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May 6, 2012 – The White Hats Report #41

Truth That Dared To Speak Its Name

On the 16th of February, 2012, in the House of Lords, one courageous man, akin to Churchill attempting alone to warn of the Nazis threat to peace, Lord James of Blackheath, showed the vision, integrity, and fortitude to stand up, be counted, and expose to the House of Lords, the stark evidence of Global Fraud, which he so eloquently stated “there may have been a massive piece of money-laundering committed by a major Government who should know better.”   Also, in his words, “a major American department has an agency which has gone rogue.”  This is a scam of major size and a key to the recovery of the money needed to immediately boost America’s economy, stabilize the EU and fund the Global Settlements.

Lord David James of Blackheath

Lord James invited The House of Lords to assess the implications of his concerns and requested a full inquiry.  While MI6 played around the edges, focused Treasury minds have still not commenced with the thorough investigation needed, nor has the UK Treasury or Foreign Office stood-up and sought to establish the truth.  Lord Sassoon missed the whole point by passing it off with a presumption that, if the Gold claimed was bogus, it was just a scam from Wilfredo Saurin.  He purposely overlooked the real issue; money raised against gold that does not exist is fraudulent.  Sassoon should know that grandstanding can make or break careers. 

The consequences of what Noble Lord James was seeking to expose are far reaching.  He was offering a key to the Pandora’s Box of the uncontrolled Cabal and corrupt US agency, with activities carried out not in the interests of Sovereign protection, but for the usurping interests of corrupt banking, political and agency greed.  The extent of the fraud may be too great for State Agency staff to understand, as Sassoon has shown by failing to look into it, so perhaps someone needs to help them all understand our real dangers and risks.  This may help a significant group of international leaders and governments to finally grasp what has been and still is happening.   What follows will expand consciousness of this very nasty reality to focus on the key issues and to assist prosecution.

The “agency” Lord James previously raised concerns about in the House of Lords, which he prudently referred to as Foundation X, is in fact the Pureheart Investment operation run by General Lorin William Rossier and assisted by dubious Chief Attorney Marlon McCall.  This “agency” is claimed by McCall to be a subsidiary of Homeland Security, a fact supported by the UN and Homeland codes interjected into their SWIFT transfers for the identified 15 Trillion USD raised by FRAUD, with no Congressional awareness, oversight or permission.   Why is the US Congress not getting this?  15T USD was heisted on YOUR watch Congressman Issa!  Where is our Standards Committee now? 

Lord James had originally been approached by Marlon McCall, in turn linked with Sandip Goyal and the notorious Asian Con Man Wilfredo Saurin, with dual intent.

Wilfredo Saurin
On one hand, they were seeking to offer a too-good-to-be-true 6 billion pounds loan to Her Majesty’s Government, which they had on deposit at HSBC.  They also sought Lord James’ assistance to get HSBC and others to acknowledge the 15T USD, which had been wired previously by JP Morgan, on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, via HSBC, for further credit to the Royal Bank of Scotland, for the Pureheart account, now sequestrated by rogue RBS bankers.  Poetic justice prevails, as scammers got scammed by the Bankers.

The LWR, GOT S.A., and Pureheart Investments, appears to be a vehicle operated in conjunction with the US Fed, Treasury, and selective US Agencies, with even UN complicity as shown by the attached SWIFTS.  All these entities were cross-compromised by McCall having spent eight weeks in the hospital, preventing the Agency from playing its full role in the US Debt ceiling crisis in August 2011, where the 15T USD debt shortfall was miraculously solved out of thin air utilizing this fraudulent operation. 

Pureheart is an unregulated and covert operation of the US Government, with possible links to the Revenue Sustainability Fund (RSF), which funds should have been utilized by the Fed /Treasury to prepare the way for the imminent Global Settlements, which continue to be blocked by the self-interests of the Rothschild’s, Bush’s, and the Heritage Funds.  These funds, once released, would help prepare the way for the critical and necessary re alignment of all major global trading currencies, but most importantly, the consolidation of substantial sovereign debts owed. The world’s biggest problem is lack of economic stability, which we can begin to solve by taking this money and paying the Settlements.

In some areas the RSF has been using Pureheart for several years as a means of clandestinely distributing large volumes of dollars into sovereign economies as a means of maintaining the image of stability. However, this has been a double edged sword, which will be addressed later.

What took place was, in effect, a massive money laundering scheme. The US Treasury had run dry, so they defrauded the global monetary system by illegally creating additional money, which was subsequently stolen.  WE NEED TO DEMAND THIS MONEY BACK AND PAY THE GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS.  There is enough incriminating evidence to hold them all accountable.  The scale of collusion defies belief, yet it happened and still continues.  Congress and the House of Lords need to establish a Joint Task Force to immediately recover this money, and in one swift action, rebalance the world’s economies.

Pureheart functions with no direct oversight and with investigating parties being told “hands off” by key Central Banks, the Treasury, and by major intel agencies.  In an operation created by Pureheart, utilizing the notorious Wilfredo Saurin, the well-known international fraudster; a scam was set up to wire a total of 15T USD in three separate tranches of five trillion dollar SWIFT transfers from the Federal Reserve to the account of LWR, GOT S.A., Pureheart Investment to HSBC London, for further credit to Royal Bank of Scotland Global Plc.  The attached SWIFT transfers and confirmations reveal the smoking gun, including the SWIFT regarding the bogus gold.  This was a very sophisticated cross-agency and bank criminal operation known and colluded to at the highest level.  All the money can be traced. 
  • On the 20th of April 2009, the first tranche of five trillion dollars was wired using USD SWIFT transfer N: 400930153. The onward transfer from RBS to RBS Group used SWIFT transfer No: 8163708748 with confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 851962 at 4.53pm.
  • On the 27th of April 2009, the second tranche of five trillion dollars was made USD SWIFT Transfer No 4319901756. Confirmatory tracking SEQUE 924573 at 1.28pm.
  • On the 4th of May 2009, the third tranche of five trillion USD SWIFT Transfer No 1186308258. Confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 259043 at 2.14pm
  • On the 11th of May 2009, a 50 billion Euro transfer was made by SWIFT Transfer No: 4027105584.  Confirmatory tracking and transfer SEQUE 275903 at 2.25pm. (This was later to be pursued for release from HSBC by no other than the Fed Chairman himself coming out of the woodwork.)

Now, an interesting scenario occurred when they transferred this “created money,” where asset backing was needed to balance the books.  They realized they had a serious compliance shortfall problem backing up the history of funds.  They needed to cook-the-books fast to give a credible asset to justify raising the cash.  So, on the 20th of May 2009, operating in conjunction with Wilfredo Saurin, they wired SKR’s (Safekeeping Receipts) from the Bank of Indonesia (BI) for an alleged gold bullion transfer of 750,000 metric tons.  It was of course bogus and fraudulent.  Attached is the issued SWIFT Transfer No 4200754365.  Confirmatory tracking and transfer SEQUE 194743 was also issued at 10:21 am. You will discover coincidentally from the BI SWIFTS, the sum amounts to the 15T USD needed to underpin the US Fed fraud.

SWIFT Transmission 5-19-2009 by TheWhiteHats

This was all predicated by Saurin against the back up account of Yohannes Riyadi, which only holds 700 metric tons of gold, and can never be moved.  We have and hold copies of the real Bank of Indonesia custodial records and full Deputy President Confirmation of Riyadi’s account on a special Fed Bank of Indonesia sub platform.  Saurin has operated against Riyadi’s account for years, entrusted by Riyadi to act responsibly, but Saurin has caused him untold damage.  The entire chain of this money was a lie, a fraud, and a scam.  This means that 15T USD of falsely created money has been issued, traded, and laundered through the banking system making huge profits.  To whose benefit?  How much profit was made and where is it now?  We want it back with taxes levied, and in good hands helping the world.

The Fed’s accompanying instructions for the transfer of these funds, all personally authorized by Mr. Benjamin Bernanke, included instructions to utilize part Euro funds already lodged with HSBC for the Pureheart account.  This was the delay in processing this 50 Billion Euro portion of the transfers, perhaps “fees for the boys,” which caused Mr. Bernanke to fly to the UK and personally walk through the execution of this transfer.  This may possibly have been with the knowledge of Lord Stephen Green, who was the Chairman of HSBC at that time.  Euro funds later appeared, perhaps as pay offs, in the accounts of fraudsters Sandip Goyal and Wilfredo Saurin for assisting in executing this fraud.

When challenged about Saurin’s role, and imminent risk of arrest for his many scams, Marlon McCall openly stated that Wilfredo Saurin is a Federal Reserve Bank of New York protected agent, and will not be arrested as he is being protected by Homeland Security and the Fed as a managed agent.  That explains a lot!  Anyone issuing fraudulent US dollars is typically tracked down anywhere on the planet by the US, yet Saurin is always the Teflon man.  On one hand, Saurin appears on Fed warning sites, including many Asian media warnings of his many crimes and fee scams; but on the other hand, the FED deals and colludes with him. What shameful duplicity.

The deal offered by Pureheart to the UK to try to get these funds repatriated was as follows:
  1. One third was to go to the US Treasury.
  2. One third was to go to Pureheart.  To whom and for what purpose?
  3. One third was to go to the UK for “services rendered in providing shelter for these funds for two years.”
There has been a systematic failure by collective authorities to address this issue.  Since obstructionist cover-ups continue, we must do the following immediately:
  • Seize back the first one third with five trillion USD right now for US economic needs
  • Give nothing to Pureheart, and instead the second 5 Trillion USD comes back to the US
  • Use the last third to stabilize the UK and the EU
  • Identify the vast profits which will have now been made from these funds, recover it, and pay the Private and Global Settlements. 
  • Set up a Congressional Task Force and go after this money
This week, the walking wounded lame duck Royal Bank of Scotland, which assisted in fronting this fraud, is repaying its government bailout loan of 163 billion pounds (think 250 billion USD).  The Bank only made a declared trading profit of 1.2 billion pounds.  This is ‘Madoff Style’ accounting.  So clearly, vast amounts are hidden ‘Off Balance Sheet’ for one set of books, and ‘On Balance Sheet’ for another.  The US Fed, US Treasury, UK Treasury, and Bank of England need to set up an URGENT recovery team to find this money.  Her Majesty’s Government holds the key to unlocking and exposing this vast fraud.

McCall was crying - the Brits had frozen him out.  What a turn around.  For almost a century the Fed Scammers raided the planet, and now the Brits have pulled their pants down for 15T USD.
This 15T USD would easily have made over 50T USD in inter-bank trading.  Look at the taxes missed on those profits – approximately 20 Trillion USD.  The RBS Board is liable for criminal prosecution as are many others. The Bank of Indonesia has serious questions to answer here as well.  JP Morgan helped initiate this Fed scam and HSBC helped launder it.  We call for a joint Congressional, UK Lords, and Treasury Task Force to go after it all.  In one swoop, we stabilize the EU, UK and US economies.  Once released, the Global Settlement money will go towards funding infrastructure projects, creating jobs, increasing revenues, and reducing crime, thus reducing despair, creating hope and providing opportunity.  Wilfredo Saurin and Sandip Goyal are flagged on many sites.  Why do they have HSBC and Credit Suisse Bank accounts?  Who cleared them?



  1. Karma is when Justice wakes up and seeks atonement for past transgressions.What will it take for Congress to wake up and go after this money? Where is it now?

  2. They are doing what ever they want because there is no law on earth - it's illusion. Realpolitik principal is that only force rules - if you don't have it than you can talk, write, etc. what ever you like - there won't be any changes.

