Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27, 2011 – White Hats Report #31

BUSH SR. - THE "KING" IS LOSING HIS MIND – How can a Stage Two Alzheimer Patient continue to terrorize American and  World Leaders!?

America is in grave danger by Washington Autocracy who have continued to fail to address the criminal actions of Bush Senior's Dark Cabal who are in collusion with renegade bankers to destroy not only America's, but the entire World's financial system.  America is not immune to the collateral damage from other countries, because our financial systems and currencies have become homogeneous and interdependent. An unchecked system has allowed the greed, self interest, and criminal activities of a few to prosper while the rest of the world collapses.  JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citibank and Wall Street stand ready to fall, as they are cross invested in the European Union with substantial loans and trading portfolios.   America is in a free-fall led by a clueless President who is involved in vast criminal manipulations, a puppet on a string controlled by Bush Senior's Cabal and George Soros.

As the global financial system spirals faster and faster to a bankrupt state, Bush Senior and Obama plan for their next move.  Obama is preparing for his exit as a failed one term President, with Senior allowing him to spend more time congregating his stolen offshore bank funds, which we last reported exceeded 11 Billion Dollars.  He has degradated America with the ultimate scam.  And a long time ago Bush Senior started to make plans for his escape.  Hence, the Bush family, Soros and cohorts over the last several weeks have been flying in mass equipment and assets to their heavily fortified 100,000 plus acre Paraguay Ranches.  As the World's major financial system collapses, their plan is to take all their stolen assets and escape to the old Nazi Safe Haven immune from extradition. The Paraguayan newspapers have already announced the future arrival of the Bush family.   Our justice system is neutered to stop and apprehend them.  The world looks at America aghast with disbelief.  

By the end of next week investigators will have completed a comprehensive report on Bush Senior, exposing the location of his stolen global banking funds.  Upon completion we will also detail an expose of Obama’s fraudulent funds.  Furthermore, this information will be made available to the proper global authorities for future criminal investigations.

As the G20 countries struggle for a global financial solution, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy now realize their own survival is being threatened and entrapped with the sinking ship.  They see the demise of Bush Senior’s power and the disintegration of the old Cabal.   Although they both understand that Bush Senior’s Dark Cabal still has some power,  the encroaching reality that Bush Senior has entered the second phase of dementia is now perceived that it is time to review Geo Political loyalties.   Simply stated, “The King is losing his mind,” but make no mistake that even now Senior is still calling all the shots.   Obama, Geithner, Bush Junior, the Clintons and other of the co-conspirators are still moving to the will of the puppet master.   

As an example of Bush Senior’s control, as we have viewed from recent European Union events, we are very concerned that the present actions of Chancellor Merkel may possibly reveal that Bush Senior or his co-conspirators may be bribing or threatening Merkel if she does not prevent or derail by any means a solution to the European financial crisis.  Remember the Cabal's new world order can only succeed with the failure of the global financial system.

Even though Bush Senior maintains control over some of the political powers, we are seeing signs of his collapse.  We have reported that Josef Ackermann played a focal role in conjunction with Bush Senior, but due to Josef Ackermann's clear criminal exposure and visibility via the White Hats, the Bilderbergs have now severed their relationship with Ackermann in hopes of preventing criminal activities encroaching on them.  Ackermann's wheels are coming off.   Dr. Michael Herzog has threatened to tell all when he is arraigned over the Falcone fraud executed by Ackermann, Mitt Romney, Bush Senior and other co-conspirator’s associates.   We can now report from further investigation that Bush Senior, Mitt Romney and Josef Ackermann made approximately 3 Billion Dollars together with their criminal partners Dr. Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette stealing from Edward Falcone.  The CIA was also a recipient of Falcone’s stolen funds.   Ben Bernanke tracked this transaction following Falcone's stolen funds, but later took no action due to pressure from Bush Senior.   How will the new CIA director, an honorable man and true patriot, react to this?

Now that we see signs of the collapse of the Dark Cabal, a demented King slowly losing his mind to Stage Two Alzheimers and a President perceived by the world as greatly inept with his moral authority lost and his moral compass destroyed, the World is ready for a financial and political reset.   We have reported that money exists via the World Global Settlements and lawful obligations by the United States Treasury to patriotic individuals which would more than suffice to regenerate the World Global economies.       

The United States Treasury and Federal Reserve have been offered a simple and fast way out of our dilemma:
  1. Return the long overdue funds rightfully owed to patriotic Americans.
  2. Release the World Global Settlements.
  3. Repay what was stolen from Tropos Capital and all other missing funds. 
The Federal tax revenue alone will eliminate our national debt.  This responsible action will immediately channel major US humanitarian and global infrastructure projects.  This will immediately help resolve the Euro financial dilemma, create millions of jobs through industrial projects and new technologies, while building a new foundation that will not only benefit America, but financially stabilize the World.      

Edward Falcone is another American Investor ruthlessly betrayed in a Bush Senior fraudulent transaction.  Falcone has planned substantial construction investment projects to develop and aid communities in Florida and other US states, which would create jobs and income security for Americans.  Via an audit review, over 800 Billion Dollars has been created by inter-Bank compound trading with Falcone’s stolen funds.  Based on Falcone's stolen funds, the British Tax Authority may have missed 160 Billion (US Dollars) in tax revenue.  This does not include all the other transactions that could possibly run into the trillions of dollars in tax revenue owed to the British Government.  The largest beneficiary of these funds was the CIA, and secondly Bush Senior, whose accounts we are presently tracking.  Instead of Falcone's earned capital going as planned to help America, it has triggered theft and bribery of corrupt Politicians.

Remember, we reported a Two Hundred Million Dollar bribe taken by Vice President Joe Biden, offered by Hillary Clinton, acting for Bush Senior.   Of the 3 Billion dollars reported above, Mitt Romney alone, acting with Bush Senior was paid over $1 Billion to front for Bush Senior.  This money was stolen from Falcone’s program.  Falcone and his associates have already communicated with key Republican Senators and their plan to remove Romney as a Presidential candidate by filing a Federal lawsuit against Romney, Bush Senior and his associates.  Falcone is using the same strategy now as he did when Romney was a Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain.  Just when he is most vulnerable and a likely candidate, Falcone will share the incriminating evidence and have Romney removed.  The White Hats will make sure that all opposition parties are aware of the details of Romney's corruption. Romney cannot be allowed to be elected as yet another corrupt and bribe-taking United States President.

This whole saga of Political and Banking corruption was predicated upon large scale use of London Banking, operating via nominee and hidden offshore accounts.  Trillions of dollars have been traded in a series of bank programs making a total mockery of the humanitarian intent of these programs.  Political entities and persons in high level positions have been bought off.  Even the Bank of England itself is implicated in the Falcone affair along with Barclays, Deutsche Bank and HSBC Bank.

This corrupt practice has now been exposed to the House of Lords and the Parliamentary Audit Committee under Margaret Hodge.  While pressures and roadblocks will be imposed to delay investigations, once this gets into the hands of the opposition MP’s, Unions and media, exposure will create a Tsunami of redress consequences.  It will blow the lid off in a fire storm of retribution.   There are possibly Trillions in withholding Taxes which have been avoided, and will face enforced collection by the Revenue Commissioners in London once appraised.  The UK’s own Fiscal dilemmas can be resolved by simple Tax enforcement and conspiring Bankers being brought to justice.   Murdoch’s own media interests will be well served to expose this as Political dynamite but that has a lot to do with what the Bildeberg’s direct him to do.    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has no idea of the extent of their files being held, corruption activities becoming known and being systematically tracked.   As this is exposed to the European Union and British media, IT’S GAME OVER!   Watergate will look like a Kindergarten birthday party.

THE WORLD GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS MUST BE RELEASED TODAY!   Also, the Iraqi Dinar revaluation is a cross-linked element of the solution, but compromised by Bush family interests and co-conspirators who have demanded and received twenty percent (20%) of the Forex differential, when exchange valuations are set to underpin the new currency.   In demonstration of the collusion between Bush and Obama, Obama has agreed to this “fee” for the Bush family.  Yet Obama, nor any one person in the Administration, is willing to provide a justifiable and legal position for this “fee”.

