Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012 - WHITE HATS REPORT #44

Do you have your ticket yet?

When the White Hats started on this little excursion with Report #1, it was to support the Global Settlements.  At that time, we really didn’t know everything we should have about the alternative media, the internet.  Over the course of almost two years, we have recruited many individuals with talent and have become quite adept in the alternative media world.

We started the Reports because we knew that the Global Settlements would help save the world and assist in the rebuilding and strengthening of the world economy.  As we all now know, the battle still rages between us and them for control of the money we will put forth to save the world.  It’s shocking to realize the funds are still here in the United States and that none of those funds are being used to save the financial systems of the world even though we have committed to numerous plans to do just that.  To a prudent person it would seem that trillions from a rainy day fund to keep America strong would be a good thing; especially when those funds came from a place that did not want to help America.

Subsequent to when we broke the Vatican Bank account scandal, we wanted to create the saying: “Do you have your Vatican Bank Account yet?”  But as we moved forward we found that the saying “Do you have your ticket yet?” was more apropos.  So, we ask:

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

We have played the game well. It is our specialty. But something is different here…twisted. Like a play on a stage, where the actors (our leaders) are overacting. Something is off. They are either purposely exaggerating to draw our attention, or they’re totally inept. We believe they are purposely distracting us. No one could be that inept. But to what end do they distract us? We intend to explain the results of our investigations over the next series of reports. And our leaders, well, so far we have found ONE with a conscience. We are now looking for a second.  Does anyone understand this?  We are looking for number 2.  Eighteen months of work and we are still looking for number 2; not a pile of excrement, but a second leader who isn’t on the take and is willing to speak out for the people of the world.

Truth…elusive but in plain sight.

After all this time and after all of our reports, the truth remains elusive. Almost as if a trail has been found and now all that is left is to connect the dots. The crime scenes are too perfect, again leading us away…multiple distractions. And as we have followed those clues and found evidence of financial crimes, there is yet nothing to be done with this perfect evidence. The justice systems are also perfect…perfectly bought, perfectly controlled and totally corrupted.

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

We have endeavored to expose and identify both the names of the cabal members and their misdeeds,  in a form and fashion that provides for a mature, professional method of handling matters on this level.  It was our sincere hope the Lords in London would be able to move quickly to handle the business of the business in their country ... the largest financial district in the world.  We included the individual stories of the victims and the documents that support the prosecution of the parties involved. We have endeavored to provide clear, concise and documented evidence of the above to ALL of the agencies.  This objective has been achieved with no stone left unturned.  Among those we provided with evidence are the American, Canadian, European and United Kingdom agencies specifically including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, MI-5 through MI-9, Interpol, Europol, German Policing Agencies, and Bundesbank, just to name a few.

It has not worked.

We concluded that the Bush Cabal was so strong that they could stop the Global Settlements, stop the Iraqi dinar revaluation, stop the CMKX settlements, stop the prosperity packs and all other scheduled settlements.  Turns out all of this is a front … another scam to lock our emotional attention on things that desperately matter to people who are suffering in our current time frame.  It is a major false flag crafted by the Master, Bush Sr. and his cronies.

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

What is disturbing to us is that we have been duped … the professionals.  We actually thought we were on the trail of a grand theft ring led by people that were untouchable.  The Elite of the Elite were using the system they literally grew up in to rob and plunder as they wished without recourse. And that’s all true. But it doesn’t make sense, even at that level, because we could eventually bring that down simply by proving the truth.  And they’re too smart for that to be their main play. Rigging the system to that extent would have meant the entire system could be ripe for the taking.        
We could continue for many paragraphs and tell you more about the thefts and the players, but like we have been saying for quite awhile now, all of our attention was on the wrong “thing”.

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

For the longest time, we – as trained professionals - could not get our arms around the reason a     former President, and not just one mind you, would want to steal such vast fortunes. Were they all morons?  How stupid for them when these crimes were uncovered, especially since we have volumes of proof of the thefts.  Hell, they were out in the open, not even hidden from our prying eyes.  Knowledge is the key to everything – don’t you agree?  With knowledge you can do things like make a great stock pick, make profitable land purchases or be elected to Congress to steal the American public blind.

Then we tried with all of our might to understand the Obama situation.  How could any one guy be so flaming stupid?  But the American public elected him and as you all know we support the Constitution.  The question for Obama is “Really?!”  “Mr. President, are you really this stupid or are you the set up - the distraction?”  Like when you’re at the three ring circus, and while you watch ring #1, the set is changing in the darkness of ring #3.  We must tell you that you are a wonderfully inept stooge. You deserve an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  Damn good job. You even had us played for the longest time.

The games you are playing with the Global and other settlements and the Iraqi Dinar revaluation have kept the world not only at bay, but locked in total aggravation for at least three years of the most dangerous financial times to ever exist.

And, Mr. President, we even want to congratulate you on your unbelievable ability to consistently walk around international events and alienate the leaders of the world. The G20 was a major farce on your part, but it was planned and expected, wasn’t it?

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

As we developed our thoughts on the true nature of what was really going on, we had to look to the rest of the world to determine if it was complicit in all of this.

Although we have the answers, maybe the readership should ask some questions.  For our readers in London:  You have a split in the Lords.  There are those that acknowledge the $15 Trillion and all of the problems associated with it being in The Royal Bank of Scotland, and there are those that don’t.  We thought all was well with the investigations into the theft … the $15T.  After all, we had presented all of the documents, not only to the Lords but to all authorities in the United Kingdom. So far, no action has been taken. Completely stopped. Why?

“Do you have your ticket yet?”

