Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 11, 2011 - The White Hats Report #8 – The end of Obama’s Presidency


From the moment Barrack Hussein Obama announced he was a candidate for the office of the President, his credentials have been under constant and considerable scrutiny by the finest Constitutional legal minds in our Country. 

As President, in each of the legal challenges presented to the Supreme Court, the legal question presented is not what the Honorable Court preferred to hear or the case of the Plaintiff was not proper and deemed not to have “standing” or “merit”.  As always, the Court was positioning to hear the correct positions and arguments, so the Court could opine and rest the matter forever.  The longer the proper legal challenges took to develop, the more difficult it would be to unwrap all of the damage that Obama, and his special interest groups, would bestow on the American people and the international community (i.e. Obama's totally ignorant comment from the White House podium declaring the French are America's closest ally.  This ignorant statement insults Great Britain and the rest of our most important allies and relationships).

The continual thread of the legal arguments is relative to Obama's required constitutional credentials. Specifically, if he meets the eligibility requirements to be the President of the United States of America as defined in the Constitution.  Apparently, Obama's political tricksters, the special interests groups, the Chicago and the D.C. Beltway groups, which tilt their heads to the Obama faction, thought they could hijack America and out fox all of the Americans that hold the Constitution close to their heart.  The Supreme Court heard each case brought before it, rendered an opinion and moved on to the next case.  All of the previous cases have been denied for lack of 'Standing' or being 'Frivolous'.

As we stated in our last report, about 18 months ago at a college public speaking engagement, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was confronted by Dr. Orly Taitz with a suitcase of 350,000 confirmed signatures from World Net Daily and other sources. Dr. Taitz asked the Supreme Court to hear the complaints about Obama's required credentials including his status as a natural born citizen of the United States of America since he was not properly vetted for the Presidency due to the wrangling of Obama's special interest friends.  Chief Justice Roberts promised Dr. Taitz publicly he would review the information.  It appears that Roberts kept his promise as the matter was heard before the Supreme Court Justices on Friday, January 7th, 2011.

The outcome of this single case has been in the specter of legal scholars for many months as the target issue lies within the confines of the Article Two, Section One of the Constitution of the United States of America, as quoted below:

 “Qualifications. The President must be a 'natural born citizen' of the United States,
   at least 35 years old … “ 

If we break this down to its simplest common denominator and confine the argument to the true meaning of the Founding Fathers, Obama's mother, upon the conception Barrack Hussein Obama, was married to a verified Kenyan citizen, meaning he does not have the blood of two (2) verifiable citizens of the United States of America.  Not only do we have the records but so do all of the National Security agencies charged with protecting American interests by the letter of the law.  As of this date, the issue of Obama's citizenship status has become a National Security matter due to the wrangling of a group of people attempting to keep their candidate in office at all costs.  For the record, and to this date, the American public and the Supreme Court have yet to receive the answers required to this question and Obama has yet to provide his long-form birth certificate and answer other Interrogatories.

In the Supreme Court, the test for Obama, his cronies and this Administration, is for Obama to prove that he is a Natural born Citizen.  Obama can't do that as he has a Certified Birth Certificate in Kenya and 'Certificate of Live Birth' from the State of Hawaii.  Herein lays the quandary for Obama, his cronies and the Court.  Obama does not have the ability to prove and cannot provide a certified document providing for a true birth certificate for any of the American states.  The only record of his birth is in Kenya.

From extremely high and very credible sources within the Judicial system, it has been reported that Obama and his legal team lost their arguments to have this case dismissed.  The Court heard the applicable arguments from each side and held, in short form; the Obama did not meet the residency requirements as set forth in the Constitutional of the United States of America.  A preliminary vote in favor of the Plaintiff was taken, with Associate Justice Elena Kagan not voting due to her previous political relationship and involvement with Obama's birth certification issues.

The Supreme Court is holding on to the decision and will not publish its decision for the sake of the American political process. What does this mean and why would they choose this path?

Notwithstanding the difficulty before the Judicial system as to what to do with an unlawfully sitting President, the real problem comes after the fact.  This President has been sitting in the office illegally for two (2) years while propagating conjecture about American life and liberty, pushing his agenda, signing bills into law, issuing Executive Orders and trying to act as a real President.   It is for this reason that all of the American Security agencies consider this single item a National Security matter with the single question:  How do you control an out of control person acting as President?