    Where is that force that will make them responsible for these crimes? Before they made these crimes they invested many years in taking in their hands all the force they can have - police, military, justice, political, education, media, etc.

  3. FYI: The best way to view these documents are to print them out individually.

    Thank you supporters!

    1. At best they are readable with great effort. Some are just not readable (#15, for example). There just aren't enough pixels. My guess is that there is no chance to get the documents re-scanned. Correct? Can you give specific instructions as to how you have managed to get readable prints? Thanks!

  4. 'It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)' ...

    They should be strung up!

  5. Great Report Hats...

    Now if I might try to inspire The United States Provost Marshal...

    I made this film and it is full of the themes we are seeing here in modern day America, it takes place in 1865 Wisconsin. Two feuding Newspaper families, the Foleys with a Republican newspaper and The Hammonds with a Democratic Newspaper fight for the soul of the lost city of Newport on the Wisconsin river... It is corruption that destroys NEWPORT.

    In the end THE PROVOST MARSHAL rides into town to do its sworn oath.

    This is a black comedy with a message about the telling of history, through myth, gossip, legend, exaggeration, distortion, perspective and lies... Newport is a microcosm of what we see happening here in America.

    It is a subtle story with humor and a caustic wit like Unforgiven. It may start a little slow but it builds steadily to many twists and a surprise ending...

    Most of all I post it to remind the world America is flawed but still great and to remind the Provost Marshal what their job is. Be Americas hero... Whatever guns are at your head we will back you up and help you through it.

    The film will play automatically when you go to this address....


    1. Geno
      You need to get 41 on You tube. Congress needs to be inundated with it and all Senators. How many smoking guns do they need? You get them to set up a Task Force with the Lords and WE WILL get you the money back. Plus the vast profits made. Lets get rid of debt and crooked Bankers.

    2. I can do the voiceover if you prefer but did you see my request on 40?

    3. Geno
      Reconnect with The Boys today. It needs to go viral OK. A sustained demand for a Congressional / Lords Task Force and YES, we WILL get the money back if they do what we ask. With full, immediate Enforcement powers. Watch all the economies roar then as its all ripped back from their thieving hands. You have a major case now, and still much more to come.

    4. one problem with that is whoever has there finger in the pie will not want to play ball.when this broke in the house of lords 75% of its members were missing as to not purger themselves and as for congress a vote was taken on who were honest 2 was the reply.you need to get the cavalry,and the lone ranger to fix this.

  6. There is no rule of law, just a private police force using force to keep the elites in control, assisted by the masses who are asleep and will do anything to keep the status quo.

    1. The problem is far more serious. When the Elites decide, as part of NWO ethos, to reduce the sheep herd,you will be swept along with the herd. So who wakes up the sheep? Have you ever been in a live slaughterhouse? Sr calls the population Useless Eaters. Agreed on all your points, but you will do what?

  7. Hope deferred, maketh the heart sick. Proverbs 13:12

  8. All these People on,Oversite Committee's – Financial Services Sub-Committee, are up for re-election
    maybe we can get one or more of them moving on this and/or their opponents.

    Vice Chair: Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-1)

    Ann Marie Buerkle (R/NY-25)
    Justin Amash (R/MI-3)
    Pat Meehan (R/PA-7)
    Joe Walsh (R/IL-8)
    Trey Gowdy (R/SC-4)
    Dennis Ross (R/FL-12)
    Mike Quigley (D/IL-5)
    Ranking Member Carolyn Maloney (D/NY-14)
    Peter Welch (D/VT-At-Large)
    John Yarmuth (D/KY-3)
    Jackie Speier (D/CA-12)
    Jim Cooper (D/TN-5)

  9. Here they are with their named opponents

    Oversite Committees - Financial Services SubCommittee
    Vice Chair: Rep.
    Frank Guinta (NH-1) vs. Carol Shea-Porter (D)
    Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) vs. Dan Maffei (D)
    Justin Amash (MI-3)
    Pat Meehan (PA-7) vs. Bryan Lentz (D)
    Joe Walsh (IL-8) vs. Tammy Duckworth (D- Wounded Iraq War Veteran)
    Trey Gowdy (SC-4) vs. ?Paul Corden (D)?
    Dennis Ross (FL-12) vs. Lori Edwards (D)

    Mike Quigley (IL-5)[Ranking Member] vs. Dan Schmitt (R)
    Carolyn Maloney (NY-14) vs. none declared (R)
    Peter Welch (VT-At-Large) vs. (pending May) (R)
    John Yarmuth (KY-3) vs. Brooks Wickler (R)
    Jackie Speier (CA-12) vs. (pending May) (R)
    Jim Cooper (TN-5) vs. (pending May) (R)

  10. It's really easy to send email to each of the people on the TARP and Finance Oversight committee.

    Just click on each Reps Image and then from their personal
    site You can send the email.


  11. Queen's Speech 2012: What's expected - Bill-by-bill
    The Queen's Speech on Wednesday will set out the government's plans. BBC political reporter Kayte Rath looks at what may be in it:
    Banking Reform Bill

    The most widely trailed measure expected to be included in the Queen's speech is the long awaited move to split banks into their retail and investment banking functions. The aim is to prevent the investment activities of a bank jeopardising its retail (high street) operations. The move was recommended by Sir John Vickers , after he was given the job of reviewing the banking sector in the wake of the financial crisis. It also suggested that only ring-fenced banks should be permitted to offer retail (high street) banking services. The retail arms would not be allowed to trade in derivatives or other exotic financial instruments blamed for the financial crash. Banks would have until 2019 to make the changes. A white paper is expected in June with draft legislation to follow in the autumn.
    Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill

    A wide-ranging bill which will reportedly bring in changes to the pay of top executives, rules on employment tribunals and redundancy and cut red tape for businesses. Companies such as Aviva and Barclays have recently seen embarrassing shareholder votes on the pay of their senior managers. Business Secretary Vince Cable is said to be keen change the rules to give shareholders a binding vote on on top pay policies. A requirement for a majority of 75% of shareholders to approve pay deals is thought to have been dropped following opposition from business leaders. It has been reported that the government wants a more "streamlined" employment tribunals system, with ministers said to favour the restriction of tribunals to cases of serious discrimination only.

  12. "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable"...John F. Kennedy

    This is but one example of the controlled and their controllers. There are various estimates that George Soros owns or controls as much as 85% or more of the United States congress. This number will vary depending on the source but it underscores the tremendous depth and breath of the corruption that permeates our governmental bodies and speaks volumes when contemplating the utter futility that the American electorate,(or at least that segment of the electorate that has eschewed their sheeple moniker and have the taken the red pill; as it were), must feel when asked to turn to their elected representatives seeking remedy or restitution for crimes committed by one of their own. The normal channels of redress for grievances are a fool’s folly. It does NOT work.

    “When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming self-sacrifice –you may know that your society is doomed.” ~Ayn Rand

    The corruption in Congress is bipartisan, and only a handful of our entire Congress would pass muster to be beyond corruption. These are the people who are supposed to be representing “the people,” but how can they do that when our interests conflict with their personal wealth? Why would anyone expect them to vote against their own best interests? If any of them had any morals they would have passed legislation years ago outlawing Insider Trading in Congress. Instead, they have endorsed the fact that our Congress is a specifically privileged cabal of sociopathic criminals who can commit what would be felonies if Wall Street or you or I did it, and do it with impunity – and then expect us to believe they are acting in our best interests. If you go back in history, the almighty predictor of our future, from the Roman Empire on up, there has always been a class that make their fortunes off the backs of the average citizen and it has destroyed more empires than war itself when the populace finally gets fed-up enough to take action.

    Corruption is everywhere in Congress; Lobbying is nothing more than legalized bribery – and we all know it. To make matters even direr, SCOTUS corrupted our entire election process with their Citizens United ruling, again placing corporations above the people – a hallmark of fascism! How can our nation successfully govern itself when we are being ruled by what amounts to legalized criminals? Based on the behavior of our Congress, it is obvious that our government no longer functions in the best interests of the people. We have finally reached a point in history when U.S. Congressmen publicly endorse Fascism and blatantly lie and propagandize their arguments to stand up for Corporations and Elites, and then have the nerve to demonize those that seek to restore our Representative Republic. If this happened back when the republic was still important to the bulk of the population in the 1800′s, the scoundrels would have been tarred and feathered when exposed – if not worse. We need to return to the days of sanity.

    1. I don’t know if it will take a general strike, massive social disobedience, or again crashing the phone and email systems of Washington, but we have to do something.
      Similar tactics in recent history have shown this to be a fruitless exercise. Like the White Hats, the rest of the United States, the world, we’re all searching for answers. Can we remain peaceful, use social media, march with millions, flood the streets and then refuse to move? They can’t arrest us all and the message it would send would demonstrate that “we the people” still hold the reigns of power but only when we choose to stand-up for ourselves and understand that if we don’t take action, and fast, this nation will devolve into a state of fascism and authoritarian governance that will likely be unstoppable. This is the ideal and preferred way to take back our country. To stand together in solidarity; united we stand, divided we fall.

      This, of course, is the stuff of Hollywood with its scripted ending where justice prevails and where truth always wins the day and everyone goes home happy knowing that the “good guys” have our backs.

      By what right do men exercise power over each other?
      ~ Auberon Herbert, voluntaryist, individualist, and libertarian vigilante.

      The reality is this; the state and its enablers, rule by the point of a gun. When “we the people” have exhausted every means to peacefully address our grievances then it is time to commandeer the airwaves, seize the armories and take all the steps necessary to take back our country utilizing the one thing that all statists understand and respect, force.

      There are countless numbers of oppressed people around the world who are praying that the White Hats efforts are not in vain. There are an equal number of people who have followed protocol to bring the guilty to justice and have been rebuked at every turn. Like a lot of them, I find myself still searching for an answer and wondering if a peaceful resolution will ever be found. I’m not holding my breath.

      Of course, there’s always “the Drake” right?

  13. Nicely phrased Hugh. Might I add these words by Mark Twain ...

    'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.'

    ... and the dog is becoming very restless!

  14. Webtrecker, Hugh,Geno, Abby etc.
    Not a single crooked, fraudulent banker has gone to jail. All are major political contributors, buying protection from Justice.Justice has ALL been bought.
    No Empire EVER, has looted, stolen and cheated its own an the scale of the United States Corporation! Nor has any ever, planned genocide akin to what is bearing down on us all. You have - no idea!
    Ask, how many of the vast underground cities exist, what are they for, who will go in them, why and what about you?
    Most comments are right, as these are from the Socially informed or alert. There will be no handover of power. Nor will they give back a dollar. Everything that is stolen, is shared as a Cabal collective. Everything, and everybody in power is bought or compromised. Freedom has to be regained and fought for, but you won't. Akin to the Pogroms, the Stalags, Gulags and similar, you will march to the end game. Because- you - let it happen. You let such low grade, often low intellect people, do this to you. A lying, illegal Con Man plays you as mugs from his Commissar protectorate , and you do - nothing. Caged lab rats who Sr declares as " Useless Eaters"" . Ignorance is bliss. Hugh, you are close to the solution. You, Geno and others will work out the need for the only thing left which will work. Reason wont. They don't value or respect you. Its way too far gone now for enlightened social change. Your Founders warned you of this. The dumbed down Welfare masses are unsustainable. Once the Ponzi currency fails, which it will,havoc will reign. Safe underground, they will wait out depopulation. Leaving you many nasty surprises to help accelerate it. At best 3 to 4 million go underground.The rest, they leave you to just go under. But, do the research and all will become clear. Or join the aimless trek. So many of their aspiring sycophants will be distraught as they are left behind, cast aside. The dream was only ever that. Zionism stacked the decks from the Jekyll Island accord.Control the money, control the herd. Every passport and ID number links a Stock Exchange to Stock Item number.Collective Chattels of US Corporation. Stock. With empty dreams. Freedom once lost is damned hard to regain. All the empty rhetoric is music to their ears. They organized to seize power. As you must to take it back.