To the “news media”, or what was formerly known as the news media. Where are your guts? Where is your courage? You’re reporting on the Kardashians when people are dying in our world because no one reports the truth on Syria or prints the truth about hundreds of deadly earthquakes now happening weekly. Chemtrails and manufactured weather; bankers buying Congress; the NDAA; Rupert Murdoch threatening the British Prime Minister if he didn’t incite a war with Iraq; the SCOTUS ruling on both the immigration case and ObamaCare, the latter having nothing to do with health care and everything to do with the chip and depopulation.  And if your media corporation won’t allow you to cover real news that makes a difference, then line up at the back door of the newsroom and WALK OUT! How can they make their huge dollars when they have no reporters? And more to the point, how can you accept their huge salaries while you sell your soul with every story that you DON’T report?

A good coach knows that if its halftime and you’re losing, you change your game plan for the second half. We are changing our game plan. We are now focusing our efforts on informing the general public in a way that will support your involvement in the process.  There are not enough tickets to go around and preparations need to be made, heads counted and our future secured.  For those of us left off the list, and that would be all of us, it’s time we make our voices heard.

We are committed to a constant release of both reports and documents:
  • Documents providing ammunition for citizens in the US and all over the world to question their respective officials and to exert pressure for the truth to come out.
  • Documents to bring the fraudulent financial system to an end.
  • Documents to bring ALL perpetrators to justice.
While money is spent determining if a baseball player lied to Congress, the world financial system is consistently being perverted from within.  While the mainstream media focuses on the latest Hollywood celebrity divorce, billions are stolen from the people of the United States through “money” issued as debt.  While Dulce and Groom Lake remain a secret, the taxpayers continue to finance the NWO and their own doom.

To our Readers

We appreciate all the support we’ve received. Many of you inquire as to what you can do to help in the battle against the cabal. In response to that, we will be more active in the future, providing more frequent reports with additional documents.  These new documents we’ve received are from a growing list of former participants in the greatest financial fraud in the history of mankind. But they are participants no longer, and each is now assisting the White Hats all over the globe to bring the cabal to justice.

Therefore, those of you who volunteer will hereby be designated as Deputies, forming the “Truth Posse” to assist The White Hats in exposing the cabal. We are dead serious about this. Assignments will be coming up.
It’s time for the dirty deeds of the cabal to be exposed once and for all.  After all, we’re only talking about your lives, the future of mankind and…..2012.

Ticket?  Ticket for what?

 Our coming series of reports will give you the background so that we can then explain what the tickets are and who is handing them out. This will be crucial information. We have followed the money trail doggedly and it has led us through the exposures we have revealed to date…but they will seem irrelevant compared to the exposures to come. Dulce, Groom Lake, black projects, reverse engineering, advanced technology are among the revelations to follow.

At the beginning of this report, we called our activities “a game.”  Let us be clear.



  1. before the usual hissers show up I will point something out about this post,-- this report. It is a pivot point... a transition.

    The White Hats now know that the disappearance of trillions of dollars isn't going for hot babes and fast cars and champagne and mansions.... It is funding "projects" born from nightmares...

    Since the revelation was stunning for them they felt a transition... a segue to the newer and darker and more fantastical material needed an introduction...

    In the past I have made light of some of these "crazier" stories circulating the internet but it would appear that truth is way stranger than fiction and is apparently very costly.

    Anyone remember the precogs from that Spielberg movie? Minority Report? Just keep that in mind when imagining the type of black projects that have crossed the line into genetics....

    Humanity as lab rats... literally in cages... literally genetic material and parts.... and worse yet.... not entirely of this Earth.

    Our money and slave labor literally going down a hole into a high tech sewer of psychos beneath our feet... and in the sky. Welcome to the Twilight Zone of the Cabal.

    1. Hi Gino, cannot thank you enough for this admission, for those of us that were already deeply suspicious that this is the direction The White Hats needed to go, but feared to, we sigh a collective sigh of relief that finally they are starting to understand the depths (literally) of the depravity.

      I cannot stay but a moment (haven't even read the darn report yet though have just published it! lol), but just to let you, The White Hats, and others trafficking this board (without the MSM viewpoint tattooed across their eyes), they have taken us down in every which way they could think of over the past 10 or so days, and we have started to go public with the WHAT and the WHO, because we've been collecting EVIDENCE. But one example here:


      We hope this may be of use to someone, but even if not, people need to start believing, and this is but one way to get them to understand just how freaking hard it is to be publishing on these issues. They don't take down other sites, ... Tells even the skeptics (who have a brain) something, we hope.

      One name does keep popping up to us that we have NOT yet named, but if we do, I will pop back up here to let you know who that is, too, the moment we publish. We suspect they may appear more than once in some of the paperwork The White Hats may have; a guess, but certainly not an uneducated one. :)

      Gotta go, WELL DONE The White Hats; cookin'! :)

      PS Could you let us know if you're doing another video of this report too Gino, and if so, where we can download etc (we will get it uploaded to channels within our control ASAP); other matters are now also afoot at our end relating to all this but I cannot say anything at the moment for fear for safety (and it's not a done deal yet) ...

      But here at Operation Occupy The Banks, we're trying everything we can think of, and we hope to surpass about 500,000 pages views on the blog perhaps this weekend. GOOD LUCK ALL! Let's not give them a MOMENT of peace until this job is finished! ;)

    2. The dots are starting to connect....New World Order....connected to 'A Superior Race' from above....connected to the Bible....Genesis 6 where the fallen angels took daughters of men...hybrids...to corrupt mankind...In the end times Satan will use his trump card...the false Alien race to 'support mankind'. In actuality it will be what the Bible calls the great deception to use evil man and evil demons to bring in the last evil empire before the return of Christ..see Chuck Missler You Tube....Nephilim

      Math. 24:24 [24] For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. See Chuck Missler...you tube Wake up and learn from the Lord

    3. I am here to help. When shall a hero arise? Now is the time of the reaping. All shall be known. What can i do in u.s.?

  2. Volunteer @ South America: ¡Present!

  3. Volunteer in Canada, present.

  4. Please watch this video and please get the word out to help this young man!

    Please post this video on your YouTube Channel!