Although the Court has not recorded or published their finding, there is already disinformation being propagated that the Court ruled in favor of Obama.  This is not true.


With the Court opinion in hand and everyone attempting to make sense of the underlying issues to be addressed, our analysis, based on what we have reported previously, is that any person in a position for an executive seat is a named party in criminal allegations of bank fraud, theft, unauthorized usage of government assets, etc.  Review previous White Hat reports.  The proof of these allegations exists.   Hence, we know the following:

1. The Supreme Court is holding on to its decision and not publishing due to the damage it would do.

2. It has been opined that Obama in the near future will resign from the Office of The Presidency.   The political machine is now determining how to spin his resignation so the American people can grasp something simpler than he never had the credentials to serve as President.  The reason will not be his birth certificate issue.

3. The Supreme Court will publish their findings after Obama's resignation is detailed to the American people. Once Obama resigns the Supreme Court can simply dismiss the case and avoid any embarrassment of the parties.

4. One possible scenario would be for Biden to step down first, due to his well publicized participation with George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Mitt Romney in the theft of Falcone's funds or due to the political spin of his alleged brain cancer... whichever works best.  Obama will appoint Hillary Clinton as Vice President.  Obama steps down and Hillary becomes President.  The Clinton machine has always wanted Hillary as President.  If this happens, the information on the funds she has stolen will become exposed.  The funds that Hillary took are substantially greater than the amount Biden took.  Remember that Hillary bribed Biden per Bush Senior's request.

5. Obama could resign first and allow Biden to become President.  Biden would then appoint a new Vice President, but this appointment would have to be approved by both Congresses.  This option seems less likely, but is certainly possible since the White House has been trying to enhance Biden's image. The criminal allegations against Joseph Biden are too great to allow him to become President. 

It is our sincere desire for all individuals to understand the monumental issues stated above and, in concert, with all of the information contained in our previous reports.  We have stated that the Executive branch of the government has failed us. Will Congress, fail us, too? Or will they do their duty, keep their responsibility to their constituents and honor their oath to the Constitution and protect America from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC?

We have heard from Americans and people from all walks of life including people from other countries who are wondering what has happened to the United States of America. Our purpose has been to inform the public and expose the corruption that threatens our freedoms, both now and in the future.  Therefore, we implore you to contact your Senators and Representatives.  Let them hear your voice and let your voice hold weight.  Tell them your opinion.  Hold your elected officials accountable for every act they perform on your behalf!!

View the Obama Birth Certificate here: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/p/obama-birth-certificate-file.html



  1. Hi team,

    All government Public agents operate from a de facto jurisdiction. Registered vessels belonging to the House of the Rothschild and of course, the Vatican. The Social Security controlled 9 digit tax number is controlled by the Monarchs who lost their sovereignty in contract with the bankers and gangsters. Obama and his entire administration are operating from a ship of commerce on the high seas. The reality is that people simply have to say "No" to tax slavery and cut the bonded securities issued through government ID. Obama like Stephen Harper are puppets playing to the tune of the Bilderberg Group who are headed by depopulationist, Maurice Strong, a Canadian hiding in China. Maurice Strong controls and spearheads the vaccine programs through the WHO and tells the UN to administer the taxes on to the masses. We love the accurate truth that you and your researchers continue to educate the sleepy sheeple with. Kudos and much love to you all, always Irene and Kap from the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government - helping people govern thyself with peace New Email: sovsqu333gov@gmail.com

  2. Embarrassment aside, they must remove him due to his ineligibility in order for all those czar appointments, SCOTUS appointments and executive orders etc. to be void. Two years in this must expose those implicated in the coverup as well (like Nancy Pelosi and the DNC signing the two different forms verifying Obamas eligibility to be placed on the ballot in the first place. The truth must be exposed and all the cards laid out on the table. No more cover ups if we are to build trust back in this government.

  3. I don't like some of Obama's actions and I do keep up on what he is actually doing. Why should I believe what some Israeli mayor ( Dr. Orly Taitz) or the religious right-wing propaganda site Worldnet Daily says. I tend to have more faith in someone who actually lives in Hawaii and knew the family. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101229/ap_on_re_us/us_obama_birth_certificate

    White Hats...according to who?