    1. Awww sheesh John Sounds like a "reservation"!!! Guess white man didn't learn history of the red man....how it feel living on a reservation?

    2. "And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!" - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

      Is it reasonable to assume that some senior military, well positioned intelligence, assorted connected state militia and underground patriots have come to a fork in the road? As the next false flag may be the last,(Chicago in May, London in August or before the Israeli cabinet re-convenes), my advice to them is take it. Time is of the essence. It is our most valuable asset and the one thing we have the least amount of. And to those of you not paying attention, ignorance is not bliss; it is simply catastrophe delayed.

      "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."-- Dresden James

  15. I had hoped for the White Hats to give us an Activity Update: Like, is there any action being formulated or establishing? Afterall, these are the biggest criminals in all the world. Certainly, the Reporting is very much appreciated, but are the words on the page going to get put into action? If not, then information and knowledge is not power at all.
    If the People rise up as in a real Revolt, Martial Law would be brought into reality, here in the states. We may have guns, but they have the tanks and the planes and more. Remember Pittsburgh, just for students peacefully protesting or observing?
    Im also quite curious as to how the Pentagon feels about all this?

    1. You will see how the Pentagon feels about all this shortly Abby.

  16. Check this out South Africa MSM reports about Banking scam in our civilization:

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKLCjDx5u3A&feature=youtu.be

    #41 White Hat Report Video

    1. Outstanding response and great accolades for your professional turn around. Great job Geno and the WH team. And Yes, as per the WH comment, we all need to make this go viral. Self help. From a little acorn, can grow a mighty forest, of resistance. TRUTH WHICH DARES TO SPEAK ITS NAME!

  18. http://youtu.be/GSpApddU7Vs Part 1

    http://youtu.be/pMIWoggPFkY Part 2

    Due to length restrictions for the White Hat Channel the video was divided into two parts. Make these videos go viral please.

    1. On now at:


      We will also get these uploaded ASAP into our account, and our sister website's account (@censorednewsnow). :)

      Excellent work folks! :)

  19. Embed all our videos on your website with this Playlist URL...


  20. Geno and the WH team. The article plus the well produced video has just woken up the most powerful media paper on the planet. Bar none! Now THEY want in! If they publish, its game over. The log jam will break and it will be open season as they run for their rat holes. Do unto them as they HAVE done unto you. If we can just get the last piece in play it's game over. Its Political as hell but we are playing it for all our sakes. We know their real agenda remember. Great job all of you. Our collective determination can save this nation.

    1. use the line, "Watergate times a trillion..." Thanks John. Good work. We still need law enforcement and militarys to wake up and work for the people...helllooooooo anybody out there????

    2. Agreed, but it needs you guys, plus all the quiet background help we can give you to avoid the holocaust tracking your way. You cant reason with or inform dopes or mediocrities, we just have to carry them. Or let the NWO boys reduce the numbers. That however, is not selective, and vast amounts of good talent will be wasted, while Forest Gump sits in his underground city bunker, because his Daddy put him there as an elite. Spot the flaw in their case here? You need to wake up the mass dreamers to a reality check. A lot of good, Patriotic and brave people clear West Point. It needs outreach to remind the true leaders of their cause elect. One nation,under God. The nation got lost as with Moses in the Wilderness. Get the Rose tinted glasses off the buggers!It needs a better Moses to lead the No marches. MLK had a dream. It set his people free. Wheres your MLK? In each city.

  21. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL03C03D0835E102D3

    Playlist for 41 only.... both video parts, for convenience in embedding on sites.

    1. @Geno, John

      I've tweeted Geno's excellent video to the following:

      Webster Tarpley
      Max Keiser
      Major Garrett
      Karl Denninger
      Cynthia McKinney
      Darrel Issa
      John Stossel
      Sibel Edmonds
      Rand Paul
      Jeff Berwick
      Ron Paul Forums
      Peter Schiff
      Cenk Uygur
      Luke Rudkowski

      On some I used his tagline on others a variation on the theme such as "Watergate on steroids" etc.

      How many will re-tweet or use the info remains to be seen.

    2. I think this will be a great experiment in who we can trust to be their own person and not being scripted by a higher authority... great job Hugh.

  22. For our Military Officers who seem to have forgotten the Oath that they took, as required by Statute, Section 3331, Title 5 of the U.S. Code:

    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegience to the same; that I take this OBLIGATION freely without ANY MENTAL RESERVATION OR PURPOSE OF EVASION; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of this office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.''

    This is the Oath for Officers in the Armed Forces. It varies somewhat for new enlistees -- but the ''AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC'' -- is the same in all.

    It is also not required to obey UNLAWFUL ORDERS.

  23. White Hats - Great Great Video! Youtube seems to catch on like fire. We are beginning to also spread it around among friends.

    Hugh - Great idea! Max should have a field day with that !
    And to all the rest who are involved and active - good job.

    1. Thank you for your assist in all matters Abby...

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. If people are held on these other charges it will make it safer for 911 to finally be confronted... Let us not forget... The Pentagons accounting office blew up the day after Rumsfeld was on the news saying 2.3 trillion went missing...

      I have a new theory, that when that side and particular area of the Pentagon received massive RENNOVATIONS it is quite possible the walls were wired to explode and take care of that entire division...

      We know the plane would have crumpled being that it is aluminum and the missile would not have gone through every wall....

      Just a theory and all hypothesis must be proven...

      Amazing Dov Zackheim hasn't been asked about the missing trillions...

  25. I know you guys track these actions and others.I am very thankful for the knowledge that you have provided me.I have to say i cannot read wall of the reports but i READ this ONE.I wish i could say i am surprised but i am not.i have been trying to keep up with what's REALLY goin on.i do not believe any news organizations,PERIOD!I want the real truth even though even if it's really bad.I try my best to spread the WORD.I have been doing this for many years now.most people give me the old worn out excuse that they are only one person and they can't do anything about it.i do have some friends who totally agree and when the time for action occurs they will be ready.these people who are doing all of these corrupt activities have to be stopped at any cost.I am ready to do what it takes to help out even if it means my life.this country has been traveling down the wrong road for too many years now.this has to stop.the ship has to be righted.please let me know what i can do and please keep me informed.

    Thank You,

    1. pass on the video links if you or others aren't big on reading... We were all raised on TV... passing info is huge...

  26. Thanks Geno etal.
    I also sent emails to Ben Swann @wxix19 of Reality Check fame who's been instrumental in helping the Paul supporters understand the delegate process. In addition, I sent an email to Dr. Jerome Corsi @WND.com.

    What if we could organize as many independent journalists, bloggers, alternative radio hosts etc. to dedicate a day in the very near future to nothing but this story? The weight of all these alternative sources reporting on the same issue on the same day may be just enough to break through the barriers and muffle the noise that is passed off as our "news".

    Maybe call it "Expose Criminal Cabal Day"

    Is there enough time to organize such an event? I don't know; but at this point I'm open to suggestions from others as to the viability of this or other ideas.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I downloaded the Pdf... thanks, I believe I have seen much of this... I have been collecting since 2002...

      Maybe I should read this as an audio file for the author... big task... but maybe...

      So Cheney admitted on the cover of major papers they were running drills with Norad that day (only because they panicked and should have just kept silent) for the same sort of scenario that happened that day...

      Many thoughts, like, since when does Vice President run military drills, secondly, what are the chances that they would do it in the same area at the same time and is part of the drill of protecting the White House and Pentagon to scramble planes as far away as possible? And third, isn't this a bit like a convention of life guards failing to save a drowning boy at the Hotel pool?

      And speaking of the odds of this drill coincidence, billions to one... what are the odds the woman investigating her husbands death (jersey girl) would die in a fiery airplane crash after meeting on 911?

      With other truthers in the plane?

      And who could forget the FEMA worker who told Dan Rather they got to New York Monday night and were ready for action Tuesday morning... it is endless...

      The evil we face is about as real as the fingers on your hands folks, pull them out of the holes in your body and start researching...

  28. Hugh and others -- Here's an idea: Reach to College Campuses. They all have Newspapers, and web sites for their students. I once saw all Colleges on the web, but cant recall just where, offhand. Plus kids don't keep things to themselves.
    These young people need to know what is really going on; that they are busting their brains...for THIS? They would especially be interested in their debt issues, and how crooked it is.

    1. This is a great idea by the way. College kids are way more likely to do something.

  29. How does it look for the "imminent" release for revaluation of the Iraqi dinar us dinarians are waiting for?

    Who/What is stopping the new rate from being posted at banks for currency exchange?

    1. I was supposed to keep this under my trainer hat.... but I think people have the right to know... Gremlins... dinar gremlins have been discovered sneaking into the banks and UST to foul up the computer rates, the front screens and the back screens and they are coaching Malaki... telling him only he has what it takes to rule the Middle East...

      Look for Congress and the Obama administration to announce a War on Dinar Gremlins in the last week....

      Drake says there are good dinar gremlins that are going to help with the arrests of bad dinar gremlins...

      Wilcock says he discovered them and is writing a book...

      Fulford is sending in the Ninjas and the White Hats are going to write reports about them for a year or so....

      Ultimately we are looking at 2014 for a revalue of a nickle....

      I hope this helps...;)

    2. 2014 with the Iraqi dinar valued at 5 cents??

      You must be joking, right?

      I think "something" is really going on right now, behind the scenes.So much weird "intel" today....

      Kinda like the cabal is putting BS-intel because they know they may NOT be able to hold it back any more??

      I am all in favor of :

      Iraqi dinar = $10.00
      Vietnam dong = $.75

      [CHINA wants Vietnam made whole because of how that country has suffered SO LONG now post-Vietnam war era.They are STILL pulling out unexploded ordinance in their rice-fields, chidren & parents still getting killed by those weekly, just so the family can eat. Vietnam has some huge untapped oil. What other untapped natural resources I am unsure of.]

      Just some of my thoughts, though far-fetched they may seem.


    3. Yes the entire post was joking....

  30. Geno, the RV timeline completely contradicts everything Fulford, Drake, and Wilcock are saying... the GLOBAL RV is after the occult shadow system is zeroed out and mass arrests take place.

    1. There are two sides of it... I have written essays about it....

      One side would love to perpetuate their fiat paper debt based counterfeit system, put large numbers with many zeroes in their accounts, pay their mercenaries to fill up the new camps and bring about their depopulation and new World Order, feudal system... They may try to push it through against all resistance...

      The other side are those who put the gold backed trust up for the global settlements, who want to elevate all of humankind with a commodity backed currency...

      Personally I see the situation as planned psychology all along.... it is good cop and bad cop psychology... World satanism or world luciferianism...

      The satanists are predators and sadists who want tyranny... The Luciferians will make it all look wonderful, progressive and shiny like the movie Thrive.... They will lock in dominance with hidden technology and global armies waiting in the wings...

      So what we are doing is acting out the script they wrote and frankly I resent it.... But I refuse to let them think they fooled me... they haven't.... instead I hope to inject my ideas and influence on the inevitable...

      The RV with global settlements will be a stronger currency.... a 3 dollar note backed by gold will be stronger than a 40 dollar currency backed by the house of cards...

      Which will collapse the system and create the chaos many want to give the bad cop satanists the excuse to kill off many.... The Luciferians who have known this all along will wait and watch as always...