  5. It goes without saying that everyone who doesn't have their head up their ass needs to sound an alarm. Those of you feeding at the fiat trough of the criminal cabal should be taking steps, right now, to save your souls. It's not too late to find redemption if you will only declare yourselves "all in" and take the fight to your former dark side masters.

    At the risk of sounding melodramatic and to underscore the intent of #44 for those who don't "get it"; it's now or never.

    A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war; with fear, with respect and with absolute assurance. ~don Juan Matus

  6. Replies
    1. RussW; please follow @Spunzy & @McEeles (two owners/controllers of 15trillionfraud.co.uk ) if you are on Twitter, and (primarily; once unsuspended): @occupyofficial.

      Meantime, please follow and Retweet #OpBLACKHEATH related posts from @censorednewsnow - sister to #OTB and acting as #OTB backup comms ATM.

      FYI we will try lift the suspension on @OccupyOfficial later today or tomorrow (though we assume it may take some time for Twitter to take a decision). We truly hope Twitter are not foolish enough to make the wrong decision, but if they do, especially after they have heard our representations, we'll all know something about Twitter, too (something we need to know). :)

  7. Since the derivative monster was allowed to escape its cage over the past fifteen years, and especially since the 2008 bailout-mania, it has become increasingly obvious that at the highest levels the game is being played as if there is no tomorrow.

    -Running the U.S. and developed nations into balance sheet insolvency – but there is no decisive political opposition;

    -Banking system corruption so deep and so obvious that one can point to daily examples of the crimes and manipulations:
    o LIBOR scandal
    o Gold and silver market rigging (price suppression)
    o Constant intervention to prop stock markets
    o AIG used to funnel tens if not hundreds of billions to key counterparty banks
    o Phenomenal use of interest rate swaps to push US Treasury rates down
    o Open thefts of funds like MF Global and, now, PFG
    o A criminal justice system that cannot be roused to touch politically connected miscreants
    o Rampant insider trading by members of Congress (legal until recently, when a small portion of these activities was made illegal. I know, try not to laugh.)
    o 9/11 – a story so full of holes that one almost has to be willfully blind to believe it.

    The list goes on…

    …as does the drama being acted out on stage. Yes, the acting is poor now, the lines badly delivered, the dialogue wooden and no longer believable. But in the rafters, the flames smolder and threaten to soon engulf the entire theatre. Just remember, none of the actors plan to be around when the conflagration explodes and consumes the theatre-goers.

    We need to see that the exits are sealed off. Thanks, White Hats. This report was the first one that gave me hope that important and influential people are now swinging at the right pitch. This story is so deep, so scary, so evil that it will be extraordinarily difficult for most people to even get their minds around. It is also the most important story around. Taking back our history, our lives, our opportunity to be all that we can be as humanity starts here, with work like this.

    1. This global elite conducts its business through organizations like the Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council for Foreign Relations. Some say it is centred in the United States; others in Europe. It includes among its numbers an unlikely coalition of people from all backgrounds – ex-Nazis sit down with Jews in their deliberations, as well as some members of European royalty, etc. It is ruthless in its methods. Most of us have no idea of the formidable opponent it represents to the freedom-loving society that we profess to uphold. Our very naivete and complacency are what make it strong.
      The Illuminati have infiltrated and exert varying degrees of control over armed forces, intelligence agencies, police forces, government departments, banks, financial houses, the media, and other institutions.
      Today they are called the “deep state” and “shadow” or “secret government.” Opposing them cost President Kennedy his life and many other brave men and women, their lives as well.
      This is what President John F. Kennedy also warned us against them, calling them a “secret society”:
      “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly-efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
      “Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned. No rumor is printed. No secret is revealed.”
      Their reach is global and tenacious. It is imperative that we unmask this secret state and, through legal and non-violent means, overturn it. The first step in doing that is to catalogue as many of their crimes as are known. Hopefully this will assist those who are planning to prosecute President Bush and other members of the cabal.
      It is time to expose this global elite for the ruthless killing machine it is. They have taken us close to World War III. They have murdered us in the millions and plan to continue to do so if we do not stop them.
      I do not propose acting violently or illegally. Our legal institutions are capable of overturning them if we, the citizens of the world, join together and express our desire that their rule end.
      I ask the world community, at every level and in every form of organization, to refuse any longer to tolerate the abuses of the Illuminati or to submit to their agenda of global warfare, depopulation, and enslavement.
      Let us be sure, from this day forward, that they are aware that we know their plans and that we will not permit them to succeed - ever.
      Some of the crimes of this "secret state" knowingly and collectively have committed include:

    2. 1. Causing the implosion of several national economies (Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, and Russia) decades ago through stock market speculation and manipulation.
      2. Causing further financial hardship to those countries, through the IMF and World Bank, by imposing terms on them that enriched American financial houses under the cover of helping the affected nations to regain their economic stability.
      3. Reducing the Western workforce to penury by destroying millions of jobs through predatory automation, lowering wages, diminishing benefits, and eliminating pensions.
      4. Further impoverishing the Western workforce through the relocation of factories to low-wage areas of the globe and the offshore outsourcing of many of the jobs that remained.
      5. Enforcing or reinforcing near-slave-labour conditions in the states to which those factories were relocated.
      6. Blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, claiming 168 lives and injuring over 800 others, to win congressional support for the Counter-Terrorism Bill.
      7. Blowing up World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7 and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001; murdering passengers on airliners; and blaming “Muslim terrorists” for what they themselves engineered; the official death toll for which was 2,974 people, but the unofficial death toll for which is probably upwards of 10,000.
      8. Creating a blanket of poisonous materials that would in time claim the lives of tens of thousands of New Yorkers from respiratory and other complications and illnesses.
      9. Creating and operating a fraudulent 9/11 Commission to whitewash events and conceal the true identity of the perpetrators.
      10. Using weather weapons (HAARP) to cause worldwide flooding, earthquakes, and hurricanes, most notably, I believe, the 2008 Sichuan earthquake that killed 69,200 people and injured above 300,000.
      11. Possibly triggering the 2004 tsunami by allegedly setting off an underwater thermonuclear blast that killed more than 225,000 people.
      12. Using an ultra-low frequency (ULF) device located at nearby Augsberg College to destroy the I35 Minnesota River Bridge, killing thirteen people and injuring 145.
      13. Causing murderous wars in the Balkans (1999), Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003) to extend their global influence, secure oil, and ensure control of the Afghan drug trade.
      14. Using depleted-uranium weapons in these wars, causing countless horrible birth deformities and numerous deaths of both local civilians and Coalition soldiers, and turning the affected countries into what some observers call “radioactive wastelands.”

