Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2017 - White Hats Report #58 – Fake news, continued exposure, a look back at the election and wannabe thieves in the night.

Being so deep down the rabbit hole is sometimes a benefit and a curse. In determining the information to release in our reports, it’s difficult to unknow what we already know so that we can present information in a clear, cogent and understandable format. This report will attempt to offer additional information in the hopes that  dots can be connected so that the readers can have an outline of what is happening and what to expect in the next few months but first, we’ll take a look back…

The Election
Elections of any significance occur every two years (mid terms) and every four years (Presidential) with the most significant being (predictably) every 8 years when the current, cabal controlled puppet has served their two terms and must leave office. (A phenomenon that may be expounded upon in a future report.) So every four years we gather around the TV sets after the polls close and watch the drama of the election unfold as the MOP gives us the results while they interview a multitude of experts between their “calls” of winners of the states and running tallies of the electoral scorecard. As entertaining as a sporting event and what’s even better, you can pick your announcers depending on your political bent and preferences.

As the map gets colored blue or red, has it occurred to anyone why the networks of propaganda are the ones who have been tasked with determining the election results? Isn’t it interesting that we aren’t getting results from the FEC (Federal Election Commission) or the Secretary of State’s office for each state? What massive computer tabulates the tens of thousands of polling places (precincts) across the USA? How do they get the % “in” or “counted” when they don’t know how many votes were cast until they count them? When they do “call a state” for either candidate, how can they do it when only a small % of the votes are in?

Given what we observe and experience, doesn’t it seem like an elaborate, sophisticated show for our eager consumption and entertainment?

The Recounts
Jill Stein’s attempt to gain favor with the Clinton crime family failed after Wisconsin completed their recount with Trump gaining over a 100 votes. The recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania were denied due to the requests being what they were, frivolous and without merit, according to judges overseeing lawsuits regarding same. It wasn’t a coincidence, as we mentioned in our last article, that the three states Stein filed in for a recount were considered paramount to Trump gaining enough electoral votes to be president.  We can only wonder how Clinton surrogate Stein will be repaid for her incompetent efforts. Even in interviews, Stein was far from convincing and at times, seemed to be disingenuous and defensive, perhaps for good reason.

It should be noted, massive fraud was discovered in Michigan which is probably why the Judge shut it down rather than risk a full recount with documentation verifying the fraud. (See you tube linked at the end of the report titled “Voter fraud in Michigan”)

Our suggestions for future election are the following, not all inclusive but perhaps a good start:

  • Clean up the voter registration rolls, deleting deceased, illegal and out of state voters.
  • Outlaw all electronic voter machines until clear, easy and verifiable audit trails can be established. If not, get rid of all of them.
  • Require a photo ID for all elections for Federal office. If states wish to allow illegal aliens and unregistered voters to cast ballots, so be it, but not on the Federal elections which affect all of us.

Unfortunately, any discussion of strengthening the voting process will go back into hibernation until the next election in two years and the fraud and registration farce will continue.

And currently, the latest attempt by the cabal through their stooges in the Democratic Party to steal the election from Trump is in the….

Electoral College
The constant complaining by the MOP about the irrelevant results of the popular vote have morphed into a  psyop targeted at  the state electors who make up the Electoral College after the failed recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Led by the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, some electors are seeking an intelligence briefing that will never happen on evidence that Russian hacking resulted in Trump winning the election. This push began when the MOP’s star shills, the Washington Post and the NY Times ran stories citing unnamed “senior administration officials” as the source of leaks regarding Russia’s involvement in influencing the election for Trump.  Never mind that NO ONE has connected any hacks of the DNC and the HRC campaign to Wiki leaks. Further, no one has provided solid proof of this other than innuendo and whining from the cabal controlled MOP and their mindless minion followers in the Democratic Party.  The various intelligence agencies have switched positions on this topic more times than can be counted and it should be noted they failed to even appear before Congress to testify under oath this past week to provide testimony and details of this supposed hack.

There are so many holes in this Russian hacking theory we won’t waste time citing them all but it is rather amusing to watch the desperation of the cabal leading up to the EC vote. They’ve even invoked their elitist shills in Hollywood to produce a video of actors imploring the electors to change their votes. It seems they still haven’t gotten the message that the rest of America could care less what overpaid, irrelevant, out of touch liberals think. One has to believe this will only harden the resolve of the Trump electors much to the chagrin of the liberal cabal.

Lastly, the Liar in Chief, in his final press conference (hopefully), weighed in on the subject of Russian hacking, stating he told Putin in September to “cut it out” in his last meeting with the Russian president.

Cut it out?

Let’s face facts, Putin has OWNED the sissy boy in the White House for 8 years and continues to do as he wishes without concern over what Obama will do. The Kenyan is too busy drawing lines in the sand and then running away when they’re crossed. He’s more concerned with pushing gender neutral bathrooms in schools. Or meeting with members of BLM in the White House to further undermine race relations in the US. Or patting himself on the back for an anemic economy after doubling the debt to $20 trillion. Or playing golf.

Cut it out? Obama continues to be spineless to the very end.

