Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011 - The White Hats Report #11


February 14, 2011 - White Hats Report #11

As of 19:30 Hrs.  We  received an internal updated report. 
  • President Obama has stepped back from preventing the release to repay investors funds including Falcone,  but has not manned up as a President should to order it paid.
  • Bush Junior today has momentarily backed out of standing in the way,  but Bush Senior has now butted back in to the level that Junior was, creating a delay today on the release of the funds.
  • At this time a majority of the Bush's funds have been  moved out of the Vatican Bank to England and Asia.  President Obama has moved all his funds from the Vatican Bank and Bank of Santander, Spain to bank accounts we will not disclose in this report.
President Obama needs to become presidential  and order the release to repay investors funds including Falcone, and not let any previous President or political figures stand in his way.

February 13, 2011 - The White Hats Report #11  –  Corruption at the highest levels continue, Obama takes his turn in preventing settlements.

Since our last report one week ago, which continued to reveal incriminating information of fraud, corruption, theft, bribery , tax evasion... etc. by Obama, the Bush and Clinton families, and associates supplied directly to each Supreme Court Justice of the United States, several things have happened.   We have included another letter, again delivered to each Supreme Court Justice this past week that included further updated information to the Court and Congress.   It must be understood, if the Supreme Court does take the appropriate actions, the information supplied to the Court will at the very least, make each Supreme Court Justice aware and liable to the American People for the information they were supplied.  Here is a bullet point of this week’s events.

  • Our White Hat report #10 posted on February 7th, 2011 went global in only a matter of hours.  
  • President Obama, the Bush family and other government officials continued to move funds out of the Vatican Bank.  The funds have moved to London and Asia.  We are continuing to monitor every move made by the cabal.  
  • The Supreme Court has still failed to act on the information supplied.  We continue to be informed that they want to postpone any action, hoping settlements will be paid and the situation will go away so they will not have to fulfill their responsibility to the American people. 
  • Speaker of the House John Boehner has refused to denounce Obama detractors on the Birther issue.
  • The Falcone letter Dated February 8th was delivered to each Supreme Court Justice. Click on the link below or see the third letter located right hand side of this site.  
  • Part of Congress has started to collect information preparing for an investigation.  We need them to move faster.  If they were to invite us to participate, the case would be closed.  How about it Congressman Issa?
  • As a result of the continual exposure to the world of his criminal activities by mid-week, intelligence reported that Bush Sr. verbally indicated to release the funds for Wednesday and Thursday distribution (See bullet point below in reference to Bush Jr.)   By mid week the world banking system moved more funds, started to prepare to repay investors funds including Falcone, and complete the promised Global Settlements.   A deal was communicated to appropriate parties that everything would be completed by the end of business day Friday 11th.
  • Intelligence reported Friday 3:00pm that Obama stopped the distributions.   In addition to Obama, Bush Jr. also took actions to stop the distribution.  It was reported that Obama was 90% and Bush Jr. was 10% responsible for stopping the payment of investor’s funds and the Global settlements.  Once Obama was informed that Bush Sr gave his ok for the release of payment, Obama stepped in and stopped everything.     The prevention of investor’s repayment or Global Settlements is being accomplished through the US Treasury Department.   As indicated in our last report, Timothy Geithner has also taken funds along with other officials.    The US treasury is illegally assisting in preventing the distribution of these funds.    Remember, Obama was bribed $2,000,000,000 dollars for his cooperation.   
  • It was also discovered mid-week that there was an attempt to steal, in part, some of Wanta's funds that were already positioned for distribution.   Fortunately, this theft and activity was prevented.  We are watching and monitoring all these accounts.
We have waited through Saturday to see if any further activity was going to take place in reference to any investor repayment and Global Settlements, but nothing is scheduled for early week as of noon Sunday, February 13th.   