    3. 15. Releasing tons of lethal depleted uranium into the atmosphere from these and other wars to circle the globe and inflict pain and death on countless faraway victims.
      16. Siphoning off trillions of dollars from the American people through direct theft, as reported for instance by Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Sept. 10, 2001, and corrupt Iraqi “reconstruction” arrangements from 2003 to the present.
      17. Using armed forces and intelligence agencies to smuggle drugs (in medivacs, false coffins, body bags, etc.) and oversee the international drug trade (Honduras, Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc.) to raise money for “black operations.”
      18. Funding numerous terrorist groups around the world, including Al-Qaida.
      19. Torturing opponents, both at home and abroad, in prisons run by and for Americans.
      20. Creating private armies like Blackwater.
      21. Subverting the American Constitution by eliminating constitutional safeguards on civil rights.
      22. Corrupting existing police and armed forces and using them for criminal purposes.
      23. Running an extensive program of citizen surveillance.
      24. Creating deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) and above-ground detention facilities to jail dissident citizens.
      25. Corrupting the mainstream media and enforcing a rigid censorship.
      26. Manufacturing infertile genetically-engineered seeds, making farmers dependent on agricompanies for future seeds, to control world prices, contributing to the suicide of thousands of bankrupted farmers in India.
      27. Withholding from the world beneficial technologies derived from salvaged spacecraft and using them instead for profit and for promoting their agenda of global domination.
      28. Assassinating opponents like President John F. Kennedy, Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, ex-CIA Director William Colby, Congressman Paul Gilmor, and whistleblowers Phillip Schneider and William Cooper.
      29. Murdering Stanley Meyer, inventor of a water-fuelled car that would have ended transportation’s dependence on fossil fuels.
      30. Pursuing an agenda of global depopulation aimed at bringing Earth’s population to a controllable level of 500 million.
      31. Seeding the atmosphere with chemtrails containing barium and depleted uranium, thereby causing the death of unknown numbers of victims from Morgellons Disease and other ailments.
      32. Planning and trying to instigate a nuclear war between the West and Russia and China.
      Originally published in OpEdNews. Oct. 18 2008

  8. I will do what I can. You have my support.

  9. What can I do to help? Please tell me, I am ready to help. I am on the land known as Florida, North America.

  10. For those volunteering. We want to do a high quality video with pictures that we can call our own.

    If you have a digital camera can you snap pics of anything big brotherish? Chemtrails, army bases, police state, secret bases, concentration camps... weird stuff in the sky? Ask yourself what looks like failure to us to you? health? medicine? Pretty much everything will say WTF when you think about it...anything that will help us illustrate a future video? We will have to figure out a way to collect the footage... Maybe we can have the jpegs sent to an email address for collection?

    And we would ask that you just sign the rights over with a simple sentence saying so...

    I think this is a logical beginning for further effort to bring a common focus... anyone live near Dulce? If so.... don't trespass but a shot of the fence would be sufficient.

    1. Here's a sample of my writing, website and video skills. InSearchofTheMedicineMan.com Located in Santa Fe, NM. 2.5 hrs to Dulce. Have some local connections there too. I'm a targeted individual and near penniless and I need a few bucks to get my cell phone back up (upload reports) and for travel. Have the technical resources high-def digital edit system and journalistic abilities to push this forward with online reports and videos. 
David Gordon (took off phone number from prior)

    2. David in the near future we may have a budget but right now no.... However we will keep you at the top of the list to ask help us. Thank you.

  11. There are many scenarios to depopulate the globe. And regardless that many will ridicule aliens or biogenetic hybrids being involved, my study of alien abduction since the late 80's and of the imagery being released by NASA and others prove beyond a doubt their presence. Anyone with photoshop and video editing experience can see the clone-tooled NASA photos for themselves. Perhaps NASA did such a bad job on purpose. Gretel's bread crumbs.

    If anyone noticed, I erased all of my posts...not only here , but my entire web-presence. I was threatened by powerful people thru my blog commentaries. I erased 1500 articles in 3 minutes. And I've seen a pattern. Many blogs are being "deleted by the authors". I have a family. This IS a war. Live to fight another day, and all that.

    The whitehats started at the bottom of the curve. It appears now they have seen around the bend. When you tie all that's happening into a global conspiracy of gigantic proportions, there appears to be no other explanations available than the human race itself is being threatened from outside, using our own resources to destroy us. Chemtrails, surveillance technologies, and genetic research are only the tip of the berg. Ultimate individual survival appears to be the motive for absolute secrecy. I'm pretty sure this is "the ticket" the whitehats refer to. A "ticket" off planet, or a ticket to an underground fortress.

    White Hats....if you have real insider information, then it's imperative to release it now...not in this piecemeal fashion. It's obvious Americans are the main target because Americans have the most guns in private hands. Once they destroy America...it's a cakewalk. But it will take on hell of a video to break the hypnotic spell Americans are under.

    “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” Marshall McLuhan

    ps...this message will disappear in short order !

  12. JOHN

    So why stop the RV or CMKX? I mean really the amount of people that are involved with either are peanuts compared to all the people in the US let alone the world. They will still be stealing all their money that they are taking freely. For that matter nations like China and such cannot say screw you this is going through? I am sure they can hire people just like anyone else if needed to eradicate problems.

