is like the lagal system. Whatever side runs out of money/ assets first loses. We have to trust in god and get off our cozy rearends and burn the boats. Unless we stand on deadly ground- general sun ztu, we will lose agan! I will help the white hats. Contact me discretely. The VIRGINIAN.

    1. Sorry for the misspelkings. Working in dim ligjting and small text

  18. Touchstone,
    The problems are complex. Most of the time, getting people to even read a page is trying. So 3 to 5 of ours is max. 5,000 would swamp them and the cases all be lost.
    Compound that with the sheer scale of corruption and criminal abuse of the system by the Cabal.The great majority of Political leaders and Bankers are all utterly corrupt. Society is truly stupefied with indifference. Morons elect morons, but corrupt morons. All sites can do, is engage in guerrilla warfare wounding and winging them. All major news media is totally controlled.Such truth will simply be blocked. Fact!Only the truly stupid think otherwise. And that is the case.Getting the masses, to even think. A small step at a time. Raising consciousness takes time. Romney will appoint Condi as his VP so their own controllers, the Bushes, will control you again for 8 more years as taxed lab rats. Some future heh?

    1. Thanks for your reply. I have known for a long time that something is wrong, but only started to connect the dots quite recently. I just can't get my head around the fact that there has been damning evidence out there for years about these people, and yet they are STILL brazenly swanning around apparently unmolested, implementing their policies, malevolently shaping all our futures. Some of them are in their late eighties or beyond, and STILL they are there. The fact that the people who run our world are of this calibre is a stain on humanity, a stink on the planet. Surely, with all they've done and are doing, there must be a counter-force in motion, an organised plan to take these people down? If the courts and the media are refusing to act, these people must be physically removed from power as a matter of urgency. I have heard rumours of factions in the Pentagon/law enforcement that are working to mobilise against the cabal and arrest key members. Is this all disinfo? Surely there must be SOMETHING! The U.S. military swore an oath against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, why can't they stand up and take action against a few old men and their minions!

      I think the worse things get, the more people will wake up and start questioning, but it seems so slow compared to the speed at which the cabal is working.

      Do you have any info on things that may be planned for this year? I feel like I'm just waiting to see what they're going to do to us next. Do you have anything concerning the 2012 Olympics, which are due to start in less than two weeks?

    2. Touchstone -

      Excellent, well thought out expressions of thought ... stick around.

    3. Eagle, for those holding dinar, which I assume to be heavily anyone that was involved in Iraq... Can we ask them to make arrests long enough to revalue the dinar and get to the bottom of why the elite has been blocking the revalue because they don't want anyone but themselves to have money? Nothing like a little self interest to motivate a sweeping majority of people to finally do what needs to be done....

    4. I agree. I know of one group in the US, that have approximately 3.6 Billion dinar between the members, spread out in all 50 states. None of which were involved in Iraq. Those holding dinar have pledged huge sums of it for humanitarian purposes.
      And I would say that is a drop in the bucket of total dinar privately owned in the states.

    5. Touchstone,

      Latest on all these shenanigans (Drake, Pentagon, etc)

      Do note the DATES on the SERVED Notices. This month! ;)

  19. The solution is for them all to be arrested as soon as possible. Take a look at the list of those involved in the Trilateral agreement, CFR, the Bilderberg and also ALL who have attended Bohemien Grove this year. Everyone in the Federal Reserve bank. Any music, film or pornography company that is owned by Zionists. Anyone with Neo Nazi connections. All who are involved in the drug trade in Afghanistan and South America. Anyone involved in child porn or who has been accused of pedophilia.

    My take on Banking fraud: I think behind all of this is another major revolution, which is two fold. The end of the dollar as a major form of currency and free energy replacing oil. Hence the Bush major involvement in it all.

    They (Trilateral, Bilderbergers, Rockfellers, Rothschilds, Gates, Buffet, the whole spiders web) have seen this coming for the last 20 years, and both issues will change the world as we know it dramatically. Especially for any economy that has either it's currency on a dollar standard, or it's economy founded on oil, or worse, both.

    Western society by and large IS both. What seems to have happened, is that they knew the Titanic was going to sink, ALL of them. They have been raiding it and shipping the furniture, crockery, cutlery etc, for the last 20 years till now all you see are bare bones. Like closing down factories in the USA etc, giving people morgages they cannot afford. The Big guys are going to buy all these properties and homes on auction at very low prices, and all land and property will be owned by large corporations, it is a type of feudalism. Pre planned, and no accident. As Scarlet O Hara knew, Tara is everything.

    They ALL KNOW they have been defrauding everyone, it has been a planned action to eradicate a strong, educated Middle class. When the dollar falls, all these bastards already have large gold and silver reserves, that is what they have been doing with the money, stock piling God reserves. They have also made investments in Free Energy technology, that is already good to go and waiting on the side lines. IF you are lucky , you will find a job in this new industry. But the reality is, where once 100 people were needed, now due to new technologies, only one is needed. The supply of a work force far exceeds the demand. And China is sitting with redundant factories that are out of date producing goods that will no longer be needed in a future of free energy, holographic and laser technology.

    The Elite have feathered their own nests very well and will weather this storm with no problem. The rest of us, being in the lower decks of the Titanic, have not realized what has been going on above board, the water is pouring in, by the time IF some of us make it to the top decks, I can assure you the place has been cleaned out and there are no life boats left. They are ready for the riots, the FEMA camps are built and good to go, Police State surveillance is already in place all over the USA and the UK. The West will become totally Fascist, poverty levels will and are rising. Say goodbye to the Middle class and hello to a two tired society. The 1% and the rest who will be hearded like cattle.

    1. This is why I can't believe there isn't something planned to prevent this happening. I see people all around every day, staring at their mobile phones, earphones plugged in, or reading their stupid 'news'papers, totally oblivious to anything that's happening and hostile to anyone who tries to speak up about it. Most of the ones who are more aware seem to be on computer messageboards all day. Surely we're not just going be herded gormlessly into the NWO? Even Hitler and Stalin had plotters against them in their own military. But then if there was something planned, surely now would be the time to act? It's intensely frustrating just passively watching things sliding this way, knowing that an awakened population might be roused to do something about it, if they weren't so concerned with their gadgets and gizmos and trash media.

    2. I agree, I simply cannot believe that the world has been reduced to a culture where lies, deciet and outright criminality has been allowed to become the norm, rather than the exception.

      Just one example, the drug running from South America and Afghanistan, blatantly organised by CIA, the money laundered through bank accounts and these criminals have not been brought to justice? The result is a drugged up society who thinks cocaine is a fashion statement! In China you get the death sentence for dealing drugs, and yet in the USA these criminals are allowed to continue.

      How about child abuse? MKULtra? Trafficking in child sex slaves? All at the top involved.... nobody gets arrested. The Big crime of banking is only one part of it all.

