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April 7, 2012 – The White Hats Report #39


Our response to the tactics of a UK Law Firm and the Herzog/Romney/Jeb Bush connection

Due to circumstances surrounding the reaction to White Hats Report #38, this could be one of the most anticipated releases we have ever done to date.

Dr. Michael Herzog The man pictured to the left is Dr. Michael Herzog, Berlin, Germany.  To make it clear the Michael Herzog pictured to the left is the portfolio manager of the Davidson Kempner Euro Investment Fund.  This again is the same man who assisted Bush Senior, Jeb Bush, Bush Junior, Mitt Romney and other co-conspirators in stealing funds from Edward Falcone and has been involved in other criminal activities. 

Report #38 was released on the evening of Monday, March 26th.  By 5:00 AM EST the next morning, the UK office of Davidson Kempner was aware of the report. Between  approximately 5:00 AM and 10:42 AM EST on Tuesday, March 27, the UK office of Davidson Kempner had hit our website a total of 50 times, culminating with 8 of their screens viewing the report all at the same time.  This was an indication to us that we had squarely hit the target.  A second indication was a notification to us by their UK law firm, Schillings Co.

Subsequently, we began receiving emails from other websites that had posted our report, informing us they had been contacted by UK law firm Schillings Co., warning them that our report was in error.  Later Tuesday night, Wednesday morning UK time, we received an email from Schillings Co. informing us that this was a case of mistaken identity, and that the con man and crook Michael Herzog referred to in WHR #38, was not the same Michael Herzog in Davidson Kempner’s employ.  Obviously, both Schillings Co. and Davidson Kempner were aware of the Michael Herzog we’ve been reporting on and indicated that they wished us to retract and correct our report.

After some discussion, we decided to pull the report and inform our readers of the situation.  We had several alternatives to this tactic but wished to contemplate our response so as to maximize effect.  Over the course of the following 10 days, we received 4 emails from Schillings Co. asking us to post a retraction and correct the “misinformation” we had offered in Report #38.  In their last email dated Wednesday, April 4, they suggested the following:

"Dear Sirs
Following on from our previous email, please confirm that you have concluded from your investigations that this matter was simply a case of mistaken identity and that as a result you will publish a mutually agreeable retraction of the information to conclude this matter.

Please provide us with the wording you intend to use so that we can agree a final version of this retraction.

Yours faithfully

Clink on the link for full email correspondence:

So not only did they want to coerce a retraction, they wanted to approve the wording as well.  At no time did they ever threaten to file a lawsuit, which was an indication to us that they were acting out of weakness.

Over the last several weeks Herzog has been working to cover up his activities by taking down his internet video report in which he presented economic and investment data that revealed his involvement with Davidson Kempner.  His site was taken down and removed about a week before we released Report #38.  There are also indications that Herzog may have become aware of the content of Report #38 before it was posted and took these actions as a defense.


While digging deeper into this continuing web of deceit, we discovered that not only did Mitt Romney introduce Dr. Michael Herzog to the Davidson Kempner Group, but it has now been discovered that Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush arranged for 10 Billion Dollars to be invested in the Davidson Kempner Euro Fund, thus making it the company’s largest investment, with Romney and Jeb Bush as beneficiaries.  Now, who do you think Romney’s VP nominee will be?  Where did these funds come from?  Fortunately, our investigation will continue into this Davidson Kempner Euro Fund and also, since Davidson Kempner is an SEC reporting company, we will be reviewing their records to see if they followed the Patriot Act and all appropriate legal requirements.  

So now we can add Davidson Kempner Capital Management Fund, LLC and the UK law firm of Schillings Co. to the long list of dark cabal enablers.  Schillings Co. admitted to our representatives in the UK they were just “doing what we were told”.  It shouldn’t be surprising that morals and ethics are not part of the equation when you’re being used as the dark cabal’s tool, carrying out their intimidation, deception and bullying tactics. 

Davidson Kempner Capital Management Fund, LLC apparently felt our exposure of Herzog warranted attention of one of their Senior Partners in New York  who flew to London to personally oversee and manage the attempt to bully, intimidate and coerce the White Hats.  The question now is, will he remain in London to oversee and manage damage control from the blowback of a misdirected cover up effort?

We also wish to note here that the UK law firm, Schillings Co., was working for, at the behest of and being paid and directed by Davidson Kempner Capital Management Fund, LLC and NOT Michael Herzog.

At the time of this writing, legal remedies are being contemplated and pursued by both Edward Falcone and the White Hats against Davidson Kempner Capital Management Fund, LLC and the Shillings Co. law firm.  We anticipate a negotiated apology from both Shillings Co. and Davidson Kempner for their attempts to bully the White Hats and hide the truth.  Further, we want the multitude of websites who post our reports to know that we use extreme diligence and care with distributing the information and would not, in any way, jeopardize them by releasing undocumented facts in a public forum.

Let this be a clear warning that not only do the White Hats stand firmly behind everything that we report but we will also vigorously defend every fact.  Unlike the mainstream media, which is in the pocket of the dark cabal, we take great care and diligence in reporting facts which have supporting evidence and documentation.  We take our responsibility very seriously and will not in any way, shape or form mislead our readers and supporters by releasing information that is not confirmable, reliable and factual.

