Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011 - The White Hats Report #13


The importance of this short update is to explain what has taken place over the last two weeks.  As indicated in our last report we have continued to collect the last 40% of  detailed information on where all the parties have moved their stolen funds including names, dates, account numbers, and banks involved in these illegal activities.  This is not a simple task and has taken time.   All the information collected has now been submitted to certain Congressional Members for examination, pending a full Congressional Inquiry.   We have been asked by these authorities to give them a short period of time to absorb and investigate this new information.  Out of respect we will honor their request for a short period of time, but we will continue to watch them closely.  

Below we provide some facts not previously reported, which will lead you to their criminal collusion.  Some of the names may not seem significant, but are individuals and agents who do not want to be exposed, but have chosen to associate themselves with Bush Senior.

In September, 2010, prior to the November elections, Edward Falcone was contacted by Don Nevins, brother of C.I.A. agent David Dewhurst.   The contact was made on behalf of George Bush Sr. and the C.I.A. to consummate a settlement with Falcone.    The settlement was agreed to by all party’s.   A key point of the agreement was that Edward Falcone was asked to back off and not pursue exposing Joe Biden's 200 million dollar payoff by George Bush Senior for helping to block the release of Falcone’s settlement funds.   This was a very critical issue, particularly in light of the upcoming election.   As we previously reported, Bush Senior sent a government sponsored team to Germany to meet with Michael Herzog.    Falcone was later informed the purpose of this trip was that Herzog, in conjunction with the Millennium Group, West Palm Beach, Florida,  (Former C.I.A. operatives) to block the settlement transfer.   Bush Senior's team of agents then went on to Asia and the Caribbean to cover up bank accounts for Bush Senior, Joe Biden and others.   Don Nevins sent three letters to George Bush Senior, delivered to his assistant Jim Albey, stressing Falcones discontent and delay in consummating their agreement.  Falcone was constantly told everything was in order, but there is just a delay.   In November, after the elections Falcone started back up in exposing the criminals due to non performance of the agreement.

We must also communicate that as of today, the Supreme Court has not responded, communicated, or taken any action in reference to the five letters delivered to each Supreme Court Justice.

We will continue to report information at the proper time.   We know that everyone understands the importance of patience, truth in our mission and commitment to expose these criminal activities.  We have the support of thousands of individuals and  we are working with honest government officials that are determined to bring these criminals to justice.


  1. Perhaps a silly comment to make, but just imagine if this story broke first on Al Jazera or RT and not in the American Press. Hopefully, it would be a nail in the coffin of America's contrived, propagandist 4th estate.

  2. So,,, First of all, We are with the White Hats,,, and second of all,,,,,Let's see the rest of the OFF SHORE accounts,, and let's see the US sUPREME cOURT jUSTICES ""PAID TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY ACCOUNTS"". The One question I have is,,,??? How do we go about "IMPEACHING" SCOTUS?? MAYBE WE NEED SOME HELP, SAY FROM OUR ALLY'S???? OR DO WE TAKE UP ARMS, AND FOLLOW THE WHITE HATS???

  3. The corruption runs so deep , worse than any cancer . the days of noble endowments from our forefathers era are long forgotten by those in power now . for they have never trodden in the steps of those men for those today have neither the character nor the fortitude to embark on a cause for a nation and a peope whom have entrusted them with the reins of power .

    for they have become robber barons , plundering and pilfering a nation until there will be nothing left but ashes , for they can not see into the future as they are blinded by greed and have become legends of power in their own minds . a sad day for our nation as one. for it is our children whom will suffer.

    as we the people are blinded also by their lies, for we are fed from the trough of deception that resides within our media and we cry out to believe in the truth but are fed lies .

    as a people are voices cry out to be heard
    let us not forget what so many have sacrificed
    for .

  4. Clear and concise. Where is Congressmen Issa on this? Where are the MSM protecting Americans rights? How does Ed Falcone get justice and paid?

  5. Hop on the band wagon for a voluntary, deliverable gold standard. We need to quit using their fiat money. Here's how... Obama is on notice here:

    Obama 30 Days to Reply - Notice

    Public Notice

    The web site:

    Global Settlement Foundation

  6. I would like to see a list of EVERY CIA agent the public is paying to run around the country hiding and transferring Bush Sr's money. Having their names in LIGHTS is the ONLY way to EXPOSE them. If they think they'll never be named, they will continue.