      And nobody stands up for Justice, nobody gets arrested, except of course Bradly Manning. And yet again, nobody is arrested. And has anyone been arrested, tried and convicted for human rights abuses in detention camps in Guantanamo Bay, and elsewhere around the world? Has anyone been arrested, tried and convicted for the use of depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan causing cancer and birth defects? Has anyone been arrested, tried and convicted for killing innocent civilians with drones? Bush has been tired and convicted as a War criminal by parties other than the USA, however, no arrests have been made regarding any of these crimes in the USA itself, crimes which all go against the Geneva Convention and nobody has been tried or convicted.

      As long as nothing is done and soldiers get to piss on dead bodies, burn Holy Books, shoot up women and children and generally behave like a bunch of barbarians trained by Stalin, and these crimes continue unabated, nobody will trust anything coming out of the US media.

      And yes.......... are there no good men out there?

    3. Reality and truth can only emerge when thinking Patriots like yourselves cross engage, enrage and organize real resistance. They are going to disarm you all, tax you all, and with planned Global population reduction as per the Tri Laterals and Rockefeller ethos,simply"reduce you all"!
      They organized to steal all. Endemic corruption permeates through, the entire Cabal body politic of power and banking is rotten. Totally. You are now where the French revolutionaries stood. Only this bunch of all too many low IQ elitists, have already shipped in the guillotines from China for you, hidden in selected buildings behind their FEMA marshaling yards. Mass moronic indifference led to this. You did nothing. So, they corralled you. And still, you do nothing, but wait- your fate.
      All the money in the world, the Global Settlements long overdue, has been mass stolen and squandered. The worst Crime families in American history control all key state positions and power holding onto the White House at all costs. Corrupt, treasonous and bought men occupy all key roles, pre owned and selectively placed to ensure the Teflon families are protected from prosecution. Outside of a French Revolution, your positions are dreadful. The eventual demise of the most rotten man ever in US politics may help,but the sheer scale of core rot which now rules needs total sanitisation or one rotten apple just affects the rest.
      The sheer scale of national debt is beyond redress as insolvency beckons beyond infinity. Unless, one focused group buy out the control of FRB New York, Hive it down, disowning all its debt claims, and in one go, send the Cabal the Rothschild's,Rockefellers, the Zionists and Bushes all to hell. Take out their power base of control and corruption. Or, the future for all of you,is NWO and disposable chattels of the corrupt and incestuous elites. Your inability to sanitize this plague of sewer rats, will take the world down with it. America has many good, able and patriotic people. Many. Just not in politics or power. When only the rotten rule, hope is abandoned. Romney or the illegal is no choice. The election of a good American is already lost.

    4. John, I am not American. My interest in this is global. I am deeply saddened that three thousand years of Western civilization has been brought down to this nightmare.

      The greed, selfishness and inability to move beyond what is basically a Feudal mindset that has controlled society with an Elite, be they bankers, Royalty or Temple dominated as in the Vatican is barbaric and self defeating. No sooner does a strong , educated and self empowered Middle class arise than it is torn down by war or financial crisis in order to keep the majority ignorant, poor and enslaved.

      If 100 years ago the concepts of Democracy, Constitution, and a Bill of Rights had been truly nurtured and expanded through global society, instead of it being used as a cloak for war mongering in order to control resources, and if Tesla's inventions had been promulgated, developed and used for the betterment of the planet, we would be sitting in a very different place today. There would be no pollution,energy crisis, starvation , poverty or wars.

      Instead these people have brought 3,000 years of Western science, maths, art, literature, philosophy, culture, law and economics into total disrepute, and although they might think they have won, they have in fact shot themselves in the foot. Western European culture has left a bloodbath in it's wake, and the rest of the world will move on without it.

      The USA which could have been a bright shining star, is a dismal testament to the glorification of criminality and corruption, where Justice, a Constitution and a Bill of rights means nothing, the criminals do as they will.

    5. John I have a better idea. How about the CIA pretend the cabal is a small country in South America and overthrow it with a few assassinations?

      Why should the guy who has spent his life in an auto factory die in overwhelming odds that will just further justify taking our guns away and more laws. A lot of this emanates from what the London power grid through the decades and England allowed themselves to be emasculated and their guns removed long ago.

      I'll help the White Hats all day long but I won't be part of the average joe being suckered into a battle with a vicious technological giant salivating at the chance.

      The longer we Gandhi them the more they look like the tyrants they are and the sooner they will crumble from the weight of their own corruption. The trained law enforcement agencies sworn to the Constitution need to do their jobs and make these arrests.

    6. Love your first paragraph, except if you listen to John Perkins, the CIA IS the cabal! And they are not going to go around arresting themselves! lol

    7. All the above comments are good and correct. Americas worst enemies are, in fact, the Cabal traitors within. Their vile rot permeates the entire planet. THEY have orchestrated the 4 fold increase in Opium production from Afghanistan and grow ever richer killing Americans with heroin. Why did we never destroy the poppy crops which an ever wealthier Taliban now uses to buy ever more guns and IED's to kill our kids? Instead we crank up arms and contractors sales, enriching them, the co owning Family vermin ever more. THEY, have stolen every dime or Gold bar sequestrated from trusting nations. Every loan redemption promised has been reneged on. Gzillions are squandered over crooked Banker scams and all are bailed not jailed! Take out FRB New York and you bring the lot down. That is the SPECTRE cash vehicle. Demand Congress seizes control and cancels all the Cabals assets and loans. FRB NY is their Achilles heel. Count out their Counting House.
      The rest of the entire Regulatory hierarchy, sorry folks, is rotten to the hilt filled with their chosen and Made Men. An illegal, with a false SS number, an Illegally obtained passport, fraudulently obtained bank accounts, and a lying job application, would be jailed if he obtained a bank job by false pretenses. All of the Beltway know he's a Usurper. YOUR Law says he can't run. Yet YOU, do nothing! The Supremes know he's a Usurper. They do Nothing! When the Supremes will not protect YOUR Constitution and uphold YOUR Laws, what Justice is left? When does the Chicago Weevil face justice? You look stupid and sterile to every Global half wit. Excellent men and women leave West Point, sworn to serve with honor. Most do. The Pentagon let this happen. They allowed the Political and Agency corruption. The real Barbarians and Americas worst enemies are those within. The Constitution was created to protect you and your freedoms. They dismantled it and raped your freedoms and your future. They have stolen your hope and your countries integrity. Brave, good and decent Americans deserve better.
      Many of you are correct. The old, rotten European Feudal system, now rules America enforced by corrupt old Germanic and Zionist families stealing the country blind while you do - nothing. Organize, or you WILL pass, as Rome did, into the night. Americas only legacy to the world will be a thriving drugs trade, collapsed family and moral values, HIV and McDonald's. What an epitaph. Your choice. Great people can do so much better. Romney or the illegal? Your couldn't write it. When will Romney face charges for what he stole from Falcone? When will the Provost Martial do his job, and arrest the illegal? When will Congressmen quit in shame at this disgrace?