To our readers…..we extend our thanks for your patience and continued support as we formed our response to this ill-advised challenge of verifiable facts.  We take great responsibility in everything we report and it is our hope that our releases will continue to be spread far and wide as the truth shall not be silenced.

Not in our time and not on our watch. 

There will be more to come on this subject matter soon.

To our readers, Report #38 is back up for continued mailing to Davidson Kempner Management and the SEC.


  1. On Tuesday morning this is going into the UK Law Society Intervention Unit, The House of Lords, the SEC and the Serious Fraud Squad. Copies will go to the Agencies and Foreign Office. If proven, it makes Romney's position untenable, and questions where the money has come from?
    Maybe now the Main Stream apologists will investigate. Faced with this, in a democratic country, Romney would be ordered to suspend his run forthwith. This is clearly potentially 1,000 times bigger than Watergate. It MUST now be investigated by competent authorities. Shillings are facing a Major Law Suit and an ethics investigation. Game on.

    1. John,

      AMEN. It is long past time for a simple investigation. This money leads directly to the manipulation of the votes via the electronic voting machines and control of the media. (Please visit and Bradblog and refer these to the same SERIOUS FRAUD folks as you will discover that recent elected officials in Britain (like Bliar) weren't actually elected.

      Frankly, the house of lords should be reinstated. They provided continuity and opposition to the crooks taking over the Labour and other Parties.


  2. Bravo! Well done all.

  3. the white hats seem to be obama supporters.
    and like Al Hodges all black hat no cattle

    1. Dicky-poo,
      Please show us readers where they support Obummer?

      I guess you've never read previous White Hats reports on outing OBUMMER.

      And, I've never read anything that Hodges supports OBUMMNER either.

      Me thinks you are a TROLL and making stuff up!

    2. Have you read the reports or watched the videos? They have collected evidence on both sides. Just because your world is simple minded don't sweep the rest of us up into it. Corruption left and right is targeted in every single report.

  4. seems everything I read is against past republican president and other republican individuals.
    and as for trolls that would be a good title for mr hodges

    1. I was right - you have never read through the reports.

      You are stuck in the LEFT/RIGHT paradigm of sheep.

      Get your head out of the sand Dicky-Poo!

    2. yer a perty fart smeller, dick

  5. I/WE all HOPE HOPE HOPE!!!

  6. Dickster -- How can we get through to you? There is NO difference between the two Partys. Have you forgotten all the buddy-buddy relationship between Bill Clinton and Bush SR? You really must forget all the past, and look at the broader picture here. We are ALL being scammed by BOTH Partys, to the disasterous detriment of all the People.
    You must now wrap your mind around THIS. Learn to look at the ACTIONS of people, and then call it what it IS, regardless of Party. I say this to you, so you will open your eyes and ears and get into reality here. Thank you.

  7. Good work, HW's! Now before week's end, publish SWIFT's #2 and #3 (for $5T each). Pile it on!

    Be sure all of the MSM plus notable alternative press get everything.

    Thanks for what you are doing!

  8. The corruption will be revealed and Ron Paul will be ushered into the white house

  9. Game on is right. The Cabal is likely planning a Hail Mary play so keep the momentum and pressure on them. Don't give them time to re-group. Now is the time to hit them HARD!

  10. Can anyone dicipher, what I'm starting to believe is nonsense, the latest from Fulford?

    'Bernanke and Geithner are still trying to cash bad checks'

    Posted by benjaminApril 10, 2012

    It appears that both the so-called “dragon family,” and the “harmonious world banking system,” are just the same criminal godfathers that Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner have always worked for. They are running around now claiming they have 600 trillion dollars inside the Federal Reserve Board computers ready to be used for “humanitarian projects worldwide.” Indeed both Eijiro Katsu, top bureaucrat at the Japanese Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa have confirmed the money is sitting there inside the Federal Reserve Board computers. The problem is that the same crooks who have been spreading biological mass murder weapons and carrying out countless other unfathomably evil acts are now saying they will be doing good. The fact of the matter is that the owners of the Fed are a bunch of gangsters who murdered, bribed and lied their way to the top of the planetary power system only to preside over the a largest mass extinction event (including both humans and nature) since the dinosaurs were wiped out. Here is what the world has to say to you murdering crooks: “you are fired.”

    Aside from stating the obvious regarding the fed, it appears as if the "dragon family" is now wearing the black hats.

    What am I'm missing here?


    Griffin explains how the teaching of history was taken over and funded and by whom and why... so knowledge... is indeed a weapon... and we need to look at all of this so our plan makes sense and isn't corrupted by emotional distortion largely formed by Hollywood and Tavistock.

    excerpt from Griffin:

    They also said there were other things needed, and these were their words: "We must control education in the United States." They realized that was a pretty big order, so they teamed up with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation to pool their financial resources to control education in America - in particular, to control the teaching of history. They assigned those areas of responsibility that involved issues relating to domestic affairs to the Rockefeller Foundation, and those issues related to international affairs were taken on as the responsibility of the Carnegie Endowment. Their first goal was to rewrite the history books, and they discussed how to do that at great length. They approached some of the more prominent historians of the time and presented to them the proposition that they rewrite history to favor the concept of collectivism, but they were turned down flat. Then they decided - and these are their own words, "We must create our own stable of historians."

