Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015 – White Hats Report #50 - WE’RE BACK!

After much soul searching, it’s been decided to restart The White Hats Report website in an effort to continue the work begun over 4 years and 47 reports ago. At that time, we suspended our reporting as other matters had to take precedence.  In the meantime, Kerry Cassidy graciously provided me blog space on her Project Camelot website wherein I offered submissions periodically for posting and some sites linked to this blog including One World of Nations.

In addition, the furor over our failure to release #48 was addressed in my article entitled “About 48”.  This was written for my blog at Project Camelot’s website in addition to being posted here. In this article, I attempted to clarify (1) Why report #48 was not released as promised; (2) The original purpose and objective of the reports and (3) the targeted audience of the White Hats Reports. I also stated the various reasons why report #48 wasn’t released, in part due to the total apathetic response to the historic speech delivered by Lord David James on February 16, 2012 in the House of Lords.  He described the $15 trillion theft by the Federal Reserve in favor of Pureheart Investments, LTD. At the time, the approximate deficit of the US criminal government’s income tax obligation shortfall obligated future generations of Americans if not cosmetically enhanced.

And not a single word. Not a single investigation or rally or groundswell of outrage to effect change. The silence was and still IS deafening. Seems you all don’t care and condone the corruption of your government and the banksters who own your futures, your children’s future and their children’s future. 

I also stated in “About 48” that just because we didn’t release  #48 then we couldn’t release it in the future. That remains the case but until it appears that support from all corners of the US will be behind it, there’s no reason to even consider such a disclosure. Do we want clean governance and pro active media monitoring? 

This time around, our focus will not be on the cabal or the politician/law enforcement/judiciary/corporate crowd as they have displayed before the world exactly where they stand by doing absolutely nothing about the deep corruption of the financial system. Our focus this time will be you, the readers. After my response to a troll blogger at another site went semi-viral, being dubbed “Paladin’s Manifesto” by Kerry at Project Camelot, the response from you, the readers, has been overwhelming. It’s both humbled and heartened me and is the impetus behind us resuming the battle in a very public and directed way. Also, we have the backing of key, well placed senior entities whose probity is beyond question. 

There’s no room for egos in the battle against the cabal as it fractures, divides and distracts us from our main goal and that remains total freedom. Joining hands and forces with other warriors in the battle to break the chains of our slavery is the ultimate goal.   

“The Matrix is a system, Neo”

The tax system, the social media system, the government health care system, the political system, the banking system, the welfare system and all the other “systems” form the invisible prison we live in today. Through the owned media rock stars, these systems are introduced, promoted and defended by the ever running Agency run propaganda machine.  As good slaves, we all buy into the control mechanism that keeps us in chains.

“But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.”

We’ve become the shining example of “boiling the frog”. We take the bait of social media or the health care system and immerse ourselves in THEIR matrix, like a mindless fish, swallowing the bait hook, line and sinker.  Rather than give pushback every time they tried to take an inch, we’ve sat back and allowed the inches to turn into feet and now it’s a mile every time a new piece of the agenda (21) is introduced.  And we continue to adapt without even voicing objections, too busy with latest twitter trend or checking our facebook accounts to be bothered. We have become enraptured with mediocrity. 

“But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.”

With the water getting a bit hotter and we learn to adapt to less freedom, we start to espouse their immoral views and stances, further taking ourselves down that dark hole to the abyss, soon to be unable to think for ourselves or do for ourselves,  completely dependent on the puppet Masters to determine our entire existence. As they have planned and programmed society today.

“And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.

We give in to their immoral codes and satanic rituals, soon adopting them as our own because it’s the politically correct thing to do, violating nature’s laws and the Creator’s laws in the process…..to our own detriment.


Those of you who’ve gotten wind of our restarting this blog were perhaps hoping we had something positive to announce, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The cold, harsh reality is, things are bad and they’re going to get much worse unless we all take action. The Chinese are in a battle against the European bloodline families for control of the financial system and given they’ll be backing it up with gold, who do you think will win? And they won’t be saving the US or you in the process, we HAVE to save ourselves.  If we continue smoking the hopium promoted by the mainstream media and the cabal’s internet shills, we’ll be the ones left standing when the music stops.


The positive response to my “Manifesto” has rallied the “troops” to give it one more try, one last attempt to right the wrongs, set things straight and take back our country, lives and heritage. So it’s time to decide whether you wish to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Those of you who wish to lead, it’s time to step up, be counted and make a difference. We’ve sat around the campfire and discussed the response of the public to all the rumored mass arrests. I’ve got news for you, it isn’t happening.  Who will do the arresting? The same corrupt law enforcement gangs who’ve allowed the criminals to build their empire in the last 100+ years? The same politicians who are beholden to the puppet masters for their government stipend funded by the taxpayers?

If you wish to follow or support, then we will assist with that in every way possible.
And for those of you who need to get out of the way…..if you aren’t for us, you’re against us. If you “fight to protect it” as Morpheus says, you’ll become our enemy as well.  If your children and grandchildren aren’t important enough to save, then GET OUT OF THE WAY.

The world we live in is changing rapidly and if we want a seat at the table to determine our future, we need to act NOW. Rest assured there will be a sorting out process in the coming weeks and months to determine the new direction of the country and the world. 

Times have not stood still. Other warriors of freedom in the fight with us, have affected major gains in Global relationship development, and have a freedom window of dialog into the foremost Asian policy debating groups. The very relationships we need to be cultivating if we are to have any representative consideration in the new, emerging and fast changing world evolving in ways diametrically opposed to the Cabal and corrupted Western Fiscal systems of control. We have good Allies, we are not alone.