    8. My problem is every single internet guru is nudging the common nobody and the common nobody doesn't stand a chance without at least half of the militaries and law enforcement taking the lead with modern technology and especially media... To have an Admiral or General stand at microphones and clearly state what half the military believes to have happened...

      The nobodies should not be out front.... the professionals should be... otherwise it will just justify further draconian thuggery by THEM and we will watch good people bleed in the street while the shameful paid cowards with government paychecks and badges take the bodies away.

      John those of us who are awake, get it but we see zero decent men of stature joining us and that is why we are here at this site.... The White Hats need to lead... I agree with many who say the articles and videos aren't enough. We understand brass and global agencies are involved with this investigation but there is something missing...

      Effectuality...leadership to prove it is leadership.... be willing to risk what they want the nobodies to risk...

      We will help but we will not be fools... Time will indeed further expose... rash violence will give THEM the cover they so desire and stall for and agitate for.

    9. Geno,

      "My problem is every single internet guru is nudging the common nobody and the common nobody doesn't stand a chance without at least half of the militaries and law enforcement taking the lead with modern technology and especially media"

      Gandhi stands in time, to prove your words wrong; he brought down one of the largest empires on the planet; no shots fired.

      All this will take (perhaps even, all this CAN take), is the peoples of the world saying NO.

      They cannot rule us save with our consent. They can *try* ordering people about, but people must actually move themselves, and if they refuse ...

      Really, it really is that simple. Remove consent; at every level. Personally I think the leadership shown by people such as true American hero Luke Rudkowski is the way forwards. If the MSM won't do it's job and ask the real questions, go stick a microphone in power's face, and ask away. There's NOTHING these psycho's hate more than understanding they fool no one.

      ATM, in their cliquey little coteries surrounded by yes men, they enjoy their false hero-hood (Cheney War Hero {crikey, I almost vomit writing it}).

      IMHO, the Canadians are leading in this area (and Tony Blair is now cancelling engagements to avoid them):

      It's time we literally gave them NO PEACE no matter where they are; they may control, but we can DENY THEM ENJOYMENT of that control; MINUTE BY MINUTE, worldwide!

      The press wants to not report any of this; so what; get the REAL news on tape and get it up to youtube et al; send the link to us, we will publish (as will many others). And frankly, I'm sick of asking the question of the MSM complainers; so why ARE you a BOX OWNER?

      You know, the MSM couldn't survive more than FIVE MINUTES without YOUR eyeballs on it's adverts. Wake the fuck up peeps, and THROW THAT BOX AWAY; CANCEL *ALL* subscriptions, payments, etc, to *ALL* MSM.

      Paying for your own indoctrination (and complaining about it at the same time when it's VOLUNTARY). Crikey, we just don't know what to do with you anymore.

  20. The thing is while they are highly organized in their cause and their game plan as to what they plan on accomplishing. We are far from that I would tend to imagine. Everything is in the works to give them more power by ending, or trying to end it for us owning guns. Kinda hard to resist when we have no weapons and they have them all. Kinda hard to stage any revolt when they flip a switch and shut off all our communications. Things are in the works in something needs to be done to stop these assholes before they truly begin implementing the part where they start our end!

    1. No I'm afraid we are not far from that. They are all set to go, whenever they choose to. I think they just love to see us twist in the wind tho, agonize us, toy with us, watch us squirm, try to wear us out, to no resistance. That's all they are doing now.

  21. This is what I fail to understand: WHY does everybody have to be first informed, before anything can get done. There are already more than enough of us that ''get it'' and others that don't at least know there is something very very wrong.
    So tons of us already know, and have known, and even if everybody knew -- that would accomplish nothing. Its no different than if 1000 people saw a deaf man standing on the railroad track, all KNOWING there is a train coming, yet DID nothing. All of them KNOWING this, but the deaf man would still get run over!

    Information only serves us well up to a point. I am not all that big a fan of this so called ''information war''.
    Information is not war; action is war. Its obvious by now that the Cabal crooks really don't care what we discover about them -- they think we can't do anything about it anyhow.

    All that Information has done for me is take a great deal of joy out of my life; its depressing, but not much else.

    Touchstone -- I agree totally with your post. I would like to see real Response to your questions, here.

    John -- Thanks for all your hard work. It's much appreciated.

  22. Great work. I'm translating the informs to Spanis because we are having simillar problems (without so many zeroes in the scam, though), I'm still tranlating the latest reports and some cultural terms or general idea is still difficult for me. Anyway, hope you like it:

    1. Great info to send out now that it is in Spanish. A lot of work on your part, but thanks. Everyone needs to keep hounding the Congress members with this info too. I suggest going to every town hall meeting or anywhere you know that a member of congress is speaking. Bring this up to them in a public forum. Watch 'em try to wiggle out of answering. Send it to the governors of every state. Just do this like clockwork every single day. No matter what, there IS POWER in numbers! Keep up the good work. We are all tired, but we cannot stop informing the public and our officials that we are not asleep any longer.

    2. Buenos Dias

      We have added your RSS to our site. Please consider to write to us to also give us permission to publish in full (as main pages) some or all of your translations, should a relevant clarification on copyright be forthcoming from The White Hats. You can contact us via (XMPP/Jabber) or via @censorednewsnow sister website running backup comms.).

      We have cultivated many international links, one that works well is into @AsamCarabanchel (Twitter Account); please write to them and ask if they would add your RSS feed to their website (huge barrio in Madrid, Spain). Tell them @OccupyOfficial - The White Rabbit! asked you to contact them and begs them to act TODAY to get your feed live on their site!

      Thank you so much for all your hard work in translating the reports!! Now to get them distributed (I will work on Latin America too!). I will also contact them via our backup comms but this is or can be unreliable so please at the same time, write direct (we have to work through Portuguese so stuff sometimes gets 'lost in translation'!)!

      Excellent work and I am sure they will be most pleased to hear from you!

  23. If you want the general public to start listening then first you must convince them to stop drinking the water, stop taking the meds and wear their tin foil hats at all times!

    The internet has been a great tool for gathering and discussing information, but it has also been a stone around people's necks, as they would rather talk all day log than commit to any form of action.

    I'll bet, for a lot of people, the government unplugging of their internet connections will be the final straw - but by then it will be far too late.

  24. How about this for an Occupy movement... Occupy the FBI branches and Sheriff's Headquarters with signs that say DO YOUR JOB! And with sworn complaints naming names.

    1. Ed Falcones attorneys provided all the evidence and proof to the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and Justice Dept, on Romney, Bush, Clinton, Biden and many more. Bush Sr had it stopped fast. They OWN them all.

    2. Can't the world court or provost marshall intervene? If they are all bought what is the next step other than using "their" methods to remove problems?

    3. Geno
      Ed Falcone's attorneys swore affidavits with the FBI,CIA, Justice Dept, Homeland Security etc. He provided clear evidence on Bush Sr,Clinton,Romney and Biden. Sr owns them all and had it stopped. The corruption is disgusting, worse than a Third World regime.