    They selected twenty candidates at the university level who were seeking doctorates in American History. Then they went to the Guggenheim Foundation and said, "If we provide the money, would you grant fellowships to candidates selected by us, who are of the right frame of mind, those who see the value of collectivism as we do? Would you grant them doctorates so we can then propel them into positions of prominence and leadership in the academic world and in professional historical associations?" And the answer was "Yes."

  12. GENO -- Can you tell us exactly who has the Authority to do this RV? And can you give any timeframe as to when this is expected to go into effect?
    P.S. - To the White Hats: I have been spreading your Site to others, and am sure they will spread it along. Thanks for all your efforts, on the behalf of the People. Im hoping the Cabal can be brought down from abroad, as there IS no body in authority in the states, who has any enough courage to Stand Up and do the right thing.

    1. If the white hats were answering your question they would say that the reason you aren't seeing the RV is because it has to be funded. They would say the global settlements would fund it. Going from memory Tman said IMF says when. I think other scenarios of funding may be possible but when half the planet is fighting the other half in a behind the scenes financial war, one side or the other has to give in.

      When one side wants real numbers backed up with commodities and the other is the usual counterfeiting operation of fiat dollars and who never stop lying through the media... and always manages to lie or kill their way out of any situation, it seems like a stalemate at this juncture... that's where the mass populace would be handy. As in stop believing their latest lies and wise up. The entire carnival of Obama and the Republican campaign is scripted nonsense... that is why many hope the effort here will result in arrests. Thus exposing the absurd lies that has put Romney on top and buried Ron Paul's dominating numbers. Among other lies that should be obvious but the general public just can't seem to follow a trick that makes an extra turn...

  13. Anything to share regarding the UK and any shake ups resulting from the publishing of report #39?

  14. Santorum has just 'pulled out', taking with him the prospect of a brokered convention. What a year so far, eh?

    1. Seems I read where Santorum had some dirty laundry, and didnt want it exposed. Perhaps there was reason to think it was going to get exposed. I will have to do some investigating into details.
      NOW, we just need to get Romney's crimes exposed, so he will also GO. We surely cannot stand to get two more crooks into the oval office -- as if it would make any difference anyhow.

  15. Davidson Kempner European Partners LLP


    Mr. M Herzog appointed 20 May 2004


    Get your facts straight. You have the wrong Herzog.

    1. Bizzy? Really? I'm not buying it. The tactics of retaliation and intimidation do not fit an honest mistake, even from baristers.

      If your contention is correct, you'll need more than a link to bizzy to convince anyone (especially here). I can post a video on YouTube saying that Barack Obama is really Gerald Ford, but that don't make it so.

      Got substance?

    2. The key issues here are simple. Is there a Michael Herzog involved, linked to Romney and Bush, who has links with Davidson Kempner. If so, a second similar named is just unfortunate collateral damage. If so, he then needs to ask his employers why they are dealing with such parties. Also, the scale of their cross involvement, where the money came from, and how much Romney and Jeb allegedly get out of this? How much have they introduced? That is a serious allegation. The source, if so, needs to be checked and explained.
      So, the real question is, are they dealing with the dirty Herzog targeted, or not? A second co named does not need deflect from the core issue. Does the real villain Herzog have a relationship linking with Romney or not? A second Herzog need not confuse or deflect from the key WH target. They target specifically the Bush /Romney link Herzog, not a secondary Herzog.

    3. Adrian, go check and you'll find that bizzy's corporate records for Davidson Kempner are correct.

      Herzog was appointed as a Director of Davidson Kempner in 2004.

      Due diligence requires diligence.

      Go check the records for yourself. Mr. M Herzog was appointed in 2004. You guys are connecting the wrong dots. But then again, I suppose that's staying true to form for misinformation agents.


    4. I'm no misinfo agent, J-Dog, nor am I the one connecting the dots. Whereas I don't believe everything I read (or care about M. Herzog, per se), the White Hats have proven to be pretty thorough so far.

      Sure, they can be elliptical, but that goes with the territory.

      Still, you don't take flak unless you're over the target, and they're taking flak. Have you got a photo of the other M. Herzog, or contact info or, better still, a statement from him?

      Your sarcasm brands you, not me, as the misinfo agent, but that, too, comes with the territory. My mind remains open and your claims remain dubious. What is your stake in this?



    5. Sorry...

      "You guys" = The White Hats

      My claims are substantiated by the official records of Companies House - which serves as the United Kingdom Government's official registrar for all corporate records.

      Any due diligence on a UK entity is going to begin with looking at Companies House official records.

      Mr. M Herzog was appointed as Director back in 2004. The White Hats are reporting this as "news"???

      The White Hats are 8 years late on this "news" and Mr. M Herzog is not Dr. M Herzog. The Herzog that the White Hats are attempting to report on - he always files documents under his legal name as Dr. - not Mr.

      I also find it interesting that the White Hats are unable (or not willing) to report on any of Herzog's current legal entities.

      That, my friend, is the very definition of misinformation - or super sloppy due diligence at best.