      But that is where we are...

      One has to strive for the best anyway and my idea is as much truth as one can come to terms with...

    2. Forwarded the video to Congresswoman Kay Granger of Texas. Thanks Geno. Nice Work.

    3. White Hats did all the work. But thanks for helping.

  31. London reports it:


    1. Sounds like Peter Eyre has been reading my posts...lol... he even put the part in I have written all over the web about it taking 64000 years to count to a trillion... well he puts it on a different scale of 31000 years but the point is the same... it is quite ludicrous the numbers we banter about.... If you can't put it in a room and count it then it shouldn't exist in my humble opinion....

      The article even mentions Rumsfeld and the 2.3 trillion, so sort of nice to have what most say is conspiracy theory backed up by an international writer. Also like the comment from the blogger that suggests a few cruise missiles at Roth castles.... I didn't say it...he did... thought it many times but bit my tongue.... who you Geno?

    2. Re: press.tv ... simply phenomenal; the breakthrough we've all been waiting, hoping, and the religious amongst you, no doubt praying for.

      I cannot get a message on their page thanking them (unknown probs with the recapture!) ... If anyone gets up there and comments, please could you say a thanks from Operation Occupy the Banks & #OpBLACKHEATH peeps!! Please also leave the URL http://www.occupythebanks.com ... as they say 'It ain't over until it's over'. So full on folks; no slowdown until they're all corralled. :)

      Whereas the BBC was going to get us all killed by NOT reporting, the Iranians have had the courage, and the integrity, and the honesty to tell the world the truth. The BBC (if it continues, which of course we hope not), should have expected us. ;) lol

      To The White Hats; most excellent work! :) Let's just hope now the battle lines have been drawn, the double agents etc can be rooted out, and dealt with.

      Thank you so much folks, all of you.

      Winning, at last!

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Doug Hagmann wrote a article on it for the canada free press yesterday:


      So by the time I read to the bottom...BINGO BUGGER HAS A EMAIL ADDRESS...so sent the bugger a email...trust me I don't expect a reply back but I DID sent the link to HERE and told him to click on every report posted! plus a few other places he might need to get up to speed on what is REALLY happening.

      Give a shot folks...send a email...do speak your mind, I DID!

      Doug can be reached at: director@homelandsecurityus.com

    2. Yes, lots of rumors floating around. And if DHS says they are preparing for Civil unrest, then it means the Cabal is planning something to cause that unrest. They tell on themselves.
      We also know that 'they' always send out people with disinformation. So we have to examine the reputations of all these authors. So far I've seen no backup proof of anything Fulford, Wilcox, or Drake have been saying.
      Yeah, make people think its all being taken care of - not to worry. But in reality, they've been saying their stuff for months, and NONE of it has even shown a glimmer of happening. Just bla, bla, bla.

      The Cabal, via Hillary Clinton, did everything to try to prevent Putin from being elected -- now I'm sure he is going to send 100k to come over here and help these Elitists to promote their Agenda.
      Yeah, scare the People with that ole ''the russians are coming, oh the russians are comming'' .
      No, this is not the Old Zionist Stalin day. They were run out of there. Its a New Day.
      Putin knows EXACTLY what's going on, and he is not going to play this Cabal game. It is Russia that has played a huge role in thus far preventing WW3, with both strong verbal warnings and military presence.

    3. Sound rational points Abby and one only look to that brief battle in Georgia (no not the one in America) in 2008 was it? When Putin put down a slick attempt to put troops there...

      I wrote something on the other white hat blog under report 41 that I feel is important.

    4. Geno -- Yes, what Putin did in the country of Georgia is a fine example of what he is like. That happened during the Olympics, I guess it was 2008.
      It is my understanding that it was actually Israel's attempt to put a launching base there, from which to strike Iran, and of course the USA is their little helper.
      Another important point in all that, is the fact that Putin rushed to rescue the slaughter of his people in Osetia, even though it is a break-off little country.
      Don't mess with Putin. People need to learn more about him, and quit believing the picture our media paints of him.
      Geno, did you mean report 40?

    5. Discern with your heart, get out of the matrix!

      D. Wilcock’s new postings discusses much of what I have been discussing regarding the Plejarans/Andromeda Council, the Cabal and the battle…this could be why the armada is in a holding pattern right now. He notes that the window for the mass arrests has passed but believes it will still happen at some point. The fact is the Plan has been so infiltrated and corrupted that it will be used against the people of earth instead of for them — there may be arrests, Obama will claim coup d’etat and ask the Chinese to move their forces in from the south, Russia from the North, Annunaki from the sky and Dracos/Gizeh from the ground and Laher jumping in and out of timelines, with submarines nuking the west coast and clone soldiers patrolling the streets — this is Operation 711 from Project Strawman, the activation of three million clones who are your neighbors, friends, family, lovers, co-workers: when activated they will start rounding people up to keep revolt down. The Iran War will occur after. Before the false flag mass arrests, an attack on Tokyo is planned to stop the new financing system and eliminate leaders of the White Dragons. (See more)

    6. "A Piece Of The Action" WAS a corny episode ... That said, this blog seems to be the only 'source' that has not discredited itself.

      p.s. Can you think of a four-letter word beginning with "F" that rhymes with "Drake"?

    7. Geno
      I am a forensic accountant by trade. I do believe that there is two sides to everything. Just like in the natural world, there is also the same in the unseen world; that actually affects us in every way.
      So, don't be too quick to discount the message...sometimes we might not agree, but the reality is what it is.

      All information is good, and knowledge is enlightening.

      We realize that we live in a satanically run society, and TPTB use this unseen force to rule...we recognize that there is another side to the coin; in that God has predestined an expected end! I refuse to throw the baby out with the bathwater!!!

    8. Geno,
      Your point is valid; but="I judge no wine before it's time."

      I believe nothing can stop what the White Hats have going on. I just see that the struggle is more of a spiritual one. The facts are presented, but for mindless illegal clones (programmed to accept one thing)these facts are trying to be evaded by TPTB...No one is above the law!

      I sift the hay, and form my own action plan based on the dedicated actions of others.

  33. This is just a FYI but I found this link yesterday, saved it to come back and read the FBI Document wrote to Senator E. Kennedy in 1989....Top right hand side...when you click on it, for some reason starts on page 5...start on page 1...VERYYYYYYYYYYYY interesting...I'm on page 7...LOL


    1. whitebuffalo

      The global settlements that the White Hats are trying to repatriate is from these Asian dynasties...When ever they attempt to move the trillions onto the books the cabal steals it or blocks it....

      These dynasties see America as the real bastion of freedom in the world and do not want to see us go down to this satanic tyranny....

      At least that is what I have been told if I am repeating the story accurately....

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  34. http://thewhitehatsreport.com/wordpress/may-6-2012-the-white-hats-report-41/

    Here you go Abby

  35. The dominoes may be tumbling.


  36. Fedup,
    What you suggested is not a timeline for this planet. It is a machination of the cabal to create fear and help them hang on longer. Let the good people(white hats and friends) here do their job in helping cleaning up this mess.

    1. Do you people of the United States think any of this sounds fun? Do you know what Drake said, bullets whiz past heads & you forget its a battlefield. Some future, but a realistic future nonetheless. We might have to actually do without electricity in certain parts of this country. After years of clean up, we MIGHT (and that's a big if) return to some semblance of normal government. That is if Ron Paul & the militias do NOT GET IN THERE, & start arresting these people en mass-finish! Even if done, it would have to be done on T.V. Just to slow the bleeding of the sort of future described above.

      If we do not flat abolish the Federal Reserve, it will abolish this country. And everyone, everyone who could have done something, will be held responsible. E.g: If/when Drake makes his move, best pray that they remove the worst of it. And I don't mean with floaty/feely meditation or hype. Because no matter the case, things are getting truly nuts in this country.

    2. Sorry Pat Maas; your interpretation is incorrect. There is always two ways to skin a cat. What I say only brings into focus the forces that the White Hats are up against, beyond the human eye. Only God protects them, they have a very daunting task and they need our support like never before!

      My positive affirmations and declarations will assist the White Hats, not hinder anything. As far as timeline; I leave that to whomever determines that.

      The truth will set you free!

  37. Fedup -- David Wilcox is into all that mind consciousness, mind science, has visions and dreams that give him information -- way out there in left field. He needs to get real, and quit feeding people his nonsense to make a living, by enticing them with ''something new'' that is far far from the reality that they cannot bear to face. He's is a Flake!

    And since when is there some window that closes, on arresting criminals! I bet the FBI might be interested in knowing that! So if they ever come to our door, we can just tell them, sorry the window for arresting me, is closed. Wilcox states these things based upon the so-called ''information'' that he gets from whoever is giving him those ridiculous dreams and visions. Honestly his stuff is just not worth reading.
    And Drake? They admit that's not his real name; of course not, that way he never has to own up to anything he says.
    Fulford? Well isn't he the one who reported some 200 banksters have been arrested, and 450 more resigned? So why doesn't he name those arrested then? Which countries? Which banks?
    Now of course Wilcox realizes his whacky dreams were false, so he comes up with ''the window of opportunity is now closed''. What a cagey way is that to save face.

    1. There are lots of people working behind the scenes; who knows...I will not reside in judgment. My only job right now is to disseminate information for and to humans. Nothings wrong with rejection, I would rather be informed and rejected, than not be informed. I use discernment...

      My take on the whole matter is: if we get rid of the nonhuman evil element within our earth system; eradicate the cloning facilities, destroy the evil reptilians...then we can have a free society...these things aren't human; this is why they can kill, maim, eat flesh, live off of our negative energy, and destroy without thought; because we live in a dual earth, in a time illusion; where they rule like slave masters. We allowed this, now we have to reverse it! Root'em out, and let them stand before the Intergalactic Courts (it does exist!); Interpol, World Court, Hague, etc...

      We have to go to the source; much like using pesticides on the nest to get rid of the pest once and for all...what's the logic in conversing with the nonhuman evil element whose views are programmed? They view us as a means to an end only. (Reminds me of the slave trade). They will never see the human side to wars, murder, genocide, hunger,human logic etc...it's not in their make up.
      Our mistake as humans is that we think they are like us. Not so, they have no regard for us. We can be fooled! They are basically AI; we are ruled by nonhuman machines...don't take this literally.

      Sure, all of the facts are there for us to review, and we always knew within our hearts that things were wrong. But instead of really getting to the point and eradicating our earth of the evil illegal/non humans causing all of this horror; we rather sit around and think of some mindless academic solution that hasn't worked and won't work. They created the system...rid ourselves of these "things" and we are left to our own devices...freedom!

  38. To all onlookers, Michael Herzog did get arrested. I have posted positive proof of my screenshots from the e-mails I had with the Berlin Germany Prosecutor's office, as well as Tom Heneghan's original intelligence report.





    This essentially proves with no equivocation, that MIKE HERZOG was arrested and Heinz Bosche, Joseph Birch were also specifically arrested. And as you can see, GERMANY's office of prosecution would not have been so unwilling to elaborate providing details on the sensitivity of that case unless they were formally charged with crimes.

    So folks, what does this ultimately mean? Just that Patrick Fitzgerald can't save you, it means forget jokers like that. He's out of the picture & very thoroughly blackmailed. It means the national media is an utter laughing disgrace, that they aren't screaming from the rooftops right now about Michael Herzog's arrest. Which Germany is not denying anymore. So the media won't do a bit of good will they? Do you get what this means? We have the iron evidence. Flood the press, and I do mean flood the press to start asking questions about Michael Herzog, Joseph Birch and Joe Ackermann.