  25. Geno...That would be a great idea and possibly just possibly the news media might wonder why people are gathered in front of the various offices and with a slight chance maybe put it on the news. Once one airs it maybe others follow suit

    1. I think so too... Maybe we need to try to run with this ball.

    2. It might not work but I do not think it would hurt.....what other options are there ??? Also are some locations better than others to do this at to get better attention either by the people you are doing it for or for the media to see?

      There are thousands if not millions who own dinar and if we could garner all their support letting them know the real reason why there is no RV I am sure they would help. They spend hours upon hours a day on the chat boards why not put them to work faxing and emailing key people. Get them pissed off enough letting them know what they need to do for an RV and I bet they help.

    3. I used to post at dinarvets about this but they would censor my posts and then out right banned me. Makes you wonder about their affiliations. And I have said this to the White Hats for a year... The dinar holders are natural allies.

      I also will note though I understand the significance of Falcone, when a crime has been committed someone has to have the guts to file charges but what about everyone else? We have all been irreparably harmed unlawfully and illegally, I think it is a mistake to make it always about Falcone.... most hear the name and don't think it has anything to do with them and they stop listening.

      How about the white hats use their attornies to file charges on behalf of all of us and we all sign on?

      Then we Occupy the FBI Hoover Building in Washington with official complaints.

      Maybe Sheriff Joe might help?

  26. Theme song:

    Good People - Jack Johnson - With Lyrics

  27. My personal opinion on the Dinar, is that every Dinar should be GIVEN, yes GIVEN back to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, So they can clean up the depleted uranium, rebuild their bombed cities, and nationalize their resources and nationalize their banks. .. be that will not be a popular idea!

    1. If Iraq wanted their IQD so bad then they would not have sold it in mass amounts at currency auctions. They were fully aware of what they were doing and this has all been worked out by Shabibi I am quite sure of that. A global reset or transfer of wealth was thought of long ago and sure it is for the better!

    2. Scenario... every dinar goes back to them.... when it revalues every dinar goes back at the increased value.... they lose nothing and gain vast wealth.... they aren't paying for it.... fractional reserve banking will pay for it in terms of banks having the reserves to lend....

  28. I am sure they were not aware however, that their country would be destroyed, their women and children killed, sometimes raped, their art treasures stolen from the Museums, cancer and birth defects caused from depleted uranium or their whole infrastructure destroyed. Nor that their resources would be taken over and their banks. Or do those who caused all this damage get to walk away?

    1. They are not short on money that they need it back and when it is all said and done will probably be the richest nation in the world far beyond any other. Why do you think the worlds largest embassy, 15,000 employees I think, is in Iraq? Certainly not by coincidence!

    2. they do not own their oil reserves, or their banks. And whose embassy is it? theirs?

    3. Who owns all the banks in the world or at least the central banks...Rothchilds except for maybe 3 that I knew of, Iran, N Korea, and who knows now....Iceland kicked them out took them to court they have the right idea!

    4. Two banks and two nations with Gold reserves left, Syria and Iran. Two more robberies to go, two more decimated countries in the future, Two more countries that will be riddled with depleted uranium. Two more vast reserves of resources to annex. And in exchange........ monopoly money.

    5. Scenario...What you say is true... The PNAC document explains in detail what the plan was... 100 year war in the middle east.... but blame everyone involved in that think tank plan... and not the vast majority of people who are as controlled as every other country is...

      Whether Britain, Congo, Libya or America we have bad information and sick leaders and horrifying weapons and secret societies controlling us... secret agents....

      And I will say it.... who wanted control of the middle east more than anyone?

      Their motto, "By deception we shall do war?"

      But don't you see many are fighting them now? They are losing momentum because the world sees their deception now....

      The Rothschild Zionists have been exposed and though they are relentless, we are all pushing back.

    6. The part that bothers me about the call for blood and blame avalanched onto "America"... is like blaming the pitbulls at the pitbull fight...

      The pitbulls have abusive owners who raised them and trained them to be vicious and tear each other apart...

      Watch George Carlin's "owner" monologue...

      It has always been part of decades and centuries old plans by our owners to have every single country where we are.... Russia this huge sleeping giant with a well trained military waiting patiently.... you think the elite of Russia isn't well fed?

      China and most the Asian countries carefully groomed with such futuristic control freak ideas as one child policies.... slave labor encouraged in sweat shops.... you think their owners and elite aren't well fed and well chosen?

      Africa and the Congo.... Take a close look at who is the local Lords and see who owns them? While your media has trained you to hate America to the point that all these other facts don't matter your programming won't be satisfied until images of mass suffering of Americans is being transmitted around the world...

      If you can't overthrow your Lords or Russia or China how do you expect us to?

      People who join the military here mostly do so because they are poor or tricked into it like on 911...

      You should take a greyhound bus trip around this country.... You think we are all wealthy? 90% of the neighborhoods are destitute, living on food stamps and in ghettos.

      I grant you we can all do better to strive for empathy and compassion for neighbors throughout this messed up world but blaming anyone but those who deserve it will only serve the pitbull owners who are taking bets on the game.

      A game they script and salivate the bloodlust. Might not want to take your cue from them.

      There is a real pecking order in this world and as you climb that hierarchy in your own country it will lead to a local black market syndicate who control your local resources. Above them are the Godfathers.

      They tend to be those who sought control ruthlessly of trade routes dating back hundreds if not a thousand years. It was they who first kidnapped and brutalized Africans into slavery but they did so with every other color and culture too. This tribe was always about dark ritual and continue to be.

      So take no satisfaction in watching our poor neighborhoods burn because I and most here took no satisfaction in watching yours burn. Many of us could not understand the insanity.

      Now we know why. It isn't insanity to them... it is method... a march to domination. Pitting pitbulls against each other who have been raised to fight.

      We are making progress by people coming to have these revelations.

  29. Geno, I will believe that when I see it. And does the actual Dinar go back, or do worthless paper dollars go back?

    1. it's not debatable this is how the world banking works. All currencies will be available to them. The downside is this perpetuates fractional reserve although there are plans for commodities to back the new currencies waiting in the wings.... to a certain extent resources back the currencies as it is although I won't go down the road of how that is controlled and manipulated.

      Iraq will be just like Kuwait, a currency worth 3 dollars plus 3 times the value of our dollar and their resources will keep them up for decades.

      Our dollar will decrease in value but that should not be blamed on people holding dinar but on the world banking system that controls money supply and disallows us to pump our own vast oil resources and encouraged us to destroy our manufacturing base.

      I would not be surprised to see the dinar beneficiaries blamed for devaluation as the poor were blamed for the mortgage crisis... the mortgage crisis was an excuse to explain away the derivatives nightmare that had already taken place.... slight of hand....

      But Iraq is not paying for the revalue other than we went in there to try and remain top dog in the new world as opposed to some other dog... There is idealism and reality.... I try to deal with reality these days and check my Utopian vision at my own blog.