Will Obama finally realize he is being cut loose and that Senior has no more use for him?  Does he realize that he is expendable and will take the major part of the fall?  Can Obama be so blind or is Valarie Jarret not serving the interests of the President and thereby the interests of the American people?   Senior has allowed him to steal in excess of 11 Billion dollars in fraudulent funds.  Will Obama wake up and realize that Senior will never allow him to use these funds?  THE ONLY CHOICE FOR OBAMA IS TO USE HIS EXECUTIVE POWERS AND RELEASE ALL THE WORLD GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS IMMEDIATELY!   He still has the power to do what is right, but will his moral compass continue to be self edifying?  Obama alone will take the final punishment and be the end of his own demise.

All this and so much more has and will continue to be unveiled.  Pay what is lawfully owed and get Americans back to work.  Let real Patriots get Projects started.  Investigate and start the political and banking clean-up NOW!

What happens in the next few days may be the most important events in the history of mankind.


  1. Alzheimers? Really? Nice disinformation to protect the old boy when justice is round the corner.

  2. uh yeah sure....that makes sense...If they were protecting him this article wouldn't be up or any of the other 30...

  3. Geno.
    This is real and constructive information via the White Hats. For a man whose been so positive, why so apparently condescending now? Surely what's contained will suffice to raise your own concerns?

  4. This is more of the same month after month post after post. When are we going to see some real action and results instead of being strung along with the same old same old. It will be awesome to see just 1 of these criminals in power be arrested.
    If you guys have the goods that you say you have(more than just mere allegations)on these criminals then lets get it into the highest court in the world, "the court of public opinion" so everyone in the world can participate in bringing these criminals to justice.
    Blessings to All

  5. John I was addressing Charles.

    He is saying the white hats are fabricating Alzheimers.... my point was...why would they do that.

  6. So....TMan's audio said G. Bush was going to get $1.00/per for the RV of IQD....that would make it $5/1 IQD.

    And the discrepancies continue to mount for the RV White Hats. You might have a few more followers if you weren't so tied in to Ben Fulford by using the term 'dark cabal' like you both do.

    WGS= non existent.

  7. Pie in the sky nonsence suggesting we should find a way to prop up the current financial system and live happily ever after.

    The offshore private fractional reserve central banking system is a scam, a ponzi scheme at its end, it was made to fail, is evil, unfair, debt based enslavement. Any plan that does not involve crashing this aspect of the banking system and removing it, is just a joke. White hats seem like they want to keep us enslaved by the banks.

  8. Just to clarify the above before the blog might be edited...this blog claims G. Bush to get a 20% cut off the IQD RV. No metter how one does the math, that would make what TMan said of $1IQD on his Aug 2011 audio have an RV value of $5USDIQD to 1get IQD.

    Not $3.86...or $4.41......*sigh*

  9. so the White hats is dreaming ?
    in YouTube video i thought Id saved but can't find it (apparently i never emailed it to anyone DOH) said White Nights with DeltaForce stormed Clinton at gunpoint to sign Nesara into law = is it true ?

  10. Ram, I'm sorry to tell you that is only a fairy tale someone dreamed up years ago. It does sound good though doesn't it ?

  11. Ram, you are purposefully misrepresenting the truth. The White Hats clearly defined that they are not connected to these 'White Knights' in any way. You ask them and they will tell you you they do not know who these supposed 'White Knights' are. The White Hats have made it known that they do not believe in NESARA in any shape or form. Provide the documentation of its reality is what they have said in the past on numerous occasions. Can you? Of course you cannot.

    Master Thinker, if you were a true 'Master Thinker' you would stop lumping in Benjamin Fulford with the White Hats. They are not in the same league. Everyone who has done some research knows Benjamin Fulford's grandfather was a high ranking Illuminati member. Furthermore Benjamin Fulford proved that he was a paper tiger when he met with a member of the powerful 'Lion' family (you will know what I mean if you have done true due diligence). At that point it became clear that there was no secret Asian society whatsoever behind him. The only person who is behind him is Neil Keenan who is a fifth rank CIA agent who feeds Benjamin Fulford the information he is meant to publish. Benjamin Fulford worked for Forbes magazine and is Jesuit trained. His family connections to David Rockefeller do not make matters any better. Even on his forum a Rockefeller family member used to keep an eye on the entire operation as backup procedure. 'Tman' has called Benjamin Fulford less pleasant names if you would know anything about it and with righteous cause. The only reason any White Knight had to visit Benjamin's Fulford forum was to protect the true Leo Wanta as there was an impostor on Benjamin Fulford's website who pretended to be the true Leo Wanta, but in actuality was Janet Douglas who lives in Texas together with well known Raging Bull basher 'Jonas Grumby'.

    Smokies and Charles Frith, where are your facts? You lost them on the way here? Unfortunate....yet still live in a partially free country for the moment and are allowed to have your own opinion, but it remains just opinion.

    IcemanSC, maybe you did not notice, but the entire matter already has been filed in the World Court in the Hague, Netherlands, alongside with the Supreme Court in the United States of America. Merely filing does not guarantee victory or justice for that matter in any way. You might not have noticed, but five out of the nine Supreme Court Justices are Catholics. This might be non descriptive to you, but the fact remains that three of them are Opus Dei members and another one is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations. The fact of the matter is that Opus Dei functions as a front for the Jesuits and controls a major part of the world's finances nowadays. Never again did this secret society want to be in the forefront and thus created this 'God's Work' cover. They took control of the Vatican Bank during the time of the murder of Pope John Paul the I who was about to warn the world about the evil within. Make no mistakes. The products of these same powers are Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Napoleon and much more.

  12. I understand as much as anyone here how infuriating it can be to see society crumble while in the hands of those who are too corrupt to have ever deserved that control. Nevertheless it serves no one when you attack those who are on the same side and do their utmost best to change matters. Of course it would be nicer if our allies had more power and you could sit back without having to worry about the outcome. The fact is that such certainty is nonexistent. There is simply a either assist in whatever way you can and hope our opposing benevolent faction comes out on top or you sit back and blame the NWO and yourself for not doing anything when you had the power to do so when the world falls back into a new Dark Age as planned by these hostile powers.

    Now that I am at it I might as well dispel all the usual reptilian nonsense that makes its way here every now and then (although J. did a most excellent job in that regard). This website's main focus is credibility and the power that flows forth from that in comparison to numerous other websites with different aims. I hope all who have witnessed that reptilian agenda are aware of the fact that David Icke never was the first to come out with it. No, it was our Illuminati affiliated Alice Ann Bailey who talked about her visions of reptilians in her dreams. Later on she created the Lucifer Publisher Company in 1920 which name she tactfully changed to the Lucis Trust in 1922. The Lucifer Publisher Company has Consultative status 3 within the United Nations.... Another important source to David Icke is Brian Desborough. A supposed researcher who provides entire articles to David Icke at no cost whatsoever. Desborough does not even want the credit for those articles. He lets David Icke copy everything as if it is Icke's own material. What is more interesting is the fact that Desborough knows a lot about mind control. Too much for an average person. Now it gets interesting in the fact that Brian Desborough introduced Arizona Wilder to David Icke for an interview. Arizona Wilder professes that she had been mind controlled. She talks about reptilians. Would it not be more logical to say that Brian Desborough is the mind control specialist who manipulated Arizona Wilder into saying the things that she said? Credo Mutwa is also full of contradictory statements. The entire operation is a house of cards to those who do not take everything at face value. Then again, what can be expected of ex-BBC reporter David Icke who in previous years professed to be THE ONE AND ONLY Jesus Christ on national television. His own children have been confronted with that statement for years as their father was the laughing stock of the neighborhood.

    Then again, there will be people who will believe there is some higher purpose. I would like to remind those of the character named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit. It was this person who devised the New Age movement. After all what is New Age, but a synthesis between evolution and spirituality. How complex people can make their 'ideas', while the underlying concept is so simple. I do hope those people realize by now that there are secret societies who even go as far as devising the entire thought spectrum. Maybe you thought you devised those ideas yourself. I am sorry to dispel such illusions. Everything has been planned beforehand. The name of the game always has been control.