    These German Zionist bankers are treasonous scum, and you do understand they proudly wear the label? You do understand don't you, how serious this crime is? Why Ron Paul has won more delegates than the rest in both Nevada, Massachusetts AND Maine now? How many trillions of dollars they've stolen? How many lives they are prepared to end, and that indeed some of Drake's claims may be legitimate if the Wanta Reagan Mitterand Protocols have anything to say of it?

    1979, the only time Ronald Reagan left anything the world could thank him for later. Drake kept saying "The Plan" started in 1979, so why is it that in 1979..Reagan and Harry Truman officially endorsed the Leo Wanta's Reagan Mitterand Protocols?

    Put two and two together. "The Plan" sounds like it was based off Ronald Reagan's Mitterand Protocols, and if it's still active since that date, it could in fact lead to Massive Arrests should it follow to its conclusion.
    As I said, I'm a skeptic.

    The only reason I would put any weight in Drake's claims at all, is I have seen some evidence behind it.

    There seems to be merit to these claims, as on the International Court like he spoke, there is numerous legal notices on sovereignty now viewable.
    http://www.icj-cij.org/search/index.php?str=Pennsylvania Sovereign&pg=2p1=0&p2=2

    Add to these claims, the fact that Ronald Reagan endorsed his own set of Mitterand Protocols in 1979..and the story sounds somewhat plausible. I wish to god they would stop mixing in aliens, supernatural phenomenon or trash like ghosts at this point....all that does is turn people off of the message. Nevertheless, one can no longer say Drake hasn't been correct about anything. Solid proof has been established that he's been correct about 10 things.

    It is time for the public to be realistic, for a change. NO one is going to save you, there is not going to be a divinecosmos.com moment like you soothsayers claim where everyone is "lifted" using meditation..or aliens wipe out the cabal.

    1. Hi The Voice,

      I'm with The White Hat programme all the way ... The way to restore constitutional government is through the application of the law. In this case the criminal law.

      I must be clear. I have not yet read all of the posts on this website. I have not listened to all of Drake's interviews. I have not listened to all of David Wilcock's interviews. I have not listened to all of Bejamin Fulford's interviews.

      What is not important is talking (too much) about the veracity of PEOPLE, and to start focusing solely on getting the FACTS of CRIMES right in the hearts of the culpable western governments into the PUBLIC CONSCIOUSNESS. However that is done; I'm fine with it. It's is 'helping'; even if it is also confusing.

      In an attempt to clear up just some of that massive confusion between all of these parties, each with their own often massively different set of skills, abilities, KNOWLEDGE, and gifts at stringing along a good yarn (which is necessary to garner public attention to issues; so that the specifics can be brought out more fully; people will give it time!). It might be helpful if some who wish to focus solely on the criminality and do not wish to view 'far-out' bullshit about aliens, etc, nevertheless understand what all the fuss is about.

      This will take you less than 8-10 minutes or so. Please simply watch this highly censored video of the Ex-Defence Minister for Canada speaking in 2010; calling for a War *inside* America. In very, very large part: specifically over the CRIMINALITY of the SECRET GOVERNMENT (latter bit ring any bells?); to *restore* constitutional Government *under the President*. ;) You really need to see it; it will explain much about why these issues DO cross over; what that crossing point is, why it is so intertwined (globally now as many other countries per talk/vid HAVE ENDED the secrecy around this subject... nudging closer and closer to forcing the USA's hand on this).
      Ignore the two hour video at the top of the page; and if you're in a real hurry, jump in a minute or so in:

      http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/03/breaking-canadian-defence-minister.html until the end ...

      If you wish to explore this issue more, there are a set of Exopolitics Briefings down the right hand side of any page of our site.

      If you're an American however, you may wish to hear what your NASA Astronauts are saying on radio OUTSIDE of the USA. About 11 minutes or so again; this is what the people of the world hear; but it seems not you: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/03/biggest-open-white-hat-secret-out-there.html

      If any of you do crypto; you might want to see this:
      http://www.nsa.gov/public_info/_files/ufo/key_to_et_messages.pdf Whilst the White House denies ... Lies; covers up and EXTRADITES to JAIL FOR LIFE, and has been trying to do so for ten years (huge public issue in the UK if you don't know; Gary KcKinnon): http://www.occupythebanks.com/2011/11/hacktivism-gary-mckinnon-latest.html Again, how this ties in PUBLICITY GENERATING WISE ... ;) At least in UK. ;)

      BTW. I'm not trying to argue with anyone. Just to inform as above; how and why this inter-locks; they are somewhat sequentially related IMHO; one follows on from the other. Exopolitics/release of black project tech; now 40+ years denied. Teleportation for one (see our site for a 67 mile Chinese Teleportation bit of science e.g. released just this week; IMHO forcing more and more the issue from the Chinese end). Bright futures await the brave; those who do NOT get distracted from what MUST come first! lol

      Sorry about the length; complex subjects to try marry. Hope this goes at least some way for some to opening a door of perception into how issues DO relate. Please note. We support all attempts to try deal with the banksters; get the crooks in jail, and get on with the second great enlightenment. :)

      Until it's done! ;~)


      The White Rabbit! @occupyofficial

  39. Magic floaty feelings don't make a bit of difference when paramilitary bullets are flying past your head. Rather, it's time to face into reality. This is going to be a long, tough & violent struggle. The United States has turned into a battlefield, and there will be many further deaths even if we choose to ignore them. Vets are committing suicide left and right. Gun sales are at record high, and the only "police" on the people's side is basically the non major city type. The type that doesn't belong to a metropolis sized city is who won't shoot at Americans. Which means all the inner city "big league" cops, will gladly shoot at Americans as paid actors. Their paid actor green-peace friends shoot back, spreading the illusion of race/cop riots nationwide.

    And thus we have an epidemic. The only cure to avert utter catastrophe? Ron Paul's election & abolition of the whole central bank. Given his majority status of the delegates in Texas, Nevada, Maine & Massachusetts...that better be a sign from God. But even in a scenario where we do get him in, & put the Democrats on the chopping block.....REALIZE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FLAT DIE!!!

    Very, very likely thousands of people are going to be eradicated in cold blood. The banking heads at Bank of America will be shot, hundreds of civilians will likewise, be shot or die. It was a hundred years ago when treason started, via the Democrats like Aldrich, Pembroke, Warburg & Rockefeller: Yet we always hear it's both parties. But what they never tell you is right there, is where the Democrats started taking over every party including Republicans & WHIGs..to align everyone to FDR's manic communism. From there came all the Bush, Strauss, Englewood, Ackermann trash you can shake a stick at which means the Democrats brought this treason in here & rotted out GOP & the WHIGs to bring about their demise.

    Basically that means, all of HW Bush's body guards are going to be shot dead. All of Schumer's and Warburg's bodyguards are going to be shot. Ten times or more, give or take. HW Bush, Schumer & Pelosi themselves will be castigated & strung up: likely hung in time square for what they've done. On the end of a leather-clad rope. If they somehow survive, doctors will do pet projects on them some where miles & miles away until they dissipate. Meanwhile, FEMA camps is the last thing anyone should be concerned with. Why not just face reality. FEMA camps are going to explode with bombs, there's likely going to be hundreds of personnel strung up & shot dead. On top of that, there is going to be several thousand and we're talking more like ten thousand civilians at least; full of bullet holes & shot dead. Many of the others might survive depending on how good they are at foraging in groups. Companions who stay closest to militias are much, much better off. Thousands of inner city cops will be shot dead by militias & sheriffs.

    And this is our future? This is the "incredible" vision that people like David Wilcock keep dreaming? Thousands of deaths across America? No, likely not. However it is a realistic future. Let me remind you, once the Fed's chiefs are either dead/incarcerated, Israel & the fascists will start rolling out tanks on U.S soil. Does any of this sound like a fun thing? I'm talking the real, hulking, titanium steel tanks from the IDF & British Army. Are they truly a friend at all? Double hell no, the reason for America's near demise was nations like Israel & Egypt. We will be locked in a war with them. God hope those settlements come soon.

  40. juanandough ...

    I see Ernest Bey's blog posts stopped in 2010 so maybe he IS under lock & key!

    I found this MySpace link to him ...


  41. @John, Geno etal.

    Are the White Hats behind the Dragon Family's representatives Keenan/Scott lawsuit? And would anyone care to elaborate/comment on this statement by Cassidy:

    "so they set Keenan up and stole the bonds...) then the ulterior motive behind the objectives of the lawsuit and the Dragon Family was actually to get involved in this high end game. The COVER STORY IS ALWAYS "for global HUMANITARIAN purposes"...

    Exactly who is "they" in this scenario? Do you suspect that the Dragon Family's goals are as nefarious as they are being portrayed? And is it likely that the motives for recovering the gold are not for the altruistic reasons Keenan has claimed? Could it be that they just wanted to play poker with the "big boys" and needed an ante before entering the game?

    Am misconstruing the meaning or misinterpreting the thrust of the allegation?


    1. Hugh,
      The answer to the above is No! Not behind them.

    2. Hugh

      The White Hats have nothing to do with the Star Trek crowd. Nothing. The White Hats are not. They are exactly what they state. A group of professionals who want their money back. No aliens or dragons or ninjas or mermaids or unicorns.

    3. LOL...got it; loud and clear.

    4. Apart from when Genos had a skinfull then he sees a lot of them!

    5. Not upset with you just at the dog crap in the yard and the dog owner who didn't pick it up after his dog because people accidentally step in it and walk through the house...

      This is why the term White Hats is being bastardized by every disinfo operation in the world.

      ANYONE can file a lawsuit... I'll leave it at that. And anyone who gets on Coast to Coast radio consider this, by Skolnick:

      Some had misgivings about another purported relative of Warren Buffet, the once popular Art Bell, the middle-of-the-night talk show host. Bell was broadcasted on hundreds of major wattage radio stations in major markets, never known to broadcast the truth about the Federal Reserve, or political assassinations, and a lot of other suppressed topics. With his reputed heavy intelligence agency background, was Bell's program just some more psychological warfare operations? In crude terms, was it just mindf--k? end quote

      This alone is not proof but it shows tentacles to an information operation... I say information loosely... we all love weird scary stories and Cassidy and Noory and Wilcock all have Coast to Coast in common now...

      Getting traction on the internet is not as easy as people think...

      They will let a cat video get millions of hits and one of their disinfo gurus to go viral....

      Everyone else is CONTAINED to a certain level.

    6. "their money back"
      You mean they're not going after your, and more importantly, John's dough too? How inconsiderate ;~)

    7. We certainly can follow the money all day and decide the legitimacy of the trail before it got stolen out of someone's hands or bank accounts.... but whereas most take it lying down these men said no way...

      Falcone and a few others said you expect me to pretend I enjoyed the rape and robbery?

      Does anyone have any idea how many companies were BUSTED FLAT BROKE after the last flash crash?

      The software used is quite often the drill into the safe... and now leaving out magical aliens let us examine who might have access to software?

  42. "White Hats is being bastardized by every disinfo operation in the world"

    I'm happy to say that 'eventually' you'll be preaching to this choir Geno.

    The "White Hats" or it's twin sons of different mothers seems to be the flavor of the month. But, not to worry, as the cream invariably rises to the top. At some point, the pretenders to the saddle on the stallion will have to reveal their bona fides.

    Until then, for everyone, it's caveat emptor.

    1. What's the opposite of Divine Intervention? This world is stranger than anyone (human) can imagine. Because you discount something doesn't mean that it is not viable! All things are possible, especially because we live in a limitless universe.

      You can lead a horse to the troth; but you can't make him drink!