It is important that the world understands who Obama really is.  What is the real truth about Obama?  All his activities must be investigated.  Obama needs to explain to Congress his vast personal accumulation of funds recently moved from both the Vatican Bank and Bank Santander, as he and the Bush family seek to avoid detection and exposure. 

Obama had close ties with the Giannoulias family commencing when he first began his political career as an Illinois State Senator. Obama and Alexi Giannoulias met in the late 90’s at the East Bank Club in Chicago. Giannoulias expanded his roles within the Broadway Bank, which Obama selected to keep most of his Senatorial campaign funds.   In April 2010, Federal regulators shut down the Broadway Bank.  Congressman Darrell Issa has hinted at the possibility of the need to investigate the missing hundreds of millions from the Broadway Bank and its outreach into the White House.


Obama was further cross involved with Tony Rezko, a Syrian born felon convicted of fraud and bribery, clearly well suited for Washington.  Rezko helped fund and ran Obama's campaign in 1995.  Rezko helped facilitate the purchase of Obama’s home in Kentwood for $1.65m, against which he was availed of a significant discount on the mortgage. Chicago rules?

The Obama and Jarrett relationship and conduct with the former Governor Rod Blagojevich has been well publicized.     Valerie Jarrett was part of the manipulative Chicago (insiders?)set, being well-schooled in the Windy City rules and practices, hence, brought in as a White House enforcer.  She affects almost complete authoritarian control now on White House policies and affairs of state, unelected and with her own often mercurial agendas.
We can also confirm that in addition to all the information others have supplied to the Supreme Court, each Supreme Court Justice has viewed a You Tube video by Wayne Madsen, a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist.


We only report the fact that each Supreme Court Justice received copies of this video.   Intelligence has also reported that Obama is worried and is doing everything possible to shut down this video.  We have no further comment, and leave it to the video’s producer to support his claims.

Every form of media restraint is exercised in reference to the Truth.  Truth is suppressed.  The media is bought, purchased, intimidated and scared to report the truth or take an opposite position to the Administration.  We must all do whatever we can to pass these truths on.  

We now have an acting President, an illegal immigrant, who carried a Foreign Student Visa, and acquired his own American passport by a false declaration.  There is only proof of his ineligibility to serve as the US President by Law.   The fraudulent vetting and security to validate his citizenship has been alarming.  Bush Sr. has lost no opportunity to enforce his will for Obama to acquiesce to Bush family demands, against which Obama now is visibly enriching himself conspiring with the Bush’s and the collective associates, using his Chicago rules to silence dissent, and maximize the asset stripping of the country.  Indeed, this low caliber Manchurian Candidate was well selected and groomed for just that purpose.

Congress must speed up and announce a wide and sweeping corruption inquiry, which can cross encompass the Bush, Clinton and Obama regimes, and request a global search for all such illegal proceeds of crime stolen under their stewardship in office.  Congress must demand an answer from the Supreme Court relating to the clear judgment on this illegal fraudster.   Let the Political establishment effect the solution based on the rule of law.

Look at the groundswell of opinion and views of so many of our readers. The White Hats reports have now recorded logs from multiple tracking sites, and will soon be in the millions.  Truth is on the march here and will only gain momentum. Congressional Freshmen are following us for Leadership.    World Leaders are recorded as tracking us with each release. Truth will not be suppressed. 

Why is Obama still ordering the Settlements to be withheld?  How much money in addition to the $2,000,000,000 dollars has he personally now accrued from his own questionable conduct, abuse of office as a fraudulent illegal immigrant who has evaded the vetting system checks and made fools of the Democratic Party?   Who will start a global investigation of his banking, his wife and family?   Why has he not acted on Biden having been told by parties of substance that Biden has been bribed and witnesses attest to it?  Biden is dirty. 

The sheer scale of crimes perpetrated by this stagger credibility that so much has been suppressed.    So many deaths, drug money laundering, bribery and corruption, it’s off the Richter scale.  But all open to investigation. For America to go forward now, it has to deal with and heal its past.

