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July 22, 2011 – White Hats Reports #23

Progress Update:  Murdoch News; Patriots send letter to US Treasury, Senate, House and Obama to save America; The Tropos Files.

In White Hats Report #22, we spoke to the issues of a Bilderberg  member interfering in the media exposure of the Bush and Ackerman stories in Germany and America.  We told you the information was highly explosive and we also told you to “Expect much more on this”.

When White Hat Report #22 came out the world was on the verge of tipping to one side or the other … the world was going to have to start to change or it was going to succumb.  The arrogance of the Cabal was immense and running rampant.  Now with our friend Rupert taking a tumble, the world is starting to change for the better and the Cabal is in deep shock and very quiet.   Do they leave Rupert in the dust to survive or do they come into the light to help him out?  We are seeing the World that can only take so much. We are seeing when the pimple is ready to pop it will distort the view for a bit of time but in the end the blemish will heal.  You just need the ability to open the blemish up and air it out.

Thank You to the United Kingdom for having the outright fortitude to withstand the trauma of Rupert Murdoch and News Corp.  We hope the lives of the men and women who acted as the whistleblowers mean something very dear to you and that you will remember what they have done to keep the free world safe and strong.  Remember them by listening to the people of the world and not the individuals like Murdoch that have aspirations above and beyond humanity.  We do not need this type of individual’s tyranny in the world especially when a person of such supposed esteem is the culprit of such blasphemy against the human race.

So, about the whistleblowers, they did not die from natural causes.  That would be like saying the second airplane hit the World Trade Towers was also a mere coincidence.  To our friends in the United Kingdom, if your Medical Examiners are not proficient with the methods of disposing of someone when the going gets tough, then terminate the guy and allow us to do the autopsy.  We know the methods and the chemicals used for such an activity and can identify the source immediately.

You have a significant problem with the Bildeberg’s thinking they can “handle” the problem by eliminating … killing someone … to keep them from exposing the information.  Just look around at all of the deaths surrounding this already, and in a few short hours look how much has developed and the horn has barely sounded. “Do you think there is a problem?” Well Rupert, there are more whistleblowers.  You will not be able to remove them all.  The target is you and the treasonous things you have done to humanity including controlling the information you have sworn to pass to the world at large.

For the audience, sit back and watch the fireworks.  Rupert, his son, his Board of Directors, his Executives and all of the people they have corrupted have never gone down this path before so let them make all of the statements they want about humility and not knowing . Going on record is always interesting especially if you think you have everything under control.  So, Rupert, the next time we say “Expect much more on this” pull up a seat on the curb…the parade is about to start.

As a final thought … Expect much more on this!

In Addition …

This report is also developed to update our readers on the current events involving the Global Settlements and other United States Treasury obligations.

In reference to the United States Debt problem, patriotic Americans have continued to offer solutions to the most inner circles of Washington D.C.  All leaders of the House of Representative, Senate, the Obama administration, world leaders and the G8/G20 members know that there is no reason to consider raising the US Debt ceiling.  All the US speeches and scare tactics are political positioning and nothing else.   Below is a letter delivered to the inner circle of Senators, Representatives, US Treasury and the Obama administration.  Although this letter was recently leaked to the internet without the permission of the writer, we have received permission to include it below.


This letter is simple and to the point.  As you can see the letter references the undisputed obligation that the US Treasury has to pay.   These obligations are the result of many years of criminal activities in stealing funds by the US Treasury to support and fill the pockets of the Dark Criminal Cabal, the Bushes, Clintons, Obama and many associates in hopes of controlling the world through building a New World Order.   In previous reports we have exposed the large amount of funds stolen by these thieves and deposited in financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, The Vatican Bank, Bank of Santander, and other international Banks in the Caribbean and South America.   Regardless of how the funds were stolen, the US Treasury owes these obligations.  The individuals listed in the letter have all agreed to pay US Fed Taxes upon the US Treasury paying their obligations, which will almost pay off our national debt.  These Patriots will also be investing their funds back into America and the World’s financial system to rebuild the global economies for generations to come.  These Patriots are givers and not takers.  They are very serious men with the fortitude to do what is right … by any standard.

We have explained in previous reports some of the reasons why the past and present administrations have refused to pay these obligations, the most important being their greed to fatten their personal bank accounts.  They have stolen Trillions of Dollars of funds over the last 20+ years that were intended to be invested in America.  These criminals, our elected leaders and appointed officials, are so narcissistic that they would do anything to maintain their control over America and the World.   What level of Hell is awaiting these criminals?  Fortunately, their greed and narcissistic tendencies have blinded them.