We have a window of opportunity that will not stay open forever so the time to ACT is NOW.


  1. Welcome back.

    We are with you, we are many and we grow more each day.

    The revival of the WHR will only exponential that.

    1. Thank you canauzzie!!!

      It's time the People to take back their countries!!!

    2. I'm ready , now is the time,they're playing their last hand & it is a loosing/bluffing hand.we awakened warriors are not & can not be bluffed.we will hunt them all down 1 by 1 and I have my own cuffs or whatever they choose,no sweat from me ,prison or a last stand ..draw...

    3. This is good , lots of people finally wakeing up.Putin gets voted most popular in the west.there it is , they lost the disimformation war on the people.the tide is about to turn.

    4. This is good , lots of people finally wakeing up.Putin gets voted most popular in the west.there it is , they lost the disimformation war on the people.the tide is about to turn.

    5. there might be 3% of the population that are awake, those whom have taken the 'red' pill. by the time Mother Earth 'splits' the percentage might grow to 4%, those who have taken the 'blue' pill will remain in 3rd Density. the rest will ascend to 5th and beyond. thrilled to have our 'family' grow in this Evolution of Consciousness. we are blessed.

    6. I am looking for others, that are awake like me. My awakening started when I was about 25, with dreams. To me they felt very real. I still have strange dreams that seem like the future.
      I am very aware of most, I am still on this journey to find answers. Please how do I contact u?

  2. Long overdue and much needed. Doing nothing will leave the laid back Sheeple with nothing. Freedom is NOT free. America is now at a Crossroads and losing the lot is a real option. Nations need to converge as civilised minds and sort this mess. Politicians are all bought and grease bag Dopes, who can be trusted with nothing, look at their last centuries track record. Your right to survive is now in question. Is this mess what you leave to your children? Too damned late then! Your watch, YOU sort it.

  3. John and Canauzzie

    And thanks to the both of you for keeping the torch lit and the fires burning while we've been away.

  4. White Hat Reporters glad you are back. You're needed by all of us little people. Many Thanks for the reports over the last few years. They helped open the door a crack.

    1. You are giants in disguise as "little people". Agrandise yourselves beautiful awakened north americans!!! You can do it...we, the rest of this continent always resisted the cabal, but through their hollywwod mafia zionits dividing us all as brothers and sisters succeded for a bit brainwashing you to extremes. an example; kkk, and "patriot acts " but NO MORE!!! We will not be "the cabals back patio and our women their recreation. Be safe be well! Receive light, joy and HERCULES POWER AND STRENGHT! So be it!?!

  5. I am fairly new to this fight. I suppose I have always felt it though. I am looking forward to lending a shoulder. What can I do?
    I would love some foundational steps to take. I want my children to know freedom.

    1. Hi I am willing to share w u email anytime liss2bliss@yahoo.com

  6. Reblogging at WHA shortly.....

    A lot has been accomplished in the meantime in some ways. A lot of the false information on just what the WGS/GCR/RV is has been corrected and many are now shifting away from the huxters and talk show charlatanism that was dominating the "RV audience". The time is ripe to fill the vacuum left by replacing it with truth and fact-based reporting on just what the WGS will comprise and what the man on the street will realistically expect, and what he needs to DO other than sit around waiting for promises of cash.

    I am glad you are back!

    1. It might interest you to know that millions of us out here in the hinterlands do not know the meanings of the acronyms you use and would very much appreciate some enlightenment.

    2. WGS - World Global Settlements.

      GCR - Global Currency Reset.

      RV - Revaluation

    3. How about LYING, SCAM, ARTISTS? these acronyms must surely be at the top of your list. PS: Do you know where I can buy some Iraqi dinars?

  7. I'm with Brett. I talk with people about this mess were are in and they think I am nuts. What are constructive steps to take to bring public awareness to these issues?

    1. I've learned to be careful who I talk too. Remember they want us to be stupid. We are not dealing with normal people anymorehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL9GBJHyZ3futtZGo-F5mJZdclJQqVrZ9h&v=F1pqEocCc5w

    2. Good post HoneyBee, he had a good presentation. Not much has happened here in months.

  8. Great; just what was needed! Thanks!

  9. John & Brett

    Welcome to the battle! We will be offering suggestions, strategies and action plans over the next few weeks to assist with making the long overdue changes necessary in the US and the rest of the world.

    Sprinkled and seasoned of course with our normal intel dumps.

    1. Excellent... Glad to be part of the revolution!

  10. My question is: what more can I do?

    After taking on the IRS for the last 15 years, I'm a forced pauper - I can hold no property, have no bank account, nor even have a job (I refuse to pay the IRS one single cent, and haven't paid them anything since 2000). Every day is a walk on the razor's edge of being able to survive. I have two boys, and a wife with cancer.

    Sharing information as to the daily atrocities, 9/11 truth, etc., seems to fall on deaf ears. The people in this pro-government state don't really want to wake up. And why not, that's their paycheck that'd be lost if they did.

    And everyone else is of the opinion that if Authority doesn't tell them it is so, then it isn't so - despite evidence to the contrary.

    Yes, I am frustrated with all of this.

    So, what more can I do?