    1. Releasing the RV is the trigger point for the Global Settlements. That creates the liquidity to buy and close FRB NY. That single stroke wipes out the Cabal,Rothschilds and Rockefellers. In turn it breaks the stranglehold of the Vatican and 300 families. The Bush family would lose their control and power. Don't hold your breath.Israel rides on maintaining WH part control. Do Turkeys vote for Thanksgiving?

  13. NAI told you all these things a long time ago...remember? People laughed when I said that the game had yet to be exposed and that it had more to do with deeper secrets. THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE WITH IS A FRAUD. IT IS NOT WHO WE ARE AT ALL. I WROTE THIS OVER AND OVER.

    When I said that the one reason that the PTW would act the way that they were acting is "IF THEY BELIEVED THAT THE REST OF US WERE IRRELEVANT," that should have been clear. They believe that something is going to happen or they will try to make it happen that will cancel out most of humanity. Many of the current PTW are NOT HUMAN. I have said this repeatedly. THEY AREN'T HUMAN. THEY ARE...WELL, SOME HORRIBLE MIX OF GENETICS.

    I have also said numerous times that this whole notion that offworlders came here and blended our genetics together was never a BENIGN act...it was a hostile one. It was aggression. It was domination. It was conquest.

    NOW, THE REST OF YOU ARE STARTING TO GET THE IDEA. THANK GOD. The fix is not going to be just financial, it cannot be. These parasitic beings aren't going without a fight.


    1. We all knew it...timing was the issue.

    2. People don't seem to get you don't run with every insane thing nor do you tip your hand nor do you necessarily say what you are really thinking.... they don't get that had the hats mixed Science Fiction with lord james it would not be this far... and it is where it has to be... methodical.... People joining as a result of the methodical... and by people we mean insiders not the rest of us who read websites... people who could say and offer evidence of... ummm.... I can tell you where the money is... documentation...

      Everyone knew it... You can't be emotional you have to slowly assemble the case...

    3. Think about what happened in the House of Lords.... those that blocked the investigation identified themselves. Not smart.

    4. Yep I've come to those same conclusions over the years. Everything TPTB have/are doing indicates that the directives are indeed coming from off planet/aliens/fallen angelics/extra dimensionals, call them what you will, and this is a very grave situation. We are literally fighting to the death and most of us don't realize it yet. I started to wonder because some of their schemes are virtually SUICIDAL such as a WWIII or Fukushima scenarios...it would seem our 'overlords' want to move in and want us GONE any which way possible.

    BOOK: APOSTLES OF POWER aka (Coup d'Twelve) by David E. Martin
    (A novel of actual events – the author was present at the planning meeting)

    From the novel: 
    "...Everyone was in awe of how much money had been transferred into the ENTERPRISE accounts in full view of a world who believed that a financial crisis had hit the real estate market. Who would have thought that a Republican lame duck president [Bush Jr] would actually convince the country to use its last gasp of credit to put the Treasury of the United States [BAILOUTS] into the pockets of 12 private interests?
    And now with their puppet [OBAMA] on his way to Pennsylvania Avenue, all the ‘no more torture’ and ‘close Guantanamo’ rhetoric would die off in the practicalities of solidifying the asset transfer.

  15. Replies
    1. Comments like YOURS belong at Huffington Post. And...you need to replace your Tesla photo with a chimp.

  16. Since you WhiteHats are financial gurus FOLLOWING THE MONEY, it should be easy enough for you to find the NAMES of the 12 men who "bought" the presidency and plotted to steal the nation's Treasury, as described in THIS book: APOSTLES OF POWER by David E. Martin. The corporation SAIC was mentioned prominently in this Project Camelot video interview of the author.



  17. This is Aaron from Soldierhugs.com

    How can I be of assistance?

    1. A lot of simple stuff really helps everyone;

      1. cross-linking the sites that are covering this via your site increases search engine rankings for everyone;

      2. publish pages with #OpBLACKHEATH in a tag so we can all find each others views, etc; small - hopefully we can add your site to it - list down the right side of any of our pages (IE/UK/IR/etc): see the Operation Blackheath section. Link to them all. :)

      3. Obviously more importantly link in on relevant page(s) or search terms (for our site = http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q=OpBLACKHEATH ).

      4. If you haven't already worked it out by the time you read this, you should have already worked out: LINK IN TO THIS WEBSITE: raise http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.co.uk along with anyone else publishing credible info on these subjects.

      3. Follow & retweet on Twitter any of the #OpBLACKHEATH tagged Tweets that fly by (most of the above sites send out a tweet or two a day min so we ask you to retweet all those sites publishing anything related to The White Hats); notice, someone might coming looking down the line at you:
      http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/06/darkcabal-news-in-via-dm-otb-security.html or already inside ex-filtrating your data ... family photos, etc (goodness knows what):

      4. Get the petition(s) signed via 15trillionfraud.co.uk

      5. We (#OTB) need a team out in Asia (UTC+8 would be perfect) for Operation Occupy The Banks on twitter now we have a USA/Canadian bunch of cool people getting organised via #OTB tag over there banging out #OTB/OpBLACKHEATH tweets; OccupySYDNEY & @endarken (Occupy New Zealand) both helped out (and continue to help out) but cannot lead for time commitments, so self volunteer and get going; spreadsheet of searchable tweets coming up for download on site hopefully next 48 hours.

      6. Follow @KevsKewl (because he really is!) and @cephusnomoe (because she really is 2... :)) Retweet everything you can/every time you can, and skip all those you're too paranoid to retweet!

      7. Understand what you are getting involved in;

      Get involved anyway. ;) xx

      The White Rabbit! :~)

  18. TO THE WHITE HATS: Many of us alternative news readers know parts of the stories you will be revealing. The very FIRST thing that needs to be EXPOSED is a long MASTER PHOTO LIST of the WORST perpetrators with their crimes beside their names, we we can circulate it all over our email lists, Something like this one for 911:

    (notice how many are dual-citizen Israelis and PNAC)

    They HATE their photos revealed! Publishing all the facts and stories of their myriad of crimes is fine, and can still be done (or just use references), but it is slow compared to their deadline of Dec 21, 2012.