The White Hats have exposed and will continue to expose these individuals.   With the help of all the patriotic citizens and readers in the United States and the world, this Dark Cabal is coming to an end. But we can only do so much if the people of the United States and the World EXPECT CHANGE.  Then….DEMAND CHANGE … and MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE or PUT THEM OUT OF OFFICE.

Below are additional updates to the events in the last two weeks.


Falcone reports that following the notification to Price Waterhouse PLC London regarding the mismanagement by Barclays Bank of the Falcone transaction, Josef Ackermann,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of Deutsche Bank, with the clearance of the U.S. government, had two people dispatched to start following and monitoring Falcone. These actions come not as a surprise because Mr. Falcone's phones have already been tapped and there are severe consequences ahead for Mr. Ackermann, his associates, and Deutsch Bank.   Currently Mr. Falcone is acquiring the original Wikileaks tapes as filed prior to the tampering and blocking by the United States government. The original tapes contain and demonstrate incriminating information for Josef Ackermann, the C.I.A. and others. Falcone's matters are addressed in the tapes including certain information regarding payouts in CHIPS that were directed to Mr. Falcone that he never received. The original Wikileak documents and reports further collaborate and confirm the information The White Hats have reported previously.   After the review of these tapes and documents by Mr. Falcone's attorneys, additional and appropriate lawsuits will follow.


A lot of people have heard of Leo Wanta's situation over the past several years through various internet sites, which over time has confused the basic truth that the Eastern District Court of Virginia Case #1:07CV609,  by Writ of Mandamus, ordered the United States Government to pay 4.5 Trillion Dollars to Leo Wanta. Leo Wanta has agreed to pay 35% taxes to the US Treasury on the total amount owed, which equal $1.575 Trillion in Federal Taxes.   You may find it helpful to review the Wanta documents posted on our site.


Banking and Politics in the New Millennium:  Lie! Cheat! Steal! Lie some more! Consequences are for the ‘Other Guy’: A Solution to the Debt Ceiling Crisis.

Yes, economies are in free fall propped up only by lies, damn lies, and statistics.  The most precious commodity of all, the “Confidence of the ordinary person,” is being assailed daily. When that “Confidence” tips, it’s all over. When it occurs it will be swift and merciless and we will enter the Hobbsian state of nature, “nasty, brutish, and short.”  The deluded architects of the New World Order may succeed in crumbling economies but have yet to understand that lording over a decimated population who will not willingly create or contribute to society is a sour, empty “victory.”  They will spend more time in fear and in fighting than in enjoying the”good life.” What were they thinking?

In our last posting, we indicated the Dark Cabal’s world is falling apart. And it is. The US debt ceiling crisis and the corresponding likelihood of a US default will mean the evaporation of much of the ‘wealth’ these insiders think they have accumulated. The brinkmanship games on the debt ceiling have necessitated a rescue package of some sort to help soothe the Confidence jitters of the ordinary Joe. But where is it?

Well, it’s been in front of their faces for years. Release funds that have been hijacked and stolen, to their rightful owners and collect the taxes owed. Duh!

Recently, letters from Lindell H. Bonney, Sr., paymaster of the Global Settlements, have circulated to Senators and Congressmen in DC showing that the potential taxes to be collected on just a few of the “thefts in high places” would eliminate the US deficit, and much of its debt, in one fell swoop.

The amount of these thefts is staggering. It’s hard to believe there was that much money and that it could be stolen. Perhaps that is the point. Since supposedly no one would believe it, it couldn’t possibly happen. Much has already been written on Wanta’s funds elsewhere, and the White Hats have written extensively about Falcone’s funds. Today we expose another.

Take the Tropos Capital Corporation (“Tropos”) scenario, for example. In 2004, Tropos entered into a trust agreement with certain account holders at the Bank of Taiwan. Under the terms of the trust agreement, Tropos was charged with investing the capital and distributing the yield to humanitarian projects and, of course, to the beneficiaries.  The account holders had been growing their US dollars for over 60 years and it was a vast sum, over $700 Billion USD (or FRNs) and its deployment then would have averted much of the financial disasters in recent years. So what happened?

Simply put, Timothy Geithner stole the money.  Geithner was head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and when the transaction was presented to the FRBNY, he re-directed money.  What was his penalty for being caught?  Promotion to the head of the U.S. Treasury!

The Tropos matter is perhaps the clearest documented example of systemic corruption in the Federal Reserve Banking System.  A little sidebar on the mechanisms used will help underscore the seriousness of the way in which this theft occurred and its far-reaching implications.