    1. You might want to look at Peter Hendrickson's site: losthorizons.com for your tax troubles or go to his site and see what is on there that can help you. We get into tax trouble because we don't understand the LAW and the irs will not help you because they have a reason to not obeying it. I won't take up the space to explain all of this but his is the ONLY site that tells it like it is. the other site you need to go to, to really find out what you need to do to help is: annavonreitz.com. Education of the FACTS is what people really need to understand what is going on. I've wasted too many years and time following all of the "freedom gurus" out there that only had a LITTLE bit of the Truth but not the whole picture. These 2 websites will do a lot to educate and get us out of the problems we have, but you have to know how to go about it and how we got into this mess.

  11. I'm glad to see this. I too have been frustrated. I began my "awakening" five years ago, maybe a little more. I have taken to the streets with other like-minded Americans, not in protest though, rather we took to the streets in our area to educate others. Some have taken our hand, and have tagged along, other's well they're still brainwashed and think that it's the D or R behind a name that matters, and either refuse to or are afraid to see the whole picture.

    Look forward to reading more of your thoughts. Thank you again from myself and my family for all of your tireless work and sacrifice.

  12. We must continue the good fight, we're in this together

    When things were quiet,I know I was trying, (and many others as well) to continue getting the message out, and do believe there are more eye's opening.

    I won't go into detail here, it would be preaching to the choir.

    Please know this, that torch has be constant and it did not flicker here.

    Really pleased to see and hear the return, most welcome, appreciated, and supported!!

  13. In the old psychology, partnered with the weathered worn-out religions of conditional response, we are repeatedly and consistently taught and re-enforced to be schizophrenic. Feeling disassociated lately? Not yourself?!

    The real versus pop definition of schizophrenia is "split, separate in two." We are conditioned and behaviorally-modified throughout our lives to believe that we a separate from our Source; separate from each other; that we are at best victims (i.e., "sacrifices"); that all our power and all our very fate are turned on and off by a switch controlled by a sometimes benevolent, sometimes mad-as-hell Invisible Space Being (usually referred to as God).

    It seems as if the cadre of the current “communicative” Invisibles and their physical minions (aerosol sprayers, Glyphosate purveyors & the Breakaway behemoth) are drooling over the possibility of the “Marsification” of our beautiful planet.

    So…what in the hell is a sentient supposed to do? Write pleas to Representatives? Learn how to shoot automatic weapons? Join the matrix wholeheartedly? For me, the soundness of the Tao is the key, i.e., consciously, and with totality, DO NOTHING. The beast has convinced us that WE are the animals in the zoo, when in fact it is they behind the bars. DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS!

  14. So what's the plan of action? Blogging doesn't get it done.

    Neo and Trinity used lot's of guns. I won't do that.

    "One reason why we don’t kill is because we are not used to it. I never killed anybody... but I have had a great deal of satisfaction over many obituary notices that I have read.
    I never got into the habit of killing. I could mention the names of many that it would please me if I could read their obituaries in the paper in the morning." ~Clarence Darrow

  15. HOW RAPID CAN WE MAKE THE RIPPLE of awakening go? As long as people continue to join us in the awakening, the NUMBERS WILL CONTINUE TO MULTIPLY! Once awake, there's no going back to sleep, so keep that ripple spreading, and DO think with a positive mindset. That is quite important, otherwise it's too easy to fall into the feeling of defeat! Do take opportunity to converse with those whom show interest in the subj, but just be careful not to hold anyone 'captive' to conversation, as they may not be ready. Coming off pushy wouldn't be good. Though rallies, if done right, could push awareness up a few notches. Bill Maloney on pedophilia, outside of Parliament, would be a good example. And CONSTITUTIONALIST, "good job!" for taking to the streets, as the streets obviously aren't going to come to us. WHITE HAT REPORTER, will you please elaborate on our 'Window of Opportunity'? "Thank you!"

  16. Animal Planet gave me an idea: a hundred ants brought down the invincible crab. Death by a thousand cuts. Guerilla approach. Would love to talk real but in polite company will refrain. Instead will hint. They release viruses to scare the masses. What would scare the masses away from the control systems? Why has FB been free of such nasties? Release the comorbidities associated with vaccination. Could a msm editor be persuaded to disclose?

    As for me I look fwd to being part of the building crew. New education spaces for free minds.
    1. I visited the Da Vinci exhibition in Sao Paulo last week. A whole space of his contraptions to play with including multimedia tables like Minority Report. THAT is what I call a classroom. No whiteboard. :) Let the kids loose with an objective to design a machine of their own. They will work it out and learn heaps.
    2. A 3d video game full of real insects, you have to eat the other insects to win and through all the levels you have to know the offensive and defensive capabilities of each. Want to be a spider? Look out for the scorpion. And the worm that shoots glue. This, instead of a classroom curriculum would see kids learn more about biology. Imagine playing vid games for school??

    Strategy: induce collapse and decay on one side, build new systems on the other. I am not a programmer so will need to work with others. So now, what would a school of the future look like?

  17. If you want to DO something http://itnj.org contact@itnj.org

    1. It is nice this is here. It has names active in the site. No time tables. framework is there yet no substance no true action. Would love to make sure the World is aware and people of interest have a method to sign up and sign in.

  18. Very exciting to see you back. Loved your response to the troll ...

    I understand your disappointment in all the work you guys did to produce your reports and get nada for the efforts.

    I agree with your statements above concerning those who are too busy tweeting, etc. It is a frustrating place to be... I know b/c I have been there too. So, you go to your corner and lick your wounds, re-group, and come out fighting again. Just know I will do my part.

    ~Get Real

  19. Compared to 2008, the economy has stabilized, home prices have gone up some, many businesses have recovered, and the stock market has made people a lot of money in their retirement accounts. You and I know that this has only happened because the Fed prints money, and it is a sign of the end game...a last resort maneuver.

