Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #29

Obama, Bush and the true, Sordid State of Our Cabal Controlled Union.

It has been a little bit of time since we last posted an article.  Although we have volumes to report, we do not have the time to author stories of more scandals, it’s just more of the same and vastly larger than reported in the past.  We promise we will.  In reality, we have been working with world leaders, numerous security agencies and the legitimate or clean guys in the banking industry to bring the Global Settlement to a conclusion.  We have certainly seen the results of the Dark Cabal's work for nearly fifty plus years, the depth of the tentacles’ of the Bush Clan in all aspects of the banking industry.  What is more interesting is the picture that is developing around the secret organizations that support the new version of the World War II German Reich.  Seems like some of the old guard are still hanging around in very clandestine, quiet places and are at the helm of the banking Cabal including the Bush’s.

This is an amazing world we are living in.  Every American and every person in the free world should be stepping up to the plate and questioning every aspect of our representatives and their intentions.  We support the total removal of incumbents from our leadership and a process for the thorough vetting of candidates on a state by state basis prior to their ability to hold office on a Federal basis.  We no longer can have the extremely poor leadership that has been commonplace for these many past decades.

America is the shining star of freedom in the world and we can no longer afford to elect the types of people that will be intimidated by or want to only cooperate for profit with the secret under body of the world.  We need people that will put their lives on the line to root out the individuals and groups that have divisive plans to control the world through manipulation of the political process, the financial markets and the main stream media.  It is up to the American public, our clean world leaders and the people of the world to literally force the tough questions and push the bastards out of office.  It is up to the common folks to wake up and spread the word to their neighbors to show what 308 million Americans can do.  We can report all day long, but if YOU won’t act or even question then it is all for naught and you will continue to suffer for your lack of action.  We hope that YOU are not waiting for us to do all of the work.  We do the heavy lifting, however many hands (minds and voices) will complete the task and improve the world we live in.

During the last few weeks as Washington, D.C. was on vacation, The White Hats have been working diligently behind the scenes with intelligence sources to expose the dark cabal.  We have been holding in reserve supporting evidence, which portray the depth of corruption and complicity of the Beltway Federal establishment, still controlled by George H.W. Bush Sr.  Our Constitutional values are still being dismantled and replaced by the dictates of a criminal Cabal, a pretend president and his illegal administration.  Homeland Security has failed to recognize that our greatest enemy is already within. This enemy is the greatest threat to the liberties and freedoms we love as Americans: a failing president controlled by a dark cabal conspiring to profiteer from their insatiable greed.  The world knows what is unfolding as Israel has now sold 46% of its US Treasuries and Russia has sold 95% of its own US Treasury holdings. 

The truth is widely known among the nations who are asking why these criminals have been allowed to perpetuate their criminal control unchecked.  Bush Senior and Obama are blatantly compromising, not only America's economic recovery, but the World’s by continuing to extort and unlawfully use the Global Settlements and all of the funds they have stolen for years.  They refuse to release funds which are not theirs while maximizing Bank Trading Program payments for their own offshore accounts.  As recent as this week, a wire transfer of funds to Wells Fargo Bank for a true Patriotic Beneficiary was illegally stopped so they could continue their felonious activities.

Geithner was appointed to head up the US Treasury for one reason. He was appointed as the Gatekeeper to stop any independent ethical appointee from having oversight over the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, whose criminal Ponzi and racketeering activities have crippled America with debt obligations beyond anyone's imagination.  Geithner fronts a cover up as a bought slave to his Master Bush.  Geithner has taken combined payouts from the theft of the Falcone Bank Program funds set up by Bush Senior, which he is now seeking to hide behind discretionary Nominees fronting for him via The Royal Bank of Canada accounts in London, which we are tracking.

We know Geithner's illegal Banking as he desperately seeks to avoid our monitoring investigators.

We know about Bush Seniors, Biden’s, the Clinton’s, and Romney’s offshore accounts, which will be exposed and deny Romney the Presidency.  We watch Obama's desperate attempts to hide his own accounts totaling in excess of 11 Billion Dollars.  We know the full extent of the CIA Bank Program trafficking. These will be exposed and moves are in process by Falcone’s own attorneys to get all identified accounts frozen. 