  19. Agreed, with the "pull the plug" on the internet comment. Executive order is already in place for this. And White Hats: Please let us know how we can help. SOON. I give everyone your web address and tell them to read. I just feel I should be doing more.

    Waiting for instructions in Las Vegas.

  20. Ready to Rumble from Northern Illinois.

    Say how, when and where.

    Abbey - PTW = Powers that were.

    Watched a recent TV expose of where George W Bush(league)Jr. was entertaining recent war vets with missing limbs and other afflictions at his Texas ranch. They were mountain biking. If only these vets knew that the reason they were without limbs was in fact because their host George help create the battlefield event so he could line his pocket with profits from oil, gold and other worldly goods. Amazing how this bastard can create a killing field and then baffle the participants with smoke and mirrors at his Neverland Ranch. Sociopath Extrordinaire.

  21. Expensive Bunkers, must be selling for at least $20 mil a pop, maybe even more. Do they come with Fur lined toilet seats, or is that extra?

    I would not fall for the "Alien" stuff, these people have planned to wipe out 70% of the worlds population and have been doing horrific mind control and genetic experimentation on all living species, an exstention of the Nazi Jospeh Mengele program exported to the USA after WW11 with Project Paperclip. I still believe ... until totally convinced otherwise, which has not happened, that the whole "Alien"agenda is a cover up for crimes so horrific that these people have committed that they hope to blame it on the bad Aliens, who are creatures of their own creation in the first place, with a major sound and light show to finish it off, a la Project Bluebeam. Expect to see UFOs in the sky soon, however beware of who is in them. My guess is mind control MKULtra genetically modified humans, with no conscience , no compassion and no humanity who will kill with impunity. The people who have been manipulating this, while they destroy the rest of us with weather warfare, earthquakes, bio weapons and exotic virus, coupled with WW3 and a thermo Nuclear head on clash, have "got their ticket"to deep underground facilities of safety.

    Thanks to Tesla, the Nazis developed free energy systems and anti gravity craft as early as before the end of WW2. They are right on target, and WW3, the financial crash, their fake Armageddon complete with holograms in the sky, earthquakes, floods and the rest, to say nothing about all the nuclear power stations they intend to blow up behind them will leave the planet with 70% less people.

    You see, they needed all our money to build their Shangri la, complete with their own financial system devoid of us, and the technology that they have and have kept to themselves does not require workers at all, if anything workers are a hindrance to their perfect world.

  22. Hi,
    It would be nice to expose the Vatican and the holy see NOW in order to get the whole deck of cards up in flames. Enda Kenny is at it along with some Candians.
    The sooner the Vatican falls the better. My guess is there you have one of the deepest rabbit holes on the planet.

    Love and light

    1. http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/05/vatican-paedo-pope-police-sex-slave.html

      Apt comment, for someone with the right Nym to reply, no?

      The White Rabbit! :~)
      PS Bit behind with tagging but this should bring up most of the last tagged stuff if not all:
      http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q=Vatican but as you can see from the first link - heh :)

  23. Well, they say the truth is out there!

    This report reminds myself of some minister that has "seen the light" for the first time (gag) but cannot, in the best interest of the pew contestants, let it all out.

    Reason, the minister either still does not know or is afraid of the TRUTH.

    Truth is this whole mess is staged for one reason, to make you think a negative is a positive.

    Gain knowledge on your own, follow only yourself and help those whom desire TRUTH.

    Peace. Out.

  24. I tried to join your mail link and it failed
    As your deputy I wish to continue reporting your reports on my web blog site, I reach 2000 to 6000 only but that is a start don't you think?
    I remain enthusiastic about your about turn on reporting of the truth, humans are special, they have a unique ability of thinking about something and then changing the way that they think from new information,
    So I am not shocked , you have proven to us that we are , Oh, and you of course , are human, congratulations on passing your "reporting of the truth apprenticeship", Your new world reports are already sounding electric or Electro-magnetic haha
    PS we are experts in HAARP and AMISR and we follow the Andromeda Council
    PS I do believe that the most important news today is John Terry said to Ferdinand "Are you in Black Ops for MI 9?

  25. We heard on this site, months ago about ''the technologies that have been hidden from us'' -- Months! Now how about just coming right out with that, I mean whats with the secrecy on that.

    I dont want to hear anymore about ''not wanting to tip your hand too soon, and how its all about timing''. Sheesh, these Monsters already know all about it -- we are the only ones who you are keeping in the dark.

    Another thing -- I'm growing weary of the ''we know but we cant tell YOU yet'' -- why the hell NOT! All this info is already like 10 years too late as it is, and now you want to dally us around some MORE?

    Just get to it -- if we want an ongoing never ending Mystery, well we could just go to PBS or the library and pick up some Agatha Cristy novels.

    We were promised NAMES, naming names, months ago, too -- yet we have seen barely any names. We've had 2 years worth of details - the Novel - now we just wanna know WHODUNIT.
    Remember, this has come to be about EXPOSING the bastards, so can we get on with that?

    1. how many times you need to be told whodunnit...

    2. ''whodunnit'' is a catch word meaning, get to the end of the story here. Give us the final chapter. Quit withholding stuff.

  26. Never thought you woukd ask! Sign me up!

  27. The dots are starting to connect....New World Order....connected to 'A Superior Race' from above....connected to the Bible....Genesis 6 where the fallen angels took daughters of men...hybrids...to corrupt mankind...In the end times Satan will use his trump card...the false Alien race to 'support mankind'. In actuality it will be what the Bible calls the great deception to use evil man and evil demons to bring in the last evil empire before the return of Christ..see Chuck Missler You Tube....Nephilim

    Math. 24:24 [24] For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. See Chuck Missler...you tube Wake up and learn from the Lord

  28. http://johnkettler.com/colorado-firescabal-arson-fraud-say-etseds/

    This guy, and his buddies, might be able to help. They don't need to be convinced of intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe. They are intelligent life from elsewhere. (I think it's about time to drop that lawn dart, fellas.)

