Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011 – The White Hats Report #18

Soros, Obama and the rest of the cabal about to be Trumped?

Soros – Bretton Woods Conference

George Soros is holding his international conference this weekend, April 8th to April 11th at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.  Of the many who were invited none of the true US and World Financial Experts will be attending.    Bretton Woods is the historic site of the 1944 conference, which established the post-World War II international financial system.   Soros is spending $50 million dollars at Bretton Woods to bring together up to 200 academic, business and government policy leaders (some from outside the US) to introduce to his Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET).  This meeting was not recognized by the original Bretton Woods Council.  Soros' goal in association with a concurrent meeting of the Tri-Lateral Commission, in DC this weekend, is to dismantle our economy, dismiss the head of our current banks and create a new global financial system sabotaging our US currency.

The attendees at this conference include three members of the Rothschild family along with their primary banker, four members of the British parliament, Paul Volcker, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, David Dewhurst, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and some World Bank executives. 

Could Donald Trump expose Soros’ and Obama's most resent Systematic Corruption to Americans?

Soros-Obama have signed a $2 Billion loan to a Brazilian Oil Exploration company, the world’s 8th largest, to explore off the Brazilian coast.   What gives Obama the authority to make such a deal for America or himself?  The entire production of this venture is destined exclusively for China!   We get NOTHING!  Who is the largest Shareholder in this Brazilian company?   George Soros, a major financial backer to Barry Soetoro (aka) Obama.   How much money is Obama personally receiving from this deal? 

Obama has many problems to explain which could affect his reelection campaign as well as Mitt Romney's.   Romney has a real Achilles heel.     His associations with Michael Herzog, Bush Senior, the CIA and many others in the theft of Edward Falcone's funds will be impossible to hide and impossible to explain.  Romney faces probable indictment, which could bring him and all his sordid team down. 

With Donald Trump's new investigations proceeding into Obama's citizenship issue, will this, in one fell swoop, remove Bush Senior’s powerful grip over Obama by diminishing the affect of his holding the certified copy of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate?  What will happen when Trump starts investigating and tracking Obama's offshore bank accounts?  What will happen when Trump starts investigating Mitt Romney's Achilles Heel?  In one combined sweep, Trump could take out both contestants and begin cleaning up America!

This will be a bad month for Obama, Soros, Romney and Bush if such truth comes out.   Exposure is their greatest fear.  Make your voices heard!

As further details emerge of the attempted hijacking of the US financial system over the weekend, we will report them when they become available. 


  1. Trump is requesting any information regarding Obama and others to:

    Mr. Michael D. Cohen, Executive Vice President
    and Special Counsel
    The Trump Organization
    725 Fifth Avenue
    New York, NY 10022

  2. I'm reading a looot of stuff here which is almost impossible to verify. Couldn't anyone just type up some documents saying 'oh yeah obama received 2 billion dollars'.
    Who in the world would even have the authority to demand he show his financial records? Are you guys a bunch of hackers or something?
    It could be that you have 'high level' sources, or it could be you're making everything up. At any rate, I suppose you could mail everything you've got to Trump and see if he'll bite

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  4. No word for weeks. What is going on?

  5. I don't know. Either there is nothing going on or there is something getting ready to happen. I'd sure like some word as to what's happening.

  6. Do you guys have a source for the claim that Mitt Romney was there? Would love to take a look. Thanks!

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  8. I would like to know if Romney was involved he should have silenced his wife's mouth about his mental status and he HAD to know he was being taped in regards to that 47% baloney I had a very interesting comment under a video and I just found it gone. It questioned many things