    Considering that I am at it anyways I would like to beware people of West Point trained mind control specialist, John MacHaffie. Nothing is what it seems and his team of operatives will do their best to exploit the gullibility of the average well meaning civilian.

    The largest financial transaction in history attract all kinds of vultures. The best in their kind. Be cautious. Be prepared.

    1. @Saturnalia. Forgive a Scandinavian for his bad english, but I think they call your behaviour "patronizing"... Nothing good ever comes form that...
      Peace and love

  13. Heads up! The Cabal is plotting a martial law maneuver. I saw this on presscore -

  14. I wish you had posted links to those Paraguay newspapers and I would have got the word out.

    Good job.

    I also know there is a lot that is being unsaid here. I can't reveal a lot of the things I know either.

    Banishing the old man to his well-fortified Nazi Paradise will not stop very much but...

    He knows a lot of things.

    For instance, whatever happened to all the millions that Henry Kissinger was supposed to pay to Hanoi at the Paris Peace Talks to ransom American POWs that never was paid? Who put that money up? Where did the money go?

    George H.W. Bush knows.

    He knows a lot of things.

    And now, we are faced with the reprehensible prospect of another Bush Family henchman Mitt Romney replacing Obama as ordained by the same Bush pater.

    David Dewhurst, a CIA agent who is presently Lieutenant Governor of Texas is now running for the Senate. He describes himself as a "Bush republican."

    The ignorant American public continues working their fingers to the bone for less and less, imprisoned in Bush bondage just to lose it all in real estate scams devised by Neal Bush back in the 1980s that were recycled to fill the bankster's coffers again in the 2000s, courtesy of Bill Clinton.

    I think it is outrageous that these criminals were able to loot the economy and steal from Men of Respect like the Falcones and nothing was done to teach them a lesson.

    Nothing was ever done to resolve the matter. I am surprised the Falcones are still alive, given certain unsavory reputations of certain parties allegedly aligned with the Bush Crime Family.

    Those who borrow money should have done the right thing and paid back every dime --with the entire vig!

    It all adds up.

    So I keep watching to see what happens...

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  15. i can see how stuff like this wouldnt be reported in the news, but until there is some real action taken, im still calling BS on the White Hats. all their posts would make for a pretty good suspense novel though. cause this is starting to follow along the lines of the Chinese Silver manipulation stories and the Buy Silver Crash JPM stuff. just seems like nothing but spin. sorry.

  16. from dinar vets... not sure who wrote it,,,the poster or if he got it somewhere... sure people can google it....

    Chrysler was, in the words of Obama and his administration, "Too big to fail," same story with GM.

    The feds organized their "Automotive Task Force" to fix Chrysler and GM. Obama, in an act that is 100% unconstitutional, appointed a guy named Steve Rattner to be the White House's official Car Czar - literally, that's what his title is.

    Rattner is the liaison between Obama, Chrysler, and GM

    Initially, the national media reported that Chrysler 'had made this list of dealerships'. Not true!

    The Washington Examiner, Newsmax, Fox News and a host of other news agencies discovered that the list of dealerships was put together by the "Automotive Task Force" headed by no one other than Mr. Steve Rattner.

    Now the plot thickens.

    Remember earlier we said that there was neither rhyme nor reason why certain dealerships were closed?

    Actually there's a very interesting pattern as to who was closed down. Again, on May 27, 2009, The Washington Examiner and Newsmax exposed the connection.

    Amazingly, of the 789 dealerships closed by the federal
    government, 788 had donated money, exclusively to Republican political causes, while contributing nothing to Democratic political causes. The only "Democratic" dealership on the list was found to have donated $7,700 to Hillary's campaign, and a bit over $2,000 to John Edwards. This same dealership, reportedly, also gave $20000 to Obama's campaign.

    Does that seem a little odd to you?

    Steve Rattner is the guy who put the list together. Well, he happens to be married to a Maureen White. Maureen

    happens to be the former national finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee. As such, she has access to campaign donation records from everyone in the nation- Republican or Democrat. But of course, this is just a wacky "coincidence," we're certain.

    Then comes another really wacky "coincidence."

    On that list of dealerships being closed down, a weird thing happened in Arkansas , North Louisiana, and Southern
    Missouri . It seems that Bill Clinton's former White House Chief of Staff, Mack McClarty, owns a chain of dealership in that region, partnered with a fellow by the name of Robert Johnson.

    Johnson happens to be founder of Black Entertainment Television and was a huge Obama supporter and financier.

    These guys own a half dozen Chrysler stores under the company title of RLJ-McClarty-Landers. Interestingly, none of their dealerships were ordered closed - not one! While all of their competing Chrysler/Dodge and Jeep dealership were!

    Eight dealerships located near the dealerships owned by McClarty and Johnson were ordered shut down. Thus by pure luck, these two major Obama supporters now have virtual monopoly on Chrysler sales in their zone. Isn't that amazing?

  17. Geno
    The Car Czar dealership scam was exposed 3 years ago. At the same time as Obama's 2 Chicago Gay clubs bathhouse memberships. Both were hushed up.
    Iceman and others seem not to understand the difficulty of obtaining due process in a system as corrupt as the US has now become. Justice is owned by the Cabal, as are the Supremes and the Agencies. Made Men on the take run it all. As sick and sad as that. Broadcasting and media licenses are reviewed annually. Publish truth not propaganda and lose both your licenses and livelihood. Or worse. Congress and the Senate are full of kept men or ignoramuses waiting for a lick at the trough. Banking and Agencies appoint only Made Men owned to hold the line. It's all a collective Fiefdom spelt as Thiefdom!How can justice permeate through when the entire system is rotten from the top down? The White Hats are visibly trying but mass public ignorance and indifference is a huge burden to cut through. Many cases can't be published because it allows the criminal autocracy to then destroy the evidence. It may be a case of waiting for Petreus in 5 years and hoping he stays out of their grip. Romney is already exposed as corrupt so who's left now not owned by Bush 41? America appears to have 2 choices left.Dreadful or dreadful. With 307m stupefied down. The country is disintegrating in Finance and Standards visibly. No one cares on their watch. 42 million on Food Stamps. Hello? All while Wall Street robs ever more with reckless Ponzi and Derivatives scams.
    James hopes for Karma. Bush 41 is meeting his right now. So much for the Mad King heh? His power and brains are both draining away down his chin. Karma? Have you seen the Clinton's recently? Be grateful Ben Bernanke is even dedicated on his watch trying to carry this fast derailing crock from collapse. Thank Greenspan and Sr for this mess. Congress no longer functions and Obama will dismantle whats left. But, with all best laid plans, life throws up curve balls. It's up to us all to get the truth out. Ignore the Troglodytes and Flat Earth believers out there. Even the White Hats can't educate stupid. They do their best to keep it flowing.The rest is up to us all to help as well. So often we get great comments to help us all maintain watch.

  18. IMO Petreaus is a traitor, just like all the other Pentagon generals. Thank God for the YOUNG veterans. The Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Napolitano, the PNAC boys, and the others should be rounded up, but the Pentagon won't do it.

    I'd be very surprised if Senior had alzheimers, but I'm sure he saw that Reagan got it. The military-industrial complex has the cure for these diseases, as well as ways to cause them. For instance, the rockefellers gave "CIA cancer" to Aaron Russo, the Hollywood producer who EXPOSED them in these Youtubes.



    In any case the Bushes (Jeb?), Clintons, Obama, Soros, Rockefellers are STILL running things. And NOTHING can adequately pay Bush Sr. back.


    "The US intelligence community, in conjunction with Wall Street corporate-financier interests, has spent an inordinate amount of time positioning themselves for a possible military coup and martial law take-over of the United States. This is being done under the guise of the fraudulent "War on Terror" but in preparation for a very real and inevitable economic collapse. In particular, one personality above all others is being groomed by intelligence operatives and policy wonks, and built-up by the corporate media in the eyes of the public to intercede in America's accelerating political, economic, and global tactical decline. This man is General David Petraeus..."

  19. Joe says, "I can't reveal a lot of the things I know either", and goes on to say how IGNORANT Americans are. Well, keep all those things to yourself, Joe, and see how things are going to TURN AROUND without EXPOSURE. There are thousands like you with the information the "ignorant Americans" needed LONG before now.

