Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011 - White Hats Report #9 - Prison time, a reality for long running corruption


After several reports about Mitt Romney 's participation in the theft of Falcone's funds, he has taken no action to correct, explain or come clean on the funds he stole or his criminal relationship with Bush, Sr.   How can an intellectually sharp Presidential Candidate  succumb to such arrogance … does he really believe with everything we know that Bush Sr. has the ability to manipulate our Judicial System, including the Supreme Court, for his own benefit?  Does Bush Sr. have that depth of control?  At what point did we allow a former President to have manipulative control that compromises the American Judicial System?  Are the American people going to allow the likes of a Mitt Romney, a co-political fraudster, to be allowed to secure the office of President of the United States of America?  How is it that “We The People” could ever allow our reputations in the international community to be compromised to this extent?  The reality is that fifty (50%) percent of the stolen funds are currently held in bank accounts in Asia and the Isle of Man, with the balance at the Vatican Bank.   Notwithstanding, we continue to deliver the accounts, information and balances to the appropriate authorities. 

As we disclosed in previous reports, Joe Biden was bribed with $200 million dollars by Hillary Clinton, under the direction of George Bush Sr.   Joe Biden in November 2010 moved $100 Million Dollars from the Bank of Santander, Spain into the Vatican Bank and is currently moving his funds out of the Vatican Bank.  We are now tracking Bill and Hillary Clinton's funds.  They have received $400 million from Falcone's stolen funds, which are in direct high yield bank trading from HSBC, Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank.  These stolen funds are currently in accounts located at Deutsche Bank and the Vatican Bank.   Watch out for the mass exit of multiple other Senior Government Officials funds from the Vatican Bank.   They will not get away as investigations will continue and these funds will be monitored.  We will keep you posted as names and details become available.  The particulars of this evidence will be delivered to the proper authorities and Congress to eliminate and punish this corruption.

Bush Sr continues to dominate a Shadow Government control over Obama and the Agencies, who continue to prevent the Global Settlements from being distributed and the return of Falcone's funds.  It has been disclosed that Bush Sr’s main control over Obama involves the issue that he has obtained, at considerable cost and under the direction and control of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, a certified copy of Obama's Birth Certificate validating Obama's Kenya birth.   Obama is a puppet, with Bush Senior as his puppet master.   In reality we have been informed that Bush Sr is simply using Obama and is not pushing his political clout, with the Supreme Court, to prevent Obama's demise.    Will Joe Biden become our next President?  Bush knows he has much more control over Joe Biden and would like the Democratic Party to take a political hit, which would basically guarantee a Republican Party victory in 2012.   Mitt Romney is Bush Sr’s boy and Sr wants him to be the next President to continue his Corrupt Shadow Government.  Romney just won the straw polls in New Hampshire, but this will never happen unless he makes amends with Falcone.   Bush Sr is playing things very cool.  He does not want to telegraph his plans because of his relationship with Bill Clinton.   Regardless of what Bill and Hillary Clinton say publicly, she wants to be President and they are doing everything they can, trying to influence the Supreme Court to keep Obama in office and not have Democratic fallout. 

We reported before that the Supreme Court made an informal finding a couple weeks ago against Obama.  They know Obama cannot produce an original US birth certificate proving his natural born US citizenship status.  They are still determining how they are going to deal with this situation.   The Court wants to do the right thing, but the Court is in a conundrum and what they feel will become a black eye and/or national security issue.  We must pray that the integrity of the Supreme Court will bring justice back to our Government.

We have been informed that an anonymous group with one, point attorney, and multiple other members, is preparing a special package to be delivered to the IRS disclosing billions of dollars of tax evasion, fraud, corruption and money laundering by Senior Government Officials involving almost every branch of the government.  This will be the largest case in US history.


  1. Since when are Supreme Court findings informal?

  2. As with a law of motion, those in power tend to stay in power. It really helps when you own all three branches of government. Plus the press.

    Good luck trusting the thugs who collect for 'the white-shoe boys.' Be sure and let us know how that works out.

  3. OMG! We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled; and they are still going on "business as usual." There has to be prosecution. It seems that no one is willing to disclose or prosecute (there is widespread collusion). We need to formalize a citizen's action group with attorneys that will formalize citizen's arrests; this might be the only way that this comes full blown to the public's attention.

  4. rockpicker is right about them owning it all.
    We need to just get on with our lives (and get even) by going sovereign!