Both our Senate, Congress, Pentagon and all Agency leaders know fully that Obama is an illegal President, as do the Supreme Court Justices.  Slowly International media is waking up and challenging the inadequacies and transgressions of Obama and his criminal Chicago support team. Visibly, the protective compliant media shell is now cracking as questions and challenges to Obama and the Bush criminal cabal are mounting.    The wheels are coming off their Gravy Train.

The very role of FRB New York, Geithner's former home, is now being debated and challenged. This is their Achilles' Heel.

We outline again the clear and simple facts, which will be rigorously challenged as their empire disintegrates.
  • Obama is not able to be a Lawful American President. He is a criminal Usurper.
  • Obama knowingly and fraudulently tendered a FALSE Birth Certificate, that in itself is a criminal act. He is a Fraud! The whole world sees it, with exception of the US Regulators. 
  • Obama has been facilitated with Offshore Bank Program trading accounts and vast profits by Bush 41, using again the notorious Josef Ackermann, Chairman of Deutsche Bank. His accounts are being tracked and monitored ready to be frozen when he is eventually arraigned. Obama’s prime objective now is to maximise his illegal accounts for when he is removed from office. He wants to cut and run as a wealthy man with his fat proceeds of crime in office.  It will end in tears once removed from his Chicago and Texan support umbilicals. 
  • Obama has knowingly and fraudulently used the ID number of a dead 19 year old Connecticut boy. Congress knows this as do all Senators. Failure to act on such a deeply humiliating criminal transgression is a Congressional disgrace raising again the integrity of this now neutered House. This raises the question of Representatives for whom because they no longer represent the American people or protect our Constitution or values.
  • Obama fraudulently obtained a US passport with bogus papers. Why has no one checked this? How can Homeland Security allow a Bogus illegal to penetrate so far?  
  • Under what legal accord is Obama even married to a US citizen with false papers?
  • Why has Obama failed to act with clear evidence that Biden, his own Vice President has taken bribes of $200M from Clinton acting for Bush Sr. It IS a Criminal offense to bribe a Public Official! It IS a Criminal offense for Biden to take the bribe and for Bush to bribe him. All of this is on record as the Edward Falcone issue proceeds now towards litigation, which has now passed the disclosure demand stages.   
  • Geithner will be exposed by future White Hats articles waiting release for vast frauds abusing Americas allies for many $Trillions; Hegemony of the worst kind. We will soon expose the depth of the US Treasury / FRB NY Bait and Switch scams with damning evidence and bank records.
  • Can David Petraeus, with his Political aspirations, afford to become tarnished at the Agency with the visible corruption he has inherited and theft of the Falcone funds? Obama promised him he would get this fiasco settled to avoid public exposure. 
  • Who allowed Bush to use US Government planes to fly CIA Agents around the world falsifying bank records and moving Biden’s bribery money in desperation to shelter the audit trail? How can David Dewhurst, ex CIA agent, now Lt Governor of Texas, who set up and helped defraud Falcone, expect to clear vetting for his Senate ambitions? Litigation is now imminent. This is a delicate appointment Rick Perry as Governor needs to review and distance him away from as a key Presidential contender himself. 
  • Donald Rumsfeld has now been stripped of immunity in the case involving torture of 2 FBI Informants in Iraq in 2006, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel. The case is now proceeding. It will open up the systematic inhuman mass brutality and torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, which Rumsfeld authorised as part of the Bush murderous campaign of mass brutality now unfolding. This long overdue and merited removal of Rumsfeld's immunity sends a clear signal that crimes against humanity and American citizens will not be tolerated, no matter who the perpetrators were. Those who invoked such vile repressions will be identified and held accountable. The Rapes and Sodomy in Abu Ghraib, in many cases against teenage children, will all be exposed, and those responsible held accountable. 
  • Bush, Jr. dares not even travel to Canada now for fear of War Crimes arrest, nor Switzerland, where committed groups also wait to have warrants issued and detain him for a Hague tribunal. History will judge them in ignominy.  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice are culpable of destroying the US economy, America’s global image and our face. 
  • As we indicated above and reported previously, Obama has been attempting to hide his stolen funds in several different areas of the world.  He knows we are watching.  In fact, shortly after The White Hats reported that Obama personally was working some of his stolen funds directly with Josef Ackerman of Deutsch Bank, he reacted by immediately pulling his funds out of the trading program .  Please do not be fooled. Obama knows his time is limited and his only focus is to increase these stolen funds with  hopes of doubling the 11 Billion before he has to leave office.  His own party has become split and Obama's Chicago backers are now pulling away realizing that Obama's time is short.  Fortunately, the world leaders have become awakened to the truth about Obama and he will have little chance of actually spending these ill gotten gains.