    The American people will not awaken in this environment. In fact, no society would rebel in an apparent prosperous environment. However, take away their prosperity and there will be revolution. China, Russia, the BRICS, need to continue their move away from the dollar, and let the US hit the wall that it has been racing towards for a long time now. The American people are too smart, talented, arrogant and spoiled to tolerate an inept government when the system fails. The giant will awake, but not until it has to. As difficult as it will be, the true American spirit is made of greatness.

    1. J-W-, I agree with your main point, that folks will not awaken until they must. Why should they, if they are getting 'medicine' for their diseases, get food via food stamps, etc.

      Only when the money quits flowing from the Federal teat will folks awaken. I think that time is soon.

    2. John G,
      When I talk to people at work about the underlying problems of the stock market they just think I'm being negative, or anti-American. They say, "my account went up 25% last year, and 30 the year before". Just like the 2008 crisis, no one will question anything or demand change until a collapse occurs.

    3. The Matrix has then very duped. They will never take the Red Pill unless they have a need to take the Red Pill and even then when they do you will have Buyers Remorse. Panic and want to betray those that have awoken so they can get put back into the Matrix.

      This needs to be a shutdown of the matrix lock stock and barrel. The whole show shutdown. The Staff in the computer room running the matrix need arrested on the spot and carted off to a holding cell they have no key for and no one guarding them will take a pay off of currency that no longer holds value.

      You see the economy is a bubble. Unemployment is actually in the 40% range. Automation is being put in place to further increase the unimployment.

      More will be jobless and disenfranchised. Homeless in the end. Banksters literally kicking people out of their homes and then getting carted off to the camps to be cared for....

      Shades of Solient Green or Agenda 21 the Book.

      We need them to awake yet they refuse and those that do are too few to make a difference at the moment. We need large numbers here to overwhelm them and take it back all at once. Half measures here will have nothing but a ill will blow back effect.

  20. Count me in...it's worth it...we did not vote for this and just as they have systematically enslaved a population...they can systematically relinquish any control that they think they have.

    It's time...

    Thank you White Hats!!!!

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  23. Paladin, I so appreciate all that you and your fellow white hats do for the better good of us all. With us all having the positive collective conscience thought reverberating throughout the universe, I believe we can change this world for the better good and we will. 'We are the co-creators of our reality using thought as the software through the hardware of the electric universe.'

  24. Well I am of the mind this restructuring has taken far, far too long thus far. We have spread the word talked the talk but still we remain prisoners to the scumbag cabal. We have to get physical, we have to start taking the law into our own hands if there is change to be expected. Let the Mr. Nice guy shit fall by the wayside .....let's start making things happen. As the old saying goes there are three kinds of people ; the kind of people who make things happen, the kind of people who see things happen, and the kind of people who wonder what the hell happened. Which one are YOU ! Time to make the difference.
    Throughout history there has never been great change without great sacrifice end of story. Nothing is going to be done peacefully get that through your head NOTHING.The cabal already know that and are laughing at the dumb chicken shit sheeple as they stand idle and do nothing, all along thinking someone like the White Hats or another group is going to suddenly make the world a better place to live and remove the dark scumbag cabal. Well how's that worked so far folks .......NOT !
    I truly feel people must get together in small groups covertly and take these scumballs out silently and methodically one by one. Once they start disappearing and no one knows how or why or who then sooner than later they will know their number is coming up and cease and desist out of cowardice. That is what they are scumbag chicken shit cowards and currently wasting our good air........time to go. If the good military isn't going to do shit, the police force who are supposed to uphold the law isn't doing shit, and the judicial system is paid off to the point they aren't going to do shit, our playing by the RULES isn’t doing shit we all see where that has gotten us so far. The only thing left is to take matters into our own hands and take them out as in exterminate the cockroaches that they are.
    What, it’s okay for these pieces of shit to chuck bankers off the roof, kill them with nail guns or shoot them in the back of the head three times and have their paid judges call it a suicide while the police do shit, no one is arrested and on an on it goes. Take down the trade towers killing thousands of lives, everyone knows it was an inside job, still nothing is done. Steal our money blatantly time after time year after year ….. through illegal banking procedures world wide get caught and never serve a minute in jail …….one of you try that and see how it works out for ya ! Start wars and have brave sons and daughters march off to fight while they sit comfortably in a safe environment free from harm while these brave soldiers die and return in body bags stuffed with opium/heroine and still nothing happens to the scum. This shit has got to end NOW ! This is the time to make the move people, show these chicken shit low life scum their time in the sun has just ended period. The time for their murdering, lying, cheating thieving bullshit is stopping once and for all …..the hard way.
    White Hats are not going to do this for us, I commend them for their effort and for those that have given the ultimate sacrifice but their efforts are in vain. The time to remove the gloves is long over due. The time for fighting this battle from a desk or with words is finished. The time to watch another fellow human and loved one fall because of their evil, vile, murdering, sociopathic, sick perverted, devil worshipping sacrificial lowlife scum bags ends NOW. So People lets get together and make the change before it goes any further, let’s do it for ourselves, our children and for our grandchildren………stand up and be counted. Let’s git’r’dun as they say. Let’s make this happen. Good luck to everyone who has the balls to take up the cross and take the necessary steps to return our lovely planet of abundance back to normal before it goes any further. The right is on your side ……..just know that in your heart.

    1. Like Egypt last year we need critical mass in DC at least 5 million!
      There are more of us than there are of them.

