Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016 – White Hats Report #54 – It’s now or never

We had a long, detailed report prepared, analyzing the two debates and the aftermath and the points and counterpoints and after writing three pages of information that, in review, should already be obvious to our readers, we decided to shift gears, step back and reassess our message.

We have issued 54 reports in 6 years, some lengthy with attachments and details, others with concepts and ideals and still others with just raw information. We have written about the cabal and the many players involved including both sides of the political aisle. It should be obvious that we’ve been clear in our identification of the crime families who run the political parties in the US. They’ve occupied the White House for over 30 years with the exception of the last eight, an aberration due to the perceived need by the cabal to speed up the moral decay of the country.

We’ve revealed Vatican Bank accounts and balances which included both political parties, we’ve revealed the Falcone theft which included conspirators from both political parties and we’ve revealed the $15T fraudulent transfer of funds to Pureheart Investments, LTD. in Europe…which once again, included both political parties. The pattern is obvious.

We have sent information regarding the above issues to all members of Congress and in the Falcone case, the US Supreme Court. This was in the form of flash drives which included documents and supporting evidence. The silence has been defeaning. Not surprising but still, disappointing nonetheless. So this means all 535 elected politicians in DC are aware of the crimes of fraud and theft committed by the cabal on the citizens of the US. Taking no action makes them ALL accomplices after the fact for not reporting a crime. It’s called misprision of felony. It would be prudent to mention that the majority of the 535 members of Congress are lawyers as are the 9 members of SCOTUS. Of course we can’t forget about the mainstream media which is not only complicit in these crimes for not reporting them but also derelict criminally by aiding and abetting in the cover up after the fact.

It’s also become obvious to the majority of Americans that their government is corrupt and does not represent them in any way but rather the special interests (aka corporations) and financial institutions that control the planet. We’ve had numerous discussions on how to fix the problem, take back our country and restore the Republic. It starts with arrests, massive arrests that would include hundreds if not thousands of government officials, corporate officers and most importantly, bank officials and employees EN MASSE. This conclusion was always reached after various individuals were considered for assuming a leadership position only to be disqualified due to the above issues of already being criminals themselves.

The question becomes, who will make these arrests? We always knew the answer and it would stay the same until changes at the top were made but there seemed only two ways to do that, either, once again, make arrests or, vote the criminals out. The latter would lead us right back to the earlier discussion of WHO would step forward and take the lead in restoring the Republic. Sadly, we could not identify one single candidate from the government or political specter.

It was our hope that our exposures of criminal theft and fraud and even treason in some cases, would bring attention to bear on these issues and either force law enforcement to start investigations and eventually make arrests or some in the alternative media to bring the exposure to light. The more information we released, the more entrenched the cabal became. It should be obvious by the lack of prosecution of HRC in the email situation that the DOJ is political as well.

It should also be obvious that there are rules of law that ONLY apply to a certain segment of the population, the largest segment that is the common person. The person who works hard to put food on the table and a roof over their head and if they’re lucky, might get to take a week vacation in the summer. The rest of the population, small in both number and percentage, are shielded from all laws and regulations and are allowed to use and abuse the larger segment for their own enrichment.

How long will we sit back and observe all of this as if it’s some movie made for our entertainment? How long will we sit back and hope for someone else to step up and fill the leadership void and battle the cabal? How long will we sit back and think that as this country continues to go down the road to ruin that it won’t ultimately affect us or our descendants?

The time is now to act because if we don’t, the options going forward get severely narrowed. Options that no one wants to consider.

The Clinton crime family in collusion with the Bush crime family has now completely revealed themselves in the current presidential election. The media is openly complicit is this ruse, elevating a parking ticket level offense by Trump into a major felony while continuing to downplay HRC’s treason and capital offenses into a jaywalking violation.  The HRC agenda is simply a continuation of the current direction of the country, which, to coin a phrase, is a slow motion train wreck. If HRC gets elected, she’ll put the pedal to the metal and speed the process to the point where this country will be unrecognizable in four years. Citizens of the US: Is this what you want?