Congressman Issa, you promised so much.


Finally, see that attached letter from Falcone to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.


  1. I don't understand the significance of these global settlements, on the other hand Mr. Falcone I understand he wants his money back. I am very similar to Mr. Falcone because I too have been robbed through my brokerage firm wells trade. While the money taken from me is considerably less than Mr. Falcone I have spent the the past 4 years writing to Senator Cantwell to help me with this issue. My first attempt was to submit my complaint to the department of financial institutes securities division of Washington state. A woman by the name of Bridgett Fisher was assigned to my case. After 6-7 months of sitting on my complaint I recieved a letter from Ms. Fisher telling me it isn't the job of her department to pursue claims such as mine. Well to make a long story a bit shorter I contacted every agency I could think of and got stone walled at every turn.So in this sense I feel Mr. Falcones pain. I truly hope he gets his money back 10 fold. The article itself is eye opening. How do you guys know about these accounts and how do you monitor them? Because of my "loss of money" I have enrolled in a computer forensics course so I can perhaps get my own answers since our government officials wont help. I have every e-mail saved and a huge data base of articles sec documents and other related stuff saved. There are two parts of your article I am aware of and that is the rezko connection and the bank oslobba used when he was a senator.That just means I have read about them prior to your article. Great job guys keep up the good work.


  2. The White Hats reports have become the new and only reliable voice of truth and enlightenment for Global viewers. The Military backed criminal Oligarchy running America have neutered all media opposition, extending it to associate First World countries also. We note the reasoned quality of response now being attracted, from intelligent opinion shapers. Also the challenges to Congress to uphold its constitutional obligations. A new Speaker, himself with alleged Vatican Bank associations, raises questions of probity. The intimated protest march on Washington on March 6th augers well for a new emergent America. Egypt disintegrated under focused pressure and dissent. Nothing less will be needed to remove the criminal Kleptocracy fueling never ending wars and disenfranchising Americas freedom. Obamagate will expose the hidden Puppeteers. All parties need to watch the indicated Obama Chicago network video and ask the obvious questions. Freedom has to be taken back. American Patriots investing in their country deserve their funds back. A Congressional Inquiry with no holds barred must be the primary objective for Darrel Issa this year. Expose them and indict them. Egypt is going after Mubaraks funds and Switzerland has already frozen them there. All associates of the Bush /Clinton Crime/families need full investigation and every dollar repatriated. Jobs for the people, not jobs for the boys! Will Issa rise to the challenge and call? No doubt the Cabal inducements will start, if not already. DC is dirty. When will these reprobates help the people instead of using privileged power to help themselves. How does Obama justify his accounts? When will Congress audit him? Congressman Issa was attributed to have stated he believed Omana was one of the most corrupt Presidents of the last century. Obtaining power by electoral Fraud is not a bad start.

  3. when it comes to holding them accountable the ones without hair ill hold over my head with ice tongs...

  4. This is a fraud that goes all the way back to Lincoln's tyrannical, Presidency. That was our last lawfully seated congress, so I have little to no faith in congress' ability to investigate anything.

    In fact, every single aspect of what is thought of as 'government' is actually listed as a For-Profit, corporation (makes you wonder who the shareholders are, then again the treasonous 1945 Treaty with the UN makes me think it's the unelected, parasitic-elitists). According to the Clearfield Doctrine this incorporated status means they have no more lawful authority than the 'fry-guy' at McDonald's and are in no position to 'legislate' or 'investigate' a damn thing. I pray they face a Grand Jury as is promised by the organic Constitution for the united states of America!

  5. Lisa , What do you mean by ......"This is a fraud that goes all the way back to Lincoln's tyrannical, Presidency."

    What was tyrannical about Lincoln's Presidency?