  1. Thank you White Hats, for exposing the Truths! I was wondering if you are also aware of what is going on behind the scenes regarding an Extra Terrestrial Group calling themselves the Galactic Federation of Light. They claim to be helping the White Hats, White Knights, and other Secret Societies to rid this world of the Dark Cabal control, especially their grip on the financial market. It seems the GFL and the Earth Allies have accomplished an implementation of a new financial system that is asset backed by precious metals and other commodities. They also claim to release shelved technology once the new governments are announced. It seems from a report by Benjamin Fulford has also collaborated the coming events about the White Hats in the Pentagon taking back control of the USA Government for a few months until national elections can be held. Extra Terrestrial Disclosure will also take place a couple of weeks after the Military weeds out the corruption in Wall Street and Washington DC. I know this to be the Truth and would like to know if the White Hats of these blogs are also aware of the coming events this year. I have been connecting the dots for more than a year and realize this is all coming to ahead. If you want to know more about what I know then I have pieced together a timeline of events for everyone to get a grip of what is happening in the coming weeks and months. See link below.

  2. These White Hats are separate from Ben Fulford's and from the White Knights. They don't do Aliens they just do bank forensics...real numbers, real computers and real men who either hold or have held important positions in military, surveillance, banking, law and intelligence.

    Though they respect people's right to believe in more cosmic notions they believe in red and black. Where did the money go...It didn't just vanish.

  3. Where's the proof these guys are real, I call bull shit in this whole thing.

  4. I read 29 reports stuffed with links to legal letters, I see links to PDF files and the accumulative result is that men are at work trying to hold corrupt politicians accountable while corrupt politicians and judges look the other way.

    Alarm Bells maybe you can tell me what these men are getting out of pointing fingers at some of the most powerful men in the world?

    Besides death threats...Maybe I am missing something...Qui Bono right? How do they benefit from this?

    Personally I have done my homework and have dozens of conversations with these men and read all the files. I am convinced that they are trying to hold people accountable where clearly no one else is... But what I don't see is how you Alarm Bells can declare this vast amount of evidence as non existent when it is here in easy to access files by the dozens.

    They have even more evidence, but that evidence is part of court cases in preparation.

    The point of what they do here is to shoot off the bow of all the do nothings in Congress and The Supreme Court and everywhere else. They want these professional politicians and judges to do their jobs and for the public to do theirs.

    Bellowing simplistic negation from the sidelines is generally what paid disinformation agents do. These men are pointing to corruption deep within the ranks of the Democrats AND Republicans, on a global scale, Federal scale and within state governments...

    If they have an agenda perhaps you can explain how it benefits them to call out this mutant creature from Jekyl Island.

    When hundreds of companies are put out of business by a highly suspicious FLASH CRASH, and the lawsuits are buried under a collective response of Vinnie Barbarinoism in Washington, "What? When? Who? Where?" Playing dumb and oblivious to obvious stank rotting from the corpse that was once fairness and justice in our country... How in God's name does it make sense that the men on this blog authoring these posts are getting anything from "having the backs" of all these people who were ripped off in broad day light.

    There are two sides to this coin, one are those muddying the waters with simple declarations of BULLSHIT and the other side of the coin, men collecting evidence and asking those who portend to deal in justice to do what they get paid to...although it is becoming more and more obvious to those of us not on the payroll that these haircuts in suits ARE doing what their Godfathers want... Nothing.

    But please, Alarm Bells, tell us how it is prudent to name these names and if it is bullshit why these names don't simply sue them for liable and slander?

    Why? Because that is where the rest of the evidence will be presented... You see how that works?