    2. LOL...that comment had to be divinely inspired

    3. Awesome! And TPTB rely on that indifference to create the horror in our world. I believe the solution is supernatural...no way that this blog by itself hasn't been read by almost everyone. People are awake, however; seemingly mindless?

      God handed us the mantle; our work is ahead of us!

  43. The Voice - Honestly, I don't think we have enough time left to wait for Ron Paul to take a seat in the Oval Office. I don't believe that is the answer anyhow.
    To make a a wolf quit eating the sheep, you gotta get rid of the wolf. And last night I was thinking the same thing as you stated above - if those who have the position and authority don't do something NOW, then all our blood will be on their hands.
    Furthermore, I don't think the cabal will allow Ron to take the keys to the Oval Office; they will hack the electronic voting system, or remove him altogether by whatever means it takes. They stop at nothing.

    Do we need the Romanians to come over here and ''show us how it's done''?

  44. John how about an update on media... Sunday Times? Also any word on GS or RV?

    1. You know the media issues, and timing. Nothing on GS. No show on RV. But, a lots in play waiting for decisions.

  45. John,

    I was feeling GS & RV would for sure get through & show live by yesterday/today.What is the source of the hold-up? Why can't that be "contained"? SO MANY MORE want this done, right? Is ths obummer's doing? Is he the source of the hold-up? Why not bring the necktie party to them(whoever is stopping this)?


    1. The desperate need is there. Just not the intent. You have to understand their mind set to understand the problem. They consider themselves the Elitists. Sr regards the masses - YOU- as useless eaters. When does a thief ever pay back what he stole? You cant even get an illegal Con Man with forged papers out of office. So, they will keep on mugging you. Your the cream of the opposition. The only voice of the people. They organized thieves and parasites. You have to organize patriots to regain power. A country sitting on their Welfare fed asses whining about Welfare Checks and Food stamps is going nowhere. So many able people, such crap or crooked Leaders. They won't pay you if they don't fear you. Population reduction gains strength with the key Ugly families. They don't see the real quality of the people or what crap their own kids turned out as. The unfit to rule, are in power. You seem to hold them in awe. They hold you in contempt. Pigs at the trough. No lick for you.

    2. These "things" can't be human. The reason I say this is because "no human would do what these things have done to human beings." Fear is not programmed into their operating systems. They fear death, they view death as final. Now their trying to place human brain2 into machines...they want to live forever.

      Rules, regulations were created to keep "humans" in check. They're not human, therefore; they don't have laws to govern them. However, they are governed by another system that is out of this world..."ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE."

      No shame, no remorse, no genuine feelings...blank eyes, no heart!

  46. John, I thought that the GS are to be funded by the Argo Trust. Has it been penetrated and funds sucked out? $15T is peanuts compared with the size of the trust.

    1. Argo is an excellent operation, with a true humanitarian ethos. They assisted the US in a spirit of goodwill and enlightened, ethical investment. What they got in return, was conspiratorial duplicity and criminality by a rapacious Military industrial Cabal. If repaid, the true American Patriots associated with Argo, who are also owed very substantial amounts,will also make very significant cross investments to help the nation recover. Not Trillions in weaponry, but infrastructure. Not welfare but jobs and education.Not Jobs for the Boys, but Jobs for the People! Argo Trust is waiting to be repaid what it has long since been owed. As are the associated decent Americans who brought them in and are owed so much, but are also betrayed by the Vermin in control. Argo's frustration, and control is commendable. Pay Argo and the parties cross linked and see the difference. Cut Defence nonsense and scrap the Cabal. Wipe out FRB NY and re balance the books. Fedup sums then up in his last line above. A monstrosity of criminality and duplicity who bring the nation unceasing shame. Pay Argo and the US Patriots. Pay Edward Falcone what was stolen blatantly from him. Pay Tropos what was hijacked in transit. Pay what was endowed in Trust to Leo and stolen from him. But, that may require the intervention of the Congressional Standards Committee. Has there ever before been such a disappointing collective, big words, what results?

    2. Thanks, John. I understand and agree with you and Fedup and others here.

    3. One extra point. Read twice the predictions and concerns of The Voice above. The future is not yet written, but his predictions of what maybe, are all our shared concerns.

    4. I too share those concerns!

  47. For those of us that don't have much time, is there a template letter with a run down of the info that can be copied and emailed to news sources?
    I think if someone could write it, it would spread more quickly and save a lot of time. I want to help but don't have much free time.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I say we call for the masses in the form of a posse to share in the bounty of all recovered trillions.... money is apparently the only motivator left in this world let's do it...

    Million men splitting a trillion or two is a good weekends work rounding up creepy old men and women...

    1. I'm in. You can give my share to charities that will actually get it and use it.

    2. One American -- Try the one-on-one method, from your palm to a palm of another. Charities are just about as tainted as everything else is in our country.

  50. Fedup - Maybe I can clear up a few things here. You stated above ''if we could get rid of the nonhuman evil element within our earth system'' --
    You are somewhat on the right track, it is an evil element. These are satanic and demonic; demons. They work in the spiritual realm. No man can get rid of spiritual beings. Only God can do that - and He eventually will. All these evil bastards are definitely doomed. But this won't happen until a horrific period in our history referred to as the Great Tribulation, or Armageddon. (I believe we are approaching that.)
    There are two spiritual influences going on, always. The few follow after the godly spirit, which is of goodness; the majority follow after the demonic spirit, which is full of lies and deceit and evil doing. The people we are fighting against are deeply ingrained with this demonic spirit. Their consciences are seared. This is what we are dealing with. Destruction is their middle name.
    For now, satan is the god of this world. 2 Cor. 4:4 and this is why we are seeing what we are seeing.
    You also spoke of ''negative energy''. To be blunt about it, this is simply put, demonic influence from satan. And its absolutely real. We should just call it what it IS.
    I am not afraid to call his bluff, or expose him.

    1. You call write potatoe, and I might write potato...in the middle the twain meet. I have called it what it is.

      We cannot negate the fact that it exists but we are too "afraid" to call it out. It's pervasive and we don't have to wait for the Calvary to free us...we have all the tools, bells, whistles, and ability (God given) to do what God has commissioned us to do.

      I get enough preaching and philosophizing from my mom; she is a minister...

      I applaud the White Hats, and I support all efforts as they report to us.

    2. I don't preach, and I most surely do not philosophy - and the devil never sleeps. Yes, we have all the ''tools'' but because we have a Cabal that is under strong DEMONIC INFLUENCE,those tools are all ''locked up in the woodshed''. That's the entire crux of this website -- how to unlock that woodshed. This is a battled backed by evil, not mere negative energy.

    3. God is limitless...I rest my case.

      Check out my moniker, I have been around here for a while.

      I understand the fight, I am doing my part; and will continue way after the fight is won by the White Hats.

      Let's just say, each one is entitled to their own opinion.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. For what it's worth I find Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today to be my most valuable and trusted reading on the web... I can't explain why, but he just seems straight up....

  53. It was several months ago that Gordon told the story of Wanta. He said that they are friends, and I believe that they are. Wanta is real and I believe that he has been through hell over his money. This Falcone stuff I believe came up afterward. I have questioned it, and wondered if it is related. To me some of these new age types seem like they are playing the soft music at the slaughterhouse, and I trust them way less. I think that we should question everyone though and I will always welcome, and will listen to the opinions of others....

    1. Keep watching the site. A huge disaster is about to break for them over the Edward Falcone - Herzog case. They tried before to poison Leo Wanta, and falsely imprisoned him in Switzerland. The Herzog case is about to go into hyper space when new and deadly developing serious charges are filed and may even see Sr and his cronies off to Paraguay once that goes mainstream. Bushes ranch was bought with money he took from Federal Reserve funds. Once the new charges are filed, it goes Global then and Cabal protection wont work. They chose Paraguay to escape extradition attempts in case their combined vast criminality ever does catch up. It may only be Malaysia in which they have all just been tried in absentia and found guilty for numerous vicious torture cases on innocent victims,but it's the picture the world sees and judges and leads to hatred against the country, not just them. Asia and the Middle East have a very bad view of the US. America has a good overall depth of talent and morally conscious people, but led by the lowest forms of political parasites, most of who themselves belong in jail. What they do in Americas name, its innocent, unknowing citizens carry the blame. The Cabal fortress under Denver airport seems to be expanding in Stocks and supplies now. There are also lots of military and state civilian control exercises being undertaken in Europe also with test runs for possible problems projected for December.

    2. "Wanta is real and I believe that he has been through hell over his money".

      You are correct on both counts. When we mention Wanta, it's generally followed by the phrase when talking with an America of something like "And do try see to it that man gets the highest medal available *before* he dies".

      It's an idea we'd like to leave here along with fully putting our credibility on the line to back up Wanta. We first read Court filings on that many years ago and it is a travesty he is still wanting his own money; not to mention where the taxpayer stands, etc!

      It's Time - Let's Roll! ;)

    3. Leo is not alone. The Kleptocracy Cabal has maintained systematic Global fraud and Military tyranny for decades. Their arrogance and effrontery knows now bounds. Sr believed that by controlling and muzzling the media, supported by Patronage selection of Agency heads, bribing the Supremes and key Pentagon heads would suffice to control all, leaving them a free remit to loot at will with no legal redress within US borders for them. From Asia, to the Middle East,to Europe and even internally, their abuse and carnal powers were unleashed unchecked. O's 2 ex alleged boyfriends discussing his Chicago bathhouse activities were both found murdered. Clinton's Lawyer Foster murdered? Zero is published in America. Genocide has been unleashed across the Middle East and East and Asia. Home of the Free needs to be extended to Free Lunch for Bankers and the macabre and rapacious Zionists plus their naive Masonic foot soldiers. Every time,every country, control the banks, control the money, enslave the state.

    4. We need the BBC and Sunday Times to say these things John....

    5. Thats akin to asking for a Turkey to vote for Thanksgiving. Hell, next you will be asking for Democracy?

    6. No we will stick with the Republic the second we get one.

  54. Just realised I might mention for The White Hats: confirmation of the 'outrage' that we'd managed to successfully info-nuke their HQ's came swiftly - within 12 hours we have a full on 24 hour DNS related take-down of our site! LOL.

    I hear the phrase the Americans might currently be using might just be ....

    "Winning" ;)

  55. If you think that there is an external force coming to save the day; think again...


    It's up to us to "be the change we want to see"

    1. Exactly Hugh. The difference between is and ought is covered day one on the basics of any philosophy course.

      So the dreamers, keep dreaming of your rescue. Whether it be by your god, aliens, Obama; whatever floats your boat.

      Meantime, some march on (wishing many others would realise there's no one over the top of the hill AT ALL). If it's to be; it's up to YOU and ME! ;)

      Geno; those uploads have all gone well; taking hits now (though the descriptions need a lot of work and the tags & titles some). ;)

      Will get the ones not already embedded on the site embedded/promoted ready rock & roll big-time at the weekend again. Fingers crossed they don't succeed in downing us again Fri/Sat! :(

      Best to all.

      The White Rabbit! :~)

    2. I am open to a list of tags send them to me, and I'll see about adding them.

  56. Comment from another blog:

    White Hats making waves!

    JPMChase, all the bad news for banks…he he he he

    i blew the whistle on SEC…tuesday, in that whistlblow
    i mentioned the AIG fraud, bailout fraud and FOIA #262, filed April 1, 2011 to the NYFED…

    after reading several news releases…it’s apparent that congress captured my FOIA and is following the seed trail….

    me thinks the big banks are in deep trouble, for money leaves a trail…..so much for Alan Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, et al, silencing me!

    the crapola has hit the fan!