  4. What if the desperation involved in keeping 0's BC secret lies in who his true father and mother might be? What if his true-bio father is none other than my own, former East German STASI "Master Spy" General Markus Wolf, the master of Legends, false documentations, running agents from birth, and the personal creation of life-long "Manchurian Candidates?" His mother a black person?
    If so, then why did Wolf then deliberately leave such incriminating lame paper trails? Because he was "Turned" long before the Berlin Wall "Fell," is why. He knew the overall agenda that the Commies had for our downfall from within, and knew exactly how to stymie it. Officially, he's been a "Consultant" ever since then - Or long before?
    I.E., HI authorities who specifically designed the COLB to let in foreign spies, and Peleosi and Reid et. al, who deliberately ignored his non-qualifications mean we now have a foreign spy as President. Luring all the moles out of the woodwork who would support this attempted Coup D'Edat to Communism.
    They have set themselves up for that capital crime, espionage. You can see this in the furtive and ***-puckering actions of Gov. Acrocrombie and the past lies on Youtube by former Gov. Linda Lingle.
    (Worse than the videos by Scott Peterson and Gary Condit...)
    The neat thing about being an "MC" is that one can be corralled by the CIA and counter-run, even without knowing it's happening. I know, they did it to me, the way they've done it to many others. See my website to see what it's like.
    http://www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com for many doc's and "Family photos."

  5. Barry was involved in & groomed through Project Pegasus & Montauk....hardly a soul knows this outside black ops....my source is a 60's DARPA guinea pig

  6. Well, whats the point really. If Obama isn't a citizen, and he gets thrown out, the illuminati will just have someone else take his place. It's a futile excersize and waste of energy and intelligence. It's not about one person, it's about the group of criminals in general who have been running things all our lives. The names are interchangeable, we need to get rid of the GROUP...

  7. If and when Mr. Obama is going to step down, it will be to appoint an interim, caretaker government, who in turn will lead the disclosure movement, from religion to UFO's, from the TPTW to the financial markets and big business.


  8. Presidential Puppet Protocols 101

    The world is a massive pyramid scheme.

    The FDA is a mafia hijack extraction machine that is essentially one giant hidden hand of theft from hell - See, Inflation.

    The world is a snowjob, a theater of the absurd where people hide their heads and pretend it isn't happening.

    It is happening, and its a gunna just hurt greater and greater until we the people pull our heads out of our ostrich asses and co-operate grass-roots level NOT a la puppet president.

    Wake up, fuck up, we're out of time.


  9. Birthers and their delusions are a never ending source of amusement.

  10. If Obama and Biden are forced out due to being elected based on fraud, could the Speaker of the House take over as interim president?

  11. After all, the Speaker would be the first one in the line of succession for the Presidency that is actually Constitutionally qualified.

  12. 37th Congress 2nd Session House of Representatives 1862
    Who are natural born citizens?
    All persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentlemen can find no exception to this statement touching natural born citizens except what is said in the Constitution in relation to Indians The reason that exception was made in the Constitution is apparent to everybody

  13. This may be one of the dumbest blogs on the internet. Period. The writer had to have been a product of the 60's and brain damaged due to too many drugs. Hallucination at it's finest.

    Either cite references (real ones-not other blogs) or tell your readers that you're creating complete fiction. And stop the "birther" sh*t already-you're looking like a complete fool.

  14. I think the eligibility issue is much simpler than the absence of a birth certificate.
    The British Nationality Act of 1948 seems to make it clear that hussein is not eligible.

    Citizenship by descent.

    5.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.

    Hussein the illegal usurper of OUR HOUSE is a British Citizen by DESCENT

  15. First, I respect you for upholding the 1st amendment and not deleting posts counter to your point of view.
    Many of the other birther blogs delete posts and appear disrespectful regarding freedom of speech. I commend you.

    However, the plain and simple truth is that Obama IS completely qualified.
    Native born, natural born... call it what you will.
    He has provided more evidence than any other president in history.
    Additionally, no valid alternate evidence has been presented.
    Almost all the members of the house, the senate, the joint chiefs of staff, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the state dept, all the armed forces and numerous others of long standing respect and honor... even republicans and conservatives.... have agreed.
    These are powerful depts capable of amazing investigations and influence.
    They are made up of dedicated, highly trained and educated people.
    Thousands of people that would never take a bribe or take a chance getting caught.

