Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #27

UPDATE: First Settlement Payment for 30 Billion Completed And Clinton, Obama, Bush Jr. and Geithner Take It For Personal Accounts.

Early this week Obama made a phone call and gave the order to settle with Ed Falcone.  That’s the financial fraud situation we have talked about where Bush Sr., Romney, Herzog and their gang of associates stole Falcone’s 700 million dollars.  This is the situation were the Federal Bureau of Investigation have buried Falcone’s complaints in the “Bush-directed-us-to-ignore-this” file.  Well, apparently our reporting of this matter is not only accurate but has uncomfortably exposed our former leaders as it was directed by Bush Sr to Obama to pay him off to get him out of their hair.

Obama travels to Chicago for his Birthday bash/fundraiser and in the middle of the bash gets a call from William Jefferson Clinton who has managed to make his way to the United States Treasury in Washington D.C.  While at the Treasury, Clinton orders a conference call with George W. Bush, Timothy Geithner and our President Barrack Obama, who’s in Chicago.

Clinton wanted to have the Iraqi Dinar revalue sooner than later, so he negotiated a deal wherein if Obama would order the Iraqi Dinar revaluation sooner, he would arrange for the immediate wire transfer of the first payment of the Settlements to a bank in Guatemala, which then would immediately be wire transferred to a bank in Chicago for use in a High Yield Trading Program for the benefits of the Bushes, Geithner and Obama, and his now famous offshore bank accounts.  So, with the deal agreed to the following occurred.

The order was processed by Geithner, using his position as Secretary of the Treasury, and the US Treasury facilities to move 30 Billion Dollars, using new US Dollars printed in England.  The movement of this money was approved and coordinated by the Connecticut Trustee, Paul Sagae, a long time associate of Bush Sr. and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase under the disguise of paying Ed Falcone immediately, but this is not what happened. 

The order and instructions went through The Vatican Bank, but Jamie Dimon routed the 30 Billion Dollars through Central America (Guatemala) and arrived in the United States mid week in CitiBank, Chicago.   At this time they put the funds into a high yield trading program utilizing the accounts “tear sheet” to commence the trading program.  Not so amazingly, Obama was once again in position to handle the transaction when the funds arrived in Chicago.  Under the disguise of paying Falcone, they cleverly diverted 30 Billion Dollars from the US Treasury and stole from each American citizen for their own greedy personal gain.   The details at this time are continuing to be investigated.

The proper worldwide authorities are handling matters here in the United States as our own federal policing authorities and justice departments have been rendered globally impotent to investigate and litigate these matters without the retribution of extreme professional and personal harm from others in the Cabal's Great American rip-off game.

In other news, to the shock and alarm of Falcone's investigators, as of today they have tabulated Obama's foreign accounts already reported to be in excess of 10 Billion Dollars including new bank accounts in Sao Paulo and Brasilia, Brazil.  They are still not finished tabulating, investigating and do not know yet where all these funds were derived from. Not bad for two (2) years in the Presidency making a $425,000 salary as a Government employee.

We will update you as more information becomes available and when the Global Settlements continue.


  1. This needs to be offered to Hollywood to remake the film of The Dirty Rotten scoundrels, but set within the United States Corporation. 55% of all taxes collected go to serve the Military Industrial Cabal and its Bankers with the commensurate starvation and collapse of real, wealth creating US Industries and Jobs. The Fed is its Hydra. What an epitaph Sr will leave behind, and still they will eulogise him, the American way. Denial is not only flowing in Egypt. What a sordid collective.

  2. I laugh every time I think about Bush41's infamous, "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." Lynched?! What a joke! The guy obviously has no clue how gruesome street violence really is!

  3. "using new US Dollars printed in England"? Am I missing something? I am confused... I thought US Dollars were only printed in the US.

  4. I had to read that part a few times myself,and i'm still confused @t.o. coder

  5. bush 41 isn't that bright,at least in my opinion,then again is bush 43 any brighter then 41?

  6. Okay..this is the stuff of novels; no doubt about it and it is told as though by Dick Tracy. Show me the money! On paper. It's one thing to post this another to have the documentation and proof to prove this. Scan the letters, documents, post them. I don't doubt what you say is true but show me the money!

  7. Fascist leaders never just go away. They are removed or they continue unabated. The cabal continues. The paradigm stalemated. Good bad good bad good bad good bad good bad where will it stop nobody knows! God knows! Will the lien the US corp put on the rights given to us by the creator be reinstated? Two contitutions 1787-1791 and 1871. The US must return back in time and remove all amendments past the original 13th. And reinstate the original 13th. Rule by common law as corporate law is ridiculous plainly put. Regardless of the current POTUS quote that "America is no longer a Christian nation" he is sadly mistaken as the creator is widely known as the Christian God by us Americans who are well versed in our history and are awakened to the fraud perpetrated on our foundation. The foundation layed in 1871 has grown so large that the weight of it is cracking the foundation layed in 1787-1791. America you have an illegal and morally bankrupt system of governance and it will continue producing morally bankrupt citizens until it is REMOVED!