    Comment by leowanta on May 13, 2012 @ 3:48 am

    1. This Leo Wanta is not endorsed by THESE white hats... They say this Leo Wanta is a fake... I cannot say from direct knowledge other than what the White Hats told me directly....

  57. You are correct Geno. This 'Leo' is actually a woman that has been posting for a long time assuming Mr. Wanta's name...most notably at the Raging Bull board.

    BTW- great job on #41 video.

  58. Geno, I was more trying to validate Veterans Today and Gordon Duff. Just this week for instance they seemed to be the only ones who got the JT Ready story right. Gordon has admitted that he has been suckered or fooled here and there, but I believe that he writes as he believes. You come across as being genuine as well. I was just wondering if you had a valid reason for lumping VT in with Fulford,Wilcock, and Cassidy, or if it was just at a glance...

  59. We've all heard, "Follow the money!" However, when doing our research, we all get suckered into looking for evidence of our trial endpoints.

    The WH's have been following the money for maybe 20 years, or so, wherever the money trails lead. We should do the same.

    Recent WH reports have documented the path of $15T. So far the trail has lead to Pureheart Investments, Ltd. But where does it go from there? We should be asking that question.

    1. Exactly; we are digging (or trying to) in public/open sources to try find something, anything, on the names we have here ... China, KOREA, where ever ... I put the Korea in because though it's hardly ever half intelligible by the time Google translate finishes it, we may have had some of our problems from there (or perhaps more accurately; persons there seem to have had the earliest, and most prolonged access problems). Talking specifically about our website #OTB now (not 15trillionfraud.co.uk - update there; site now back /UP!).

      With the translation probs; we're about as clear as mud ...

      Mentioned nevertheless; do we have the right Pureheart; could really do with confirmation of that (need to take that page down ASAP if someone can confirm it's WRONG)?


      TIA for any help!

      The White Rabbit! @occupyofficial

    2. We will give you a massive Pureheart exposure soon.

  60. Dear Webmaster/Webmistress, is there a simple way to make live links in our posts? I did some research and it looks like we would have to add html code to the URL. In Wordpress blogs, if we includde the entire URL (including "http://sitename" there will be a live link in our post. Thanks!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. London is not the instigation point of the corruption, but certainly has facilitated vast trading for them. The Cabal and Political cronies are 100% US based.All as named.

    2. John. I would not be so sure. If you know your history, you will see history repeating itself here.

      Kerry (nee FORBES) -v- Bush ... Forbes family fortune being made with whom, WHERE, and HOW?

      Awful lot of product being moved; dead body trails in central banks. Sassoon denying meetings Blackheath says took place (if I get facts correct).

      Just saying. You sure you're not missing the main trick; seeing what you think is the largest picture, when actually it is only the largest because in your location, you cannot see the biggest picture of all; it's too close to the end of your nose. Good example about the onions in different locations BTW.

      Who is Lord Sassoon?

      It's not a question I am asking but rhetorically.

      You can use the 'Net too, I know. ;)

      But we are dealing with GEO-POLITICS and GLOBAL organised crime; this itself is already evidenced in the words of The White Hats; Indonesia, USA, UK, EU ... on and one... but there is only one world, only one drugs trade on it, and perhaps only still one master laundrette. Hint; that wouldn't be NYC.

      Dangerous stuff.

      The White Rabbit!

    3. I make the point again for you. The key Beneficiaries of the London Capital Markets you refer to,are still the major Cabal members via many nominees. The Banks serve as directed. Launderetts agreed, nothing new there, but who gets the major money? The Cabal and Agencies once you source trace and exit trace the money. Sassoon met with Blackheath, fact. The entire issue was dealt with a multi House Leader and Treasury level. Sassoon's family history is old hat. He's mainly just Rothschild's man in the House. The major Program and Laundering Beneficiaries trace back to the same old Agency and US Political hands. London is only a key distribution center for processing the capital. As Ackermann loses power it will be interesting to see who takes over. 4 key Banks are still the largest players with Canary Wharf as the gaming board. You may be over rating the Drugs value of power compared to the Ponzi money Program Trading markets which are the real key. If you think the power money is drugs, dream on. Program trading beats it thousands of times over. Real power. How does Sr own them all? We talk with parties you refer to daily, often many times every day. The US Military Industrial Cabal is funded only one major way. Drugs are just a small contributor. If you think its major, you don't know the sheer scale of Black Ops expenditure needs, or the Ponzi money hydra which has been created. Again, London is the vehicle, not the driver? It services the primary groups. Remove London and it just goes elsewhere. Research the Ponzi money. Who do you think Blair works for? Major?

  62. Ah, no problem... at a glance, like I thought...In my mind it doesn't take anything away from what you guys are doing here at all, and I am still following here... Just agree to disagree on G. I guess, if you don't care for him...

    1. I did not say anything against him... I posted 4 links that have people questioning him... His article on Wanta was said by "THESE" white hats to be inaccurate...

      What I showed was discrepancies...because you asked...

      discrepancies that are created by the disinfo game whether he is part of it or not...

      NO ONE not you not me no one should hand their faith over in any man...

      The White Hats and I disagree on many things...

      I will say it one more time.... I am helping them facilitate EVIDENCE so we might fix world banking before the truly dark start rounding us up.

    2. Keep up the good work Geno. IT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    3. P.S. Modern day era = Cabal Bull.

  63. Thanks Geno, really...I totally get what you are saying, and You're right...I admit that I didn't look at the links that you posted at first. Sometimes I think that we're all crazy idiot goofballs... But I feel like we will find our way through this mess... I'll keep trying to wake up my Dorito eating, TV watching, friends and family... peace

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. I was just reading through some comments and saw Geno say ''we were all raised on TV'' and I had to sort of chuckle to myself, because when I was in my early formative years, TV had not yet been invented. And finally in my late late teens when we finally did have TV, we only got 3 channels -- with an antenna.
    They had bulbs in the back of it, and I remember my mom saying she had to go buy a new fuse for the TV. The News consisted of one half hour in the evening. Oh how simple life was back then.
    Prior to the this, our excitement was WW2. Gathering milk weed pods, taking them to school, for making parachutes. Saving the tin foil from gum wrappers. Watching our parents trade rationing stamps. Of course that was back when they actually declared war over in a day, and it was OVER.
    Now can you just imagine what THIS so called modern day era is like, for ME to try to adjust to?? Well, I'm afraid I never will.

    1. Oops, I put that in the wrong place.
      Modern Day Era = Cabal Bull.

  66. Why not get some credible reporter that will do the tough stories who has a good reputation? Maybe Erin Brockovich coming from her maybe more might listen. Just a thought.

    1. I don't believe its about people not listening; more like this News is being deliberately hidden from them on the MSM. Surprising how many will say ''if this was true, it would be on the News''.
      They just cannot fathom that the Media is owned by the culprits, and just how deep this deception goes.
      As far as I can see it, every person in the world could know about this Cabal, but that wouldn't change anything. Knowledge without Action is just words on paper or in our heads.
      It will take Uniforms to get off their rear ends and JUST GO DO IT. I'm not holding my breath that that will happen.
      John -- Any timeline on just when these explosive Charges will be brought on those implicated in the Herzog Case?

    2. Forensics are already with the authorities and when that goes to charges, bail will not be allowed. Then we will see if the extradition treaty works both ways or not when a certain person is also named. The ex French President lost his immunity from prosecution once he lost office. Interesting times ahead when Herzog tries to plea bargain this one. We blew out the Russians for the same thing.This will be a PR disaster for the Cabal. They failed and its coming home.

    3. John -- This is what I was talking about earlier - these Cabal criminals in the USA have to be extradited to a foreign criminal court. They will never get prosecuted here, as they have everybody in their back pockets or in fear of their lives. Of course they will fight extradition IF allowed to do so. Depends on how diligently it is handled.

      Also I see where Obama's face is coming out on the cover of Time Magazine, as ''the first gay president''. This is NOT boding well for him with the majority of the People here.

    4. John, you said, "We blew out the Russians for the same thing." Would you please explain? I don't know to what this refers. Not doubting; just ignorant.

    5. I don't want to expose it just yet but very, very serious charges. Your not ignorant Nigel, your enlightened enough to be a regular reader. Once Herzog is charged we will release it. Then he is facing life. See how the media hides that. Even worse for his US handler when it breaks! The exposure will get them all thinking. Read up on Litvenko.

    6. An interesting tidbit indeed, for those that already know some about Litvenko's story (or at least I should clarify, that story(ies) written in the press).

      Next stop Russia!

  67. I'll make a general apology for the anger that gets the best of me. The lies never stop coming and to think we live in a world where ad agencies, think tanks, universities, military, governments, alphabet agencies aren't even remotely interested in truth but quite the contrary, to keep heaping the bullshit on top of the bullshit. Frankly I have had my fill. Other than producing media for the hats I am done locking horns with the liars.

    1. You do a magnificent job Geno. Don't let the Bar Stewards grind you down.

    2. Geno,

      Where have you done that?

      Yet, if you say you have gotten angry, it does NOT show in your postings. You may be mistaking passion for anger. Your passion DOES show! THANK YOU for that, dude...


  68. http://www.occupythebanks.com/2012/05/sheriffs-10000-arrests-power-removal.html

  69. John, is this who you meant?



  70. I saw on RT-news last week them interviewing Litvinenko's father.Some lawsuit was filed regarding his son's accusations that he was murdered.Dad stated son named names, and father will bring those names to light in court.He was begging some other person on aire to please call him, so there would be justice for his son's murder. I missed about the first 1/3 and it did not aire again.


  71. I really think you put too much faith into Okie he has called the RV more than you change your underwear.....

  72. OKIE was just an example of the trend.

    THOUSANDS of poor shmux like myself truly believed the IQD/RV was supposed to happen yesterday/today. Whatever can be said here (w/o saying too much) regarding this topic will be highly appreciated. I know from my own research this currency must revalue to at least pre-invasion levels. My personal opinion is that it will come out even higher.

    So, my question is :"What the hell is going on? Why has it not revalued? When will it revalue?"
    [Perhaps John would field this for dinarians out here...]

    Thanks in advance! ;-)


    1. Nothing will happen until a Sr figure, and his Cabal bribed groupies get their demanded cut. OK? Sick and sad, reality.

    2. Cryptic answer. Can't get a 'cut' until it has been revalued- if and when. TMan's audio is from August of last year and I've seen his postings about the subject from before that. Too bad Darylluke's question will go unanswered as I believe no one knows when the RV will go down- or how much. One thing for certain- it won't be until Iraq is out of CHAPTER 7 and they have full WTO status- seems to me those are the 2 poker chips they're playing with...almost as if it were blackmail

    3. Cryptic answer. Can't get a 'cut' until it has been revalued- if and when. TMan's audio is from August of last year and I've seen his postings about the subject from before that. Too bad Darylluke's question will go unanswered as I believe no one knows when the RV will go down- or how much. One thing for certain- it won't be until Iraq is out of CHAPTER 7 and they have full WTO status

  73. Just a quick update 15trillionfraud.co.uk tango down (unsure reason ATM ... but after our troubles over the weekend staying up ...). Just FYI.

  74. To The Voice, John, Abby, et. all....

    It looks like the Cabal cannot stop Ron Paul for any reason even if they wanted to. Paul has all the militias behind him. He's also much further ahead in the delegates than the media says, and APPARENTLY has taken the evidence on the Herzogs & the HSBC very seriously because Dr. Paul also brought up these criminal charges in the Congressional hearings...

    Where Ron Paul is seen openly calling on his colleagues to join with him and end the Federal Reserve. He's now openly saying on the house floor, the criminal nature of the Federal Reserve is so serious Congress needs to abolish the entire institution!