    2. Nice thought. This Cabal has already stated they have the same creed as Pirates. They Will NOT Stop until the Short Drop and Sudden Stop. You realize that means the Gallows for them. That means they care convicted by the courts and hung in front of the crowd. That is their Creed.

      That does not mean vigilanties . But that could fit with the Short Drop and Sudden Stop.

      George Bush Sr has been quoted as saying if they knew what we were doing to them, we all would be hanging from Light Poles by our necks.

  25. I also am very pleased, relieved, and excited to see this post. From the more metaphysical sources, we are expected to win. Just taking this day by day, keeping our eyes on that goal. We are winning. We are hearing the cabal is worried, and that they are "masters of illusion." They are few, we awakened are many. We have help from unseen places, and anonymous sources. We are winning!!

  26. I have enjoyed the WHA and the OWoN, but I am thrilled that the WHR is back.
    My 11 year old grandson, finally explained to me that the TV show the Walking Dead, represents the majority of folks all around us. He got it!

    Welcome back WHR.

  27. Welcome back PALADIN & T-MAN.
    My current task:
    Waiting for your actionable and practical action plan.
    Dreamlander (Y)

  28. Welcome back. Missed ya. I'm blocked from receiving your reports but I'm still on your mailing list, probably being rerouted where I've had hacking problems, has happened with others. I would like to make a few suggestions. I would like to see a section on your site where people can give information they read or see or know. Steve Quayle has this on his site under Alerts. The various sites going against the NWO and are not troll sites, would be great if all these people could join as one. Need a plan and leadership. Need to know how the cabal block or control and do now to prevent. I think a major is a way where they can't block internet info which includes blog (Facebook not good) and video (YouTube not good) where both known for controlling or Microsoft back doors.,,solutions needed because is what the cabal is trying to control right now, etc. Why don't people stop feeding into the NWO groups, ex if they are a NWO bank then stop using them, if they are a NWO food then stop using them, starve the beast. Make a suggestion and idea section on the blog. I believe peoples eyes are opening up but it appears to be more the younger group than the couch potatoes. A leader is unfortunately needed but if they are in the open they will be destroyed. Know the past, block them from doing the same. ETC

  29. IMO, acts of peaceful civil disobedience at all major FED branches would go a long way. It would only take a couple hundred or so people and a handful of lawyers to make sure no one or nothing gets in or out until solutions to the problems are manifesting themselves. One simple solution is the return of our constitutional treasury will do for now and at the same time and with the same breath call on our military to protect us from our enemies both foreign and domestic.

    I would suggest a concerted effort to reignite the bravery, spirit and efforts of the occupy movement(s) this time with simple and clearly articulated solution(s)/demand(s).

    Nothing and no one in or out until then.


    1. O'bama had fired numerous military top brass. Then the numerous instigated wars in other countries where the U.S. troops are sent. Removing the troops, that have an oath and want to defend their country, leaves the U.S. vulnerable for attack. When the military comes home and wants to leave the service, then many of their guns are removed saying they are all mentally ill and should not have guns. You then have the unsecured borders with foreign troops and cartel coming in or already here. I saw a map where there was plans to split the U.S. and give to other countries. Add killing off the Americans because we are not good slaves. Jade Helm 15, all those military people training, what have they been told - it's just a drill, a drill for Martial Law, etc. There is so much on this subject but other pieces are also there, ex cabal stocking up for their underground bunkers. Then mass objects in the sky being hidden and astronomers being murdered, I've seen some of these pictures, I've also read the military are being set-up where conspiracy sites are blocked from them reading that type of news. They are also programmed to take orders. I'm afraid we are near a civil war with other issues also happening and fortunately the malitia here helped the Bundy ranch and now the gold mines in OR appear to be under attack, all for China. Again this matches that the U.S. is to go to other countries, pre-planned, this state goes to China, this state goes to Mexico, kill off the Americans. Since gun confiscation is happening right now, may want to secure guns, if you have them, my gun was stolen. Also get other type of protection. Figure in also the planned financial collapse. Another is most of the judges falling under the same agenda, think from the Inns of Court, EU.

  30. where have you been?? will share your information. Is White Hats a large group of people? What does White Hats think about COBRA?

  31. where have you been?? will share your information. Is White Hats a large group of people? What does White Hats think about COBRA?