  6. Everything! Seriously, grab a copy of The Real Lincoln from the library or go to the King Lincoln Archive:

    . . . whichever, but by all means read about this tyrant, Lincoln, and his arbitrary arrests, suspension of habeas corpus, imprisoning of tens of thousands of Northern civilians without due process just for verbally opposing him, his shutting down of hundreds of opposition newspapers, he even deported an opposing member of Congress! His confiscation of private property, his intimidation tactics and threatening to imprison federal judges, invoking military conscription, income tax, his ordering the murder of hundreds of draft protesters in the streets of New York! This man should be despised and exposed for the bloody dictator that he was! Everything that he did makes so much more sense when you realize that Mary Todd came from a fabulously wealthy banking family but that's not the point, the point is from the minute the Federal Department of Education took over the truth has been well hidden.

    As a population, we Americans, of all people, should know better than to ever settle for the government allotment of anything! Especially something as important as education.

  7. Again, it takes the White Hats to get a perspective of truth out even on Lincoln. In an era of historical obfuscation, corruption and media misinformation, well done Lisa for your prompt and enlightening response to harveydewabbit. Hopefully now a happy bunny?

  8. LOL - Yes, quite happy! It's not often I have the chance to talk about Lincoln. Thank you for the kudos.

  9. Lisa. It could be worse if your re incarnated as a Bush or Clinton woman. Bunny Boilers!

  10. If that were the case there would be quite a few of those 'men' being cracked-upside the head and being sent to make things right and apologize.

  11. Lisa I was taken aback a bit as I have never heard this side of the Lincoln argument.I have read a total of one article since your post and it appeared to be pro lincoln but I still don't know what to think about it. I have some very old books that are the history of the United States. Mid 1800's I guess I need to dust them off and see what they have to say.
    I do want to say that I am completely against anything obama, the freak isn't eligible to hold the office of the POTUS, with that said there are millions of others who would disagree with me.In like manner there are two camps with the Lincoln debate.Pro and Con.I'll read some more about it to see which camp I am in.

  12. Regardless of which camp, the end result is that the Republic was destroyed and the 13th and 14th Amendments were tacked on [they were never lawfully ratified] to the Constitution.

    Teachers everywhere will tell you that the 13th & 14th are the 'reconstruction' acts but what they don't tell you is that it reconstructs citizenship by making everyone a citizen of Washington DC. Specifically the 10 square miles where the Constitution allows congress to legislate without the restrictions of the enumerated powers.

    Doing this completely usurps states rights and your right to protection under the state constitution and state laws. Lincoln didn't waste any time replacing the Republic either. Since the states [each of them a republic in their own right] came together to create the federal government the only office he still lawfully held [once the southern states were forced out of congress] was that of 'commander and chief', so he used executive orders to grant himself a military dictatorship. Everything the man did was by fraud, deceit and Treason and every congress since is guilty of the same through their silence and complicity.

  13. Lisa I have read the 13th and 14th amendments and I find that these amendments were ratified.You say they weren't "lawfully" ratified.How so? 3/4 of the states ratified them.
    The 13th abolished slavery and the 14th defined citizenship.Is the reason you think Lincoln was one of America's worst Presidents because he ended slavery and gave citizenship to them? I don't know what else to think about it.

  14. LOL - absolutely not. You're completely mis-reading what those Amendments accomplish. How could they be lawfully ratified when congress adjourned Sine Die? If you want to know the true Lincoln you'll need to spend some time in the library, I can't help you with that.

  15. Are you reading a different constitution?

    Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

    Note: A portion of Article IV, section 2, of the Constitution was superseded by the 13th amendment.

    Section 1.
    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    Section 2.
    Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


    Passed by Congress June 13, 1866. Ratified July 9, 1868.

    Note: Article I, section 2, of the Constitution was modified by section 2 of the 14th amendment.

    Section 1.
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    Section 2.
    Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age,* and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.

    Section 3.
    No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

    Section 4.
    The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

    Section 5.
    The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

  16. You're not doing the required research.

    This means reading from original sources such as journals from the time period, congressional records, and state-level congressional records.