    I have never seen him so fired up before, yet surely by now the cabals realize they can't stop him. JP Morgan Chase just collapsed nearly all-together, thanks to the Wanta Mitterand Protocols. I say lock & load, flood the delegates and get ready for Ron Paul being installed & plenty of fireworks to boot!

    Also he's definitely the only one who will get it done & eliminate the bank. He's the only actual Republican president we've had any access to in decades, the rest have been Democrats and as you know Democrats don't prosecute their own. Therefore, the whole bunch of BS that Obama is a good guy is the biggest load of disinfo they've ever put out....Obama? A democrat who practically started that party?
    Yeah, right!

    Flood the news waves, ride on freedom rangers!!!

    1. WOW, all I can say is WOW. As you know, I had called the Ron Paul Headquarters in Texas very recently and told them the Campaign Manager MUST read this web site, as it is vital to Ron's Campaign and would give him much needed ammunition.
      So now, this is quite startling to me that suddenly we see Ron bringing all this stuff out !
      I mentioned doing this (here in Report 41 I think) and I believe others also then called.

  75. John - Is Romney's name included in Herzog criminals about to be exposed and Charged? We need to get Romney's dirt out to the public before our Election gets any closer.

    1. Yes,
      So are Both Bush's!, Clinton, Biden,Ackermann and many more. But, it gets worse. Wait until Ed Falcone has met with the German Federal Police again because now massively serious charges are about to break for what they attempted when he traveled to Berlin but was tipped off by a "Friendly Agency" what had been set up! Once that breaks the lot may bolt. Herzog and a certain figure have a huge problem coming. A step WAY too far! The Hubris of the Cabal. intercepted and fore warned! The Federal Prosecutors will have a field day. Herzog is Bag Man for two families! Both dirty as hell. It will all come out in court. Karma.

    2. John, if I may it seems Lord Rothschild actually decided to stage several assassination attempts on Ed Falcone, their attorneys and Leo Wanta himself.

      The hubris of this mad man Rothschild knows no bounds!

      Of course he couldn't care less if a few front men go down, the Bushs, Ackermann, Clinton or Romney...let them rot he says.

      But the second Rothschild's name itself is mentioned, he goes ballistic. Evidently they were all flipping against Roth, so in retrospect John?

      With anti-Fed fever at critical mass, will that be the final straw where they all turn on each other like vipers?

      Do you believe the U.K. press with their recent reports, that Rothschilds failed assassination coup will come back to bite his face off especially now with Ron Paul & the military turned into rabid attack dogs....

    3. The assassination attempt was via a known party who we can't yet name as he is yet to be charged, plus his US handler a massive name with a huge Political dynamic. Full forensics will doom the front party. We cant risk damning leaking evidence yet. He will squeal as he's facing life, then it plays out. The Political front men have all been " Useful Idiots " who will be cut loose when it suits. We can't name yet the obvious major villains, but your obviously very close. However, push Ron Paul to act, and the White Hats have offered to share all files with him. Right now, he is the ONLY real hope the US has to avoid mass corruption and NWO being imposed. This site alone, and all of you, stands for the only hope America has. The US has many fine and moral Pentagon and Military men who just desperately need Leadership to act and round them up. Those not bought off with Vatican and other accounts by Sr etc.

  76. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the end for the Cabal and Ron Paul decides to go out into full attack mode. There is way too many crimes for the media to ignore.


    Everyone send the evidence to the BBC who has any!


  77. White Hats -- What has been the response from Ron Paul, regarding your offer to them, of all these files? That would really cut to the chase.

    John - Thanks for the response and great info. Now we have a glimmer of real light - action is in the works. With Obama's ''outing'' regarding his preferences for men AND if we can get the truth out about Romney, it will make it much easier for Ron.
    Then the Ron Paul people MUST guard ALL the voting precincts with the eyes of Eagles. There needs to be a potential Plan for this among the Paul People. Holding the raw evidence against those that have been hacking our vote machines, is a nice threat to use. Fight fire WITH FIRE. No more ''mr. nice guy'' !! Its now, or never.

  78. Darylluke -- This may be a dumb question, but can you still buy Dinar? Where? And how much is it? Is it still a good value from what I saw a number of years ago? And then what is it to be revalued at? Give me some numbers if you would please. Thx.
    Or anyone else who has answers.

    1. The way I view the RV is an inexpensive chance to dream big and the more it draws out the more likely the idea will collapse and go south...

      So don't risk more than a couple hundred dollars to aid in your day dreaming of a better life.

  79. Abby,
    Email me at Iwantmymoneyback2@hotmail.com and I will send you a direct seller who has the best price I've found.

  80. Fallejoe -- I see nothing on either of those, about Rothschilds. Are you just trying to promote websites?

  81. Exciting times indeed - thank you WH John Geno et al! Given the magnitude and momentum of all of this, its like driving a Ferrari and hitting a major pot hole when one stumbles upon comments like "With Obama's ''outing'' regarding his preferences for men"... seriously ?

    One assumes the reference is to the recent Cover on Newsweek, as well, that the comment was made without even glancing at the related article included. For what it is worth, Tina Brown, Chief editor of Newsweek has spoken about it precisely to quell such ignorant 'jumping to conclusions - She called "Obama's endorsement of gay marriage "a brave decision," "a great generational coup" and "a moment of moral clarity."


    Regardless of ones political affiliations, statements made without knowing the contents is shallow at best - else coming from ignorance, and just takes away from what is the cutting edge data/site on coming changes - unfortunate 'potholes' in an otherwise amazing ride.

    Looking forward to all the changes - Let us remain open to all possibilities of this working our for the highest good for all, very soon. More power to all who truly work for the Light ! Thank you & God Bless WHs!

    1. Pleiadance, you commit the same "sin" as the one of which you accuse John and Geno - commenting without knowing the full context. O's gayness has been noted long before the Time magazine cover - way back to his pre-presidential days in Chicago.

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Lrf8DbrJH0

      Watch this speech and make of it what you will.

    3. Pleiadance -- Yes, Seriously ! As Nigel stated, Obummer's gayness has been known for years - yet he withheld this Truth from the People.
      I do not assume anything from any one reporter at News Week or any other. Nor from one article.
      My statement comes from real knowing, knowing what I'm talking about - unlike you, who is biased and apparently died-in-the-wool democrat.
      My statement also had NOTHING to do with any political affiliation at all; this is not a political issue, it is a Truth issue.
      It dark in that closet you live in, so why do you talk about ''the light''? You need to TURN ON the Light and take a good look.
      The so called bright changes you are expected are going to be a big disappointment to you. The world is not going to light up because of faulty approval by some editor and some president.

    4. My apologies - from Nigel's comment above it seems my comment reflected negatively on John & Geno, for whom I only have the HIGHEST regard. Please read again - I have stated so even in my first comment.

      I want back and looked at which comment I responded to and it was ( Abby May 16, 2012 11:49 AM "With Obama's ''outing'' regarding his preferences for men " ) , just noting it here for clarity, no offense to Abby or anyone else. I respect political differences but found it jarring when this forum has kept dignity and protocol with all reports and the KEY FOCAL ISSUES at hand - which was not whether O was or not gay.

      The point I was trying to make is that the issues at hand, for which much proof has been accumulated, and which have negatively impacted humanity for over a century, is ( or I thought should be) the focal point - as each WH report and Geno's brilliant videos has focused on.

      Whether someone, anyone, is gay, or not, in my mind, simply dilutes and takes away from the magnitude of data and implications.
      As well, in the particular comment I responded to, it was not even entirely the correct representation.

      Personally, I do not care of Obama or anyone else's private preferences; I DO care that trillions have been stolen from the people, millions have been killed including on our own soil, and these thugs are still running free. Given all that, do we really care if Obama is gay, if he just 'outed', whatever.

      Highest regard for John, Geno and all the amazing work by the WH's.Regret any confusion caused.
      God Bless.


    The "load more" link at the bottom of the page seems to be dysfunctional. When I click on it, it says "loading" but it does not. Further, when I load the page that includes comments, it gives me a warning that "a script" may make my computer stop working, and that's exactly what happens. I tried it on three XP machines and one Windows 7 machine. None get past the first page.

    1. Boson, try Google's browser, Chrome. I and another member here, had the same problem with Internet Explorer. We switched to Chrome and this blog site loads almost instantly, even when there are a large number of posts,as we have now,

      I have been using Chrome for about a month and find it be faster and more stable than Internet Explorer.

  83. John - You stated on May 16 at 7:06 A.M ''Pentagon and Military need Leadership to round them up''.

    But thanks to Obummer, we now have the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by our Senators by an overwhelming majority (something like 97- 3) In this Act, is included the doing away with Posse Comitatus, which by,

    If I am understanding this correctly, then the Pentegon has no more excuses to be a do-nothing, and does not need to wait for the possibility of Ron Paul getting into the Oval Office. Nor do the People need to wait that long.

    NDAA is meant for harming the People, and I believe is a huge violation of the Constitution, which our Leaders have long ignored -- but we may as well try to utilize it to our benefit. Like a boomerang.

    1. Abby.
      Obama is going to take all your guns away and deny all State Self Defence Militias. Unless the Pentagon face down the real enemy, you are in for a North Korean experience.

  84. John, from your post of May 17, @ 12:23 AM under White Rabbit's earlier post, you said:

    "... You may be over rating the Drugs value of power compared to the Ponzi money Program Trading markets which are the real key. If you think the power money is drugs, dream on. Program trading beats it thousands of times over. Real power. How does Sr own them all? We talk with parties you refer to daily, often many times every day. The US Military Industrial Cabal is funded only one major way. Drugs are just a small contributor. If you think its major, you don't know the sheer scale of Black Ops expenditure needs, or the Ponzi money hydra which has been created. Again, London is the vehicle, not the driver? It services the primary groups. Remove London and it just goes elsewhere. Research the Ponzi money. Who do you think Blair works for? Major?"

    Earlier I commented that the documentation of the $15T trail stopped at Pureheart and noted that the trail must extend further. Could it lead to funding of Black Ops? If so, I can guess that there are many other such trails.

    1. Nigel
      Black Ops, Reverse engineering!!!, Cabal self wealth, NWO strategies, Underground cities and tunnel systems, Space projects, and Global subjugation of energy sources.

    2. reverse engineering of what?

  85. Saw this on the drudge report....
    Proof Obama born in Kenya

  86. Breitbart must be pretty fearless to publish this. maybe they can push the white hat info too.

  87. Pleiadance.. For your information what I stated about Obummer has to do with much that is spoken about in here.
    Partially, our topic involves then next presidential election, and my statement was saying that ''now that obummer has come out'' and that his sanctioning of gay marriage -- is losing him a lot of votes. HE is one of our largest problems!
    Furthermore, what I said about him is absolutely TRUE and its time the world knows this truth. I do NOT get my stuff from some NewsWeek article - nor do I have ANY political stand for either of these crooked partys.
    Yet you are the one who decided to TRY to throw rocks at ME, because I stepped on your toes. You seem to not want to face the truth here, even after you gave nothing but your own personal offense to my statement.
    My Statement is absolutely TRUE, and his mug on News Week IS saying just that, tho perhaps in a left handed manner -- so that you who are so gullible CAN try to take it another way, that
    suits yourSELF. Your attempt at whitewashing this won't work.
    Come out of that dark closet you've been living in. While you are at it, try to do something about you're problem with women. Didn't your mother teach you any respect?
    Our bottom line here is -- get rid of Obummer and get rid of Romney so that we just MIGHT get a sane man in the Oval Office - Ron Paul. DUH