Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 13, 2010 - The White Hats Report #1

America is breaking apart with the Varmints in Politics and the Fed. Cabal. The Chicago 7 need highlighting. The article I sent you linking in O is the start. Next week will be interesting. Eds case will open up Congress with McCain and the new Speaker. The Sunday Times are now tracking it. Beck is tracking it via Fox.
Be sure the C Teflon twosome are waiting to strike like 2 Rattlers. Snr in the background will be angling.
Its all a mess. Where does it all end?

Snr has more planes heading to Singapore in attempts to hide the money again. Its way overdue time Interpol got this guy by his cohonnes. A major scandal is about to break on O linking to Chicago and the Chicago 7. Really bad! O is lost!

The question is..., will he even make it to 2012?

The Clinton’s are lining up a succession move for Hillary. A stalker candidate first, just to start the ball rolling , so she can swoop in for her country to save the day. Duplicity, but with an electorate as stupid and ignorant as this it works.

The WH is in deep panic. The game is up and all know it. No one realized just how shallow a candidate they were taking on. He is completely unprepared for the task in hand. All see now and know it. The media can only cover it up so long.

Look to Chicago as all routes link there. Ask about the Chicago 7 and how many scandals there are and how O is connected. Once you have that, you see the dilemma.

The new Congressional Leadership will open it all up. Scandal after scandal. Read through the files with an open mind. Then start to research the Chicago 7. The White Powder routes and bought men. Where the money goes. Who’s on which payroll. Dirty play and dirt everywhere. Remember, no ones elected or appointed into a key role if he’s not owned or dirty. It’s how the system works. All monkeys dancing to the Organ Grinders orders. Read and think?

How dirty is it? Well, this is the problem- If hes impeached, the bribed VP is beyond dirty and the next key Candidate also owned and way, way, way beyond dirty. It’s appalling for the world to have such low moral characters in control of Global policies. The party itself is lost if it cracks now…”

All that we hope the world is about to hear is from our guys … all over the world. You just saw the most embarrassing example of a President of the United States not only falling on his face but having not one ounce of integrity, and more importantly, credibility. Yes, I am talking about the G20.

O’boy has all of his teams running all around the world looking for cash … thats why he was in India. The arabs and the east has totally shut him down … no money to borrow. Why? Well, O’boy, the teflons and Geitner all promoted China more than a year ago for a loan in the amount of $850 Billion to assist the U.S. with our issues at that immediate time. In order to secure the Loan, our officials provided Treasuries in the amount of $850 Billion.

Now for the interesting past, our leaders not only refused the pay the obligation when the note became due but, and watch this, it’s the important part, THE TREASURIES WERE UNREGISTERED AND NOT VALID. THIS IS NOT AN OOPS … IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE AN OOPS. Everyone get it.

Now, the world knows that the United states can’t pay it’s obligations and has resorted to ruining it’s reputation in the international community by the commission of fraudulent acts by it’s leaders.

Now, let me tell you about the international community, at the G20 in South Korea, our boy OB1 just got his Presidential ass kicked. They turned their backs on him … how do you verify it … READ THIS NEWS AND LOOK BEHIND WHAT THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS PUT OUT THERE. There is no, I repeat NO!, trade war going on … why because the smart ones don’t want it. THE CHINESE ARE VERY SMART AND UNDERSTAND GLOBAL ECONOMIES. WAKE UP FOLKS!

Ed is someone that the Bush’s stole money out of his accounts. Then the Bush’s traded the funds in the FIAT market and made billions… and never gave his funds back to him … this is exactly like the Laureatus/Tropos funds … 2.7 trillion USD, the funds hit Wachovia bank than never made it to the account … they just went poof into mid air, but we have tracked the funds through the system and guess who’s touched it … yep, everyone you have read about.

If I had a million line item document, these items would account for only five OF THE SMALLER ITEMS. Yes, folks, when I said we have a room full of these with the supporting documents … you can bet you life we do … and hopefully we can play the game as well as they can. Fortunately for us, they have stepped so far over the line with their shear arrogance, they have made our job easy.