  8. I would like to introduce a theory. As you all know by now a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan on Early Saturday morning 8/6/2011, supposedly at night. The helicopters passengers were members of Seal Team Six along with other seal team members, and Afghanistan operatives. Does this not give you reason to believe a cover-up might be in progress. I offer 2 theories. #1 There never was an Osama bin Laden killing, and now the threat of the hoax being exposed must be eliminated. #2 Osama bin Laden was killed or at least is believed to be killed by the Taliban. The Obama administration leaked the helicopters flight path to the Taliban, or placed a tracking device on board to obtain a successful target. There are more ways than one to silence people, and more than one way to allow the Taliban to get even. Obama & wife are not the only Muslim sympathizers in his administration.

  9. yawn...White Hats Report #999 They are just about to release the 'Global Settlements' but gosh darn it *insert name here* has blocked the efforts. More details to follow.

    You guys must be at the absolute bottom of the PSYOP budget because you keep recirulating the same garbage over and over...

  10. Holy White Hats Batman..did I just see the

    nefarious gruesome twosome 'O' and 'G' on my blinking television Morph into the roadkill that we always smelled them to be?
    Did they eyeball the public and shrink wrap all by their greedy little selves??
    No...they had minions murmering among them...
    God help the innocence lost...and the lives gone
    to pay for the Vanity of the Fat Few
    History implores us to learn the lessons of the ages...EMPIRES DECAY FROM WITHIN.
    The Whits Hats reporting in the pursuit of truth abates looming kaos to demystify the lies that the 'so called leaders' spin;


    What we do in life echoes into eternity..

    To the batcave!!

  11. Okay guys!!!! I am not saying these things didn't happen just the way you said they went down, but in future entries - if any activities stat takings place in famous museums - I'm calling "bullshit!"

  12. How can we as a people keep condoning this kind of fraud on the American people. This is out and out counterfiting of money in another country and smuggling it into banks thru foreign countries so people don't get wise here, then funneling it inot private acocunts. There is no gold to back it up, but we have to pay for it and lose our benefits, while this president and his wife, who never had a dime before becoming president, spend freely our money on trips that are sensleless and gross spending of dollars better spend on programs for the needy that they so whole heartedly PRETEND to support. Mrs. Obama is an embarassment, and President Obama is not a true American in my heart. He is for himself and is very mercenary.

  13. Does anyone know why the Queen hosted a full state dinner for Obama? I understand it was only the 2nd full state dinner ever accorded a US President. Was it a show of strength when he was withholding her money?

  14. Dear Larry,

    Gee, Murdock could not spring for the ADVANCED disinfo classes? You only got the basics? Just so you know, there is a level above "smear the truthtellers," but then that is probably the class that they send people that know how to punctuate properly.

    Not only is this stuff true, but the fact is that the entire collapse of the 2008 and the huge losses that have impoverished EUROPE weren't necessary. They were caused by derivatives---toxic fraudulent fake securities.

    For everybody else's benefit...the fraud on this site is the tip of the iceberg. Watch the videos below:

    THE WARNING--about derivatives

  15. I posted a link. The link is real, no fabrication. Otherwise I have read all this material and including the links and letters and I believe the content. I did not write it so I can't possibly be lying about it. But I do believe it.

  16. I've got your action right in my pants. I carry LAWFUL MONEY, not private credit of the Fraudulent Reserve. I pay 0 income tax. The cabal makes nothing off me. I am the 100th monkey.

  17. "we have to pay for it and lose our benefits" Only applies to US citizens. Why would you WANT to be created by the creation?

    People.. if you are a child of God, then why are you demanding "benefits" from the creation and not expecting them from the creator?

    This sounds so repetitive..

    Was a Christian Nation: is correct. God's children would have never let this happen to the extent it is. They would not have prayed in the harlot, but prayed in their homes instead. What do you think the 501-3c is? Read revelations again...

    They would not have engaged in hearsay by any means. But to this day, it is a way of life.

    Pick up the paper, read what he said, she said. Flip through the "programing device" (TV) and begin your daily fix of "enter..tain..ment".

    Like the ostrich, avoid the issues that effect everyone at the excuse that it is your "job". Shame on you. You will know it when the time comes... The Gates of heaven are closing. If you have an ear, hear what the prophets have said. Time to reap the harvest.

    And if you are not a man of God... don't worry, it is all a bad dream. And you will wake up soon.

  18. Hey Michael,
    I thought I heard you had a stroke after your last prediction about the end of the world. Back on your feet again?

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