  5. Good defense Geno Kalmes. But you just cant educate moronic ignorance which is how they continue to get away with it.

  6. Thanks white hat for this useful information.

  7. I hope the White Hats STEAL all those stolen funds BACK via hackers or by whatever means is necessary! I also hope that ALL the cloning facilities (i.e., Camp David) are destroyed. The clones of these very old corrupt men (Bush Sr, David Rockefeller, Kissinger, Soros, etc.) just keep destructing like energizer bunnies while their TAX-FREE FOUNDATIONS are used to kill off the REST of humanity via toxic vaccines and CHEMTRAILS.

    EVERY tax-free FOUNDATION should be taxed. That's where all the social engineering is coming from: Rockefeller’s depopulation vaccines, Bill Gates’ vaccine- carrying mosquitos, Soros’ gay schools agenda, etc. I wouldn't call "depopulation" and social engineering "philanthropy".

    The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 needs to be REVOKED. Since the accumulation of debt since 1913 has been interest to a “private bank” (the NONFederal Reserve) and our money supply is mandated by the CONSTITUTION to be printed at Treasury, the entire federal deficit is unconstitutional and NULL and VOID.

    I think it's time to ABOLISH the entire Federal government "corporation", along with the IRS corporation, and all the other corporate federal agencies. The Pentagon’s spending and batant “LOSSES” is out of control. Prior to 911 (perpetrated by the Bushes), we didn’t have to pay for an entire army of mercenaries or 850,000 federal employees for “terrorism”. The 1,000 military bases overseas should be closed, all wars ended immediately, no more billion-dollar embassies in middle-east deserts, our troops should be returned to the STATE national guards, education and most other services should remain at the STATE level, taxes should remain with the states (states already pay for the roads).

    The FEDERAL government has a become a MENACE. We get NO BENEFIT from congress - they just keep passing laws UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws. Congress should be recalled, and further representation (in any form) should have term limits. All those CORRUPT "intelligence agencies", “law enforcement”, and the federal judges who cover up their crimes need to be eliminated. Currently these agencies are in the business of drug-running, gun-running, money-laundering, and “setting up” innocent people.

  8. Agencies needing to be eliminated:
    1.NASA. There's a whole separate space fleet. NASA's secrecy is abhorent.
    2.Dept of Energy has "lost" 90% of its nuclear HEU fuel, said to be stolen by Israel and going out the port of Houston (Bush territory), where it's then sold to other countries.

    In 1972, there was a gasoline crisis. Neither Congress nor DOE has made any effort whatsoever to implement widespread solar housing or gas-less autos. Electric cars are obsolete. Everyone KNOWS there are cars that run on air or water. We are STILL driving 25 mpg cars like the 50's, & Bzig's "checkerboard" war plans for world oil takeover are still ongoing.

    3.The FDA raids organic farms & diaries with guns drawn, drive any doctor who CURES cancer OUT of the US, outlaws private gardens, are intent on removing vitamins & supplements from the shelves, promote Monsanto franken- foods, approve toxic HPV & other vaccines, & fail to remove aspartame. SHUT THEM DOWN!
    4.The EPA is out of control with their toxic Smart Meters, barring clean coal despite 50% which provides 50% of US energy without any replacement on the horizon. They give $1 billion to foreign countries like Pakistan for "global warming" when it was never voted on. They've failed to insure clean air and water, their mandate! (CHEMTRAILS and Gulf Oil spill) Instead, they spend all their time harassing farmers.
    5.DHS REFUSES TO CONTROL THE BORDER or to deport illegals like Obama's relatives; yet they sue the States. DHS, EPA, Coast Guard (under DHS) & their contractors are directly implicated in the MASS CORRUPTION and loss of life, businesses, and poison- ing of the water and air in the Gulf.
    6.DOJ and FBI sit on their backsides while Foreclosure Frauds and illegal signature mills operate with impunity. They militarize police departments & "set up" innocent people with their $7B cointelpro budget. We can manage law enforcement at STATE level; we don’t need them.
    7.Efforts to subvert the 2nd Amendment have been ongoing by past presidents like Clinton and now DOJ and other federal agencies, to include the FBI, DOJ, ATF, IRS, DEA, etc. via Project Gunrunner & Fast and Furious. We can do without ALL of them.
    8.The SEC is shredding legal documents as we speak. They've been sued with the biggest lawsuit in US history; yet nobody's been fired. They've proven to be useless, along with all the other federal IGs and auditors. The only viable one, GAO, is ignored by congress AND the agencies.
    9.The damage done to our children and this nation by the Dept of Education, their INCOMPETENT teachers, incorrect history books & Soros social agenda cannot be UNDERSTATED. Children are dropping out of school in the 7th grade because they never learned to read. The life of EACH of those children is ruined. Only 30% of 8th graders can read at that level.
    10.FEMA's budget is the largest of all. FEMA sees their role in disasters as one of CONTROL; NOT RESCUE. In fact they actively PREVENT rescue. They sit around watching monitors in their Mt Weather underground bunker with an "unelected" Pres, VP, etc. ready to step in. WHY would we want these morons stepping in when they already refuse to render AID? The following article is the best I've seen on their actions/inactions:


    11.The UN and NATO are “shells” behind which the US hides its zionist war-mongering as “legitimate”. Those countries have NOT attacked us. We should withdraw from BOTH.

  9. The majority of Americans have called, written, faxed, and emailed congress REPEATEDLY to CUT all these agencies and STOP the wars.

    Result? Zero agency cuts, zero foreign aid or corporate welfare cuts, more wars, more zionist czars, 17 bills to cut Social Security and Medicare (legal contracts with the millions who paid in all their lives), constant Obama speeches to RAISE taxes on the jobless, homeless, and hungry middle class (disguised as taxes on the rich), and a middle finger from them all, to include the media.

    The RICH will NEVER pay taxes unless their FOUNDATIONS are taxed. I don’t see Obama calling for THAT.

    The list of transgressions by the federal government against the people is endless. Americans no longer want to PAY for the corrupt abomination that has become the Federal Government

  10. Please put it on the mass media so that people know that this is real and not a conspiracy! If you have the proof then you must have the power to arrest via the good faction of the military! Then the people will rise up. They are too brainwashed!!! You must give them proof! Sorry

  11. 530 etc.
    The media is a neutered sychophant nowadays. The Establishment either owns or controls them, feeding the Plebs only official party propoganda. Any serious revelations are blocked from Public release by fawning Publishers. Too many of the Military are hand picked with appropriate Vatican and other Bank accounts, paid to toe the line lined up akin to Pigs at the slop trough. Clinton lied and the country did what? Bidens been bribed and Obama does what? Obama received a Congressmans report on record, and failed to even investigate. The media know all this. They wont rock the boat post Watergate. 530 etc, try to get serious truth published via the media. It's Cabal owned. The last hope is the Web and they are trying to control your access now. Truth, is a luxury they can ill afford. The Agencies have media controls to supress Public awareness.
    Post Watergate, the NWO boys got wise.

  12. Unless people understand the symbology of the snake eating its own tail or the Russian doll deception...a doll inside a doll inside a doll...a lie inside a lie inside a lie... No one understands the con game... The con began with the Khazars which are in actuality Luciferian adapting Judaism and moving on to hijack the Vatican, Christianity, Science, media and banking to name a few major institutions...

    There is a great picture that breaks it down perfectly....,r:5,s:0&tx=30&ty=52

    This picture shows the presidents and politicians near the bottom, and as each tier upwards you shall find how the puppets are controlled and by whom... Once you get this you an better decide how to fight this beast...

    Understanding it is to NOT fall for the con...

  13. Yep, the foxes are in charge of the henhouse. But you can beat these banksters; I did. Here's how: cash-out your retirement & savings accts. When you get a check write "redeemed Lawful Money pursuant to 12 USC 411" on the back & sign it. That's a restrictive endorsement, keeps you out of the FED RESERVE system and absent liability for Income Tax (yes really!). Buy gold & silver w both hands. Practice non-banking with money orders & bitcoin. Keep records of everything, the darkside controls banks, courts, media, etc. and you need proof to nail 'em on their fraud. Fraud by omission vitiates any pretended contract. WE ARE WINNING!

  14. Y'all are ever in our prayers as we hope that this effort is for real. You can understand our skepticism after Tim Turner turned the Restore America Plan into an entrapment operation. Not only am I eager to help - I know many that are disgusted with the state of affairs. What we need is an enhanced DVD that not only has a compelling video presentation - but a PDF library that backs up what we are saying to anyone that bothers to examine it - of course we do not care about the opinions of the willfully ignorant - history will wash them away in due course.

