Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012 - White Hats Report #38

The White Hats have received a properly formed response to our WHR#38   In order, to be accurate and transparent in our reporting, we have agreed to pull the article for further review. We will be back soon on this matter. TWHR


  1. Does this mean it worked calling the SEC?

  2. Kwok brothers arrested in Hong Kong for corruption too!


  3. reposted comment by phxvalleygirl at the private BFC.

    Chilling Effects
    A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maine, George Washington School of Law, and Santa Clara University School of Law clinics.
    So, instead of LAW ENFORCEMENT, we have the lettered men of higher education intervening w/o legal process? UK blocked it but punted it to “Chilling Effects”, who relayed the info to the siteowner.
    Isn’t that special?
    And, it’s not libel until ya prove the statements are untrue.
    (That involves due process of law!)
    I’m sure that the White Hats would love the opportunity to have the Herzog facts investigated and tried…
    Wasn’t it Ben who recently spoke of the cabal’s underground activities under major universities? You know who runs the ‘institutions of higher learning’…make the connection?
    Just like Snopes is here to help us fact check.
    Comment by phxvalleygirl

  4. Can someone who been following this saga comment on this quote from Ben Fulford, dated March 26, 2012 found at the

    "Speaking about fake stories, the "White Hats" group on the internet, consisting of Bush agent Mike Cotrell and Hawaii resident Danny Gammage, has been spewing out laughable libel (such as this writer is a clone).

    More damagingly, they managed to fool Lord Blackheath of the UK Upper House of Parliament with a fake story about $15 trillion that he raised in Parliamentary session. The House of Lords is now going to summon a White Dragon Society ally to testify about what is really going on in the financial wars."

    It's getting difficult to asertain who is spewing BS and who isn't.

    1. The White Hats at this blog have never mentioned anything regarding Fulford.

      And why would Fulford cry foul with a whistleblower like Lord James. It takes a brave man to out the criminals.

      Me thinks Fulford needs to vet his sources better because something doesn't sound right with him. Maybe you need to ask Fulford these questions.

    2. Well, consider the source. Benjamin Fulford is an infotainer. His 'newsletter' comes out like clockwork, whether there is news or not.

      And his claims are wild, even within the 'truther movement'. For example, Angela Merkel is Adolf Hitler's daughter. That's an interesting but far fetched claim to make without a shred of evidence, considering how much of it exists against Barry Whatshisname.

      At worst, Fulford is an uber-liberal NWO disinfo agent, not unlike George Clooney. At best, he is a spinner of allegories and metaphors about the real secret war in high places, much as Carlos Casteneda was for self knowledge and spiritual discipline.

      You can learn a thing or two from Benjamin Fulford, but you need not believe him or take his word at face value to do so. In his case, why he writes is more important than what he writes. Qui bono, eh?

  5. Reply from email to:
    Tom Kempner

    Mar 27 (3 days ago)

    to me

    Thank you for your message. I am out of the office today, returning on Monday, April 2. I will be working from the DK London office so i should be reachable during UK business hours. My office phone in London is +44 207 292 6739.

    Kindly refer to my assistant, Claire, in my absence from New York, at or at (646) 282 5829.


  6. Why not post just one piece of evidence that substantiates just one of the allegations.

    Libel is a judgement that requires a court process based on all the evidence presented. It's like you're showing that you do indeed have on ace in your whole hand of cards.

    It probably is somewhat effective sociopaths and psychopaths as they will be in internal mental process for hours figuring out how to cover the breach in their facade they have sold successfully to the world at large. It also operates asymmetrically in that it reduces the amount of time they work on scheming their next ripoff.

  7. Fulford made an error, misunderstanding the blog
    who started the Fulford clone's saga and other competely crazy and unfounded things, with this blog.

    I suggest to the White Hats to take distances from that guy who is definetly ruining the reputation of this blog.

    I guess it's time to give up of this paranoical assertiond.
    Just take the responsability of your live and let the other people to live like they want, with a single rule: do not damage anyone.

    1. "Fulford made an error, misunderstanding the blog
      who started the Fulford clone's saga and other competely crazy and unfounded things, with this blog."

      Thanks. That helps to clarify why he would make that statement.

      He may be an "infotainer" has someone has suggested or make an outlandish claim on occasion, however, anyone that manages a one-on-one sitdown interview with David Rockefeller is too well connected to be dismissed out of hand.