    I appreciate the efforts made by the White Hats to EXPOSE the financial aspects. However, EXPOSURE of everything else is required to cleanse the country of this mess. I think it's too late.

    Droves of intel and (Bush-owned) CIA agents have fled the U.S. since their handiwork is coming to fruition. Too bad they're not here to enjoy the police state they created.

  20. James,
    Good radical awareness articles again. Free speech and thinking is what it will take. Lets give David Petraeus a chance to show his allegiances first. Sometimes, commeth the hour, commeth the man. The NWO fanatics have tried from the Romans to our current times. Global domination, each seeking to be Caesar. Always it fails. Life, like a virus, mutates in a direction you failed to anticipate and derails Empires. 307M armed Americans will be no pushover.Remember many of the better educated ex Vets will be on side this time and the Military will not shoot their own. The corrupt Brass may order it,but armed insurrection can refocus all guns on them. Once the perceived dummies realize what was taken from them, they will not just get mad, but even! A lot of quiet Middle America will find its voice, and weapons. The Constitution may have been stolen by Bush and the Rockefeller /Soros elite, but quiet Americans will find a voice in time. The danger always comes from within. Eh Tu Brutus, as the daggers are drawn. 307 m disenfranchised Americans can get very ugly. I read your comments, and you are, between you all, the hope of America. The Ponzi system will fail and retribution will follow. Hope will dawn within the hearts of man, and a new society will evolve. The Military Industrial complex is totally unsustainable. Impossible! Once their State /Agency apparatus economically collapses, they are ill equipped to survive. The State did all their thinking for them. You do your own. Once good Americans wake up, they will get even. Mussolini, Adolf, Saddam, Libya, Soviet Russia, how do they all end up? Strung up! The elitists worst nightmare is a heavily armed America on the march. NWO will fail in the EU and China.Unless it's uniform it will fail in the US and retribution will follow. The people will surprise you all in time. Bush and his Neo Nazi cronies are just a sleazy sub life, lacking in quality or ethos. America has better. Autocracies always fail. These are just Chancers who's time will pass.

  21. Gene, I work for Chrysler and I was in a Union appointed position for 11 years. (Our local didn't know I was a conservative, independent leaning republican) anyway during the recovery act the car czar you mentioned sent out an unpublished letter requiring the Chrysler UAW to remove 320+ union appointed jobs as the Union saw fit.

    My quality group Manufacturing Quality Assurance Specialists (MQAS) were all removed from their positions and sent back to work on the floor. Don't you find it strange that the Union and dems are in bed together yet the czar and feds had a direct hand in getting rid of Union jobs??

    PS - As appointed reps were were FORCED to campaign for Obama and other local dems, we were required to put in 40 hours of phone time or door to door otherwise we would be removed from our appointed position!


    Walter Burien makes sense...


  24. Saturnalia. Excellent correction of multi comment misunderstandings. Good job. More please.
    Geno and James. Major news will be breaking soon which will fill in a number of key links for you. Your often well considered and researched comments are missed. The White Hats advised us all that the links to Obama and Bush, Geithner, Romney's accounts will be published soon. As usual, media license control will be used to threaten publishers not to reveal truth. It's up to us all to get it out there before NWO creates the Stassi State that bunch of Nazi Neocons are trying to encircle us with and unleash. Watch out for whats coming any day soon and keep up the articles. We all read and value your contributions. A vast amount is yet to break, but will! It needs us all to get it out there. Truth is the Alien Nation to the Neocons and Fourth Reich NWO Cabal with their Treasonous Agency Cohorts.

  25. Unions, ACORN (they're shredding documents as we speak), and other organizations are accused of starting the Occupy Wall Street movement. If so, they are getting a lot more than they bargained for. These young people have managed to keep it peaceful DESPITE the federal provocateurs in their midst, and the despicable MSM reports about them. The protesters have become educated quickly, judging by #4, 5, and 6 in the article below. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED IN #6.



    4. MAINSTREAM MEDIA CORRUPTION HAS BEEN EXPOSED LIKE NEVER BEFORE – The coverage (or lack of coverage early on) that the mainstream media has been giving to the OWS movement has majorly backfired and has exposed the dying institution for the fraud that it is. (continued)

    5. THE NEW AMERICAN POLICE STATE IS EXPOSED – For the most part, these protests have been entirely peaceful. The majority of the violence that we have seen has actually been unprovoked police assaults on innocent protesters. Thanks to advanced technology, images of peaceful protesters being maced and roughed up by police went viral on the Internet and showed the world how police brutality works in America. As the independent media began to investigate the details, it was uncovered that J.P Morgan chase alone “donated” 4.6 million dollars to the NYPD. When we follow the money it is plain to see that the police officers aren’t here to protect us, but here to protect the highest bidder. This has been going on for some time, but luckily we now have cold hard proof and documented evidence of the corruption that exists between the financial sector and law enforcement.

    6. WE ARE FINALLY STARTING TO LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN - After watching Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama systematically destroy our economy and take away our freedoms over the course of various Democratic and Republican presidential terms it has become apparent to the American people that they really have no say in their political system. Americans now realize that going to the polls at election time is going to do absolutely nothing to change the foreign or domestic policies in this country. These policies are dictated entirely by big banks, multinational corporations and international think tanks that operate through Wall Street and the financial district in London known as “the city”. The worst of these organizations -- the Federal Reserve, committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the world’s dominant banks -- are not being specifically called out enough yet, but you can rest assured that they are starting to get extremely nervous.
    If we can keep up the pressure and continue to educate those around us about the intricacies of this struggle, then we have the potential to create an unprecedented change for the better.

  26. I pray but now I act here too ..the BIG 4 as I call them ..THAT TEAM AGAINST we the 6billion innocent compassion seeking lovely normal people (leaving 1billion remaining made up of the BIG 4) THEY the BIG4 are:-[team captain]
    the Siamese-Twins VATICAN/ISLAMIC JIHAD yes they furthermore are also married & sleep happily toether unable to be ever separated since birth tho I see the absolute marvels of modern surgical technology eventually rectifying that(my expression of hope & faith in the future of humanity) ..I do....[vice captain whilst captain sleeps]THE EUROPEAN UNION the global financial heart fitted with lawless pacemaker/regulator but fabulously dressed & veiled THE infamous UN/IMF/WORLD BANK/WTO/NATO producer of a most gruesome lovechild to present at all & any if not absolutely Every occassion THE MEDIA/WWW....Mmmm yes quite impressively foreboding since the new "War On Terrorism" with (even NEWER) FIRST STRIKE POLICY ((THE REAL WORRY for we innocent majority)) holds us at gunpoint awaiting their own chosen set-up moment to
    exterminate we 6billion chosen to be irredeemable ...Mmmm much to do about something..with love & blessings..

  27. Always remembering www Internet under BIG4 complete control enabling intelligence & counter-intelligence & learning to them....

  28. The Occupy and Tea Party issues are BASICALLY the same (bailouts, the FED, erosion of liberty). I’m conservative, an original tea partier (back when Pelosi and the MSM called us “astroturf”). Now the same MSM pundits and RIGHT mouthpieces are trashing the OCCUPY movement. Even Rush called them ignorant uneducated trash. I stopped listening. It’s all orchestrated to DIVIDE AND CONQUER the American people to prevent any REAL action against the corrupt status quo. I don’t think it will work this time. When the two movements join forces, it’s all over for TPB.

    Jesse Ventura's comments yesterday about leaving this FASCIST country and a broken court system resonates with a LOT of Americans. Most are well aware of the massive corruption and lawlessness in all 3 branches of the federal government, the rapid imposition of a DHS mandated Fascist police state, and outright LIES by the MSM and federal courts covering it all up. These LIES are being mocked all over the internet by “aware” Americans in the COMMENTS sections. The comments are more interesting than the articles.

    Baby boomers were already FURIOUS at D.C. and Congress. NOW the young people are as well – and they’ve have become very educated in the process.