Many of our readers have asked us over the years what kind of action they could take to assist in the restoration of the Republic.  The answer has always been: spread the word, get involved and make a difference in your community and state. THE TIME IS NOW.

The biggest irony of the presidential election, and there are plenty here, is that Donald Trump is the product of the laws, regulations, policies and practices of the DC corporation.  Congress enacts tax codes for all forms of taxes to collect from the public and Trump takes advantage of these regulations to build a business empire.  Politicians take campaign contributions from individuals and businesses to enter the good ole boy’s club and Trump uses it to his advantage and builds a business empire. Congress passes ridiculous trade agreements that favor corporations and Trump takes advantage and again, builds a business empire.             

The good part of this election is that the cabal and cabal minions, supporters and enablers are revealing themselves in huge numbers as their desperation grows by the day. The mainstream media is leading the charge and remember that they are the ones who conduct, control and release the bogus “polling” numbers on a daily basis. The creating our reality part of the equation is falling apart and the ridiculous polls are a very important part of that process. They release a poll conducted on 500 registered voters or 446 registered voters or 1,231 registered voters and based on that, they can predict how a state will vote and therefore, the Electoral College tally for the election.

This is wrong and abhorrent on so many levels it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

Some of the voters in the US don’t like Trump for various reasons and he is surely not at the top of many people’s wish list for President. But he has stepped up; put his family and his own safety on the line to fight the cabal’s stranglehold of this country.  Is anyone else willing to do this? It doesn’t appear so as Trump has now not only taken on the Democrats but the Republican hacks as well. Isn’t this what we all have been waiting for? Someone to challenge both parties with the potential opportunity and position to do something about it? Think about it. If not Trump, who? If not now, when?

When you fantasize about someone, anyone coming in to save the day, who is it that you envision doing that? One of the many politicians who’ve already sold us out to banks and special interests? Or maybe one of the government bureaucrats who get paid handsomely for doing the cabal’s dirty work in an official capacity? Or perhaps one of the many former politicians (lawyers) who periodically work for the lobbyists and corporations they enrich while in elected office? Who?

In the last debate, he finally talked openly about all the crimes and lies of HRC and stated he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton crime family. Would this maybe result in the arrests we’ve all been calling for the past few years? And count on HRC giving up a long list of co-conspirators if she’s indicted. We know HRC supports TPP which would finish the US economy if Obamacare doesn’t do it first and she continues to lie and deny that this is the case. She wants open borders which will continue to decimate this country and hasten our demise.

It’s laughable that the Clinton crime family attempts to blame Russia for the continual stream of leaked emails that expose their true mission to continue down a path of destruction for the US. It should be apparent to everyone who is releasing the emails and why and it will probably continue until the election and beyond.

Looking Ahead

We will continue with our weekly release of information as we are compiling date on several issues that, in our usual style, will expose the cabal’s crimes and frauds perpetrated on the US citizens and the world.

We cannot allow the election to be manipulated or rigged by either of the political parties. If we want to be represented in this election, there are things that we can do to participate and one of them in downloading PollMole to our phones and taking part in the exit polls that will be conducted on November 8. We need everyone reading this, and everyone you know to download this free app and help ensure this election is won by the candidate the people choose, not the one chosen by the cabal.

The esteemed inventor of PollMole, Dr. Richard Davis, recently was interviewed again Saturday night by John B. Wells on his Ark Midnight show and will be interviewed tonight at 10 PM EST by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

We urge our readers and everyone in their circle of friends, family and acquaintances to share this information. The PollMole apps for both Android and Apple are available for download.


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    1. Well said Paladin.

      Those of us from the outside wish you all the best of luck and God's speed. HRC in the Oval Office will be the end. The complete and total bastardization of what the founding fathers envisioned.

      Your Alamo....

    2. It is a very simple solution..... The Police have the right to arrest. The states rights are still in place. This is a huge situation that that there is simple solution. This is the actual reason that the simple factions of Stats Rights still are in place. It is up to GOVERNORS, LAWYERS AND TO POLICE.