Let me give you facts of our work and if numbers mean anything to you, let me provide a partial list of who backs us in our endeavors:
… The heads of 70 countries;
… The finance ministers and all of their counterparts of those countries:
… The Queen of England;
… The security agencies i.e. MI-5, MI-6, MI-9, CIA, Pentagon, DOD, NSA, Joint Chiefs of Staff;
… The banking industry worldwide;
… The Federal Reserve, the good guys;
… The Black Caucas, 40% of the democratic vote;
… A majority of the House of Representatives;
… A majority of the Senate;
… A vast majority of the Administration;
… and the list goes on!
Many of us have fought for the last year to have this completed and here is the toll between us and them.
On our immediate side:
… We have no casualties!
On the middle side:
… Christopher Story lost his life!
Added note: Christopher Story is alive according to our sources but in hiding. -KC
On their side:
… Over 100 “arrests” worldwide;
… Lock down of over 100T of illegal “fiat” funds;
… Identification of approximately more than 500T worth of accounts that qualify;
… Charting of the persons and financial systems that have been utilized in the frauds;
… Collection of 10’s of thousands of documents that indict former Presidents of the United States on both sides of the Republican/Democrat squabble including payments to Biden, Geitner, Emmanuel and many high level politicians that you elected to government to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America;
… We have extracted information and collected all of the necessary information to impeach Obama for bribery, taking payoffs and other indictable issues;
… We have reams of documents and information that would indict all of the past Presidents and, in one case, a wife;
… We have survived numerous death threats but yet, we are determined to not quiver, even for a moment in time;
… We have bankers, lawyers, politicians (meaning the ones we don’t have in the Senate and congress due to their payoffs)in multiple countries;
… We have all of the direct intel of the flight that left on September 4, of this year, with the six people on board and we have the minute by minute agenda of the seven week itinerary including the results of that trip and the effects on this country;
… Joe Biden is directly implicated in all of this as a direct participant including all of the payoffs he has received from a former President;
… Raum Emmanuel left office as we got to him and he spilled his guts, ever wonder why he wasn’t around for the two months prior to his leaving office, including all of the payoffs he has received from a former President;
… Tim Geitner has wanted out for a while now but will not be released from duty as he has asked to be by tendering his resignation and having it rejected, including all of the payoffs from a former President;.
… We have all of the details of the trip Mrs. O took to Spain and the Banker/bank she did a transaction with;
… We have the finest of our top operatives going from country to country following the “Obama trail”;
… We have all of the ties to the Chicago group which is currently lightly bantered about;
… We have sexual preferences and the secret lifestyle certain of our elected officials live(but that’s old news);
… Full disclosure packets with evidentiary materials have been delivered to the major News media outlets in the country.
Shall I continue or do I need to tell more?
Let me continue:
Some of you think Glenn Beck is off his rocker. I ask you very seriously … have you watched the series on Soros … this is Obama’s supporter, friend, confidant and counselor. It is as accurate as anyone can get … Beck and his staff are RIGHT ON TARGET. In actuality, BECK HAS HUGE TESTICALS. He is greatly disturbing the “other side” by shedding light on the methods of how each adversary is attempting to quell the minds of people … look at what Soros has done in other countries, to other peoples. I beg you to not believe what I or anyone else says … CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF! Whether you think it’s true or not, whether you think that I am a rable rouser … it’s your patoots on the line, your freedom on the line and, more important, you children’s future of life and liberty on the line."


  1. Thought you might want to see this. More to this than meets the eye there always is.

    RT @tweetmeme Obama embraces Patriot Act to sanction a Lebanese bank | McClatchy

  2. With regard to the unregistered treasuries, it makes me wonder if the "jet-contrail" that everyone knows was really a missile (fired from a Chinese submarine that somehow escaped detection), off the coast of California was a warning from China that the U.S. has been put on notice.

  3. Banking Corruption and the Afghan Government : The New Yorker via @NewYorker

    A little something where Bush, Rumsfeld,Cheney, Gates, Clinton & other dirty money from the Middle East could have been laundered.

    These men are nothing but bandits --just like Stalin was. An actual bandit & criminal with a Czar's police record. Like most gangsters, he was ammoral & thought himself immortal.

  4. State a fact or two? Nothing is backed up, weak argument at best.

  5. Nothing presented as facts except the story from the New Yorker --just possibilities, possible lanes of investigation,that's all.

    WHO benefits financially from the war in Afghanistan? THINK.

    Besides the alcohol fried Pentagon heads who really enjoy wearing those high-ranking uniforms and awarding themselves all those medals while the real fighters are in harms way?
    no-bid contracts awarded to Cheney former employers & cronies. THINK.

    Rumsfeld is a long-time Pentagon head who influenced contracts as well.THINK

    If you think those old,sly Pentagon heads set up all that DOD business without getting their cut of the financial action,maybe you should play another game. THINK.

    George H.W. Bush is making his too as are the Clintons.

    Check out Dope,Inc. an actual business in the UK--in London.Nobody talks about it much but they apparently have ties to Afghanistan heroin.

    Connect the dots.Follow the money.


    Notice in his profile photo he bears a slight resemblance to young Adolf Hitler DOCUMENTATION OF THE BANK ROBBERY IN WHICH HE PARTICIPATED

    Romney is starting to get some favorable press.I think he is a bandit too.

  7. have begun to review all of your work..for some sign of hope..stopped dead in my tracks when you start claiming the queen is on your side..come on..shes one of the heads of the european black nobility..with more blood on her hands than the black pope..and the fed..are you losing it? next youll be tellin us that the jesuits believe in jesus christ..i may be a nobody, none the less youve lost this little nobodies heart and mind..i just pray fulford is not one of yours

  8. There's so much going on, that we the people are not told about. At this point in time, we need to question everything and not accept anything blindly.

  9. Would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts to free the world of this darkness....I appreciate everything that been done so far and can't wait for a new beginning for all...Please keep up the good work

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