    6. Thanks for the follow-up. I'll look into it. Cheers.


    7. there could be 5 michael herzogs......the one that we're talking about is the same one we've talked about forever
      [5:50:13 PM] geno K: my point is others are confused I will take your word for the case
      [5:50:29 PM] pal7: whats to be confused about?
      [5:50:32 PM] pal7: I don't get it
      [5:51:01 PM] pal7: Davidson Kempner hired a criminal as portfolio mgr....thats what we're saying
      [5:51:39 PM] geno K: today they said this isn't the same michael and has been there since 2004... I understand your article to mean who ever is there bush did business with the company
      [5:52:37 PM] pal7: no.....Romney got him (Herzog) a job with Davidson kempner so he (herzog) could manage the campaign slush fund for the Romney/Jeb Bush ticket
      [5:53:42 PM] pal7: they may have another employee that works there named michael herzog....I don't know...and it doesn't matter....we don't have them confused


      all dots connect if you are a half way decent detective....

      remember ackerman and Deutsch? Look at the names and addresses...sound familiar to the usual suspects and the usual tail wagging the dog?

      We are dominated by a small clan who look out for their own and we get the crumbs that fall out of their beards.

  16. Mom,Wife and Patriot.A lot's coming, please wait and watch. Timing is everything. Too many are on holidays this week. But, it's only the calm before the storm. The hard evidence, incriminating documents and so much more all mounts up. They will try to run Romney and Jeb. Neither will clear vetting.

    1. That depends on who does the vetting, and when, n'est-ce-pas? So far, the vetters have not been vetted. Look at whom they've allowed to squeak by already. It has always been true that no one who can win a national election deserves to. I've seen no changes to that ... not yet, anyway. I remain hopeful (and vigilant). Cheers.

  17. John,

    Good to know...I'll enjoy this 'calm before the storm' and will certainly enjoy watching Romney and Jeb in the 'eye of that storm' with no where to go that doesn't cause them to be exposed for what they really are. High winds blow up everyone's skirts:)

  18. JOHN -- I feel sure there is hard evidence and plenty of incriminating documents, however the problem that I see, is
    this will all be hidden from the People since our Media refuses to present it.
    The only way I can see this accomplishing anything is to get all of them arrested. Also need to freeze all their bank accounts.
    The thought has also crossed my mind, that perhaps all the banksters that have suddenly quit -- could be because they have reason to think they will be called upon to freeze accounts, and more -- that on the one hand -- and if they obey that order, they will be under threat of their life from the Cabal which they serve. On the other hand, they know if they disobey that order, they will likewise be in big trouble of another sort.
    So, one has to think that they simply chose to remove themselves from such a ''damned if you do, and damned if you dont'' situation before it arises. ??

    1. yes but it is a fantasy to think their is some sort of LAW ENFORCEMENT above the Rothschild octopus...who is to arrest those perceived as the culprits when their crimes were created with complicit diabolical means...

      The police force that has to do it doesn't exist yet... It is millions of us the people coming together to knock the point off the pyramid... and we can only do that by understanding the structure...

      And by no means do I want to see a socialist/communist state win out... that is why we need to understand how brilliant the idea of our check and balance system was, the Constitution and Bill of Rights but identify what were the backdoor holes purposely slipped in to allow the infiltration and corroding of what was idealism attempting to empower individualism over collectivism.

      The struggle never ends but unless people understand the tools and means to deceive and mislead we will eternally get the same or even worse.

  19. The link below "How Romney may try to pull Paul into the fold" smells like BS to me. It's distraction and misdirection, and shows more about the author's intent than true knowledge of Ron Paul.

    1. Adrian -- I agree. Its scuttlebutt.
      Ron would never be any running mate or work with
      Romney. Ron is not just wanting in the WH; he wants to accomplish something. The white Hats should make sure Ron gets the real truth about him, and not fall for some false promises. Better yet, get Romney arrested before Nov.
      Not that they have learned to count votes right, anyhow.

  20. 04/17/2012

    On The Goldman Path To Complete World Domination: Mark Carney On His Way To Head The Bank Of England?

    Submitted by Tyler Durden

    Back in November we penned "The Complete And Annotated Guide To The European Bank Run (Or The Final Phase Of Goldman's World Domination Plan)" in which we described what the long-term reality of Europe, not that interrupted by the occasional transitory LTRO cash injection and other stop-gap central bank measure, would look like.

    And yet there was one piece missing: after Goldman unceremoniously set up its critical plants in Italy via Mario Monti and the ECB via Mario Draghi, one key target of Goldman domination was still missing. The place? Why the center of the entire modern infinitely rehypothecatable financial system of course: England, which may have 1,000x consolidated debt/GDP, but at least it can repledge any asset in perpetuity thus giving the world the impression it is solvent (no wonder AIG, MF Global, and now the CME are scrambling to operate out of there). Which is why we read with little surprise that none other than former Goldmanite, and current head of the Bank of Canada, is on his way to the final frontier: the Bank of England.