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  3. Your good work in bringing information to light over the years is highly commendable. However your solution is dumbfounding. In my opinion you have been brainwashed by half of the corrupt establishment into hating/fearing the other half. You are blinded by your male orientation and apparent annal retentive moral coding(see your moral decay statement above).
    I would be somewhat interested in your observation concerning the recent debate. What I saw was a near maniacal male individual stalking and attempting to physically intimidate a female person a foot shorter and many pounds lighter. I found myself experiencing the flight/fight response as I wanted to enter the screen and stop this obvious assault. All it needed was the Jaws theme to complete the picture. I believe this man is seriously disturbed, the degree to which will continue to be revealed.
    With all due respect, I frankly can't understand the blind loyalty demonstrated by some of the man's followers.

    1. There is NO Debate here! The Clintons are criminals! Gender has nothing to do with this conversation! Good Day!!

    2. They are ONLY criminals if you like such outdated and outmoded details as facts and evidence, which are amazingly abundantly available in non-MSM. The FACTS are, for example, that the FBI stated clearly that career criminal Hillary, esp. as secy of state, broke the laws and the very state secret agreements she acknowledged and signed when she became Secy of State hundreds/thousands of times with what she did, that she lied dozens if not hundreds of times to them and other investigators, as did her employees/aides/etc. Yet b/c she is the darling of the FBI overlords, of those that could put the hurt on them or put them out of (or keep them in) their positions of power, influence, and money, nothing was done...NOTHING!!! punishment whatsoever!!!!!

      The problem is that what is most important it would appear to still a very large portion of the sheeple of this nation is the propaganda, the lies, spin, and obfuscation, that comes from the Ministry of Truth, the western mainstream media (MSM), worse than Hitler's Ministry of Propaganda.

      These do not understand, and it would appear generally do not want to understand, that it is controlled by 6 families, ALL of whom are part of the "elite" (I like the term one writer uses--the "eleeches"). They control the content completely, and they, and their other bankster and globalist cohorts in above-the-law crime are completely behind their conscienceless, ubergreedy, warmongering, sociopathic liar Hillary, and have gladly filled the coffers of the HillBillSlushF(o)und(ation) to overflowing for access, classified information, and the "right" votes/support on the "right" subjects at the "right" times...all in their benefit, of course.

      Those still believing that all is well and don't worry be happy, all like to believe that after watching the 6P or 11P news and reading their local MSM-controlled newspaper/electronic news board/etc, they are informed and now know more than the "uninformed masses."

      But they don't realize that they are simply a part of the problem--they are part of the MIS-informed masses that "know" they know the truth b/c of those few minutes watching the tele or reading Yahoo or MSNBC or CNN or any of the primetime MSM "news" distributors on their computer or iPad or Droid or whatever.

      And their is no ignorance worse than arrogant ignorance, an ignorance that refuses to even consider that it knows nothing of the truth...often even after the fact. Sad, sickening, disgusting...and probably in the end disastrous for this country.

  4. What really bothers me is that we are even asked to take responsibility for stopping the world's biggest, greediest, deadliest racketeering mobs. Does this sound totally impossible to anyone else? It sounds great in print, tho.

    But what about reality, and mind control? Not trolling, just looking for the truth. What is it really??

    I am beginning to think I refuse to accept responsibility for all the evil in the world, And that some evil is meant/destined to happen, completely without input from good. They even murdered the last savior from God, for Christ's sake!

    Yes, this has been going on forever.

  5. I do not think either canidate is acceptable. And your vote doesnt count anyway so why fact I think a national boycott of the election would speak volumes perhaps a boycott on income tax as well would arouse the sheeple. The government is small and we the people are louder and larger, they cannot have it their way anymore

    I am eternally grateful for the data dumps I have been asking my spirit guides for this as I thought the reports would awaken the populace to crimes of our dirty, corrupt goverment.
    It is true that manifestation works and our personal guides have heard the cry. Next should be a visit from ourr sisters and brother of the stars and not a secret clandestine backalley meeting but a real live daytime meet and greet. Perhaps then the sheeple would demand justice. Revelations means to reveal and we must ask our guides to ask nicely for a homecoming event that will be historical and in your face. Or else I fear our case is lost.
    So please lets see you at last in real time and lets meet at sunrise.. lets greet you with love and laughter. and dance. Please come and stand with us as we watch DCs house of cards come tumbling down. I for one cant wait any longer and we the people have been patient far too long.