      In some ways, fractional reserve banking is extremely interesting the more you come to understand it... and Bill Still in the money masters actually makes some good cases for it in the money masters... with gold backed who do you think owns the gold already?

      Part of the problem we refuse to consider is the stranglehold of secret societies and cultish religions that act like secret societies using nepotism to gain monopoly while condemning anyone that isn't them...

      That is the elephant in the bank...

    2. News flash, the rest of the world no longer deals in dollars, the rest of the world has gone back to the gold standard. Unless the dollar is backed by gold reserves, it is not worth the paper it is written on. The dollar is no longer the international form of exchange, that privilege, which has been violently abused, agreed at Brettin Woods expired in January 2012.

      The fractal reserve system now only works in the West, the rest of the world has washed their hands of it, and will only receive payment in gold or equivalent value commodities. China, Russia, India, Japan and Brazil no longer trade in dollars, because they are worthless and part of a criminal banking system.

    3. China bought Wells Fargo and has every intention of continuing with fractional reserve banking after the dinar revaluation. Changes are planned and plenty of mouths like Alex Jones and Ron Paul who champion gold play for one of the syndicates but not ll.... and the chess game remains fully engaged....

      That is why I put the link to the money masters.... the gold standard will be a flicker and everything will go to baskets of commodities...

    4. Two brilliant men both of whom are historians who have done a lot for the truth movement are at opposite ends of this gold debate....

      Both men actually have sound points in my opinion...

      G Edward Griffin in his own words regarding Bill Still's his ideas in the moneymasters...

      The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate three video documentaries on monetary issues that were written and produced by Bill Still. One is The Money Masters, the second is Capital Crimes, and the third is The Secret of Oz. They are excellent productions with a great deal of history and professionally created images. They tell the story of our debauched monetary system based on fractional-reserve banking. There is just one problem. They offer a false solution – which is to say they offer no solution at all. The alleged solution is that we abandon our present fiat money system and adopt another one similar to it. Yes, they actually advocate FIAT money! The proposal is that we should take the power to create money-out-of-nothing away from big, bad bankers and turn it over to nice, trustworthy politicians. In my view, it is naïve to think that politicians are more trustworthy than bankers. The problem with money created out of nothing is not who does it but that it is done at all.

      There is a vast difference between bankers wanting to possess gold for themselves and wanting a monetary system based on it. They want to possess gold because they are smart and they know that it is a highly effective storehouse of value. They know that, as fiat currency continues to decline in purchasing power through inflation, their gold supply will increase in purchasing power to preserve their wealth, while everyone else is pushed into poverty. However, having the money supply based on gold is the LAST thing they want because that hampers their ability to earn a profit from their activities. Banks make money primarily from collecting interest on loans. If the money supply is limited by the amount of gold or silver in their vaults, they can loan (and collect interest on) only that amount, no more. If they have the ability to create money out of nothing, they can loan (and collect interest on) virtually an unlimited amount. Just as soon as they make their profit on interest payments, as fast as they can they convert it into gold for their own holdings. The next time you hear anyone say that we should not back our money with gold because the bankers own it all, reply by explaining this reality.


      My point is understand what is actually happening to even be in the debate....

      I think G Edward also has flaws in his reasoning but I do agree that we should have silver and gold coin again...

    5. If I ran the system I would make banks non profit utilities to serve all other industry.... not the top of the food chain but the road all other commerce drives on.... upkeep the road because like an air traffic controller it should be all about preventing crashes and keeping commerce safe and secure and profitable....

      I would return Hemp to America for the farmers and revitalize textiles, medicines, foods, paper, and hemp takes in carbon and gives off oxygen...

      I would make hemp the backbone of the dollar because its yearly gross could be unlimited and infinite.

    6. Hemp grows anywhere, and in Africa it grows like weeds, best hemp in the world.

      The Fractal banking system is dead. The world is wiser and will no longer put up with being robbed. Least of all the Chinese. They are educated, not part of a drug taking society, have the highest IQs and pass rates in the world, and they work....... they do not know the meaning of the word "holiday."

      Sitting on a coach and watching TV, smoking crack and eating junk food is not part of their life ethic.

    7. Oh and another thing, while the whole of Western civilization has taken 3 000 years to build, America can pat itself on the back by destroying it through crime, deceit, wars based on lies and a fake banking system that produces monopoly money .

    8. And the European bankers are behind it all dating back over two hundred years and still are the fiat money counterfeiters.... Who own the media and the world and have lied to everyone....

      Are you American? You better learn to love what is good and right about us and be careful about selling out the millions who tried hard to do the right thing against ruthless killers and liars....

      I presented two opposing brilliant historians and their work is key to being proud of the good people in our history and the world's... Spraying contempt like we all are responsible for the collective murder and lie will not win you any voice in the coming turn around.... might want to rethink your strategy.

    9. Eh? When the global collapse comes, what good will fiat currency or indeed gold do you? The people with food, water and meds will be the new Elite, and they won't part with any of it for a measly lump of worthless gold.

    10. Geno..........on the contrary....... you had better learn what is good and right about us and be very careful, because your ruthless killers and liars have caused untold suffering all over the world not only with the fake banking system, but with covert political upheavals, puppet regimes and corporate control of other countries resources..... if anything, you are going to need us in the coming years, especially the good guys, and we know who they are. It is not contempt. On the contrary, it is based on double standards, which nobody appreciates. And two of those good guys are Alex Jones and Ron Paul.......... so where does that put u and your fractal fake banking system?

    11. Dr. Tony Martin on the slave trade...

  30. Geno, White Hats & all -

    I have to agree that we the people of the western "democratic" world have been taken for the suckers, and have been coralled into an almost no-win situation. 

    I understand all the bad reasons why we were all so easily misled (all the self-serving negatives of persuing the american dream) but please don't forget that we are ALSO easily misled because of faith in the system, trust in the ellected, and a reverance for our sons and daughters in uniform, our heros who we believe are  commited to protecting the people and serving for good in the world! 

    We have been the victims of over half a century of directed dedicated and ruthless propoganda. There is NO REASON to believe that anything will change by trying to provide proof to those who already are aware of the deception. The only people who follow "truther" blogs are those who already suspect the deception and those who have created the deception.

    The psychology of brainwashing is such that the "victims" are violently opposed to being presented with a diffenent truth.

     We want to win a battle and don't know where the war is! THIS is a battle for our Hearts and MINDS!  We are over 60 years late getting here, so You Bet we are at a disadvantage!

    Our BEST weapon is the fact that we network (until they figure out how to stop even that) WATCH how it's done and follow the masters. Fight FIRE with FIRE --

    You see politicians refering to this or that PERSONAL story, and how they have been helped or will be helped by said politician. It's the oldest scam in the book - make it personal, and when yiu have the attention of the heart - you take advantage of the mind!

    Folks - if you want to WIN this battle you need to do a KONY campaign -

    Hundreds, Thousands, Millions of heart wrenching stories of what a crooked corrupt system did to them PERSONALLY. It's one thing to say millions/billions/trillions are missing - but regular folk can NOT relate to that.