  8. all the more reason to question who is behind Fulford. Guru's need street cred don't they?

  9. John.....Who were the people who got back with you was it the company that hired the A-hole or was it the SEC???? Love to hear details. When will the next "attempt" take place to take care of the WGS? Also how does one technically block paying them out? Stand in front of the bank and not let one enter??? Seriously how though

  10. Why is Ed falcone being pushed as a WhiteHat? Falcone is NO WhiteHAT...

    You guys should look up WHO Ed Falcon is. He is an uber rich Florida Real Estate developer. RE developers are the most corrupt businessmen in this country. Yeah he got robbed by the Bushes but he earned that money using bribary and fraud and all the tricks and subsidies the fed govt gave developers. So this is a case of a bad guy that got burned by "badder" guys. poor thing. Yeah Im not shedding a single tear for this criminal. I love how the bad guys want us to come to their rescue when they get burned....karma...

    Re: Falcone, Obummer, Geithner.. Offshore accounts..

    Essentially Falcon was a tool. You have to think about how all this fraud occured. the banks needed the real estate developers and vice versa. The real estate developers were the recipients of all the bubble money that was given to them courtesy of the banks and all their bad policies like robo-signing that allowed a developer lik Falcone to "sell" a piece of property to someone that did not even exist.

    So the banks wrote the bad loans, and put US on the hook, but the developer has the CASH and thats important. So the banks went back to this particular RE developer and stoled this stolen money back. neither 1 of them has a right to it and if Fulford is going to align himself w/ people like Falcone Im gonne be real concerned!

    Any plans that put more $ and power into the hands of RE developers is a BIG problem. Just look at how RE developers absolutely destroyed the fabric of this country w/ their garbage. and now they wanna build more? better watch out for this dude. he belongs in jail WITH Bush, Obama

  11. ???? This all is looking suspiciously irrelevant. A month ago you were talking about bringing down the cabal, and today you're worried about what mutual funds we invest in ?

    1. Can't you just hear a pin drop? The news cycle is absolutely DEAD this week. The MSM presstitutes are working twice as hard to pretend that they're saying anything at all.

      It's almost ... sppoky.

      The anniversary of the start of the Civil War is upon us. It may be reasonable that action will coincide with historical precedent.

      The endgame must leave no loose ends, and not because the black team may win, but because they could prolong the battle to nobody's benefit. Whereas I share your eagerness for viral coverage of mass arrests, I also see a mosaic of events showing progress.

      I try to temper my eagerness with the more important question of where we will go from there. Collectively speaking, we're so immature that it will take more than truth and justice to make irreversible changes for the better.


  12. Hey WH's. I'm grateful for all that you do! However, I have two concerns.

    1) It's been 8 days since you pulled #38. While pulling it was a mistake in my view, letting this much time transpire without resolution is an even bigger mistake. Pulling the report and this delay are not what I would expect of you guys.

    2) I see the flow of specific factual info to be far too slow to keep momentum at a high level. Where are the other two Swift documents for the rest of the $15T?

    Where is the specific info on the Vatican bank accounts? Properly and widely released, the Vatican bank account info will blow things wide open and get the Global Settlement moving and allow the Provost Marshall and others to grow a pair and start the arrests.

    What would be the best strategy for release of the Vatican bank account info?
    a) Release info on the accounts of several of those at the top: 41, 43, O, Timmy, Clintons?
    b) Release info on the accounts of a few typical members of Congress?
    c) Release info on the accounts of those in a), above, all members of Congress, others in the Executive Branch, any in SCOTUS, etc.? In other words, release the info you have on all of the Vatican bank accounts?
    I strongly favor option c).

    Where to release the info?
    Here on your site. Send it to Fulford, Wilcock, Rense, Project Camelot, Alex Jones, etc. Send it to the MSM talking heads, especially Dylan Ratigan.

    Whatever you decide to do, increase the pace considerably. Time is of the essence! Invasion of Iran is coming closer. The (wanted by the dark cabal) crash of the global finacial system is looming. Get moving!

    1. I'm sure your concerns are not unique to you. The reasons for pulling the last report are not fully known, so our judgment of events is not fully qualified.

      The good news is that if White Hats make moves you do not expect, then they're unpredictable, at least. Keeping momentum at a 'high level' may be less important than keeping it consistent.