  6. There is only one man in the world to make America great again and that is Vladimir Putin and he has to do it his way. America is so worthless with the morons in every part of society, that I can't think of one honest leader. We the People have nothing now and it is going to collapse and probably never come back. The only other beings would be ascended masters like St. Germaine. The most disgusting thing is that the cabal continues to exist on this planet, therefore nothing will change in the US. You white hats are a huge disappointment. Why do you exist? These criminals do not deserve justice but to be beheaded as quickly as possible. America has become the land of the cowards. I vomit everytime I hear the Star Spangled banner(all hypocrisy.) I don't know what else to say but I do look forward to death!

    1. Putting faith in Putin is near sighted American think, "we can't do it so he must." Putin risked all to get where he is and he is battling the same entity the white hats are - making it a 2 front war. That is more than we could ask for.
      iliad7 - I have been contacted. St. Germain is not even remotely powerful enough to change policy on Earth, none of the ascended masters are. The universe has soldiers. Their whole agenda is seated in not revealing their presence. Guess what dude? They aint coming, they have made that clear as shit to me. Just letting you know to quit believing in faraway entities, you have within yourself to make a difference. Lets team up and take down BoA or any other sinister establishment.

    2. Iliad 007
      We all agree with the US Cabal issues, but its a huge and complex issue addressed daily over at OWON. Many like minds are active.
      Trust that there are very serious, dedicated and caring Patriots acting for all nations, seeking a new direction. Dislodging this louse infestation takes time, they have been burying themselves in for a century. Also the poor mass education system has blinded most Americans to the reality of what has been, and is daily , stolen from them.

      It will take time to try to turn this mass flotsam Tramp Ship of State around. There is also a lot of Foreign influence from the Vatican to Israel which has created this sad mess.
      WHR and others are active defending and its good to see WHR getting back to fighting again. The fact that you chose to have an active voice is encouraging. Your speaking up is another voice which matters.

  7. Two sides to every coin. If interested take a look at the "higher" perspective: You Tube christine preston and Ascended Twin Flame Andre

  8. Why don't the White Hate use the tactics of the Cabal. Being they are all guilty of TREASON. It is time to terminate there involvement. I am sure if you started a crusade. After about 25 of them are gone. The rest of them will leave.

    Semper Fidelis

  9. Don Brickham - yes sir I am with you. Rock of the Marne.
    WHR - Great view on Trump using the cabalists regulatory codes to his advantage. My view for reform is to simply take out the problems. It is a traditional practice and therefore not so extreme as we would imagine, in addition it was US policy according to our founding fathers. In addition they kill us daily. Target corrupt officials at any level, bankers, corporate moguls and elitists like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and the media, lying to the public should be a crime. In addition the sinister government agencies who ruin our planet and lives. How could we let them carry on? I cannot take out a chemtrail jet or eliminate a banking CEO, it would take teamwork.
    The other way is to initiate mass arrests. I do not see any problem with blanket arrests, we certainly have the prison space for them. Why such a path was disseminated and not acted upon baffles me, people should know not to announce their intentions. Personally I would salivate at the opportunity to take out certain people, seems like I am not alone.
    I quit voting after Obama although I'll give poll mole a try. I'll also volunteer for service as I do not want to live on this planet anymore, I'm willing to die on my feet before I live on my knees. I'm 49, work all the time, and frequently moved during the past several years and can barely keep S1000 in my bank account. I also do not watch TV at all. We could start a think tank for average people and vets who have had it. Cooperation from the people is extremely powerful and a method we have not used.