  15. For Geno Kalmes.
    Geno, the world is awash with Research Marketeers wanting to syphone your money. Serious Traders spend time networking for inside information to make money. How can you expect to make money from information mass sold to everyone? Those who can, do.Those who can't, Teach or mass sell as Research. Their sites are up and hands out. More Muppeteers.

  16. I watched it as long as I could but it went on and on. I think it is interesting that the thievery is becoming so mainstream it is now being turned into a product.

    Also in their quest to sell their services they are making our case.

    Which could be a disinformation tactic that helps people throw babies (truth) out with the bathwater...

    I see the truth nuggets in disinformation campaigns because they have to use truth to detour minds...

    Lastly, note to White Hats is this sort of video with the words playing is effective for capturing people's attention for a couple minutes and you should consider this as a possible option.

    And thanks John... I understood it was an angle on a product/service but the points I made above jumped out at me... I was especially concerned that the premise of majorly playing the stocks over the coming weeks was grounded in a real plan by the elite to help cement their domination and if this info can help funnel a persons understanding of what is at stake regardless of a product being sold.

    It is very easy for disinformation to distract people who don't have the anchor in on the bigger con job.

    Like here, the mention of galactic warriors makes even me want to flip the page and I am a white hat supporter.

    That is why I said the Hats are concerned with actual numbers in actual bank accounts not saviors in the sky.


    "The Division 4 team member told us, “The meeting to discuss the murder occurred in the White House oval office. The subjects named in the report who participated in ordering the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. were President Clinton and his wife Hillary--both in the room, former Attorney General Janet Reno--also in the room and who JFK Jr. had publicly called to task for her role in Waco and Ruby Ridge operations, FBI Director Louis Freeh--in the room, and former President George H. W. Bush, Lawrence Rockefeller (now deceased), and three Inner Circle Council of Thirteen members who were all teleconferenced into the oval office discussion via secure White House phone lines.“

    “About 3 days before John’s plane took off and exploded in mid-air, Michael Harari, and another Mossad agent were seen with former President George H. W. Bush and his son Texas Governor George W. Bush at the Essex County, NJ airport where John Jr. kept his plane.” This fact was also confirmed by separate U.S. intelligence sources."

    "Three U.S. presidents have their own private Israeli Mossad assassins--as well as assassins from several American federal government agencies--and will use them to commit treason and murder against other Americans perceived to pose a political threat to their power, a fact surely to horrify Jewish-Americans and all U.S. citizens."

    “I was part of what we called the Bush-Clinton New World Order takeover to place in power selected individuals who received their marching orders directly from the U.S. government. Plain and simple, Project Phoenix required Americans to kill off innocent people to place in power those selected by the U.S. ruling elite; but I left, finding it very objectionable.”

    “These activities are still going on today,” said the intelligence insider. “America now uses FBI Division 5, CIA Division 4, and elements from within the Department of Defense (DOD) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for its dirty work. Five-man Delta teams made up of nationals from Mexico and Ecuador are being trained for house-to-house extraction and murder of American citizens--when the day comes that Martial Law is declared and what little is left of our Constitution is scrapped.

    BUSH SR.
    "There is evidence to prove that George H. W. Bush was a member of the CIA on November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated--a fact Bush 41 has repeatedly denied." In 1978, an FOIA memo was discovered dated Nov 29, 1963, just 7 days after JFK's assassination "describing the full briefing given to “George Bush of the CIA' on the day after the [JFK] assassination. [When Bush 41 was just 39 years old]"

    "George H. W. also denied being involved in Iran contra. But according to General Bowen, “investigators obtained copies of Colonel Oliver North’s diaries which documented Bush’s role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network. In 1988 Bush issued false statements to Congress, testifying he knew nothing about the illegal supply flights until late November, 1986; yet North’s diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting on August 6, 1985.”