    I don't think ISSA or congress will address this. Surely you know some sharpshooters smarter than the CIA! Why should the people of the world sit by while our good leaders are murdered right and left, and the scum of the earth continues like an energizer bunny? If all Americans are too chicken, hire somebody overseas with GUTS who hasn't been brainwashed. Need some contributions for the purpose?

  7. Let's get down to buisness. EXPOSE SCOTUS You said the list of OFF SHORE ACCOUNTS was only a partial list. Show America the rest of the list. What does 60% + the last 40% show? 100% has been gathered and sent to certain people and SCOTUS so they could once more back an ILLEGAL USURPER and laugh in the face of Americans who uphold our Constitution. They have shown us with that move that WE THE PEOPLE need to concentrate on removing the Supreme Court Justices who have lost their complete credibilty, along with continuing to remove THE ILLEGAL USURPER. It all "seems" futile, that is what they want, for us to give up. This is something we must never do, no matter what. Stand your ground, Keep your White Hats on, and be ready, because we have only just begun.

  8. Have you sent this info to Lamar Smith? If so what is his response? I called his office to inquire but they would not respond.

  9. If the last 2 members of SCOTUS were appointed to jobs for life, by an illegal,how can we remove them when we cant even get an Illegal out of the Oval Office? If all of Congress and the Senate, are on the gravy train from the United States Corporation, we are dupes of the system. Ponzi pawns. Read the many files on Google under the Bush Crime Family. Everyone appointed is tainted and owned. Egypt and Libya acted faced with what we have now. We are fat and welfare fed. Only when the welfare checks stop will Bubba wake up. The entire top system is a slop trough for the boys.

  10. Just a comment, JUDGE JOHN ROLL , the Judge shot to death in Arizona, which hardly got but a few seconds press time, had just ruled against Obama in a Federal Court only 72 hours B4 he was assasinated in Arizona, according to a Russian release, This news was convienently overlooked. His protection had been removed. The Judges of America are watching for bullets,,, and the SCOTUS knows they would be targets also( dead ) if they speak up. It is interesting that they are not afraid of 308,000,000 people who believe in the LAW OF THE LAND, AND find their last "DENIAL, WITH NO COMMENT ON HOLLISTER " to be MORE THAN UNACCEPTABLE even to some of our TRUE allies,,,,who are also watching them. SCOTUS must be ashamed of themselves, while counting their Billions, knowing (more like hoping) they will not cross the "FAKE" pretend prez, and walk out one day and get caught in the crosshairs.

  11. Dear White Hats,

    Is this the David Dewhurst who is an elected official in Texas?

    That's another good reason to get out of this states

  12. Anonymous just re David Dewhurst.
    Well spotted,
    Yes, it is the Lt.Governor who is planning to run as a Senator. Another ex CIA spook to be slotted into the system to ensure the peasants are kept in line and stop your freedom in its tracks. The Agency controls the system and you.Its all rotten from the top down. This is the guy who helped steal Falcones money for Sr. The problem is he picked the wrong guy.All the details with scary records are now going in his face. He thinks hes heading for the Senate.We think he's heading for Jail! Sr will serve him up as a Patsy. Just like the Clinton's did with their scandals. Read the Bush Crime Family blogs on Google.Truth is damning. Well spotted.

  13. I don't care much for the CIA. They tried to blow up my Cadillac with me in it and only the device under the hood ignited. The one on the fuel tank did not or I would not be here.

    I am familiar with Mr. Dewhurst as he is attempting to implement all of the repressive DHS measures here in Texas.He is a Bohemian Grove kind of guy and refers to himself as a "George Bush Republican" presumably Sr. since Jr. is an immature,simpering,sadistic alcoholic.

    Dewhurst himself has a lot of superficial charm, a lot like Obama (Also a CIA asset) but does not let his guard down,at least not when I've seen him.

    Here are links about him you will find interesting,for those of you who don't know him.





    http://www.texastribune.org/directory/david-dewhurst/ (FINANCIAL STATEMENTS HERE - PROBABLY DOCTORED)

    He also has a Twitter account under his real name.

    I don't see him very often because there is something about him that I find unnerving.

    I believe he had something to do with Senator Hutchison retiring.

    Noticed quite a few crooks in the U.S. House & Senate retiring which is a good thing. I think the White Hats had something to do with it.

    I hope that the entire Bush-Clinton gangster cabal will get what's coming to them for stealing from an honorable,hard-working businessman like Mr. Falcone then disrespecting him by not at least returning the principal,much less interest accrued.