    The odds that all of these people are in on some secret, bribed or blackmailed and not a peep has been leaked (even in the era of Wikileaks) is remarkable.
    It's beyond lottery odds.

    More than 80 legal cases have been pursued. Not one has succeeded in the least.
    These are mostly judges that have served long before the Obama administration.

    Terrence Lakin wrongly disrespected direct orders and was court-martialed for those reasons alone.
    He simply didn't follow orders.
    He made a very bad choice and I pity him and feel bad for his family.
    Up until he was convinced by many online blogs, he had a spotless career.
    It is a tragedy that a direct product of birther beliefs caused him such distress.

    This is not what America is about.
    We are the *United* states. Key word: United.
    When it becomes us against them, domestically, we are in a cold war.
    In all wars, people get hurt or killed. Lakin is a good example.
    Our bloodiest war ever took place when unity could not be achieved.
    So if a civil war ever breaks out, it will be our children of today that will do the dying.

    It hurts the brain to embrace denial and suppress facts that don't support one's point of view when speaking. It's called lying. It makes people feel guilty.
    At some point, many birthers will have to face facts, but oddly, they WILL feel better.
    There is a legally elected black president. Like it or not. It is the truth.
    Saying otherwise does not change it.
    Lawsuits with no evidence are a waste of taxpayer money.
    It's a pity that the same money wasted by the birthers for the past 2 years, could have been donated to a children's hospital or other worthy causes.

    May I suggest an experiment you can try at home.
    No one has to know and it can be completely private.
    Try this: Pretend that God himself made himself known in our mortal world.
    I'm certain he has the power to convince most anyone he was real and not some Hollywood stunt.
    But do it. Pretend God came down and said "Honestly, he really was born in Hawaii and it doesn't matter where his parents came from"... would you believe him?
    Try some imagination.
    If it hurts to even imagine, this indicates you may have a problem.

    Now... feel what that feeling is like now knowing that you were wrong.
    Sure, you're be embarrassed. That's natural.
    We've all been wrong before and God would surely forgive you.
    So give it a try. No one will have to know.
    Try imagining that you've been mistaken all this time.
    Because, from all possible evidence, you have been.
    2 more years is a long time to harbor denial and grudges.
    6 is even longer.
    Be your own friend and give yourself 30 seconds to imagine.
    This technique can also be used to relieve yourself of the eventual shock of the passing of a loved one or pet: Imagine them gone.
    You will appreciate them more after you do.

  16. One more thing.
    I think we can both agree there are more Christians on the right than there are on the left.
    Prior to the elections, millions ob the right prayed that Obama would lose.
    But Obama won.
    Can you therefore also imagine, even for a second, that perhaps God heard you and his answer was "no."?
    God works in mysterious ways.

    Have a good day and life.
    Remember: it's ok to be wrong.
    It's not ok to be wrong when others suffer and you had the opportunity to educate yourself as to what's right.
    Pretending you're smarter than God, the FBI and CIA is just wrong.

  17. It is VERY clear that the poster "Anonymous" is lower than whale spoor.

    None of his comments are backed up by facts since, for example, every 111th session Congressman's office received a statement sworn under penalty of perjury that contained a copy of the Obama Kenyan birth certificate. This is far more presentable evidence to any court that a computer image that has been shown to clearly have been created by PhotoShop software out of whole cloth of a document that does not even exist and which no one has ever been able to show. That's called "fraud".

    More than that, for the military court to sentence Terry Lakin to prison it had to implicitly rule that Obama was legally elgible to hold the office he now occupies ... something that only the Supreme Court of the United States - and only that court - may do. That's also called "fraud".

    Subborning fraud as does that poster is called a "misprison of felony".

  18. This really bothers Anonymous' Jan 24th 7:34 & 7:36 post, doesn't it.
    Bottom line is this: NOT an Article 11 NBC.

  19. jayjay, and all of the Congressmen received that so called affidavit and what happened? Has even one of them commented on it? Did you ever think that a so called Kenyan BC submitted by a convicted forger named Lucas Smith might not be something you want to trumpet as "proof"? It is amazing how you guys believe the words of convicts. Especially since not one reputable document expert has ever claimed that the COLB was a forgery. And that does not include the fact that the state of HI issued a statement saying that the President was "BORN IN HAWAII"...That is admissible. Evidence from a convict, not so much.