    Soros, Rockefeller & friends thought their sabotage of the non-education system would garner a country of ignorant young people who could be easily managed. All they had to do was kill off the baby boomers. Much to their surprise, the Occupy movement has learned the TRUTH……
    (1) That money has replaced our constitutional republic
    (2) That changing presidents will not fix the problem
    (3) That vote fraud corrupts the elections
    (4) That the Federal Reserve is central to the problem
    (5) That the Big Five banks are guilty of fraud “and” Foreclosure Fraud
    (6) That congress is bought and paid for
    (7) That the BAILOUTS were nothing but FRAUD

    Unlike the tea party, the Occupy movement is busy coming up with SOLUTIONS.

    I encourage everyone to participate in the Occupy movement, regardless of political view. The Fascists running the federal government will NOT quit their assaults on our liberty. Police brutality against American citizens is now displayed in living color all over YouTube for the world to see, and THAT affects us all.

  29. In this video, activists from "We Are Change" question a man dressed in a suit hastily departing the Denver Occupy scene after they observed him DIRECTING the Denver Riot Police what to do.

    Yes, the Federal government has "planted" troublemakers in the Occupy movement, It is “FEDERAL” agents (or Mossad) who are DIRECTING all these jack-booted THUG police departments. Practically every police force in the U.S. has been trained by the Israelis. A list of these is at the bottom of this webpage:

    THERE ARE PROTESTER AND NEWS CAMERAS EVERYWHERE. The cop who fired on the Oakland Marine has been identified. A “red shirt” directing the NYPD was identified. Two NYPD "white shirt" supervisors beating innocent people were identified, hundreds of complaints were filed (with video proof), and the NYPD Chief of Police had no choice but to investigate, much to his chagrin. The NYPD then tried and failed to force Youtube to remove the hundreds of videos with evidence of their brutality.

    Is it any wonder that Jay Rockefeller keeps introducing bills to shut down the internet? Is he afraid more people will discover his family’s and the the Rockefeller Foundation’s corrupt history?

  30. The CORRECT website for the Israeli-trained cops. A list and comments appear near the bottom of the page.


    Then go to this JINSA website and go to the bottom of the article and see two other clickable links to testimonies of Police who have been. Read those and you will see how people who aren’t exactly good at making judgements in an emergency, which most police aren’t, are brainwashed with Israeli tactics and sob stories into adopting the attitude, which most already have to some degree, that everyone is suspicious and about to kill them at any moment. That is what the Israeli training puts into their minds….that protestors or anyone really, in the US has to be regarded as and treated like Israel treats Palestine terrorist. With total suspicion and shoot first and ask later.


    AMERICA HAS BEEN TURNED INTO AN ISRAELI-ZIONIST WAR-MONGERING POLICE STATE while WE were working to PAY for it all. WHO at the top orchestrated and directed all this?
    The 13 illuminati families? The Committee of 300 and their fascists CFR, Tri-Lateral councils, on which members of the US military sit?


    "The police repression on display in Oakland reminded me of tactics I witnessed the Israeli army employ against Palestinian popular struggle demonstrations in occupied West Bank villages like Nabi Saleh, Ni’lin and Bilin. So I was not surprised when I learned that the same company that supplies the Israeli army with tear gas rounds and other weapons of mass suppression is selling its dangerous wares to the Oakland police. The company is Defense Technology, a Casper, Wyoming based arms firm that claims to “specialize in less lethal technology” and other “crowd management products.” Defense Tech sells everything from rubber-coated teargas rounds that bounce in order to maximize gas dispersal to 40 millimeter “direct impact” sponge rounds to “specialty impact” 12 gauge rubber bullets."

  32. Friday, November 4, 2011

    This is NOT sitting well with Veterans, young or old. Read some of the stories at

  33. Comedian Jon Stewart on Occupy Oakland


    This is really good and worth spending the time on. This guy took his family to Wall Street to check out this historical event personally. It is a marvelous accounting. I have read several of such accountings so far and all saying the same thing. WE are not getting the truth from the major news media. Why would we?? We never do. It appears to be just what I have been thinking. This is TOO BIG to hijack!! The People are finally stepping up and taking a stand against tyranny. M.

    This is what needs to be done in every state!
    If you already have an “Occupy Wall Street” going on in your town, join them daily, as your schedules permit. Engage friends and relatives to do the same. Make a sacrifice!
    If there’s no action in your own town, START ONE!! Remember, you ARE the PEOPLE!!

    Remember what was done for us, the blood that was shed for our generation. We have one chance at this and after that, if there are not enough of us making noise, standing in opposition, socialism will grip this country and freedom all over the world will be lost. It starts with YOU. YOU are responsible for your own destiny and the destiny of humanity.

  35. And the straw that broke the camel's delicious!

    Lobbyists, 'press flacks all over the city scrambling' amid new revelations

    Read more:

  36. This is a powerful message, starting at 14 mins on the video. Before that Ruppert discusses his background.


  37. These so-called world "leaders" have met repeatedly to no avail. They remind me of a chicken flopping around with its head cut off. Plain citizens not involved in government could do a better job than this FIASCO. These countries should FORGET the eurozone (the grand Rothschild NWO plan) and the European Union fraud detailed by Christopher Story, and go back to their OWN values and currency.


    "Barack Obama, under pressure from his own Congress, was deeply reluctant to contribute to an expansion of IMF funds without clearer signs that the eurozone was sorting out its problems. Admitting he had been given “a crash course in European politics”, the US president urged Greek and Italian parliaments to take decisive action to control their deficits, and so combat what he described as some of the psychological origins of the crisis. He also urged the euro area to start putting some resources into its European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF), a rescue fund agreed at the European summit on 27 October.
    But the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said: “There are hardly any countries here which said they were ready to go along with the EFSF.”


  39. James the ESFS proposal is what the US Fed Res Bank is & always it (Fed) can never happen at its home,The European Union, simply because the Fed was designed to saturate the globe with American cash currency in order to monitor global accountability of resources ..All the worlds problems are found in the BIG4's abuse of law & government in order to control we the less privileged 6 billion people....Corner your ideas of Illumin's cfr trilat us military into one of the simpler groups of BIG4 ..these four u mention belong specifically to VATIICAN....every bank of lower status to US FedRes (all but) is but one of the Feds many little $laundries ...go gently you are loved

  40. Great work James.

    Although it would seem off subject it really isn't because it is the science funded by the people The White Hats seek to bring down... At least I hope that is their intent.

    This video, documentary is truly excellent from Clint Richardson at We are Change Utah. Support this guy, he has a gift for tasteful educational video.

    This is the only video you will ever need to watch on VACCINES... Remarkable work.

  41. Really good articles and comments guys. Hopefully by Wednesday you will see the first big one break,then it's down to you all. Timing is everything. Only the White Hats gives such independent truth and support to a free America. Tuesday or Wednesday the big truth may be released in stages with impeachment to follow if we can find the 6 clean Politicians we need.A big ask in Washington.




    On behalf of the Veterans and former Service Members of America, who fought and died for freedom and liberty here and abroad, and all good and decent American citizens from sea to shining sea, we the people of the United States of America hereby demand the immediate restoration of our Constitutional Republic and an end to the Democratic Socialist abuses and usurpations which have become commonplace in the daily corruption of our governmental offices. As the true American people sit idle, the enemy grows in number and strength.

    No longer will we sit idly by and tolerate the utter destruction of our country, at the hands of anti-American elitists in Washington D.C. who have mistaken the people’s peaceful tolerance for acceptance of their ill-advised behaviors. The time for all good and decent Americans to stand together, in defense of the Constitution, the Republic, freedom and liberty, has arrived. The Rule of Constitutional Law must prevail. We call upon all who have taken an oath to protect and defend, to take appropriate measures now.


    1. The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Barack Hussein Obama, II
    2. The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of Joseph R. Biden

    In addition to the known fact that the Obama/Biden ticket was advanced by way of fraudulent representations concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II, under Article II requirements for the office of President, the Obama/Biden has committed countless crimes against the U.S. Constitution, our Republican form of government and the American people while in control of the Executive Branch.