      Let's not forget that the keynote of the opposition's strategy, whether Black Hat or Red Shield, is gradualism. However, as their support base withers, they may do something rash to keep up their own momentum ... a benefit.

      The Iranian invasion is not going to happen. POTUS has lost support of the military, and is only an illegal order or two from a visit to the gallows.

      He stays his hand because he cannot play it ... all he can do now is bluff. The tech advantage has been more compromised than is widely grasped, too, as the under-reported drone snatch would indicate.

      When the Bad Guys make their moves, they get squeezed ... kinda like in a boa's grip. The Boa doesn't need high momentum once it has its prey, only patience.

      We are all eager to see mass arrests, but if the White Hats and others have gotten this far, they know what they're doing. Too, some things are seasonal.

      Timing is everything, but it's a move/countermove thing that calls for waiting for our turn. Playing out-of-turn is for losers.

      The lack of news is a far better sign than is readily obvious. It means that things are really happening.

      My remarks do not preclude action of your own, of course. I would never tell someone else what to do.

      My point is that perhaps you shouldn't, either. Just a thought ...


  13. #38 did what it was designed to do and now some lawyerly things are taking place regarding that. I understand that the Lord James event got the Lords to put their weight behind an investigation. Therefore European law enforcement is on it.

    One might understand the difference here as it shows the real world. The White Hats played it like a detective plays it and kept the pressure on which led to a chain of events bringing an investigation into play.

    Compare that to Internet guru/celebs who play with the idea they are cutting edge investigators. Comic book characters fed part info and part disinfo and part misinfo to lead the starry eyed new agers looking at mysterious lights in the sky and awaiting all sorts of events that never materialize.

    The real world is an elite that has so many layers that they are busy trying to figure out what to do with this mess that was caused by their own claws... Syndicates warring, and secret orders blackmailing secret orders and can you imagine the Russian doll here? The doll inside the doll inside the doll inside the doll? The snake swallowing its own tail?

    There really is a beginning, middle and end to this grand con game and if you want to understand it follow the timeline and migration of tribes, especially those that practiced blood ritual. You follow their influence on every country and institution and you will start to understand a reality that is so far beyond some of these cartoon characters with websites, blogs and radio shows who are no more onto the truth than the mainstream media is... People who report truth die.

    Read to catch up on the modern day players. Even though the hospital managed to kill Sherman his work was a decade or two ahead of its time. He named names before they were names.

    Do your homework in the mean time and forget about Ninjas and UFOs...

    White Hats are pros... they are not in this for celebrity.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Does Sherman Skolnick's reports predate Christopher Story's investigative efforts at World Reports? (

      I know Chris was murdered; to your knowledge, was Sherman?

      Also, I initially became aware that something big was in the works via Story and then had it supported by Wilcock's ebook End of Financial Tyranny (, Fulford and then Freedom Reigns.(

      Are these the folks you refer to as cartoon characters with websites?

    3. Sherman was given blood thinners and to my understanding that was the opposite of what he needed and the hospital made him sicker and sicker until he died.

      Part of disinfo is to pollute real info by linking to it from a three ring circus. Although I know there are "things" happening in the sky it has little to do with the sleazy corruption of the Judges and politicians running justice into the ground. If we stop looking to ET we might recognize our problem is right there in the city engaging in child sex as part of their rather sick psychological mis-wiring of absolute power. Skolnick doesn't mince words about that. The Paterno case is being covered up by the network that stretches the country and planet.

      Part of the problem is people cannot understand how it is quite simply by deception we shall do war. Smoke and mirrors on so many levels so the elite can exist in plain sight seemingly above the fray. And yet it is the Freud and Bernay and Kinsey contributions to the Tavistock system that has created such things as LSD and sexual revolutions and lone assassins and other social engineering to herd the masses.

      Read about the Fabian society and HG Wells. Read this link for a good idea of the grand con job.

      Order out of chaos.

      I cannot tolerate the TV for a minute because I know in a second the mind rape. For example two events in the last 24 hours suggested getting Hillary ready to take Obama's place.

      Yahoo ran a story showing Obama texting Hillary and her responding, "Oh just running the country."

      Then I walked into the living room and heard the news reporter say, "The war on women."

      That along with hearing my sister who is completely lost in the matrix gripe about Santorum's obsession with the woman's uterus... all media events say... Here comes the push for Hillary and the women vote.