    And the former LtC. Lakin, who deserted his unit and his fellow soldiers, you forget that he pled guilty to one charge and admitted that he disobeyed a direct order from his superior. Period. That is why he is breaking big rocks into little rocks in Kansas....His stupidity and cowardice, not because of anything having to do with the President...

  20. Barry was a born British subject, inherited by birthright from his foreign father.

    Barry was, therefore, born owing allegiance to the crown of her majesty the Queen of England.

    Barry never was a Natural Born Citizen of the U.S.

  21. There's a theory that the US went into Vietnam to get it back for France after France lost control during World War II. Vietnam tore the USA apart and it is still analyzing the Vietnam war, the pointless loss of life and the horrific war crimes committed. Sounds like proof of a special relationship between France and the USA


  23. Hello, I recently became aware of this site via a link pasted on Facebook. In particular, this article. Of course, I re-posted since the information is exciting!! However, I have taken hits for it's content. This leads me to my question....how did you become aware that the Supreme Court ruled the way this article states??? Are there any other sources that might corroborate this information???

    Please know I am not questioning your facts, others are and I would like to have an answer for them. Thank you sincerely,

  24. To Anonymous who suggested the experiment... "Try this: Pretend that God himself made himself known in our mortal world."
    I must request that you also perform this exercise, but in the opposite...
    Pretend God came down and said "Honestly, the man in the White House is ineligible and the issue of his parents citizenship is of utmost importance."
    Now if after you have done this... "If it hurts to even imagine, this indicates you may have a problem.
    We've all been wrong before and God would surely forgive you.
    So give it a try. No one will have to know.
    Try imagining that you've been mistaken all this time.
    Because, from all possible evidence, you have been."
    And if you have truly looked at all of the evidence and still believe there is not a true controversy here then I must quote you once again and say...
    "this indicates you may have a problem."

  25. Re: Wheeler in your previous White Hat Report #7

    The CIA hired Evergreen Air owned by Delford Smith to spray poisonous chemtrails from 100 sites across the country (with 4,500 employees). It's said that deadly phosgene has been added to the already-toxic spray since November.


    "Eugenic operation of Chemtrails has had the assistance of Mitre a non-profit Corporation that manages the Federal Aviation Administration, Homeland Security, and IRS. (1) The IRS is part of the Federal Reserve which is a major transmission belt driving the conspiracy."

    "Philip Lader’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member John P Wheeler III was recently dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Wheeler III was a consultant to Mitre the non profit corporation with jurisdictional advice over the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight patterns. Was John P. Wheeler III to sentimental for the killing underway? And got murdered by the Company?"

  26. this scam need to be more expose to the american people, and the action to destroid this machine of popets in are goverment. will open to expose the real rullers of this country and the next american destructions. i don't undestand why this is not a priority, wend is the best tool to stop this evil allenda from this rulers and finaly destroied before is to late, basic solutions expose in mass this informations and use all the medias to let them know to the people this negative action of this goverment and the reality of what is goin on whit this conspiracy

  27. The time is now to stand tall, stand brave, to hold accountable all whom are elected to work for the people, to govern, the governed accordingly.Do not be afraid! The truth will set you free. All to often we are more adapted to suffer than stand up against the ones causing the suffering. Wake Up People

  28. > Please know I am not questioning your facts

    Facts? What facts? All this blog is spouting is dubious stuff from dubious sources.

    "From extremely high and very credible sources within the Judicial system"? Yeah, right. I can make up my own "extremely high and very credible sources" any time of the day, but that doesn't mean they're any more factual than science fiction.

    There is no "secret SCOTUS decision". Whoever claims so has no idea how SCOTUS works. This is just more deliberate nonsense.

    I mean, c'mon, how long have you birthers played the "he's gone any day now" tune? 2 years? 3 years? And still you dream the impossible dream of "soon the day will come when he is removed". And so I will find you here again in 2015 when Obama's second term is near the end. Still you will claim "but next month, after X and Y happened, he will be removed and tried in court". Probably your birther children will still claim this in 2072, long after Obama is dead. "The truth will come out any day now. Any day now... any day... any..."

  29. > this scam need to be more expose to the american people, and the action to destroid this machine of popets in are goverment.

    *Your* goverment? Given your "mastery" of the English language, you're probably a North Korean agent like most birthers.