    They are not able to do this alone, but with the help and cover of many anti-American players, who have also acted at odds with their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution, our Republic and the people of the United States. As a result, these players must be removed from office and held accountable for their actions as well. This group includes, but is not limited to the following individuals -

    The immediate and unconditional orderly resignation of the entire Obama cabinet, including but not limited to,

    ** the White House staff and unelected Czars
    ** Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
    ** Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner
    ** Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta
    ** Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr.
    ** Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar
    ** Acting Commerce Secretary Dr. Rebecca M. Blank
    ** Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis
    ** Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
    ** Energy Secretary Steven Chu
    ** Education Secretary Arne Duncan
    ** Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano
    ** EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
    ** Office of Management & Budget Director Jacob J. Lew
    ** UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the entire Council of Economic
    ** Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan
    ** Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
    ** House Speaker John Boehner
    ** House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
    ** Senate Leader Harry Reid
    ** Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – all of whom have
    committed treasonous acts against the people, the states and
    the U.S. Constitution.



    Further, to reinstate the rule of law and the Law of this Land, the U.S. Constitution and our constitutional republic -

    1. In compliance with Article II – Section I of the U.S. Constitution for the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, -- the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.

    2. That every verifiable member of The Communist Party USA, The Socialist Party USA and The Democratic Socialists of America be immediately publicly identified and removed from office for overtly acting against freedom, liberty and the Constitutional Republic.

    3. That in the event that these individuals refuse to immediately resign in an orderly fashion designed to serve the best interests of the United States, we demand that the 66 members of the people’s House who voted against the recent raising of the nation’s debt ceiling, to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against every member of the Obama administration.

    4. That the seven remaining members of the U.S. Supreme Court place an immediate stay on all Executive and Legislative actions taken under the term of the unconstitutional administration beginning January 20, 2009.

    5. That remaining members of the House and Senate immediately act to name new majority and minority leaders of congress, and work with the U.S. Supreme Court in the assigning of new temporary Executive Branch members, acting on behalf of the people and the will of the American majority until such time that the citizens of the United States can elect their new representatives in 2012.

    6. The immediate and unconditional dissolution of all special interest congressional caucuses, including but not limited to The Progressive Caucus, The Black Caucus. In addition, the immediate closure of any and all congressional committees which have been given unconstitutional powers, including the Debt Committee of twelve just formed. Individuals are elected by the people to represent ALL of the people, not special interest groups.

    7. That each state government immediately act to enforce its 10th Amendment right to protect and defend the people of their state against a tyrannical central power in Washington D.C., by recalling all State Guard troops home to protect the sovereignty and security of their respective citizens, as well as state resources and governments.

    8. That each state government act immediately to cut itself off from federal funding, and take the necessary actions to balance their own state and local budgets immediately.

    These are our initial demands and nothing less than complete compliance with each of these demands is acceptable to the people of the United States. These demands have been published for public support and delivered to all members of Congress.

    (continued at website above)

  44. FBI’s Mueller should be added to the list above, as well as Homeland INSecurity Napolitano’s department heads, and Leon Panetta. Dual-citizen Israelis should be barred from ALL federal government jobs, presidential appointments, and “advisory” roles. AIPAC should be declared a FOREIGN lobby, which was JFK’s intention prior to his murder.

    A demand for an IMMEDIATE END to the wars should be made, along with drastic cuts in military spending and foreign aid. A flat tax for corporations should be required, no payroll taxes exactly as specified by the constitution.



  46. James.Geno
    Be cognizant that the IRS is actually a linked subsidiary of the United States Corporation. It does NOT collect for the people, but for the Cabal, as yet another money filter off. Trace it and check.You are being taxed, not by the country for the country, but by a Corporation for the Fat Cat families. Other countries own their IRS. You don't!
    Look much deeper into the FRB NY connection. An entirely Jewish Cabal operation linking Greenspan, Paulson, Geithner, Kissinger, Bernanke, Kohn, and so many more. Do you think this is a coincidence? Their Iron claws lock and block the money excluding Goyim. The public are just expendable peasants to be exploited and taxed as milk cows or herded as Goyim sheep. 90% are too dumbed down to realize they have lost it all like penned cattle to the slaughter. FRB NY is an Offshore Bank non US taxed, not audited, and is controlled by the constant chain of Jewish Treasury Secretaries for special interests parties. All the mass Global theft and Hegemony is routed and exploited through FRB NY, not to or for the US. Hundreds of $ Trillions of Fed TC's and rigged Bank CD's have been cross printed, of which non has been declared to Congress or benefits the American people. Goldman's and Wall Street mug you weekly. Who do you think funds the vast Trillions of dollars for the multiple underground cities and Safe complexes for them, which YOU will never get to use? Who prints the hundreds of Trillions which has been run up as US debts for the unsustainable Military Industrial Complex and its vast plethora of Agencies and illegal, inhumane Rendition torture centers? Plus of course the colossal take outs for the Texan Mafia, Wall Street, the 300 families and cohorts. Trace where the money came from to buy Bush and Cheneys Paraguay bolt holes. FRB NY!Sr's Piggy bank again, steal from the ring fenced people every time. 300M mug punters who haven't got a clue.They march like lemmings to a flag and country which is not theirs. Herded sheep. So much potential, but a nation so badly betrayed. Every Senator or Congressman is now bought by special interests before they get allocated a seat and funding to run. A completely rigged and stacked deck. Peasants or Pissants? Reality is a bitter pill to get the Goyim to swallow dumbed down by media control and false nationality paranoia. Your doing impressive research, full compliments. America will need you all when the wheels come off. Only the illusion of power keeps the show on the road as insolvency ratios rockets skywards. Maintaining the illusions is their only hope for survival. How long can a one handed Juggler keep the balls in the air before you realize they are now yours?

  47. John,
    I agree with every WORD you've written. Every penny of our collected FEDERAL taxes goes into the pockets of the Rothschilds/ Rockefellers via their privately-owned Federal Reserve. STATE taxes pay for the roads, etc. The FED "now" has the audacity to buy Treasury bonds using the money it prints out of "thin air" and adds THAT to the DEBT. The entire deficit should be refuted (cancelled).

    The Veterans' DEMAND for RESIGNATIONS of Obama, Biden, and their cabinet (plus all the other points in the Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic) is the most BEAUTIFUL DOCUMENT I've ever seen. It encompasses EVERYTHING this nation of 300 MILLION fed-up Americans are thinking. Directions to the States to decouple themselves from the federal government under the 10th Amendment are RIGHT ON! I hope there are TEETH to these demands, because these JERKS have no intention of resigning.



    We cannot blame "the people" for the poor civics education and MSM brain-washing, although I get angry with them too. We were not taught our true history -- never heard of the Black Nobility, the Rothschilds/Rockefellers, CFR, Tri-Laterals, Bildberberg, Council of 13, Club of Rome, or Committee of 300, or all the technology the Bushes stole from Tesla. We were NOT taught about the Federal Reserve, its history of expanding/contracting the money supply to confiscate homes and lands. Today's youth had an even WORSE education.

    The good thing about all this is that the REAL history and secret societies behind it all are now squarely in the SPOTLIGHT from a wide variety of sources. The drip, drip, drip exposure IS working, but a MASS, HUGE EXPOSURE of the Black Nobility and long history of the Federal Reserve's dastardly actions in CAUSING the Civil War and suffering of our ancestors -- in one fell swoop -- is what's needed. THEIR POWER HAS BEEN THEIR SECRECY (and that of their co-conspirators). Without it they cannot operate with impunity as they've done. EXPOSURE IS THE KEY.

    Yes, the NY FED and Greenberg is central, BUT the whole Federal Reserve system must be abolished, and the greedy LEECHES who own it must be prosecuted for their THEFTS and murders. Once again, it's the Jews. Dual-citizen Israelis should be barred from federal positions. But I think the entire federal government should be abolished. It's PROVEN to be a menace.

    Last, the FDA, CDC, FDA should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. And the UNintelligence agencies and ABC boys must also be "CLEANED" out. A train-load of paddy wagons are in order.

  48. I was surprised and thrilled to see these exceptional educational videos (and others like it by Farrakhan) on Youtube.