  21. Such a web of deceit has been woven in our entire global financial system, the only thing to do is tear it all up and start over. But what I see is a one world financial system new world order which will be good for nobody but those in charge of it. All this money is manufactured, and so is all the so-called debt. Meanwhile, billions of ordinary people suffer, needlessly.
    White Hats: Any new Report yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

  22. Benjamin Fulford – Obama’s 50 Trillion Dollar Mistake
    This entry was posted on April 19, 2012,


    From a reader:

    Obama’s 50 Trillion Dollar Mistake

    Washington, D. C.– Iraq economy coming back – US derailed by DINAR

    Promises of the self-financed Iraq war advanced by Bush/Chaney administration were derailed by Obama Administration costing each US tax payer $414,000 – $1,150,000,000 or between $129,000 and $138,000 per citizen. Even by Washington standards that is a lot of money. By comparison the US debt is currently $138,000 per taxpayer and $50,000 per US citizen (

    The national curency for Iraq, the Iraqi Dinar (IQD), was changed for US Federal Reserve Dollars during the Iraq War. After the new government was established in 2011 the new IQD were to replace the old US dollar as the currency. For alledged self serving reasons the Obama Administration thwarted the global community banking system from putting the exchange price in place. Since the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve were holding 7.5 Trillion IQD the potential gain to the US Treasury was between 33.8 Trillion – 92.1 Trillion Dollars.

    Since there has never been an audit of the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury, the location of the 7.5 Trillion IQD is unknown. What is known is that along with the 7.5 Trillion IQD the US was given the right to buy Iraqi oil at approximately 30 dollars per barrel after a stipulated holding period rather than at market rates. The exact terms of this Bush/Cheney agreement are allegedly confidential. The problem is that the US lost most of its IQD when the Chinese requested the return of gold on loan to the US. The only collateral available to the US that the Chinese would accept, in lieu of gold, was the US IQD DINAR holdings. Sources say at least 3.5 and then another 3.0 trillion IQD were handed over to the Chinese since the US had not the gold to make good on this obligation. Since then both Venezuela and Switzerland have demanded the return of their gold.

    This loss is not the fault of the Chinese, rather the profligate mismanagement of other people’s gold reserves by the Federal Reserve and Treasury a line which the Federal Reserve Act likes to blur at its convenience. Accorrding to sources the Chinese have been diligently working with IMF to solve this problem. Being the US’s largest trading partner the Chinese wish no ill for the American economy or it’s people.

    The Ron Paul campaign has succeeded in bringing the corruption of the FED to the main stream to some extent, but his discoveries are only the tip of the iceberg. The White Hats organization have also focused the financial chicanerary of ourcurrent administration and prior administrations through their reports to be found at In its 39th release it fingers very suspicious financial activity by both the Democratic and Republician parties and their respective nominees.

    Our country’s full faith and credit depends upon ethics and fair dealings, as well as balance sheets. Failed delivery of other people’s gold symbolizes the worst bad faith and bad credit. When the final story is told about the gold and and silver markets manipulation we will learn just how bad that faith and credit were supervised by the Fed/US Treasury. A fee market economy should never depend upon manipulated markets.

    If We the People do not monitor the government it is like leaving the teenagers at home with an unlimited credit card and we all know how that usually turns out.

    Do you have any suggestions or comments on the content of this article. IT has already been reviewed by the White Hats representative.

    Thanks for the information. A lot of Chinese were bribed with Iraqi oil by the Bushes to work against the White Dragon Society.

  23. This is amazing:

  24. I have The Global Settlements worked out to an easy to understand Mathematical/algebraic formula…

    Vast and total wealth and resources in the world equals $
    Divide $ by number of murdering psychopaths trying to control it. Integer U (for unknown but finite #)

    Add a small minority of decent and courageous people attempting to account for and redistribute $ (estimate 1000)

    Multiply by bad guy mercenaries… (Infinite but finite/depending on cash flow)

    subtract waffling spineless jellyfish waiting to see which way the wind blows

    figure in about 98% of those who wait for things to happen but don’t do anything to make it happen but are more than willing to eat the bread.

    $ divided by U + 1000 times unknown ininite finite subtract spines add do nothings and hmmm….

    let me see…

    carry the one….

    I get GS will be settled sometime next week?

    But my calculator is low on battery power…

  25. Reading your silly reports is like reading a never ending serial comic book tale. You folks are literally NUTS, especially the insane freak and pathological liar known as Benjamin Fulford! What is your TRUE purpose in continuing this obvious fraud? You are just begging to be investigated by federal authorities. The Iraqi Dinar is FOREVER DEAD, so get over it and all these frivolous, improper, and meaningless lawsuits which you have won via default judgments are not valid and unenforceable and you guys knew that from day one. You are nothing more than a group of severely mentally-ill pathological liars and confidence artists!

    1. LOL - Larry the TROLL is back. You posted a while back that you were reporting the White Hats to the FEDS. Larry the Crack-Head!

    2. Benjamin Fulford has nothing to do with the work of the white hats on this website... nothing... zero...zilch... you should double check with your zionist buddies Larry, I think he works for you.... I know all your deceiving gets confusing... It's okay... we understand. One loses track after about 6 lies let alone thousands...

  26. Project Blue Beam to be Used to Create Fake Appearances of Religious Figures Worldwide?

    Posted by Vatic Clerk

    Vatic Note: We did a blog on how this holographic technology works. In order for them to make such an image using their high tech equipment, there has to be an Air Force plane or facility nearby the projection, well if you want it to go global, you need more. We also did a blog on the global HAARP arrays, strategically located around the globe, PLUS one in space, along with a space laser they just completed testing. I believe the Norway spiral was one of those tests. They also need a type of radiation in the atmosphere all over as well, in order to make the Holograph work. Well, it just so happens COINCIDENTALLY, that Fukishima supposedly released just that type of radiation. Wow, how lucky can you get if you do not have a Stuxnet virus capability. Oh, that's right, Israel had security at Fukishima and created and controls the Stuxnet virus to disrupt computers. My goodness, more luck. Voila, the radiation we need for the holograph and project blue beam to be successful. Yeah, Right!