January 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough as this fraudulent, incompetent hustler is finally relegated to irrelevance when Trump is sworn in as our 45th President.

“Russian hacking”- NO PROOF
As mentioned in the Electoral College section of this report, the cabal lapdogs in the Democratic Party and their controlled media operatives at the NY Times and the Washington Post have “leaked” information from completely unnamed “government sources” that the Russian hacking affected the election results. Interestingly enough, not one of the Agency heads, including John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (NSA) or James Comey (FBI) have publicly acknowledged, confirmed or provided evidence or proof that this has occurred. The Agencies refused to send representatives to Congress last week to testify on the matter and it’s shameful that the Liar in Chief and other government officials including the MOP have treated this lie as fact.  Interestingly enough, even Clapper and Brennan, who have lied to Congress in previous testimony, will not weigh in on this subject under oath. Ironies too, continue to pervade as Brennan was caught in a lie when he denied that his Agency was hacking the Senate staffers looking into the CIA’s torture methods and Clapper lied when he denied that the NSA was spying on ALL American’s emails and phone conversations. Comey….well, we know about Comey so all this chatter about Russian hacking is baseless.

Notice the reasons cited for not briefing Congress on the matter is because “the review isn’t complete”. If the review isn’t complete then how is the conclusion of the review already determined? This ploy is obviously aimed solely to convince enough Electoral College voters to either change their vote or cast it for someone other than Trump.

Lastly, where is the FBI and why are they doing nothing in view of a number of electors stating they’ve received death threats to their person and families?

On cue, the government sub-contractors in both the House and Senate have eagerly jumped on the Russian hacking bandwagon, predictably, including such notable Republican shills as Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Mitch McConnell and of course the cabal’s golden boy, Paul Ryan. Whenever needed to further the narrative of the MOP, their strings are simply pulled and they engage the talking points of their masters in the shadows. Expect this to continue after Trump is inaugurated and despite the Republican members of both houses pledging allegiance to the party and the new President, they will undermine his agenda and the will of the people who voted him into office at every turn.

Forged birth certificate
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao’s cold posse finished a five year investigation confirming what most already knew, the birth certificate offered by the Liar in Chief is, in essence just like him, a fraud. Two forensic document examiners, one in Hawaii and the other in Italy, arrive at the exact same conclusion that the birth certificate proffered by Soetoro back in 2011 is a forgery. Sheriff Arpaio indicated he would forward his investigation to the Federal government and Congress for review but we are expecting them to do exactly what they’ve done for the last 8 years.


They are all complicit in this fraud, both sides of the aisle, and they will continue to ignore this issue and run out the clock until January 20. Sheriff Arpiao stated he had more “sensitive” information that would not be released; most likely it includes the social security number fraudulently utilized by the occupier of the White House. We can only hope when the Kenyan leaves office and is no longer afforded the protection of the office of President that the new Justice Department will pursue him with vigor.

Latest from Oregon
Portland, Oregon continues to be the example of deception of the liberal Democrats in this country as reports of a Christmas party where a piñata created to resemble Trump was hanged in effigy and attacked with a baseball bat while party goers yelled “lynch him!” Predictably, this has not been reported in the leftwing liberal newspaper, The Oregonian, nor has any MOP site disclosed this. It’s become apparent that the party of inclusion and tolerance is actually the party of haters and violence.

If this had happened in December, 2008, it would’ve been reported as what it is, racism, and blasted all over the evening news and calls for hate crimes to be established or used against the perpetrators would’ve reached a fever pitch. But since it happened in Oregon and was instigated by the sore loser liberals, not a peep.

Fake News update
We could write books on the pathetic and treasonous tenure of Harry Reid but we’d have to interrupt our celebration of his retirement from the Senate to do so and the effort would be redundant. However, his retirement party brought out Hillary Clinton to speak and what did she talk about? Yes, fake news. While Democrats were nostalgic about Harry’s retirement and Republicans were celebrating, Hillary couldn’t resist her moment in the limelight to caution us about fake news and “malicious false propaganda.” Admittedly an odd subject to be discussing during a retirement party for a colleague but when you’re about to be exposed for the satanic rituals and pedophilia you engage in, you take every opportunity to debunk the truth and attempt to throw the dogs off your trail.

Megyn Kelly has emerged as the MOP’s newly appointed Queen of Disinformation as she ran an interview last week of Comet Ping Pong owner James Alfantis, utilizing her weak talents and unconvincing rhetoric to confer sympathy on Alfantis, this poor business owner who has fallen victim to fake news. As the cabal gets more and more desperate to derail the oncoming train called justice, more and more of their puppets will surface and reveal themselves. The times of exposure continue.

Lastly, the shooter at Comet Ping Pong, Edgar Maddison Welch, has been exposed as another crises actor in this latest false flag offered by the cabal to disguise their misdeeds. Mr. Welch has an IMdB page and his father has ties to charities involving children which give rise to many unanswered questions. Another question is, given the gun grabbing DC liberals, how can someone go into a public restaurant, shoot the place up and be arrested without being shot and killed?