  49. James
    You have over 90 key FEMA Camps ready and waiting. Barbed wire fence ringed and armed guards in place. Many even equipped with rail track martialing yards for mass volume deliveries and some "Red Zoned!". If you all had access to certain parties WIVES Bank accounts to see how much has been stolen by Usurpers in Public Office, you know who needs rounding up and where to send them. How much will shock and sicken you if it breaks. Otherwise, its you peace loving and intellectually stressed Patriots already dog tagged for a dormitory place if the bell goes for round up time. Those Neanderthal thugs, surrounded by their Made Men, need to be a victim of their own nasty Bait and Switch games. America has zero chance James until you sanitize the vermin who occupy every key role. Every single sold out one has been appointed for a reason and not a single one is decent or Patriotic. Truth hurts James and trying to get 300m mentally challenged Plebeians to lift their consciousness is a big ask. Keep reporting. America so much needs guys like you to out the Traitors. Texas used to hang Horse thieves. What's the price for a nation stolen?

  50. John
    I know about the long-time REX 84 FEMA camps and the RED List (patriots abducted at 4 am two weeks prior to Martial Law) and shot), and the BLUE list (tortured, mind-controlled, but most shot for depopulation), and the Haliburton rail cars with shackles and guillotines for FEAR, which TPB and aliens "feed" off. They want 95% of the population DEAD. The RED and BLUE lists must be swelling exponentially by the day, especially with all the activism occurring everywhere. THEY FORGET THAT THE PEOPLE ARE MAKING LISTS TOO.

    The FEDS have made over 11,000 requests to Youtube this year to find out who we all are. Sickening, isn't it? At the same time, they're trying to squelch the scenes of their Zionist -trained police brutality on Youtube.

    CHEMTRAILS and VACCINES are killing people every day who don't realize their "flu" or "breathing" or "lung" problems or "metal toxicity" or invasive nano-fibers are the REAL cause of their illness.

    Re: the FEMA camps, I read they exceeded 900, with over 1 million foreign guards in the U.S., some of them German, Mexican, Equador, etc. We've also read there are armed Chinese troops on our southern border. Every household in America should be prepared NOW to lock and load.

    But since YOU have so much MORE information than we do, why not publish an addendum to the WHITE HATS REPORT, with a specific title for each part of the EXPOSURE. For instance, the Vatic Project published a 5-part Black Nobility article in October. The White Hats reports are aleady published everywhere, and they are emailed to people all over the country. This would help to get the WHOLE BALL OF WAX OUT TO THE PUBLIC IN ONE FELL SWOOP -- which is what is needed. Time is of the essence, as you know.

    I recommend the exceptional videos at the One Dollar gift to friends and family.


  52. In the following books and articles re: the MK-Ultra mind-control program, Cathy O’Brien and her 8 yr old daughter were tortured and used as sex slaves for Bush Sr. and other politicians named in the books. Obrien was "owned" by Senator Byrd. Senator Leahy, both Clintons, and many other politicians are featured prominently in the O'Brien book. Kissinger is especially despicable, named in all 3 books. The Franklin Scandal is about a child pedophilia ring flown to D.C. for sex parties to set up politicians after major politican events. Book reviews can be found at

    Patsy Ramsey and her sister were said to have been in MK-Ultra, and there were stories that the Ramsey’s were seen at rituals. One of these stories is at the website below.

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PEOPLE OF THIS “CALIBER” ARE SERVING AS "YOUR" LEADERS. They've been doing these illegal activities for DECADES. You should also know that they use mind-control to MURDER, and the shooter does not remember it. Remember the Gifford shooter? Sirhan Sirhan? Oswald?







    In this Project Camelot interview by Kerry Cassidy, a Navy vessel first on the scene was turned away while the astronauts were likely still alive after hitting the water... Listen to this impromptu testimony from someone who was on the scene of what appears to be evidence of supreme negligence at best and at worse... intent due to a more diabolical agenda.
    (My comment: This ship leaving the astronauts alive in the capsule is UNCONSCIENABLE. Whoever gave the ORDER to abandon them is culpable. Was it NASA or the Navy? )




  55. James
    Excellent work. Well done. Again this shows the value of collective support for White Hats readers. Common global Intel. James, we are all just one family of beings each tracing back to a single genetic Grandmother from the plains of Africa with a migrating small tribal unit. One family, the family of man. Assimilate that and all the conflicts and so called ethnic or religious divides become meaningless. All religious were created by man. Unfortunately then dominated by Snake Oil Salesmen of one kind or another for control. Collective consciousness is our agenda. Good work on your Pleadian discovery. Research it further and you will find more answers. A lot! Start with the Tachyon Warp Beam drive systems early revelations from Billy.
    Right now, this very week, a devastating series of presentations are being made. If requests are not accommodated, next week may unleash a Tsunami of consequences and expose the main ringleaders on a scale greater than Nixon. These are beyond sensitive issues right now, but just trust that many parties of good integrity are all working to a common goal to remove the incestuous Cabal and Bush 41s criminal domination. We first have to wait a week to let issues play out. The EU is a key extra imperative needing resolution. Many of these countries were also innocently derailed by the Sub Prime Wall Street Goldman's Con. There is a chain and common link being addressed. A step at a time. Impeachment is not an issue to be taken lightly, but it's on the table right now with solid facts if needed pending dialog this week. With Nixon we had a Free press of moral conscience. Now they own it all with total suppression. Lets see how the week plays out and next week steps may be taken if merited which will be the Rubicon line for a lot of them.

  56. Gentlemen & Women of this jury we need to all think alike or continue the dynasty of breakdowns(WORLD AT WAR)....the Jews are still working to reclaim their sense of their own covenant of Arian Supremacy while Vatican continue getting away with abusing & mocking it..the ONLY outcome is harmony between the two..the best of both worlds (literally) is an absolute essential eventuality ..only progress can happen from there/then on ..yes we'll be seeing their tears & their seeking forgiveness for any likely harmony to begin too this is not a bitchfight or witch-hunt ..ONLY THE HIGHEST DIPLOMACY HAS THE SLIGHTEST CHANCE ..THE STAKES ARE GLOBAL POSTERITY..AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN BUT...WITH A TWIST NOW...A TWIST THAT'S GOING TO WORK...FOR EVERYONE...AND FURTHERMORE EVERYONE WILL COMPREHEND IT'S WORKINGS ..IN NO MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE..I'll return ..hope one person comprehends this writing..!!!!!


  57. What John and James said...ditto.

    (Admits subverting the essence of our system, as all lobbyists do)



  59. JFK was NOT "murdered by the private federal reserve", my first boss, General Mitchell WerBell III, took on the job on behalf of LBJ. The ONLY non WerBell person on the team that pulled off the hit was "Mac" Wallace, LBJ's private hit man. "Mac" killed dozens of people for LBJ, including LBJ's own sister...You guys are 100% F.O.S. and every time you post more propaganda and lies, more people are jumping ship - and rightfully so! Your never ending childish lies are sickening!


  61. Larry,

    As an "inside man", why didn't you EXPOSE all your information before (it's been 50 years). Especially since there have been plenty of books written about the JFK assassination, and even a deathbed confession, and I didn't see any of those names in the ones I read. You could easily have collaborated with one of these authors. The whole world was waiting for the answer.

    As far as the FED, you are free to report anything you please. Lincoln and JFK were not the only presidents threatened and assassinated by these bankers, and there are hundreds of documentaries and historical articles everywhere re: that fact -- two are above. Besides, the DOJ and FBI (and any OTHER federal agency you can name) are the biggest criminals around. You've just verified THAT with the information YOU provided. The number of crimes committed against Americans are too numerous to count. I would think that murdering our duly elected President and then covering it up would rank high on the list. .

  62. James
    Unfortunately we seem to have Larry the Lunatic back with his usual insane diatribe. Hopefully the White Hats can just edit out this dysfunctional noise on the system. He has a visibly psychotic impairment each time we see his deranged, attention seeking Saddo ramblings. The collective readership are of an intellectual standard mainly able to recognize he is mentally impaired and paranoid delusional. A Film Prop company needs to collect its leftover lunatic. I respectfully suggest we don't debate a platform opportunity for him as he lowers the tone of the group and is a clear misfit. Call Bell View Asylum to report one of its lunatics is missing but attempting to establish communication and a collection point.