  5. Restore the Constitution with independent Congressmen of integrity to watch over the Senate and remove the illegal Executive Order powers from an unlawfully appointed President.He's failed to act on bribed Biden or the Bribing Clinton's. Or Romney's stolen $1B of Ed Falcone's funds.

  6. Yes. When will Congressman Issa and his Oversight Committee go after this bunch of crooks and set up a much needed Corruption Inquiry. Action needing to investigate and indict them. Get them out of Public Office. Romney runs for the Presidency with this stench of corruption?

  7. Personally, I believe anything we try short of a military take over of the whitehouse and capitol hill will be a waste of our time.There are no politicians as it stands now that can be trusted or are trustworthy.The entire lot must be replaced as per our Declaration of Independence.

  8. Hey Harvey-da-Wabbitt.

    Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura are among the very few GOOD GUYS. JFK, RFK & Martin Luther King were too.

    I'm praying that Ron Paul & Ventura don't get JFK'ed

    "Hang in there bro"

  9. I agree with Mr.Paul on his views about the federal reserve. I don't know Mr. Ventura's views on the fed reserve so I can't comment on him. I do however reject Mr. Paul's views that the U.S.A. brought 9-11 upon itself, nor do I agree with Mr.Ventura's beliefs that 9-11 was an inside job. I believe the fed reserve must be closed merely because the inspector general of the fed reserve when questioned on the dissappearance of 9 trillion dollars she said she had no clue where the money went. What kind of irresponsible nonsense is that? And she still has her job? I agree with mlk's dream of racial equality where one is judged not on the color of their skin but the content of their character. I don't like that he was an adulterer and a plaigerizer.(sp)But who am I to judge right? I've done equally wrong stuff in my life and regret it. As for JFK and RFK I always thought they were good guys even though they are Kennedy's.I too hope that Mr. Paul and Mr. Ventura don't get JFK'ed. I don't know how I fit into this blog site but I do find it interesting and can't wait for the next article to be posted. That's why I am camped here so to speak for the past few days. I firmly beleive that the birth certificate issue on hussein is a secondary issue as the british nationality act makes it CLEAR that the fraud is NOT ELIGIBLE period!!!! Arrest the fraud today and all who defended this usurper, disband this current treasonous government and establish a new one that is truly for THE PEOPLE.

    you hang in there too.

  10. Hi again Harv.

    Yes. The secretive federal reserve should be audited & then abolished; like JFK attempted to do in 1963 when signed executive orders EO-11 and EO-110. The bankers rewarded his loyalty to the American people with bullets - .

    From my perspective, the 9-11 attacks were at least "knowingly allowed to occur" so our "military industrial complex" could seize Iran's oil fields.
    Watch GWB's reaction to being told of the attacks as he read "The Pet Goat" (as he held the book upside-down) to a room full of school children. - &

    It's VERY important to remember that president GHB spoke before congress calling for a "New World Order" on SEPTEMBER 11th, 1990 (exactly 11 years prior to 9-11-2001). The NWO try to synchronize their most important actions with the scientifically established 11 year sun-spot cycle... 1990, 2001, 2012...

    The American Constitution is falling to the forces of global fascism. In the 30s & 40s we called 'em NAZIs. Allied forces beat the Germans but not the NAZIs! (Project Paper-clip). Today the term for fascists is the NWO. -

    Yes. Humans are flawed. MLK had affairs on his wife; JFK had an affair with Monroe... JFK was still "a president for the people".

    America NEEDS to return to a constitutional system of rule, as Dr. Ron Paul insists.

    In our worst nightmare, Amerika would be run by NAZI-Satanists.

    God help save our USA!


  11. ... Another source from Jim Marrs and Bill & Kerry of Project Camelot:

  12. ... Tim Alexander's (Lord Stirling) is a credible as Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Jim Mars, L.A. Marzulli, John Stokes, Stan Deyo & other "white hats"

    Tim Alexander:

    John Stokes:

  13. Caught in a crossfire between the Rockefellers NWO agenda, the Bush Texan Mafia,the Chicago Made Men and Bathhouse boys, and the Banking Fed Cabal,the dichotomy for enlightened Americans is how to avoid the cataclysmic scenarios unfolding. Corruption permeates throughout the entire body politic. Territories are allocated to bought men by Feudal Banksters and one kind of slimy Mafioso or another. Rot in endemic. The most important contribution of any of us as readers, is to forward and promote this site and its videos,to as wide a cross spectrum of Americans as possible, and request all parties to do the same for the country. The White Hats are portraying live examples, of real issues, highlighting specified corruption and all playing out on your watch.Just Google into the Bush Nazi past and it tells it all as is today. Family corruption, treachery, theft, war profiteering and treason. Leopards and spots? The Fourth Reich is thriving in America today because no one will think outside of their comfort zones as long as their Welfare Checks or soft job benefits keep rolling. The whole world knows Obamas not illegible as President , leaving the country open to ridicule watching the most corrupt White House Administration ever expanding unchecked. Americas Global Democratic escapades? Physician first heal thyself!