  32. Public Notice to Law Enforcement, Sheriffs,
    Elected Officials and Bar Association Members
    April 5, 2015
    Take Notice: The Roman Curia created the concept of legal fictions-- trusts, foundations, and other corporations for good reasons-- however, legal fictions can be misused. By Maxim of Law, those who create are responsible for their creations. It follows that the Roman Curia is responsible for the proper functioning of all corporations worldwide. As of September 1, 2013, Pope Francis declared all corporations and corporate officers fully liable for their errors and omissions. This means you.
    Also by Maxim of Law, there is no statute of limitation on fraud. Privately owned governmental services corporations have been fraudulently passing themselves off as the “government of the United States” since 1862. The longevity of this fraud in no way imbues it with authority. As an employee of these corporations you have no public office and no public bond and no foreign state immunity.
    Federal Law Enforcement Personnel--- except U.S. Marshals: Your status is that of a Mall Cop acting outside the Mall. You have no authority on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. You are acting under color of law when addressing Citizens of the Continental United States “as if” they were Citizens of the Federal United States. If you threaten any living inhabitant of the Continental United States with a gun, taser, or other weapon, you can be hung as an inland pirate. If you remove any livestock you can be hung as a cattle rustler. If you cause any harm, you can be sued without limit. If you wear any uniform or display any badge or use any name or office designed to deceive or project authority you do not have, you can be arrested for impersonating an officer.
    You are acting in a purely private capacity and have only equal Civil Rights that may be withdrawn at any time. You are also acting under Martial Law and may face extreme punishment for infractions against the civilian populace. Acts of plunder, mortal violence, and mischaracterization of civilians as combatants are all death penalty offenses.
    U.S. Marshals are allowed full egress within the Continental United States so long as they are sworn and acting as officers sworn to uphold the actual Constitution, are not acting deceptively, nor acting outside their international jurisdiction while in pursuit of their duty protecting the U.S. Mail.
    Lawyers, Judges, Court Clerks--- When you address birthright Citizens of the Continental United States in the foreign jurisdiction of the Federal United States or that of a Federal State, and deliberately confuse living people with corporate franchises merely named after them, you commit personage. This results in press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea, a crime outlawed worldwide for 200 years. It is a recognized act of inland piracy and it carries the death penalty.
    Mischaracterizing the identity or citizenship status of a birthright Citizen of the Continental United States is also a crime under the Geneva Protocols of 1949, Volume II, Article 3. It also carries the Death Penalty.
    Finally, no member of the Bar Association may sit upon the bench of any public court nor occupy any public office of the Continental United States including Congress. The involvement of any Bar Member automatically voids all proceedings pretending subject matter jurisdiction related to the actual land or its assets---including the people of the Continental United States. The Titles of Nobility Amendment adopted and ratified prior to the American Civil War has not been repealed.

    1. It is nice to have all this information. Where is the URL referencing the original document and its repository?

  33. The Federal United States and its Federal States have created numerous vessels in commerce merely named after living Citizens of the Continental United States and styled in the form: John Quincy Adams. The Washington DC Municipality has similarly indulged in this practice and created franchises for itself named after living Citizens of the Continental United States styled in the form: JOHN QUINCY
    ADAMS. Most recently the UNITED NATIONS has created public utilities and is operating them under names styled as: JOHN Q. ADAMS.
    The organizations that have created these franchises are completely, 100% liable for their debts and obligations without exception and without recourse to claim upon the living people these franchises are named after.
    You may not presume that the living people have consensually agreed to be subjected to statutory law. You may not presume that they consensually agreed to be obligated for the debts of any legal fiction personas which have been created and named after them by Third Parties secretively operating in a private capacity and merely claiming to represent the victims of this fraud.
    This is your Due Notice that the living people inhabiting the Continental United States are presenting themselves and may not be addressed as if they belong to, are responsible for, or indebted in behalf of any legal fiction personas operated under their given names by any international corporation.
    Any continuance of any such claims and repugnant practices will be deemed immediate cause to liquidate the American Bar Association as a criminal syndicate and to deport its members from our shores. International action is underway to secure the assets and credit owed to the victims.
    Please read, research, and do your own due diligence. You are fully responsible for obeying the Public Law of the Continental United States including Revised Statute 2561 and The Constitution. Please respect the established jurisdictions of air, land, and sea--- and be aware that you may be arrested and fined or worse for failure to do so.
    Issued this fifth day of April 2015, Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, Alaska State Superior Court.

  34. http://americankabuki.blogspot.ca/2015/04/private-service-corporations-posing-as.html

  35. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B71INDtS0X-hT1BDTmdZck9jVkk/view














  36. Thank you for your return to the spotlight and for bringing knowledge to the masses. Knowledge is power, and like the others here I want to leard how to use that power for the benefit of mankind.
    Yes, I have a plan and have a burning desire to make my small corner of this planet a better place but protecting it, nurturing it and just as important, how to link it in with the other projects is something I'd love insight on.
    Peace to you and your kin.

  37. metaphysical or physical?Is waiting for the big ship to arrive or the Federation or W Dragn society just another ploy to get people to sit back and wait? I dont believe killing is the answer but i dont think sitting around to be slaughtered like sheep is attractive either. Spreading info is not enough. It takes 2% to lead. But lead where? as usual we are divided and confused. There is no clear info stream by deisgn. We have to take matters into our own hands, yes, but which way is the best way, and how to get others to listen? Stop buying their goods. Stop buying into their system (don't vote). Try to educate law enforcement (haha). Become self-sustainable. All good. But they are now targetting sovereign individuals. meeting in small groups has and always be the only option (Watch Turn on AMC for how they did it during the Revolutinary war). High rate of sacrifice. Are we really ready to sacrifice just yet or do we need for somethign dire to happen to each one of us personally? I do know this: Fear is not the answer and we need a universal mode of communication that goes beyond the internet. Any ideas?

  38. metaphysical or physical?Is waiting for the big ship to arrive or the Federation or W Dragn society just another ploy to get people to sit back and wait? I dont believe killing is the answer but i dont think sitting around to be slaughtered like sheep is attractive either. Spreading info is not enough. It takes 2% to lead. But lead where? as usual we are divided and confused. There is no clear info stream by deisgn. We have to take matters into our own hands, yes, but which way is the best way, and how to get others to listen? Stop buying their goods. Stop buying into their system (don't vote). Try to educate law enforcement (haha). Become self-sustainable. All good. But they are now targetting sovereign individuals. meeting in small groups has and always be the only option (Watch Turn on AMC for how they did it during the Revolutinary war). High rate of sacrifice. Are we really ready to sacrifice just yet or do we need for somethign dire to happen to each one of us personally? I do know this: Fear is not the answer and we need a universal mode of communication that goes beyond the internet. Any ideas?