    If you don't know by now that lawyers maintain separate dictionaries and are prone to redefining common words and terms there really is no hope for you.

  17. Oh dear - Lisa is a 14th Amendment conspiracist, in addition to being a quasi-racist.

  18. Thank you so much for exposing yourselves as trolls!

    For anyone else reading this I strongly suggest you do your own research.

  19. Its sad to see focused and dedicated researchers such as Lisa, with a mind and consciousness,attacked by Tracy for an objective response. The cogent fact, is that the Constitution has effectively been abandoned and sidelined by the Cabal, allowing The United States Corporation to subvert justice,conspire to effect a NWO which will enslave Americans, and move the population towards a feudal fiefdom. Exactly as is happening. A few enlightened minds are seeking to reverse the process and making the effort to understand the Constitutional fraud which is being perpetrated. Lisa is no 14th.Amendment conspiracist, simply a 21st century realist! How can she be challenged as racist seeking only to save her race? A sad comment. Any hope America has of escaping the clutches of the vacuous aspirations of the NWO families ride solely on the commitment of concerned parties like this fighting to protect society at large from the collective Cabal Mafias in control. We find the White Hats to be a good site for core information and informed debate. Let's keep it that way. Constructive response please so we all gain from this free media outlet.

  20. @Lisa -

    You are a disgusting excuse for an American. Go back to your Klavern and leave the rest of us alone, you traitor!

  21. To: First Anonymous
    Thank you for your kind words!

    To: 2nd Anonymous
    I must be on the right track to have hit a nerve like that. The Truth only hurts those who profit from it being hidden.

  22. There will be no RACE BAITING HERE. If you can't make intelligent comments of debate you are part of the problem and it will not be tolerated. PERIOD!

    Tracy said...

    Oh dear - Lisa is a 14th Amendment conspiracist, in addition to being a quasi-racist.

    Anonymous said...

    @Lisa -

    You are a disgusting excuse for an American. Go back to your Klavern and leave the rest of us alone, you traitor!

  23. Hi Lisa,
    Call me silly but I have to read these amendments litterally. If we start redifining words and terms then the "new" definition would have to agree with what actually happened. Which was the outlawing of slavery and citizenship defined.If possible could you list the words and terms that were redifined? I am sincerely trying to learn here.
    Thank you Lisa

  24. I explained here:

    You can either take me at my word or do the research for yourself. Otherwise we've exhausted this topic.

    To: The White Hat Reporters
    Thank you so much! Thank you for all that you're doing and for this resource which is invaluable!! God Bless and GodSpeed!!

  25. Hat tip to the White Hats for thinking of this!

    Hopefully this gives you an idea of how the government has systematically diminished our status by 'terms of art' legal definitions.

    Keep in mind our nation's founding documents refer to 'We the people' as sovereigns.

    Ballentine's Law Dictionary
    citizen. A member of a free city or jural society, possessing all the rights and privileges what can be enjoyed by any person under its constitution and government, and subject to the corresponding duties.

    jural. 1. Pertaining to the rights and duties of persons.

    person. A man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it imposes.

    Persons are divided by law into natural and artificial.

    Natural person. A living human-being. Legal systems can attach rights and duties to natural persons without their express consent.

    Artificial person are such as are created and devised by human laws, for the purposes of society and government, which are called "corporations" or "bodies politic."

    human. Of the form and characteristics of man.
    human-being. A person male or female. [see monster]

    monster. A plant or creature terribly deformed. A human-being by birth, but in some part resembling a lower animal.

  26. PS. By founding documents I mean the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the united States of America with the Bill of Rights, in these we are sovereigns.

    With the 14th Amendment everyone born or naturalized became citizens and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, which is a far cry from being sovereign.