      Hitler said you get the women you get the children. The blatant buffoonery of the republican campaign is scripted in part for this goal. However the cabal is on shaky ground and if we get to the election there are several possibilities. Biden resigning and Hillary as VP or Obama resigning and Hillary running along with Romney bringing Jeb in as his running mate. All variations on what the cabal wants. Their people in place.

      I sort of see what Skolnick said might happen a decade ago, a possible military trimverate and maybe Ron Paul as one of the three chosen. (pure speculation based on watching the nuance of it all)

      If you look close enough you will be able to see the varying turf wars in this country. John mentioned Texas mafia, well there is Chicago and Arizona who have their families wanting the control of the ultimate upper middle management office.

      Then of course we have 7 continents all with their own black markets to control. And none of the syndicates want to see cash disappear for a cashless society and yet one dominant syndicate absolutely wants that. Cashless leading to microchip.

    4. If the "good guys" in the world are finally wising up and realize that they have to see truth as an ally and not as foe we might stand a chance of putting justice and fairness back in place.

      Collectivism is the idea that one collective maintain power over other collectives at the expense of the individual. This is the root of the rotting structure and very much why connivance rules the day and why the TV is the main perpetrator of pied piperism right off the cliff and into the hungry mouth of one world government.

      So if we face 7 ruthless syndicates worldwide from South American cartels to Russian to Asian to everything in between, where and who are the good guy cartel that really understand that their needs to be a form of leadership that puts every idea and decision making process in plain sight to the masses so we can be the muscle behind the good guys.

      But when those syndicates meet like in the Godfather movie to divide up drug turf and energy turf and banking turf etc. what they are agreeing on is that we are the marks... the suckers born every minute. We provide them the luxury they are accustomed to by being economic slaves whose induced afflictions such as drug addiction creates crime and a prison industry and soldiers who have no other option for a living but to squat in a desert and shoot at other threats to that particular turf.

      So my fear is who will be doing the arresting and who will find themselves under the bus and how gullible the masses will remain to allow a group to claim to be the good guys without demanding all decision making become opaque and all closed room negotiating outlawed.

      Free enterprise can only exist when the monopolies are broken and every individual can see their intellectual property on the market without intimidation or death. How prepared as the awakening sheep are we to stop being idiots? suckers? And demand the underground blood ritualists and secret fraternities to stop with the secret handshakes and nepotism? To stop the blackmailing of guilty as sin puppets to give us fairness instead of filth? Justice that strives for justice and not control of power for 4 or 8 years for self enrichment at the expense of the huddled masses.

      The mafioso mind needs to understand we don't have to have a predator system. We can have a floor and a sky's the limit infinite reach for those wanting to go for it. It is basic math not a complex formula. Resources can be replenished and managed. The extraordinary potential of each unique mind given the power to show us what they can do.

      No problems only solutions.

    5. Regarding UnknownApr 5, 2012 09:41 PM

      I have to agree! #3 all the way! When you pulled the report, it appeared that you had been either frightened into cooperating or that you were admitting that your information was bogus. Sorry, but that's how it looks. Delay time on this one is NOT on your side!

      You've been silent way to long and momentum and credibility is everything. You have the proof for credibility, now you need to get off your duffs and keep the momentum going.

      Everyday that I check in here and you remain silent is a day you've lost that you can't get back. If you really do have the goods on these people, get it out there in a much more visible way. Relying on this little site to make a huge difference is dreaming in my humble opinion.

      I am behind you guys and girls 100% but sometimes I think you need to hear from the troops to get you focused again.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Geno, Adrian and Unknown,
    Many things are happening. Key and critical sensitive investigations are evolving. The primary dynamic is to maintain Global stability. Most Political entities nowadays are seriously lightweight, compromising the speed of action first needing to enlighten such mediocrities. Vast data has been collated by aggrieved American Patriots who discretely copied the blatant transgressions of so many Treasonous household Political names, evidencing the sheer scale of endemic fraud and corruption. All files are now under review. Ed Falcone went to the FBI with his case, also the DOJ and HS. Each are run by compromised appointees of the Cabal with so much Patronage owed to the Texan Mafia. The Treasury and Fed are just Zionist controlled Fiat money centers, their illegal dual passport holding front men, controlled by the Cabal and the worst of the Israeli shysters. Justice can not be effected in a nation where the Supremes do nothing about a clearly illegal Usurper, with Vatican accounts muted. Case loads of deeply incriminating bank records, implicating the most Senior Leaders, are being assessed by an Independent World Court system, as the Beltway and Congress is so corrupt it's guaranteed such evidence will be lost or destroyed. All Empires fail. Non are prepared for the speed of decline, as with the collapse of Russia and Arab countries. Indicting the pernicious crooks dismantling America, without further destabilizing the country, is the task focusing minds right now. Worldwide old orders are collapsing as enlightened revolutionaries demand change from Political corruption. Americas standing has never been lower as these vile reprobates in Banking and Government loot with impunity. Justice has died in America. The dichotomy for world leaders now, is how to act, faced with such devastating and incriminating revelations. Doing nothing guarantees implosion so its now catch 22.
    Major Law suits are now progressing against named parties including Herzog. Certain parties hidden personal funds will be publicly shown soon, which will be devastating for certain political entities once the new facts are triple checked, and new signed off information released by the tracking investigators. Justice will be coming home.