  30. An interesting response on Feb 21st. He questions the validity of sources and facts, then negates the Birther issue.
    As an independent viewer, allow me to avail this party of a few pertinent facts as clearly published to date via the White Hats.
    1. See the attached copies of letters to the President of major frauds, etc, all failing to secure a reply or response.Does he not act for the people? Paid for by whom to do his job?
    2. As this party seems to exist in a differing mental hemisphere of hyperspace, the Tropos Capital theft of $700B so clearly demonstrated. The Falcone Funds theft, and collusion of so many named corrupt parties, including Biden, now exposed by The White Hats,attested to by a Congressman of honorable long standing also. You are?
    Between Jan 7th to 9th, the Supreme court Justices met, discussed and reviewed the Birther issue. Clear, definitive facts were reviewed to affect a clear and considered conclusion. To date the silence and obfuscation is its own answer. Barry Soetoro has been exposed but the Justices public response neutered.A breakdown and failure of Justice has occurred on your watch. Failure to declare.
    Your case proceeds to determine this obvious illegal, will still be in control by 2015? Such a disastrous stewardship? Only, it appears, if such liberal latitudes extend to extending voting rights to a fast depleting gene pool as to now incorporate a horses ass, as notably demonstrated.

  31. 350,000 people sign a petition to get this usurper to show his credentials and the supreme court thinks they don't have to listen. Half the population wants to know who this cia fraud is and the supreme court goes with the cia. Does this not tell you what it is going to take to get to the truth? It really pains me to see what all these awful people, people just like us that we have put our utmost faith in to uphold our truly unique way of life, have done to destroy us. Very, very sad.

  32. The date of SCOTUS conference (January 7, 2011) listed in the article/blog as the date when Taitz's petition was reviewed does not align with the Supreme Court Journal for that date. The Journal is the diary of ALL cases considered, whether or not opinion was rendered or if action was taken or tabled.

    Additionally SCOTUS in late 2010 UPHELD the $20K fine assessed by the Circuit Court against Taitz for "filing a frivolous claim" in her petition claiming Obama ineligible. Highly doubtful that the Court would conference on a petition where such a fine was already upheld.

    That being said, the constitutional basis exists to challenge Obama's eligibility as being "natural born". Precedent exists from previous definitions of "natural born" accepted by Congress in 1866, 1868 & 1872 (Bingham, Trumbull, Thayer), where being born to parents (plural) that are US citizens at time of birth, and to parents (plural again) who have NO ALLEGIANCE to a foreign sovereignty. As BHO's father at the time of his birth was a British subject, there is no way possible that Barack Hussein Obama can meet the requirement of a "natural born" citizen, regardless of WHERE he was born. Location of his birth is inconsequential.

    SCOTUS is constitutionally charged to hear all cases that arise under the United States Constitution. The interpretation of the "natural born" clause in the requirements for holding the office of the Chief Executive falls within their purview. However, in the petitions filed by Donofrio and Hollister, Writ of Certiorari was denied. In simple terms, the Court refused to hear the cases, never mind render a determination. One could make the argument that by doing such, SCOTUS shirked the duty specifically charged unto them by the US Constitution.

    For those who believe such a perpetration of fraud is not plausible in the United States, one should take note that POTUS #21, President Arthur is believed to have perpetrated the same fraud. As Chester Arthur destroyed all relevant records with which one could prove/disprove such claims, the eligibility question was discussed freely and often, in which discourse from both the House and Senate concludes that "natural born" clause requires both parents be US citizens at time of birth owing no allegiance to an foreign sovereignty.

    At present, it appears that neither Congress nor SCOTUS wish to take the matter of Obama's ineligibility under consideration. This lack of action to obtain a final determination is fueling more debate, division and derision throughout our Society, prolonging the inevitable that at some point a legal determination MUST be rendered if any attempt at consensus is to ever be achieved.

    Obama's eligibility rest solely on the accepted definition of the term "natural born" outlined in the eligibility requirements under the US Constitution. The Congress had the OPPORTUNITY when drafting the 14th Amendment to do so, but failed to address it in the verbiage during passage and ratification process. Until Congress or SCOTUS step up and clearly define the intention of the "natural born" clause, the issue of Obama's eligibility will continue to be in contention.

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  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. In the whole blog...please replace Obama with "Ben Ali President of Tunisia" in order to understand what they are talking about. Remember he was asked to leave the country on January 14th.
    BTW : Obama is a "natural born killer" just like in the same named movie