Finally, we ask our readers to report information they have relating to satanic rituals or pedophilia in their areas involving government officials, politicians and/or media. We will follow up and report any developments.

British diplomat claims he saw leaked emails

CNN Anchor melts down over voter fraud discussion

Election fraud in Nevada

Voter fraud in Michigan


  1. I have it from a personal source that the Comet Pizza event that happened in D.C. was NOT a set-up FF. It was legitimate.

    I live in North Carolina. I was in Salisbury, where the guy is from, just two days after it happened. I was with one of my customers and she knows I'm politically active, awake and aware. She brought it up, said she had been consumed with seeing things about it all over the internet and the claims it was a FF.

    She is the long-time best friend of the guy's sister and she's known the family for a long time. They are legitimately involved in trying to rescue children from these situations. Just because they had made a film in no way meant they were actors and particularly not crisis actors and that's it's all been distorted.

    She claims the reason he fired his gun was to break a lock that he thought went to the forbidden areas where they abuse children.

    I'd like you to correct your information, unless there's some additional knowledge my customer is not aware of.

    1. I also heard that it was a real gun and that he went straight to shoot the COMPUTERS (no doubt to destroy the evidence of whats on them)

  2. Your future election proposals are sound, but im surprised they have been proposed so late? But then, I only found out the other day doing some reading that, one of our best presidents JFK, was tied to the MOB, earned his family fortune illegally, had no problem protecting his interests when in office, and was killed not because of his desire to shut down the CIA, but simply because he stepped on the wrong toes in the MOB (relating to alcohol, sex, and trade). So real progress hasn’t been forthcoming for a long while.
    “Require a photo ID for all elections” – I have always resented this ever since Bush began the TSA so that everyone has to be treated like criminals just to travel (photo taken on a camera like orwells 1984, fingerprint taken which is genetic ID which is too invasive for my liking as just a normal citizen, and now they have mandatory frisking and body machines where you have to raise your hands like youre surrendering and get a huge dose of radiation then groping). Why cant your passport and a recent utility bill suffice? It does in France and most of Europe so why not in the US? Dead people and illegals don’t/shouldnt have passports and bills.
    I also think all tax loopholes to charities should be stopped. That way the cabal cant get around paying taxes or doing their misdeeds under the veil of “charity/foundation”. Charities have never benefitted anyone so it shouldn’t be hard convicting the people of this.
    In the UK, major satanic hubs are Norfolk for the elites like the queen where dead body parts appear nearly every other month in the woods (which is a shame because that area is very beautiful, yet all privately owned by the royals), obviously London, and a major hub of freemasonic trickery is Newcastle where the mob hides behind the veneer of nightclubs.


  3. Like the 13th floor in a high-rise, White Hats #48 was skipped.

    Where is it? When will it be published? Why the reluctance to publish it?

    Was it a bluff?

  4. Wikileaks, anyone?

    After giving the matter due consideration, I have wondered if the White Hats would be open to sharing #48 with Julian Assange and If FEAR of reprisal or some other FEAR is the overriding issue, letting Wikileaks do the dirty work could maintain the White Hats anonymity. Wikileaks has repeatedly demonstrated that it is both fearless and bold. Wikileaks does not offer endless threats to make a huge disclosure, followed by silence. Unlike White Hats, Wikileaks beats no drum in advance of a delivery, it just delivers and "lets the chips fall where they may."

    If White Hats #48 truly has something meaningful and consequential, truths that NEED to be disclosed, maybe Wikileaks is a better means to that end. After all, Wikileaks has a high-profile, international presence and is in the news regularly, while White Hats has become totally irrelevant.

    Over four years ago, Tman told Kerry Cassidy that every release from White Hats made the rounds in DC until it was determined who might be affected by that disclosure, but that was over 52 months ago. That's right, 52 months!!! In the meantime, White Hats has failed to deliver #48, or anything close to it, AND White Hats has lost its bully pulpit. That is the issue now.

    What White Hats HAS done is prove that threats of releasing #48 have no effect. In the several releases during 2016, White Hats has withered to nothing more than a political talking head, drowned in a sea of other talking heads. White Hats' opinions and disclosures are not much more than any other non-leftist might extol.

    What little the White Hats have to say is all true, but the public would demur, agree that it's all true, but object that it is meaningless, like the White Hats has become.

    Wikileaks has the courage to do what needs to be done, if #48 is what it has been touted to be. One thing is certain, it can't do less than the White Hats have done.

    What say ye, White Hats?

  5. Thank you WH's..... may you each find time to enjoy Christmas with family and fruends.

    I really do want to know if Assange is safe and alive. For sure....?

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      This time, it took nearly two weeks for the first spam to show up. Even spammers consider the White Hats blog to be of no interest.

      White Hats has lost its edge, its followers, and its relevance.

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  8. Beware of the links in the "hatschina" post.

    They lead directly to a VIRUS!

    White Hats has deteriorated to that point!


  9. You are suggesting deleting voters out of State? do you mean delete Absentee out of State voters? This list includes US military and expats living and working abroad. I do not agree with your proposal. Absentee Ballots have to be verified with US passport identity, SS and address verification etc.

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