    Full, immediate disclosure, so big and in your face so as to leave the damage controllers speechless, that's what we need. Maybe a nuke sub imbedded in the White House lawn? That would get things rolling.

    1. No photos on that site but it says to look at specific photos...what gives?

    2. You gotta click on the blue words in the text story.
      Pics are there, lots of them.

      Rockpick - sorry but I need a lot of convincing. I'm not into invisible little green men.....yet.

  29. I am ready to do what I can to assist humankind.

  30. We are aware about the connection between Washington DC, London (The Crown) and the Vatican.

    We are aware about the Reptiods/Dracos with their grey minions.

    We are aware of that the Queen of England answers to the Pope.

    We are aware of the 1400 core of companies ruling and interacting with others so they control all business.

    We are aware about Neil Keenans new law suite that will be even more mind blowing the previous he wihtdrew.

    We are aware of the FED being a private corporate company tied up with BIS and othet "centralbanks".

    We are ware of different positive ET's/ED's helping us with this mess.

    We are aware of the genocide on both humans and plants and the deal made by the US government with the bad ET's.

    We are aware of the Georgia Guide stones and the depopulation of the world.

    We are aware of what agenda 21 is really about.

    We are aware of that there might be a link between Ireland and Egypt that has been keept secret.

    We are aware of that there are no Reptoids left on Earth.

    We are aware of the resistant movement that has 20 million Agahrtans underneath the surface of Earth.

    We are aware of the new technology, food replicators anti-gravity and free energy that has been hidden from us.

    We are aware that the Reptoids/Draco's has feed of our fear for eaons.

    We are aware that WWIII will never be allowed to happen.

    We are aware of the cabal's attempt to stage false flag events in order to have us fear again.

    I'm ready to help...


    1. Oh please please please don't tell me after 50 years in the kitchen, that there has been a food Replicator all along. I've had this secret longing for one ever since I saw them on Star Trek.

      Now I'm really angry with Sears & Roebuck for not offering one in their catalog. Oh woe is me, everything is too late. Just like all those years I typed, used whiteout and THEN somebody had the audacity to come out with COMPUTERS!

      I was almost ready to shoot myself, but now I have renewed hope, with the possibility of this Replicator thing. I mean, have you ever layed in bed at midnight, mouth watering for a piece of pumpkin pie -- kicking yourself cause you didn't bake one during the day? Having visions of "if only that Replicator on Star Trek was real.''

      It's probably the second worst agony in the whole world. Now my only question is, are they going to be expensive? I mean, you know, with the economy and all.

  31. @webtrekker
    It's already out there!
    John Kettler
    Alex Collier

  32. Djeezz, guys & dolls!

    I'm a woman & mother, 62, pretty smart, teacher/learner, but completely un-twitterable, not linked-in, lost in cyberspace, etc.
    Wouldn't it be a great idea to enter the Inside-out campaign by JR (TED Talks). You can order your giant poster portrait for $20 as a group or an individual and state your cause.
    I worldwide portrait gallery on a co-ordinated moment, and overnight the world would be plastered with people staring at you, asking: "Have you got your ticket yet?" or perhaps: "If you haven't got a ticket, you must be one of us..."
    I can't think of anything flashier than that, sorry!

    btw: how does Fullford & his dragons fit into all of this?

    And of course a big thank you to you, WH-team!
    Be blessed and re-read Sun Tzu to ultimately be triumphant. A warm embrace, keep breathing deeply.
    & a seat, drink and plate waiting at my kitchen table for the relentless... ;[)
    in Amsterdam

  33. Amazing Journalism, guys.

    I wholeheartedly support and encourage your continued investigation and reporting. Thank you for your work.
    I, myself, almost pursued a career in journalism...but left the game when I realized how corrupt the main stream media is and I didn't want to report BAD news.
    Instead I pursued the avenue of holistic healing, and in my own way support humanity's shift into the next great phase of our evolution with Love.

    We all must work together from our different angles in order to bring truth, light and freedom to the masses.

    In light,

  34. Thank you for ALL you are doing ! If I may, I would like weigh in on what is and is not going on. If what I summerize here is taken as a 'backdrop' to current affairs then I believe thngs will become more focused. 1) Andrew D. Basiago SAW the Supreme Court Building in DC 100' under water in a future probe to 2013. 2) Clif High of halfpasthuman has gotten indications of major world wide diaspora in the form of SOCs (Self Organizing Collectives) due to Earth changes. 3) Courtney Brown of thefarsight institute through remote viewing has also reported on SOCs moving away from coastal areas due to world wide flooding caused by meteor impacts. 'They' know this is coming. Lewis Michael Rhinehart

    1. Yep...this does appear to be one of the possibilities or combinations thereof that they are preparing for. Many data points lining up on that. The question for me has always been, WHAT causes the water to rise? Nibiru, pole shift, etc...?

  35. Abby; I guess we all have to decide for ourselves how far down the rabbit hole we're willing to go. If you don't believe "in little green men," maybe you bought the weather balloon story for the Roswell incident. Maybe Phil Schneider and Bob Dean are fantastic liars. Maybe all Kerry Cassidy's work is just a waste of time.

    I suggest you rewatch Robert Hastings' National Press Club address in which seven ex-military describe close encounters with ufo's "shutting down missiles" in ICBM silos, and explain their observations in a context exclusive of off-world intelligent interference.

    No fair dismissing their testimony, unless you call them liars. Explain, rationally, what they claim to have occurred.