    Having said all of that, there is still one more issue to keep in mind...

  27. Keenan Case Judge Is Obama's Economic Advisors Brother!

    I was going over yesterday's court dockets. Now we know it's true!!!! Mass arrests are coming.. It appears Barak Obama's Economic Advisor's Brother Was Appointed With Unanimous Consent On February 15, 2012 to take the Federal Court District Seat. Now He Has Been Appointed To Judge The Keenan Case!

    Download the Dockets HERE-

    We know 100% Jesse M. Furman has been appointed to judge the case. Now look at who Furman is...

    1. Jesse M. Furman was nominated by Obama for the district court seat.

    2. On February 15, 2012 by unanimous consent, vitiated the cloture vote on the nomination and agreed to a final vote on the nomination.

    3. On February 17, 2012, the United States Senate confirmed Furman in a 62–34 vote. He received his commission the same day.

    4. The Case Against The Cabal is Transferred To Him
    The Cabal Assigned Their Own Inside Judge To The Case!

  28. The case against Herzog is going to get very serious soon. German police raids on Herzogs accomplices have just found vastly incriminating evidence which no doubt the White Hats will disclose in their own time as usual. It will bring Herzog and many of them to trial and Herzog has threatened to expose all on Sr and Romney as Plea Bargaining if he goes down. That now brings America to a real Rubicon line. A crook versus a crooked incompetent in November. Where is Justice? An abysmal choice. An interesting statement was made over the week end. America has gone from Barbarism to Decadence without ever having experienced culture in its now rapid decline.
    For that, thank the Cabal thugs, bribed hangers on and corrupt media. The US still has so much talent, sadly just not in Politics.

    1. Until the cabal pays out enough money to get this evidence to disappear. Lets hope that doesn't happen.
      Also, our Media will never report this even if they got hung in Time Square!
      The Media needs to be run out and replaced entirely and the Truth of everything be told.
      Yet, we see the Pentagon military heads whimping around. I know of a few grannies that have more backbone than they do.
      Bottom line -- everything is just tooooo slooooow.

    2. Yes the media is the top of this problem... People only believe the perfect haircuts on the TV.... how the Tavistock mind control think tanks have led them to two shiny channels... Crazy liberal channel or crazy conservative channel... and depending on what the pea between the ear decides best fits their emotionalism they choose haircut A or B and each side has a specially designed lie that benefits the tip of the pyramid and keeps the status quo from ever being anything but...

      And I agree... The ol' grannies get it and have more guts...

  29. Geno, Fed Up etc
    Place all your associates on standby. Herzog and parties were all raided. Major German Police and Agency action is now under way which DC can't cover up. Vast tentacles will now reach right back into Texas and DC with deeply incriminating records all now seized. Major articles will no doubt appear soon via the White Hats and every good Patriot will be needed to expose them so you can bring them down. Round up the Grannies as Congress is neutered! Romney has to be faced down with Herzog now and Sr has a world of explaining to do. If Texas hangs Horse Thieves, what do you do with the Bushes?

  30. They used to hang horse thieves now they have horse thief issue management, a 60 day program where they are asked to spend most of their time living in the stall with the horse to try and understand how a horse feels about the confusing aspects of being saddled by a stranger and its routine upset.

    The emotional abuse endured by the horse later culminating with the true owner shouting at the horse thief for a full hour. The horse thief is let back into society but only after he cries and paints a picture that the damaged party can burn in a cleansing ritual.

    Then they eat BBQ ribs.

  31. "If Texas hangs Horse Thieves, what do you do with the Bushes?"


    I'm from Texas and from the same town as Bush, Sr. and Neil. You really don't want to piss off a Texan...let's get some information we can blast far and wide to let our fellow Americans know what has been done to them while they have worked hard, paid their taxes, and raised the next generation...we take stealing what isn't yours pretty seriously!

  32. NO BBQ RIBS. I think those fema camps they've been fixing up for US, would be a good place for THEM to ''test out''. Or perhaps Gitmo?
    These scoundrels should not be treated any differently than any one else. The Law is the same for everyone; they need to learn that the hard way. This granny type votes against special treatment. Afterall, these guys will be among the poor, right? Making them dirt poor would probably be the worst treatment of all.
    Or perhaps the Gadaffi treatment? Or the Saddam treatment? Now that is sounding real good, to me. See, there can be no holds barred here. They have made people struggle for way too many years.
    Now as for Romney: the big question is -- are they gonna nail him before he gets pushed into the Whitehouse? Or is it going to be, oh dont bother him, it will get us rid of Obombya.
    Oh, and last but not least -- foreclose on all their properties. They need to get a sample of everything. See? Dont mess with us granny types either.
    John, we are ready! But information needs to be followed up with real action. I hope that will ensue, and speedily - before they know what hit them.


    See: "Mass Arrests at NATO Summit | Update"

    Stay pure. Cheers.