    The US Government's Mind Control psyop on the American people has been extremely effective. Too many Americans these days are unable to see the truth let alone accept the reality of this world and what is really taking place all around them, They have become zombies and the only way they will start waking up is when their perceived reality shatters right in front of their eyes. When this happens, many will just die from the shock.

    In any civilization, about 15 percent of the population is resistant to Mind Control, but what those people do from there is questionable. Some provide alternative news sites, others take up a cause to combat the establishment mindset, many are good causes mind you, but what can the average person do?

    Until Martial Law is established against We The People, and we are very close to this event, we can still make a huge difference in combating the usurpation of this corrupt US Government and it's subsidiaries with minimal effort.


    1) Learn how to be a JUROR and enforce the Constitution at all times. The biggest liar in the courtroom is the judge, so ignore his comments when he addresses the jury. Always, always, always question the laws that you are deciding and if the laws are not Constitutional YOU MUST FIND THE DEFENDANT "NOT GUILTY" regardless of the "Facts of the Case". Visit the Fully Informed Jury Association's website at "fija.org". Then tell everybody you know about this and feel free to use their flyers and GET THE WORD OUT.

    2) Learn how to effectively enforce your Constitutional rights against all predators (All Government Agents). As a good example, check out the website "fairdui.org" to begin learning how to effectively enforce your rights.

    Remember, if you don't know how to enforce your rights you have no rights.

    I know from whence Paladin speaks.


  40. Just for clarity, this comment is not from the Neo who sometimes writes for OWoN

  41. Good to see you here Neo...the real one, lol.

    1. Hey Jack

      I'm still around if your referring to the OWoN Neo. I check in now and then to see what John and Canauzzie are up to. Quick to listen, slow to speak is one of my wisdom motto's. Hope your doing well these days.


    2. Hi NEO!! Long time no see!! What name you use at OWoN? ~darylluke.

    3. Hello Darylluke

      I still am Neo over on OWoN when I post. I watch and listen more these days. Hope you are doing well. Exciting times we live in.

  42. Paladin - can you give any insight to this?

    1. What they are doing at Cern is diabolical. They are trying to manipulate our time/ space fabric to further control us. It is about planetary control. I read dreams can be affected by the LHC.

  43. We do not need the law on our side. The law is used to manipulate us plain and simple. When George Washington et al decided to resist the British did they turn to the law? That was precisely what the problem was, the law was taking away their liberties. This ties right into the mass arrests. People are still hypnotized by the system and the high ranking scum are protected by our penchant to follow the law. The police also protect these criminals, that approach won't work. We have to take matters into our own hands.

    It is easier to stage protests in smaller countries. Better mass transportation and smaller countries. Everyone in America cannot march on Wash DC, it is too far a trip. I favor the occupy movement but some say it is a waste of time. The fat rats wait until the protests are over then go back to stealing.

    The internet was a great disseminator or information until the 'W' years when the NSA shills took over. Now you can't punch a button without reading disinfo. I will state here if we can get a common think tank to address community problems and seine out the government kooks we can start a pure reform movement. If we use their methods we get their results. They have 30 and 100 years plans. We are brainwashed into the system and we don't even know it. Issues can be addressed one by one as they are presented. It doesn't matter if it is a local issue or a national one. Enough people speaking reform will change the tide. I've seen it happen during the Clinton years. Government officials can be coerced into doing what is right for the community. Without that pressure they turn to corruption, that is how the system is designed.

    I joined a 911 Truther site on facebook (I know its a BS site) but I am amazed how it has grown. Now I get friend requests from all over the world. People are aware of the issues challenging us but all we do is philosophise. I feel the majority of us on Earth want to change for the better but we rely on our teaching and upbringing which was manipulated to make us believe in the system, the matrix. The system and its constituents are a self supporting loop, it must be broken.

    It will take all types to foment a change. Believers, game changers, soldiers, and wise leaders. Don't think your presence is unnecessary. Some issues require grace and skill to address, others brute force. Contact me and we'll start an email thread and then possibly a web blog/ forum which I cannot do. Individually we are compartmentalized and therefore ineffective. As a nationwide community we cannot be defeated. I read posts all the time of people who are sick and tired of the government but posting of facebook doesn't do anything. Lets start a think tank, we have the resources to make change, we build and work in this country, we are the eye and ears here. There is nothing we cannot do.

    Here is an unused email you can contact me. I have one more week of my corporate landscape job left and I'll have more time to read/ respond. I'll answer as soon as I can. Email:
    Omegahog -at- Comcast.net
    And this is my facebook page. I can reach lots of people this way.

  44. Sure, I'm in


    Jason Lighthall
    510 Village CT
    Altoona, Iowa 50009

    Email: jnlighthall@centurylink.net


    "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately."

    Benjamin Franklin

  45. A few questions on your reboot, considering you are utterly discredited... Do you seriously think it wise to show your shit-smeared face in the public domain again? You have no credibility. What about the reset? All those Iraqi dinars that were going to make you all rich? You told us Barry Obama was confirmed to be already on a plane with suit cases full of dinars and would never be re-elected. You gambled everything on a lie and lost. Your story has no credibility. Do you think people have forgotten? A few more questions: What about Leo Wanka? When is the whole system going to fall? When are we all going to get hundreds of thousands of free dollars thanks to you heroes? I can hardly wait to here your next update... kind of like waiting for the next edition of the Star Alliance newsletter, or Benny Full-of-shit's drivel...