    The reason the world is even close to waking up to the tyranny now is first they saw or heard something that touched their heart (on youtube or email etc.) and THEN they took the steps of investigating HOW this could happen.

    The only way to get past the "giggle factor" of conspiracy theory is to show that there is NOTHING to giggle at, because of the real people with real stories tell.

    Why do you think it is SO IMPORTANT to them to make whistleblowing the ultimate crime? Don't let the Bradley Mannings and Gary McKinnons and Julian Assanges' of the world disappear from your consciousness just because CNN has - THEY (and the folks that follow their lead) are our BEST HOPE.

    May I suggest a campaign to flood every avenue accessible to us with PERSONAL testimony of the effects of rampant corruption. They can't deny or cover-up the real personal cost of what they have done. Win the Hearts and Minds Back!

    This needs a Personal Relations expert - That is what we respond to - THAT is the power of Youtube! Seeing the funeral and weeping family of a political assasination is powerful, reading an obituary is not - THEN people will want to know the rest of the story.

    1. As you said, only people who already know something about what's wrong are likely to come here. My suggestion is a mass distribution of information, perhaps in the form of a concise, powerful booklet or pamphlet, which bluntly states the facts of our society and the rape which has been committed on us, in terms that 'lay-people' can understand, with documentary/photographic evidence, links to online evidence, and emphasis that it's not 'theory' but fact that is suppressed from mainstream news. This could be downloaded en masse, I mean hundreds of copies each, and left in public places, on benches, in rest rooms, handed out, sent to people, in every major city and town, and the other ones as well, so that people see them every day. So hundreds of thousands of them get out into the public, word would spread and more would be downloaded. You could go through all the material you have and condense the key, devastating facts, with evidence, into this powerful booklet. How we've all been conned, how rotten the system is, how evil these people are, what they've got planned for us, what they think of us. If the mainstream media won't act, you have to butt your way into public discourse like a billy goat.

      And the bounty hunter idea in one of the posts below sounds good too! Along with the military and law enforcement making arrests!

      Incidentally, I just read in one of the WH reports that Bush Sr is going senile. They say that everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot. I wonder if he still does? :)

  31. Reading about banks earlier made me wonder, have any of you heard of Roger Hayes and the 'Lawful Bank' here in the UK? It's an alternative, independent banking system, there are several vids on YT where he explains it. Roger is currently in jail for with-holding his Council Tax because he doesn't want to fund illegal wars and corruption. I really don't know much about finance, it's just recently I've started reading about it, so I can't tell if there are any flaws in the proposed system or not. They want to get a million members to sign up, which is seen as a 'pivot-point' where the mainstream will begin to hear about it. The British Constitution Group have been campaigning about the difference between Common Law and Statute law, closing down several court sessions by declaring them unlawful. Unfortunately though, very few people have heard about it and the moronic masses remain ignorant.

    1. what a shame we need a million people to sign up for doing the right thing before it will be considered. Oy vey.

    2. The system is already being set up, they just want a million in number in order to be taken more seriously.

    3. PPS If anyone is reading, sick of being fleeced, has about USD $150,000.00 and realises it's going to be worthless without a solution like this in place, that's about the size of the development costs still to do (all volunteer work ATM); with that USD $150,000 we would be able to speed development to PRODUCTION, in very short order indeed. Get in touch. :)

  32. HERE'S THE ANSWER I called for months ago....


    Iceland Has Hired An Ex-Cop To Hunt Down The Bankers That Wrecked Its Economy
    Rob Wile | Jul. 12, 2012, 2:07 PM | 130,702 | 31

    Adam Taylor / Business Insider
    If you were involved in Icelandic high finance in the runup to the recession, you might want to start watching your back.
    That's because the government has appointed a white collar crime bounty hunter who wants to haul your behind in (alive, to be sure).
    LeMonde reporter Charlotte Chabas has a profile of Ólafur Þór Hauksson, a former local police lieutenant whom the Iceland government appointed to track down individuals likely to have helped sink the country's banking sector during the credit crunch.
    Hauksson's job description, according to PressEurop's translation of the piece:
    "On one hand, we have to investigate all suspicion of fraud and offences committed before 2009, on the other hand, we bring the lawsuits against the suspects to court ourselves," Hauksson explains. This is a 'totally new' method which allows the investigators to "follow the case" and the judicial system to "know the cases like the back of their hand". This is indispensable in order "to compete with the well-prepared defence attorneys".
    Hauksson oversees a posse of 100 researchers to help track down outlaws. He's netted some major convictions since starting in 2009, including the former chief of staff of the country's finance minister on insider trading charges. Many others await their day in court, Chabas writes.
    And he will track you down even if you've fled abroad.
    "Searches continue and the team pursues its investigations abroad in the foreign subsidiaries of the Icelandic banks and includes questioning foreigners," Chabas writes. " 'We enjoy full international cooperation,' stresses Olafur Hauksson."

    Read more:

  33. This essay is key to understanding the roots of our false belief and self hatred induced by think tanks who conned us into every war and movement....

    Luckily I had this in my archives for 10 years to repost on my blog because I couldn't find it otherwise....


    By G. Edward Griffin
    December 20, 2001

    We are finally ready to reactivate out time machine. From the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, we recall the curious words: "We must control education in America." Who is this "we? " Who are the people who are going to control education in America? To answer that question we must set the co-ordinates on our machine once again, and we are now moving further back in time to the year 1870. We find ourselves suddenly in England in an elegant classroom of Oxford University, and we are listing to a lecture by a brilliant intellectual, John Ruskin.

    Ruskin was a Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford. He was a genius. At first I was prepared not to like him, because he was a total collectivist. I didn’t think I would like anything about him. But, when I got his books and started to read the notes from his lectures, I had to acknowledge his great talent. First of all he was an accomplished artist. He was an architect. He was a philosopher. About his only flaw was that he believed in collectivism. He preached it eloquently, and his students, coming from the wealthy class - the elite and the privileged from the finest areas of London - were very receptive to his message. He taught that those who had inherited the rich culture and the traditions of the British Empire had an obligation to rule the world and make sure that all the less fortunate and stupid people had proper direction. That was basically his message, but it was delivered in a very convincing and appealing manner.

    Ruskin was not the originator of collectivism. He was merely riding the crest of an ideological tidal wave that was sweeping through the whole Western World at that time. It was appealing to the sons and daughters of the super wealthy who were growing up with guilt complexes because they had so much wealth and privilege in stark contrast to the world’s poor and starving masses.

  34. I say we take all the dinarians and once the RV takes place they all pitch in and buy a TV Network. Possibly move towards Alaska near HAARP and tape into their antennas so we can have a powerful signal on their dime for a change and broadcast all the things main stream media won't say!

  35. They had the best idea in WWII - hire a plane and drop thousands of leaflets over the main cities, Washington, London, Paris, Berlin ....

    You should reach quite a few people before they shoot you down!