    1. It says ''sorry, not available''.

    2. Abbey, Geno
      Watch for the next few days. CNN started releasing info on Herzogs arrest last night. A major Global crime file is coming together on all of them and their past disgusting history. The master contracts seized in a Police raid will now lead to jail sentences for Herzog and his criminal associates.
      The Edward Falcone sting was set up by the Lt Governor of Texas working for Bush Sr. The bribes to Biden ,Clinton, Romney and the whole stinking bunch will all come out. Herzog is already plea bargaining to hand over evidence on Bush and his many, many crimes and scams, for a lesser sentence. The White Hats soon will help a lot.

    3. Try:


  34. Good show ol' chap! I discussed all 4 of us tipping some pints soon John... T and P and you and I. Has England discovered ice and refrigeration yet in the alcoholic beverage world yet. I really hope so, if not please ask Iceland for some tips, they gotta know.

    Tell the boys with badges we appreciate the assist.

    Being broke and a slave is getting old.

  35. Once the Sewer Rats release the Global Settlements Gino, instead of using it to prop up unearned Bankers bonuses for worthless Fiat money Ponzi trading, all our economies can recover. Don't worry about ice Geno, once you down so many varieties of strong English beer, instead of that Gnats Pee over there, you wont know what day of the week it is. Remember, we have over 1,000 years of family badges Gino. What goes around comes around. Saddam, Gandhi,Mubarak, they all thought they were Teflon. Look at how each just ended up? When the US wakes up, they will mount up,and Cry Havoc will rule as retribution rages.

    1. John -- It sure would be nice if you could expound on how this will affect us ordinary citizens, who are sick and tired of being broke and treated as slaves; who have struggled a lifetime to try to get ahead and always meeting with obstacles on all sides.
      Yes, Empires have fallen before. And it appears this is what is happening again. Nobody is too big to fall.
      Its called ''reap what you sow''.
      Good job to all who are involved in this roundup, and to the White Hats. WE appreciate all that you are doing, and you shed a ray of light in an otherwise very dark tunnel.
      Im also curious as to just who in the usa will step up and do what needs to be done, here -- like slap the cuffs on them.

  36. I have a question for you and Abbey, John.

    Just who in the daylights are you people?

    And why have I not seen anything about this Michael Herzog in the news? I have seen nothing anywhere, neither CNN, the Independent, the Guardian, nor any other "news" outlets.

    I have seen no confirmation of Michael Herzog being arrested on any website. Where is the evidence or news report of this happening?

    Further, who runs this website and who put up the documents on the Ed Falcone court case?
    I have repeatedly requested this information. And does anyone here know someone named Drake, I ask again.

    1. No idea who Drake is and no one wildly exposes IDs. Look out for hopefully tomorrows report which may contain the Berlin criminal action file number court records for you. As regards not reading anything in the newspapers, what's new there? Project Mockingbird? Check in tomorrows White Hats issue if they answer your questions. Then, agreed, why is that not on the news? Talk directly to Falcone's attorneys on record. They all just flew back from Germany.

    2. John, Drake is a wait and see for sure....

      The allegations you have made in court do seem very real however. I looked up the court record and was surprised that no one is reporting about this.

      John, why has there not even been a single mention of Michael Herzog in the news media? You claimed that Herzog has been mentioned on CNN, yet he has not. The only mention I saw anywhere of Herzog was a Michael Herzog in Glasgow, Kentucky who's clearly unaffiliated.

      Given that Herzog is complicit in stealing this vast of an amount, why is there not a single mention about him in the Guardian? That is what's going to determine the face value of the whole ball of wax, as to whether we trust this is accurate.

      As far as the mainstream press goes, they haven't even heard of Michael Herzog. We want to read the official news story you speak of that confirms he was arrested in Germany. At that point I think a lot of people will want to get answers.

      Appreciate your assistance with getting this where it needs to go.

  37. John, please post links to news stories, as available, so we can share with others. Thanks!

    BTW, i'll join you, Geno, P and T for some pints. I have an English family shield. We hail from Northumberland. Is that to close to Scotland for you?

    Note: I was formerly known here as Unknown.

    1. Nigel
      When Roman Hadrian built a wall across England to keep out the Scots, it was for a good reason. Giving the buggers airlines and trains and motorway access, a big mistake. Joking McSporans!

  38. The Voice and Nigel -- What you fail to understand is that our MEDIA is part of the problem. They are paid to tell just what these scoundrels want you to hear. And to HIDE these real truths from you. You have got to get that clear in your mind once and for all.
    We are in a World that is full of DECEIT -- dont expect the Media to tell you any of these things that we the People deserve to be informed about.
    The Media ia all owned by people that are part of this rotten stinking Cabal. This is WHY our Media is part of the problem, and not part of the solution.
    I've read everyone of the Reports listed along the right hand side of this Site. If you do that you will come to the conclusion that this is all quite real.
    This Empire that has nearly destroyed all of us People, is finally coming down. Lets hope it gets taken entirely to the ground.
    You will also find that this is the ONLY website that is honest and truthful. And I'm not easily snowed, nor do I just automatically believe everything on the Web. But this one, you can count on.
    Plenty of website telling about all the problems; same with the lunkhead overfed and overpaid Rush Limbaugh -- always talking about problems, complaining endlessly about the democrats etc -- but NEVER any solutions. Here you will see solutions and updated progress as it transpires.
    There are now enough ''good guys'' in high places that have also seen the handwriting on the wall -- that the Cabal is literally destroying our entire World -- so they are IN ACTION.
    Come on board.