Tropos used an ACATS (“Automated Customer Account Transfer System”) to move funds from the Bank of Taiwan to its account at Wachovia Bank (now the Wells Fargo Bank).  ACATS are point-to-point transfers of the holdings of the account “in kind”. They are regularly used, for example, to move all the holdings of a bank or brokerage account from one institution to another without selling the holdings in the account. Say you have an account at Merrill Lynch and you want to move it to Morgan Stanley or E*Trade. The account has securities and cash in it so you complete an ACATS and within a few days your old account’s cash and securities are moved intact to the new institution. ACATS are documents administered by the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation – a wholly owned subsidiary of; you guessed it, the Federal Reserve.

The rules for using ACATS are quite straightforward. To move the account holdings from point A to point B, point A must provide a (notarized) copy of the account statement proving the items to be moved “in kind” are really there. Once the ACATS is signed, the recipient institution/account is now the legal owner, holding the account in trust for the account signatory. It is supposed to be a totally secure transaction.

Because of the size of the movement of USD within the Bank of Taiwan account, Tropos gave a heads up “pre-advise” to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Copies of the executed ACATS were provided to FRBNY. And here is where the story slips into the pages of a “who-done-it” financial thriller.

Federal Reserve members went to the Bank of Taiwan and presented the photocopied ACATS themselves and took the $700Billion from the account. They secretly moved the funds through other FRB’s ‘off balance sheet’ but lent it out to banker buddies to use for their platform trading activities, generating enormous yields. Funds were never credited, settled, or paid over to Tropos, nor returned to the Bank of Taiwan account holders.

Tropos has spent much time and money trying to quietly and discreetly recover the funds because, in their opinion, if the story got out in its entirety it could freeze up and destabilize the entire global banking system. It didn’t serve their interest to draw attention to this transfer because; let’s face it, that’s a lot of money. They tried using the political systems in the US, through Senator McCain and Senator Reid and others. Bush Jr. supposedly signed an executive order to pay; Paulson stopped the payment demanding the funds be sent to Goldman Sachs instead of Wachovia, Panetta got involved somehow promising to complete the exec order, while not doing anything. In the soup de jure of dirty tricks politics, Texas funds were deployed to finance a spurious piece of litigation against Tropos’ principals alleging fraud for, get this, Tropos’ law firm taking funds from Tropos’ own trust account and using it on behalf of another client, without the knowledge of the Tropos principals.

The problem for the US banking and political system with the Tropos transaction is, of course, the ACATS paper trail and the notices served upon those whose job and purpose it is to protect the financial systems from the very thing the Fed did.  Hard core proof exists for this theft.  It wasn’t a side deal to do some off balance sheet trading program. Tropos used on balance sheet funds moving through the supposedly trustworthy transfer protocols established by the Fed and the Bank for International Settlements.

Imagine the impact on global commerce and confidence if CFO’s for international companies or finance ministers of sovereign nations grasp that none of their bank holdings and transfers are secure. Suppose GE or any corporation tried to move funds point-to-point, and the Fed stole the money enroute, what would that do to commercial activities? Can’t happen you say, but it’s occurring more and more. The thieving ways are a narcotic to the keepers of the systems. They can’t imagine settling for measly millions in bonuses, they must have more. Besides who cares if they get caught, no one will prosecute; they will pay a small fine and be done with it. Or get promoted to the U.S. Treasury.

Shortly after Obama took the POTUS office, Tropos served a registered notice on him detailing their claim. You can read it here.  Surprise! No response.

 (Tropos Request for Presidential Review - Obama June 2009)

Notices were also served upon the Federal Reserve Banks in San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, and Richmond  -- the funds had be traced through their systems with each one using it along the way – and all members of the FOMC (minus Kohn, since he already knew about it). The demand notices and Notices of Default were served upon them. No one contested, denied, or objected to Tropos’ claims except the Richmond Fed responded saying it was a problem for the FRBNY and DC.  You can read a copy of the one sent to Bernanke here

 [Bernanke-Notice of Demand Letter]

 [Bernanke FED/BOG Notice of Default July-2010]

Wait, the plot thickens.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency opened a case file on the matter but declined to provide any information on their investigation and shortly after receipt of the Tropos demands, the Comptroller quit.

[Comptroller Currency Letter Nov-6-09]

The Bureau of Public Debt was notified as they had issued public debt instruments on fraudulently obtained funds. Notice was served upon them. No response.