    It is difficult to watch that pie-faced Pants Suits trying to steal all of the assets of the Middle East leadersshe helped o overthrow.

    We shall see,shan't we.

    We don't need Dewhurst in the Senate! On this, I believe we can all agree.

    Male può venire a quelli che fanno le cose male!

  14. Bush crime family is backing Romney,Gingrich & Huntsman. I've done a background check on Jon Huntsman Jr. & you might as well be putting George W. Bush back in office.

    Here is this sub-par individual, through his father's money, being appointed Ambassador to China,where he tries to encourage a Jasmine Revolution while wearing a James Bond style black leather jacket,cinema-type sunglasses for that incognito look -- an Anglo guy among many CHINESE and he thinks he won't be noticed. China's secret police got him on video almost as soon as he showed up even if his Chinese is perfect. What an idiot. Blew his CIA cover quite nicely. Kept dropping out of school to be a keyboard playing Rock Star and probably has done the drugs to go with it.

    Jon Huntsman Sr. made one hell of a lot of money.I wonder how he did it. Has quite an international empire too which could be used as cover for CIA operations rather nicely. I almost wish Sr. would run for President himself --sarcastically mentioned.

    Why can't we get a real person for President instead of some inbred, spoiled elitist Anglo-American BRAT??

    We have had the same lousy anti-business Agenda since Woodrow Wilson through Reagan ( who was nearly assassinated by the Bush cabal)then Bush Sr. played it forward starting in 1989. He has never left office.

    I have heard that Israeli banks have reported a lot of activity but could not get the details.For sure there is joy in UK thanks to all the illegally seized accounts of the overthrown leaders in the Middle East.

    Peace, out.

  15. As just normal readers tracking the White hats articles weekly, we empathize with most of your views. The one sided battles against the combined forces of The United States Corporation are hard if your the innocent victims.
    Just an idea, what if we, as readers try to unite our voices to just try to get an odd win for our side. The good guys for once. Watching the Dewhurst scenario evolve in Texas is an opportunity. David against Goliath. Ed Falcone clearly worked a lifetime building up his assets and invested in trust as a Patriot. They stole it. If we all spend just 10 minutes of our time we may make a dent on the system because exposure is their worst fear. Lets fax a message via Dewhurst's Pa Ellen Gutierrez on 512 463 0677 asking why is this Falcone deal not being settled and how is Texas involved? Send him a copy asking have you seen this breaking? Ask what's coming next? Phone his campaign team on 512 236 9798. Fax his campaign team on 512 235 9797. Or email campaign@teamdewhurst.com
    This will get us heard and get one of our own dealt with fairly. Winning one back is a step for us all. We don't pre judge or insinuate anything. Just ask the question. A bell for justice? We did something good today? They are paid to be helping us, not helping themselves. Is this probity for the Senate? A few calls from us all can make a big difference. Time we won one back.

  16. In what way was Mr. Falcone's money/investment stolen?

    "Ed Falcone clearly worked a lifetime building up his assets and invested in trust as a Patriot. THEY STOLE IT."

  17. Harveydawabbit
    Read the files and watch the videos as we do on this site. It's good and gives full info.

  18. I just read "20 Turns" on Stand up America site, Talking about a "clean sweep" up on Capital Hill. Included in this booklet type letter is a list ( not complete yet ) on the Criminal Charges against Our Usurper in Chief, by Retired Army Maj. General Paul Vallely. About how we need to Unite.

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  21. Anon(last) and Anon(2ndlast)

    Whether any of what you have posted is true or not is entirely irrelevant to the fact that a private bank account belonging to a private individual was unlawfully seized and pillaged by criminal, abuse of public Trust and office, and racketeer-influenced collusion at its most egregious.

    This brand of thuggery should be shut-down, harshly and swiftly. The very idea that the victim is on trial is repugnant to all sensibilities and reason.

  22. Lisa Wells Fargo/brokerage did the same to me by telling me I could not sell stock that I BOUGHT.(cash account)They told me I did not own that stock. I asked if I dont own it why is it in my account and why did you send me documents through the mail (mail fraud)documenting my purchase? $ 154,000.00 Stolen!!

  23. This is wrong on so many levels. If I had my way, these greed-diseased, parasitical heathens would be sentenced the first time to the full extent of the law and the second time for violating the public trust and dishonoring their oath and office.

    Holding public office should be an honor but these worthless leeches have turned American politics into such a depraved, cesspool that the good people of this country want nothing to do with it; you couldn't force them to associate with these criminals. They're a complete disgrace!