  36. John -- Could you take a peek and see if Report #46 is ready to publish yet? We do love them coming ''fast and furious''.

    1. Its in draft as is 47, so the group will talk today. Your position is agreed, and look at the fantastic number and quality of comments since we cranked it up again. We will try to get it out this week and more. Some huge blockbusters are back held waiting the holiday season to end. The huge credit nowadays is merited by the quality of people commenting and the varied, informative range of their contributions.

  37. From the file:

    "You just can't make this sh!t up"

    And there are 13 vacancies in Hell...

  38. John can you explain what this means?

    BIS is putting on the brakes ! Shutting down the electronic banking disbursement of the Dollar and the Euro. This is what BRICS asked them to do . Who is now – THE NEW BOSS.
    FO Roths !!!!!!!!
    Tuesday, July 17, 2012
    Bank for International Settlements instructed to block disbursement of new computer-generated US dollars and Euros
    TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012
    Alcuin Bramerton Twitter .. WikiLeaks Master Mirror Sites .. #1ab archive
    Alcuin Bramerton profile ….. Index of blog contents ….. Home …..#1ab
    Bank for International Settlements instructed to block disbursement of new computer-generated US dollars and Euros
    The G5’s new fake dollars and Euros are not being accepted as legal tender outside the G5 (US, UK, Germany, France and Italy).
    These computer-generated “Quantitative Easing” screen-numbers, conjured-up by élite keyboards at the US Fed and the European Central Bank, are being blocked on the instructions of the 147-nation Monaco Colloquium Group led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

    The Monaco Colloquium Group is also refusing to purchase any more G5 bonds or financial products. The Chinese $47 trillion Lien in operation against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve Board remains in place.

    When Western capitalism finally collapses under the weight of its own flesh-eating debt mathematics, and the long-planned democratic régime changes in the G5 nations take place, new gold-backed currencies will come on stream and universal debt forgiveness will be announced.

    The attempt by G5 NATO-backed mercenary militias in “The Syrian Civil War” to start a Middle East conflagration which draws in Iran, Israel and Russia will fail. Designed as a Libyan-style destabilisation and media-distraction, Russia, China and Turkey will prevent the fin de siècle NATO war-mongering.

    1. The countries are rejecting escalated Ponzi money issuances outside of Basle 111 accord levels balancing a nations known liquidity ratios. For the US, with 55% of known GDP wasted on Military Cabal spending alone, books are cooked cross firing debt via the EU. The US is being reigned in. False Euro level backing for the rapid growth MTN markets are also being tracked. Cross firing debt is being blocked.

  39. Replies
    1. sounds to me like Briar Rabbit Rothschild just asked Briar Bear Rothschild to please please not throw him into the Briar patch....

      I may be wrong but the Rothschild's always wanted this didn't they?

      And if it helps the RV and me to buy an air conditioner then damn the repercussions, it's f'n hot in chicago.... ;) kidding.... sort of...

  40. Just saw a stat.... 22 empty homes in America for every homeless person....

    our leaders are swell aren't they?

    50% congress millionaires... the other half close to....

    and 1% of Americans...

    half at poverty 146 million....

  41. And I just saw in Cleveland Ohio they are tearing down thousands of empty homes, foreclosed on, can't sell-- just to get rid of the blight so it wont devalue other homes occupied and owned.

    John -- I'm curious: Who is sitting on all the technology that has been hidden from us. Who houses it, who is in charge of it. Can you give us some details about this?

  42. Abby,
    Please ask the same question once the new report comes out after tomorrow and you will be given key info.

  43. thinks the pale horse can no longer be ignored

  44. The Hidden Truth of the Black Slave Trade (FULL) Michael Hoffman II and Dr. Tony Martin

    If we don't understand this link in history to the current control of wealth and power, we know nothing.....


    46 due tonight....

    1. Hi Geno; we have concerns at the copyright statement; can it be fully clarified as to whether or not the report may be cross posted (in our view it clearly needs to be allowed to be cross-posted). We suggest a clear statement that it can be, provided in it's entirety and with attribution to include a full working link, etc.

      We have published a selection of previous reports on our site (about 3-5 if memory serves); should they be removed [it was thought there was no copyright attached, but now we have noticed this copyright statement, we need clarification urgently please; either waived generally or specially waived for us if possible]?

      TIA for any assistance with liaison you can provide on this & for the heads up on the publication date!

      Not quite sure what we're meant to do however, if we cannot publish it ... urm ... Do please think through these issues; only the blogs who are intent on ripping content will benefit from this approach, IMHO (those of us trying to operate legally, again left disadvantaged).

  45. What always amazes me, is that nobody sees the obvious. Noah cursed Canaan not Ham. The Canaanites were a Semitic peoples, they were not black. " he said,“Cursed be Canaan!
    The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers. ”

  46. Canaan naturally came the Canaanite clans - Sidon, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites and Hamathites. (Genesis 10:15). According to the Bible account, "Later the Canaanite clans scattered and the borders of Canaan reached from Sidon toward Gerar as far as Gaza, and then toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha." (Genesis 10:19).

    1. Geno I added this because you posted this : Geno KalmesJuly 18, 2012 6:29 PM

      The Hidden Truth of the Black Slave Trade (FULL) Michael Hoffman II and Dr. Tony Martin

      If we don't understand this link in history to the current control of wealth and power, we know nothing.....

      Thank you . I enjoyed the video very much. Racisim against black people, and slavery of anyone a darker shade of white, the Klu Klux Clan, the superiority of the Arian Race in Nazi based cultures , and Apartheid systems as seen in South Africa prior to 1994, have been based on the premise that Noah cursed Ham, a black person. And in Christian and Jewish circles, this human rights abuse has been justified through this piece of propaganda. However, it is inherently flawed.

      1. Read the passage carefully. Noah, was drunk and had a hangover, we all do silly things under these circumstances, and what is more, he did not curse Ham at all. He cursed Canaan.

      The Canaanites were a Semitic peoples, they were not Nubian (Black). And if this Biblical history is half way accurate then Canaan was their descendent.

      Taking this very obvious and simple fact in conjunction with Noah's curse, quite clearly on Canaan and nobody else, a whole system of racist slavery and subjugation of black people justified by a Biblical quote from a man with a hangover and a roaring headache, has caused untold suffering to thousands of people for no reason at all.

      Mizraim on the other hand, is in fact the descendent of Ham who established the Egyptian Nubian branch of the family. And hidden in Biblical interpretation, when it says that the Messiah comes out of Egypt, being Mizraim or the Greek Mary, this puts a whole new swing on things entirely.

      2. In the video that you so kindly posted, and trust me I enjoyed every minute of it, they miss the above misnomer of Canaan being cursed instead of Ham.

      However, compounding this whole lie, that has been used for slavery and genocide the world over, is that the Babylonian Talmud, which is basically a Rabbinic interpretation of the Torah (Old Testament) , and not the Torah itself, is where the whole problem lies, and "lies."