    This article was originally written in 2005. Skolnich also wrote about it. THERE HAS BEEN NO JUSTICE, despite 150 witnesses ready to testify at the time. What happened to Fitzgerald? all the evidence? the indictments of Bush & Cheney?
    It should also be noted that Bush's friend Hinckley shot Reagan while H.W. Bush was VP. How many Americans have been murdered by these presidents to STOP justice? It’ is important for every man, woman and child in America to know the details of this story.

  18. The depth and quality of response from comments input on this unique site is incredible. Nothing else equates. Well done all of you. Invaluable information is portrayed and so useful.

  19. this is fascinating information and i love reading it. its like a really cool novel. but when you realize the power that is truly behind these people you will realize that no one will stop them. there is no more justice these days. lawlessness abounds.

  20. I believe in the whole NWO scenario. One only has to go back to Woodrow Wilson's reaction a few years later. That said, I am curious.

    Have you guys published two 'upcoming events' that actually occurred as you predicted?

    Give us a little evidence..a little hope. 'Ol Fulford seems to be a shill..

    I know this isn't an unreasonable request, as I am just learning and studying diligently about Bush, The Cabal and the entire history of The Fed.
    Thank You

  21. Hey T-Man do you have carpel tunnel from writing your signature on all those checks or have you yet to being your epic signatory career??? For what it is worth I hope your hand is ready to fall off and your pen is running low on ink from excessive use!!

  22. For T Man. I listened to the September 28th audio clip last night and towards the end you said to a fellow in Freedom "If you have not been notified you're probably not getting paid", in reference to WGF payouts. This statement REALLY perturbed me because in 1998 I entered the Omega program through Mike Kodosky to the tune of $5,000.- for myself and others that I was gifting. I have been waiting and hoping all these years for payout/delivery. Now what I understood from that audio clip is that anyone legitimately in the programs HAS ALREADY BEEN NOTIFIED. I have NOT been notified. I have legally changed my name since that time and have also had several addresses, one of which would not give the PO a 'forwarding' address when it closed down. The BIG question now is WHO can I contact to find out what is going on about my participation. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a name, phone number, or email address of someone that would be able to help me. PLEASE. THANK YOU, for everything you ALL have done in this matter. I canbe contacted through Geno Kalmes, you say you talk to the White Hatters, please direct this enquiry to them. many thanks.

  23. Sorry Geno, the post dropped my email address that I had typed between through and Geno. My first time blogging. I do not know how to let anyone know how to contact me?

  24. Dolphin girl. Global Settlements are only for pre authorised, Not for Profit, Humanitarian and Infrastructure projects. You are not applicable and seem to be a victim of unauthorised but regulated Fee scams. They appear to have dissapeared, as has your money. You need to talk to the Securities Commission and FBI who will advise. You have no participation and your money was lost in a dubious investment scheme. Sorry. You need Regulatory advice.

  25. What about the underground bases?Wilcox post in divine cosmos is good information or desinfo?

  26. Just discovered this blog from the Ben Fulford site.
    It has the ring of truth. I am so happy to see true Patriots (not fake fascist pretenders and ignorant morons) who are exposing the corruption and criminality that has taken over our country like a cancer. It is also good to know that there are Good Guys in the intelligence agencies.
    Well done white hats!
    There is overwhelming support for what you are doing, even though 99% of Americans don't understand that they have been brainwashed for 70 years.
    When the U.S. finally overturns the rocks under which these cockroaches have been hiding, this country will flower once again.
    Here's to liberty and freedom and the end of tyranny!!

  27. White is a professional color. I think old generation would mostly prefer to wearing a white hat.



    Deutsche CEO Throws in Towel
    The Botched Departure of Josef Ackermann

  29. I agree above post white is a professional color. I have already white hat. I like to wearing them. White color suitable for anybody.


  30. Amazing to me that many people point out the problem but not the root. Of course the Fed is getting away with murder. Who is allowing it? The Congress, the Comptroller General, and the Treasury Secretary, and the Secretary of the Treasury, and the entire Justice Dept. as well. So, does that clue you in to the size of the RICO complaint that needs to be file to expose this?
    The entire TITLE 12 (USC TITLE 12 Banks and Banking) system is going to have to be dismantled. End of story. Anything short of it, is the absolute destruction of this once great country. Honestly, at this point, we may not make it through it. The parasite is so ingrained in the dna of the system now, I don't expect we will.

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