  24. Hey,, Yeah,, I can see the opposition has been riled,,, just as we anticipated. Hmmm??? So GLAD YOU MADE YOUR APPEARANCE.

  25. So many accounts,stories,contradictions,beLIEve-ing,chronos-anthroposmorphological sentient life forms oblivious of the their -phisik-
    No nothing not even tninking.

    By the One that Knows.

  26. If it makes you feel better; believe whatever you need to.

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  28. We have been attacked by a BLACK HAT. Since no one is going to spill "their" background ( which the same exact words, word for word has been used on many sites now, I suspect the obama has sent out the same obamamania report for all the obots to use everywhere at the same time ) We still have a mission to accomplish. The best thing to do is ignore the obots, and obamatards, since it is in their general job description to try to upset the good people of this United States as a distraction to the real problem at hand, that we have been USURPED, and we are systematically being ripped off, and our freedoms being removed one at a time. AND AMERICA KNOWS IT. The obots don't like it very well, do they?? Ed Ficones personnel problems don't negate the fact, his money was stolen, and distributed among Our Capitl Hill theives, and usuper, and his Czars. I read Congressman Issa has begun a congressional hearing, and (Retired) General Vally, has report on his site, SUA stand up America US. Also, The States are now doing AMERICAN JURYS in which the people have control over the 4th Branch of the Government. Check some of these out.

  29. w00t!! AWESOME!!! Trial by an American Jury/Investigation by Grand Jury will be an immediate end to this perversion!!!

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  32. You misunderstood, but that's okay. I said We have been attacked by a BLACK HAT, meaning someone has entered the conversation to disrupt it. I appreciate your comment, but my hat is white. White Hat- good guy, black hat, bad guy. Didn't you watch cowboys and Indians??

  33. Disclaimer: We encourage all comments and feedback on our articles as we value free speech and everyone's right to express themselves. We also will not tolerate abusive language, threats or other behavior that could be considered unlawful. Anything to the contrary will be deleted.

  34. Hey Art And Ed... I`m on to ya. Still up to the same old pranks I see. How`s the cemetery business by the way. I guess your still laughing about those 2 old widows.

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  36. The White Hats just revealed who they are in this statement: ``We must also communicate that as of today, the Supreme Court has not responded, communicated, or taken any action in reference to the five letters delivered to each Supreme Court Justice.``
    The letters they provided are allegedly written by Ed Falcone himself so that would mean that Ed and Art Falcone are behind this website.
    None of the letters written to the Supreme court are written by a lawyer either and none of the letters are sent by registered mail. Ask yourself why the letters were not written by Falcones Lawyer when Ed apparently has all this money.

  37. Ed Falcone was also sued at least 4 times for 50 million dollars for his last failed real estate venture and claims he is not worth more than 200 million dollars. A good source close to me also tells me that Ed and Art are in the cemetery business after their real estate empire crumbled at least 5 years ago.
    If any of this is true then I`m sure the IRS would be interested in Auditing Ed Falcone and his brother Art as to where they got this money.
    Even their father in Law of whom Art and Ed stole a lot of money from does not have this kind of money. Art and Ed claimed they owned some McDonald franchises when they were only managers there and the assets were owned by their father in law.

  38. The Falcones had to move to Florida after they were caught by Ed's father in law stealing money from the McDonald's Mr Mazza owned. The Falcone family today still rudely brags about stealing"ALL THAT CASH" from his wifes father. The Thomas family(WENDy"S)has not one word to say kindly about them. Art & Ed lied about owning McDonAld's in NY. They were just the managers for Mazza. Dave put up the reconstruction $ to improve Wendy's & Art & Ed stole it. Just like they stole the $ from the ghetto priject.
    There is a long list of swindles perpetrated by Art and ED. Art & Edward Falcone hire public relation companies to write fraudulent stories about their success. They opened and closed over 250 phony LLC's and 7 bank accounts in 1 year because of writing bad checks & bankrupting companies. There is not 1 person that respects Art or Ed Falcone after a dealing of any sorts. Their lies are lies.
    I can go on and on about this

  39. Ed Falcone has Bipolar disorder which is a psychiatric diagnosis that can lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations.
    I find it appalling that anyone would stoop to such a low level as this as to prey on the delusions and hallucinations of a mentally ill person to achieve a political objective.
    Using the delusions of a mentally ill person as evidence is cheesy and lacks any kind of credibility whatsoever.
    How low can you go?
    Shame on you!

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