  27. Hi Lisa I think you made my point when you said you explained here:
    Your explanation doesn't agree with what actually happened which is ..."the end of slavery and citizenship defined".
    As far as states rights go I don't know if that was changed at all. I see states today exercising their rights to challenge the unconstitutional obamacare bill.Arizona is exercising its right to enforce immigration laws in their own state, not to mention the nullification bill that many states are now trying to pass.So maybe over the years some state rights have been injured and some have been bolstered but ultimately it is up to the states not federal government.A different time and era may have caused President Lincoln to act the way he did, just as the circumstances surrounding Iraq and the reasons for taking saddam hussein out of power are different. I believe we were justified by going to war with Iraq and that President Bush made the correct choice to do so. In my belief if he had not gone to war with Iraq he would have been derilict in his oath of office to protect America and her citizens, especially in a post 9-11 world.
    So I guess we will have to agree to disagree and go on.
    Thank you Lisa

  28. Hi, Shawn,

    I agree 'citizenship' was defined. The problem is we were all to be sovereign, self governing individuals. This is the part you're not grasping. Sovereign: the highest authority, above or superior to all.

    'Citizens' only have the rights that DC says they have. When slavery was ended they should have been granted *sovereignty* not merely *citizenship*. Thanks to the 14th though -everyone born after it's supposed passage is considered a 'citizen.'

    Yes, the states are trying to recover their rights but they shouldn't have had to and it doesn't change the fact that the Republic was destroyed. It has been operating as a For-Profit, corporation ever since. The problem is a corporation is a top-down structure where all authority is concentrated at the top. A Republic is a bottom up structure where all authority resides with the people.

  29. Lisa I have to agree that the Republic has been destroyed we differ on the time period it was destroyed. In my opinion the republic died in 1913 when the income tax began."The 16th amendment, ratified in 1913, removed this objection by allowing the Federal government to tax the income of individuals without regard to the population of each State." I know there was a tax in 1861 to pay for the war efforts but it was repealed 10 years later.This tax instituted in 1913 is with us today and is more intrusive on the American public now than ever before.We as Citizens have to take back our country. Next month there is supposed to be some muslim cleric to speak in front of the whitehouse calling for sharia law in America.03/03/2011 What do we do?
    There are some 35 muslim "retreats" in America today equipped with shooting ranges and obstacle courses. We need eyes on those "retreats" We are in grave danger and need to take some sort of action soon.

  30. I am shocked that anyone expected that sadistic,inbred,spoiled brat, incredibly immature George W. Bush to be man enough to pay Mr. Falcone who is a man of honor.

    George W. Bush is an irresponsible alcoholic, drug user and barely has a normal IQ. They SAY he flew fighter jets but somehow I doubt this.

    I miss the days when men walked the earth like my Uncle Joe who was an Army sharpshooter in the U.S. Army during WW II.He was very patriotic and would have been greatly displeased by this theft & he would have made it right.One way.Or the other.

    I am rather curious as to how this so-called Jasmine Revolution was coordinated and why. I am sure the UK-US elites will profit from it.

    The Bushes make me sick.I have read their genealogy charts many times seeking clues to their alcoholism and abhorrent behavior. I also see the flawed offspring of George H.W.Bush --more suitable for a trailer park than any great wealth.Prescott & George H.W. Bush were big advocates of Hitlerian eugenics yet look what was produced.

    A son, Jeb Bush is discussing running for President.I've had quite enough Dynastic Wannabes but the American voters were stupid enough to be stampeded like sheeple into electing Barack Obama without vetting him so they might elect another Bush. And after Jeb,there's always George P. Bush, son of Jeb.

    Again, my deepest sympathies to Mr. Falcone and I pray he will get justice that he deserves. He needs his money back because it is the right thing to do.

    I notice there were three bankers from a Swiss bank recently indicted in a scheme dating from the 1950s to keep IRS from collecting from certain wealthy U.S. elites. No big press in the U.S. yet and probably won't be.

    Sure miss the old days.