    1. Abby, the claim has been made repeatedly that Michael Herzog was arrested and put in jail.

      Yet, I can see no evidence of this virtually it's also not in the court system.

      You see, it takes more than "feel good" ideas to take down a criminal syndicate. And frankly, until I see Michael Herzog "arrested" on the front page of the Guardian or at least one credible reporter...then I'll not be endorsing this.

      Even the Cabal's media has its limits. They would have no choice but to print Herzog's name, if he was actually arrested.

      Courts are the last places people go for answers, and they care about them less than one does the media. Since they're all controlled by Rockefeller, the court system is a laughing stock. Also, no one has any proof you aren't working on the inside by this time....most people are aware that the Cabal controls all offices of government. And the Federal Reserve, so they aren't stupid to think courts will fix it.

      However, I won't be accusing anyone either. I am very anxiously awaiting to see it materialize that Dr. Herzog has been arrested. At that point, the entire public will start really yelling for answers.

    2. Samson, I too approach things cautiously. However John posted above that the Court Record of proof that Herzog was arrested will be forthcoming. He would not say that unless it was true.
      You also have to keep in mind that Empires have fallen in the past; it does happen. And you also have to realize that these ''good guys'' realize they too have families and care about them -- to the point where they do not want their children and grandchildren to live under such gestapo type tyranny IF they do not take real action NOW.
      We are ALL waiting for it to materialize. We are all almost afraid to get our hopes high only to get dashed. Letdowns are devestating and the White Hats know and understand this. I dont believe they would invest so much time, all for nought.
      Your proof by evidence should be coming out tomorrow as John stated.
      But to count something as only valid IF it appears in newspapers is not wise. Just hang in there along with the rest of us who are watching closely.
      Courts are the first place to look.

    3. Abbey,Samson,Gino
      Friday onwards you will get Herzogs German Berlin COURT RECORD case file no and those of his 2 also charged accomplices OK? Plus, the Police Raids seized contracts and records now also being released as disclosure for both criminal prosecution and a mother of a law suit against all of them. For the media, what can we say? Take the Court case number files and demand action. Demand answers please and help all countries. Depending upon Editing changes, you will get a lot to use. Watch and wait,it's coming as soon as it clears US proof copy. So much more is waiting behind. Herzog is now, at long last, in major trouble. He has offered to give them all up to save himself. Wait for the report. Hammer the media demanding they publish the truth. Look at the bribed US Politicians. Household names of shame and TREASON! Romney would be out of the race tomorrow in any country bar the US. $900m Tax EVADED dollars unlawfully earned scamming Edward Falcone via Herzog should send him to jail.

  39. About what time is the NEW white hats report "suppose" to show up today? Before or After they announce the NEW USA Treasury currency and cancel of the fiat system??

  40. This is Big news if true. I will be anxiously waiting for the court numbers.

  41. Two very major things need to happen here: Mass arrests here in the usa --- and totally freeze ALL their bank accounts, and it needs to happen like lightning. This would also include the closing of all their children's silver spoon accounts.
    Now just how hard can that be to do! Nothing less will do! I cannot emphasize this enough. The People must have this burden lifted off their shoulders; we have to see with our eyes that real action is taking place.
    There can be no mercy. If necessary, use the same armored tanks they used on the People in Pittsburg, ear blasters and all. We would welcome seeing those in Houston and Dallas, wouldn't we, folks? And on Wall St. and at the unfederal reserve.
    Call it shock and awe. But these tactics FIT THE CRIME. We have to keep in mind how many many YEARS this crime has been done against us, the People. And the People are ready to ''explode'' for all that is brewing inside them.
    It is time to go for the jugular, with ABSOLUTELY NO MERCY.
    This may sound like extreme measures, but ex presidents are protected; that protection needs to be told to stand down -- and using tanks in the process would have a huge impact. No quietly walking up to the door in plain suits, in unmarked cars, in the quiet of the night and whisking these most dastardly people off to some posh resort.

  42. Key in after three onwards today. So much more is going to be released for you. Even overnight major moves took place. Get it all out mass circulated. Once you have the Court case numbers, which you will have for all 3 of the parties so far charged, they track right into Ackermann, Romney, Bush and the whole Cabal. With the Herzog Berlin Court case numbers the media have no excuse now not to publish. Remember Watergate.This is 10,000 times bigger. And they are 10,00 times worse. Herzog will roll over on all of them. Then you will get action once Bubba wakes up. Why are the Agencies not acting? That's sickeningly obvious! It's down to you all now. Your capable.

  43. John, do you mean 3 pm Eastern US time? Thanks for all that you have done and do!

  44. Nigel
    I hope so but its in your country-men's hands now to get it out for you. It will amaze you that so much goes unpunished.

  45. Thanks, John. For a long time I knew that a lot goes unpunished what amazes me and will continue to amaze me as facts come out, is the size of the transactions and how they could have been hidden. Good work, WH's!

  46. I don't want to sound like an optimist, but ... who remembers that bogus report about OBL's "retirement" last year, on May Day?

    I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but ... haven't we seen a pattern of pagan holidays or dates with numeroogical gravity selected for Big News?

    What is store for us next week ... progress?

  47. Amazing to know that your youtube video has been taken down Adrian Dyer.