  63. James made a great point. While we search for evidence and people with the guts to be witnesses and hold murderers accountable. Larry admits inside knowledge of the murder of a President. Please join us Larry. Whose side are you on?

  64. And since when did criticizing Jews become a life sentence?



    In the first few mins of this documentary:
     Britain was losing WWI, all the other countries were deserting
     Lionel Rothschild & other British zionists offered to bring the
    U.S. into the war if Britain gave them Palestine (Britain didn't
    OWN Palestine)
     Americans overwhelmingly opposed the war
     Woodrow Wilson declared war anyway and passed the
    Espionage act to force Americans to fight or be jailed
     Billions of U.S. taxpayer money was given to Britain for the war
    and never repaid
     The Balfour Declaration gave Palestine to the Rothschild zionists

    Woodrow Wilson’s betrayal of this country did not stop with getting us into WWI. He went on to sign the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 (when most of congress was on Christmas leave), which has drained this country’s resources for 100 years.


    This is an EXCELLENT video describing “the hub” of world control

     They use reputable fronts
     CFR, U.N. free trade agreements, fluoride in the water supplies
     IMF, NATO, WHO, CFR, U.N.
     They own and control the food and crops
     They own the media
     They control the politicians and presidential nominees
     They control the universities, education, & scientific research
     They can print money whenever they please
     They own the courts
     They own seed patent rights – MEXICO REFUSED GMO, so they sprayed Mexico’s crops with chemicals to ruin their crops and seeds

     They own the chemical & drug companies (thus the toxic vaccines for depopulation) (note: Dr. Leonard Horowitz traced H1N1 to the Rockefeller FOUNDATION)

    They intend to control te world via 4 unions – (1) EU - currently falling apart at the seams (2) North American Union (U.S., Canada, Mexico), (3) Asian Union includes Australia (4) African Union

    FIRST, they have to make all governments go broke to bring in their New World Order and a new monetary unit.


    We should all worry that Shaw Construction, the latest alias of Stone & Webster Engineering, have built or designed about a third of the nuclear plants in the US.

    They designed and built Fukushima for Tokyo Electric Power. The "SQ" (Seismic Qualification) was faked, meaning “the nuclear plant would melt down in an earthquake”. The plant dismally failed to meet the Seismic I (shaking) standards required by U.S. and international rules. The law is clear. It is a crime not to report a safety failure.

    SHAW CONSTRUCTION is also the designated builder for every one of the FOUR new nuclear plants that the Obama Administration has approved for BILLIONS in federal studies.



    On 9 Aug 1984, Billie Sol Estes' lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at DOJ. In the letter Caddy claimed that Mac Wallace, Billie Sol Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson and Cliff Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Harold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman Wade, Josefa Johnson (LBJ’s sister), John Kinser and President John F. Kennedy. Caddy added: "Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders."

    In 1960 Henry Marshall was asked by the Agricultural Adjustment Admin to investigate Billie Sol Estes, who over a 2 year period had purchased 3,200 acres of cotton allotments from 116 different farmers. Marshall told his superiors in D.C.on 31 Aug 1960, that: "The regulations should be strengthened to support our disapproval of every case (of allotment transfers)". A witness later testified (27 Jul 1961) to the Senate Subcommittee investigating that LBJ was getting a rake-off from the federal agricultural subsidies that Estes had been obtaining.

    On 17 Jan 1961, Estes, LBJ, Cliff Carter, and Mac Wallace met to discuss what to do about Henry Marshall, who had refused promotion to Washington. Johnson said: "It looks like we'll just have to get rid of him." Wallace, who Estes described as a hitman, was given the assignment. On 3 Jun 1961, Marshall was found dead on his farm beside his pickup truck, his rifle beside him. He had been shot 5 times with his own rifle. The County Sheriff and the FBI decreed it was a suicide.

    WALLACE’s FATE: In 1970, Wallace began pressing Edward Clark for more money for his part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to Barr McClellan it was then decided to kill Wallace. "He had to be eliminated. After driving to see his daughter in Troup, Texas, he went by L & G's offices in Longview, TX. There his exhaust was rigged for part of it to flow into his car." On 7 Jan 1971, Malcolm Wallace was killed while driving into Pittsburg, TX. He appeared to have fallen asleep and after leaving the road crashed his car. Wallace died of massive head injuries.

  69. It should be clear to everyone that "Mac" Wallace in the LBJ story above was only ONE of the shooters. There were other shooters and government agencies involved, to include the CIA, FBI, the mafia, and others. But the BIG BANKERS control it all, and they wanted JFK's silver certificates STOPPED. JFK would not have been assassinated without their approval and coverup.

  70. This makes me want to gag.....!



    Catherine Austin Fitts said we are witnessing a Leveraged Buyout of the world that will permanently end democracy. The elite has bought all the politicians and the media. They have stolen enough money to earn 2 trillion dollars a year from their investments. She said 2 trillion dollars a year is sufficient to fund a world government.

    Wall Street and the City of London have been given more money in Bailouts than the total amount of money the United States spent on all of its wars. Wall Street was also allowed to steal 4 trillion dollars from federal spending that we are not allowed to audit. When she was Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration, she once saw on one city block 10 government guaranteed loans on buildings that never existed.

    When the Federal Reserve sells Treasury bonds, they sell more than the deficit. This fraud has added trillions more to the Leveraged Buyout fund.

    The banks are allowed to launder a trillion dollars a year in drugs, 400 billion dollars a year in illegal weapons and 500 billion dollars in political bribes.

    RE: Mortgage Fraud. The bankers were allowed to sell each mortgage ten times. The Federal Reserve has been busy buying fraudulent mortgage backed securities to keep the bankers out of jail.

    When the House voted against the Bailout in 2008. The bankers reversed that decision through (1) donating money and giving bribes, (2) Control Files which have all the blackmail information on politicians, and (3) the right to kill anyone with impunity.

    The right to kill with impunity under the UNPatriot Act must be removed. And now Smart Meters report on activities inside our homes to IBM, so the bankers now have Control Files on everyone.

    Suggested reforms: One would be for the government to release all expenditures by zip code. This would eliminate a lot of fraud. Another would be to end the practice of allowing defense contractors to form subsidiaries that pay and audit contracts awarded to their parent corporations. Centralizing power in the hands of the elite is counter productive and and makes us all poor. As soon as those centralizing controls are lifted, we would have a rapid recovery.


    "A US Air Force general is blowing the whistle on another alleged White House scandal, but few in the news media seem to be listening."

    "According to General William Shelton, the commanding officer of U.S. Air Force’s space command, he was told to alter his testimony before the House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Strategic Forces regarding an Obama White House attempt to award a defense contract to the Lightsquared firm."

    "Lightsquared is a high-tech company doing business in Virginia that’s owned by billionaire Philip Falcone, an Obama friend and campaign contributor."

    "According to the National Legal and Policy Center, Phil Falcone had visited the White House and made large cash contributions to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Soon after, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted his LightSquared a highly unusual waiver that allows the company to build out a national 4G wireless network on the cheap."

    "Republican lawmakers say that after Falcone’s visit, the Obama White House allegedly tried to push through a Lightsquared’s proposed wireless network regardless of the objections emanating from military commanders who believed the project could disrupt key U.S. satellite systems." (continued),_but_media_deaf.html?currentSplittedPage=0


    Did everyone watch 60 minutes tonight. Congress should have a large wall with barbed wire around them. And take away their blackberrys so they don't make millions on insider trading while they are inside.


    Note: Russ Baker spent 5 years and interviewed 500 people in researching the Bushes for his book FAMILY SECRETS: THE BUSH FAMILY DYNASTY. He started research on Jr., but soon became interested in the activities of Senior (CIA at the time) and the JFK murder, the subsequent attempt on Reagan when Senior was VP, etc.

  75. E. Howard Hunt Outs Lyndon Johnson in JFK Assassination Plot PART 1 PART 2

    JFK was planning to ditch LBJ for his second term, because of his ongoing corruption and embarrassment to the administration.


  77. Seduction after seduction...but nothing happens. YAWN.

  78. everything you said checks out according to this site.

    CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

    Please stop Romney with facts. He is going to win if things go on as they are. He is just more of Clinton-Bush Crime Family.


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