    By the way, Hillary Clinton went to Geneva supposedly to discuss Libya. I think she is transferring funds as well as helping to divvy up the funds from the fallen Middle Eastern rulers. Michelle Obama took a lot of money to the spanish bank where she supposedly went on that solo "vacation."

    How stupid do those elitists WASPs think the rest of us are? Booksmarts are NOTHING without streetsmarts to go with them.

    We haven't had a regime change since 1989 just different front men with drugs,alcohol,sex secrets who could be controlled by George H.W. Bush.

    I am also wondering if George Soros,Khazar Nazi collaborator had a paw in this theft.

  31. US indicts four at Credit Suisse

  32. Last anonymous filer.
    Good article.Cogent thinking.Well done. Just for the record Jebs own son is a convicted Statutory Rapist,Stalker and dink/ drugs abuser. His other kids all have drink and drugs form as do Jr's and Neil, another Bush Criminal and Fraudster. Trailer Park trash all fancy dress and dirty knickers. This entire family cant even raise a straight kid. Their handling and betrayal Ed Falcone is disgusting. Your sentiments are exactly right. This whole family are unfit for office and a disgrace to America. Also note Hillary Clinton, acting for Bush Sr. bribed Joe Biden to block the release of Falcone's funds so they, in conjunction with crooked Sr and Josef Ackermann,can go on trading them with impunity. The CIA has an agreement with him to pay last September.Broken again. When will Congress and Issa set up an Inquiry on all this vile corruption. Vast hundreds of Billions can all be recovered back from these traitors if Congressman Issa and Senator McCain will act as real Patriots now. Letters to them from you, and calls to their support sites will help.
    George H Bush is the worst criminal ever to hold office, the HIV virus of America politics. Dumb Bubbas only keep him out of jail for Treason and his low gene pool spawn with him. Please, watch the White Hats videos, it tells you a lot.More good Patriots also, as well as global allies, were looted for vast fortunes by these crooks. Obamas also filling his boots as fast as he can to cut and run. An illegal, mentally dysfunctional, with his finger on the nuclear codes and robbing with impunity. You couldn't write it. Only in America.
    Harveydawabbit, great dialogue between you and Lisa.

  33. re Lisa / Harveydewabbit
    Please assess what the status and standing of a Sovereign Person is because this is the key to everything. A Sovereign person can not be taxed unless the sovereign person by design accepts a Tax Contract offered, IRS or State taxes, and if not, taxes have no lawful jurisdiction upon the person.Taxes can only be placed upon Vassals of the the State, not upon the free Sovereign person. There are actually Statutes of International Law placing Sovereign Persons in full and free intellectual rights of their own personage. Sovereign rights, akin to ownership of your Soul, which you have to agree to forsake before losing control of your person rights. If you only attend as your Sovereign Person, no courts have rights above you, no court can place a Judicial Order upon a Sovereign person without their agreement to willingly surrender their Sovereign rights.No sovereign person needs to accept membership of a Vassal State nor even recognize it. States only survive as an attitude of mind based on ignorance of Sovereign Rights. You are not born a Vassal, nor a designated property of the state. Just deluded into assuming so by the duplicity of the self interested parties benefiting from mass ignorance and coraling you.

  34. Everything you all said checked out.

    Obama sent Hillary Clinton to Geneva,Switzerland, supposedly to consult with other nations about the Libyan "crisis" Guess the Kenyan cockroach can't understand why Quadaffi won't leave because HE BARACK OBAMA tells him to.

    Swiss Foreign Ministry confirms to CNN that Switzerland has ordered the freeze of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s assets.

    Libya Foreign Ministry denies Gaddafi has assets in Switzerland HILLARY PROBABLY GOT THEM BY NOW LIKE THE OTHERS

    Libya's Foreign Ministry denies Gaddafi has assets in Switzerland after reports say Gaddafi's Swiss assets were frozen. HILLARY IN GENEVA

    To make a long story short, it turns out that the UK is going to get Quadaffi's money he had in the Swiss accounts. It sounds like strong arm robbery to me.