    1. Thanks for the insight John. Was this info shared with you by an "insider" or perhaps gleaned from a website other than tdarkcabal?

      Given the enormous stakes, most of us are inclined to swallow whole any bit of info that hints at redemption for the afflicted. As you may know, the efforts at which the PTW will go to mis-in-form knows no end.

      BTW, have any insight has to what kind of timetable has been set to start revealing this on a massive scale via MSM without alarming the populas? There are many concerns that it won't unravel fast enough to prevent WWIII.

    2. Thanks, John! It looks as though you are one of the WH's. Is that so?

    3. Take the comments as facts. Non are from blogs.Just direct, head on full involvement. A collective crew as rotten as these now in control have had 40 years to assemble their cohorts. It will take time to break their webs and replace them with quality Patriots. Organized criminality and corruption is so deeply embedded,far worse than the old Soviet state. We are tottering on the abyss of the NWO program which, aided by electronic surveillance with todays technology, will enslave populations forever. America has lost its way, its Soul and its meaning. A new order needs new people. Global changes and emerging nations, each with their own agendas, will force US compromise and change. America can no longer afford to be a global Military Industrial complex. Dismantling that whole cumbersome, Ponzi funded State apparatus is needed. Home cooking to take care of our own first, before burning other nations turf. Great cities disintegrate into drug fueled ghettos, bringing only crime and despair. Bankers lie, deceive, scheme and loot with impunity. The entire role model has failed. Teleprompter Numb nuts has no idea. America isn't working, and without radical surgery, will tailspin into oblivion. What a waste.Waking up the zoo takes time and tactical planning,while the Welfare padded animals sleep in ignorant bliss.

  15. Home cooking to take care of our own first.

  16. John- it appears to me that you risk substituting one elite group for another. It's like "Drake". By the you know "Drake" ? He wants us to believe in the good guys in the military. After the last half century, that's would be stretching credibility. First and foremost , the American people need to be awakened from their slumber. There is no other alternative. So my suggestion is....if you guys have proof that every congressman has a Vatican Bank account opened by busche sr., then open the flood gates. As a long time political activist friend reminded me ..."it takes a mass movement to bring about a qualitative social change" . Without the "mass" part, I'm afraid we'll reach White Hats Report #1038 !

    1. Q: How many Polical Activists does it take to change a lightbulb?

      A: Polical Activists don't change anything.

  17. Kurth -- It doesnt take any mass awakening to arrest the
    bastards. There is already a great multitude of people
    who are awake alredy. WE can do nothing about them -- we
    have voices, and they have the guns. We've also seen mass
    protests, where the police manhandle the protesters.
    And nobody said EVERY congressman. But there are plenty of
    them that have Vatican bank accounts.
    Start bringing these people down, and the rest will Fall like dominos.
    Thanks to the White Hats for what they are doing; they know how to reach the right people. It just needs to happen real soon; this is like a slow turning knife in the stomach, waiting.


    With the sudden return of Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri to the news (the King of Clubs in the deck of cards issued to servicemen in the Middle-East), it occurs to me to assemble a similarly themed deck of cards for our particular prey.

    Since the idea has only just occured to me, I haven't even determined what the suits will represent (MIC, Media, Finance & something else, perhaps) nor who ranks where.

    That said, drop me a line at, or here if you prefer, if you get a sudden inspiration as to who might be the Queen of Spades, or the Jack of Hearts or ...

    ... The Joker.

    I'll upload the final version to YouTube as a music video with some catchy tune.