    In all directions we look, we are confronted with new and startling revelations, most of which highlight the lies we have been told. The manipulation that has proliferated, from our understanding of cosmology to the financial markets, is mind-boggling in scope. The forces behind that organized manipulation are the focus of the WH and their allies. This is the point of the latest report. A turning point, if you will. A broadening of scope. It's the relation of an epiphany, an understanding there exists some cohesive dark intelligence above and behind the cabal we want exposed.

    1. Sorry Rockpicker, but I don't know any of these people who mention here. Not a good idea to falsely accuse. You might have asked first. The answer is NOPE!

      And I've always known about the existence of this dark force. Its quite simple. Our leaders are all demon possessed. No sane person would do what they do. Satan despises Mankind and is doing everything to destroy it. Its really just that simple. This is why I do not need to dig, or go looking down rabbit holes, or go see what Wilcox is dreaming up, and BTW, the Flood is long past. There wont be anymore.

      But you are entitled to your own opinion. What do I know, lol.

  36. I would encourage the people here to interact with and invite friends to the Facebook page: 2012 Cabal Arrests. Search for it in the Facebook search box.

    We share the stories from around the globe that are all connected to the takedown of this group. It helps me to keep positive about the changes for those of you despairing right now!

  37. Sound the charge, I'm in! Let's give 'em all we've got the true American way!

  38. Im guessing that the ''tickets'' you speak of here, are probably tickets to one of the 20 plus underground bunkers our elitist crooked politicians have built, where they think they can hide from God, lol.
    Well, hear this: I do not want a ticket. I do not want to be hidden away with that trash. Those places will likely be their mass burial sites; little do they know.

  39. Soooo, have you got your ticket yet? I take it you guys have just learned of the "Golden Tickets." We the people don't get tickets, but it is high time the rest of the world knew of their existence. I am available 24/7 to help.

  40. Hallelujah lyrics ringing in my head! Long overdue boyz, now the real serious action phase begins. Pivot point, indeed and let's bring it on!

  41. Advocating the use of communications channels we know are compromised is beyond absurd. Let's get real. This is war.

  42. 45,46 and 47 are coming. The real earth scorchers we will only release in September because of holidays. We need all the rats lining up as road kill. Your comments have been fantastic, all of you. Much more evidence will be given to you.

  43. willing to step up help from London :)

  44. This pretty much sums everything up...

  45. Clif High's latest wujo


  46. Check out the Warmonger Report for more on this story. It deals with the financial trail over where and how that 15 trillion dollars came to be and what it might be being used for.

  47. So, the 11th has passed on the East Coast and it's about to pass in middle America...where is this promised July 11th report?

  48. There are billions of planets with life, water and minerals in the cosmos- why invade one that has billions of people warring over ideologies and armed with thousands of thermonuclear weapons!
    ET civilizations are concerned with our hostility and potential threat to the cosmos- not the other way around.
    There are humans killing hundreds of millions of our own people and now classified programs have not only nuclear weapons, but so-called scalar or longitudinal electromagnetic weapons that go faster than the speed of light. The secret world of real power is the domain of the Masters of the Universe -MOTUs- who crave absolute power and control above all things.
    Money is only a symbol and means to project that power.
    The real problem is with the 0.0000001% – the 300 people and families and their corporations that now control over 50% of the net worth of the entire world.
    This military/industrial/laboratory/corporate/financial/energy complex is the tail wagging the dog of Washington DC and every other world capitol – and it is unlikely that the politicians are going to bite the hand that feeds them.
    These MOTUs cannot acknowledge that UFOs are real without opening the lid on pandora’s box of advanced energy, propulsion and physics that would make big oil, king coal and nuclear power completely obsolete. Some UFO sightings are of ET craft, but many - perhaps most - are of manmade anti-gravity devices that have been in development since the 1940s.
    So here is the $500 trillion dilemma: If the MOTUs & their lackeys in the media allow the masses to know this, the people will demand that they be released from the macro-economic slavery in which they find themselves. And then the relative control and power possessed by these MOTUs will be dispersed to - well, the people!
    The entire world would blossom- but organically, without pollution and poverty- and without the centralized control of the petrodollar system, Big Oil, centralized utilities – without the MOTUs!
    So the world is being consumed and invaded not by “Aliens” but by these sociopaths, by the misanthropic proclivities of the MOTUs.
    IF the ETs wanted to take the earth, it would have all been over around 1945 when we detonated the first A-bomb. For if you can travel faster than the speed of light, you could easily take over our little corner of the cosmos. But the ET’s have no interest, intent or need to do so. It is utter nonsense. All they need from us is our peace and cooperation. So don’t worry about the ETs: Hollywood, the CIA and Lockheed Martin may want you to fear them. They may soon even launch a false flag operation “proving” we should fear them. But in reality it is the MOTUs who have invaded the world, corrupted Washington, ruthlessly enforced UFO secrecy and hidden the truth about these earth-saving new energy and propulsion technologies and other ancient truths that have been distorted to such an degree that what we believe as the “truth” is all a falsification of the “real truth”.
    By all of us pulling together, disclosing the truth & bringing forth these new sciences, we can create a new civilization on earth. The MOTUs only rule by deception, corruption, ruthlessness & the apathy & complicity of the masses. But once we awaken globally, it is a new day indeed.
    From Dr Steven Greer talking about his new film coming soon called "Sirius: The next step in disclosure".

    1. Patches, it's the NEGATIVE ET's were concerned with here. They ALREADY HAVE invaded us and got their hooks in....we need to PURGE the 'hidden hands'. Dulce, etc... They need to be smoked out of their holes.

  49. We Apologize for the delay on Report 45. It will be up on the 12th.

    Thank you for your patience.
    The White Hats

  50. SamG
    I would like to help you get this message out; please contact me.

  51. This is no game, it has been coming to a conclusion for 60 years and Obama is the one preened to push it over the edge. The Bilderburg Group is the head that needs to be cut-off and information and proof are needed in the mainstream media. Good luck!