  14. It is abundantly clear to me that there is most definitely a push towards a new world order.This agenda is obviously backed by some very powerful people. In the mean time we are doing what to stop it? Beck keeps telling people to avoid violence, which I agree with but what are we to do when that violence appears on our doorstep? Yell at them that we have done our homework and know what you are up to? There are still people that think the voting booth is the answer.That mentality is from folks who don't understand what is happening before their eyes.We are being pushed into something we do not want and we aren't pushing back.

  15. Hey Harv.

    Voting was the best legal way to elect official's until the G.W.Bush-John Kerry elections. Raymond Lemme tried to expose vote fraud in electronic voting machines that HAVE NO AUDIT PAPER TAPE.

    Raymond Lemme, a PATRIOT was "suicided"

  16. Okay so what is being done to reverse this disaster or stop it all together? What is the point of having this blog site that educates people and then that is as far as it goes? Is there a think tank of sorts that discusses ideas solutions or a course of action to keep our republic?

    can't "suicide" us all can they?

  17. Regarding the 9-11-2011 "Reichstag Fire" attacks on the WTC & building 7:

    Hi Harv & fellow patriots.

    ... A young man (Chuck Ford), that I had mentored in the big brother program, lost an arm from a roadside bomb while soldiering in Iraq. Bush & Cheney told Americans that we had to invade Iraq because of the 9-11-2001 attacks on America. 15 of the 19 alleged "terrorists" were Saudis, I don't recall that ANY were Iraqis.

    I'm the I.T. guy at an elementary school. One of my jobs is to sort & distill a given topic's facts to a video DVD to hand-off to teachers for use in teaching subjects to a classroom full of ADHD kids. Even ADHD orphans like watching movies :o)

    I did the same regarding the attacks of 9-11-2001. After months of scouring the Internet for relevant facts. I mailed a video DVD distillate to a US congressman. 11 days later I was run over by a car. After 2 1/2 months comatose & a year in hospitals I returned to my home, where only thing missing was the notebook computer that I used for email (to that congressman). However, I'M NOT DEAD YET & nobody got my multiple data backups :o)

    If you post a secure address, I'll mail you an updated copy of the initial DVD, which likely got me run over (not 10 days, not 12 days, but 11 days) later.

    If you've got the courage to post a secure mailing address I'll send it free. But YOU have to deliver a copy to YOUR representative too.

    We can't get Chuck's arm back, but we can try to stop the continued slaughter.



  19. Is white hat reports a supporter of Israel?
    What is your official stance on Israel?

  20. Very recently I have seen info on other sites that Issa may be more bark than bite. Perhaps he is now or in the process of being the next bribed official. With the amount of $ we are talking about here there is plenty to go around. I hope I'm wrong but at this point finding an honest politician with any honor and integrity is like trying to find a unicorn.

  21. harveydawabbitt said...
    Is white hat reports a supporter of Israel?
    What is your official stance on Israel?

    February 3, 2011 7:42 PM

    If you don't feel comfortable answering my question here you can e-mail me

  22. harveydawabbit.
    The White Hats focus on the US corruption and standards issues. Addressing and exposing the Constitutional lapses and hijacking of the nation by the corrupt cabal and its political cohorts. Naming and shaming those responsible. Israel is a complex Global dynamic. A right to live in peace and safety as fellow human beings. Free from aggression, but also the necessity to respect its fellow men and each communities rights to exist. Hegemony, however acted out, is not justified. Its a Global issue and a Power Play of multi interest forces. The White Hats are neutral supporting justice and moral values for all. Palestinians also have a right to exist and live in dignity. The White Hats first need to help secure a restoration of American standards and values. Physician first heal thyself?

  23. "We have been informed that an anonymous group ... is preparing a special package to be delivered to the IRS disclosing billions of dollars of tax evasion, fraud, corruption and money laundering by Senior Government Officials involving almost every branch of the government. This will be the largest case in US history. "

    Are you kidding? The Irascible Rathole Service is nothing but a collection arm for the unFederal Reserve, which should have less authority in this country than Federal Express...

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

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