  46. PS: If anyone wants a clear picture of just how big a fraud the mad White Hatter is (for surely he's is but a single person pretending to be some sort of 'group') read report no 47 again. This is the final report before Obama's re-election - and contains so many ludicrous 'certainties' such as that Biden and Obama had already been kicked out of office and were en-route to some third world nation that there was simply no coming back once events in the real world had exposed this load of crap for what it was - that's why there was no report 48.

    1. Hahahahahahahah..........So you mean that "one person" I talk to from time to time is but one guy who can change his voice and move from one place to another as if transmuting the laws of physics, and sound like the other White Hat I know? Wow, what an investigative breakthrough. Let us worship you, you incredibly demonstrative and intellectually vapid Obama supporter, you!

      As for credibility, "...can hardly wait to here your next update....." Try a refresher in 4th grade spelling, then come back and talk to us about credibility.

    2. here hear fool. There certainly won't be a credible update here, will there now? I'm sure there are still a few suckers on Project Spamalot stupid enough to swallow your crap, but out here in the real world, your word ain't shit ...

      And seriously is 'Let us worship you, you incredibly demonstrative and intellectually vapid Obama supporter, you!' your idea of clever retort? Well poop poop to you to you silly poo bum

    3. (Please picture me remonstrating demonstratively as I write this)

    4. Chris once again you qualified yourself. The phrase is 'Hear, Hear' as in listen to this man.
      The White Hats are generous enough to offer their opinion for free which is more generous than most. If you don't like it don't read it.
      Lastly they don't need to put this site together to find a response like yours. They are looking for leaders and community solutions. Show some manners or respect.

    5. Good lord, are you serious? I wrote 'hear here' to acknowledge the ridiculous put down in the previous response, which read 'As for credibility, "...can hardly wait to here your next update....." Try a refresher in 4th grade spelling, then come back and talk to us about credibility.'
      So I have no credibility for a teeny literal but the White Hats have credibility despite countless outright lies.
      Seriously man, read through the reports, it's lie upon lie upon lie. Sorry to spoil your imagination.
      Respect is earned through trust, not intentionally deceiving people.
      Let me know if you want me to point out some of the numerous lies that litter the White Hats reports.

    6. PS: WTF does 'once again you qualified yourself' mean? That doesn't even make sense.

    7. OK so where do we start? One for all and all for one? Sovernty freedom and a people self governed? Should we stand up for the human race, or wait for the RV, disclosure, or asention? They say if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. I have an idea but its not all that easy. I stick around and see if this is a real blog that I can post thoughts on. Some are not.

  47. As in the parable of the footsteps in the sand, when looking back at the lowest and saddest period of his life the man saw only a single set of footprints. He asked God why he was left alone when he needed him the most. God replied: "When you saw only one set of footprints,
    It was then that I carried you."
    I believe that those in the White Hats movement are and always have been sacrificing a lot more than we perceive as most of their gallant fight goes on behind a veil of secrecy and stealth.
    I for one fully support your heroic efforts and thank God that there still exists a force that fights for the people of this world. One that has our best interest in mind. As the parable above portrays, I know from many insider reports that you never left your post. If you had the world would have surly failed by now. I thank you for your courage and brave tenacity. Please keep up the fight !
    Always remember Matthew 5;
    9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
    10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
    12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
    Best of luck and stay safe !

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  49. Where oh where have you gone my dear and mu
    ch respected White Hats?

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  51. Has Biden resigned yet?

  52. TVM-LSM-666, Karen Hudes, Wolgang Stuck, Global Debt Facility may be of assistance ?

    Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

  53. The support is out there: people are frustrated by the fact that there is no leadership that is visible and available to us. Where are the Sam Adamses; the John Hancocks; The Thomas Jeffersons; where are all those 200 odd, high ranking admirals and generals that Obama kicked out; Where are these people who ono how to plan; hot to formulate and plan and fight? Why do they not form a kernel of power with a real plan to ignite a revolution; then the masses will follow. I just recently heard that just 62 people in this world own more wealthn than those 3.5 billion; half the wpople in the world. Surely a few seal teams could take out these kingpins; the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the banksters;
    the evil, super rich barely 1% that control the 99% of us. Simply kill them all ; these inhuman humans who have been subjugating the masses and keeping us all in Babylonian debt slavery. How hard can that be.Russia will help; the patriots of the US and Canadian military will help… and so on and so forth. Until thing reach a critical mass and a worldwide revolution ignites. BUT the armed forces must take the lead; they must formulate the plans for attack and tell us what to do and we will do iy. We are the cannon fodder; those willing to fight in the trenches but we need a leadership. And from what I see we have a leadership but it is fragmented. Those fragmented leaders must reach out and network with other nations to attain a cohesive mass, set on taking down that tiny 1%. Surely that cannot be that hard especially considering what we have to lose here; not just for ourselves but for our children and our grandchildren. Will we rebel and fight as they did in 76 or will we just go quietly and let them recreate the dark ages of feudal Europe. Time to make yourselves known and time to start systematically killing off that 1% before they start taking us… the 99% out. Then let us create a world where no man will ever become a billionaire or be allowed to hold that much concentrated wealth and power. It iw obscene; it i morally wrong; who needs that much wealth? Nobody! It is avarice; greed beyond all that which is imaginable. For we have see this flaw in mankind where great wealth seldom, if ever leads to great charity and philanthropy but rather evil ends, the lust for power and control of others and the bane of mankind; war and the weapons of mass destruction. These must be forever banished from the earth and never be allowed to rise again.

  54. Shawn - agreed.

  55. Dear White Hats,

    What is the real true story behind Angela Merkel (can you send me some prove?)?
    How can I help to get this BS Kabale out of the way?
    Thanks for your direct & identifying contact.