 [Tropos letter to Bureau of Public Debt]

Tropos took the matter to the Bank for International Settlements asking for them to compel the bank to complete the transfer under their constitutional and regulatory requirements for member banks to clear, settle, and pay over funds transferred using their system. Surprise, the Fed owns 37% of the BIS.  There was not much help there, except the BIS did write back and confirm they have no power to compel any banking transaction to complete. No kidding! Read the letters here. Effectively the BIS admitted they have no power so why would any bank care about Basel III compliance, or anything the BIS says?
  1. Tropos to BIS Letter Nov-2-2010
  2. BIS Response to Tropos Letters Dated Nov-2-and-Oct-31 2010
  3. Tropos Response Nov-22 BIS Letter
The Tropos matter gained traction at the G8/G20 summits, when countries and finance ministers realized there were potentially massive amounts of on balance sheet cash that could be released for investment and infrastructure projects. In the Canada G20 meetings, Obama was frequently asked about Tropos and told everyone that Tropos had been paid. He lied.  No surprise there.  In the Seoul G20, the Tropos matter conversations resulted in no concerted agreement by the countries because by now the credibility of the US was beyond severely damaged. Many of those had read the Tropos letters to POTUS, the Fed and BIS with absolute incredulity.

What’s worse is that it became apparent the US Fed had ‘played’ the Chinese against each other, Taiwan against PROC, when the Tropos funds moved, by making it seem that the Taiwanese had cheated the PROC (Bank of Taiwan is a subsidiary of the Central Bank of China). Does anyone know it’s not a good idea to make the Chinese lose face publicly, if ever?  What a way, to make friends with the largest Debt Holder of Treasuries?

Despite their sworn duties to their offices, none of the parties contacted by Tropos have acted publicly. Certainly an Interpol investigation into the wire fraud and financial fraud actions would yield an interesting outcome. Tropos recently wrote to Christine Lagarde, as G20 finance minister asking her to help resolve the issue, and pointed out this pervasive illegal behavior.

[Letter to G20 Finance President, Christine Lagarde, March-09-2011]

Perhaps the US support for her bid to head the IMF had something to do with her lack of response.

The crazy thing about stealing is that it so complicates life. The Tropos yield funds can’t legally appear on balance sheet, unless they are paid to Tropos, if anyone is concerned about legality. But it’s not a far reach for the Administration and the Senate/Congress to settle the matter with Tropos now, or with the other thefts mentioned; put the funds and yield on balance sheet as taxable gains, and get sufficient funds into US coffers by way of tax payments to avoid the default on the debt ceiling. Ergo no tax increases and no spending cuts (not that we think that’s a good idea). They could make a simple admission of ‘administrative error,’ or some other bogus explanation and release the funds.  That way, they could be “transparent” and be “heroes” for negotiating a good deal for the US.

So, why does the Administration pretend to have debt ceiling problems when they can simply pay what has been stolen and collect taxes on the gain? Perhaps it is the insane desire of these thieves to keep what they can never spend freely, so that more crushing debt burdens can be placed on a beleaguered populace, so that they can rob them again, so they can have more screen digits they cannot spend freely. If so, then the strategy is exposed and the people can do something about it. You decide.

Dare we say “Expect much more on this”.


  1. Abankalypse Now! usual, your report is always helpful in sifting through the day's mayhem. All of your effort is much appreciated. I, like you, feel as though it is time to find a seat and hang on! The curtain is lifting...

  2. Thank you for the Truth and your work and your heart. Many Blessings to you and your families. The Good will prevail this time.

  3. So when will these crooks actually get arrested ???? It sure seems like a lot of talk but no action. Whatever action is taking place just seems soooo slow! I would like to go to a rally geared toward booting these thieves out of Washington just tell me when...But where are the thousands that will accompany me? When are we going to really do something about it?? Not just the White Hats but the American People!!

  4. Lets pray and act!!!
    I am passing it to all my contacts.

    Please let us know what else we must do!
    Thanks for your work.

    I always believe that Daniel 11:32 has to be fulfilled by the people who knows His Father...

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    Magicans can only work their magic when you're looking at their right hand while their left hand is working the trick! Beware because the unseen hand will give you false targets to distract you!

  7. Its perfect timing now with the probity of all Washington Sewer rats being questioned, to email or fax copies of White Hats Report 10 to all the Washington, New York and Texan newspapers, asking when the bribery and theft allegations outlined there by names and amounts will be long overdue investigated by them in the Public interest? Probity! We all need to mass demand it.

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  9. Any American wishing to exit the Fed Reserve ponzi scheme can do so right now with a restricted endorsement backside of your paycheck. The remedy from central banking is written into the Fed Reserve Act and codified at Title 12 §411 "..they may be redeemed in lawful money on demand.." Watch "my second video" here for explanation:

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