    2. The texts in the Talmud, referring to the curse of a black man, Noah, only originated in 500 A.D., as you will here in the lecture. Which means that like Goebbels, these Rabbinic scholars had another agenda. And that was to promote the demonization of people of colour, which as we have seen throughout history, has worked to remarkable effect in relieving the conscience of those, if they have such a thing, when committing human rights abuses and implementing slavery against people who are a darker shade of white.

      As regards the Khazars. As you are aware, within the Hebrew culture there are those who stick strictly to the Torah and not on any Rabbinical interpretation. These same "Jews, " are against the Zionists and the State of Israel. Many of them have very good relations with Muslims all over the world. As such, the racist passages implicating Ham, do not form part of their belief system.

      However, there are other Jews who take as Gospel the interpretations in the Talmud and live by these, even if the Rabbinic author contradicts the Torah.

      The Khazar converts have chosen the latter path. These are the Ashke-Nazi Jews, from which we get the Bankers, the Nazis etc. As so those "Jews"who follow the Babylonian Talmud as opposed to only the Torah, are both Khazar and Jew. And both regard Ham as a black person cursed by an old drunk man with a hangover, thus justifying their racist belief of the pure, chosen race.

      As regards the Hittites, I am of the opinion that Abram did not come from Ur in Mesopotamia, ie Sumeria, and that this is again a Talmudic bias. But that he came from Ur in Armenia, and spoke Aramaic. As such he would have had interaction with the Hittites.

      Not surprisingly he shares many customs with them, most notably animal sacrifice where the animals parts are placed on either side. Unfortunatley, he also shares their predisposition to human sacrifice, as we see with Isaac. His name is Ab/ father Ram, the constellation of Aries, and the Ram was a major symbol with the Hittites. So in sacrificing Isaac, it is this "God" who demands that he does so.

      However, the angel of the Lord, who was most probably a High priest of Egypt, stops him. As a result, his name is changed to Ab/ father Ra/ the God of Egypt and Ham/ the son of Noah. Abraham.

      Isaac in turn is not his son. As you will see if you study the texts, Sarah was visited by the Lord, ad did unto Sarah has he had spoken and gave her a child. Isaac is in fact a child of the Tut- MOSIS family line as all the members of this royal family were considered to be Gods. And so, the line of Shem becomes rejoined with the line of Mizarim. Egypt.

      It is from this family line that Joseph marries the Egyptian High Priestess and Princess Asinath, and it is Josephs son, Ephraim, who Jacob blesses as the firstborn. Josephs famous great Grandson is Joshua, who established a society that was founded on the Law, a judiciary and nobody was above this. The first Judge was a woman. There was no King, High Priest or Temple.

      The Levites on the other hand and the descendents of Judah, who follow the Babylonian texts of the Talmud, have broken the covenant. See Samuel 1:8 In order to justify themselves part of their propaganda is the curse on Ham and black people, because the line of Ephraim was joined to Mizraim through Joseph, Nubian Egyptians.

      They advocate King, High Priest and Temple, and that the law is for the little people and not for the Elite. The Elite can do as they please. The Elite as in the Talmud regard all others as cattle, advocate sexism, racism, pedophilia and like the Khazars who have joined them, racial superiority above all others.

      I hope this clears things up.

      Noah did not curse Ham, he cursed Canaan. A Semite. Not a black person.

    3. Scenario News -- You stated ''unfortuately Abraham had a predisposition to human sacrifice'' by sacrificing his son Isaac.
      This is not at all the case. It was God who was testing Abraham's faith as clearly stated in Genesis 22:1 ''and it came to pass that God did tempt (test) Abraham saying v.2 take now your son Isaac, whom you love, and offer him there for a burnt offering....."

      But of course God knew all along that he did not at all intend for that to actually happen. And it didn't. So we can clear Abrahams name here.

      The other point I wanted to clear up is you stated ''so Isaac was not Abrahams son''. I must say that he surely was Abrahams real son.
      Genesis 17:19 ''and God said Sarah your wife shall bear YOU a son indeed, and you shall call him Isaac''.

  47. Some breaking news for the board:

  48. Dare I add; HOORAY! ... Now for at least one night of sleep! lol

  49. I will be at the head of the line, when it comes to coming against what is being presented to the world today, as ''christianity''. The fact is, it is the Great Falling Away from the real Truth. It is Apostasy. Churches today are a place that steals freedom of speech, teaches to turn a blind eye to evil doing, never say anything bad about anyone, and try to look for the good in people. That is contrary to what The Book says, therefore this is NOT christianity at all.
    But don't throw the baby out with the stinking bathwater. There are a handful of us oldtimer truthbearers still around, who see what is really going on. We are aliens to them and do not step through their doors. They could be considered cultish.

    Now the same is true regarding Jews. They have also muddied up the waters. In fact those that are trying to get ''benefit of the Book'' for themselves -- don't have a drop of jewish blood in them. They are the mongrel group from all over Europe that long ago gathered together and decided to take up Judaism. They are Khazars. They are zionists; the banksters of the world who hold the keys to the vault. They are at the root of all that is wrong with our world today. Their agenda is to wipe out all ''non-jews''. That means just about all of us!
    ''.....and i know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews,but are not,but are of the synagogue of satan''. Rev.2:9

    Texe Marrs offers a ton of great books about all these matters, by many authors. One such interesting book
    ''The Invention of the Jewish People'' available there, is authored by a History Professor at Tel Aviv University.
    I am not affiliated with this site in any way, however I think many of you diggers and researchers would find a lot of good information there. Books available can be viewed along the far right hand column of the front page.

    Occupy: Yes, I saw that last night, Ron Paul can be nominated. Great news, huh.

  50. Here are the real Jews. These are not the Zionists and the Khazars that follow the Babylonian Talmud . These guys are the real deal, not the Satanist Elite Illuminati:

  51. Abby, if that is what you choose to believe then you are going to .

    Any God worth believing in would not be so evil as to demand that you kill a child, in fact that you kill anyone. The God of Abram is not the God of Abraham and Moses, certainly not when when one of the Ten commandments is "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

    If you believe that, then you will believe any propaganda that uses cognitive dissonance to confuse and hide the truth.

    As for Sarah, go and read how she conceived, it is the same story as Jesus. And the "Lord"in this instance and this time in history , whether you choose to believe it or not from a dark ages perspective, was in the time of Egypt a member of the Royal Family of the Pharaohs. The Pharaoh himself was considered to be the God Horus. A "Lord"or a "God" was a person of the Royal Bloodline.

    A good source for in depth study on this particular time in history and how it relates to Biblical passages is the work of Robert Graves.

  52. Forgot to add, the God of Abram, symbol a Ram, is the God of the Cabal, hence to this day there is terrible child abuse and ritual human sacrifice.

    There is a photo floating around of Mrs Rockerfeller, her very expensive pendant is a Ram. In Madonna's Super Bowl Satanic dance sequences, you will see dancers wearing Ram's horns.

    They are the Sons= Ab of Ram. Abram.

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