    RT @tweetmeme Libya: Gaddafi's billions to be seized by Britain - Telegraph WHY THE UK?

    Now, THIS: UK's Lloyds Banking Group returns to profit: One of the worst affected banks following the financial crisis report...

    But it becomes more interesting here: Obama Earmarked $400K for Two Libyan Charities Run by Dictator Gadaffi’s Son, Daughter

    You were also right about this:

    And I thought that you would find this interesting as well:

    US indicts four bankers at Credit Suisse

    I hope you will write a book about this someday.I hope I live long enough to read it.

    All of my respect for you guys! You're doing one hell of a job, whoever you are.And no, I don't want to know.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  35. Note for last comment. Please move on to issue 12. That's live. 13 will follow as the account movements get blown again for the crooks posing as Political leaders,State employees and Agency figure heads. The rot is total!Your valued following can help all of us get Justice from motivating the people to act.
    Behind this we have manuals of data still to release and expose them with. It's far bigger than Watergate but we had Justice and a free Press then. Now, with crooked Judges and a propaganda machine press it's hard to get the rule of law on side. Libya and Egypt are showing the way. Getting Bubba mad, armed and carrying a rope is what it will take. Summary Justice where there is non now.

  36. Bastards are still trying to steal what's left of the Social Security money that I paid into for years!

    I am wondering if you have contacted Jesse Ventura & Michael Savage,Alex Jones,David Icke,Jeff Lorenz,Wikileaks yet.

    MSM contacts get you nowhere!

    News starts in alternative media then goes upward.MSM seem so insignificant compared w/ what you all have here.

    Barack Obama just appointed the first openly gay male social secretary in the White House and has effectively nullified Sanctity of Marriage Law by telling his head minion in the Dept. of Justice not to enforce it.

    Personally, I am NOT anti-gay in any way but if Obama finds that there are other laws that the House & Senate enacted & he doesn't think they should be enforced, he will nullify them by imperial fiat, This is arrogance & it is dangerous.

    And now it seems that fat philanderer Newt Gingrich is suddenly squealing for Obama's impeachment. I know NWO people wanted him to run for President in 2012.(Easy for them to control too as I have heard rumors of incriminating photos showing complete lack of judgment at Bohemian Grove). He can't be allowed to be President --he's an obscene joke.

    I am wondering how "contrived" this alleged Constitutional Crisis really is or if it is designed to make Gingrich look good.

    For an attorney, which Obama is SUPPOSED to be, who is SUPPOSED to be a U.S. Constitutional Law specialist,he is doing some very stupid things.

    And for a diversion, this Arab turns the White House into a "Soul Train" set as he continues to impersonate an African American--probably to amuse Bill Clinton & pander to his largely dwindling Black base.My African American neighbors aren't fooled by him though and never were.They told me he wasn't Black.So sad & so demeaning...

    I wonder if George H.W. Bush thinks he can steal ALL assets.He has the ranch in Uruguay among the descendants of Nazi leader refugees where he intends to escape from the people.I hear it is well-fortified.

    I had to retain attorney to get SSI from the account I paid into for 40 years.

    Another reason I respect Mr.Falcone.He earned his money.He did NOT steal from the old,poor,widowed,orphaned & disabled.

    God bless Mr. Falcone and I hope he gets his money back...WITH INTEREST!


  38. The White Hats Report - 2011-02-13

    LISA. You are right on.
    However, you do not have a Constitution. You were sold out by Freemasonic founding fathers. Read in a Treaty of Paris (1793?) how much tribute you pay in gold to the British Monarchy a few times a year. Ever hear that mentioned?

    Also, forget these sheeple. They are too deep down the rabbit hole. "War" in Iraq...suggest he finds out how war is declared in the USA for starters. You would think Yanks would want to know how, where, when, why, and who they are going around murdering people by the millions and millions.

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